Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)

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In the trailer for Fortnite Season 9, we see good ol' Jonesy and everyone's new favorite banana-man, Peely, get trapped in a bunker. Two characters go in, only one comes out. That is a SURPRISINGLY dark turn, given the humorous way the situation is presented. When I watched it I was left with one big question - no, not the morality of eating your banana friend. I want to know if Jonesy could survive however long he was trapped in that bunker with Peely as his only source of food. Loyal Theorists, get ready for things to go BANANAS!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki 2 dager siden
0:16 yes. Yes you are
Average 3 dager siden
but you cant survive with out water
WP Jalal
WP Jalal 7 dager siden
My question? How did he survive without water
Cal L
Cal L 12 dager siden
ZACHARY SALAZAR 16 dager siden
jonsey has to have some left over because he is still eating pealy
Sami Qubbaj
Sami Qubbaj 20 dager siden
but mat Jonesy can survive as u see he take the seeds from peely plant the seeds then has to wait 6 months right he can eat of peely where he is still not all eaten so jonsey can survive
Giraffe 2356
Giraffe 2356 21 dag siden
Uhm I care about the campaign mode game theory :/
Clapx 21 dag siden
Matpat: it will probably never go away 2020: are u sure about that
Simplecaveman 22 dager siden
they did not check the bottom drawer of the fridge
egameing45 twitch
egameing45 twitch 22 dager siden
he had food befor
egameing45 twitch
egameing45 twitch 22 dager siden
Peter Ziegler
Peter Ziegler 22 dager siden
Mr beasts sponsor for a life time
Peter Ziegler
Peter Ziegler 22 dager siden
I know what honey is!
Noah Farthing
Noah Farthing 24 dager siden
May pat you will always be realivent because “that’s just a theory, a game theory”
The Boi's
The Boi's 24 dager siden
is this an among us reference?
BubbleZ Gaming
BubbleZ Gaming 24 dager siden
there is a perfecty reanab e exaplation scording to fornite ... peely will lose heath when being eaten and they probly had meds so unltill then jonsey would have stalled the hole thing with the power of *GAME DESINE*!!!
Hydro Motion Studio
Hydro Motion Studio 25 dager siden
You see in a trailer is that peels is a Jonsy that got fused with a banana by a rift
Donut king
Donut king 25 dager siden
If food theory existed back then. This would be an episode on it.
TheShadow 28 dager siden
"give a man a banana and u feed him for a day give a man a poisoned banana and u feed him for a life time" konfuzius
Gio Crash
Gio Crash 28 dager siden
he doesn’t eat peely he drinks hom
Jakub draws!
Jakub draws! 29 dager siden
Boy where you wrong
Austin D
Austin D 29 dager siden
My thoughts on it, since we see tge empty can, its possible peely and Jonesy had a fridge but being uncaring people they didnt care till they realized they had nothing. Its possible the food lasted them up to 3 months away, especially if theres refridgerated foods and cans in the cupboards, and THEN at a last resort started eating peely. Also we know Jonesy didnt eat the peel cuz his model in the trailer and in game has him wearing a mostly rotted banana peel cape clipped onto his shoulder pads.
Greninja Warrior
Greninja Warrior Måned siden
This needs reposted on food theory
Jabin Hall
Jabin Hall Måned siden
You are a joke
Jordan Hudson
Jordan Hudson Måned siden
Matpat : Am I a joke to you? Me : I can milk you
Gavdude 11
Gavdude 11 Måned siden
What if Jonesy had not ate for the 3-4 weeks which will give him about a month and then he can start eating Peely yoink the seeds and then live. but hey, thats just a theory, A GAME THEORY!
Jennifer is my name
Jennifer is my name Måned siden
Poor banna in pajarmars dude.
