Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy... NOT What We Thought!

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4 måneder siden

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There's a new FNAF book, which means it's time for Game Theory to re-dip it's toes into Book Theory! The books, as we've discussed, may be a separate timeline but what we learn in them provide us with clues to the main Five Nights At Freddy's lore. Today we are taking a closer look at Golden Freddy and seeing if the new evidence shows that we were WRONG about our conclusion on his secret identity. Get your exotic butters ready Theorists and let's get into it!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

alexgamersniperXwolfXsavage 6 timer siden
Does this mean golden freddy is a GIRL :O
Jonathan 15 timer siden
I fell like eventually this is gonna be shown that this story will be as like a kid's dreams and his family's making games about them.
Fredy Vargas
Fredy Vargas 18 timer siden
Scott: this is the end. Also Scott: want to see me do it again?
gamergo 7
gamergo 7 Dag siden
Michael brother and name Chris and the book would cross out with a line made in red pen and it's so nightmare fredbear that the toy and the purple toy phone and that is actually for a brother and he actually miss him
O5-12 Dag siden
Matpat: makes a wrong theory Scott: time for a new book...
Earn (Student) Jiwalai
Earn (Student) Jiwalai Dag siden
Minirena: there’s room for one more- other: she says it’s one but we’re just gonna try and fit anyways
Anxiety Aaron
Anxiety Aaron Dag siden
Could the two kids at the end of the book the bullies with the masks?
Lee S. Reyes
Lee S. Reyes 2 dager siden
Not that related to this video but I am actually a night security guard watching fnaf videos at 2:30am and yes I do have a similar fan in front of me. I am starting to play the 1st fnaf game but honestly dont dare to play it here and now xD
Lily Trasler
Lily Trasler 2 dager siden
Could Kelsi be a body-swapped lonley-Freddy? Targeting lonely children, asking them questions to get to know them, leading them (one way or another) to a Freddy's pizzeria?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Dont think that When its implied that kelsey is just another form of andrew
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders 2 dager siden
There’s a Pokemon version now. It doesn’t make you buy stuff after getting the game, so its already better then League and Dota and it isn’t even out yet
why 2 dager siden
Henry goes from being an animatronic maker to an animation master.
Mattitus 2 dager siden
That intro was so creepy
Bendy The Ink Demon Plus
Bendy The Ink Demon Plus 3 dager siden
Wrbr1321_Wolfz 3 dager siden
5:13 This is probably me in the next 5 years
Harlequin sloth
Harlequin sloth 3 dager siden
i saw an Invisalign ad and the real horror is how a girl is trying to CUT HER APPLE LIKE ITS A STEAK!
Terrance Shinry Johnson
Terrance Shinry Johnson 3 dager siden
This series was alwayd over complicated I don’t think the guy thought that far into it
Alonso De Carvalho
Alonso De Carvalho 3 dager siden
Maybe Kel sy faked his death
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Or he was already a ghost before meeting devon
David Cornista
David Cornista 4 dager siden
3:23 Me: wait isn't that ennard the one who always want exotic butters?
Gert Likt gerda
Gert Likt gerda 5 dager siden
Dats Ennard
Fandom Trash
Fandom Trash 5 dager siden
My birth name's Delilah, and every time he says my name I freak out slightly. Also, it's nice to say I'm part of FNAF lore.
sleepyb0i 5 dager siden
The funnt thing is im writing a paper for school on this
CoolCapricorn22 5 dager siden
21:39 The guy in the middle looks like Sam Tinnesz
RadCat Studios
RadCat Studios 6 dager siden
21:47 Vanny: Am I a joke to you?
Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez 6 dager siden
Matpat!!! I have a theory! The stichwrath is a strange name since there's such as a stiched suit! everyone plz Share because this is a HUUUGE suspicion! STICHwrath = STICHsuit. Plz hit the like button so this becomes popular for matpat to see?!
Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez 6 dager siden
MATPAT! I have a theory! What if the stichwrath was the, "Bunny in the stitched suit?!" cause it was a suit that no one could find similar! It seemed hand stiched! Ennard could be the STICHWRATH BECAUSE HIS SUIT IS MADE OF STICHES?! EVERYONW PLZ SHARE THIS AND SEND TO MATPAT SO CAN SEE THIS! PLZZ! HE CAN EXPLAIN BETTER THAN I CAN!
