How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! | The SCIENCE of... Fallout

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2 år siden

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Why the Fallout Society is DOOMED ►
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Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let's find out!
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Pokepoke18 17 timer siden
Why is humanity like this Why do we have too create Nuke weapons Why can’t we talk like civilized humans Why are children more sane then adults, because they don’t create doom weapons
infinty 13 timer siden
Blame politicians and the cold war for this
KingDinner Write
KingDinner Write Dag siden
"Maybe they're all dead." Top 10 Anime Plot Twists
Thiago Penna
Thiago Penna 5 dager siden
Brazil would be ok! hue hue, me alive :)
Abercrombie Blovs
Abercrombie Blovs 9 dager siden
What a feel-good entertainment piece... At least it’s scientifically accurate?
KV Productions
KV Productions 10 dager siden
People in 2020: YOU'RE GOING TO BRAZIL People in 2077 after the great war causes famine: WE'RE GOING TO BRAZIL
Joshua Castellanos
Joshua Castellanos 17 dager siden
I think I found some hidden lore in among us I glitched and I saw this cut off part of the waiting area
Darcy Rieger
Darcy Rieger 17 dager siden
May I ask WHY someone bombed Canada?
bigairports 18 dager siden
okay but why do u keep showing china as owning kyrgyzstan and tajikistan
Charles Cannon
Charles Cannon 19 dager siden
I have nukes! We have nukes! .......Wanna race to the moon instead?
MsEeveeMaster 24 dager siden
You forgot something at the very end. Because of the hydrogen fusion making practically infinite energy you wouldn't need the sun anymore. Heaters and sun lamps could grow all the food you need.
MEMEQueen RR 28 dager siden
I'd hide in a fridge for 200 years
Renee Montgomery
Renee Montgomery Måned siden
People should stop using bombs and just stop participating in wars that way Fallout will never be achieved
JE .M Måned siden
0:04 same Even though the world is spinning the world activity suddenly stops
Paige Austin
Paige Austin Måned siden
Who else is here in 2020 where we’re encouraged to stay inside because of a new disease
Renee Montgomery
Renee Montgomery Måned siden
Doombringer Måned siden
Rip the storyteller
Charles Poupart
Charles Poupart Måned siden
Who watching again right now just beacause
Eyemem Måned siden
But the planet doesn’t care about humans so earth will recover
Leap Frog
Leap Frog Måned siden
So... Switzerland is just chilling then? Just, living their best life in shelters.
Vetech GLaDOS
Vetech GLaDOS Måned siden
wait mexico would not even involve with the U.S. as well as serbia being involved in russia. Meaning that those countries would start to form an alliance.
Gray 123ABC
Gray 123ABC Måned siden
No it was gooooood song
E B Måned siden
whats the music at 10:19? ive heard this before but i forgot the name.
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube Måned siden
2 hours ago
ScientestGaming Måned siden
People in youtube wondering if people are pedophiles: "background research" im gonna skip to stage 3 "construct hypotosis"
Corbi Corbi
Corbi Corbi Måned siden
scince when did fallout have a plague
Philipp Eamon
Philipp Eamon 9 dager siden
It was a core story element of the Van Buren project.
Xaiver Vault Hunter
Xaiver Vault Hunter Måned siden
Nice to hear the narrator's voice again thank you
CyberCanine Måned siden
See, with unlimited energy from microfusion, I don't see the lowered temperatures as being that big of an issue. Hydroponic farming would need some startup time, but when suplimented by short-season crops, the un-nuked areas of the world could thrive
TheGameSlayer Warrior
TheGameSlayer Warrior Måned siden
What about australia we do have vaults you know
Shivendra Saurav
Shivendra Saurav Måned siden
Why don't we solve global warming by nuking large amounts of concrete blocks?
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Freddy Måned siden
He 3&2856283772&=*]£|£|+w29383u it’s simple really :Me what you say
Repubbles McGlonky
Repubbles McGlonky Måned siden
I would laugh if Radioactive Materials were the key to Intergalactic travel and we use them up on killing eachother xD
Dalton Neumann
Dalton Neumann Måned siden
anyone else see some similarity's in the fallout universe with irl. resource wars, plague, CHINA.
