Game Theory: SuperHot.exe is a VIRUS! SuperHot SUpeErHo̵̝̓̈ͅt̷̡̢͒̕ S̴̏ͅư̵̜p̶̺̍E̸̟̊ṟ̸̓Ĥ̸͖o̸̊͜t̴̯̎

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The Game Theorists

2 år siden

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When SUPERHOT VR came out a few years ago, it seemed like your average first person shooter type of game. Except we were WRONG! Superhot is a game within a game, ready to take over the mind of YOU - the player. Today Theorists, we are getting to the bottom of this digital VIRUS.
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Oculus 2 år siden
Remember folks...always update your anti-virus software.
Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter 19 dager siden
Wow oculus actually commented on thus
galaxyraider9 27 dager siden
Lorenzo Ferraro
Lorenzo Ferraro Måned siden
I just got super hot
Julio Arevalo
Julio Arevalo Måned siden
Slendermite Måned siden
Yeah I got an oculus it's awsome (Thanks oculus)
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez 3 timer siden
Gay theory
RJ RC'S 5 timer siden
All the images of a triangle having hands and just being evil gave me serious gravity falls vibes
Kawaii Fried Chiken UwU
Kawaii Fried Chiken UwU 5 timer siden
13:30 rEd BiLl CiPhEr!!!
Daman Singh
Daman Singh 8 timer siden
I was scared because I watched the video about super hot virtual reality superhot has a virus
TheKugelBlitz TheKugelBlitz
TheKugelBlitz TheKugelBlitz 8 timer siden
"Improved audio"
Joshua Giron
Joshua Giron 10 timer siden
The beginning is a big fat LOL 😂
The1AndOnly 13 timer siden
That intro though
Tim Zeller
Tim Zeller 14 timer siden
Oh God please no!
MARCO GALINDO 15 timer siden
hey matpat i think there's something wrong with your intro.
Robert Webb
Robert Webb 16 timer siden
matpat ib seen that you put a little bit of call of duty modern warfare 2
kevin van gulik
kevin van gulik 17 timer siden
HA !!!! I'm safe. my laptop is already struggling with some games like DDLC, I have no money for a vr set and I have no friends so I cannot get infected ..... catch me if you can
Destructor Gamer
Destructor Gamer 21 time siden
That intro... Os truth
Texting Master
Texting Master Dag siden
Matpat: you should buy 7 Me: I eat 7
Yo_ItzAmelie Dag siden
whats with the intro?
Flaming_ J
Flaming_ J Dag siden
A there is a clue In the audio
InfernoNinja Dag siden
2:26 Sword art online: *heavy breathing*
Sophie Schoesettets
Sophie Schoesettets Dag siden
Mat pat : its just a theory Me:ok Mat pat : its just a theory Me: I know Mat pat: its just a theory Me:come on bro you told me that already now quit wasting my time Mat pat:its just a theory Me klicks of the video
Sophie Schoesettets
Sophie Schoesettets Dag siden
Matpat:have you played superhot yet? Me: ... I dont even have VR
Konfweti Dag siden
Completley un-needed intro BUT I LOVE IT HAHA
José Dinis Dias Chainho
José Dinis Dias Chainho Dag siden
Im MDP Dag siden
Speaking of viruses, let me talk to you about Nord VPN
beedA Dag siden
don't bout all that but fun game
DaniLikesMilk 2 dager siden
18:41 Gay Theory
Aristotle Shadow
Aristotle Shadow 2 dager siden
Superhot: Ultimate Virus William Afton go Brrrrrrr
Radu S
Radu S 2 dager siden
Me not usually buying payed games: no your not
Jennifer Hachez
Jennifer Hachez 2 dager siden
Shut up
jin gabriel chia
jin gabriel chia 2 dager siden
The outro is good damn scary I’m gonna have nightmares tho
Jack Ruiz
Jack Ruiz 3 dager siden
Why do you have to break my mind dud
Javier Morales
Javier Morales 3 dager siden
That’s an insane amount of brain big brain 🧠 I am 📻 lufoyckychcmycmy my h my my myy u u I I am hacked nitigufyfufuvifuguvivuvivigihufifuh
david rab
david rab 3 dager siden
> if a someone you didn’t know sends you a link to a website saying... “look at what they did to your photos...” > you click on the link and it takes you to an odd looking, realistic google website and it tells you to put your username and password. what will you do next??
