Game Theory: The Stolen Souls of Minecraft

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5 måneder siden

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Today Theorists, we are diving back into the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft lore! I bet you are saying to yourself, "MatPat, what is there left to uncover in Minecraft? You've solved so many things!" That may be true, but there will always be more. In this episode we are peeling back the mysteries of the Minecraft Vindicators and the power of souls introduced in the new Minecraft Dungeons. We're about to get spooky!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

noah torres
noah torres 49 minutter siden
Mark my words matpat MAGIC UPDATE
rainbow mushroom
rainbow mushroom 2 timer siden
Deasent more like teleport
Agatha The Halloween Spirit
Agatha The Halloween Spirit 2 timer siden
If I was an illager *climbing the roof to get sus mansion btw* Illagers:uhhhhhh
Quarantined Boy
Quarantined Boy 3 timer siden
Sometimes I forget how stupid theories can get
Kian Rodriguez
Kian Rodriguez 3 timer siden
Vex: *can pass through any solid object and is considered a ghost or spirit* Ghasts: *visible confusion*
Daily Dragon
Daily Dragon 9 timer siden
Or the souls in the soul sand is the souls of the builders aka the ancient civilization
HHaimetuber 17 timer siden
your name is matpat? i thought it was mat
Cole Mazepa
Cole Mazepa 20 timer siden
Kristy Barker
Kristy Barker 22 timer siden
Draksis Draconis
Draksis Draconis 2 dager siden
villagers scared of rabbets would have been really funny tho, especially with the killer bunny
Romas Pokhrelllzzz
Romas Pokhrelllzzz 2 dager siden
14:49 umm why did my brain think of that.....
Lisa Ramsey
Lisa Ramsey 2 dager siden
Wait the vex is a hostel mob? I never get attacked by them
Evan Vasquez
Evan Vasquez 2 dager siden
I never thought this game was that dark
Hope And Hardpan
Hope And Hardpan 2 dager siden
I miss your old intro
Logan Bodine
Logan Bodine 2 dager siden
But steve can create life too like the snowgolem,irongolem,wither etc.
Fiten Games
Fiten Games 2 dager siden
When he started talking about them trying to make their own steve I instantly thought herobrine origin
SlothsPromise 2 dager siden
Me and my friend found a woodland today (Oct29th) and burned it down it was 30k blocks from are house, so I think I'm gonna sleep well rested tonight MatPat.
Liam Odahl
Liam Odahl 2 dager siden
2:33 Osiris, is that you?
PurplePancake :D
PurplePancake :D 2 dager siden
Him saying stuff about souls: The dead children remnant:👁👄👁
Thegamernoob 3 dager siden
Me in creative laughs in imortal
Nuclear Dominus
Nuclear Dominus 3 dager siden
Why can home protection help against bob he epix
Nuclear Dominus
Nuclear Dominus 3 dager siden
Souls pffft they're just bob
Gold bird o
Gold bird o 3 dager siden
Vishnu vg
Vishnu vg 3 dager siden
You can easily find anciant debris by blowing tnt
Aaron Ladores
Aaron Ladores 3 dager siden
Not real name
Aaron Ladores
Aaron Ladores 3 dager siden
can milk cure some germs or some viruses is that true Please answer
jvx358 4 dager siden
Something that I recently noticed is that there's a new enchant in the game called soul speed for your boots. It basically makes you go super fast when walking on soul sand and when you sprint on it, you can see particles with faces leaving the block proving the soul theory in minecraft.
Pozatoony 4 dager siden
Theory: In the last episode we learned that the evokers made skeletons and zombies. And the skeletons are in the nether. What else is in the nether? Soul sand. The evokes made the skeletons follow the ancient builders to claim the souls in the soul sand and give back to the evokers.
Lambo 4 dager siden
I think the ravager is similar to the centaur in fallout, an abomination created by mushing together various humanoid and non-humanoid creatures.
Glitchy55 5 dager siden
hold up i just relized WHO IS OLIVER ive never heard of anyone else with him im very confused
Choog 5 dager siden
What if lapis is also like steroids? Vindicators are super strong after the lapis implant, evokers use the lapis to fuel their magic, and pillagers use it to enchant.
