Game Theory: FNAF, The Cult of Glitchtrap (FNAF VR Curse of Dreadbear DLC)

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Welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's, where today we are diving into the successor of William Afton - or rather his cult. The Cult of Glitchtrap. You see, with the release of the FNAF VR: Help Wanted DLC, Curse of Dreadbear, we were introduced to what looks to be our new big bad of the series moving forward. If you missed it in your playthrough, don't worry. I've gathered all the clues and easter eggs to give us a clear picture of the future of FNAF.
Reluctant Follower mask render by Scrappy_God on Reddit
Glitchtrap render by EliteRobo ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Ruby [Navy]
Ruby [Navy] År siden
Matpat: “Raises money for cancer” *Everyone liked that!*
WinterPup 20 timer siden
Epic Dog
Epic Dog 21 time siden
Oh I’m sorry yay*
Epic Dog
Epic Dog 21 time siden
Epic Dog
Epic Dog 21 time siden
Epic Dog
Epic Dog 21 time siden
blanksins _
blanksins _ 13 timer siden
I look at the comments to see if people found out if the poster thing is true and i see quotes and memes. A few made me shook lmao
Hanako-kun /Jessi
Hanako-kun /Jessi 14 timer siden
Some people say that glichtrap is willam aftons brother that controlled him to kill kids or that glichtrap told willam he would let him see his dead kids and yes Vanessa is the girls name she just likes vanny and glichtrap isn't controlling het
Albino Alien
Albino Alien 4 timer siden
Thats fake
Why Not RN
Why Not RN 15 timer siden
Yes, matpat ignored that night I’ve the fox is making a movie called Vanessa into madness 🥲
WinterPup 20 timer siden
I really think vanny is one of the "realistic robots" That's William makes since in the trailer she said "it was just a glitch" While her voice glitches out Or The mall is a game Gregory and a bunch of people are trapped in
Chris Maxim
Chris Maxim 20 timer siden
Love those file names btw looo
Strawberry Frog
Strawberry Frog 22 timer siden
4:54 to skip
Kermit Krab
Kermit Krab 22 timer siden
1 year and 2 months later I can confirm the it’s me thing is true, I’ve been able to do it before and Johnny blox wouldn’t lie
Daisy Page
Daisy Page 23 timer siden
Wicked is a popular phrase in New England :D I’m from Maine so I have a lotta weird praises like ayuh witch means yes
Flame ASMR
Flame ASMR Dag siden
Me not watching a fnaf lore video since sister location came out and now coming back to it like: uuughhhhhhhhhhh what is this 😦
Omri Aviv
Omri Aviv Dag siden
Jaden editz productions
Jaden editz productions Dag siden
Remember when people thought fnaf sb will release in 2020?
Twig mations
Twig mations Dag siden
Thank you mat for making it easier on other kids, my nana had cancer and survived, and made a great recovery but that was scary for me to learn even though I wasn’t born at that time so I’m happy I don’t have cancer and feel terrible for so thank you
dream team
dream team Dag siden
Mat: we have to save them Scott: hmmmm now I have to chande iy
Sagtopolus Dag siden
youre addicted to this game series and it has changed your channel for the worse
Candyclous5 a ROBLOX creator
Candyclous5 a ROBLOX creator Dag siden
Wait, something's very suspect. Actually, I know that ÿ means Oof. 7_1. FNAF 7, TEASER 1 has the word Oof, and, Oof means something bad. I know, because on Roblox, when the character dies the Oof sound plays. I have heard that the Oof sound is gonna be removed, but it was never removed. Anyways. Every single character of FNaF is murder and this new character? Well. I think. It has something WAIT A MINUTE. I can do this even eyes closed! ÿ is a Trojan File, ÿ.exe! That's amazing because Glitchtrap IS A VIRUS! But a fun fact. I think. If FNaF made DDLC, EVERY single character would be on a game file! And maybe, we could make them ogg, png, etc! But if Glitchtrap appear suddenly on the game file, maybe it would appear as a .exe file, or we could rename it to .exe for nothing, it's already a virus. Edit: pls giv mi liks me smart and pls imagine me theorist voic pls
Candyclous5 a ROBLOX creator
Candyclous5 a ROBLOX creator Dag siden
Hey, this new killer is the mother of.. 8hF428RF G8R FF8Y3! I mean. I don't know the name of the kid, I've never played FNaF. But I know. The mother of this kid is this new killer, and she appears in the song It's Been So Long by The Living Tombstone.
