Mario, DON'T JUMP! Calculating the Danger of the Yoshi Sacrifice! | The SCIENCE of... Mario

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We all know Mario is a jerk, especially to his "friends". Like poor Yoshi, who is forced to give him a ride only to be shoved down into the pits in favor of helping Mario survive. Oh, you don't remember that part? Well today Austin is here to explain how sacrificing Yoshi to help you jump higher is the WORST thing you could do to this lovable green dinosaur.
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Caiden Carriere
Caiden Carriere 6 dager siden
this went from 0 to 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 real quick
Purlsama 9 dager siden
But couldn't Yoshi somehow be helping throw Mario like the pen. Maybe similar to ejection from a plane.
Connall Stevenson
Connall Stevenson 14 dager siden
I’ve been waiting for a Game Theory/Dorkly crossover for forever! You guys should do a partnership, maybe merge into one entity and become the most popular NOpost Gaming channel of all time!
Melted Ice Cream
Melted Ice Cream 20 dager siden
Aousin: JOIN ME IN THE EBIS Me: nO nO i DoNt ThInK i WiLl
Gavin Lybarger
Gavin Lybarger 22 dager siden
It’s the players not Mario right
Jerry Steward
Jerry Steward 22 dager siden
I know this gag it's usually for players you don't know actually how to jump.
Colt Rouse
Colt Rouse 24 dager siden
Janani 24 dager siden
' driving it straight into a concrete wall' Shows it driving into a brick wall...
Rodrigo R.G.
Rodrigo R.G. 25 dager siden
An Italian making pasta out of his friend,that's clever
the all knowing gary
the all knowing gary 25 dager siden
I think I get it everything that ever happens in a Nintendo game is impossible in real life because it kills everyone and breaks everything including the universe
Piper W
Piper W 26 dager siden
Okay am I the only one who really wants to know what the clip of Mario shoving Luigi's hat off is from
Alice Dupree
Alice Dupree 27 dager siden
I don’t understand anything in the video but it was very interesting 😀
Red X
Red X 27 dager siden
Roshin Emmanuel. Sebastian
Roshin Emmanuel. Sebastian 28 dager siden
The face changed.
Roshin Emmanuel. Sebastian
Roshin Emmanuel. Sebastian 28 dager siden
Austin face changed
Overtly Critical Dork
Overtly Critical Dork 28 dager siden
yeah, but how fast do you have to spin to annihilate a baseball with a cloth cape?
Plot twist yoshi has a blue shell everytime in his mouth
Gragnok the Gruesome
Gragnok the Gruesome Måned siden
Yoshis' are people too
AraMae Hyde
AraMae Hyde Måned siden
but isn't he a dinosaur
some tree
some tree Måned siden
The game takes place on the surface of a Dyson sphere around a brown dwarf.
Kylei Kelly
Kylei Kelly Måned siden
Where is MATPAT
Alex Simpson
Alex Simpson Måned siden
Man when mario jumps off from Yoshi he sure has some THICC I mean triple X size THICC muscular legs while he is jumping off from Yoshi going that high and also seeing him literally doing a godly leg thrust to Yoshi sending him into the abyss that fast which that means if I or any pro kickboxer wants to challenge him into a kick boxing match i think we will surley get our butts whooped and get pretty scared once one of us sees mario defeating one of our fallen allies with a godly kick and watching our defeated friend flying really fast until he is killed once he hits something on a direct hit like the ground, a building, a plant, and/or a vehicle etc... or not like falling thorugh the bottomless pit of doom in the mario levels pretty fast Or even die or get seriously hurt or all 3 and Once the rest of us avenge our fallen friend like a one man vs one army the army being me and the pro kick boxers and the one man being mario I think it'll maybe be a fair fight if we gang up on him smartly if we don't well adios amigos we lost and the red daredevil of Italian plumbing name mario will win while I think mario on how he got those extra spicy THICC muscular legs of doom of awesomeness is most likely excerising for 5 days a week only like 80% focusing on his legs and the rest of the 20% the rest of his upper body and arms for like 7 hours straight or something like that and if me and kick boxers want to live Mario's awesome kicks of doom and death then we need to have armor like iron man or from the military with exo-skeletons from call of duty advanced warfare and then I may think my team of kick boxers and myself will have a chance to live.... Maybe..... 😅
trito jean
trito jean Måned siden
I dont know if someone told you but at 6:17 there is a math error as the second m is under a root he is root to so you are remouving m on the right but only m^(1/2) on the left
octet33 Måned siden
IDEA: Science meets Film Theory. For an example topic: what would the Orville's water bottles have to be made of, to squish flat under their own weight under Xelayan gravity?