Jose BERGER 6 dager siden
Matpat made a paradox, "i'l netherite a catchy phrase here." But if you'll never write one, then that means you didnt write that, buy that means you do write that catchy phrase, PARADOX!
Aart Marsman
Aart Marsman 6 dager siden
Aart Marsman
Aart Marsman 6 dager siden
Netherite is not rare
Aart Marsman
Aart Marsman 5 dager siden
@Yeetus Defeetus grab eff IV and go ham, not rare anymore :) Just go in sweeps around you, not one direction
Yeetus Defeetus
Yeetus Defeetus 5 dager siden
Yes they are
luuman san
luuman san 6 dager siden
Ooooooor about the blue eyes they could have genetically modified some of their Steve recreations with the lapis for the nose because they would want to make them matching with themselves. But listen Steve has blue eyes naturally and a woodland mansion is really far away from a village yes the illagers do catch villagers and with their own Steve recreations they made vindacaters and since evokers have power they could brainwash some of the ancient builders to have vindacaters and their Steve recreations are there slaves and have no choice but to obey the illagers.
fox pack 16
fox pack 16 6 dager siden
Me at the start to ed of this video: 0o0
Maciej Ząbek
Maciej Ząbek 6 dager siden
Vindicator in polish means defender.
Musa Vlogs
Musa Vlogs 7 dager siden
Netherite is in nether
Sayantani Ghosh
Sayantani Ghosh 7 dager siden
I have a theory on the iceloger the iceloger was exiled because they practiced magic with lapis lazuli and ice he attacked other villager to experiment on them soon he was exiled from village he later built his iceloger fortress and performed magic there and then he met other exiled villagers and that's when they raided the tundra village ( yes I believe the iceloger appears on raids only if it is a tundra village ) and now finally the icelogers attacks : it can throw snowballs at you then he would use his magic to summon a ice slab and drops it on your head which creates the frostbite effect where your stunned and your character face is blue you can take damage in this effect like other harmful effects
Aduna Gaming
Aduna Gaming 7 dager siden
Vindicators:*Puts in lapis to villager* Me: That was one single touch ;-;
BrainWashed GD
BrainWashed GD 7 dager siden
What's the song at the game theory minecraft start screen? 0:14
John the herbalist G
John the herbalist G 8 dager siden
I've known for a while that MC magic is *dark* We gather exp to power or spells from what now? Killing all the things
Alethiea Moore
Alethiea Moore 8 dager siden
me literally playing Diablo while watching this.i was battling the Skelton king which is so hard to beat in medium level and on level 8 AND alone
Sandra Rollheiser
Sandra Rollheiser 8 dager siden
If the Pilliger came from a villager why do they hate each other
Djoelimin Djoelimin
Djoelimin Djoelimin 8 dager siden
Vindicator has blue eyes. Laughs in Bedrock Edition
Djoelimin Djoelimin
Djoelimin Djoelimin 8 dager siden
What If The Mobs Origin is different on Bedrock
Sora Kiddo
Sora Kiddo 8 dager siden
I'm pretty sure you know about this already but vexs changes their attack mode and friendly mode When they're in a attack mode they have a red-ish-pink in their design that could be because they wanna break through the control of the evil and don't actually wanna attack the player Love your videos keep them up^^ (Sorry my English is bad)
VixieDoesRandomStuff 8 dager siden
I have a feeling half of this lore is from matpat reading too much into things more then intended lore Or Mojave is sneaky Nope matpat is still reading too much into things
Roderick Pixler
Roderick Pixler 9 dager siden
Maybe the unibrow is like a cultural thing for villagers
Superboom909 9 dager siden
11:10 they literally make light right under them
Superboom909 9 dager siden
Maybe the vindicators aren’t trying to vindicate themselves. Maybe the evokers considered them “vindicated” from their villager ways that evokers disliked.
Le Nard ._.
