Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy... NOT What We Thought!

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7 måneder siden

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There's a new FNAF book, which means it's time for Game Theory to re-dip it's toes into Book Theory! The books, as we've discussed, may be a separate timeline but what we learn in them provide us with clues to the main Five Nights At Freddy's lore. Today we are taking a closer look at Golden Freddy and seeing if the new evidence shows that we were WRONG about our conclusion on his secret identity. Get your exotic butters ready Theorists and let's get into it!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

somehowNanas 5 timer siden
my friend: ey man, what time is it? me: its THEORY TIME!
Ditto Pokemon
Ditto Pokemon 8 timer siden
0:19 me and the boys going to the fridge at 3am
Ditto Pokemon
Ditto Pokemon 8 timer siden
HEY MATPAT I GOTCHU BRO THE CURLY HAIR DUDE IF FROM BOOK 1 (he liked the greek gods and helped whatever his name is be brave when defeating rabbit dude)
Zen Animation
Zen Animation 11 timer siden
I know this vid aged a bit but the new kid story can also be thought as "a new kid to the golden freddy" that how i perseve it
Yoshi gaming Yoshi
Yoshi gaming Yoshi 13 timer siden
It was never meant to be
Lily and Elf the cat
Lily and Elf the cat 18 timer siden
What if Delilah comes to posses the Ella doll also never throw away doll alarm clock and move house
AppleDoesStuff 18 timer siden
Can we just see that the stitchwraith looks like eneard
Axxel Mcwin
Axxel Mcwin 19 timer siden
U r correct about golden Freddy having 2 entities and I hoped u would do that bc wen u described vengful spirit, it was described as either “a boy or a girl” and I thought u forgot but u did so props to u
smash games
smash games 20 timer siden
it could be the souls further tormenting the suffering body of purple guy while he's locked in the saferoom that im pretty sure somebody most likely you said "he's trapped insode the walls"
Vitek Dufek
Vitek Dufek 21 time siden
Delilah thought that place would save her from emma it did but in different way she thought
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming Dag siden
I thought mickeal was the nightguard im veryyy confused
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming Dag siden
The new killer was looking luke ennard just hiding hes full body
geometry dash master
geometry dash master Dag siden
okay so go to nightmare golden freddys laugh and speed it up to 2.5 it sounds like a little boy or girl laughing
GregoryPlayz570 Dag siden
i have questions is Golden Freddy ever gonna realize Afton escaped his prison and be in Security breach and what if we team up with Golden Freddy in security breach to help destroy afton
He Who Derps
He Who Derps Dag siden
This is getting too damn complicated XD
Queen Kore
Queen Kore Dag siden
I just got the first 4 books for my birthday and I really love finding out more lore with this franchise. And I’ve NEVER played this game. I just love spooky lore like this. Ever since my elementary-high school days
William Maleli
William Maleli Dag siden
21:6 Nope
Dark Elixer
Dark Elixer Dag siden
We were right but now we're wrong
Gamerkey18 2 dager siden
I thought the dolls crawling in to the security guards mouth was referring to night 4 where you have to fend of minirinas that crawl in to your suit like right in your face
Sheldon Perry
Sheldon Perry 2 dager siden
Kyle Bradley
Kyle Bradley 2 dager siden
Can we get an updated FNAF summary video lol
Angryflame321 2 dager siden
Looks like we shouldn't be sleeping on the job. -w-
maya's channel
maya's channel 2 dager siden
3:23 u mean burnt spaghetti right ?
Justė Laukutytė
Justė Laukutytė 3 dager siden
kelsey is a gilr name
Harry rat
Harry rat 3 dager siden
It was spinglock in the walls
Gacha Alien シ
Gacha Alien シ 3 dager siden
2:56 I wish.
kihuub 3 dager siden
Scott’s pulling another fnaf 4
Jonevieve Murray
Jonevieve Murray 3 dager siden
Nobody Stephen king: write that down write that down
Clodagh O'Gorman
Clodagh O'Gorman 3 dager siden
Golden freiddie what about the box?
Clodagh O'Gorman
Clodagh O'Gorman 3 dager siden
You forgot dabing chica
William Afton
William Afton 3 dager siden
Cassidy is actually puppet friends with Elizabeth afton
Simon Postyn
Simon Postyn 4 dager siden
ITSLILLIME ._. 4 dager siden
K u know Oliver grew up on silver eyes and the faz bear fright books
Sydney Craft
Sydney Craft 4 dager siden
the first and last time i played fnaf i was literally in 3rd grade and foxy came sprinting down the hall and i screamed during class :)
Rosetta's Studios 2020
Rosetta's Studios 2020 4 dager siden
matpat: I read more books about the videogame than playing them! me who hates video games but loves FNAF lore and suspense: :(
starwarslover015 4 dager siden
Psstt....who's gonna tell him there's and 8th one coming out in May?