Coldbob115 2 dager siden
i dont click on the link
Christian Roufs
Christian Roufs 3 dager siden
your plan as been fooled there are only 20 images online of SuperHot SUpeErHo̵̝̓̈ͅt̷̡̢͒̕ S̴̏ͅư̵̜p̶̺̍E̸̟̊ṟ̸̓Ĥ̸͖o̸̊͜t̴̯̎
Thevon 247
Thevon 247 3 dager siden
mat pat roasted me at the end like bruh
J8DEN TUBE 3 dager siden
Anyone else getting Gravity Falls vibes from this?
cactiey the cactus
cactiey the cactus 3 dager siden
i do not have antivirus fool
MLP Etc 3 dager siden
Oculus be like: "Remember folks, always update your anti-virus software." Laurenzside: IDC IMMA PLAY IT ANYWAYYY (Gets brainwashed by super hot) (Edit) VR? More like.. RR (Reality Reality)
RobloxPlayer2187 3 dager siden
Dude i might have a virus on my computer but this generally encouraged me to download EVERY antivirus
smasher 4 dager siden
Preston Hatcher
Preston Hatcher 4 dager siden
When it said click a box to hand over control Me: ha! I already give my soul to NOpost so your hacking Illuminati stuff can’t get me!
Jaedan likes ham
Jaedan likes ham 2 dager siden
Nóœ tøt€m
Dot I
Dot I 5 dager siden
Oh my lord i'm glad i don't play any other games then one game
tucker hutchison
tucker hutchison 5 dager siden
i dont like the wieird brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound
Rachel 5 dager siden
Is this actually real and taking over people or just a game?
Rachel 5 dager siden
Why did it take 1min 14 secs for the intro to begin?
Shocktrooper Studios
Shocktrooper Studios 5 dager siden
That intro though. I showed it to my friend in full screen, he completely freaked out.
Guava Leaks
Guava Leaks 6 dager siden
It’s not a virus, is it?
Sweats_luigiboi6785 6 dager siden
So its a REAL life virus not like their world virus?
Colt’s adventures
Colt’s adventures 6 dager siden
DaDewd2112 6 dager siden
I really want to make a case for a modern monitor to make it look like an 80s or 90s monitor just for playing SuperHot
SolarKid123 6 dager siden
I just saw the game theory arg logo
Gizzy Mbonex
Gizzy Mbonex 6 dager siden
its not just a theory its just not just a theory itsnotjustatheoryitsnotjustatheoryHelpme:(
LoganDog2011ot :P
LoganDog2011ot :P 6 dager siden
I have an oculus quest 2
Zeke 6 dager siden
Bruh, I saw a review on the oculus store saying: "I heard this game was a virus but I don't see anything wrong with it lol 5 stars"
Insane badgamers
Insane badgamers 7 dager siden
Funny thing is I was playing the main game with my dad and he handed me the controller when the game said hand over the controller
Luke Blais
Luke Blais 7 dager siden
i'm poor, ur poor, everyone's poor, so play fan made,
??? 5 dager siden
nah im good id rather play the actual one
Tarrute 7 dager siden
You know it’s gonna be a good one when the opening sequence has been scrambled.
Saumil Joshi
Saumil Joshi 7 dager siden
I played the game to some extent, and this is giving me goosebumps
Nihitplayz 7 dager siden
The next fnaf
Ognjen Ilic
Ognjen Ilic 7 dager siden
I wonder what does MatPat have to say with the release of the new Superhot game: Superhot: Mind Control Delete
SUET CHING KONG 8 dager siden
Theory: The hackers are the SCP Foundation
Keiji Johnson
Keiji Johnson 8 dager siden
8:42 - Really dude? You couldn’t just read the ENTIRE THING? You deliberately skipped the fact that it’s a PIECE OF SOFTWARE created by said AI program! SUPERHOT isn’t that particular AI program!
Nick K.
Nick K. 8 dager siden
11:42 No, I'll just become a human-centi-pad, thank you.
Atreyu Hall
Atreyu Hall 8 dager siden
Atreyu Hall
Atreyu Hall 8 dager siden
It translates to superhot
Mr Fire
Mr Fire 8 dager siden
I really thought this video would cover the secrets found though out SuperHot (the computers you can find.)
Mr Fire
Mr Fire 8 dager siden
Also, why are some levels not numbered right?
