Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Morgan Condie
Morgan Condie 2 timer siden
Minecraft story mode just screws everything up
pearless100 2 timer siden
Matpat:im just gonna talk about a video games for 18 minutes The video :16minutes long lies
Kyoto Yotp
Kyoto Yotp 4 timer siden
Mat Pat: compares zigaurats and underwater monuments Me and other guardians: starts getting darkness vibes
Blazing Fury
Blazing Fury 7 timer siden
"if you drop a cow, it drops you like cow flesh" 6:13 yes
Heboo penz
Heboo penz 12 timer siden
me making god a golden hoe
Fallen Seraph
Fallen Seraph 15 timer siden
Is it a coincidence that the Ocean monument contains exactly enough gold blocks to craft a Notch Apple?
Wither Storm
Wither Storm 17 timer siden
0:14, f*cking LOL, I could not stop laughing until the actual video started
PenguinBoy32 18 timer siden
Best start to vid ever
Senan Hanna
Senan Hanna 20 timer siden
The lacking property neurochemically bat because cd immunocytochemically invite worth a wry basket. dazzling, elderly manager
Rex-Daniel OrtegaDelgado
Rex-Daniel OrtegaDelgado 22 timer siden
"If you drop a cow, it drops... like cow meat", Mat Pat.
The Amazing I don’t know
The Amazing I don’t know Dag siden
Nah I think notch was just making a new weapon and dropped it by accident and a zombie picked it up then Notch was like Ooooooooo this could be a new mob
insert username
insert username Dag siden
is minecraft story mode canon?
Garrett N
Garrett N Dag siden
You forgot pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.
Atle Frode Kjellsson
Atle Frode Kjellsson Dag siden
but wait if they were build on land, why did they not include stairs anywhere in the building? did the drowned levitate? use elytras? how were they supposed to get up into the building?
chicken guy
chicken guy Dag siden
I am a Muslim a d we have have nothing to do with the structures that look like the ones in minecraft they are simply deom an old non Islamic culture but u are right about the kaaba so I guess the theory still works
Delirium Dag siden
What the fack is this video.
CharelZZ Dag siden
hold up-- guardians from Minecraft are just like guardians from BOTW but under the sea
Weirdo Person_alien
Weirdo Person_alien Dag siden
14:27 is going to give me nightmares
WinterTale!Sans Dag siden
Minecraft who didn't even mean to put any lore into the game: .... MatPat: I think your lying!
Cursed Lolbit
Cursed Lolbit Dag siden
That MatPat Ariel got me
I have no name
I have no name Dag siden
Matpat, in minecraft when you're in spectator mode and right click a mob you can see what it sees. I found it really weird that the elder guardian doesn't actually have a special thermal vision
TheGamerThatPlaysGamer 2 dager siden
MatPat: If you drop a cow it drops you cow flesh. Edit: That actually makes sense now I think about it.
Alejandra Cortez
Alejandra Cortez 2 dager siden
Fun fact:did you know that mat put a picture of minecraft story mode
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 2 dager siden
IM LESBIAN 😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤😝😝😝😝😝😛😛😛😛😜😜😜😜😆😆😆😆
MFS_ Simpaiman
MFS_ Simpaiman 2 dager siden
Him:talk about islam Me: yesssssssss
Kymzi 2 dager siden
MatPat: 23 is everywhere. Me with a birthday on the 23rd: You're right!!
Joan Todorov
Joan Todorov 2 dager siden
0:01 That is a very good Spongebob narrator impression.
Nicolas Stoiana
Nicolas Stoiana 2 dager siden
thinking about the lore like this changes how you experience the game
Zaka Inc
Zaka Inc 2 dager siden
The Kaaba is the house of allah (god) I am Muslim
Dufferhead 123
Dufferhead 123 2 dager siden
what if guardian vs warden?
