Game Theory: The Fire Storm Of Star Wars Battlefront 2

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3 år siden

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The new Star Wars game, Battlefront 2, is about The Empire’s Plan B after the Death Star is destroyed. Apparently, this plan involves a weapon that can control the weather on entire planets. But is something like this even possible, and if so, how would it work? Well, it turns out that weather modification and weaponization are Real areas of scientific study! The Empire knows it’s science, and in this episode I’ll reveal how they’ll use it to build the scariest Weather Weapon of all time.
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SuperCosmicKuma 3 år siden
The floor is lava? I got one better. THE SKY IS PLASMA!!!
Lilibeth Hansell
Lilibeth Hansell Måned siden
That what I’m talking bout boi big brain lol
masterjedi gus
masterjedi gus Måned siden
Cool u got a haert
Ero The Animator
Ero The Animator 4 måneder siden
@JP yes
Ero The Animator
Ero The Animator 4 måneder siden
Good luck surviving
TheNiceJaguar 58
TheNiceJaguar 58 9 måneder siden
Oooooh good one
Ries Hogg
Ries Hogg 5 dager siden
Anyone notice how the video for the contract is QOTSA’s “the way you used to do”?
YamiAtemYugi 11 dager siden
For some reason the timelaps footage of Matt editing the script is adorable and I'm not really sure why
amigo dabz
amigo dabz 12 dager siden
Ummmm bf2 isn't pay to win idk where you got your info from but at least right now bf2 isn't pay to win
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus 17 dager siden
This did not happen in the canon...
Jax L
Jax L 17 dager siden
But yeah only parts are amazing others are not the game is great but it has flaws
Cliche _
Cliche _ 17 dager siden
Sorry, this game is currently CANCELLED please try again
BadAt Minecraft
BadAt Minecraft 17 dager siden
Battlefield 2's campaign?? 3:39
Ptenarian 26 dager siden
How many people just remembered about Gravity falls after seeing Mabel, gnihctaw si llib
Ptenarian 26 dager siden
What’s better star wars or Marvel?
Yaqin Hanslo
Yaqin Hanslo 28 dager siden
Thank you matzot for helping me understand why everyone was supporting raid shadow legends even though it was a crappy game with such simply game mechanics it was pay to win
Conehead Peasant
Conehead Peasant 28 dager siden
So i want to ask, where was that stuff in 2:38 from? Like, where is the footage from. I REALLY want to know. Would love to see it for myself.
Clemson Coins
Clemson Coins 28 dager siden
Ep 9 directors knew about this games canon, the drones imply that hes dead but i guess disney controls life and death now.
DAVID ROSALES 29 dager siden
HallowishCandy 7
HallowishCandy 7 Måned siden
3:39 he says battlefield 2 XD Wrong game matpat
Benjamin Megginson
Benjamin Megginson Måned siden
I love how I’m learning about climate in science, then I get this In my recommended. For once the NOpost algorithm actually did good
Mr Boss
Mr Boss Måned siden
Guess what its changed sooooo... I used to like this vid but now don't soooo
Owen Black
Owen Black Måned siden
Jeez Matpat is such a Chad
Hamid Deraman
Hamid Deraman Måned siden
There's so many random crossover in the video
Zoe Guy
Zoe Guy Måned siden
True fire of samadhi if you know what I mean
Carter Poe
Carter Poe Måned siden
Now that Sw Battlefront 2 is better in 2021, It's good to look back and see how far the game has come. From massive microtransactions to a game that is all in a one star wars game, with no microtransactions. I think that having the corporate image of Ea be obliterated by this game's shaky launch was actually beneficial for the player base. Without the public outrage, this game would not be where it is today. And as a seasonal Sw Battlefront 2 player, I am proud to say, Good job Dice.
Levi Wall
Levi Wall Måned siden
It's actually an amazing game now
zane silvesan
zane silvesan Måned siden
It's battlefront 2 3:38
Hat Måned siden
“Enough business talk, lets hop into Star Wars” **overwatch music starts playing **
Sirius Måned siden
I gota say that operation cinder makes more sense to me now. But, I'm still wondering, why would you bother building those satelites and don't jst orbitaly bombard the planet until everybody on it is dead? That's literally gona save you alot of money and you could do it far quicker.
Sirius Måned siden
@landon kozak​ 1st: How did you find that comment, thanks for repling. 2nd: I'm not quite sure what you're refering to here. I asume you'refering with "they" to the Rebels and you understod me wrong. I was refering to the Empire without the emperor and I'm questioning following shews plan as a whole here (both in canon and from our outside perspective). Asuming they went after his plan tho, using the Imperial Navy to carry out his operation would be beter than using those satelites, or at least the the use of the satelites should be better explained (or kill 2 flies with one slap and modefy ISDs with those satelites). You seem to think that: A: The Rebels had enough firepower to attack the deathstar headon (as wrong as that is) B: They downed the shields (and it was kept down for some reason) C: That' not how shields work in the star wars universe (it's quite inconsistant tho.), and it's explained in the movie. D: Caring out boming runs (also said in the movie) on the death star, isn't a boming run? Anyway, help me out pls., pls. reply.
