Game Theory: FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback!

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5 år siden

Video STARTS at 0:27. It's the first LIVE episode of Game Theory, where we outline the FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy's and then join up with Dawko, Razzbowski, Smike, and 8-Bit Gaming to put a close on the last year of FNAF.
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Darknova078 16 minutter siden
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii game theory can be my friend
Tabitha Spear
Tabitha Spear Time siden
Fanf 2 comes before fanf 1 and you proved that don't just ignore that... And for some reason autocorrect doesn't know what fanf is
Tech Freak
Tech Freak 2 timer siden
I'm not watching this, but why is this in my recommend?
Lisa Holland
Lisa Holland 6 timer siden
maltsea 8 timer siden
every video he gets closer and closer to whats actually going on but he talks himself out of his logical timeline in each video.....
ItsGalaxyCorn 12 timer siden
Smh crying child’s name is Chris afton and purple guys son his name is William afton 🤦‍♀️
Carol Baldwin
Carol Baldwin Dag siden
There are actually 13 if you count Elizabeth and crying kid
Zombie Evan
Zombie Evan Dag siden
Did anyone else notice the help them in the intro to this video
Rnae 1105
Rnae 1105 Dag siden
Am I the only one going though the fnaf theories and noticing all the videos Matpat made and just never mentioned again?
Sacrfice Dag siden
Finally a video where ALL of you're thing's are said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not really all)
Jeff Minted
Jeff Minted Dag siden
I fell asleep and woke up to this :P
fishy Dag siden
I think the puppet wasn't talking I think it was his dad William Afton so that's why he killed more children take the souls put it in his body and yeah
radical smiles
radical smiles Dag siden
May pat 4 years ago: ITS ALL JUST A DREAM WE FOUND IT OUT May pay now: there is a bunny cult
NCopy 2 dager siden
The original animatronics were used for parts, so the toys have remnant and now try to catch you!
Belen Garcia
Belen Garcia 2 dager siden
I heard a theory that the puppet is haunted by Williams wife?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
A theory that was already proven wrong by pizzeria simulator The puppet is possessed by a kid
Elyse Terreri
Elyse Terreri 2 dager siden
Instead of child murderers, here’s kid killers
Waffle UwU
Waffle UwU 2 dager siden
If your talking about how to fit Puppet into the Dream Theory, It's really difficult. But what I think is, like MatPat said in the Dream video(Which was great btw you should definitely check it out!) That dreams have weird rules. Unknown rules. Sometimes *Unknown People* Puppet could simply be an angel. Trying to help kids Trying to *Save* kids Trying to help them not die like themself The others aren't dead they may just suffer from dreams like this. And puppet being *actually dead* had them as well. This conclusion is that Puppet was a kid. Who had horrible dreams. Who was sadly killed. They found out others had these dreams and devoted there life to helping them. Thank you for reading this and I hope no one takes this into an insult if your a timeline theorist! Bye stay safe!
Gamer boi Streams
Gamer boi Streams 2 dager siden
If I could write essays like mat writes his scripts I wouldn’t be homeless when I’m older
Puppet has a gift of life
Puppet has a gift of life 3 dager siden
I have the will power to watch this. And i’m hella surprised. Wish me luck on sleeping tonight.
Nehedha Afoge
Nehedha Afoge 3 dager siden
Plus CC never saw something like yeahhhh
Mani.h gamer
Mani.h gamer 3 dager siden
Uh old days what a butefull world
ReaperTheGamingWolf 3 dager siden
STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEam ÙwÚ Wait this was made for years ago O-O
JoCheezit 3 dager siden
why’s the everything that’s supposed to be green, brown/yellow (in the first 20 minutes)
Brian Dobson
Brian Dobson 4 dager siden
That doesn't make sense because if crying child saw the incident the 5 who were killed were the ones who got the crying child killed so how does that make sense
Brian Dobson
Brian Dobson 3 dager siden
Yeah I do
Captain Pat
Captain Pat 3 dager siden
You do realize this was made 5 years ago.....
Jackery Haunders
Jackery Haunders 4 dager siden
The colors are so off in this video (the start) Green = Black Lime = A brownish orange Yellow = orange
Demiana Dove
Demiana Dove 4 dager siden
I wish I could write essays like MatPat writes his scripts-
Captain Pat
Captain Pat 3 dager siden
Copy pasted
BitterSweet 4 dager siden
Im in 2020 and this is about the dream theory if it was true it would make sense if it ended like that since the boys name is Mike like what the brothers name is hes called mike as a nickname supposedly and Shimdt again supposedly is the mothers old maiden name so the brothers mind put that together stay with me here Jeremy was a younger kid supposedly the child soul for bonnie and I had this weird thing about the kid meeting jeremy and making up his last name and him know paychecks cause of his dad but the time line wouldn't work well but y'know there's that😅✌
black and blue
black and blue 4 dager siden
This is perfect the fact that this is a thing... Omg I just realized the title and what scott said brooooo!!