Elemental nation
Elemental nation 6 dager siden
Am addicted to these vid s HELP I CANNOT SLEEP
Andrew_ Draco
Andrew_ Draco 7 dager siden
Teacher: Describe yourself with one sentence Me: 5:05
Ryan McClanahan
Ryan McClanahan 7 dager siden
Anybody else laugh when the magnifying glass was put up to Baby looking animatronic book cover???🤔
Tristana :D
Tristana :D 7 dager siden
if delayla was hiding in a vent for the rest of her life delayla might be mangle 70%. Just my thinking @~@
Gamerling 7 dager siden
MatPat: Delila’s story was tragic Me: it was tragic, but at least it wasn’t terrifying like the other stories
Autumn Games
Autumn Games 7 dager siden
I like how he put scribblenauts in fnaf that part me laugh so hard
RuthlessKO 8 dager siden
Anyone else regret watching this at night
Dario Montero
Dario Montero 8 dager siden
My conclution: Golden is fredbear. Fredbear Is a girl Cassidy. Not Norman
Evelyn Ramirez
Evelyn Ramirez 8 dager siden
Hey matpat did you forget one of nightmare fredbears voicelines in fnaf costume night
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 8 dager siden
All i wanted was a cool horror game not a franchise longer than the star wars series
London Foster
London Foster 9 dager siden
Room for one more game in a never ending series. Time to wake up from the nightmare that is ultimate costume night. The new kid in the group of dead kids forced to be an animatronic forever. But that's just a theory a game theory. (Plz don't steal my idea I worked really hard on this)
Esmeralda Pelayo pelayo
Esmeralda Pelayo pelayo 9 dager siden
I love the merchandise
Red Fox Animations
Red Fox Animations 9 dager siden
I love your vids because they always blow my mind
Sarah Perry
Sarah Perry 9 dager siden
The vengeful spirit is actually Cassidy
deltaperson 10 dager siden
He Protecc He attacc But most importantly withered golden Freddy wants his microphone bacc
Malthemagicat 10 dager siden
15:27 So right around here I had a thought- consider it or don't I dont mind, I just wanted to put this out there- What if he *WAS NOT* still alive and its just once again confirming that people can be adapted to have robotics inside them like Enard, Charlie, Sarah and Eleanor (Fazbear Frights 1: To be beautiful), etc. you get the idea Giving us this idea that each victim was killed, collected, adapted, and sent back into the real world. Assuming they're in a decent condition or state and that the technology has been developed in that given point in the timeline already. Would give a whole new perspective- the replaced people could lead others the their death, they become one of the animatronic/robot/adapted humans and so on Multiple adapted people living among you in your daily life- but you never knew it. Maybe? idk like if you think this sounds reasonable lol reply with your opinion on this theory- if enough people like it I may give updates on my thoughts- idk
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 dager siden
Wouldn’t Stan lee poop the minirinas out
Fortnite 10 dager siden
There’s room for one more EEeEEeeEeEeEeEEeHHhhHhHhhHhHHhhH
jerry mcdoodlefuck
jerry mcdoodlefuck 11 dager siden
the slithering could be a bloddy corpse BEHIND the wall, note that there allready was a body, in goldie, when the kids came in, so the suit could just move and the body with it, but still there would not be an endoskeleton, and i THINK stich has it
Chloe Kent
Chloe Kent 11 dager siden
If the doll was a version of Charlie,maybe ella(the doll) wanted Delilah to figure out about who killed her and stuff like that,but accidentally drove her insane and kinda killed her in the process.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 7 dager siden
Fazbear frights Ella is a entirely different thing Ella in fazbear frights was brought to life by andrew And the Ella dolls are made by fazbear entertaiment while the novel trilogy Ella was made by henry only
Jerry Dsouza
Jerry Dsouza 11 dager siden
I believe this game has no story. It's just part 1 - 6 with different animatronics and atmosphere. The end.
