The Clumsy Physics Of Fall Guys! | The SCIENCE of... Fall Guys!

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4 måneder siden

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Fall Guys is a game that looks like it SHOULD be an easy, joy filled experience. Yet, it's NOT! It is one of the most RAGE inducing games ever - and I know why! It's the controls! These little - well GIANT - beans control like toddlers learning to walk. Why is that? Today, Austin is going to tell us what is WRONG with Fall Guys!
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XxGacha KayleeXx
XxGacha KayleeXx 16 timer siden
its obvious they’re robots being controlled by humans
SaxophoneKat 14
SaxophoneKat 14 3 dager siden
Penguins! They have the fall guy body shape (kinda) and they walk/waddle and we don't know if the fall guys have legs/knees like Penguins (half of the Penguin is legs but they are just covered in fat!)
Paul Spangler
Paul Spangler 5 dager siden
hey, I havent seen any austin videos newer than 4 months... can someone explain this?
Fresh 6 dager siden
LWeegee07 6 dager siden
3:25 penguins
Elliott Alexander
Elliott Alexander 7 dager siden
he sounds like an alien talking about the feat of bipedal walking.
Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more 8 dager siden
*B* *E* *A* *N* *S*
Steinbros Stein
Steinbros Stein 9 dager siden
6:13 ha green arrow
Ebbrok 10 dager siden
I felt like I lost my dad Mat when I was watching this 😣😣😭😭
SwaxBox 10 dager siden
My physics teacher described the center of mass as "The point of an object from which if the object is supported it will stay in balance"
Why must I exist
Why must I exist 16 dager siden
Snowball: *barely bops my forehead* Me: help imma turtle I can’t get up!
H A 16 dager siden
Chickens are also pretty useless although it's mostly because they evolved in a predator-less environment
Roman Hocson
Roman Hocson 18 dager siden
This is the reson why fall guys fell in popularity
Ryn !
Ryn ! 20 dager siden
Kinda disappointed he’s just realizing they’re called FALL guys for a reason
REUEL ALLEYNE 21 dag siden
That intro was the best and hilarious
Shikido San
Shikido San 22 dager siden
Fall Guys? More like Fail Guys.... Yeah that one made no sense. 😂😂😂
ハルケマジャック 28 dager siden
who is this guy what happened to matpat
Cole W
Cole W 28 dager siden
Why take AP Physics? Just watch Austin’s videos
aqua_bro 29 dager siden
Game Theory Idea: What would a woman need to become a real life Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I mean education, estimated amount of money, physical training, actual places to discover and explore, would be a good archeologist while shooting everything and everyone while running through ancient ruins?
Meredisu Måned siden
When none of his viewers have legs
Aryan Pradeep
Aryan Pradeep Måned siden
Matpats big cousin is in this video 😂
Tate Goldie
Tate Goldie Måned siden
So this proves that Naruto running is the most efficient way to run
cecilio verte
cecilio verte Måned siden
Miri Chan
Miri Chan Måned siden
the fact that his hair is so crusty annoys me so mutch
shadowdemon Måned siden
Excuse. Me penguins
Astro Geek
Astro Geek Måned siden
Can u make a theory about the story of fall guys next week pls
shirothefloof Måned siden
Got steam ad with fall guys in it watching it
Corbin Wing
Corbin Wing Måned siden
They were designed to be silly and fall down all the time they are a genetically created creature for a game show for our entertainment they are not meant to survive in the wild they are only there to be silly and fall down to be entertaining for humans to watch. The whole show is a game show and you are playing as a contestant
TurtleSandwich Måned siden
I hate it when I see a good looking theory vid I click on it and I hear "dear"
Ewok 5
Ewok 5 Måned siden
"Be thankful for your legs......if you have them."
ToastTheDinosaur Måned siden
0:04 everyone when they started to play among us
original name here
original name here Måned siden
0:09 Anakin Skywalker on mustafar
Shock Måned siden
Can someone tell me what music Austin uses every time?
uwu sara
uwu sara Måned siden
Earl Turner
Earl Turner 2 måneder siden
Game Siri well I'm a Foamposites it's random games
Orie Hairston
Orie Hairston 2 måneder siden
Oh no its austin
chocolate_milky_boiii 2 måneder siden
can he say the c word?
Mthokozisi Mabena
Mthokozisi Mabena 2 måneder siden
Falling with style
Jacob Mackey
Jacob Mackey 2 måneder siden
This guy would be a great lawyer
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the reminder how dope walking is.
