Game Theory: The Fire Storm Of Star Wars Battlefront 2

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3 år siden

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The new Star Wars game, Battlefront 2, is about The Empire’s Plan B after the Death Star is destroyed. Apparently, this plan involves a weapon that can control the weather on entire planets. But is something like this even possible, and if so, how would it work? Well, it turns out that weather modification and weaponization are Real areas of scientific study! The Empire knows it’s science, and in this episode I’ll reveal how they’ll use it to build the scariest Weather Weapon of all time.
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SuperCosmicKuma 3 år siden
The floor is lava? I got one better. THE SKY IS PLASMA!!!
Ero The Animator
Ero The Animator Måned siden
@JP yes
Ero The Animator
Ero The Animator Måned siden
Good luck surviving
TheNiceJaguar 58
TheNiceJaguar 58 5 måneder siden
Oooooh good one
Relius Mattox
Relius Mattox 11 måneder siden
Nerd 516
Nerd 516 År siden
we all gonna die ....
Ian McPhee
Ian McPhee Dag siden
i did
Lord Yeet
Lord Yeet 6 dager siden
William : no more fires for god sates Rwby cinder : o really
Dahdum1 8 dager siden
3:38 battlefield 2?
Dahdum1 8 dager siden
omg battlefront went from bad to good and the moment it was good EA pulled the plug there was more star wars character's that could have been added they could have added Ahsoka and Ventres but the give us bb8 and bb9e
Darth Nerd
Darth Nerd 9 dager siden
Well we now know that the game is one of the greatest Star Wars games ever
Naaden IsGoingInsane
Naaden IsGoingInsane 11 dager siden
I still like it
Bīderu 12 dager siden
I was today years old when I noticed both the Metal Gear and the RWBY references
Liquid Fire Hazard
Liquid Fire Hazard 13 dager siden
I think MatPat is one of the bravest youtubers for turning down this sponsorship
Philipp Eamon
Philipp Eamon 13 dager siden
Science: Human eyesight can't tell the difference between 16K and 8K pictures, or 120 fps and 240 fps... MatPat: But lightning you see in the sky only last one 20.000th of a second.
highvoltage 14 dager siden
“Since none of you will play battlefront 2” Me who bought it on release day and just bought it for the second time so i can play on pc too: you sure about that?
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
Ikr it’s one of my favourite games of all time and still has a pretty large playerbase. MatPat is a living pile of garbage anyway, and we all know that.
Oscar's music lab
Oscar's music lab 15 dager siden
This game is actually good now. It is completely different to the launch game
Jake Taller
Jake Taller 15 dager siden
3:06 To skip all the business talk, click here
FastestHjonk 24 dager siden
Glad they removed all that pay to win stuff
Channing Kilday
Channing Kilday 24 dager siden
Values, someone still has VALUES!
Raptor Zeraora
Raptor Zeraora Måned siden
But what if you were fireproof
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly Måned siden
7:43 bloody amazing
DandylionMONKEY Måned siden
Sorry for not not accepting our deal an then talk trash about us this video has been taking town by EA thanks jerk. You have to pay 25 dollars to EA to watch this video (P.S I hope you already know this but I don't work for EA this is a joke)
The BIG Gamers
The BIG Gamers Måned siden
Who else had the disk so that they didn’t have to unlock anything
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Måned siden
the empire building the Death Star and letting it get destroyed twice was just a power move. So while everyone else is focused on that, they can move their space lasers into position.
Efe çınar
Efe çınar 2 måneder siden
Rebels good = separatist are good they do the same thing with diffirent ways
Blueloo _2
Blueloo _2 2 måneder siden
Dead death Valen
Dead death Valen 2 måneder siden
Purple GUY
Nerd Theory
Nerd Theory 2 måneder siden
next theory: weather report full extent
Archer Willis
Archer Willis 2 måneder siden
“The empowers death” me are you sure about that
Just_ Jovin
Just_ Jovin 2 måneder siden
How is the game pay to win I’m kinda confused
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
It isn’t Pay To Win, MatPat is just an ignorant Fnaf fan piece of garbage because even at the time that he made this video it had zero P2W mechanics.