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll 8 dager siden
i mean the fnaf one is scray but that one is super scery
Just a Random Espeon ·
Just a Random Espeon · 9 dager siden
man the guy writing the subtitles must have had so much fun near the end
Ziyaam Qadiri
Ziyaam Qadiri 9 dager siden
what was the first game you played on it
AquaKing 40
AquaKing 40 9 dager siden
MatPat: *says you should buy Seven* Editor: *Shows Eight*
Nick Rog
Nick Rog 9 dager siden
WELL , F@#£ This SH!T I'm Outta here ... I'm TOO SCARED TO PLAY THIS GAME NOW 😭.
Rabbit 9 dager siden
1:54 oh god darnit truck darnit...Sorry-
Rabbit 9 dager siden
Straw Head
Straw Head 10 dager siden
Wow you’re just trying to get subscribers
FIREFIST GAMINGYT 10 dager siden
wait i dont really understand but is he saying that downloading he game gives you viruses or is it in the game and like in game fake game viruses
Shane Bestman
Shane Bestman 10 dager siden
yea thats not scary at all......haha.....
Legendairy _
Legendairy _ 10 dager siden
I have an addition The theory. When the AI/virus is created i learns how our society works. It knows it can’t control you physical but it could mentally. So when you mentioned “it try’s to gain your trust” it is testing how to destroy humanity by telling you can only trust the Ai and can only be what the Ai wants you to be
JustinBustin 10 dager siden
8:00 The 2D version??
JustinBustin 10 dager siden
Me: sees the beginning Also me: Well, it's true.
Fermilan Vlog
Fermilan Vlog 10 dager siden
vhehddbjssfsvsherdbh,,,, inm hskwhwa heccjeak
69 420
69 420 11 dager siden
I've always wanted to play super hot. I don't really want to anymore.
Delores Sanders
Delores Sanders 11 dager siden
The end is creepy
Lili Fudge
Lili Fudge 11 dager siden
18:06 Turn on subtitles!!!
Lili Fudge
Lili Fudge 11 dager siden
12:53 13:30 RED BILL CIPHER!
Why Peanuts
Why Peanuts 11 dager siden
It has exe
Simon Willingham
Simon Willingham 11 dager siden
Hey, should we get some Cleenex and a cherry-flavored candy cane for Matt? No, he should be fine. But he’s addicted to that dang game again. You know Matt’s always addicted to games! Well, I’m not dealing with him. Dude, I need your help- I’m gonna go play DDLC. Dude, don’t- Bye, dude. AGHHHHHHHH ... ... ... ... Well, at least I can be alone and in peace. Monika, here I come!
kubilusaurus2 11 dager siden
I think he lost it
Heero Sui
Heero Sui 12 dager siden
Dewdrop_ Lemonade
Dewdrop_ Lemonade 12 dager siden
“I hold the official FNAF timeline” 😂
SnowyXD 13 dager siden
thak you so much
Soup of Ally
Soup of Ally 13 dager siden
“Thanks for the subscribe watching.”
PuLsE For 2 *
PuLsE For 2 * 13 dager siden
Also I was thinking of getting super hot gr8 does this mean I should not get it because it is a virus
• ۷ıơƖɛɬ ɱơƈɧı •
• ۷ıơƖɛɬ ɱơƈɧı • 14 dager siden
12:11 Now thats a sentence no one will ever believe.
Gab Gavin
Gab Gavin 14 dager siden
You living on reality then make vr. Bruh.
Untypically a demon.
Untypically a demon. 14 dager siden
Thirsty~~ ahhh, hot virus 😉❤️🙈🙉💝💞💞💕💓💗💕💘💝❤️💛 Yes
axolotl idk
axolotl idk 14 dager siden
game theory man Superhot is virus Me:game theory is the virus not superhot
• nexus. •
• nexus. • 14 dager siden
Most innovative shooter I've played in years!
Randomfunalphaz s.
Randomfunalphaz s. 14 dager siden
Red Demon
Red Demon 15 dager siden
This is my favorite game theory of all time ever.
filip_boucek 15 dager siden
Haha the intro is so true, I cannot click anything else than GT... pls help
Malakai Emery
Malakai Emery 15 dager siden
Vexxel 16 dager siden
So Basically Coronavirus but .exe
Adil 16 dager siden
I really wish he didn’t take Facebook’s money.
Malakai Emery
Malakai Emery 15 dager siden
Same bro
ちびちび 16 dager siden
Æë œil åėo (crystal are lakes but we don’t know it)
Jeremiah Ramirez
Jeremiah Ramirez 16 dager siden
Hey matpat its kinda to late to tell you this, but if you didn't know there actually these so called "secrets" in the endless version of the game which you can collect
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