Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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11 måneder siden

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The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

sigeek games
sigeek games 4 timer siden
They don’t even have a mouth too eat the fish with!
carissa nainggolan
carissa nainggolan 11 timer siden
Ngl the obama prism got me
Ravioli 2374
Ravioli 2374 Dag siden
I was born on the 23rd -_-
The CoolBoy 778
The CoolBoy 778 Dag siden
You do realize that most of the audience are 9 to 15 Y.os right?
Inks Dag siden
Another big word- Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis A lung disease caused by volcanic silica
Felicia Starway
Felicia Starway 3 dager siden
I think I watched a bit too much videos from Dream. My brain translated "Under the sea" to "Under the tree" 🌳 🐶
Hani X5
Hani X5 3 dager siden
The next time i see a cow in minecraft i well drop it to the water Hohooo you think that i'm finish no no I well drop it and block the way to the ground so I can see of i well get a 'Drowned' cow ☺➡️😈
HOLYgRA!N 4 dager siden
History with daddy matpat
Rayleigh D. Theorist
Rayleigh D. Theorist 4 dager siden
How about the warden Matpat?
The lie of century
The lie of century 4 dager siden
Kaba is not really the house of Allah
bestepiccat 4 dager siden
I came to this video to get a minecraft theory but instead I get religion education
Joseph Amanfo
Joseph Amanfo 5 dager siden
Warmage Two Crows
Warmage Two Crows 5 dager siden
They're more like the Dwemer automatons.
Warmage Two Crows
Warmage Two Crows 5 dager siden
Lost Blaze
Lost Blaze 5 dager siden
Kabba 😂the way he said it 😂
Lost Blaze
Lost Blaze 5 dager siden
I’m Muslim so 23 was a suprise
Jorge Antonio Salguero Membreno
Jorge Antonio Salguero Membreno 5 dager siden
When he said the guardians drop fish and are probably "defense mechanisms" I pictured the Sonic badniks as they drop animals when defeated.
Gaming xD
Gaming xD 5 dager siden
0:13 I laughed so hard
Natalie Upole
Natalie Upole 6 dager siden
I'm watching this on October 23/ 2020. This talks about 23, I'm scared now
Muhammad Shiddiq Zidni'ilman
Muhammad Shiddiq Zidni'ilman 6 dager siden
Hey Matpat I have the Quran
Roland Katona
Roland Katona 6 dager siden
I am watching this on October 23! O_O (2020)
Gamey Firebro
Gamey Firebro 6 dager siden
Now, whenever I see squids, I only feel rage, and disdain for Dream.
Platinium Zero
Platinium Zero 6 dager siden
Im islam and i can say you are right
eli rockwood
eli rockwood 7 dager siden
that intro was uh different.
Gh0style 7 dager siden
me watching this video as im in the process of tearing down a monument for the prismarine: :0 say sike rn
Gamercurt 99
Gamercurt 99 7 dager siden
Wait u don't know that he is a robot
Xavier Sosa
Xavier Sosa 7 dager siden
What's the deal With airplane food?
Catdev 7 dager siden
How ironic it must be, then that I took the gold from the temple and gave it to the denizens of the underworld.
Talia Khaberi
Talia Khaberi 8 dager siden
I am Muslim and to me, this is really weird because I know the reason for the Kaaba existing and why every Muslim has to go and worship god there at least once in their life (and some other things)
sarp Mamal
sarp Mamal 8 dager siden
as a muslim that makes so much sense
Juan Miguel Angat
Juan Miguel Angat 8 dager siden
wow its like a relaxing and quiet spongebob intro
Game Overload
Game Overload 8 dager siden
at 6:13 He says if you drop a cow
torque m
torque m 8 dager siden
im sorry man, but this looks like a weapon. the guardians are the small mobile variance of the structure. Gold core being the power source and the room full of sponges looks more like a manufacture room. get me this, another hypothesis, it's a guardian assembly line. when the structure is active, it grabs and converts sponges into guardians, over time the sponge some how, converts into a crystal over time, then eventually rebuilding itself into a bigger guardian. on the other hand, Since the structure is under water . Fish can swim into the room and accidently be built into guardians, like a case around them, but these guardians never become the bigger ones since the fish cannot turn into a crystal. therefore, when these mobs are defeated, they drop a sponge, fish, or crystal. as for the bigger ones, they drops crystal(s).
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan 8 dager siden
Mat pat: The gold in the ocean monument is a god Me: Maybe to you but to me it’s part of a beacon
tyler yt
tyler yt 9 dager siden
Could that block inside of the Guardian be a command block?
Daniel Toogood
Daniel Toogood 9 dager siden
Hey matpat the thing that was under the elder guardian in the illustration is a command block! Which you can only get by using a command.
