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Fall Guys is a game that looks like it SHOULD be an easy, joy filled experience. Yet, it's NOT! It is one of the most RAGE inducing games ever - and I know why! It's the controls! These little - well GIANT - beans control like toddlers learning to walk. Why is that? Today, Austin is going to tell us what is WRONG with Fall Guys!
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Blue Llama
Blue Llama 35 minutter siden
does the center of mass have a center of mass?
bumblebee the scout
bumblebee the scout 12 timer siden
Among us but with eyes and arms
Spleens The Cat
Spleens The Cat 19 timer siden
I love this guy
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 21 time siden
So where just gonna forget how his voice is weird
Gamer’s Gamestorm
Gamer’s Gamestorm 22 timer siden
I think there skeletons have uh, corrected this
Michael is stupid
Michael is stupid Dag siden
B e a n
Unity4213 Dag siden
I do still have them! Had to work hard to keep one of my legs working but it's still going strong!
joah pineapple
joah pineapple Dag siden
"Running is falling with style" reminded me of toystory
Uncle Uncle
Uncle Uncle Dag siden
Is that Imperium’s music I hear in the ba- Austin, you cheeky man! I didn’t know you were a wrestling fan! I knew I liked you lol
Bashful Girl
Bashful Girl 2 dager siden
Austin is mood XD
Maia Mula-Michel
Maia Mula-Michel 2 dager siden
me: *watches video* also me: walking's the best!
Skremks 2 dager siden
Me, being English and having to look up what a rolli polli is
Skremks 2 dager siden
I mean, we call them chiggypigs or wood lice
Michael Eaves
Michael Eaves 3 dager siden
Who else caught the Toy Story reference?
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 3 dager siden
Walking is cool and fascinating
Terence Time
Terence Time 5 dager siden
In November, I’m getting a surgery that might temporarily make it more complicated for me to walk. Hope it goes well.
DueB 6 dager siden
A bean is the same as a penguin?
Aseer Scott
Aseer Scott 6 dager siden
Among klds is the better game
s cho
s cho 6 dager siden
in all honesty, bipedalism, is a weird, freaky, and abnormal evolutionary trait we humans developed. not only is it odd, it's also incredibly inefficient. theres a reason why we humans are the only primates that suffer from medical issues like hernias, osteoarthritis, lower back issues, joint problems. o and child birth is whole basket case that our bipedalism doesn't make easier
True Panda
True Panda 8 dager siden
It is super feaking cool
trypophobic pancakes
trypophobic pancakes 8 dager siden
a fallguy is kirby on steroids
Tuney 8 dager siden
Austin gushes about how well designed the human body is for 10 minutes
Cybolic 8 dager siden
The video is 11 minutes long
Choccy Milk
Choccy Milk 8 dager siden
Thats a penguin bro no cap penguins have near the same physiology
RHYS KIESTER 8 dager siden
it is not mat pat
Amanda Thomson
Amanda Thomson 8 dager siden
What the heck is going on
____xX-*Moon child*-xX____
____xX-*Moon child*-xX____ 8 dager siden
fall guys gameplay always makes me want to throw up for some reason-
Spill56 9 dager siden
I can’t be the only one who notices that Matt Pat isn’t in this video
worvand 9 dager siden
Surprised you didn’t talk about their skeleton
Distant Zodiac
Distant Zodiac 9 dager siden
When I was a toddler, I learned how to walk. Now I learned how I walk.
[Kiichi Ghøst]
[Kiichi Ghøst] 9 dager siden
My father is higher than a fall guys character oog
Spencer Arnold
Spencer Arnold 10 dager siden
wait so you literally just got the name?
_Elfy Greens_
_Elfy Greens_ 10 dager siden
Give them wheelchairs and them see them fall off a cliff somehow
Play Gangster55
Play Gangster55 10 dager siden
Is this even mat pat
Za warudo insert name with za
Za warudo insert name with za 10 dager siden
Theory:they are penguins in jellybean suits and they have new eyes
anon urmom
anon urmom 11 dager siden
Hey why do we, Fall, Guys?