Agent Maroon
Agent Maroon 2 måneder siden
I found this and thought it might be interesting if you enjoyed this
Anthy Anthony
Anthy Anthony 3 måneder siden
People: Battlefront 2 is the worst! PvZ2: *Heavy sweating*
Expert booch 5777
Expert booch 5777 3 måneder siden
And i love this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😎
Expert booch 5777
Expert booch 5777 3 måneder siden
I am great at star wars battlefront 1 and 2
Sheerqios 3 måneder siden
Jacob Chavez
Jacob Chavez 3 måneder siden
Fun fact: at 10:43 you can see purple guy
Geraldine Busby
Geraldine Busby 3 måneder siden
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 3 måneder siden
Well now it’s an amazing game
Cherry Piekitten
Cherry Piekitten 3 måneder siden
matpat dodge a bullet from ea
KohenWizard 3572
KohenWizard 3572 3 måneder siden
4:04 yes he is the senate
Coy Little
Coy Little 3 måneder siden
When the Earth is over 300,000 degrees. My mom will finally say: I think today is a good beach day
S l p 469
S l p 469 3 måneder siden
Did you just say battlefield two 3:39
Maxton Lopez
Maxton Lopez 4 måneder siden
The game has changed, this is not what it is now
THGAwesome 4 måneder siden
This is snowpiercer and godhood, must be throughout
robert pl
robert pl 4 måneder siden
Jan Luus
Jan Luus 4 måneder siden
Meanwhile my Natural science teacher believes Plasma is a hoax, so in his own world, he is safe, but the sun also does not exist
CodeWriter Roblox
CodeWriter Roblox 4 måneder siden
Oof this video did not age well in the slightest 😬
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
Ikr BF2 is pretty much in my Top 5 games of all time. Maybe even Top 3. It’s just so fun. I hate MatPat because he even to this day believes Battlefront 2 is bad... I mean, of course he’s ignorant, he’s a Fnaf fan, and Fnaf fans don’t deserve respect because they’re living piles of GARBAGE.
Clone boi
Clone boi 3 måneder siden
HM 4 måneder siden
When the youtuber is smart een ohhh not to take a sponsorship from a shitty company Yeah that’s a pro gamer move by matpat
Matthew Doherty
Matthew Doherty 4 måneder siden
Wow I like and admire your decision to walk away and tell the truth and I know this comment is 2 years after the facts
Cosmogeo 4 måneder siden
3:38 'Battlefield 2'
Blackateer 4 måneder siden
Well now we know what December 2020 will be.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 4 måneder siden
Clark Kent from the future here. This game is still broken. And EA also pulled their support for it. Battlefront 2 is dead
Laser Pictures
Laser Pictures 5 måneder siden
This is a very different game than it was back when MatPat made this video. Maybe another theory can be squeezed out of this game about the odds of a multiplayer game regaining its fan base.
Ross Aird
Ross Aird 5 måneder siden
Could you quickly cover the Battlefront 2 Petition? It would give the fan base a huge lift and maybe save the game! I’m only 14, but I would appreciate it I so much!
CodeWriter Roblox
CodeWriter Roblox 5 måneder siden
Oof this game sure has changed
Susan Odom
Susan Odom 5 måneder siden
3:38 BATTLE FIELD 😠😠😠😠😠 !!!!!!!!!!!
Darth Bob
Darth Bob 5 måneder siden
Boi, bf2 is now one of the best Star Wars games now.
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
@NutrientChair49 this was like 1 year after it’s release, when there was no pay to win and it started to get REALLY really good. He is ignorant anyway, he still believes to this day that BF2 is Pay to win because he is a blind hater.
FD Dawud
FD Dawud 16 dager siden
@NutrientChair49 I think he knows, he says,’now’
NutrientChair49 5 måneder siden
This was back when it came out
Griffin Illenberger
Griffin Illenberger 5 måneder siden
Mat pat: battle field two Me: (inhails) boi
CrazyO8O27 5 måneder siden
I don't like the campaign because it said it was going to be from the perspective of the Empire, but literally 2 missions in and you're with the rebels. I was so dissapointed. >:(
SUPER MINER BROS 5 måneder siden
10:34 The air behind the slaughter
Shaurya Shrivastava
Shaurya Shrivastava 5 måneder siden
Hol up champ. It's a good game.
Shaurya Shrivastava
Shaurya Shrivastava 5 måneder siden
@Giggus_ Arrow I know my mans. Playing since launch. It's one of my favourite games. (We definitely can't ignore the big oopsie doh)
Giggus_ Arrow
Giggus_ Arrow 5 måneder siden
Shaurya Shrivastava well now it is. All this did happen when it came out, and a few months ago they fixed what we’re gonna call a “big oopsie”
giddy Madden
giddy Madden 5 måneder siden
Wait he said battlefield 3:38
Film Fantastic
Film Fantastic 5 måneder siden
Sooo, what do you think of bf2 nowadays?
Blake 5
Blake 5 5 måneder siden
Looks like he learned her lesson and when they made Star Wars the last Jedi that video game
Some random kid Who wants money
Some random kid Who wants money 5 måneder siden
Yes, my first name is sheev.