Jay 11 dager siden
Victory Reviews
Victory Reviews 11 dager siden
I prefer that Golden Freddy was the first victim
Victory Reviews
Victory Reviews 11 dager siden
Theres time travel in Fnaf now?
Storm Gia The Hedgefox
Storm Gia The Hedgefox 11 dager siden
What If The Game Theory Tells The Truth Called The “The Truth Theory”
Nimfa Macaraeg
Nimfa Macaraeg 11 dager siden
Is the stitchewraith ennard???
HW Kid
HW Kid 10 dager siden
No sorry you must read the story 'the man in room 1280'
Cordicakes 11 dager siden
I have a theory that in fnaf 4 it is all a dream I think that the child is having nightmare dreams and your dream theory is slightly right
NavyTuber 12 dager siden
Hi Game Theory I am completing the series of fnaf theories not watched all but I wanna say that dahalia I think.. the girl who died in the vent is actually mangle! As she dies in the vent because Ella keeps waking her up so maybe she is mangle as mangle always comes from vent. Sorry if I'm wrong and you know who mangle is I'm not good and theories but great work! Keep going!!
charles alexander
charles alexander 12 dager siden
If the new fnaf takes place in a 3 story mall delilah could be in those vents
Shikido San
Shikido San 12 dager siden
Aneudy Vasquez
Aneudy Vasquez 12 dager siden
So g. Freddy has 2 spirits-? And wasn’t this abt Cassidy or something?-
Storie Jervay
Storie Jervay 12 dager siden
I just had a thought. The vent that Delilah died in in 1:35 am is said to be part a 3-story building under construction. In the description for Fnaf: Security Breach, it states, "At three stories tall..." Could this be the Pizza Plex building that Delilah died at?!
Irish Jayle Lawig
Irish Jayle Lawig 13 dager siden
Wait if Scott said your wrong
Lord Cyronite Industries
Lord Cyronite Industries 13 dager siden
This is a much more interesting video now that I've actually read the books
Ryan Goddard
Ryan Goddard 13 dager siden
Tell your self this every day I am loved
Tell your self this every day I am loved 13 dager siden
I honestly don't think that is it but okay 0-0
E 13 dager siden
I think he should make a channel called "Book Theory".
LAWRENCE LEONG 14 dager siden
The man is enneddiajajiSjbakJ
BrieRomie 14 dager siden book theory going to be a thing? Cuz yes please
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 14 dager siden
Extreme sarcasm “Very easy to understand series”
Anbu _
Anbu _ 14 dager siden
just want to say when i didnt wash my hair that well and just didnt wash it my hair started to curl and thats how i got my curls so the body in the suit might have gotten curly hair since they havent washed it or just gotten clean since they die so consiter that also sorry for all the bad spelling im just not that good at it also my birthday is the 27th so yay
Molly Smith
Molly Smith 15 dager siden
Omg COOL!!!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽😂
Red Jet 7059
Red Jet 7059 11 dager siden
Do you like Roger Marshall?
That One Guy
That One Guy 15 dager siden
They've taken the Jurassic World approach to this. Just let them all out into the word and see what happens
Alex Lewis
Alex Lewis 16 dager siden
Wait wait wait. This would be a stretch and a huge what if. But what if the spirit in ballora is Delilah. I mean wanting to be a mother figure and talking about a husband who seems absent? Just food for thought.
wHaT iS tHe SiGnIfIcAnCe oF tHiS
wHaT iS tHe SiGnIfIcAnCe oF tHiS 16 dager siden
i feel so uncomfy watching this cuz my name is ella lmaoo
Kelly Dolan
Kelly Dolan 16 dager siden
for real though I am down for Book Theory being the fourth channel.
NightWolf TheHowler
NightWolf TheHowler 16 dager siden
Oswald when he meets Scott: Scott: You're weak. Oswald: I'm you.