Slicer_Dicer_ 2 dager siden
The inside looked liked a command block
Bananacat Productions
Bananacat Productions 2 dager siden
Wait, have you never seen the texture INSIDE IT
Big Man Worm
Big Man Worm 2 dager siden
when may pay was talking about 23 i checked what time it was and it was 8:23
ronald pacada
ronald pacada 2 dager siden
So the Gurdians and Elder Gurdians are command blocks that are Programed/Command to protect/guard the treasure inside the monument
Chalen Yee
Chalen Yee 3 dager siden
i know you might know this since this was in 2019 but you can make a drowned by drowning a zombie
TheElevenFirst 3 dager siden
Mattpat when are you going to do a theory on ghasts. There’s an achievement in minecraft where you bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it “and the achievement description says :*rescue a ghast and bring it home, then kill it* and has mechanical parts in the bestiary. Suggesting it originates from the overworld and perhaps is made by the old builders. It also drops a tear when it dies which also suggests this. And theres also an unused ghast sound called: ghast’s affection. Likely supposed to be used when you rescue one
S-Jashaun Arkin Fernandez
S-Jashaun Arkin Fernandez 3 dager siden
S-Jashaun Arkin Fernandez
S-Jashaun Arkin Fernandez 3 dager siden
8 thought it was supposed to be about the drowned and not the Guardians
Kolin Martz
Kolin Martz 3 dager siden
Why does everyone assume being visually invisible still makes you visible in IR or radar? Visible light and IR are part of the same spectrum. With current tech the closest thing we’ve literally gotten to an invisibility cloak is being “invisible” to the longer wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum like microwaves and radio waves. Infra red is the next target on the way to visible light.
RED X 3 dager siden
first-سلام عليكم ascend-14:00 you sed it rong
Dusty Jack
Dusty Jack 3 dager siden
If the elder guardian is just a robot then how can it make me see illusions that cause mining fatigue? Maybe I shouldn't drink the water from the sponge room anymore.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 3 dager siden
cuboidal planet
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero 4 dager siden
Not me being born on the 23th of September
DarkSans 4 dager siden
The problem with people caring about exploring the ocean is, it's too difficult to get your hands on Depth Strider or Respiration in this game, We would need to be able to last a lot longer or be able to swim a lot faster in order to get anything done, and even then you'd need top of the line of both of those is get anywhere in terms of exploring the sea.
Electro ッ
Electro ッ 4 dager siden
The inside of an order guardian is like a command block
NOODLE PIE 4 dager siden
Mohammad Rizqi
Mohammad Rizqi 4 dager siden
What we learned today: who build the ocean monuments? Muslims
Darko 5 dager siden
I forgot i was watching this and i woke up becuase of the outro, if i hadn't heard that i would've been late for my next class! Thanks Matt!
Techno Creeper
Techno Creeper 5 dager siden
Steve: steals the gold God: WHOOPTYYYY
Techno Creeper
Techno Creeper 5 dager siden
Vihaan Mittal
Vihaan Mittal 5 dager siden
me realizing im subbed to game theory, I have sinned
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 5 dager siden
* music* *under the tree* pupum bu pum *under the tree* pu pum pubum
M F 5 dager siden
I know this is late but I think the guardians are not necessarily robotic, they drop fish implying their insides are similar to fish meat and the shards they drop could be their scales and that’s what the prismarine is made of which would mean it’s possible they built the monuments themselves and the monument could be a sort of nest for them as well as to house their elder guardian and it explains why they are very territorial because the monument is their home it’s like ants or bees defending their nest. The whole laser thing could be magic or something like that. The gold in the monument I can’t explain but one thing that’s interesting is that drowned have a chance to drop gold ingots. Another interesting thing is that you can find sponges within the ocean monuments as well.
Omega Flowey
Omega Flowey 5 dager siden
The guardians were here before the sea update.
ivan valencia
ivan valencia 6 dager siden
That intro tho😂😂😂
Renee Galvez
Renee Galvez 6 dager siden
What if they just praised spongebob 🤣🤣🤣
Devano Christian Putra Permana
Devano Christian Putra Permana 6 dager siden
can u make a roblox game theory
Nathan Curran
Nathan Curran 6 dager siden
6:15 you say when You DROP a Cow ot drops beef. Lol
Sheenlei Animation
Sheenlei Animation 6 dager siden
i think 23 means 11... not sure
Legend X Gaming
Legend X Gaming 6 dager siden
7 is the mysterious number
Fade2019 6 dager siden
You know what song I serched up when hearing this 3:09
January 6 dager siden
AdventureKitty101 6 dager siden
I read somewhere that more people are born on the 23rd of every month compared to other days but I doubt it. Lol
Mike PvP122
Mike PvP122 7 dager siden
MatPat it's full name is KHANA KAABA you got that wrong too
Mike PvP122
Mike PvP122 7 dager siden
Wait wait wait Indians don't follow Islam Muslims do Indians hate Islam ya you got that wrong very wrong
Rage YT
Rage YT 7 dager siden
We all know the god is Herobrine or Entity 303
Someone 7 dager siden
6:14 *drop a cow?*
Penguin Boy
Penguin Boy 7 dager siden
I have no idea what that means
Alex Theawesome1
Alex Theawesome1 7 dager siden
12:05 and my birthday is on the 23rd
Quackyzila !