Giggus_ Arrow
Giggus_ Arrow 5 måneder siden
Sheev Palpatine the senate will decide your name
TheRandomThingsInLife 5 måneder siden
the sun is a deadly lazer
wong kit
wong kit 5 måneder siden
Thanos is proud of u emporor
Glorious Katfood
Glorious Katfood 5 måneder siden
love how he said “ Battlefield 2 “
skeptik crypt
skeptik crypt 6 måneder siden
4:06 this aged perfectly
Jenna Walker
Jenna Walker 6 måneder siden
Why would Sheev want to destroy his home planet (Naboo)
Tobi Wan
Tobi Wan 6 måneder siden
Battlefront 2 Two Years Later: No more support and is one of the best games on Xbox, PS4 and PC
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
Ikr I hate MatPat because he still believes his views from 3 years ago on the game.
Nanda Motielall
Nanda Motielall 6 måneder siden
EA and. Pop cap. Made pvz and 2
that one guy
that one guy 6 måneder siden
I play battlefront Pay to win don't exist now
Paul Vincent Canamo
Paul Vincent Canamo 6 måneder siden
3:38 matpat says battlefield 2 instead of battlefront 2
sans sandwich
sans sandwich 6 måneder siden
Did he... Did he say battlefield 2
Exploer TM
Exploer TM 6 måneder siden
Today I find out that MatPat in fact referenced RWBY even if so briefly. Now my life is complete
Count Dooku
Count Dooku 6 måneder siden
General Grievous... Your more expensive than I expected
Muhammad Hazim
Muhammad Hazim 6 måneder siden
Just like glassing process in halo
Ryan Sliva
Ryan Sliva 6 måneder siden
I’m glad this game bounced back
Emperor Arceus
Emperor Arceus 6 måneder siden
Star wars battlefront 2 is good now
Evangelos Prodromou
Evangelos Prodromou 6 måneder siden
3:38 Battlefield 2?
T6 Canary
T6 Canary 6 måneder siden
its good now
Braiden F.
Braiden F. 6 måneder siden
At least they severely changed it for the better, and now they are ending it
Bonger724 6 måneder siden
battlefront is fixed now, there is very little locked behind paywalls
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
What do you mean 'very little locked behind paywalls'? Every skin can be unlocked via in game credits very easily.
Paris Tor
Paris Tor 5 måneder siden
Do you mean The Cosmetics?(Voice Lines,Skins And Victory Poses.)
Love LyXz
Love LyXz 6 måneder siden
yeah but she betrayed the empire so thats why she had to go fast
David P. Keyes
David P. Keyes 6 måneder siden
Bob the robberon hudgames should be be called hard ice cream
Really Stupid Edits
Really Stupid Edits 6 måneder siden
so... thats how i end the world
unknown name for no reason
unknown name for no reason 6 måneder siden
Oh yeah mat pat they got the full version for cheap
Desmond Hockett
Desmond Hockett 6 måneder siden
Anyone else watching after Star Wars battle front 2 was good and then got cancelled.
RadProTurtle 6 måneder siden
so tantoin well be safe it has no water
Mr. Aziz
Mr. Aziz 6 måneder siden
3:39 Battlefield?
Iron Sith Zuko
Iron Sith Zuko 6 måneder siden
I’m glad that the pay to win System is gone
lachlan shedden-wallace
lachlan shedden-wallace 6 måneder siden
look at the game now boiiiiii
Sea Weed
Sea Weed 7 måneder siden
The game is finale better now
ED BOB 7 måneder siden
And on the second mission of resurrection Iden says, “that’s not snow, that’s (she didn’t yell I’m just putting it in caps) ATMOSPHEREC ASH!
Andre The Great YT
Andre The Great YT 7 måneder siden
daniel h
daniel h 7 måneder siden
That’s what the storm is in Fortnite! Plasma!
Emperor Calick
Emperor Calick 7 måneder siden
3:39 Battlefield 2 hmmmmmm no doesnt seem out of place
cool S7uff
cool S7uff 7 måneder siden
cool S7uff
cool S7uff 7 måneder siden
Costel C
Costel C 7 måneder siden
Star wars battlefront 2 be like: Qui Gon: use force heal Obi wan: I haven't purchase the dlc yet
imthem4n 7 måneder siden
2:52 MINI LADD!!1!!1!!111!
Blood_Fire exe
Blood_Fire exe 7 måneder siden
3:39 matpat: makes fun of palpateine name Also matpat: Star Wars battlefield 2’s campaign
COLLIN FRIEDRICH 7 måneder siden
I agree if you buy a game you should get the full game
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 7 dager siden
And with Battlefront 2 you do. Everything is free, you get more skins by playing the game, you upgrade your units by playing the game, and it’s just incredibly fun now.
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