Game Theory: The Stolen Souls of Minecraft

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8 måneder siden

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Today Theorists, we are diving back into the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft lore! I bet you are saying to yourself, "MatPat, what is there left to uncover in Minecraft? You've solved so many things!" That may be true, but there will always be more. In this episode we are peeling back the mysteries of the Minecraft Vindicators and the power of souls introduced in the new Minecraft Dungeons. We're about to get spooky!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

junxi liew
junxi liew 3 timer siden
unsepakable is a youtuber
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton 15 timer siden
Imagine someone shoving lapis in your forehead
MidnightTheCarrot 20 timer siden
Me: *hears vex* Also me: CONVEX CONVEX CONVEX CONVEX
BABY FANYI 21 time siden
“Good luck sleeping at night knowing they’re out there” *laughs in full prot 4 thorns 3 unbreaking 3 mending netherite armor* edit: what am I doing with my life
꧁FoxKid Andi꧂
꧁FoxKid Andi꧂ Dag siden
Blue eyes, blue lapis.. Do you see the connection?
Cody Ditch
Cody Ditch Dag siden
the comercial is so 1970s
Psychic Anxiety
Psychic Anxiety Dag siden
I love that when talking about soles, it’s the picture of the soles from Soul Eater.
iviarin 3
iviarin 3 2 dager siden
Cool but why that intro 😂
•Tailyn_Weirdo• 2 dager siden
Im paranoid cuz i watch this in da middle of the night but I honestly dont care so why should i stop
william afton
william afton 2 dager siden
Btw creepers were a mistake in the coding
Owen Geever
Owen Geever 2 dager siden
I should be in geometry
Zea Dev
Zea Dev 3 dager siden
Wow. I've been playing MC for 4 years and even MC Dungeons for sometime now. And this was the secret CAP 🧢 in the game ITSELF.
Conorales 3 dager siden
this theory sounds like a pretty awesome fanfiction
Zelda 3 dager siden
8:54 Well, what I do to escape them is to use an Elytra and fireworks and fly far enough away that the Vexes stop chasing me (they also are despawned already when I come back, don't know why though.)
TheEnderCat 3 dager siden
*My birthday being June 5th*
Stephanie Lovil
Stephanie Lovil 3 dager siden
When you were talking about the wool it was that the illigers we’re trying to make a Steve but failed and made hero brine
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan 3 dager siden
3:37 flashbacks from sister location baby MatPat: NOOOOOOOO NOT AGAIN
Malte Fält
Malte Fält 3 dager siden
The vex’s voice remines me of the voice of the I.M.P from plants vs zombies gw2
Olivia Hyde
Olivia Hyde 4 dager siden
Ok uhm when you said a vex can have multiple souls I thought why did they put Golden Freddy in the game
Try Sk8
Try Sk8 4 dager siden
Heel knock your block off both out axe ing a question
mclovick 4 dager siden
MatPat just called me a minor
SupremeSoup 4 dager siden
And people wonder why Notch left Mojang
Denissa Box
Denissa Box 4 dager siden
It reminds me of soul eater lol
sebas sebas
sebas sebas 4 dager siden
The icky alley trivially attack because sky peripherally ski vice a clumsy dollar. thundering, concerned celsius
Wither Storm
Wither Storm 5 dager siden
In the version of Minecraft I play on (Bedrock/pocket) Vindicator’s are green
Francheska Nichole Mañalac
Francheska Nichole Mañalac 5 dager siden
I wish I could buy the merch but we're broke ;-;
Jose Torices
Jose Torices 5 dager siden
I like how he broke stone with a axe 2:14
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 5 dager siden
I wish the guy who made Minecraft make a update that help the the guys or girls soul use the vex/souls for good NOT EVIL!
