Game Theory: The Tragic Story of Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen (Piglins)

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Minecraft keeps on giving. Today I want to talk about Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen. What are these weird Nether dwelling creatures? I am continuing my journey through the mysterious history of the Minecraft World to find out! They seem to be connected to EVERYTHING! Creepers, Villagers, regular pigs - everything! What does this mean? Grab your pickaxe, Theorists! It's time to mine for some lost lore!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Simon Cesare Flores
Simon Cesare Flores 5 timer siden
Quinn� Lucas-Mullen
Quinn� Lucas-Mullen 6 timer siden
the pigs dont become zombie pigmen its that they turned into piglins which bred and eventually the population died out and created zombie piglins
sebas sebas
sebas sebas 7 timer siden
The vulgar pump weekly happen because stool cytochemically prevent circa a earsplitting manager. male, abstracted joke
ShadowNightSpeedBreaker 7 timer siden
I'm watching this in 2021 so I know zombified piglin
SpicyMust Gt
SpicyMust Gt 12 timer siden
Piglins added
Koopa And Troopa
Koopa And Troopa 13 timer siden
I miss the old zombie pigman design
T pose Cat
T pose Cat 18 timer siden
So money doesn’t grow from trees but trees grow from money?
braeyden lighter
braeyden lighter 18 timer siden
I feel bad about pigs now :(
Senan Hanna
Senan Hanna 18 timer siden
The sturdy plain chronologically receive because tub macropharmacologically end unto a imperfect kimberly. questionable, apathetic sneeze
RedVelvet 19 timer siden
Vincent Gaming
Vincent Gaming Dag siden
Can you do something on the abandoned portals
Rakoon Dag siden
Vegan internet
Haeli Horton villanueva
Haeli Horton villanueva Dag siden
Soooooo Steve is the strongest character in every game I guess I mean he does carry more universe
Stardust Dag siden
But how would the piglins evolve, If they can't die? Even if they could reproduce, wouldn't we still be seeing regular zombified pigs walking around?
Lize-Madri Theron
Lize-Madri Theron Dag siden
I seriously need someone to make an actual series or minecraft roleplay out of Matt's minecraft Theories
Aka_eye_rage Dag siden
He double tooth picks
prince kurt pamintuan
prince kurt pamintuan Dag siden
Hey! you discuss about piglins then how about zoglins?
Juan Li
Juan Li Dag siden
Me playing Minecraft on the nether update and mistakes the piglins as girls because I thought their nose was their eyes and said: Hey girls!
Auron Velasquez
Auron Velasquez Dag siden
has nobody noticed that the dirt in the mooshroom fields is called "Mycelium"?
Daaku Cornwall UK
Daaku Cornwall UK 2 dager siden
Law is spelt law
Udaykumar Tembhare
Udaykumar Tembhare 2 dager siden
Gold nuggets are in nether in 1.16 that explains gold stuff
Alejandra Cortez
Alejandra Cortez 2 dager siden
Fun fact:mycelium is the name of the ground in the mushroom biome
Rex king_1
Rex king_1 2 dager siden
But zombie piglins have no problem with wither skeletons onli normal piglins but good vid : )
Alejandra Cortez
Alejandra Cortez 2 dager siden
The nether update is 1.16 not 1.6
Angel Arroyo
Angel Arroyo 2 dager siden
couldnt mr beast use ever cent dime quarter he has on the trees
Predatolian 2 dager siden
2:35 this did not age well with the nether update
Random pokerface man
Random pokerface man 2 dager siden
Mojang: write that down write that down
M Bucket
M Bucket 2 dager siden
Let's stop talking about all the trees we punch down and start talking about zombie pigs lol haha🤣
M Bucket
M Bucket 2 dager siden
Wait a minute it's 20 21 did they manage to get all the trees planted please reply
Tyler Haye
Tyler Haye 2 dager siden
form the endeman and the willer eps u got me stop kill all the mobs like i not bota kill a player iant like that
Samuel Carmona
Samuel Carmona 2 dager siden
Lilminion 25
Lilminion 25 2 dager siden
April 25 my birthday woooooooow
Polary 2 dager siden
6:10 I think you meant 1.16
Crimsøn Kyle
Crimsøn Kyle 2 dager siden
Huh no wonder why when pigmen drop their sword its rlly low durability
Jake Dumes
Jake Dumes 2 dager siden
•AsoCan Aso•
•AsoCan Aso• 2 dager siden
"You are what you eat" Me eating chips while watching: ... oop-
Joshua Harmon
Joshua Harmon 2 dager siden
Butter swords I made one but it didn't work.:(
Zoopy and friends !