Francytj :D
Francytj :D Måned siden
Zombie apocalypse is just an overly dramatic yet somehow plausible version of a pandemic This isn’t a zombie based video but the thought just randomly came to me
Martin Lerma
Martin Lerma Måned siden
Eldergeek Måned siden
10:17 I have 2 more words for you - Solar Power; many these countries could have developed it in the wake of oil scarcity.
Azliza Aris
Azliza Aris Måned siden
l am malaysiaan so duck it i am dead 😱😱😱
DIV1NITAL Måned siden
Lil Jewzi
Lil Jewzi 2 måneder siden
I take great offense to him referring to fallout lore as "nitty gritty"
Collino 2 måneder siden
Wait a minute... new plague?!?! I don’t like where this is heading...
Julia Davis
Julia Davis Måned siden
Too real.
Hamza Naveed حمزہ نوید
Hamza Naveed حمزہ نوید 2 måneder siden
Sounds like 2020
Puchy 2 måneder siden
joel foster
joel foster 2 måneder siden
It's pretty chill in the midwest
RJ's view
RJ's view 2 måneder siden
2030.dady why’s the sky red,that’s call die.
RJ's view
RJ's view 2 måneder siden
In 2020 this is helpful.
Alyszra 2 måneder siden
What about those countries using the Microfusion energy to indoor growing areas with simulated sunlight?
Austin Holloway
Austin Holloway 2 måneder siden
Wait what if they just grew a bunch of crops indoors similar to the way they do weed they have nearly unlimited power so why not
daniel girgis
daniel girgis 2 måneder siden
song at 13:56? please send a YT link or a name of the song
Philipp Eamon
Philipp Eamon 9 dager siden
Fall Out Boy: "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race"
Enderdragooon 2 måneder siden
13:54 ignore this
Ava Valenzuela
Ava Valenzuela 2 måneder siden
Anyone else watching this in 2020?
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 2 måneder siden
14:08 I'm pretty sure you can't dump something into the air, unless you drop it from a plane or something
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 2 måneder siden
Also why is there one that was just a month ago about the same "surviving fallout" thing?
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 2 måneder siden
0:08 cursing, huh?
Красимир Ортакчиев
Красимир Ортакчиев 2 måneder siden
7:54- it will really CANCERD YOU!!!
Vakaz Akram
Vakaz Akram 2 måneder siden
What about South Asia? We're just there with no mention. Lol. They do have nukes and strategic alliances with major powers.
Maceo Amaez
Maceo Amaez 2 måneder siden
what about their proxies?
garcipat 2 måneder siden
Aw you missed putting switzerland blank as a island in europe. I guess we win 🤔
Jeremias Benitez
Jeremias Benitez 2 måneder siden
Moraleja: no escapen de latinoamérica
zander s
zander s 2 måneder siden
Not the hero we deserved the hero we needed
Enya Shello
Enya Shello 2 måneder siden
why are you yelling? is helloing what gets the views now a days ffs
NIgHTMaReFortyTwo 2 måneder siden
The resource wars were seperate to the great war. Eveyone was wiped out in the resource wars before the nukes. This is basic fallout lore. Come on dude, this isnt even a theory.
Wetwelder47 2 måneder siden
Atlas Survival Shelter buries 42 feet deep.
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson 2 måneder siden
i fking love this guy
vyral Apple
vyral Apple 2 måneder siden
11:25 lapis bars
Phantom Gato
Phantom Gato 2 måneder siden
Corona: bonjour
Daven Dunaway
Daven Dunaway 2 måneder siden
Infinite energy + hydroponics anyone?
Cheron Mane
Cheron Mane 2 måneder siden
Help I'm in a sock
Help I'm in a sock 2 måneder siden
I've been watching your old episodes and you were a lot more not family friendly
Haseo322 2 måneder siden
oh how I miss the adventures with The Storyteller :[
Nonzensy 2 måneder siden
in one year they could build subterranian, fusion powerd, led lit plant growth apperatus distributed! human creativity could provide that if people where allready thinking of those possibilities!
Frederic Linko
Frederic Linko 2 måneder siden
0:05 Me : he know it all!