Fishing pole studios
Fishing pole studios Måned siden
I feel like the biggest problem is peely going off
LANDYN YOUNG Måned siden
He probably just ate peely while the seeds were planting
Cyrus Kye Francis
Cyrus Kye Francis Måned siden
I am really sorry matpat if cant support cuz ia am only 12 yrs. and i dont even have a bank account #just to called in a video,but still
Dabermcdabberson Måned siden
Food theory
RexTubeHD Måned siden
1 this is a game it could have different logic 2 he could’ve had food in the bunker for a bit then ran out but the trailer only shown them out of food
Tnk Tnk
Tnk Tnk Måned siden
He is missing the drink part.HE WONT SURVIVE WITHOUT A DRINK
Axolotl fortress 2
Axolotl fortress 2 Måned siden
To watch it
Axolotl fortress 2
Axolotl fortress 2 Måned siden
Tnk Tnk stillif you say your ten and alastor Is from hazbin hotel an adult pilot then you have to near 18 at least
Tnk Tnk
Tnk Tnk Måned siden
I have a crush on him,😑😑😤😤he's mine
Axolotl fortress 2
Axolotl fortress 2 Måned siden
Tnk Tnk if you ten then why is your profile alastor from the hazbin hotel pilot witch is for adults only?
Tnk Tnk
Tnk Tnk Måned siden
Ethan Fleming
Ethan Fleming Måned siden
You have been theoryed
Ethan Fleming
Ethan Fleming Måned siden
So he is a banana
Ethan Fleming
Ethan Fleming Måned siden
He is a banana because if you look at his peels it looks like a banana
O snap
O snap Måned siden
when u said am I a joke to u?! And yes
Some Idiot
Some Idiot Måned siden
MatPat > MatPat JR > MatPat JR JR > *BILLY*
demi-leigh ratcliff
demi-leigh ratcliff Måned siden
Couldn't he just eat bugs?
Eugene LI
Eugene LI Måned siden
they should delete thisvid then repost it on food theory
Flutey Måned siden
My grandma's friend sadly passed, and the doctor said that if he ate a banana he would've lived
Loading Måned siden
Just saying Peley would get mouldy
Mia Shoeshoe
Mia Shoeshoe Måned siden
your relevant matpat dont worry
Cat god Hepp
Cat god Hepp Måned siden
Do a vid on mowsl
sean stambersky
sean stambersky Måned siden
what if there was a cloneing machine in that bunker
Justin Pamphile
Justin Pamphile Måned siden
what if he dosen't eat everyday
posgdabout ttv
posgdabout ttv Måned siden
so he cannibalized him self
fanson83 Måned siden
Ryan Vincent
Ryan Vincent Måned siden
Peely probably revived Jonsey
Cihloun Måned siden
Ahh yes and now we have avangers Explain this
Mogs Wa
Mogs Wa Måned siden
Not going to address the Banana with no brain or heart!
PrincessBecca 83
PrincessBecca 83 Måned siden
Or Jonesy is wearing a fake beard & mustache 🤣
Skelly !
Skelly ! Måned siden
maybe they ate the food in the fridge first and they didn't show it?
CryptoCosplay Måned siden
But this is also assuming that he is eating every day. If he ate one every few days if could be possible
Miles Thorn
Miles Thorn Måned siden
matpat "bring back the punp" me: oh, but they did!
MysticRBLX Måned siden
what if you ate every 2 days? would you survive shorter or longer
Arda Uzun
Arda Uzun Måned siden
What if he eats peely and then plant before he eats peely completely
CalmMarr Måned siden
They broke the matpat name link Darns Billys
Whitescorpi0n 11
Whitescorpi0n 11 Måned siden
What if they did have food but run out of it and after that he ate peely...
dimitar kolev
dimitar kolev Måned siden
He plants the seeds eat some of peely eat bananas and so on
Omar Beltran
Omar Beltran Måned siden
This should have been a food theory
Henry Scoville
Henry Scoville Måned siden
what if that peely scin
Henry Scoville
Henry Scoville Måned siden
what if it was a drem
Kelly Leese
Kelly Leese Måned siden
Jonesy was in nuclear quarantine But hey that's just a theory a game theory
Gil RR
Gil RR Måned siden
Proof that peely isn’t a banana is the Halloween skeleton skin of peely
Santino Aldaba
Santino Aldaba Måned siden
Peely is a big banana, which means his seeds are bigger than an average banana, which means ! If a peely banana is half way grown, it's way bigger than a medium sized banana !