Zoopy and friends ! 3 dager siden
I really, really, miss the zombie pigmen😢
S-Jashaun Arkin Fernandez
S-Jashaun Arkin Fernandez 3 dager siden
You mean 1.16 Dum dum!
Molly 3 dager siden
i really want an updated theory now that we know the following things: 1. Piglin and Zombie piglin will only attack you if you AREN'T wearing gold or if you mine gold in front of them 2.Piglin Brutes found in bastions will attack you regardless 3. Piglins will attack hoglins 4. You can trade with alive piglins using gold
Cat 3 dager siden
Akatan Channel
Akatan Channel 3 dager siden
he said piglins were added in 1.6 even tho they were added 1.16
Jessica Noctor
Jessica Noctor 3 dager siden
I know what happened why they’re walking on two legs is because the DNA with the humans mixed with the pigs DNA making them humanoid then they started picking up the Swords and fights for their lives as they are infected by DNA from the humans that’s it
Among Key
Among Key 3 dager siden
The broken nether portal from the ancient builders
Ethan Core
Ethan Core 3 dager siden
I m from North Carolina to
1985karatekid 3 dager siden
McQueen Bros
McQueen Bros 3 dager siden
Look at there comments
McQueen Bros
McQueen Bros 3 dager siden
Look at the enderman and wither videos
McQueen Bros
McQueen Bros 3 dager siden
They knew what would happen they the bigs turn and you know what happened you are the child of a builder you saw everything and want revenge for your mother or father so you have nightmares about herobrine because you where the only surviver your family stayed to fight that is why you can fight so well
Cobotnon 3 dager siden
Minecraft 1.6 the nether update
EAP Power
EAP Power 4 dager siden
the regular piglins are descendants of zombie piglins
Xna Yv Zeus Garcia
Xna Yv Zeus Garcia 4 dager siden
Game Theory A.K.A Matpat:1.6-the nether update Me:do you mean 1.16🤔🤔🤔
alex ram
alex ram 4 dager siden
8 million people might have contributed
Christ Osorio
Christ Osorio 4 dager siden
MAITLAND ZACHARY 5 dager siden
I'm going to help you the nether is the currupt over world
squilz 786
squilz 786 5 dager siden
So if they found the weapons,how did piglens get crossbows and how are some of the items enchanted
Shadow Panther
Shadow Panther 5 dager siden
minecraft 1.6 the nether updte lMaO 1.16
Luke Milligan
Luke Milligan 5 dager siden
Niall Murray
Niall Murray 5 dager siden
Niall Murray
Niall Murray 5 dager siden
What about €1
Lewnet Sara
Lewnet Sara 5 dager siden
Pig Lin’s are scared of Zombie fied versions of themselves
Sammy 5 dager siden
he just justified pigs gaining telepathy
jon hosfeld
jon hosfeld 5 dager siden
The pathetic nerve conspicuously mate because female topologically type modulo a miscreant statement. unused, blue pastry
The PlushVerse
The PlushVerse 5 dager siden
Matpat: "They dont like wither skeletons" Me: Does ANYONE like wither skeletons?
the demon in angels’ clothes
the demon in angels’ clothes 3 dager siden
I do
Random Player
Random Player 5 dager siden
I would like to say jimmy is doing a good job no disrespect I just like to say that the paper Company would have finish this in 4 days
Shivum Pathak
Shivum Pathak 6 dager siden
1 year ago: Mrbeast: 24 mil subs!!! Now: Let’s go bois 50 mil! Also 1.6 yesssss it’s totally not 1.16
Jase Allen
Jase Allen 6 dager siden
GOD bless.
