Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?

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7 måneder siden

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There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair - will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see if your beard is RUINING your chance at staying healthy! From Mario's mustache to Geralt's manly stubble, we are seeing who would SURVIVE a viral outbreak!
*This video is not intended to give medical advice.*
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

God Gamer123
God Gamer123 5 minutter siden
You missed pikachu
Growing Random
Growing Random 22 minutter siden
Brian Houghton
Brian Houghton 3 timer siden
Lemur Forever
Lemur Forever 6 timer siden
Please do a theory on Super Mario 3D world, why when Mario receives the super bell powerup, it makes him yellow, when the other characters change to the appropriate color. Same with the boomerang powerup. Maybe it isn't actually Mario?
carlstedtmattias 22 timer siden
Anyone living in Skyrim. Diseases can be cured by praying at any shrine to any god. Do that once per day and nothing else matters. At least one shrine in every major settlement. Potions with the same effect expensive, but not too hard to come by. Same goes for a lot of fantasy settings. Come to think of it, anyone living in a sci-fi setting. Commander Shepard, for example, lives in a world with healthcare centuries beyond ours, AND most the people he hangs around are aliens, that cannot catch or spread corona any more than he can catch potato blight. (Less so, actually).
De Branman
De Branman 23 timer siden
Hi MatDaddy 7:28
Zaddy Phrog
Zaddy Phrog Dag siden
...hey here just came to deliver this #MatDaddy
David Lopez
David Lopez Dag siden
but hes a animals animals doesnt die from it
Risa Agustin
Risa Agustin Dag siden
🏃🚄💨💨💨 coming! 🚌💨💨💨🏃😂 Missed a bus! 🚙💨🚦🚗🚕🚓 😚 Sweet Home ✨ 🏠❤🏠💃💛🏃🎶🎶
Risa Agustin
Risa Agustin Dag siden
I'd if 10rb Tk Tk Tk tgl Tk Tk 4th Tk
Risa Agustin
Risa Agustin Dag siden
o==[]::::::::::::::::>😈👑 👗
Risa Agustin
Risa Agustin Dag siden
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Julian Henderson
Julian Henderson Dag siden
This one didn't age so well...haha
Choopie Boi
Choopie Boi Dag siden
I felt like Samus would have been the least likely to die
Clapx Dag siden
Start #MatDaddy
Sohan Naidoo
Sohan Naidoo Dag siden
Well you are a matdad.
Aldo Trevino
Aldo Trevino 2 dager siden
Otbaht 2 dager siden
i would have guessed the picman guy because of the fact you never see him out of a personal space suit.
NATHAN BARNHILL 2 dager siden
Osaigbovo Bamawo
Osaigbovo Bamawo 2 dager siden
Ryan Gonzaga
Ryan Gonzaga 2 dager siden
Tommyqp 2 dager siden
That hoodie looks so good! Sad I was too late to this video...😖
rockfoxy is back
rockfoxy is back 2 dager siden
Cove 19
3EpicBroz 2 dager siden
Mat daddy
3EpicBroz 2 dager siden
Linda Santos
Linda Santos 3 dager siden
Linda Santos
Linda Santos 3 dager siden
Covid 1⁹999999999
J. C.
J. C. 3 dager siden
#matdaddy lol
Elijah Pelikan
Elijah Pelikan 3 dager siden
the problem with kirby dying of corona is that he his what he eats in short kirby wood become corona
Piper W
Piper W 3 dager siden
Poorly aged things: Super Mario Sunshine: *Corona Mountain*
Kikamoni 4 dager siden
Noar Ispahiu
Noar Ispahiu 4 dager siden
iiAwesome Ashleyx
iiAwesome Ashleyx 4 dager siden
-Princess Daisy would survive, shes similar age to peach, also wears gloves, but she isnt being kidnapped by a dirty turtle thing every 3 seconds. - Steve and alex would survive, any poisoning can be cured by milk, damage by golden apples, they can wear full body armor, they can go into creative mode, they can go into different dimensions, they fight disgusting zombies without getting diseases. They are probably the most likely to survive.