Nathan Long
Nathan Long 9 dager siden
The Legacy of Gaming
The Legacy of Gaming 9 dager siden
Thought this was about game of thrones for a second.
Lakshit Sachdeva
Lakshit Sachdeva 9 dager siden
it should be number 23 on the playlist
Souper 9 dager siden
Adel Sufi Rizwan bin Ahmad Rizal
Adel Sufi Rizwan bin Ahmad Rizal 9 dager siden
no need to explain islam cause i'm a muslim
Alyssa Moore
Alyssa Moore 9 dager siden
Anther thing about your theory is Minecraft story mode mention "the old builder "
Kelly Sharbono
Kelly Sharbono 9 dager siden
my aunt had cancer when she was a kid
Arcaydian Dick
Arcaydian Dick 9 dager siden
This went from mechanical fish to literal GODS
Angel Brother71
Angel Brother71 9 dager siden
The guardians only attack squids try it
Audrey P
Audrey P 8 dager siden
I'll try that next time I load up mine craft
Sirflappington 10 dager siden
It seems to me that the ocean monuments are supposed to flood up to but not including the altar at the top. That's may be why the guardian's need to be able to survive out of the water.
The lighting Gamer
The lighting Gamer 10 dager siden
I was watching this then saw I was on 23 battery life
Glitchy55 10 dager siden
i love how im going though minecraft videos and i find fnaf stuff... edit:i cant escape the fnaf world 😂
Mythical A
Mythical A 10 dager siden
oh nice im muslim
Kendave BG
Kendave BG 10 dager siden
i never know that there is gold blocks in the monument or what ever its called in minecraft
Kendave BG
Kendave BG 10 dager siden
i never know that there is gold blocks in the monument or what ever its called in minecraft
Ronita Ta Of The Day
Ronita Ta Of The Day 10 dager siden
12:19 Oh my God the Tora is Upside down -_-
effictos 10 dager siden
I have thalasophobia. I've had it ever since I was about three. I was playing this Minecraft rip-off game, and I fell in the water, two blocks in. I couldn't break one of the blocks, obviously, as it was my first time ever playing. I went underwater, the bubbles started going down, I couldn't see anything. Suddenly, something attacks me. I'm underwater, it's night, and a zombie is attacking me. I'm so dead. I was just so scared in that moment, I went pale and almost lost consciousness. That's how it started. Couple years later, I'm around 7, and I decide, y'know, 'jump into the ocean!'. Yeah. Big mistake. Couldn't see anything. Drowned attacked me. Dead, once again. Unfortunately, I've always wanted to explore an Ocean Monument. But I can't. I'm too scared. Dammit, old-rip-off-game-I-can't-remember-the-name-of-right-now-because-it-was-so-long-ago!
El Teddy
El Teddy 10 dager siden
I was born on December 13,2003 I dont feel like I have bad luck and I always find myself seeing 3 a lot😂
Alan Torres
Alan Torres 10 dager siden
so let me get this clear after seeing the guardians insides with a robotic eye and computer chip like things you DIDNT assume they were robots
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 10 dager siden
Antidiseshstablishmeantarianism (idk how to spell it lol) basically is a word created to describe other words so lot's of people don't count it as a word in itself, but basically is refers to the Church of England back in Tudor times where some people didn't want the church to change from catholic to protestant.
J P 11 dager siden
2/3 = 6.66
Drew Carlson
Drew Carlson 11 dager siden
the intro scared me a bit
AsianPotatoes BeAngry
AsianPotatoes BeAngry 11 dager siden
I love how in every thumbnail the character just straight up screamssss
Der4ndere 11 dager siden
idea: the core of the monument was the processor of a supercpmputer. the guardians are the guardianrobots. and the drowned worship(ed) sience / progress (matching to the newer video about the villagerorigins and the builder-civilication) and therfore one of its most sophisticated products: the supercomputer
Jenna Tamayo
Jenna Tamayo 11 dager siden
8:12 you mean infa red
Onyx Eye
Onyx Eye 11 dager siden
Dude I was born on November 23 around 11pm which in I can’t remember the name time is 23 so am I destined to be I dunno... important?
TheFlame27 11 dager siden
apparently the Ghast's are also robots
Andy Ng
Andy Ng 11 dager siden
Woopsie it’s the treasure room
Andy Ng
Andy Ng 11 dager siden
I think Patricia room sort of looks like the statue of a guardian
Kirbosmith 11 dager siden
Another thing to support your theory is a post about the Pufferfish on the Nintendo Switch News. This is a paragraph from there. Let's talk fish. Minecraft has many of them - from cod and salmon, to 3,584 different kinds of tropical fish *and Guardians (are they fish? They look like fish).* But one fish stands above them all in terms of size, danger, and ridiculous facial expressions: the Pufferfish. That entire paragraph is from the News on the Nintendo Switch. Whoever wrote that article even questioned if they are fish. According to the News thing, it says it's a post from Mojang, so it could be directly stating that they aren't actually a fish.