Le Nard ._. 9 dager siden
"They have a limited number of evokers and pillagers" Raid farmers: hold my beer
Sri Harsiwi
Sri Harsiwi 9 dager siden
Jhon Rhaivier Pabico
Jhon Rhaivier Pabico 9 dager siden
I wish i could buy some merch but i dont have money cuz im still a child
Iker Prud Homme
Iker Prud Homme 9 dager siden
sho quiero de lo que fuma este tipo :3
Gabby 9 dager siden
I know someone has definitely already said this but Jack Torrence isn't "innocent", per se. He'd already broken his son's arm after coming home drunk and angry. So he'd already displayed negative attributes, thus allowing him to be corrupted.
Andrea and Emily
Andrea and Emily 10 dager siden
How old is your son? He looks three or two
ibrahim anupol
ibrahim anupol 10 dager siden
The vex sounds like a minions
Emman Nicolas
Emman Nicolas 10 dager siden
Im waiting for him to say the vindictor eyes are lapis lazuli
Joe Leonard's Gaming World
Joe Leonard's Gaming World 10 dager siden
ILLager Caption: illah jer
The Animation Channel
The Animation Channel 10 dager siden
Vindicators Vindicator z--
Harmony BlueStone
Harmony BlueStone 10 dager siden
It might not mean anything but Steve also has blue eyes
Kunkun Bastie
Kunkun Bastie 10 dager siden
I dare dantdm to watch this
Smax 10 dager siden
Definition Of Evoke: TO CALL UP; CAUSE TO APPEAR; SUMMON: (to evoke a spirit from the dead.)
Trinity Buerkle
Trinity Buerkle 11 dager siden
Okay, so uh... I'm a little scared of Minecraft now... wow. Gotta go rethink the game for a bit.
Midori No Akuma
Midori No Akuma 11 dager siden
I thought the giant illager wool head could be the ravager's but there are those arms next to it.
Parker FG
Parker FG 11 dager siden
Mattpat: the evokers Subs: Thea vokers. The evoquers, the evouq ers Hey someone needs to get on subs here yike
Freslie Aguilar
Freslie Aguilar 11 dager siden
There's some lores in this game🎶 There's some lores in this game🎵
Matheus Monteiro
Matheus Monteiro 11 dager siden
9:50 that representation of soul is a reference to Soul Eater or its a normal representation of a soul?
Mariah MacNeely
Mariah MacNeely 11 dager siden
Theory: the totems of undying are villager souls trapped in totems to prolong the lives of the illagers. They even look like villagers. Obviously there’s some energy lost in the transfer so that’s why you don’t heal fully but the player can use these trapped souls to give themselves a second chance at life, absorbing the energy to continue living
Nick Stone
Nick Stone 11 dager siden
I bet that the evokers are going to try to become liches. You know the DND necromancer that has a phylactery.
matt 011
matt 011 11 dager siden
ALSO have you conciderated that the illagers are A LOT highlighted inthe new MINECRAFT DUNGEONS GAME ? at the same time with the souls ? well its because in minecraft dungeons illagers uses the dead to track you ! (Zombies included)
Lęñńöń Fräñčïš
Lęñńöń Fräñčïš 12 dager siden
He needs to make a video on why the pillagers have captured iron golems
Plushie Adventures Studios
Plushie Adventures Studios 12 dager siden
Any of you wings of fire fans getting queen wasp vibes? SPOILER WARNING: about how the vindicators are mindless soldiers like wasp’s mind control
Jordan Hudson
Jordan Hudson 12 dager siden
Matpat: Vex's are one of the hardest mobs to defeat Warden : Imma bout to ruin this man's career
Hooman 12 dager siden
Here's J O H N N Y!
Kayden Kempton
Kayden Kempton 12 dager siden
In pocket edition vindicator also don't attack you unless you attak them or if in hard mode. But when they do not attack than they have their arms folded like a villager, Meaning they could have most likely been villagers.
Pixelater 12 dager siden
O god now I cannot sleep
Demonic August
Demonic August 12 dager siden
Saying that out loud does sound pretty bad right
Braeden Lundgren
Braeden Lundgren 12 dager siden
I would say diamond is the best cause while netherite is better than diamonds you need diamonds to make netherite
pink queen animates
pink queen animates 13 dager siden
Illager: shaves unibrow Matpat: ITS A PEICE OF EVIDENCE!!!!