landon kozak
landon kozak Måned siden
lawl good question they should have just bombed the death star instead of going inside you know why they didn't? They have explosive proof shields dumpy.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Måned siden
BrEAth lungs will cost you 69 dollars
dark dulalevi The man of cult
dark dulalevi The man of cult Måned siden
I play battlefront 2
Flip Gaming
Flip Gaming Måned siden
shame naboo was detroyed... OH WAIT it wasnt
StartArt gaming
StartArt gaming Måned siden
Aimbot Måned siden
didnt this happen in 2012
Aimbot Måned siden
im joking
Lilibeth Hansell
Lilibeth Hansell Måned siden
Yet everyone says the campaign of this game was the best part, I’m not one of those people
Liam Cournoyer
Liam Cournoyer Måned siden
I bought this game last year and I have to admit, I am upset that I can't play online. It is not because of Wi-Fi or anything like that, but it is because of an account that I need to have been linked to. Seriously though, almost ALL of the other games I have, I don't need to have any sort of company account (NOT including the console).
ליעד דמבין
ליעד דמבין Måned siden
Just creat a ea account it not hard/long
Christopher Perdue
Christopher Perdue Måned siden
Well btf2 is just like William Afton the always come back
KiwiNinja Måned siden
3:38 Did any of you notice he said Battlefield 2
Chavin Chacon
Chavin Chacon Måned siden
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Måned siden
what if you were in water? then you would be cool until you get burnt by the heat of the plasma air coming to you
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Måned siden
who remembers when ea wasnt evil?
DrasteriaDev Måned siden
@wrecked funtimefoxy okay theres no need to call me dumb, haven't you heard of what they did with their sega genesis games
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Måned siden
@DrasteriaDev are you dumb? ea hasnt been always been greedy they only started at 2012
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Måned siden
in 1982-2011 atleast they started to be evil at 2012
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Måned siden
@DrasteriaDev before they were evil they were a small company
DrasteriaDev Måned siden
what are u talking about, they always have been
SK SPACER Måned siden
Battlefield 2
OmegaLord Måned siden
If they did sponsor u u don’t actually have to say positive stuff about the product Just that it sponsors you. So u could take the sponsor and just slam the product and they can’t do anything
ליעד דמבין
ליעד דמבין Måned siden
I’m pretty sure there was something on this thing in the contact like ea must review the video
Mr Monkey
Mr Monkey Måned siden
i play battlefront 2!
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines Måned siden
Star Wars battlefront’s version of when day breaks
Slizapie Måned siden
3:39 battlefield
Daniel Måned siden
Matt, I really didnt need that jiggly back legs graphic...
BrickBoy 1231
BrickBoy 1231 Måned siden
at 3:39 he said battlefield 2 not battlefront 2
MKGAMER 110 Måned siden
Anyone realise he said battlefield 2's campaign lol
Gordon Sarratt
Gordon Sarratt Måned siden
wait isnt naboo his home planet
Sonic fannin
Sonic fannin Måned siden
we could also do this by blanketing asia with a visual light version of 500-terawatt N.I.F. lasers all pointed at the moon.
Luca0309 Måned siden
I’m so happy they made BattleFront II so much better
Destiny Karst
Destiny Karst Måned siden
If he thought that game was pay to win he should see clash of clans.
Henry G
Henry G 2 måneder siden
HE SAID battle feild wtf matpat your a great guy but wow
Dane Dane
Dane Dane 2 måneder siden
3:38 "Battlefield's 2 campain" not "Battlefront's 2 campain"
Natnat 24
Natnat 24 2 måneder siden
What about Operation Colon Resurrection
Natnat 24
Natnat 24 2 måneder siden
3:09 oh... but but but but..
Ghost Plays
Ghost Plays 2 måneder siden
At 3:39 Matt says battlefield 2’s campaign
Reese Macgowan
Reese Macgowan 2 måneder siden
Everything before 0:49 Me: good job matpat, finally somebody has stood up against EA (they are notorious for doing this in madden ever since they pushed for all out ultimate team back in 2012)
Meredisu 2 måneder siden
I'M FIRIN' DA LASER! Pew pew pew pew.
Skwair GB
Skwair GB 2 måneder siden
Oof, that Minilad clip did not age well...
Herobrine 2 måneder siden
There is no such thing as gravity it is the force pulling you down
Devourer Of gods.
Devourer Of gods. 2 måneder siden
bruh you said battlefield.
Preston_108 2 måneder siden
I think he forgot about this when making the emperor wasn’t that bad video
Krystal 2 måneder siden
When I heard him say he did not accept the sponsership I was like I have to watch this
Owen Kelly
Owen Kelly 2 måneder siden
It’s only a matter of time before EA sells guns in FIFA. Just saying, it’s make winning very easy
callMeAncientpotion 2 måneder siden
Hello from 2020, one time he said battlefield instead of battlefront
Danshaku Lawrence
Danshaku Lawrence 2 måneder siden
Who else is here after watching The Mandalorian
Antek Kobeszko
Antek Kobeszko 2 måneder siden
3:38 Yeah, battlefield
DerpyDolphin 2 måneder siden
HEY EVERYONE!!!! We must all crack EA games as retaliation!!! THEY SHALL LOSE MOONWY
Scott Burnham
Scott Burnham 2 måneder siden
@DerpyDolphin you want people.. to break game discs that have EA games on them? thats a waste of money, dude.