Quackyzila ! 7 dager siden
Wait a minute! There are songs of the Minecraft ocean!!! Sqaishey Quack did a song about the Minecraft ocean!
TheAnimations 7 dager siden
on the 23th 12 i have birthday
Sean Power
Sean Power 8 dager siden
not lying when he was talking about 23 it is 23 past 4 for me
Aimerrunner 8 dager siden
this will always be one if my fav theories cause im muslim
rainbow cristal
rainbow cristal 8 dager siden
Gavinator S
Gavinator S 7 dager siden
He displays hundreds of facts, and even if they were false they’re just a theory-which is just a good guess
Gavinator S
Gavinator S 7 dager siden
One Solution
One Solution 8 dager siden
are you a muslim because i am
Dragon YT
Dragon YT 8 dager siden
0:14 ahahahhahahahahahhahahahah the eerie sound ahhah
Dragon YT
Dragon YT 8 dager siden
Also my birth day is August 23 and I'm lucky it's 23
The guy who jumped the flagpole in SMB2
The guy who jumped the flagpole in SMB2 8 dager siden
Why was legacy edition footage used at 8:52?
XXCoffee _XX_Lover
XXCoffee _XX_Lover 8 dager siden
I’m legit like matpat calm down I can only figure out so much out at once
dunno dunno
dunno dunno 9 dager siden
dont know why but i feel like the guardians and the temple on its side look alike alot
IT_ Steven
IT_ Steven 9 dager siden
This very quickly turned into a RE lesson
Fredstar playz
Fredstar playz 9 dager siden
The part about the religion I agreed with as in the ancient Greece period they also had temples of worship where they protected gold statues of people or gods this was also the case in ancient Egypt which points strong evidence to what's it's use is for
Crusader 9 dager siden
I quote from technoblade, "THEY SHOOT LASERBEAMS OUR OF THIER EYES AA-" Minecraft Skyblock Expierence on Hypixel (TechnoBlade)
Josiah playz Maldonado
Josiah playz Maldonado 9 dager siden
Me 2 months earlier: this golden box is useless Me 2 months later: Its big brain time
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 9 dager siden
The intro made me think he was going to talk about ze bubblefish.
Luz Noceda
Luz Noceda 9 dager siden
Anyone else noticed how the man in the thumbnail was wearing purple, and the man has brown hair and looks scared, guys I’ve confirmed my theory, Minecraft and fnaf are connected, I can’t be proven wrong.
Jaytony104 9 dager siden
Matpat: If you wanna show the channel support,.... Me: I'll take your entire stock!
Jesse Ludwig
Jesse Ludwig 10 dager siden
why has he been using the same picture of himself since like 5+ years ago?
The Meg
The Meg 10 dager siden
I always thought that the pink block inside the elder guardian was a command block. The colours are the same and it would make sense if the laser was powered by a command block.
Syed Qatads
Syed Qatads 10 dager siden
No its the home of Allah 13:38
Michael Joko Wardana
Michael Joko Wardana 10 dager siden
Look at likes
ZombieSl4yerr15 10 dager siden
Doesn’t the inside of the guardians look like the block is a command block curious?
beginner gamer
beginner gamer 10 dager siden
It looks like a circuit board inside it
Antonis Manassakis
Antonis Manassakis 10 dager siden
Don't drowned come from zombies that have, well, drowned?
TheEntity 10 dager siden
The 23 pillars are probably the numbers of people who built the monument
Music Man
Music Man 10 dager siden
12:15 - 12:46 is a great out of context clip
Tim 10 dager siden
seeing the title of the video I think (So going to talk about how the naturally spawing drowned are gods and they had theese sacred temples and before a huge flood or something they create gaurdians or they place down these eggs that become gaurdians)
art and toons
art and toons 10 dager siden
I got the loudest ad before this video
Murky Dollar
Murky Dollar 11 dager siden
Hey im in Mat pats title
Modageddon 11 dager siden
Me hearing matpat pronouncing Islamic places names:no no no that's wroooong
Ien Seema
Ien Seema 11 dager siden
Game theory :THE REBORN SOULS WAITING TO DRAGE YOU TOO YOU WATERY GRAVE Me:*laughs because im scared *
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