WinnerVincent 6 dager siden
6:11 me:what? also me:*relises he means 1.16* OHHHHHH
Caylus 6 dager siden
*I shall sacrifice all of the piggies, muahahaha*
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR 6 dager siden
5:30 lemme guess pigsouls seek revenge cuz steve killed pigs? Dx
poof 6 dager siden
minecraft 1.6 is the nether update right, right?
Ern and Fred
Ern and Fred 6 dager siden
Matpat:the nether update 1.6 Minecraft nerds: um actually it’s 1.16...
Micah Sanders
Micah Sanders 6 dager siden
Two greater resistance better swiftness and fire resistance
Micah Sanders
Micah Sanders 6 dager siden
Did anyone not hear him start rapping when he was Talking about potions
Krysia Kokowski
Krysia Kokowski 6 dager siden
8,159,914 is a lot of trees
Pincapybara 6 dager siden
Rip zombie pigmin
Ana :D
Ana :D 6 dager siden
Technoblade's backstory
Tom Rider
Tom Rider 7 dager siden
Huh myceliul network and stamets- the Star Trek references go further than I though
maskvicius564 7 dager siden
I gave em 500$
Asher Arnold
Asher Arnold 7 dager siden
What if they aren’t actually zombies (undead) and the lava just burnt and melted their skin off
Andrew Ganyer
Andrew Ganyer 7 dager siden
so you attack one and they all come swarming....hhhmmmm.....maybe they're related to the chickens from the link games lol
Hunter Sossaman
Hunter Sossaman 7 dager siden
Zombie villager
Ryder Smith
Ryder Smith 7 dager siden
11:17 Steve is eating a fermented spider eye
Bozie Bear
Bozie Bear 7 dager siden
the fact this video is a year old hits me with whiplash
Nicole Roman Kranig
Nicole Roman Kranig 7 dager siden
Its 2021 not some year else!!!
cheepkay jeferson
cheepkay jeferson 7 dager siden
Mat: in not jelous about Jimmy Mr Beast: 50 M SUBS Mat: AHHHHHH
Isaiah Gray
Isaiah Gray 7 dager siden
"from greater defenses to greater swiftness to most importantly fire resistance" bars
PercyKqvOwO 8 dager siden
Yo MatPat, Whenever you punch trees you should wear gloves. It reduces the pain a bit
Elliot Lushaj
Elliot Lushaj 8 dager siden
mark rober: if you donate 2 dollers 2 trees will be planted me: donates 1.50 mark rober: ok bois we now plant 1/2 trees
SlimiSlime 8 dager siden
"Minecraft 1.6: The Nether Update". Hilarious.
Elliot Hellyer
Elliot Hellyer 8 dager siden
pigs: are deported into heck one pig: have you guys ever read 'animal farm?'
Metronettegaming 8 dager siden
it's 1.16 plus, piglins are only hostile if your not wearing gold armour
Bozie Bear
Bozie Bear 7 dager siden
@Metronettegaming yes, but the only thing he had to go off of here was minecon, maybe the gold thing hadnt been canon yet
Metronettegaming 7 dager siden
@Bozie Bear IK, but he is talking about 1.16
Bozie Bear
Bozie Bear 7 dager siden
this video was made in 1.15
Vaporizer YT
Vaporizer YT 8 dager siden
How did Steve get to the world?
Mr gamer
Mr gamer 9 dager siden
Your that one NOpost that you watch while you eat.
David Garcia Jr.
David Garcia Jr. 9 dager siden
Just say hell
9 dager siden
Pigman in hell?
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell 9 dager siden
At 6:16 you say Minecraft 1.6 but 1.16 is the nether update
Kage No o
Kage No o 9 dager siden
I kinda want to see this theory updated with the extra info about the piglans and higlans from the nether update
John Frodesen
John Frodesen 9 dager siden
that would be 8,138,004 trees on January 10 2021 at 1:20
Ryleigh Rando
Ryleigh Rando 10 dager siden
It's obvious zombie penguins are pigs that got truck by lightning
Neev Negi
Neev Negi 10 dager siden
Ima cop me nd me family some nether wart lmaoooo
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