Game Theory: The Tragic Story of Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen (Piglins)

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Minecraft keeps on giving. Today I want to talk about Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen. What are these weird Nether dwelling creatures? I am continuing my journey through the mysterious history of the Minecraft World to find out! They seem to be connected to EVERYTHING! Creepers, Villagers, regular pigs - everything! What does this mean? Grab your pickaxe, Theorists! It's time to mine for some lost lore!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Noob_doge 1234
Noob_doge 1234 8 timer siden
yumna zain
yumna zain 12 timer siden
matpat i think there is a flaw in your theory that the pigmen lived in the nether for centuries because of the baby zombie pigmen if they lived for centuries why are the baby's still babies?
Stephanie Boggs
Stephanie Boggs 12 timer siden
Poor pigs 🐖 I love them so much
StartledZombie 18 timer siden
I’d also like to point out it’s plausible the old builder race could have tried to make/use them as a form of guardians since iron is much more difficult to find away from the over world. Could’ve been a failed experiment that affected the piglins exclusively? Like zombification spread like a disease that only some where immune to?
Felix 18 timer siden
"That my friend is some old rancid pork" yes
Will Cage
Will Cage Dag siden
It's also worth noting that piglins are scared of their zombified counterparts
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp Dag siden
Also they could make the swords from the nether gold
Major_Luke Dag siden
It's amazing how we were so hopeful in 2019 that 2020 will be a great year. I just wanna say CURSE YOU C*VID!!! WE HAD SO MANY PLANS TO MAKE THE WORLD AND OUR LIVES BETTER!
AlexTheDefault Dag siden
Jackson Gilman
Jackson Gilman Dag siden
Ohhhhhh boy this aged well
DoominatiC Dag siden
I just thought about it, with the introduction of piglins, and zombified piglins, there are uninfected variety.
Tyrone Friday
Tyrone Friday 2 dager siden
Me,also from north carolina: haha i do that too
Ronan S
Ronan S 2 dager siden
Hey you can even give pigmen different tools (the new piglins but I think it works with pigmen)
Pie Pierrot
Pie Pierrot 2 dager siden
Please do a theory on the Piglin-chans next!
OddSockYeet 2 dager siden
I have a different theory. So, you know how we have broken portals? Yeah. That's how piglins got into the nether. Once they where Pillagers. How? You remember how they have crossbows. This can also tie into matpats theory. We know how they have lapis in there heads and have magic, this ties into the telepathic communication. You know how they don't attack when your wearing gold? Guess what you find in the broken portal chests? GOLD TOOLS AND ARMOUR! This explains that the Pillagers built a portal, Put their tools in a chest to keep safe, got trapped in the nether, forced to eat Nether wart, built a bastion and made tools from the gold chunks found in the nether. That's not all. Pillagers Hate Players so there's a chance they would hate the ancients too as they have similar properties. Also we know they are connected to the illagers that know about portals with the wool end portal. So yeah that's a theory A COMMENT THEORY! Thanks for reading..
Trinity Shreeve
Trinity Shreeve 2 dager siden
I am watching this video exactly a year later
Daniel Crider
Daniel Crider 2 dager siden
Normal mushrooms spawn in the nether so couldn't the pigs eat that.
Lukesh Kumar Tharmalingam
Lukesh Kumar Tharmalingam 2 dager siden
So that’s how techno blade is so strong
Twinkie CQB
Twinkie CQB 2 dager siden
Ahhh, 1.16 shows a lot
Henry Warner
Henry Warner 2 dager siden
The nether update replaced pigmen with piglins, and added hoglins, so: -The pigs that ate nether wart turned into hoglins -The hoglins bit people, who turned into piglins -A zombie wandered through the portal, and zombified the hoglins and piglins
Frank Hudson
Frank Hudson 3 dager siden
1.16!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but we've already had a one point six version, this is one point sixteen (because Mojang is too stubborn to make Minecraft two). (Please don't take this as a hate comment, because it's not 🐼).
ma ma ri
ma ma ri 3 dager siden
Lmao I learned in the Minecraft combat book with a sword on it you can get at the book fair in 5th grade, that the creeper was a pig glitch and he stuck with it
Isaac Minjares
Isaac Minjares 3 dager siden
It's either this...orrrrrr they just wanted pigs to be zombies bc dat be funny😎
Da Frag
Da Frag 3 dager siden
Can you look into why lightning is the thing that transforms almost every mob?
Chomper 3 dager siden
who in the world is pigeontamer
wolf 159
wolf 159 3 dager siden
Sooooooooo did they plant 200mil trees?
Slick and slide
Slick and slide 3 dager siden
Slick and slide
Slick and slide 3 dager siden
Jk lol bit it is 1.16
Impenetrable 4727
Impenetrable 4727 4 dager siden
YOOOOOi. I do support this theory because if you look at the Minecraft music video “Dragonhearted” by captainsparklez, it shows in the end when the “King or master Pigman” dies, they all die. Making them in some way connected with one another when the main source is overthrown and killed. They all die.