DerpyDolphin 2 måneder siden
Teenager Reviews 1. NOT BOYCOTT. CRACKED. 2. i am not talking about battlefront 2. i know its fixed. IM TALKING ABOUT EA.
Scott Burnham
Scott Burnham 2 måneder siden
1. I think you are looking for the term "bocott" 2. This is an old video, EA has actually fixed Battlefront. Your late.
tater anus
tater anus 3 måneder siden
I think they should ban all forms of micro transactions.
Jacob C
Jacob C 3 måneder siden
Empire: Makes plasma ball Me scuba diving: why do I hear screaming?
Conor O connell
Conor O connell 3 måneder siden
I’m watching this in 2020 and I really am proud of how far battlefront has come they got rid of the pay gap and has gotten rid a lot of its micro transactions I know it made a lot of mistakes
DianaCrystal 3 måneder siden
I think you should consider the movie, Geostorm. It also deals with weather control, just like this game. I'm just curious if it's possible, at all. Like, seriously. Is it possible to freeze people into solid ice blocks in the middle of a dessert? Is it possible to cook eggs on the ground since it's so hot?
Ian McPhee
Ian McPhee 3 måneder siden
i did
Lord Yeet
Lord Yeet 3 måneder siden
William : no more fires for god sates Rwby cinder : o really
Wolfe14th 3 måneder siden
3:38 battlefield 2?
Wolfe14th 3 måneder siden
omg battlefront went from bad to good and the moment it was good EA pulled the plug there was more star wars character's that could have been added they could have added Ahsoka and Ventres but the give us bb8 and bb9e
Darth Nerd
Darth Nerd 3 måneder siden
Well we now know that the game is one of the greatest Star Wars games ever
Naaden IsGoingInsane
Naaden IsGoingInsane 3 måneder siden
I still like it
Bīderu 3 måneder siden
I was today years old when I noticed both the Metal Gear and the RWBY references
Liquid Fire Hazard
Liquid Fire Hazard 3 måneder siden
I think MatPat is one of the bravest youtubers for turning down this sponsorship
Philipp Eamon
Philipp Eamon 3 måneder siden
Science: Human eyesight can't tell the difference between 16K and 8K pictures, or 120 fps and 240 fps... MatPat: But lightning you see in the sky only last one 20.000th of a second.
highvoltage 3 måneder siden
“Since none of you will play battlefront 2” Me who bought it on release day and just bought it for the second time so i can play on pc too: you sure about that?
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 3 måneder siden
Ikr it’s one of my favourite games of all time and still has a pretty large playerbase. MatPat is a living pile of garbage anyway, and we all know that.
Oscar's music lab
Oscar's music lab 3 måneder siden
This game is actually good now. It is completely different to the launch game
Jake Taller
Jake Taller 3 måneder siden
3:06 To skip all the business talk, click here
FastestHjonk 4 måneder siden
Glad they removed all that pay to win stuff
Channing Deadnight
Channing Deadnight 4 måneder siden
Values, someone still has VALUES!
Raptor Zeraora
Raptor Zeraora 4 måneder siden
But what if you were fireproof
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly 4 måneder siden
7:43 bloody amazing
Crubbil 4 måneder siden
Sorry for not not accepting our deal an then talk trash about us this video has been taking town by EA thanks jerk. You have to pay 25 dollars to EA to watch this video (P.S I hope you already know this but I don't work for EA this is a joke)
The BIG Gamers
The BIG Gamers 4 måneder siden
Who else had the disk so that they didn’t have to unlock anything
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay 4 måneder siden
the empire building the Death Star and letting it get destroyed twice was just a power move. So while everyone else is focused on that, they can move their space lasers into position.
efe çınar
efe çınar 5 måneder siden
Rebels good = separatist are good they do the same thing with diffirent ways
Blueloo _2
Blueloo _2 5 måneder siden
Dead death Valen
Dead death Valen 5 måneder siden
Purple GUY
Nerd Theory
Nerd Theory 6 måneder siden
next theory: weather report full extent
Archer Willis
Archer Willis 6 måneder siden
“The empowers death” me are you sure about that
Just_ Jovin
Just_ Jovin 6 måneder siden
How is the game pay to win I’m kinda confused
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 3 måneder siden
It isn’t Pay To Win, MatPat is just an ignorant Fnaf fan piece of garbage because even at the time that he made this video it had zero P2W mechanics.
Agent Maroon
Agent Maroon 6 måneder siden
I found this and thought it might be interesting if you enjoyed this
Anthy Anthony
Anthy Anthony 6 måneder siden
People: Battlefront 2 is the worst! PvZ2: *Heavy sweating*
Expert booch 5777
Expert booch 5777 6 måneder siden
And i love this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😎
Expert booch 5777
Expert booch 5777 6 måneder siden
I am great at star wars battlefront 1 and 2
Sheerqios 6 måneder siden
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