Kaito Gamer
Kaito Gamer Måned siden
did someone notice the bare clothing looking lady on minute 1:51?
Kaito Gamer
Kaito Gamer Måned siden
Correction its yuri from doki doki
Josh Staffan
Josh Staffan Måned siden
I want to go to this time stamp 1333
Chrisean McInnis
Chrisean McInnis Måned siden
I die with him
Jaydub15 K
Jaydub15 K Måned siden
You should do a man hunt with 4 hunters but in hardcore Like so dream can see
PajamaCat4 Måned siden
That’s right. Yoshi is a living being with feelings you know.
Rieze Lin
Rieze Lin Måned siden
We’re matpat!!! >:(
why was there an animie girl at 1:53?
Animarble Marble Race
Animarble Marble Race Måned siden
Bleebasaurous Rex
Bleebasaurous Rex Måned siden
Austin: **acting like a madman** Yuri: =)
Tiana's Dreamland
Tiana's Dreamland Måned siden
I aM dRoWnInG iN tHeSe MaThS ! ThUmP
Gabriel Gomes
Gabriel Gomes Måned siden
6:18 Austin cancels out a normal m to a square root of m Shame on you buddy
A Rob
A Rob Måned siden
36 mph jump? I guess we know why they call him Jump Man
Captain Polar
Captain Polar Måned siden
Remember that 205 mph? what would happen if you drop Yoshi over a bottomless pit?
Tryston Kincannon
Tryston Kincannon Måned siden
Well yoshi does have a shell on his back, witch most shells are made up of octagonal shapes, witch is one of the tougher and flexible shapes to have, it could be possible for yoshi to have evolved so much that this shape actually protects him/her. Also his shoes could also have a impact factor. Remember yoshi is a dinosaur, with is body mass, his shoes would be to big for his feet.
Animarble Marble Race
Animarble Marble Race Måned siden
In the new game, the shell changed to a saddle
Peter Jahncke
Peter Jahncke Måned siden
Sooo we're gonna talk about how force Mario exerts on Yoshi but never once has game theory mentioned how the frick all these video game characters not only survive the 3 or 4 Gs exerted on them but somehow can jump approximately three times their height.
Joshua Easter
Joshua Easter Måned siden
The dangerous list of evil just went to the next level.
hello world
hello world Måned siden
It's either Yoshi throws Mario up, or Mario just jumps off of yoshi. Then again...
Adetutu Folasade
Adetutu Folasade Måned siden
Mario is a yoshi killer
Adetutu Folasade
Adetutu Folasade Måned siden
Mario should stop jumping on yoshi
Connor Magee
Connor Magee Måned siden
Why did that video of Mario slapping Luigi make me sadder than anything else on earth?
Jack Ruane
Jack Ruane Måned siden
See, this is why i don't do yoshi sacrifce
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce Måned siden
Me: Sacrifices Yoshi Next level: Yoshi grabs me and uses me as a step block.
Flavio Mastrolorenzi
Flavio Mastrolorenzi Måned siden
Did anyone see Monica from doki doki?
Kellen Wilson
Kellen Wilson 2 måneder siden
Anyone notice the anime girl in the scene with the writing on the wall?
waffle lover
waffle lover 2 måneder siden
Austin: *writing on the walls, drinking 20 tons of caffeine, crying* Yuri: Why hello friend, I seemed to be called to cry with you!