Elena Vitvitskaya
Elena Vitvitskaya 4 dager siden
People new to his channel and watching the intro like:👁👄👁 👁. 👁 👃 👄
Mark Walker
Mark Walker 4 dager siden
“Is it something else?” Nobody: Literally Nobody: Not A Single Soul On The Face Of The Earth: Me: *”SomeThingElseYT??”*
Unicornbella M
Unicornbella M 4 dager siden
Remember when we thought that The Crying Child was Mhiceal Afton and not Chris? Good times... so much more simpler
YaBoiUrk 4 dager siden
3:08 oh yeah this is big brain time
Danielle Kirkham
Danielle Kirkham 4 dager siden
Let me just ask you a question has enyone notest in every night you have to last six hour`s (twelve till six) well it`s actualy six minutes.Every one hour is one minute.So from the infomation what I have gathered from game theorist and andiematronic is yes phone guy is still a bit of a mystary but everyone is focasing more on the night gards, purple guy and so one but the ones that arn`t getting focust on as much are the anamatronics.Game theory can you do a bit more on the anamatronics please.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Aesthetically Pleasing 5 dager siden
Chill, the Minireenas just wanted to know what human inflation was and did it the wrong way
David Bell-Dison
David Bell-Dison 5 dager siden
Like Cassidy is the trying child the son of William afton
Nuker Propane
Nuker Propane 4 dager siden
No cassidy isnt the bite victim name They are clearly seperate characters
David Bell-Dison
David Bell-Dison 5 dager siden
We know who is Cassidy
David Bell-Dison
David Bell-Dison 5 dager siden
Watch dawko video man
Lise-mette Berg
Lise-mette Berg 6 dager siden
I like pink birds
Oscar Larson
Oscar Larson 6 dager siden
My name is Fritz Albert
A. Mu
A. Mu 6 dager siden
Wait if it was a three-story building what if it was security breaches building
Cameron Copeland
Cameron Copeland 6 dager siden
This is my theory. The reason the original five books were meant to be the last installments will of reference to the five nights at Freddy's. There was always been a 6th and 7th night in basically every installment. This is what this is referencing in the books.
Mr. Meatloaf
Mr. Meatloaf 6 dager siden
Megan Kleis
Megan Kleis 6 dager siden
Alaaran Aranoya
Alaaran Aranoya 6 dager siden
Having not read the books, Kels seems to share a resemblance with Alec. Maybe an AI in a body-suit?
ShadowWraith 47
ShadowWraith 47 6 dager siden
Why can't Kelsey be golden freddy? It's implied at the end of the book that he's killing again, so the hair inside the suit would just be a previous victim. Someone he had already tricked. Cassidy is the name of the daughter Mr. Afton had that was accidentally killed by an animatronic. Kelsey brings the suit to different abandoned fnaf locations to lure in bullies and kill them.
Lepord24aj 6 dager siden
Stephy _
Stephy _ 6 dager siden
why dont you make a theory about puppet ?its a more special animatronic
tiny void cat
tiny void cat 7 dager siden
I know this was like, months ago, but I might have a bit of an idea with the curly black hair; sometimes (or most of the time? i don’t know) when hair gets wet, it tends to get curly as it dries. and said that it’s big enough for someone to slump down in the suit, blood could have somehow dampen the hair of the victim and it would have dried curly. it could be, in fact, Cassidy who is associated with Golden Freddy. *note that this is me just guessing and it’s not laid out. like, at all*
AwakendSpace80 7 dager siden
I think his 5th channel should be comic theory
Tiffany 7 dager siden
Cassidy’s picture scares me :(
Danielle Larkin
Danielle Larkin 7 dager siden
Bendy, Baldi, and Hello neighbor: *just chilling* Fnaf: *bursts in* Move, i'm better than all of you. Matpat: *unholy screaming*
Mattr101 The Gamer
Mattr101 The Gamer 7 dager siden
0:16 Vanilla Ice be like
Prime flawless
Prime flawless 7 dager siden
Will fnaf ever end. I think not
That One Guy
That One Guy 7 dager siden
I'm re-watching this cause I wanted to kick start my memory again, but the only thing I got was realize that matpat spelled yandere wrong
Ahmad Shafik Abdul Jalil
Ahmad Shafik Abdul Jalil 8 dager siden
Man this timeline is getting complicated
Felicia Gamelin
Felicia Gamelin 8 dager siden
I don't believe than Kelsey is the vengeful spirit bc in ultimate custom night it says "the one you shouldn't have killed" with the animatronics talking to William Afton.