James T. Quack
James T. Quack 12 dager siden
antidisestablishmetarianism has become a meme in my friend group
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain 12 dager siden
My birthday is nov 23rd
Rahim Ahmed
Rahim Ahmed 11 dager siden
Pro Controller
Pro Controller 12 dager siden
Ksortakh Kraxthar
Ksortakh Kraxthar 12 dager siden
Basic problem with the Kaaba analogy: There exists *one* Kaaba. I'd say that this is quite important to the significance of the structure. Meanwhile, there exist countless Oceans Monuments. And it's not like Minecraft not having a concept of rarity. For example, there exist "only" 128 Strongholds, and Woodland Mansions are far rarer than Ocean Monuments. Edit: Note that the 128 is Java Edition. Bedrock seems to have infinite.
Meztech online
Meztech online 12 dager siden
Watching during the 2020 nightmare
hussain Alfadhli
hussain Alfadhli 12 dager siden
Wow seeing Islam using like that
Silent Solitude
Silent Solitude 12 dager siden
this might be a reach, but I like to think since minecraft's god's text is cyan, the worshipers built the monument to be cyan to match it
Haylee Wiebe
Haylee Wiebe 12 dager siden
The ppl who talk at the end of the game are just Notch and Herobrine, the guardians are protecting there tressure
Leg3nd Assass1n
Leg3nd Assass1n 12 dager siden
*Murmaider I and II play in the background of this video* the best songs for this video.
Jaelynn Dixon
Jaelynn Dixon 12 dager siden
Anybody else learn more from MatPat than school? No just me? Okay...
Dangerous_ Shadow
Dangerous_ Shadow 12 dager siden
The drowned fit into this theory well because they look like they wore monk robes, plus i think the ruins on the sea floors could have been the houses of the drowned
Mustapha Outaj
Mustapha Outaj 12 dager siden
I am Muslim and I really loved when you talked about the Islamic faith 😊😊😊
๖ۣۜßluebeRRy 13 dager siden
So your saying Islam and ocean monuments are linked.... I'm gonna freak all of my Muslim teachers with this random fact
حسين حيدر
حسين حيدر 13 dager siden
hi Iraq
shadi madi
shadi madi 13 dager siden
i am muslim and most of the things you said is wrong plz look more next time
Bryguygaming 1801
Bryguygaming 1801 13 dager siden
When matpat mentions gods did anyone else think of notch and herobrine
Ixkryptzon 13 dager siden
my birthday is on the 23 day of october. Kinda spook
• F r i s k •
• F r i s k • 13 dager siden
The drownds arn't gods. Their zombies. When zombies stay underwater for a long time more then like 10 seconds or 1 minute. I think their scary cause they have scary glowing eyes. Its creepy.
Rosieglow 13 dager siden
They suffocate and die” now how many times did he say that?
꧁lazy_cat꧂ {i'm not Youtuber or Gachatuber}
꧁lazy_cat꧂ {i'm not Youtuber or Gachatuber} 13 dager siden
I'm actually happy that my religion helped you figure out what these things are (I'm a Muslim. And when I go to the Kaaba im gonna remember this theory).
Mama nadine
Mama nadine 14 dager siden
Excuse me,im a muslim and the al-quran does not do anything about dis bur i dont care
noodle banana
noodle banana 14 dager siden
Next thing you know it im on your sever and killing people for sponges
Elemental nation
Elemental nation 15 dager siden
I like how you connected islam to this video
Prince XYd_
Prince XYd_ 15 dager siden
Dude....when pat said 23 my phone’s battery turned 23%....I was kinda shocked
Valkyrie Online
Valkyrie Online 15 dager siden
After watching the Iron Golem video: Guardians are the “updated” versions of the Iron Golems as the Builders start running out of time?
Poland 15 dager siden
Robin’s Corner
Robin’s Corner 16 dager siden
AllourOh 17 dager siden
Matpat: basically its like a pyramid 10:13 O B A M A P R I S M
UnDead-DripZz 18 dager siden
Teachers: you will not need this but I'm teaching it an... Mat: think again
ZΞUS࿐ animations
ZΞUS࿐ animations 18 dager siden
Some random guy: humans have 2 legs Mattpat: hmm... oddly specific
Mrutyunjay Rout
Mrutyunjay Rout 18 dager siden
Theres 22 actually
scooper pubgm
scooper pubgm 18 dager siden
Love how you said Quran love from Pakistan
Willum Kett
Willum Kett 18 dager siden
The ocean is my favourite biome in Minecraft it is so so amazing the fish oh the fish there is a lot lot of them like dude so many I love it!
Rebecca knight
Rebecca knight 19 dager siden
Lol 😂😂😂😂
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