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 5 dager siden
11:50 the vex is laughing but the soul of the first people on that world is screaming
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 5 dager siden
Well what happened if they do it to us players 13:10 player souls vs players
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 5 dager siden
Cozy Chomps YT FORTNITE 5 dager siden
0:09 you mean HELL
The Typhoon of Randomness
The Typhoon of Randomness 5 dager siden
i used i
The Typhoon of Randomness
The Typhoon of Randomness 5 dager siden
What the the heII
malia aston
malia aston 5 dager siden
because of your enderman video, i started saying hi whenever I got near an enderman
Franz Perales
Franz Perales 5 dager siden
The vex sounds like a high pitch minion.
jmdarknight kyle
jmdarknight kyle 5 dager siden
I know I'm super late with this comment, but wouldn't the experience point you get from killing mining and trading things be souls as well? Killing mobs is the main way to level up, and you need those levels to enchant and repair things
Olivia Bergwerff
Olivia Bergwerff 5 dager siden
Insert bock =dirt
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown 6 dager siden
That's why avokers can turn red sheep into blue sheep
Wesley Donaldson
Wesley Donaldson 6 dager siden
Krishman Esmero
Krishman Esmero 6 dager siden
Krishman Esmero
Krishman Esmero 6 dager siden
Jigme Paiz
Jigme Paiz 6 dager siden
Wait! Sven and Sven 2 died?!
Raven Mickelson
Raven Mickelson 6 dager siden
That's Wowsome
Casey Grant
Casey Grant 6 dager siden
Wow Minecraft is dark
Scuffed-Ocean 6 dager siden
i bet one of the exiled people made the scientist lab underneath the igloo :I
Ella Dunn
Ella Dunn 6 dager siden
I never knew that minecraft was so deep...
magma 29
magma 29 7 dager siden
Hey watch this the history of villager
leviathanhunter 2715
leviathanhunter 2715 7 dager siden
It sounds a lot like fanf
Xxxx Ssss
Xxxx Ssss 7 dager siden
Puffy Socks
Puffy Socks 7 dager siden
You just made Minecraft more interesting
Molten Freddy -
Molten Freddy - 7 dager siden
0:00. LOL
Raptor Ravioli44
Raptor Ravioli44 7 dager siden
Then why can you kill vex with a sword?
Darkos Beast63
Darkos Beast63 7 dager siden
I just thought about something, What if the way that they created vindicators was by enchanting normal villagers? I mean if you've played minecraft before you may know that to enchant items, you need lapis.
Edwin Maitwe
Edwin Maitwe 7 dager siden
What about herobrine
Edwin Maitwe
Edwin Maitwe 7 dager siden
Hey Matpat, what about raids, pillagers, witches, strays and husks?
TheElevenFirst 7 dager siden
Mattpat when are you going to do a theory on ghasts. There’s an achievement in minecraft where you bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it “and the achievement description says :*rescue a ghast and bring it home, then kill it* and has mechanical parts in the bestiary. Suggesting it originates from the overworld and perhaps is made by the old builders. It also drops a tear when it dies which also suggests this. And theres also an unused ghast sound called: ghast’s affection. Likely supposed to be used when you rescue one
Mister D
Mister D 7 dager siden
Maybe XP orbs in Minecraft are the souls of the dead too. You need them, if you want to use magic.
NinjaMission 8 dager siden
“Soowls” wait I thought they are called souls
Josh Caldwell
Josh Caldwell 8 dager siden
So captions recognize ravages but not villager?!?!
Emerald 9 dager siden
Also, they're turning them into zombies so they get that deep huh
Iba Tak
Iba Tak 9 dager siden
Minecraft Xbox hry ok so oh so New Happy year 2021
Regan Adinata
Regan Adinata 9 dager siden
0:00 meme
Bleta Ymeri
Bleta Ymeri 9 dager siden
0:00 what was the literall part of this, whatever it was *THANK YOU*
Robloxverse 9 dager siden
So Minecraft Is Turning Into FNaF/Bendy And The Ink Worker
Abdul Rehman Gamer
Abdul Rehman Gamer 9 dager siden
And vindicator hands are like villagers
Abdul Rehman Gamer
Abdul Rehman Gamer 9 dager siden
Thats why villagers sometime disappear
Mary Applebee
Mary Applebee 10 dager siden
I play Minecraft dungeons I’m over level 100 my dear my top level gear is level 117 my lowest is 115
Ender Dragon prince
Ender Dragon prince 10 dager siden
There was a sound effect that nearly made me sing “we are monsters and we are proud “ from monster high
dextron3000 10 dager siden
What if the vex is what made the evil villagers crazy
Pieter de Villiers
Pieter de Villiers 10 dager siden
Wait did somebody forgot sonethibg a saw in this video.Look again at the illager statue. It has a staff so that means evockers are using lapis to control the villagers
Michael gaming
Michael gaming 11 dager siden
Madjeck is sus
Mikeanium 11 dager siden
Who Would Win: The Entire Illager Army VS Some Dudes in Full Enchanted Netherite
Diemute 11 dager siden
There should be a theory on the phantom
Luca Costantino
Luca Costantino 11 dager siden
So steve can kill spirits
TyTy Talks
TyTy Talks 11 dager siden
Why villagers eyes are green emeralds why illagers eyes are blue? Lapis
Matilda the Crazy Person!!!