RescueScout 2 måneder siden
4:37 I caught that "the end of the world" reference
Matte W
Matte W 2 måneder siden
Well that was a lie
Angelo morgos
Angelo morgos 2 måneder siden
Minecraft steve is taller than mario
Munchie Litten
Munchie Litten 2 måneder siden
Matpatter and austin go over board in their vids energy they use more of that then a battery lol
Rheginn Kuznetsov
Rheginn Kuznetsov 2 måneder siden
I can't tell if the music in the background starting at 14:05 is from the nutcracker or not, can anyone else confirm this for me so that I stop going crazy.
Landon Watson
Landon Watson 2 måneder siden
How strong would yoshi be to with stand that
Kyle Dwight
Kyle Dwight 2 måneder siden
12:15 The deduction made using the springboard is incorrect. If you look at their animations, you can see that the spring is not simply lifting them. Yoshi and Mario are both jumping. Yoshi jumps higher than Mario, with and without the spring, which says nothing about Yoshi's weight.
apfelninja 2 måneder siden
I really think you got your gravitational constant wrong. I can't fault how you got it, it just doesn't seem right.
apfelninja 2 måneder siden
If you use the mario stats from death battle, yoshi survives the bottomless pit, every time, even with this crazy gc.
shiny kubfu
shiny kubfu 2 måneder siden
Where is the original matpat
Abi_Cat36 2 måneder siden
am i the only one who tbh likes matpat more? like, matpat is so amazing and austin just screams. the sheer dissapointment when i hear "HI! its ME! *AUSTIN* " is immesurable
PASTA MACBOOK 2 måneder siden
Talking about a series with a Italian that can jump higher then a door way that battles a dragon turtle thing with a princess of ANNOYING mushroom headed things... I see that every day... I SEE A TURTLE SHELL COMING FOR ME ON THE ROAD
Werdco 57632
Werdco 57632 2 måneder siden
13:42 IT’S OVER 9000!
Colin Beard
Colin Beard 2 måneder siden
Wouldn’t the jump also shatter Mario’s own bones? I’m not even talking about the landing. Just the initial push off
Christopher Gomez
Christopher Gomez 2 måneder siden
Me just comming from the smash brothers episode: oh yeah lol 2:26
Ruben Da Costa
Ruben Da Costa 2 måneder siden
Why anphibian murder? Turtles are reptiles
Kiran Malonde
Kiran Malonde 2 måneder siden
4:06 Dude it works! When I was jumping normally my time was 86 milliseconds and when I was jumping throwing a pen, my time was 72 milliseconds! AMAZING
Mal D
Mal D 2 måneder siden
Big Malli doesn’t care if yoshi falls
Jonah Zaldarriaga
Jonah Zaldarriaga 2 måneder siden
Only the player decides to yoshi sacrifice not the game
Прогноза за времето
Прогноза за времето 2 måneder siden
1:51 Yuri, why are you here?
EndeRedCreeper543 2 måneder siden
6:35 ok that hair on the left side of the screen has been really bothering me for the past 10 or so seconds... *why* is it there
JoeMama 3 måneder siden
We don’t even know if yosho has bones, or the fact that you can do that an infinite number of times and it doesn’t affect him
2head m
2head m 3 måneder siden
Austin, if the gravity is increased then Mario’s mass would be multiplied by the gravity due to that being his weight
Marie Descova
Marie Descova 3 måneder siden
Austin: "it's a great example of the fun things you can do with basic neutonian physics" Austin literally seconds later: "this problem has been keeping me up at night, losing sleep, writing on the walls like a mad person..." Me: ahh, very fun... i see
Nerdy Foxes
Nerdy Foxes 3 måneder siden
1:49 I see that Yuri in the background.. You can't hide that from me, damnit. - 3 -
Meta FanWing
Meta FanWing 3 måneder siden
Austin: “...amphibian murderer extraordinaire...” Aren’t turtles reptiles? Edit: Ah, crud. I was beaten to the punch.