COZ2 2 måneder siden
The reason fallout hasn't taken place in any other country is because as far as we know the lore says that only America built the vaults and fallout wouldn't be the same without the vaults
Preeyansh Tibrewal
Preeyansh Tibrewal 2 måneder siden
What about countries like India and Australia
The Yangem
The Yangem 2 måneder siden
14:24 it can also destroy the Ozone layer, meaning that UV light from the sun and interstellar radiation in the form of X-rays and Gamma rays would also cook the surface of the earth, destroying and burning organic compounds once the sut leaves the atmosphere.
Corbin Eggers
Corbin Eggers 2 måneder siden
You called it two years ago
Firekid97 2 måneder siden
uhh austin u might want to get that checked out 16:20
JonnyPigYT 2 måneder siden
I don’t like thump: he’s a bad guy
Jamie Tong
Jamie Tong 2 måneder siden
austin: WERE DOOMED me: *laughs in 2020*
Jacob Herr
Jacob Herr 2 måneder siden
2:30 2020?
Shadow Productions
Shadow Productions 2 måneder siden
On a positive note.. with infinite energy, large greenhouses could be built and while it wouldn't supply the world.. you could have a large civilization survive through the next 100 or so years until Earth would be habitable again. Many in the falloutshelters, especially with infinite energy, could survive as well.. especially assuming breathable air and usable water didn't become an issue.
RichvonnMatthew Staines
RichvonnMatthew Staines 2 måneder siden
in 2090 everyone lives in a largest continent in the hole universe
Jason McGann
Jason McGann 2 måneder siden
uh... what!?!? Is this video predicting 2020?
Matthew Boyce
Matthew Boyce 2 måneder siden
The government produced a virus to keep people cooped up in their homes, in April. Say it ain't so.
David Matthews
David Matthews 2 måneder siden
Who did the voice over that did the whole background bc he's cool and I want more
David Matthews
David Matthews 2 måneder siden
And what armour mod did he use bc that's sick af
Sam Dansoa Akomeah
Sam Dansoa Akomeah 2 måneder siden
Me at the middle of the video: okay, time to exploit my dual nationality and move to Africa Me at the end of the video: never mind gotta move to Switzerland
Kirat Walia
Kirat Walia 2 måneder siden
I was playing fallout during you know the quarantine and my brain is like ironic playing an apocalyptic game during an apocalypse
breakfast82 2 måneder siden
Jeremiah Colon
Jeremiah Colon 2 måneder siden
This is depressing
Lex Quinn
Lex Quinn 3 måneder siden
The concrete would definitely make a large smoke cloud, where I live a concrete plant caught on fire and schools where canceled for 2 weeks because if the snow like ash covering the town. I was in a choir group that made us sing outside in it. Let’s say I quit the next day.
cameron young
cameron young 3 måneder siden
Wasn't there only one prototype that robot in Fallout New Vegas it makes no sense and it sounded nothing like that
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 3 måneder siden
Oh cool so Australia and NZ would be left alone. Awesome. Though, knowing us, we’d probably make an effort to help America because we do that.
komodo gamer
komodo gamer 3 måneder siden
Aint nobody got time for bronchitis.
Richard Waller
Richard Waller 3 måneder siden
Anyone else watching this in 2020 as a genuine reference material..... Just in case.....
Rabano Doom
Rabano Doom 3 måneder siden
14:00 is there anywhere i can listen to the background instrumental
Yeet ed
Yeet ed 3 måneder siden
Well, if we can grow food then why can’t they?
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer 3 måneder siden
Me when I realise that ASEAN could get nuked: Oh no
Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Saad 3 måneder siden
"Egypt large oil exporter" looks out of the window "yeah we export a LOT of oil"
OliveSiren 3
OliveSiren 3 3 måneder siden
why did he sound so happy talking about cancer 7:47 "Will cause all sorts of cancers! just.. all of 'em! All the cancers!"
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 3 måneder siden
wait, if thats the case, then howcome you still see plantlife strewen everywhere? surely they would die then decay, and why dont we see that effect in west Virginia
Adrian F Adifa
Adrian F Adifa 3 måneder siden
i was wondering what will happen to the ocean’s food population
The Great Player 200
The Great Player 200 3 måneder siden
Half of the story told the future
MelancholyPen Creations
MelancholyPen Creations 3 måneder siden
Fallout is a prophecy, not just a tall tale. I can assure you that.
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