Matilda the Crazy Person!!! 11 dager siden
He has made the best intro ever for Minecraft
Gingy K
Gingy K 11 dager siden
imagine in the future youll be able to cure a vindicator and turn it into a villager again!
Vincent Scolari
Vincent Scolari 11 dager siden
does anyone else find it funny that illagers have powers over life and death, but don't even know how to make an actual bed for their mansions?
RJ NOVO 12 dager siden
The vindicator is can break the door
Jusou 80
Jusou 80 12 dager siden
But what abot Vhen you Put blue sheep close to evoker. Then evoker use matshik to Put sheep to red
Jan S
Jan S 12 dager siden
@The Game Theorists first of all: thank you so much for this series its very interesting to watch and you cover A LOT of lore i love it! but im here to talk about you sponsor i hope you dont have this type of product in your home there are far safer systems out there! i was shocked how easy they are to open...
Giovanny Lebolo
Giovanny Lebolo 12 dager siden
About 4 souls
Nicole Roman Kranig
Nicole Roman Kranig 12 dager siden
Ghosts or Ghouls are made from Souls.
Brian Naeem
Brian Naeem 12 dager siden
simple safe can be jammed with a $25 radio off amazon.
Blok 12 dager siden
Sven is not dead
Andrew 13 dager siden
*mines stone with axe* mojang: wait thats illegal
Kedar Patil
Kedar Patil 13 dager siden
The magma in the glass represents the beacon ⛏️⛏️⛏️
Timothy Dutton
Timothy Dutton 13 dager siden
Mat pat so don't touch that dile Me:No
Avatar_Minecraft 13 dager siden
Me: *hears vex noise* Welp no sleep for me tonight!
Player Is Gone
Player Is Gone 13 dager siden
This makes so much sense now. If you have *soul speed* enchanted on your boots then when you walk on soul sand you get a speed boost, probably because the *souls in the sand* give you the power. If you look at the particle effect you get while wearing soul speed on soul sand it show small blue glowing faces which are souls. It also makes sense because you enchant items with *lapis* which has the power to hardness souls, which is the only way to activate the souls to give you power.
Cloak 13 dager siden
Op theory ❤💓
MrSkoopy 14 dager siden
I wish i has as much brains sells as this dude
Punnyrightnow 2
Punnyrightnow 2 14 dager siden
so does the wither boss haves anything to do with this theory? I thinks it should be related somehow
CrazyAlaskanCoDShot 14 dager siden
7:10 Unnus Annus!
Sonin64 !
Sonin64 ! 14 dager siden
Also when a villager gets struck by lighting they become witches also part of the raid club so maybe evokers pulled a Frankenstein
Yoongi 14 dager siden
What if soulsand is just ashes 😶😶😶😶
Baxter Boegeman
Baxter Boegeman 14 dager siden
Wait... skeletons spawn in SOUL sand biomes...
Josiah playz Maldonado
Josiah playz Maldonado 14 dager siden
Me:making a bedtock base to defend any mob Matpat:The vex can go through any block Me:OH FRICK
littenger 14 dager siden
Fact the minecraft font is call mojangles
Tedster 14 dager siden
1:58 Mat, it’s diamonds. Always diamonds.
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