Zachary Gregory
Zachary Gregory 4 dager siden
I am MIX it is 2020 new stuff came out I know STUFF
Zachary Gregory
Zachary Gregory 4 dager siden
Zachary Gregory
Zachary Gregory 4 dager siden
Tralvexxo 4 dager siden
If you think about it, the way the animatronics can move and glitch is because they are possessed by spirits. Also it would make sense if you say the the location in Fnaf 2 was open during Fredbear’s Family Diner, which explains why the toys were there. They were toys of animatronics that were in that timeline.
Tralvexxo 4 dager siden
I hate to think people thought Fnaf was a dream.
diantha thompson
diantha thompson 4 dager siden
Is foxy growing toes or is in just me
Kenzie Neal
Kenzie Neal 4 dager siden
,,ok my name is kenzie frum yt,,
Al Mond
Al Mond 4 dager siden
The crying child is Cassidy (aka golden Freddy)
Captain Pat
Captain Pat 3 dager siden
You do realize this was made 5 years ago.
•Cotton• 5 dager siden
2 hours of my life gone W-O-R-T-H I-T
The Night Mare Family
The Night Mare Family 5 dager siden
*looks up Funtime freddy and what he does Google: Funtime freddy was supposed to be for child muber Me: •_•
The Night Mare Family
The Night Mare Family 5 dager siden
He said all the colors of the Ballon red purple and blue but he said green not black MapPat is sus.
purple guy
purple guy 5 dager siden
i dead the end!
Batuhan Yılmaz
Batuhan Yılmaz 6 dager siden
Quadrilogy? Oh MatPat, how naive were you in 2015? What is it now, Octology or something like that.
FinnyGnat plays
FinnyGnat plays 6 dager siden
When I was younger and jsut discovered fnaf. I had a dream where foxy was in my closet before fnaf 4. But there weren't the other ones.
ki o
ki o 7 dager siden
half of the stream i was trying to figure out if mat had 1 of those beard thingys or if it was a shadow
Crimson Jade
Crimson Jade 7 dager siden
Mat: “ Maybe I’ll cover Undertale” Me: no Mag don’t do it the fan base is harsh and you shall drown also don’t give the pope the game.
Jameson Ney
Jameson Ney 7 dager siden
qwerzyzgamer 8 dager siden
If you add up fnaf brother and dad but where is the sister...
Lendia Rembert
Lendia Rembert 8 dager siden
Matpat lie like Scott when he said he make fnaf 4 is the end fnaf 5 end fnaf 6 end fnaf 7 end fnaf 8 end fnaf 9 end now a movie I can't
BIGderp Artwork show
BIGderp Artwork show 8 dager siden
But why did the foxy plush disappeared?
420furby 8 dager siden
“this is the last one” are you are you sure
Yeeter Mcpeter
Yeeter Mcpeter 8 dager siden
Hold up
Yeeter Mcpeter
Yeeter Mcpeter 8 dager siden
I'm dreaming
Yeeter Mcpeter
Yeeter Mcpeter 8 dager siden
2 hours
Michael Mensch
Michael Mensch 8 dager siden
Mat pat: happy he got a good theroy. FNAF 4: im about to end this mans whole carear
dec564 bxxconx
dec564 bxxconx 8 dager siden
This is fake
Captain Pat
Captain Pat 3 dager siden
This was made 5 years ago....bruh
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 8 dager siden
Andrew Dai
Andrew Dai 9 dager siden
Let's talk about all of that on the livestream, RIGHT NOW! ad plays
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 8 dager siden
that was legendary
Princess White
Princess White 9 dager siden
This literally makes no sense bruh
Charles Knox
Charles Knox 9 dager siden
Hey MatPat I think that crying child is Bonnie because he is purple guy s son, and Bonnie is purple. Also, why would Fritz be the name of Bonnie if he is an adult and the night 7 security guard
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 4 dager siden
The Fritz who possessed bonnie is a different character
zhian Peng
zhian Peng 9 dager siden
Y are u mat pat?
Sandwich Piano
Sandwich Piano 9 dager siden
I dont get any of it, but it makes sense...
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 9 dager siden
Hanne Paukkila
Hanne Paukkila 9 dager siden
Make call of duty theory
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 9 dager siden
nugget theory
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover 9 dager siden
Zach's 9 dager siden
I'm not as dedicated as the other theorists here to sit through 2hrs and 5mins so a summary of this stream would be greatly appreciated. Don't attack me, I'm just pointing this out as someone who is trying to binge the whole series in one go.