SHISUI UCHIHA 酒井四水 8 dager siden
In my opinion he and the chor child
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz 9 dager siden
5:32 😂
Space Core
Space Core 9 dager siden
Puppet under Cassidy's control: The others are under *MY* protection Cassidy: AM I A JOKE TO ME?
Kokiri Mido
Kokiri Mido 9 dager siden
kelsey is a physical manefistation of andrew, confirmed. ya got it.
SupaSpacePotato 9 dager siden
Am I the only one irritated about the way he said 'Yandere'? XD
Kaung Htet Naing
Kaung Htet Naing 10 dager siden
What if Kelsey is a Robot how was created to lure children to the spring lock suit to kill them;)
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 10 dager siden
the crying child is shadow freddy i searched it up how can caddisy be golden freddy? GOLDEN FREDDY and SHADOW FREDDY are the same person......maybe ¬
Ashley Fox
Ashley Fox 10 dager siden
after the years of fnaf on this channel every time he said "nail in the coffin" i heard "nail in the cawthon" and i cant help but laugh every time.
Kamran Procter
Kamran Procter 11 dager siden
Why didn’t he show dabbing chica 11:11
Sophia D'Amato
Sophia D'Amato 11 dager siden
Hey, do you think the 3-story building under construction that Delilah's body was found is the Mega Pizza Plex in the upcoming FNAF Security Breach?
Rio Fourie
Rio Fourie 8 dager siden
I also thaught that, more evidence is that she along with others are attracted to fnaf locations
Ella is from one of charlie's closets. I think charlie's childhood house was looked at after collapsing and Ella was sold with a clock for the timer of going out of the closet and onto the closet train track
lag king
lag king 11 dager siden
Book theory
Alexander Warner
Alexander Warner 11 dager siden
Alexander Warner
Alexander Warner 11 dager siden
Alexander Warner
Alexander Warner 11 dager siden
My World
My World 11 dager siden
Have we learned about Gabriel yet?
wigetino 22
wigetino 22 11 dager siden
My World
My World 11 dager siden
Did Delilah die in the middle of the building of the FNaF pizza plex
CRC Gaming
CRC Gaming 11 dager siden
7:50 look at the number behind of ella (153)
Rio Fourie
Rio Fourie 8 dager siden
Sean McKeon
Sean McKeon 11 dager siden
I think that the grave of Jeremy is the Jeremy from help wanted but just like Mike Afton he is a robot and could only die by killing himself but that's just a theory a game theory
IsraelAce YT
IsraelAce YT 12 dager siden
Check out my second channel guys :) IRS IsraelAce 2
Sankter 12 dager siden
Suggestion make an actual book theory channel
Golden Dreemurr
Golden Dreemurr 12 dager siden
20:34 Remnant maybe?
Eric Guest
Eric Guest 12 dager siden
The vengeful spirit matches the appearence of alec from the lonely freddy story. Thoughts?
RedFlame66 12 dager siden
Not finishing the video because I own fazbear fright #3 and am still reading #2. And I do NOT want spoilers.
tracey smith
tracey smith 13 dager siden
Omg I agree with him delila was the body in the vents
Caspian 13 dager siden
9:08 it talks about a three story “office” building but isn’t this where the new game will take place a three story pizza place because in fnaf vr it shows during the Christmas update a building under construction (and in the trailer for the new game) wouldn’t that be the building where the new game takes place and she died in. So would we see a reference of her death in a vent or something when playing the game. Idk guys it’s just a speculation
ColinCartoons 13 dager siden
Stanley didn’t explode
ColinCartoons 13 dager siden
Devon: Kelsey sus
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 13 dager siden
but sti=op saying quot chaleng tomorrow cause it is annoying
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 13 dager siden
so he was nto killing but he did fro his family that died
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 13 dager siden
he was a boy that a bunny in his head
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 13 dager siden
yeah will ama
Brian McGhee
Brian McGhee 13 dager siden
How did Delilah die in the vent?
Rachael Padua
Rachael Padua 13 dager siden
the stitch wrath is just ennard a.k.a the robot from sister location
Rio Fourie
Rio Fourie 8 dager siden
No he is not
Hudson Remillard
Hudson Remillard 13 dager siden
Make book theory a real channel
that fnaf fan official plushy
that fnaf fan official plushy 14 dager siden
Iam only 8 and iam enough to hold so much fnaf creepy stories that If I saw willam I would just say hi and leave
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