VIctor Garcia
VIctor Garcia Måned siden
kinda cool that they make the unpeely skin too
Tomato King
Tomato King Måned siden
My mind: banana
Lew Cornelius
Lew Cornelius Måned siden
im gonna go install honey on mt ipad
Florna a
Florna a Måned siden
I love how i got a food app add lol
Dethrone Måned siden
Maybe Jonesy eats 1 day and leave 1 day
Manta Måned siden
Who else realized that the person who said only ogs remember titled was in endgame
Meredith Healey
Meredith Healey Måned siden
Jonesey: Survives for no reason Me: respawns in the lobby and hops back in
Baby groot crying
Baby groot crying Måned siden
You forgot fortnite it’s so cartoonish
SlicedFlame Måned siden
matpat needs a creator code
DrNovaKronos Måned siden
Even if he have unlimited food he would have died without water
Rhett Robins
Rhett Robins 2 måneder siden
idea: jonesy eats banana boi while the trees are growing.
Ethan the god
Ethan the god 2 måneder siden
This is why I love mat pat he gets a ton of different topics and we learn from it but the topics are stuff everyone will love
music machine2000
music machine2000 2 måneder siden
Well thank god im not in a bunker(well even in quarentene) cuz ive had anemia for all my life. And also is a fan of bananas. Also updating info in 2020. Fortnite made a bone peelly with almost every bone necesary and an half of rhe digestive system. The avtual edible banana part is lowet than the amaount of friends i have :*). Cuz i'd imagine that the first layer is of skin is the banana peeling. Johnsey would starve in less than a year.
Gummybear 200 Channel
Gummybear 200 Channel 2 måneder siden
Jonesey is not dying wait for his plants to grow Peely late just like P 1000
Joaquin Alejandro Mundo
Joaquin Alejandro Mundo 2 måneder siden
You forgot one thing. What if he opened up peely before eating him to get the seeds? Then he would have enough bananas. And plus, what if the bananas also grow to the size of a normal human?
George Piggy
George Piggy 2 måneder siden
0:10 - 2020 be like
Julian Paredes
Julian Paredes 2 måneder siden
you know something i just realised they had food on the last few weeks maybe months but then they ran out so he ate peely but at the start he plants peelys seeds boom
Ryan Ang
Ryan Ang 2 måneder siden
WOW, reminds me of Quarantine
Sumligth 20
Sumligth 20 2 måneder siden
Jonesy would die in one week because he needs water
Siraye Berihun
Siraye Berihun 2 måneder siden
Fortnite guy:grows a big beard. Gandalf:hold my staff.
Someone 2 måneder siden
Can’t he fast? Then when needed he’d eat minimum amount of peeley
booper snooper
booper snooper 2 måneder siden
...he's bit low on health he's drinking peely because he's low on shields....peanut brain
Orlando ROFE
Orlando ROFE 2 måneder siden
What if he ate his 💩
Nat 2 måneder siden
Oh Matthew, the kids don't know banana phone.
ToadyMations 2 måneder siden
Maybe they HAD food but ate it all.
GachaPenguin 2 måneder siden
Matpat: Trick question, banana’s don’t grow on trees! Me: *spits out water* WHAT
PewdieBeast 2 måneder siden
Because of the story this theory has, it looks to me like its a dnaf theory
PS4 Daily
PS4 Daily 2 måneder siden
Matpat : a human contains 81500 calories I dont know how you know this?
Clockozt Plaz roblox
Clockozt Plaz roblox 2 måneder siden
the loop...
Aden Cass
Aden Cass 2 måneder siden
bean man
bean man 2 måneder siden
Peely is the Supreme Deity of the Banana Empire, the one true source of nutrition, they call him the Potassium Overlord
Matin Nasseri
Matin Nasseri 2 måneder siden
No when he rips out the seeds he can eat peely until the bananas grow
Benedict Quito [ElixirDude]
Benedict Quito [ElixirDude] 2 måneder siden
this is how many matpat said banana l v
Banana Plays
Banana Plays 2 måneder siden
I wish i was alive again wait i am thats my brother
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