Tom Cain
Tom Cain Dag siden
I missed the live stream
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson Dag siden
mask is vanny
Lukas Stavropoulos
Lukas Stavropoulos Dag siden
What if tape girl is Vanny
Jackie Bergman
Jackie Bergman Dag siden
Can someone make me to feel ok because I am thinking that glitchtrap can hack my body and l have to be trapped in FNAF VR until someone is in it so l can escape
- ZachDaGachaTuber -
- ZachDaGachaTuber - Dag siden
Hello, my name is _________________
Frog The Human
Frog The Human Dag siden
big oof
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 2 dager siden
I wouldn’t be surprised if MatPat stared in the Fnaf movie.
Lilly Flowers
Lilly Flowers 2 dager siden
Me at the end: wow you are so wrong Mat if you want me to tell you my theory I’m not saying Jk I’ll post on NOpost my 8hour theory
Caleb Black
Caleb Black 2 dager siden
LeeEricson387 YT
LeeEricson387 YT 2 dager siden
Corn maze isnt the hardest its danger look out 3
Blob fish
Blob fish 2 dager siden
Cancer got got jump scared by glitchtrap right.
Maya Bartholomew
Maya Bartholomew 3 dager siden
I am fine with you knowing about this because I feel like you need to know my past behavior in order to accept how I am
boeing 787 dreamliner
boeing 787 dreamliner 3 dager siden
oh nope
boeing 787 dreamliner
boeing 787 dreamliner 3 dager siden
wait wouldn't micheal afton be glitchtrap
X3millszx3 3 dager siden
Who else is watching this in 2021 being like it’s like vanny
Shuby ._.
Shuby ._. 3 dager siden
everyone who already knew about vanny : ygrtybrfijgnlcdncswvnjlfdnglcvnsxjjknrn hi you still reading
U Å 3 dager siden
Carlos Orona
Carlos Orona 3 dager siden
Vanessa I forgot her last name but she's also known as Vanny
red oofy / oofy lost son
red oofy / oofy lost son 3 dager siden
It did not come out in 2020
GregoryPlayz570 3 dager siden
Scott: Adds Help Wanted MatPat; Makes theories about digital cults Me; Remeber when fnaf was about animatronics?
Nikki Stokes
Nikki Stokes 3 dager siden
guys fun fact its prob freddy saying its me he said its me and it was a brown bair and i was rying to get g f its probly him
K! 4 dager siden
You stole eystreems scary survival intro
Harkey Man
Harkey Man 4 dager siden
Wolfie Shadow
Wolfie Shadow 4 dager siden
The fnaf seciuryty breach will be relased in 2020!!! Me in 2021 welp still waiting TwT
xXArtimisXx 4 dager siden
Remember when we thought 2020 was gonna be great and Security Breach was supposed to come out?
Nub_Lord19 4 dager siden
Hey matpat if you go to the curse of dreadbear dlc, switch to hard mode, then press the button on the side of the monitor and turn around you will see ???glitchtrap??? dancing on a hill far away in the distance in the monitors direction. Any idea as to what this means? Edit: i did some searching, found a video of someone hacking their way to the spot and it is confirmed to be glitchtrap.
call of duty gamer
call of duty gamer 5 dager siden
Not now mat, now its covid-19
{Gföçèr} !¡!¡
{Gföçèr} !¡!¡ 5 dager siden
Can we take a moment to appreciate how he is always supporting St Jude's hospital for children to help save so many kids lives
Samuel D
Samuel D 5 dager siden
Fluffy Mittens25
Fluffy Mittens25 5 dager siden
Just wanted to say this at 7:40 mat talks about a jonnyblox finding the "barn rave" easter egg. He's not the only one to have found it, there are other small channels that have done it. I even went on flat mode and I manage to do the same thing. So yeah, that's not impressive editing, its actually in the game. Its just really hard to hit those damn posters. And the three posters (by my calculations) have a 1 out of 7 chance of spawning.(took me half a hour or so to make em appear)
Player 2 Has Joined!
Player 2 Has Joined! 5 dager siden
im so happy that the live stream is on my b day and even better your raising money for children with cancer
Rann Bryantt
Rann Bryantt 6 dager siden
damn Matt that’s some cake you sharing at the end of the video
hello 6 dager siden
Glitch trap met willaim wen he was young and did the same thing to William and THAT'S WHY HE KILLED THE KIDS :( and that's why he abused Micheal. Glitch trap and will aim are not the same people.