TheDoggoMaster 16 dager siden
❤️=Love 🧡=Family 💛=Besti 💚=Friend 💙=Random person 💜=Random person 🖤=I.HATE.YOU.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 7 dager siden
Gtfo kiddo
TheDoggoMaster 16 dager siden
Mr. C
Mr. C 16 dager siden
Even thought I don't even like these games no more the video is still interesting
Sara Alsowaid
Sara Alsowaid 16 dager siden
I just love the way he pronounces doll😌😂😂😂😂😂
CJ Smith
CJ Smith 17 dager siden
book theory............... i like the idea! but what would it really be for? scott cawthon in 2030 with 100 more books released: *laughs in animatronic*
Fish767 17 dager siden
I am now very confused, I was under the impression that the Stitchwraith was Enard. Oh well, he will explain it in the next episode.
Angel Wolf
Angel Wolf 17 dager siden
Idea: Kelsey is a paranormal entity that possessed Cassidy and both spirits got stuffed into the suit.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 13 dager siden
Kelsey is andrew
kite longa
kite longa 17 dager siden
looking back onthe easter eggs of five nights at freddy's led me to discover the small detail mentioned in fnaf sister location where there is a small chance to see a mini reina in your house that the end of the night. Room for one more showed us a story like this and a connection to michael afton getting purple. at the end of the story, the main character explodes(so to say) like michael afton. Also the connection with the minirenias in the game following you home just sticks out. My message for matpat is to look at the games easter eggs all over again. maybe take a step back.
Michał M
Michał M 17 dager siden
The One You Should Not Have Killed
The One You Should Not Have Killed 18 dager siden
My theory is that golden freddy has multiple spirits inside of him, but there is 3 important spirits, Cassidy, Crying Child, and Kelsy
Buddy the Rat & more
Buddy the Rat & more 18 dager siden
yen deer ay chica??????????????????????/
xLiakittyYTx 18 dager siden
i dont know about anyone else thinks but i think in sister location in the part of the game where you had to adjust the springlocks and wiggle the mini ballerinas off there was a thing you had to do where the player could not wiggle when a ballerina was climbing INSIDE of his suit the player would just have to let them go inside the suit. that strangely reminds me of the story he was talking about in this video where the security guard each time he slept on the job the mini ballerinas would climb inside his mouth. idk if its just a coincidence but its kinda weirdly similar...
Mr. Potatobagel
Mr. Potatobagel 18 dager siden
The dead body in Golden Freddy is probably Andrew right?
SoaR Jae
SoaR Jae 19 dager siden
The scoop prolly wasn’t going for his skeleton he prolly wanted to scooop the dolls out
Kassandra Flores
Kassandra Flores 19 dager siden
I have the five nights at freddys silver eyes book, I'm only up to page five lol
Chrysler Benry Gonzales
Chrysler Benry Gonzales 19 dager siden
Thats way i always cry instantly evry time i wake up. Because of the nightmares that you give me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
FreakStar 001
FreakStar 001 20 dager siden
After you said she died in a vent and the next scene from sister location I literally understood were this was going. It also sounded oddly familiar. You basically cleared that up easy peasey. (Not so easy)
Roob Ris Teb Vaj
Roob Ris Teb Vaj 20 dager siden
Why is Cassidy looks like a girl name
Spookybrandonleader 21 dag siden
Why are these stories soooo scary
Micah Sings
Micah Sings 21 dag siden
The girl crawls into the ventilation shaft could be five nights at Freddy’s 2 location if you think about it balloon boy and toy chica was able to go into the office through the vent. just something I was thinking about
Brody Elmer
Brody Elmer 21 dag siden
For your consideration the new mall the setting of security breach is a 3 story building
Attempt 58
Attempt 58 21 dag siden
Has he been pronouncing it "dowl" his entire life?
JrHytoxic guzzi
JrHytoxic guzzi 21 dag siden
wait do any one see the letter next the new kid title
Brandon Gage
Brandon Gage 21 dag siden
i quit in fnaf 3 this i sall new to me
Kamu 21 dag siden
remember when fnaf was just a short fun game that didn't have much story? Well they made a plot real fast
nikolai Hurrell
nikolai Hurrell 21 dag siden
umm mat I WILL NOT WATCH UR VID AGAAAIN at night at least
Cl4p-TP hacked you! heh
Cl4p-TP hacked you! heh 22 dager siden
Minireenas: *inside the stomach of someone* People who don't have passports: *this.*
How About a round of gwent?
How About a round of gwent? 22 dager siden
man the new fnaf books litterally messed me up
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