Unknown And unneeded
Unknown And unneeded 4 dager siden
#dadpat Credits to wildest acorn 45
Soup 4 dager siden
Can we call you "MatDad"?
Cunpliy 4 dager siden
Herobrown 11
Herobrown 11 5 dager siden
It would be knight/little ghost from “Hollow knight” NOT THE PALE KING. Because he is made of void and probably can’t be infected by normal infection. Hollow knight was infected with the infection because it was a infecting his mind and will and little goat is truly hollow.
JacksandJokers 5 dager siden
What he said: "Don't call me MatDaddy!" What he meant: "Do it, I dare you, it's hilarious" Don't worry, DaddyPat, I understand you ;D
Jamal Mahamud
Jamal Mahamud 5 dager siden
Me watching this after quarnitine There is 1 imposter among us
Gamer Madness
Gamer Madness 5 dager siden
4000 dont make a channel
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe 5 dager siden
This is one of the funniest theories he's done.
6 dager siden
Patricio Cargua
Patricio Cargua 6 dager siden
Matpat:Don't call me matdaddy Me:You said dad pat in a video
Soup Cube
Soup Cube 6 dager siden
Didn’t stop to think that this is probably in poor taste? No? Ok
Chris Daley
Chris Daley 6 dager siden
This was in such poor taste....
BRIAN, JR. GOOD 6 dager siden
matpat: says all gamers are whiped out i be like: have you heard of roblox gamers?
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 6 dager siden
Darryl Calloway
Darryl Calloway 7 dager siden
#Matdaddy wow! Lol. I figured #DadPat had a much better ring to it
Dorcas Nsofu
Dorcas Nsofu 7 dager siden
Mario will have 2 more lives
A Storey
A Storey 7 dager siden
Everybody knows he wants to be mattdaddy
CorndogPrince10 7 dager siden
Bronson Heath
Bronson Heath 7 dager siden
Hi matpaddy
Bronson Heath
Bronson Heath 7 dager siden
You can't say corona
zombiemastera 8 dager siden
zombiemastera 8 dager siden
#mat daddy
The Real Quotation Mark
The Real Quotation Mark 8 dager siden
#MatDaddy lol sorry
Frank Goglia
Frank Goglia 8 dager siden
Elizabeth Greenhill
Elizabeth Greenhill 8 dager siden
Mat daddy
Elizabeth Greenhill
Elizabeth Greenhill 8 dager siden
Mat daddy
Shlonzs 8 dager siden
vicenzo games
vicenzo games 8 dager siden
Golden Jaguar
Golden Jaguar 8 dager siden
Are we gonna ignore the fact that mat pat just debunked surgical mask.
No Thanks
No Thanks 7 dager siden
@Golden Jaguar Masks only work in combination with social distancing. There is no seal, so you're keeping virus droplets near you. If you and a bunch of people with surgical masks stand in crowded spaces you *will* get sick. And social distancing works but is harder when others have no masks that decrease the range the virus can spread. Both work in conjunction. We have lockdowns because people couldn't follow these two simple steps to prevent getting sick, so because we can't ensure people will actually *do* these things we put in lockdowns.
Golden Jaguar
Golden Jaguar 7 dager siden
@No Thanks if mask work why social distance? If social distance works why the mask? If both work then why the lockdown?
No Thanks
No Thanks 7 dager siden
You wear masks to avoid infecting others, not to stop yourself from getting infected. The only way to stop yourself from getting infected is staying away from other people, which is why masks *and* social distancing are recommended.
Abel Refasa
Abel Refasa 8 dager siden
To be real pyro will win also medic
Vitina Morabito
Vitina Morabito 8 dager siden
Wait! NOpost won't let you reference Covid 19?
Roman Broggi
Roman Broggi 8 dager siden
alr MATTDADDY we wont make MATTDADDY a viral thing MATTDADDY ;) i promise MATTDADDY we wont make MATTDADDY a viral thing u got that MATTDADDY
Golden Genesis
Golden Genesis 8 dager siden
Strange fact: Eggman’s mustache is fake (this is mentioned in an unlisted line in SA2), so technically he could just take it off.
