Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!

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There are a ton of interesting things in Minecraft, but one that stands out to me is the fact that to cut down a tree you PUNCH IT! You punch a tree! How does Steve not break his hand? Loyal Theorists, I want to find out if you can really cut down a tree with only your FISTS and not injure yourself... too bad. Don't try this at home Theorists, let me do it for you!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Konata 3 timer siden
uhhhh im not steve im a custom screen
Ede Nuñal
Ede Nuñal 5 timer siden
include the minecraft in game time
scull case
scull case 8 timer siden
Isn’t Steve like the worlds strongest character
camera man
camera man 8 timer siden
Dude it's a game
xXGreen_ BØBaxX
xXGreen_ BØBaxX 11 timer siden
kile_ Cookie
kile_ Cookie 12 timer siden
punching it 14K LG Golden LG Golden 4 months ago Mojang: Eh, let's just have em punch trees. It's not logical, but what else is gonna get them started? MatPat: M A T H 823 Axtr0 2 Axtr0 2 3 months ago There's 6 species of wood -matpat. Me: laughs in nether update 457 ·hyperalpha·シ ·hyperalpha·シ 3 months ago in the book "Minecraft: The Island", the surviver said " oh jeez, im strong, i can punch trees with my bare hands....." 198 OvercastMars OvercastMars 3 months ago Genie: I can grant you one wish. What will it be? Me: I wanna be as strong as minecraft Steve. 84 Omega Synth Omega Synth 1 year ago (edited) "Don't punch the trees!" Me: Mines dirt Me: Hits tree with dirt Me: STONKS 2.3K The Royal Pug The Royal Pug 4 months ago Wouldn’t his pants fall down if he stored the gold in his pockets 231 Jaxson Hermsmeier Jaxson Hermsmeier 3 weeks ago “In Soviet Australia” This is incredible. 20 Ellie Da Failure Ellie Da Failure 3 months ago “Unless Steve is a super human” Steve Rodgers super soldier. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT! But that’s probably just me... 42 Linyuzhon Gaming Linyuzhon Gaming 1 month ago Him : don’t punch trees Me an intellectual : punches villagers house 23 Jack Campbell Jack Campbell 9 months ago "In Australia, even the trees are hardcore." This aged well. 3.7K Richie Mays Richie Mays 4 months ago Lol this is definitely the most “why” game theory ever 46 Wilbert Benjamin Wilbert Benjamin 2 months ago You forgot that Steve was able to destroy rocks barehanded 19 Not my cat Not my cat 1 month ago 6:13 you know I was expecting a food theory shout out there but then I realised that this video was posted in October 2019... wait was this a hidden hint for food theory? haha maybe... 7 Plantimations! Plantimations! 1 day ago “You can’t just pulverize the block of wood, you’d just get a bunch of sawdust.” Steve: (Literally does the same in the game but gets the entire block) 2
Materialistic TV
Materialistic TV 13 timer siden
Here's a little theory about it, if he's a decendant of the ancient builders. What if the builders had special powers that allowed them to destroy blocks easier
walter approvesinthecomments
walter approvesinthecomments 14 timer siden
They definitely removed all Steve's strangth except 00000.1 present that's just how strong he is
Kurt Pryor
Kurt Pryor 14 timer siden
Food Theory was hinted in this . . .
nathan snyder
nathan snyder 15 timer siden
i play on the seed that he uses zooming into the oak. i screen to screen compared it and it is the exact same
David Bwayo
David Bwayo 16 timer siden
Springtrap’s plush counterpart is creepy.
Ssj Gamer
Ssj Gamer 23 timer siden
So Steve is actually one punch man of Minecraft
Aston Wilson
Aston Wilson 23 timer siden
Well he is not wrong about the Aussie thing I’ve tested hurts
GoldGunner Dag siden
Searching the comments for Steve in Super Smash Bros Ultimate jokes
Deamonscape Dag siden
Let's give it up to Game Theory for indirectly predicting Minecraft in Smash a year ago
penny pig love her brother
penny pig love her brother Dag siden
Dood its a game with a dragen dont ask an stop it
crayman999 Dag siden
12:48 Steve For Smash... YES
TiniBoi58 ._.
TiniBoi58 ._. Dag siden
*One Punch Man* would like to know your location.