Quasi Kitten
Quasi Kitten 13 dager siden
Actually 1.17 copper is coming to mincraft
Kirby Cupcakes
Kirby Cupcakes 14 dager siden
(You don't have to put this in) I have a theory like yours.....but....can you please add this to something the illahJers (sorry if I got that wrong I can't spell good) are doing in their mansions. There is a lantern called the "soul lantern" ,and you doing theses theorys on them messing with souls is telling me they probably made those as well..... Just think about it. The soul lanterns are blue and glow less than the normal lanterns. In fact they make sounds (sometimes) when around them. The sounds to me kinda sound like....breathing.....kinda like scared breathing... So I think that the illahJers were putting the souls that they didn't use to make the vex in the touchs and lanterns. That is my mini theory that turned really long. Thank you for reading! (P.s. Love your channel!)
no spartan
no spartan 14 dager siden
I laughed WAY harder then I care to admit at 2:14
JerryMcBerry 14 dager siden
I've personally never understood when people get angry at MatPat for coming up with a theory. If he makes a few leaps in logic in a theory, who cares? Obviously his theories should make sense, and he generally does a good job of that, but if he makes a theory you don't agree with, what's with the hate? IDGI!
That Guy
That Guy 14 dager siden
skeletons are worse than any mob imo, i ducking hate those bastards XD
That Guy
That Guy 14 dager siden
tbf emeralds are not hard to get, but ancient debri, oh god no, i spent around an hour searching and had a lot of trouble, but got everything i needed lol
Random Voice ie. Ian Tan
Random Voice ie. Ian Tan 14 dager siden
Illagers do not breed Mob farmer: I've got a farm for that
FAZAN FAWAS 14 dager siden
Yup you broke Minecraft for me
Leo Lyttinen
Leo Lyttinen 15 dager siden
Vex can fly trough blocks but you can hit them with sword how??????????????????
TheGamerShorty 15 dager siden
theory: evokers accidentally made herobrian,then they had to run and hide in their mansions forever
noodle banana
noodle banana 15 dager siden
Four souls make one vex
noodle banana
noodle banana 15 dager siden
For me its gold
Quentin 15 dager siden
Wow, he has so many backup theories just in case people still don't believe it
Ian O
Ian O 16 dager siden
2:07 not gold.❤
The Dank One
The Dank One 16 dager siden
The best security system is a good gun. No Alexa wannabe is going to physically protect you
Ahnaf Rasif
Ahnaf Rasif 16 dager siden
But matt mobs in minecraft cannot truely glow (as the lighting engine is not advanced enough)
Ahnaf Rasif
Ahnaf Rasif 16 dager siden
Only if there was dynamic lighting in minecraft. Then the vex could light up its sorroundings
Valkyrie Online
Valkyrie Online 17 dager siden
Since the Illagers are a cult that worships the Builders, could they be trying to force their civilisation to improve, especially after the Builders removed themselves from the villagers? In a sort of “they were right all along” way? Especially after the disappearance of the Ocean Towns. They’re sort of aThanos cult; they see that people dissociated in order to evolve society and moved to other worlds and built machines that improved security. They hear that the Ocean Towns have disappeared and their world is sinking basically. And the normal Villagers are repeatedly attacked and need to rely on the strength of the Builders TO THIS DAY. They themselves propose a plan to rescue themselves and are subsequently removed from society because it is immoral and cruel. They know about the existence of magic, or at least control of the world around them, after growing up with Iron Golems. So they dig further. They know Lapis Lazuli has magical factors and so they try to “enlighten” or strengthen themselves through implanting it in their heads - to elevate their mind to that of a God. But since there are a limited number, they cannot risk it. So they use Villagers. [Speech about Human Transmutation ensues] Their replica of the strongholds’ portal rooms could be a plan or visualisation - for a portal of their own. Maybe they plan to go to the end? To rediscover their lost brothers or to develop their magic thru the rare elements and forces present there.
Wong shun yiu 714
Wong shun yiu 714 17 dager siden
soul: soil sand
LoLBIT 900
LoLBIT 900 18 dager siden
1:34 they try to make steve but then they end up making herobrine?
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