Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?

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10 måneder siden

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There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair - will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see if your beard is RUINING your chance at staying healthy! From Mario's mustache to Geralt's manly stubble, we are seeing who would SURVIVE a viral outbreak!
*This video is not intended to give medical advice.*
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Rajani Poduval
Rajani Poduval 33 minutter siden
3:16 is a joke ur wrong i know what that it its a bacterio phage its a special virus that HELPS us it kills Bacteria and cant harm humans,animals or birds just trying to spread REAL news
Ronan Cox
Ronan Cox 6 timer siden
The megaman series would most likely be safe cause half of the people from his universe are robots who cant be infected with diseases unless it is an injected disease
Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more 10 timer siden
A character not having a nose might also might have a harder time putting it on, So orange Puzzline will have a harder time putting a mask on correctly
Melissa Washburn
Melissa Washburn 10 timer siden
Ha #matdaddy #matdaddy sry
Devin Messmer
Devin Messmer 11 timer siden
#Matdaddy under stands that telling us stop doing something makes us want to do it more right? plz don't like so #Matdaddy can stay a thing because if you like Matdaddy might see it or we can follow his rules and do #Dadmat and make that a thing.
Skit Squad
Skit Squad 17 timer siden
#mattdady hehe
Badrish Sukhdeve
Badrish Sukhdeve 17 timer siden
It was the perfect opportunity for "Dad-pat", but sadly, that didn't happen
Leonardo Necaula
Leonardo Necaula 18 timer siden
Matpat please stop doing #MatDady also matpat I have a son
Gayle Simpson
Gayle Simpson Dag siden
mike ftdg
mike ftdg Dag siden
Its William Afton to bcause he is already dead!
Oltmus Dag siden
Dj is amazing 24
Dj is amazing 24 Dag siden
Sonic is safe to
Godloot gaming
Godloot gaming Dag siden
I think the doom guy is number one of the most likely not to die from the virus because he is literally covered in armor heat to toes
Andrew Brouwer
Andrew Brouwer Dag siden
14:00 you messed up mat pat bactirio phages or phages ONLY infect bacteria so yah know the meaning of the word and make sure to use it in the right context
Parker Games and Draws
Parker Games and Draws Dag siden
jaspreet kaur
jaspreet kaur 2 dager siden
Nathan Buendicho
Nathan Buendicho 2 dager siden
why covid bad to youtube
Nathan Buendicho
Nathan Buendicho 2 dager siden
Gaming with J
Gaming with J 2 dager siden
Levi Poison
Levi Poison 2 dager siden
Kirby would probably be one of the first to die because they're a big cell
Evelyn Zhinin
Evelyn Zhinin 2 dager siden
#Dadpat #Dadpat #dadpat
Evelyn Zhinin
Evelyn Zhinin 2 dager siden
Cookie Comb
Cookie Comb 2 dager siden
I new peach was safe I knew it
Cookie Comb
Cookie Comb 2 dager siden
JD reviewzz
JD reviewzz 2 dager siden
Fine ok mattdaddy
Billy Beauregard
Billy Beauregard 2 dager siden
I need tepe for my bunghole
Sticks 3 dager siden
I think also think Author Morgan who died in red dead redemption 2
Thepandasqwod 3 dager siden
#matdaddy hahahahaha
XxGacha KayleeXx
XxGacha KayleeXx 3 dager siden
you can say THE 19
Allison Banks
Allison Banks 3 dager siden
The rebel border byerly lick because pot taxonomically boast times a swift view. possessive, level clam
Lottie X
Lottie X 3 dager siden
Oh noooooooooœ
Nuclear Nick
Nuclear Nick 3 dager siden
Leeds Judson
Leeds Judson 3 dager siden
The ugliest son metabolically peck because angora timely vanish failing a cagey volleyball. enchanting, judicious harmonica
Pigismal 4 dager siden
The question is can kirby even die from it.... I mean woulden't he just absorb it and gains its powers? #viruskirby
Pigismal 4 dager siden
Wait wut why is it a link
Pigismal 4 dager siden
Yoshi pandemic
Mason Plays
Mason Plays 4 dager siden
Zane truesdale
Zane truesdale 4 dager siden
Actually witches can't catch diseases so he is the only legit anti-masker
Altavis Clark
Altavis Clark 4 dager siden
MUHAMMED MUSTAFA 4 dager siden
Wolverine and Deadpool and a Few more
1 Hour
1 Hour 4 dager siden
next video: steve cannot die to viruses the milk that he drinks what can be in it???
Lazer Kaage
Lazer Kaage 4 dager siden
yeah this did not age well
cosumption of cheggs sustain me
cosumption of cheggs sustain me 4 dager siden
Lol Mario could survive longer than my nan
Frothy SeafoamCooom
Frothy SeafoamCooom 5 dager siden
Oney brought me here... what in the hell.....
Handsome Italian
Handsome Italian 5 dager siden
‘Let’s pull out’ No matdaddy!
Handsome Italian
Handsome Italian 5 dager siden
#matdaddy tee hee
StarBeam Games
StarBeam Games 5 dager siden
Kirby could technically survive. Since he is an amoeba and can have any shape, he could technically move his mouth down some, and just not inhale.
Nozik Toxic
Nozik Toxic 5 dager siden
I found one problem with this theory.Monkeys aren't susceptible to the virus.