Sylvia Martinez
Sylvia Martinez 2 måneder siden
Where’s my pet
Benjamin Totallynotalt
Benjamin Totallynotalt 2 måneder siden
You are are less than 1.83? I am 1.86 and im 16 yrs. (That is, im dutch, but still...)
Benjamin Totallynotalt
Benjamin Totallynotalt 2 måneder siden
I dont like fall guys. I dont get the hype of it. So please roast it.
Retro Xtero
Retro Xtero 2 måneder siden
Who is this other person that’s not matpat?
BeatMaker5 2 måneder siden
Is this whole video gonna be a fake Matpat
Ice blaze
Ice blaze 2 måneder siden
Man it's so hard to enjoy a video when I hear that evolution garbage every 2 minutes.
Ice blaze
Ice blaze 2 måneder siden
@Aayush Tripathi also how do astroids explain fossils being layed down in layers.
Ice blaze
Ice blaze 2 måneder siden
@Aayush Tripathi imagine the ice caps melted paired with the flatter landscape of a world that hadn't formed super high mountains. Add in the underground rivers and potentially water underneath the world's plates with water disruption of 10s of thousands of dinosaurs sinking into the sea and the much larger sea predators of that time and it doesn't seem to foolish. Add in the potential of all the water in the skies coming down all at once. Now I don't believe the earth or even the galaxy is millions of years old but if you added millions of years into the scenario it almost seems foolish to say there has never been a global flood.
Aayush Tripathi
Aayush Tripathi 2 måneder siden
@Ice blaze A global flood does not seem possible. What about asteroid impacts?
Ice blaze
Ice blaze 2 måneder siden
@Aayush Tripathi also you know what else could cause a lack of food. A complete global flood. It also explains why there are millions of dead things all over the earth. It explains why their are canyons, gorges, and it also explains why we have natural disasters like earth quakes and hurricanes so often. It explains why there is so much oil and coal around the earth. A global flood that cause a judge disturbance in the worlds plates would certainly explain a lot. Do you not agree.
Ice blaze
Ice blaze 2 måneder siden
@Aayush Tripathi your entire theory revolves around billions and billions of years. Also the cavemen skull. First of all if those are 20,000 years old or whatever how do you know those are human skulls or don't have some sort of monkey mixed in. And even if they were human there are many different sizes of humans. Think about how the Israelites faced giants some recording to be 8 feet 9 inches high with armor that weighed 125 pounds. Once again your whole theory revolves around millions of years. It doesn't matter if the chance for a positive mutation in a cell is less then a 10 to the 87 power chance you can still say it's possible Now look at the blue suns and spiral Galaxy's do to the nature of the universe these slowly become less and less spiral at a rate that would propose that if the universe was millions of years old these spiral galaxies and blue suns couldn't exist. Also think about the ocean it gets saltier and saltier every year. If the earth was millions of years old we might expect to see a much saltier ocean then we have now. And once again where did all the water on earth come from. And why with our vast observational science can we not create one of these simple life forms that started the entire evolutionary cycle. The answer is that there is no such thing as a simple life form. Even single celled organisms are extremely complex. Also why would our heart evolve with a brain the control it. Why would our heart evolve without blood vessels and arteries. Where the heck are the billions of missing links. . Don't get me wrong it's a cool idea for video games but it simply isn't possible in real life. Real life is far to complex to happen by accident. The reason people want to believe evolution is because they don't want to obey God.
Docca G
Docca G 2 måneder siden
If anyone is wondering what the theme song do this guy's voice is, it's called "Habenara". Bum BUM! BUM! BUM!
An alien boi
An alien boi 2 måneder siden
You can tell this guy is salty at fall guys. VERY salty.
AngelDragon Studios
AngelDragon Studios 2 måneder siden
Normal I think is because their stubby feet
andrew grasham
andrew grasham 2 måneder siden
Where's part three of the richest video game characters?
kawsara akter
kawsara akter 2 måneder siden
I learned to walk through this video
Soma Das
Soma Das 2 måneder siden
their skin is made of rubber.
Tyrone North
Tyrone North 2 måneder siden
He roasting fall guys 😂
JoDarryl Gone
JoDarryl Gone 2 måneder siden
This could be my favorite video lol
Tristan Slowik
Tristan Slowik 2 måneder siden
Voltaire 2 måneder siden
Fall guys are canonically the exact same size? Every single one? Are they clones?