Ruby Wade
Ruby Wade Dag siden
Listening to this (specifically 9:51) while doing Trig homework....I AM SUPERHUMAN (not).
just to break a tree
Joel Strong
Joel Strong Dag siden
But time is calculated differently in the world of Minecraft so the punches per second is wrong
MattsLegoChannel Dag siden
In USA you brake wood Rasa tree beaks you
Lucas Talavera
Lucas Talavera Dag siden
9:37 trees don’t fall in minecraft
Ashly Adamesmadera
Ashly Adamesmadera Dag siden
hey remember when you did a vid about the wither and said that he destroys everything he touches, aren't we the only other living thing in the game who can do that though?
Gianna Viloria
Gianna Viloria Dag siden
*Idk if you want to mess with super steve*
Jaeger Fürst
Jaeger Fürst Dag siden
time in minecraft is different so it actually might be 2 hours of you cutting a tree
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Dag siden
My DT teacher: So, pine is a softwood, oak is a hardwood and some woods are neither, any questions? MatPat: It refers to the seeds of the trees. If they have a casing, they're hardwood. Me: Why didn't my DT teacher just say? Ty for making this finally make sense to me!
Burger Freak Games
Burger Freak Games Dag siden
Minecraft doesn't have gravity
Yeet Of fate
Yeet Of fate Dag siden
Geez no wonder steve is in smash
John Sebastian Carlos
John Sebastian Carlos 2 dager siden
wait a minutebis that a hint for food theory on how many licks does it take too get into the center of the lollipop i dont know its name
Plantimations! 2 dager siden
“You can’t just pulverize the block of wood, you’d just get a bunch of sawdust.” Steve: (Literally does the same in the game but gets the entire block)
Miia Wolf
Miia Wolf 2 dager siden
it's also theorised that Steve is literally a god
Ramen Noodle
Ramen Noodle 2 dager siden
A whole year, luckily we've got a nether update!
Ben Rajan
Ben Rajan 2 dager siden
1:06 Talk about a blast from the past. Smosh, Nigahiga, RWJ, Candy Mountain. The feels. I miss OG youtube, it was a simpler time.
TheGenericMan lol
TheGenericMan lol 2 dager siden
Steve is gonna be OP in smash ultimate
aubrie reitz
aubrie reitz 2 dager siden
when i grow up
Maddii and Blue
Maddii and Blue 2 dager siden
I have a headcanon that Steve's trouser pockets have like a unbreaking level 100 enchantment on them
Azhar Raffa
Azhar Raffa 3 dager siden
It just a game
Dab Man Stan
Dab Man Stan 3 dager siden
I will pay you money to give me money
Gabriel Enzo Elijah Bautista
Gabriel Enzo Elijah Bautista 3 dager siden
so im 1 month younger than minecraft my birthdate is June,21,2009
Gabriel Zafirati
Gabriel Zafirati 3 dager siden
8Bit Conduit
8Bit Conduit 3 dager siden
Fine if you insist I will break leaves or grass so I can break the tree with seeds or apples
Liese W.
Liese W. 3 dager siden
When the girl was punching the tree I got flash backs to playing rhythm heaven mega mix on the 3ds
B02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion
B02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion 3 dager siden
0:29 is this shadow Monika from doki doki literature club?
Simon Merrill
Simon Merrill 4 dager siden
So that's why Steve is broken in ssbu
Malone Glick
Malone Glick 4 dager siden
Steve is a god
Samuel Balke
Samuel Balke 4 dager siden
You would make a good detective 😁
Mr_Raikku 4 dager siden
Steve is one punch man
Frogman42 4 dager siden
Imagine how strong the mobs are if steves punches are that strong.
Mr Darcy
Mr Darcy 5 dager siden
Watching this again now that steve is in smash, this explains why he's so strong
cyrusmamama5 6 dager siden
0:05 thanks matpat you just cleared away my nightmare from the illager theory.
Deku 6 dager siden
I have a question do trees have to be punched in order to get wood . Cause that’s stupid seriously stupid I could break all of my bones
Owen Stanley
Owen Stanley 6 dager siden
Disk 11 running from a wither our friends souls made.
Aisha mohamed
Aisha mohamed 6 dager siden
I love the intro so much
Lava Squid
Lava Squid 6 dager siden
MatPat: Makes Smash reference Sakuri: invites Steve to Smash
Dogg • v •
Dogg • v • 6 dager siden
I t ‘ s A M o t h e r f * *k I n g V I d e o g a m e
Faylene begay
Faylene begay 6 dager siden
Kick the tree
Jaiden Sanders
Jaiden Sanders 7 dager siden
My dad works at home depot
KillerFinnish WR
KillerFinnish WR 7 dager siden
Well... No. That's not how it works. The question you should ask is: how much force and speed does it take to push a fist-sized, fist-weight object through 1m thick piece of wood? Probably less than what is required to lift a rocket into space!