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna 4 dager siden
make another one man. these videos are the only thing getting me through my office job
BlazingEthan 132
BlazingEthan 132 4 dager siden
Minecraft 1.6 The Nether Update
Elizabeth Eddins
Elizabeth Eddins 4 dager siden
Tomorrow this will be a year old! wow :)
cxnyqe. 4 dager siden
jesus, this video was posted 11 months ago?
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 4 dager siden
wow don't be jealous u have 13m subs
Ground Clown
Ground Clown 4 dager siden
when matpat runs out of ideas: the tragic story of Minecraft bread.
suzywampus 4 dager siden
The real reason is that there is a lot of lightning in the nether
Cheesey Shoe
Cheesey Shoe 4 dager siden
I’m from NC aswell not joking
Quinten Korstanje
Quinten Korstanje 5 dager siden
whats the name if th emusic at 1:51
Jingjing Liang
Jingjing Liang 5 dager siden
soooo around 7,686,678 trees?
sarcastic satan
sarcastic satan 5 dager siden
The first 2 notes of the intro at 1:53 remind me of the title screen music in halo wars
Forsight000 000
Forsight000 000 5 dager siden
This guy should be a lawyer
nic nuyster
nic nuyster 5 dager siden
MrYeest and Mars Rover
yellow beast
yellow beast 5 dager siden
Thought anyone remember the theory on parasect the Pokemon and the parasitic fungus idk sounds kinda similar
PonchoTheParrot 5 dager siden
Mojang aborted zombie pigmen
My weird Cat life
My weird Cat life 5 dager siden
Us in 2020 everyone one and every tree for them selves!!!!!
Gacha Hallow
Gacha Hallow 5 dager siden
New update for proof : now there are many broken portals indicating that this DID in fact happen
MeltyGaming 67
MeltyGaming 67 5 dager siden
Expect this mojang, matt pat is going to solve your history of Minecraft
broken_vxbesツ 5 dager siden
This brings me back memories because the 1.16 update they have been removed :(
robblequoffle 5 dager siden
They weren't removed, but they were retextured
s cho
s cho 5 dager siden
i always found it odd that there are mutated cows and dogs but no mutated pigs in the fallout series
The great and powerful Doge
The great and powerful Doge 5 dager siden
I wonder how this would be changed with us seeing the full update, such as explaining why piglin are no longee hostile when you wear gold armor
Firebolt973 6 dager siden
I just realized mr beast doubled his subs in less than a year
dan hug
dan hug 6 dager siden
Rip zombie pigmen
Toony Toons
Toony Toons 6 dager siden
Darn Mojang, they changed the mobs that have been here since the beginning, this is why I don't play 1.16 really (and higher) maybe 1.17 will change this
Speed gamer
Speed gamer 6 dager siden
Chilly Chill Services
Chilly Chill Services 6 dager siden
Suprised he never mentioned how nether wart grows on soulsand and the souls could carry into the nether warts transforming them into pigmen
RobloxSquad Playz
RobloxSquad Playz 6 dager siden
They were pigmens but not zombiefied
Silver Spirit
Silver Spirit 6 dager siden
my theaory is just that the builders started breding with their pigs when the portal broke.
RetrO 12
RetrO 12 6 dager siden
Don't forget about the HOGLIN perhaps they walked across the soul sand the souls in the sand made that builders go in the hog's body thus making it walk on its hind legs...... Don't hogs count as pigs
Paul Lau
Paul Lau 6 dager siden
The tree scene where he screamed I heard not AAAAAHHHHH I heard MOOOOOOOOM!!
Mao De Smol Cat
Mao De Smol Cat 6 dager siden
Mushrooms also grow in the nether
Frank Silverfish
Frank Silverfish 6 dager siden
Wait if fungus can connect with each other does that mean that mooshrooms can connect?
boy a fan of alex
boy a fan of alex 6 dager siden
Did u know when hoglins are in day light for to long they turn into zoglins?
Jameer Strong
Jameer Strong 6 dager siden
guys i have a crazy theory what if jimmy and mark cursed 2020 by planting 20 mil tress
ThE True YoU
ThE True YoU 7 dager siden
lol if u look closey i the acident builers the other one is alex and steve lol 15:41
Jordan Mclaughin
Jordan Mclaughin 7 dager siden
BloodMoon Wolfy
BloodMoon Wolfy 7 dager siden
Persik7 [GD]
Persik7 [GD] 7 dager siden
Waiting for a video on piglins but I have an idea how they could be explained... maybe sth to do with evolution?
Jacob Mahaffey
Jacob Mahaffey 7 dager siden
Did anyone else see the stranger things refrencevat 9:04?