Emily Block
Emily Block 3 måneder siden
What year was cheetah spots downtown into the void in space and plan some why have you not made a video with matpat dentist and your time video cuz I didn't we didn't like the song Gravity video so I've no idea have a fit if he's asleep
Emily Block
Emily Block 3 måneder siden
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Emily Block
Emily Block 3 måneder siden
Emily Block
Emily Block 3 måneder siden
Emily Block
Emily Block 3 måneder siden
Emily Block
Emily Block 3 måneder siden
Sorry by the Mighty Beanz. So you'll see was just kick them out Peppa Pig
William Stout
William Stout 3 måneder siden
Why is my iPad not doing this video where's my Matt Pat give me my Matt Pat back who is this Austin intruder someone send help
• Kruatheshow •
• Kruatheshow • 3 måneder siden
Lol if I hade to sacrifice him I would rather just die or leave him behind on land
Colin Rogers
Colin Rogers 3 måneder siden
For that 36 m jump, you gotta remember gravity.
Brandyt890 3 måneder siden
I never thought much of the yoshi jump, not that I often use it anyway. But this video made me seriously feel for the dude.
BlownBy TheWind
BlownBy TheWind 3 måneder siden
0:26 don't think I didn't see Mirage there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Triple A Gameplays
Triple A Gameplays 3 måneder siden
I feel awful for Yoshi when Mario jumps off of Yoshi to save himself
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 3 måneder siden
You never realise until you're an adult how much of a scum bag Mario really is. Need that turtle shell to take out an enemy? Sock your dinosaur companion in the back of the head and make him grab it with his tongue.
Reuben Nhemi
Reuben Nhemi 3 måneder siden
Did I just see yuri
Noah Oien
Noah Oien 3 måneder siden
No offense, but who's Austin?
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 3 måneder siden
Ngl austin look like zackscottgames
Mitch poop
Mitch poop 3 måneder siden
I hate you, can't it just be matpat
Poultry Man
Poultry Man 3 måneder siden
Austin, 4.75 years IS less than 150 million years. Technically you didn’t make a mistake in saying “less than 150 million years”
Hai I’m Zach
Hai I’m Zach 3 måneder siden
Wow Mario is heavy
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez 3 måneder siden
Austin:*talks about of about this* Me:WhErEs MaTpAt?
PlasmatixUltra 3 måneder siden
Why is it, especially in games where Austin insists on using the 8/16 bit era games, does Austin base his calculations on Super Mario, rather than actual Mario? The sizes he's calculating are based on the Mario you get AFTER eating a Super Mushroom or some other powerup. I mean, take it all the way back to the original SMB. You start out as small Mario, where he presumably had just finished traversing the pipes from Brooklyn into the Mushroom Kingdom. Shouldn't Austin's calculations then be based on Super Mario being approximately 2-3 times the size of normal Mario?
aku san
aku san 3 måneder siden
Game theory stop letting Austin do anymore shows, I click on the videos to watch cause they seem like interesting theories but the moment I find out it's him and not MatPat or any other good theorist I thumb down and stop watching
Stella Joel
Stella Joel 3 måneder siden
Jeremy Gonzalez
Jeremy Gonzalez 3 måneder siden
wow you need some practice jumping
Eisendracht Gaming
Eisendracht Gaming 3 måneder siden
1:55 does anyone else notice Monica sneaking up on him?
Wheeler Kids
Wheeler Kids 3 måneder siden
Jack the LEGO maniac
Jack the LEGO maniac 3 måneder siden
Greater Yoshi abuser of all time: Mario jump man mario
zeldaprincessgirl100 3 måneder siden
I played Super Mario World when i was a kid, i like the blue Yoshi since it can fly.
rurik Aunimoto
rurik Aunimoto 3 måneder siden
Though it is probably not any better for yoshi, yoshi is probably increasing Mario's jump height using it's tail or something.
Danger 29
Danger 29 3 måneder siden
I played that song in the background while I was in orchestra
kirboy 3 måneder siden
he looks like hes backwards long jumping ( 5:31 )
Hornraptor Pro
Hornraptor Pro 3 måneder siden
0:00 I love how it looks old cormorchol
SirMikay 3 måneder siden
Even if Yoshi is guilty of tax evasion, he doesn't deserve this fate. In fact, after all the GOOD things he's done, the worst he deserves for that is a slap on the wrist.
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