Payton Teeples
Payton Teeples 9 dager siden
I like the video, but I disagree with it. I get that Matt Patt doesn't want people to panic about the virus, but I wouldn't trust China's statistics with my life. China withheld the truth to begin with, their citizens are healthier than our own, and they are a communist government. Their statistics are literally the least trustable.
Alexandra Taraoi
Alexandra Taraoi 9 dager siden
Ricardo Marquez18
Ricardo Marquez18 9 dager siden
Geralt is immune to all deseases
Castaway 9 dager siden
When bad times turn into worse times a Corona gets it's virus
Snorflewhatsit Gremlin
Snorflewhatsit Gremlin 9 dager siden
Just used this video to teach my son how you can't believe everything you see on the internet, how to use critical thinking skills to breakdown all of the misinformation in this video, and how to find credible sources of information.
No Thanks
No Thanks 7 dager siden
I don't really see alot of misinformation here... masks that are not N95 are only worn to prevent someone who is asymptomatic from infecting others, which is why we both wear masks *and* social distance. Viruses reproduce by injecting cells with their DNA. Again i don't see what's misinformation here.
Miguel Cuellar
Miguel Cuellar 9 dager siden
Matdaddy let's make it a meme
Joanna Fernando
Joanna Fernando 10 dager siden
Christian Freyenberger
Christian Freyenberger 10 dager siden
Matpat don’t made Matdaddy a thing Me he did not say anything about mattydaddy
Xander Lopez
Xander Lopez 10 dager siden
I traveled back in time
ice cream girl 1988
ice cream girl 1988 10 dager siden
Corona............why censored?!?!?!?!?!
Robotic Wisp
Robotic Wisp 10 dager siden
Bru Man
Bru Man 10 dager siden
No not matdaddy we use dadpat
jonah lowell
jonah lowell 10 dager siden
Nathan Vitek
Nathan Vitek 10 dager siden
Hi matdaddy
Wilbert Garcia
Wilbert Garcia 10 dager siden
He doesn't seem tl understand...... we don't hate the word itself, we hate how insensitive the video is
dodee adesma
dodee adesma 10 dager siden
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 10 dager siden
Can you use that injecter from Steven universe
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 10 dager siden
U know u can jsut call rona virus it is ok to just rona and u can say Corona virus or covid-19 or rona virus
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 9 dager siden
@Curtis Blair but I saw video that just said rona virus when that was not allowed
Curtis Blair
Curtis Blair 9 dager siden
I know this may be hard for you to grasp, since you don’t seem to know how time works. Way back in the long long ago, NOpost demonetized videos that said coronavirus. I’m not sure why but they did. In an effort to continue getting a paycheque, Mat and the theorist team had to censor out the word “Coronavirus” or any other name the disease may have taken such as “COVID-19”, “Corona” or “Rona virus”.
PharetMC 10 dager siden
Steve could survive this. why? He could drink alot of milk
Super Luigi Asher
Super Luigi Asher 11 dager siden
Johnathon McDowell
Johnathon McDowell 11 dager siden
TrulyBruhMoment 11 dager siden
5:00 mats wife: am I a joke to you?
Ted Teshome
Ted Teshome 11 dager siden
K MatDaddy
Kelly Stephens
Kelly Stephens 11 dager siden
O. K.
O. K. 11 dager siden
Everyone forgets about pllants from p vs z.
Retro gaming
Retro gaming 11 dager siden
Jaken Colvin
Jaken Colvin 11 dager siden
even mark
nacholad gaming
nacholad gaming 11 dager siden
Ernesto Jimenez
Ernesto Jimenez 11 dager siden
OGLEGEND95 Fortnite and more
OGLEGEND95 Fortnite and more 11 dager siden
davids dum dum stuff
davids dum dum stuff 12 dager siden
2:05 im dUmb TOo.
Rodrigo Gomez
Rodrigo Gomez 12 dager siden
i love your videos
musical rhapsody
musical rhapsody 12 dager siden
no Matdaddy................. So what abt Dadpat #Dadpat
Lucca Peterson
Lucca Peterson 12 dager siden
"This idea just popped in my head." Yea, like we'll believe that in 2020. (just a funny remark)
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