Christina Batac
Christina Batac 11 dager siden
Penguins: *hi*
Manh Tuyen Duong
Manh Tuyen Duong 11 dager siden
Must be hard to walk when you first born
NamaxLord 11 dager siden
Hey whats the song playing at 9:20 its so familiar
cheesix 11 dager siden
If you remove see saw you fix the entire game.
Cool Bug Fact's
Cool Bug Fact's 11 dager siden
fall guys is basically A Simulator for Mcdonalds Playplaces
Laughing Traitor
Laughing Traitor 12 dager siden
Wait, that explains why they run like that! They flop their arms out like a huggy zombie because that throws 20odd percent of their center of mass forward of their legs!
RoProGaming 12 dager siden
Whenever I hear the starting sound of any of Austin’s videos on this channel I instantly leave
Aaron Banse
Aaron Banse 12 dager siden
Game Theory: Fall Guys are actually penguins?!!?
spongeo 12 dager siden
we fall because ragdoll mechanic
Santeri Salovaara
Santeri Salovaara 13 dager siden
and THAT's why you never skip leg day!
Old Skull98
Old Skull98 13 dager siden
Nowhere in the animal kingdom you see a leg body balance like this Penguins: Am I a joke to you?
Mike LaBarge
Mike LaBarge 15 dager siden
Here’s the solution to the giant fruit, fall guys takes place in the same universe as cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Marjorie Lynch
Marjorie Lynch 15 dager siden
7:00 thank you for explaining how to walk i was having a lot of trouble with that
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 16 dager siden
next great game will feture a long legged species but the catch is that the legs are so long that you trip and fall extreamly easily
Sebastian Marnix
Sebastian Marnix 16 dager siden
this game is dead
Goo The Guru
Goo The Guru 17 dager siden
Calm down, brah....
Table guy
Table guy 17 dager siden
yup, they uploaded an official skeleton of them
Joel Nelson
Joel Nelson 17 dager siden
Tbh you’re really biased in this video I always admired you because you weren’t biased lol
Booga Gaming
Booga Gaming 17 dager siden
oh its the guy who makes horrible game theory videos, leave the job to matpat and get ur own channel time to go to another fall guy theory video.
Orbital Potato
Orbital Potato 17 dager siden
4:51 haha.
Jesse Statler
Jesse Statler 17 dager siden
Leg day here I come
Tazzy Hossain
Tazzy Hossain 17 dager siden
Wait this was all a letter to Falls Guys
Dumbledora the Explorer
Dumbledora the Explorer 18 dager siden
*randomly starts to walk while the vid lasts*
Party_1exe 19 dager siden
**looks at my legs** *satanic music plays*
bnr 19 dager siden
their arms are floppy because their arm bones are actually made of smaller ribs
Fahad Talal
Fahad Talal 19 dager siden
It takes 6 months to make a baby how to walk but my sister took like 4 months
the tree 554
the tree 554 19 dager siden
Austin just search up their skeleton and you will know why they have small feet
BasicDamine 19 dager siden
Dear Game Theorists, How do you make good videos on time? Well I'm gonna go into the science behind how they do it! But hey remember that's just a theory A Game Theory About the Game Theorists! Sincerely, BasicDamine
Vengirgirem 20 dager siden
I learn more of physics at your channel, than in my entire life
liana zakaria
liana zakaria 20 dager siden
4 weeks later fall guys season 2
EnderAssassin Recentes
EnderAssassin Recentes 20 dager siden
Among us is better
Ranting, dumb Mexican
Ranting, dumb Mexican 20 dager siden
Fall guy: 6 ft Among us: 3 ft 6 in Well thats a huge difference
dogeboi yt
dogeboi yt 21 dag siden
dogeboi yt
dogeboi yt 21 dag siden
And yeah fall guys is a PART of my heart
Ashish Silwal
Ashish Silwal 21 dag siden
play Dani games for a day and try fall guys again that's all I need to say 🙃
TUUKKA 21 dag siden
Austin is leg rasist
TUUKKA 21 dag siden
I know all the things that you tell here.