Charlotte Perreault
Charlotte Perreault 5 dager siden
ggamerhero 5 dager siden
This is so offensive
Fe4rful 15
Fe4rful 15 5 dager siden
aditya narula
aditya narula 6 dager siden
#Mattdady, #daddypat
aditya narula
aditya narula 6 dager siden
Teresa Armendariz
Teresa Armendariz 6 dager siden
BeauBot_TheRobot Gaming
BeauBot_TheRobot Gaming 6 dager siden
Does anyone remember spiderman survived the devils' breath (the killer virus in the first game), it might be the same case here
Amethyst lynx
Amethyst lynx 6 dager siden
Why are you not allowed to say corona somone catch me up on what I missed here
Mischief 4 dager siden
so theres this small little virus, idk if you've heard it, called corona virus that has killed millions of people and youtube dont wanna have anything to do with it
black among us Sticks warzone
black among us Sticks warzone 6 dager siden
Moxy Ahh
Moxy Ahh 6 dager siden
The tooth brush Style is Famous for Being on H####R
Gavin west
Gavin west 6 dager siden
The doom slayer will not die he is wearing a mask.
Mirza M.
Mirza M. 6 dager siden
jairus emmanuel
jairus emmanuel 6 dager siden
ShayGreen Gaming
ShayGreen Gaming 7 dager siden
Connor Mullin
Connor Mullin 7 dager siden
Guillaume Vromant
Guillaume Vromant 7 dager siden
Joffrey Baratheon
Joffrey Baratheon 7 dager siden
William Afton would survive this virus..
Calix Sampas
Calix Sampas 7 dager siden
Miguel Luna
Miguel Luna 7 dager siden
I like how everyone went for the obvious Dadpat, Mattdaddy, and Mattdad but no one considered the far superior Mattpappy
Aashish 7 dager siden
Master Chief would survive oh wait nevermind
little merkling Merkling
little merkling Merkling 8 dager siden
sabrina duncan
sabrina duncan 8 dager siden
#matdad ok NOT MATDADDY
Andri Karl Helguson
Andri Karl Helguson 8 dager siden
Godzilla fan
Godzilla fan 8 dager siden
Kai Yin Ong
Kai Yin Ong 9 dager siden
Kirbi won't die of that virus he's an amoeba right?
GameBar 9 dager siden
Ruan_1124 9 dager siden
honorable mention: octolings can survive if you think about it they spend all day underground (well elite octolings anyways) they wear glovesand rarely see inklings from the survice wich is where the virus would start so if they dont get in contact with inklings there pretty much safe
Ismail Elbibary
Ismail Elbibary 9 dager siden
Who will survive? Me: ez all of halo
Mcmrw09 76
Mcmrw09 76 9 dager siden
How to survive COVID Simple #1: stay inside ur house and never go outside done
Dawn Jordan
Dawn Jordan 10 dager siden
star wars story
star wars story 10 dager siden
A broken cat
A broken cat 10 dager siden
Matdaddy :)
Agam Forever
Agam Forever 10 dager siden
Anyone under 80 will live Just saved you 17 minutes 😉
Atticus Warren
Atticus Warren 10 dager siden
Wait wait wait peach gets to live what are Master Chief 2 he has a mask and he even has whole full mark armor jeez I cannot talk today oh God but still imagine she should be more of a chance to live the pandemic right now right should Master Chief be living a lot more longer than peach because peaches even have a max but he like has full armor on he's ready to take on covet
Meram Bekhet
Meram Bekhet 11 dager siden
Corona virus
Derek Sheehy-Deleon
Derek Sheehy-Deleon 11 dager siden
no kirby wont get sick because he would get the powers of the virus if he where to suck in the virus
Derek Sheehy-Deleon
Derek Sheehy-Deleon 7 dager siden
@little merkling Merkling ik XD
little merkling Merkling
little merkling Merkling 8 dager siden
You are right... Anyone else questioning there existence. Anyone? Just me ok
Chris Vuong
Chris Vuong 11 dager siden
Mask catches droplets and prevent spread of the virus
Chris Vuong
Chris Vuong 11 dager siden
Call it ccp virus because they covered it up and allowed it to spread
Katlego Pilane
Katlego Pilane 11 dager siden
Bakchodian Tube
Bakchodian Tube 11 dager siden
First of all cranky kong is a monkey/ Gorilla/ something that is not human. And corona does not infect animals. It only effects human. So disprove mee !!! 🧐🧐🧐
Lauchlan Aird
Lauchlan Aird 11 dager siden
#Matdaddy LOL
Roller Toaster
Roller Toaster 11 dager siden
#Matdaddy 🤣🤣🤣
Cipher Mail cipher
Cipher Mail cipher 12 dager siden
Daily noodles clothing TM
Daily noodles clothing TM 12 dager siden
Peach wouldn’t she gets kidnapped by bowser who is in the infection zone because his mask doesn’t fit on soooooooo are you sure about that…?
Owen Marcik
Owen Marcik 12 dager siden
#matdaddy omg it worked
Saad Syed
Saad Syed 12 dager siden
If only link didn't do so many favors for random people and was a little mmmmm, richer
LifeGivingLemons 12 dager siden
Beard or no Beard, #ForeverMattDaddy
Lowetha Rowley
Lowetha Rowley 12 dager siden
Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi 12 dager siden
Pyro from TF2 will the last survivaler
Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi 12 dager siden
0:35 deadpool
Timothy Leach
Timothy Leach 12 dager siden
Virus:ur fat haha Me:no ur fat Evryone:ur fat virus Virus:nooooooo *explodes*
Timothy Leach
Timothy Leach 12 dager siden
I dont get these videos🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Makayla Deceault
Makayla Deceault 12 dager siden
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