Xavier Pope
Xavier Pope 9 dager siden
Yes UNDERTALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bob joe
bob joe 10 dager siden
Loved the intro song
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy 10 dager siden
I thought the puppet put the kids in the suits?
MelinemqMikun 10 dager siden
''Dream'' theory thank lord this was not uploaded in 2020
Michael Kirby
Michael Kirby 10 dager siden
Ah yes, of course I’m going to watch a 2 hour video at 1am no sleep.
- •[Lazzy]• -
- •[Lazzy]• - 10 dager siden
me at the beginning wondering why stampy is theorizing about fnaf
Y.Studio13 8 dager siden
W h a t
Kaito Momota
Kaito Momota 10 dager siden
Ah the good ol days before well THIS (gestures all around) happens
kokochan 10 dager siden
my question is how the hecc did anyone find out that the buttons on the WALLS are NUMBERS, and that the numbers needed are from the COLOR CODES of the purple guy, REVERSED??!!!
??? 10 dager siden
@kokochan because people tend to explore, so they went in the hallway in the fnaf 3 minigame which very obviously shows a string of numbers
kokochan 10 dager siden
@??? yea but who THOUGHT of looking for those numbers tho :))) like maybe the discovering of content isn’t hard, but how do they know what to look for in the first place @@ big brain time
??? 10 dager siden
idk how people found out about the button, but the numbers were really easy to find, they were in the minigame on fnaf 3
Crest Gaming
Crest Gaming 10 dager siden
Am I the only person who saw spring trap when he is talking about sister companies
Jondpink 10 dager siden
Is it just me or whenever something green was on screen it looked blacked out?
Rafles Cikal
Rafles Cikal 10 dager siden
Omg why I didn't realize this video is 2 hours long
Sonic The hedehgog
Sonic The hedehgog 10 dager siden
Why is this video two hours long
Penny Park
Penny Park 10 dager siden
Why do people think the crying child/ Chris Afton is Shadow Freddy
Dan Carlson
Dan Carlson 10 dager siden
.They will see.
Prem Nair gaming
Prem Nair gaming 10 dager siden
Yeetable 11 dager siden
The Bit About The Food Companies Made Me Hungry
Leticia Castrejon
Leticia Castrejon 11 dager siden
I ,m created
Unofficialpro YT
Unofficialpro YT 11 dager siden
I wake up to your calm voice and an alarm that hurts my ears
PqndaaGaming 12 dager siden
hold up you said there's a green balloon but i dont see any.. are you color blind? or am i?
LuigiXGamer 12 dager siden
2016: *Chica's gone* 2021: *Bonnie's gone*
error playz
error playz 12 dager siden
I have one hour and hours more of theory to watch, not to mention rewatching them several times to find out your holes in the theories.
Evangelical Brandy
Evangelical Brandy 12 dager siden
There are 45 videos in this compilation. I am wondering if I should skip it as I see that there are videos like The Game Theory That Changed Everything. This video is still interesting nonetheless.
Azriel G
Azriel G 12 dager siden
So, wait, Scott watches your vids
Cade Candee
Cade Candee 13 dager siden
12:04 green huh?
Daiya 13 dager siden
Glad to know MatPat was following social distancing rules in 2016.
Tristin Jennings
Tristin Jennings 13 dager siden
i think the puppet is the crying child because the puppet is crying tears like the crying child
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 4 dager siden
Adrian Hall
Adrian Hall 13 dager siden
I love that intro, I get so happy when I see it
Lincoln James
Lincoln James 13 dager siden
watching this, we realise that fnaf 2 has to be a sequel, since phone guy dies in fnaf 1
charli 13 dager siden
here we see a wild matpat of 2015, often found believing the entire fnaf timeline is a dream and looking forward to making fnaf theories. good thing theyre extinct now.
abdul aziz alam
abdul aziz alam 13 dager siden
hahahaha this is more like matpat is the techer here hahahaha
DEKLIN Bandl 14 dager siden
So cool like 👇
DEKLIN Bandl 14 dager siden
So cool!
DEKLIN Bandl 14 dager siden
Becky Gumpinger
Becky Gumpinger 14 dager siden
2021 hole new fnaf game
Becky Gumpinger
Becky Gumpinger 14 dager siden
there was a theory 6 monts before this comment was out
Willbreaker27 14 dager siden
What if the phantom animatronic are actually scaring you to make you leave the location because “William Afton” is there?
dcorn 14 dager siden
I’m I the only one who thought the game was not a dream
Princess Kodi
Princess Kodi 14 dager siden
Its probably nothing but, anyone else wonder why the foxy and chika masks have different eyes then the others? 11:51
Caden Gooch
Caden Gooch 14 dager siden
but hey that's just a theory a GAME THEORY
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