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono 4 dager siden
Glithtrap is willam it is confirm William/glithtrap/springtrap/scraptrap kill kids to become imortal
Hariken Studios
Hariken Studios 6 dager siden
I'm just wondering how the Fazbear franchise was popular enough to get a show, toys, and masks. Those animatronics and those masks are creepy.
Dea Antoine
Dea Antoine 6 dager siden
I know I know what’s your name do you killer it’s Ava my
BabyParalysis Demon
BabyParalysis Demon 6 dager siden
Hey matpat. If you look on the car at the background it has what looks like a 2 and an 8
Notyummyfytyt 6 dager siden
4:12 though he said kill kids and cure cancer
No color Productions!
No color Productions! 6 dager siden
“The fan base is mature” *gacha community* HA lies Gacha community:ships William and glitch
dragon King
dragon King 7 dager siden
What if we are vanny
MrNoName 7 dager siden
at 12:53 is glitchtrap a jedi he senses fear in vanny. ok VADER
FluffyDaHuskyFox 7 dager siden
I’m going to have terrible nightmares because of this ):”D Thank you Game theory. -_- (but I liked the video :3)
Itz_ dark phoenix
Itz_ dark phoenix 7 dager siden
I love it the prizes has ‘exotic butters’ at the end
FireFox Fire
FireFox Fire 7 dager siden
I'm bored
Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear 7 dager siden
My Name Is Gabriel And One Of The Dead Kids Is Named Gabriel? I Took Dat Personally
Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear 7 dager siden
Scott: How Many Fnaf Games Do You Want Lore: Oh Yeah You To Mat Matpat: *Yes*
Jabber 7 dager siden
me: sees this theory me who has also seen the later theory about willy being a virus that has potential to completely control its victims: *laughs in the future*
incoming Atlas
incoming Atlas 7 dager siden
You mean 2021
MasterMelonX 8 dager siden
3:37 I hope that email is real. Scott must’ve burst out laughing at the sight of that email 😂
Angelina The Random person
Angelina The Random person 8 dager siden
Warrior lion
Warrior lion 8 dager siden
video starts at 4:55 yw
Aaden Colwell
Aaden Colwell 9 dager siden
I Really want to know themes played during the theories, if anyone knows. plz reply
call me cocobean
call me cocobean 9 dager siden
"im in the middle of the video" and i have a felling its Vanny :)
call me cocobean
call me cocobean 9 dager siden
i got it right!
Sleeping Chicken
Sleeping Chicken 9 dager siden
Chau ChhunSamnag
Chau ChhunSamnag 9 dager siden
vanny is a person that glitchtrap
Chau ChhunSamnag
Chau ChhunSamnag 9 dager siden
that was vanny
Shirazi Wine Co.
Shirazi Wine Co. 9 dager siden
I miss when it was just Fnaf 1-3 and it was only about a few dead kids😔
DealWithIt DWI
DealWithIt DWI 9 dager siden
MatPat:Ok use the kids being killed to save the kids, that balances it out.Right?
Gaming Foxy
Gaming Foxy 9 dager siden
What if the “Fazbear Frights” series, each short was a mental illness put in such a way for others to understand what it could be like?
Benjamin Grandt
Benjamin Grandt 10 dager siden
At 8:36 that thing that’s in the cage it looks like toxic spring trap.
Trap Logic
Trap Logic 10 dager siden
Eh man. It's weird.
James plymel
James plymel 10 dager siden
was at the egsotic butter
John Cedrick Baldoza
John Cedrick Baldoza 10 dager siden
What happened to the time travelling ball pit?
nur faiqa falisha
nur faiqa falisha 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who wants FNAF to be real? Like if you want it to be real too.
cranee 10 dager siden
Is it just me or is glitch trap the scariest character sofar
Maya Bartholomew
Maya Bartholomew 10 dager siden
Sorry about the change in formats within my comments lately, I just realized what is going on with Maya, and that is that she has been abused I know that nobody would respond to a comment on this video within this context, but if you do, please call child support services so she can get the help that she needs. If you are still curious as to how she has been abused then I can elaborate. Maya might look like she has a good life, but her household was full of neglect and she was treated poorly whenever she acted out, she never got the right treatment whenever she got angry, and she never got to talk to anybody about her problems, except for her therapist. People who are abused reject sympathy, I would know since I was abused a lot throughout my life. Also they deny that they need help and figure there is just something wrong with them instead of the person they are with, which is also something I felt throughout most of my life. The most important ways to know is if they cry about their experience when you bring it up with them, or if you have any other negative reaction like victimizing yourself, or aggression. People who are abused feel like they are being taken advantage of by others, even if the people they are with might be nice, they have trauma from the past about what had previously happened with their family. A few other forms of abuse are that her mom isolates her from strangers and warns her against giving personal information away, but the truth is strangers aren’t really that violent. Again, you don’t have to do much, but just call somebody to help her at least.