Johannes Life
Johannes Life 7 dager siden
He is so Cute and Hot, why he usw that old Picture from Him :D 🎃🔥🧡
Elmo 8 dager siden
How else do we get anything you idiot
PacsterOfficialYT 7 dager siden
Shut up dumbass leave him alone
Anthony Salkauski
Anthony Salkauski 8 dager siden
This is exactly why we wanted Steve for smash. Cuz he would be this overpowered
YourGamerTen YT? ofc
YourGamerTen YT? ofc 9 dager siden
His first words bring a kid: HAAAAAA-
Jayposts 9 dager siden
lil ozzy
lil ozzy 9 dager siden
Idk if you’ve ever actually cut a tree down with an ax, but it still takes a good hour and a half of hard work.
The normal Undertale Weeb
The normal Undertale Weeb 9 dager siden
Ouchy tree
Vidyuth Amesh
Vidyuth Amesh 10 dager siden
i found minecraft Steves's full name.... its Steve Rogers ok maybe a million times stronger
Izzy St. John
Izzy St. John 10 dager siden
MatPat : the roots are still there aka the bad puns Me : yep 100 percent
Nukerane Vlogger
Nukerane Vlogger 10 dager siden
When he said meaty paws I lost 12 gallons of tears from laughing
Outmercury _
Outmercury _ 10 dager siden
Dry rot? I think I step on a dry rot tree earlier
UltraLX 10 dager siden
10:50 *is that a jojo reference*
JND Gaming
JND Gaming 10 dager siden
Can steve broke the earth
Jack F
Jack F 11 dager siden
Nether update: am I a joke to you?
Graham Lynch
Graham Lynch 11 dager siden
Yeah, steve in smash is going to be entirely overpowered.
Da Dalione
Da Dalione 11 dager siden
I accidentally punched a tree IRL cuz I was trying to punch fruit next to the tree or even inside the tree
Rahand Op
Rahand Op 11 dager siden
Like me
PoisonousOrange 12 dager siden
Remember kids, stay in school so you can do your game theories
The Begginer
The Begginer 12 dager siden
Real life alex
Ada Devon
Ada Devon 12 dager siden
He's going to be strong in smash
Kayo A
Kayo A 12 dager siden
Now he is in smash...
Vextrove 12 dager siden
He predicted Steve in Smash
charles 12 dager siden
ur so smart
king 64
king 64 12 dager siden
How strong is creative steve
HEEENRYYY 12 dager siden
ceruchi 13 dager siden
Punching out trees in real life: a stupid waste of time Punching out trees in Minecraft: a stupid waste of time Seems purty realistic to me. Use an axe.
BLACK LIGHT 13 dager siden
12:38steve punch 😂😂 I tried to rhyme : Steve punch Its really powerful punch Its the biggest banishment But hey you can go to space faster than a rocket just your body go for you will diiiiiiiu in same seconds Steve_tv will punch you with 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ibf and a lot of 0
Tigres Y.T
Tigres Y.T 13 dager siden
By steve you mean herobrine alex
Flaming Gamer
Flaming Gamer 13 dager siden
Lol my brother broke his pinky trying to punch a soft wood lol
Daniel Oren-Ibarra
Daniel Oren-Ibarra 13 dager siden
That pixabay background at 9:43
Amy Jeffers
Amy Jeffers 14 dager siden
SuperOof 183
SuperOof 183 14 dager siden
My question is if anyone can punch from 5 meters away
Artemis Jade
Artemis Jade 14 dager siden
since when did this tern to a nater show
Klevis Saraci
Klevis Saraci 14 dager siden
Matpat: Thats pretty much what every player does first Me:* laughs in bonus chest) *
christina gomes
christina gomes 14 dager siden
By the way love your videos of both of your channel game and film theroy
christina gomes
christina gomes 14 dager siden
And creepy
christina gomes
christina gomes 14 dager siden
Why are disk 11 and 13 weird
Gunner _3101
Gunner _3101 14 dager siden
What is the name of the song 0:00 i need t know that
Ezriha 15 dager siden
6:10 if we wanna have any hope on how many punches Steve needs to get to the center of that tootsie roll log
Ezriha 15 dager siden
0:19 why is the toy moving
BREEZEPELT 15 dager siden
1:06 oh I miss NigaHiga Ryan he hasn’t posted in a long time
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