Layton Vine
Layton Vine 7 dager siden
its ok no need to be jealous youll get 100,000,000 subs very fast matpat we all love u
Jan Czarnecki
Jan Czarnecki 7 dager siden
You know you need soul sand for planting nether wart
Young Money
Young Money 7 dager siden
Maybe the piglins are pigs sent to the nether as tests by the builders that evolved differently than the zombie pigmen or are zombie pigmen that are alive and then when the builders finally went to the nether themselves they found a rival race of piglins that remember the builders that sent them there and then they went to war which is why there are nether fortresses where NETHER SKELETONS spawn or the piglins knew about the secret of the whither since they had evolved in the nether and knew about it and when they heard the builders planned on making the whither intentionally or unintentionally they went to war to prevent the builders from doings so but it didn’t work and the nether caused zombie pigmen to arise much like regular zombies and skeletons in the overworld. The piglins probably managed to fend off the whither and trap it in the overworld but only after it brought destruction to their civilization which is why they are hostile towards Steve a descendent of the people who created the whither
Alma Estrella
Alma Estrella 7 dager siden
MrBeast is really the fastest growing channel in the world like litteraly this video got released 1 YEAR AGO!!! and it says that he has 24.9 million subscribers and today he already has MORE THAN 45 MILLION SUBCRIBERS!!!
Aadarsha Bantawa
Aadarsha Bantawa 7 dager siden
I can't i am napali
pooch 7 dager siden
He should do one on the nether update
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed 7 dager siden
Man this intro reminds me of times before the pandemic
Gustav Andreasson Stolt 8A Tegnerskolan
Gustav Andreasson Stolt 8A Tegnerskolan 7 dager siden
if some more watch it wod be like 8 milion
Abigail Walker
Abigail Walker 8 dager siden
me who lives in NC: **happiness noises**
Bright the Backpack
Bright the Backpack 8 dager siden
"THe chANgeS CoMing In MinEcrAft 1.6. ThE NethEr UpdAte" me: thats 1.16
Mujtaba Chaudheri
Mujtaba Chaudheri 8 dager siden
Theory: when u said soul sand has sould of dead people amd nether wart grows on sould sand human souls go in the nether wart to pigs and become the pigMAN and they act like enderman nuetral till u hit them because they are just like humans and because of the things in the nether kills people bacuase its dangerous and they die but become zombies
cloudy_fire 8 dager siden
how. much. connections. does. mark. rober. have.
gamergo 7
gamergo 7 8 dager siden
Matpat you were right but you're missing one more detail about the zombie pigman you can see they're half temperature half pig half zombie but they have a skeleton that mean they're not from the nether so that means they're from the overworld so that so skeleton and zombie come out of the day then show me pigman come out of this nether so that me directly that mean they're four months inside one I'm a I'm a I'm a game theorist
gamergo 7
gamergo 7 8 dager siden
When I meant skeleton and zombie that day I used to mint they used to come out at night
Arsenic 75
Arsenic 75 8 dager siden
If they ate netherwart doesn't that mean they consumed souls from soul sands too? That'll explain their human shape too
Akeo Duffy
Akeo Duffy 8 dager siden
Make a lore about the gasht there like flyin g monsters
Michael Stephen Vargas
Michael Stephen Vargas 8 dager siden
Wait if the pigs eat the mushroom to become piglins how does lighting turn pigs into the zombie pigs
Ognjen Pavlovic
Ognjen Pavlovic 8 dager siden
No it1.16
Ognjen Pavlovic
Ognjen Pavlovic 8 dager siden
Ognjen Pavlovic
Ognjen Pavlovic 8 dager siden
TrulyMB God
TrulyMB God 8 dager siden
yes the nether update 1.6 of course 6:10
MattsLegoChannel 8 dager siden
Version donates 2000 dollars Other brands random amount Mr beast: ...
Gamerboi 10272003
Gamerboi 10272003 8 dager siden
3:52 GO CANADA!!!
KTG653 _
KTG653 _ 8 dager siden
8:26 Jeb like “bruh you making me look bad”
Jakiboi2077 8 dager siden
Defense potions??
hajdxhj jdjshsh
hajdxhj jdjshsh 8 dager siden
Should have waited for the expansion to come out
i like to get R whooshed
i like to get R whooshed 8 dager siden
Zombie Pigmen _do_ look like they had a origin.
Noah Pritchett
Noah Pritchett 8 dager siden
You are aware brown and red mushrooms can grow in the nether correct?
Noah Pritchett
Noah Pritchett 8 dager siden
you basically confirmed a hive mind.
SooompleToxt 8 dager siden
New in 1.6???? What
ProGamer657 8 dager siden
Welp if it wasn’t for piglins this would still be good
O verdadeiro Felipão
O verdadeiro Felipão 9 dager siden
Theory: maybe the piglings were a peacefull race towards the humans, but a conflict resulted by the summoning of the Wither made them mad and declared war towards the humans, and that would be the reason the piglings structures are called "The bastion"
The Letter F is for Respect.
The Letter F is for Respect. 9 dager siden
A penny is a piece of grass
Wizard Lords
Wizard Lords 9 dager siden
I hate team trees it’s really dump we should have team plankton screw trees you hear me SCREW TREES
Ritz Veloce
Ritz Veloce 9 dager siden
Maybe the reason they share the same physique as the ancient builders is because of the soil netherwart grows from, isn't it from the same stuff the souls of the dead ancient builders are from? Maybe because of that, their properties intertwined and made them that way.
Bstanley92 9 dager siden
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