Avamesh 10 dager siden
JakkuBoi 11 dager siden
More like 2020 into madness
Pjplaysxbox 11 dager siden
I have a problem with this theory because if William A had a 👪 and his father abused him and his brother getting his brother (Vincent) killed who then went on becoming glitchtrap so that means two souls are trapped in glitchtrap and also William had 4 kids in total Terrence, Michael, Elizabeth, and Chris (we don't hear about Terrence because his death was caused by abuse by William who abused Michael and Terrence, Terrence died by suicide but before he did he gave Michael his foxy mask and plushy) btw Terrence death is before Elisabeth and Chris were born(note he foxy head we see him use in fnaf 4 8-bit minigames is a different one he got for his birthday before) also I found out something about ennard he's sentient which means he knows he's dead but who is he who's his soul its Noah the nightguard who worked before Michael thats all I have for you matpat
Gabriel um trouxa qualquer
Gabriel um trouxa qualquer 9 dager siden
You are nothing boy, get out of here, you are just a 9 year old child who doesn't know anything about fnaf, in short you are embarrassing
Gabriel um trouxa qualquer
Gabriel um trouxa qualquer 9 dager siden
all wrong
Albino Alien
Albino Alien 10 dager siden
What? Vincent is a fan name for the purple guy before william got revealed, William never had a brother and william is glitchtrap nobody else William past is a mystery so yes William also has only 3 kids Michael BV Elizabeth Terrence is a fan name same with chris
Kristine Queen
Kristine Queen 11 dager siden
your wachting in 2021
GippyHappy 11 dager siden
I'm starting to see how Scott gets these games out so fast if when you ask him if he wants to donate to charity he's like "hold on lemme make you a game where I do just that"
Kat the gamer
Kat the gamer 11 dager siden
5:26 *Sigh* Why is this too true...
Liam 11 dager siden
Every time he says the game is coming out in 2020, my heart sinks a little more
Zachary Hathaway
Zachary Hathaway 12 dager siden
I need to know the app people use to brighten images.
Ganesh _GLITCH
Ganesh _GLITCH 12 dager siden
altho it will be released in 2020..... meanwhile in 2021: where da f is our game
edgy psychic
edgy psychic 12 dager siden
FNAF is basically the The lore equivalent to King crimson's ability
Unknown52 12 dager siden
What if William afton was glitchtrap but he is still in hell but the vr game makes people contact him from his hell that explains why he is trying to escape so badly Just a hunch
sue garlick
sue garlick 13 dager siden
MatPat: The game won’t release *until* 2020 *Well that aged well*
Some_Italian Guy
Some_Italian Guy 13 dager siden
yeah it turns out its instead coming out sometime in 2021 bc 2020 ended and its still not here sooo
MajesticArtist 2035
MajesticArtist 2035 13 dager siden
The answer to the square puzzle from untitled goose game! The answer to the puzzle, I need it
MajesticArtist 2035
MajesticArtist 2035 13 dager siden
@Matpat D:
MajesticArtist 2035
MajesticArtist 2035 13 dager siden
What is the answer to the brain puzzle from the last episode? :'( I need to know!
Marcos Duran
Marcos Duran 13 dager siden
For me I’m in 2021
Florian Ricquart
Florian Ricquart 13 dager siden
Couldn't the gravestones surrounding the Glitched Grave be the ones of Gregory's friends, AKA not the Old Victims, but the New Victims ? If Help Wanted was some sort of reboot/start of a new saga, then the game should look forward, not back to the past
Albino Alien
Albino Alien 13 dager siden
Either the gravestones represent the tapes in help wanted or the gravestones in pizzeria simulator i will go with the pizzeria simulator part
Addison Crawford
Addison Crawford 14 dager siden
You got me with that vanny thing and the creepy echoing voice
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