Xellos Makuzo
Xellos Makuzo 2 måneder siden
I wonder if they’ve seen the official anatomy of a fall guy?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 2 måneder siden
So I guess fall guys are modern day Teletubbies
Gangadharan G
Gangadharan G 2 måneder siden
#team fall guys
Ivo Villapando
Ivo Villapando 2 måneder siden
I didn't expect this video having half of the run time to be about walking
Marylou Pilkington
Marylou Pilkington 2 måneder siden
can you team up with T5G
Copy of Lord Shaggy
Copy of Lord Shaggy 2 måneder siden
They don't have calcium
burningmarshmellow yt
burningmarshmellow yt 2 måneder siden
"But hey it's just a theory a game theory"
Dung Le
Dung Le 2 måneder siden
plot twist: they have no preditors
tole20061987 2 måneder siden
dear people of the internet: if you wanna be traumatised search up fall guy anatomy
karsten69 2 måneder siden
Fall Guys would actually knuckle walk like many of the greater apes, from an evolutionary perspective.
Malbutorius 2 måneder siden
The Fall Guys Twitter is a joke you do realize right?
Withered Freddy
Withered Freddy 2 måneder siden
Rip fallguys😭
Cosmic Warrior
Cosmic Warrior 2 måneder siden
Zen's Crown Infinite
Zen's Crown Infinite 2 måneder siden
is this a walking tutorial or am i watching game theory???
NoName 2 måneder siden
I forgot to walk after watching this..
Split Em
Split Em 2 måneder siden
(Around 7:10 Austin describes what walking is how walking is basically us moving forward, falling, then stabilizing ourselves with our other foot.) I MEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT LIKE THAT. IM WALKING RIGHT NOW TO TEST IT, AND BRO IT DOES KINDA FEEL LIKE FALLING BUT FOR A SPLIT SECOND. THATS SO STRANGW
Ramen boi
Ramen boi 2 måneder siden
Just wait till he finds out what the fall guys skeletal structure.
caio 990
caio 990 2 måneder siden
His name is fall guy. :/
Poké Kid
Poké Kid 2 måneder siden
Wow those feet do stay in place. 5:51
Blue Llama
Blue Llama 2 måneder siden
does the center of mass have a center of mass?
the peaShooter
the peaShooter 2 måneder siden
Among us but with eyes and arms
Temmie 2 måneder siden
I love this guy
Gamer’s Gamestorm
Gamer’s Gamestorm 2 måneder siden
I think there skeletons have uh, corrected this
Michael is stupid
Michael is stupid 2 måneder siden
B e a n
Unity4213 2 måneder siden
I do still have them! Had to work hard to keep one of my legs working but it's still going strong!
joah pineapple
joah pineapple 2 måneder siden
"Running is falling with style" reminded me of toystory
Uncle Uncle
Uncle Uncle 2 måneder siden
Is that Imperium’s music I hear in the ba- Austin, you cheeky man! I didn’t know you were a wrestling fan! I knew I liked you lol
Slytherin 2 måneder siden
Austin is mood XD
Maia Mula-Michel
Maia Mula-Michel 3 måneder siden
me: *watches video* also me: walking's the best!
Skremks 3 måneder siden
Me, being English and having to look up what a rolli polli is
Skremks 3 måneder siden
I mean, we call them chiggypigs or wood lice
Michael Eaves
Michael Eaves 3 måneder siden
Who else caught the Toy Story reference?
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 3 måneder siden
Walking is cool and fascinating
I_Like_The_Rain 3 måneder siden
In November, I’m getting a surgery that might temporarily make it more complicated for me to walk. Hope it goes well.
DueB 3 måneder siden
A bean is the same as a penguin?
aseer Roblox
aseer Roblox 3 måneder siden
Among klds is the better game
sunny 3 måneder siden
in all honesty, bipedalism, is a weird, freaky, and abnormal evolutionary trait we humans developed. not only is it odd, it's also incredibly inefficient. theres a reason why we humans are the only primates that suffer from medical issues like hernias, osteoarthritis, lower back issues, joint problems. o and child birth is whole basket case that our bipedalism doesn't make easier
Nile Abdulla
Nile Abdulla 3 måneder siden
It is super feaking cool
trypophobic pancakes
trypophobic pancakes 3 måneder siden
a fallguy is kirby on steroids
Tuney 3 måneder siden
Austin gushes about how well designed the human body is for 10 minutes
Cybolic 3 måneder siden
The video is 11 minutes long
Choccy Milk
Choccy Milk 3 måneder siden
Thats a penguin bro no cap penguins have near the same physiology
RHYS KIESTER 3 måneder siden
it is not mat pat
Amanda Thomson
Amanda Thomson 3 måneder siden
What the heck is going on
Sleepy _Biscuitz
Sleepy _Biscuitz 3 måneder siden
fall guys gameplay always makes me want to throw up for some reason-
Spill56 3 måneder siden
I can’t be the only one who notices that Matt Pat isn’t in this video
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