TUUKKA 21 dag siden
5:29 Austin has his center of mass poin sertainly on his head.
emotionless fresh
emotionless fresh 21 dag siden
Austin: be greatful of your legs if you have them Amputees amputated legs:you ungreatfull little shi-
Arsh 21 dag siden
Would you be able to make a theory about the physics of among us characters? I mean they literally have one bone at the middle... How does that work? and i think the impostors are aliens infiltrating their Stations.
gollosil Lavender
gollosil Lavender 21 dag siden
Have you guys seen the post that fall guys posted that showed their actual anatomy?
Gabriel Warzecha
Gabriel Warzecha 21 dag siden
Y33TJustice 22 dager siden
id rather always watch you instead of going to school
Neon Reactor
Neon Reactor 22 dager siden
The official Fall Guys Twitter posted this ago weeks ago. Add this to your theory, Their legs actually take up around 20% of their torso.
Max of the Toad Brigade
Max of the Toad Brigade 22 dager siden
your voice is beginning to sound a bit like cave johnson's
Asian GD
Asian GD 22 dager siden
7:33 islamic praying
GamerFuzionHD 22 dager siden
This channel has taught me so much more than school could ever have
President John Henry Eden
President John Henry Eden 22 dager siden
Someone send him the anatomy photo they the official creators made
Natam 22 dager siden
Why is a fall guy taller than I am
Niels Zonneveld
Niels Zonneveld 23 dager siden
imagene making a game and this guy hates it cuz it makes no sence to reallife fysics
SlamaWolf 23 dager siden
So proud to be a human XD
Shadows Inc.
Shadows Inc. 23 dager siden
*Austin whines about falling over when jumping and toppling over* Looks like he doesn't know to dive, since landing a dive doesn't cause a topple, and walking (*no jumping*) is the best way to keep traction. For see saw, dive, and walk. Jumping around like a Neanderthal is a quick way to lose both traction and stability.
Leo Chaichana
Leo Chaichana 23 dager siden
So you don't like fall guy game?
Shadows Inc.
Shadows Inc. 23 dager siden
Why are you so angry? The game isn't that hard to control. The only issue I have is the jump not fully registering on rare occasion during sequential jumping like in hexagon. Pretty much everything is fine.
SSJ Doge
SSJ Doge 23 dager siden
Wen a fall guy baby is almost as tall as my dad...
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 23 dager siden
Whatt . is . in . your . HAIR ?!?
Oof man 98
Oof man 98 23 dager siden
I can’t believe this was 3 years ago...
Panicbunny 23 dager siden
"This..! This thing would have been demolished by evolution million years ago!" Wait but good sir, what about penguins. And then he said it a second later :c
parodysam 23 dager siden
So kinda like beasts physics?
Christian Haynes
Christian Haynes 24 dager siden
Wow. I can walk. I AM SO GOOD AT LIFE!
Loidaliza Bustamante
Loidaliza Bustamante 24 dager siden
TheAdvertisement 24 dager siden
Theory: Because Fall Guys are such a failed species that would've been destroyed by evolution, Fall Guys are actually a new species bred by Aliens and made to do these courses for sport.
Nawid Aloudal
Nawid Aloudal 24 dager siden
if could get 10 subs before quarantine is over that would be awesome
Nawid Aloudal
Nawid Aloudal 24 dager siden
I've never felt this proud of being able to fall
Nawid Aloudal
Nawid Aloudal 24 dager siden
if could get 10 subs before quarantine is over that would be awesome
John Gall
John Gall 24 dager siden
My reaction to the first 90 seconds: "OMG Austin, don't mince words. Tell us how you REALLY feel."
KiddyNamo_eXpld 24 dager siden
You dont know their body shape they are in a body outfit
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