Game Theory: FNAF, The Cult of Glitchtrap (FNAF VR Curse of Dreadbear DLC)

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11 måneder siden

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Welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's, where today we are diving into the successor of William Afton - or rather his cult. The Cult of Glitchtrap. You see, with the release of the FNAF VR: Help Wanted DLC, Curse of Dreadbear, we were introduced to what looks to be our new big bad of the series moving forward. If you missed it in your playthrough, don't worry. I've gathered all the clues and easter eggs to give us a clear picture of the future of FNAF.
Reluctant Follower mask render by Scrappy_God on Reddit
Glitchtrap render by EliteRobo ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Ruby [Navy]
Ruby [Navy] 11 måneder siden
Matpat: “Raises money for cancer” *Everyone liked that!*
Lulu Feng
Lulu Feng 5 dager siden
Ruby [Navy] I love it
gager 061
gager 061 9 dager siden
@Opalkit fart
Opalkit 9 dager siden
i appreciate your name just as much as your comment.
gager 061
gager 061 10 dager siden
farting brawler
Stephen Ales
Stephen Ales 12 dager siden
M R 27 minutter siden
what he day in this video: eady for a HUGE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT?
M R 27 minutter siden
sry im italy
Skyye Sandlin
Skyye Sandlin 3 timer siden
So your saying the 7th gravestone in the background is Michael Afton stone on the hill behind the first six
Marivic Andas
Marivic Andas 4 timer siden
Vanny's a new killer!?
Chanuka Wickramarathne
Chanuka Wickramarathne 6 timer siden
Matpat:donate to cancer Corona :im coming donate to me too
Blue Cloud
Blue Cloud 9 timer siden
Blue Cloud
Blue Cloud 9 timer siden
Cloud Kenneas Mabulay
Cloud Kenneas Mabulay 12 timer siden
Drop Tv
Drop Tv 19 timer siden
The reluctant follower's name is Vanny
Cj.s colors
Cj.s colors 21 time siden
“What’s the seventh gravestone?” SPRINGTRAP AND DELIAH IS NOW CANNON IN THE LORE- this was a joke, but like, that would be funny
JFK Number2
JFK Number2 Dag siden
-Mandy Playz-
-Mandy Playz- Dag siden
I thought Glitchtrap was a different person from William._.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Nope glitchtrap voice in the minigame from help wanted mobile port basically confirmed he is indeed the real and only william afton
Matthieu Opulencia
Matthieu Opulencia Dag siden
The Beast?
chad bacon
chad bacon Dag siden
I lost my dad at the age of 3 my dad had cancer
Jyoti Karmakar
Jyoti Karmakar Dag siden
hi its a little late but I have a question is glitchtrap an animatronc ?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 6 timer siden
Rozan 2912
Rozan 2912 Dag siden
4:05 "Dream_Team" Me: something is comming i can feel it
wolfie_the_glitch Dag siden
Me a year ago:I apart of glichtraps cult My friends a year ago:I dont care
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber Dag siden
Wanna learn the longest word in French cause why not lol? It’s (drumroll please)... Anticonstitutionnellement (25 letters long) In English idk the longest one and I was too lazy to look it up but here’s a long one for you Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (36 letters long) (it’s the fear of long words in case you’re wondering 😂) Edit: I looked it up and it’s pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (45 letters long wow)
Arie_Mei Tempest
Arie_Mei Tempest Dag siden
Tape girl = Vanny
On The Inside
On The Inside Dag siden
I wanna skip to the theory, but I’ll feel bad.
Moon Animatronic
Moon Animatronic Dag siden
9:17 MatPat: *while hard to make out* , *Clearly* has rabbit ears Me: **Confused Screaming**
Lunarmoonlightr 12
Lunarmoonlightr 12 2 dager siden
The kid named cancer: wot why me
Jhemar Acojedo
Jhemar Acojedo 2 dager siden
4:54 ez
Pirate DoGGo
Pirate DoGGo 2 dager siden
I think that DadPat is a fan of KISS
Tcg - 5
Tcg - 5 2 dager siden
I really appreciate the nametag at 12:59
God Anoymunus
God Anoymunus 2 dager siden
Matpat:We need to cure cancer 1secs later Marpat:Cults ,dead children,crazy bunnies,ghosts
Georgiana Bălașa
Georgiana Bălașa 2 dager siden
The girls voice that plays on Fnaf VR is named Vanny That Is all i got to say MatPat
Enas Shaheen
Enas Shaheen 2 dager siden
Yeah i lost my grandpa
Blazin Kelso Garrett
Blazin Kelso Garrett 2 dager siden
Pesci 2 dager siden
MatPat: The first game was released on August 8, 2014 Me: Ok My head: 6 years ago Me: *Ages further*
Noname Man
Noname Man 3 dager siden
at 9:12 i think if you do the same thing with ballora you get bella and ballerina idk just a random thought I haven't read the books so if someone can look to see if bella has been mentioned then that'll be cool
Evil Shadow Wolf
Evil Shadow Wolf 3 dager siden
is there a way i can see the live stream after its not live? like is it on gt live
Slippin Deep
Slippin Deep 3 dager siden
Guy's did you realize that mat Pat is obsessed with solving the mystery Of fnaf Pizzeria just like the night guards who was obsessed with putting the pieces together to solve the mystery as well and mat Pat is slowly growing insane from it what if he make a game cannon to what mat Pat is doing that would be a good shout out
Psychotic 11
Psychotic 11 3 dager siden
Wow that’s a really nice thin
Dave The Duck
Dave The Duck 3 dager siden
what if the security gaurd in fnaf security breach ends up being vanny?
Troy Schell
Troy Schell 3 dager siden
Her name is vanny
Sy the Animal Whisperer
Sy the Animal Whisperer 3 dager siden
You have a kid!?!?
Sierra 117 Master Chief
Sierra 117 Master Chief 4 dager siden
the new fnaf game was just sad, i was hoping for a good fnaf game
l i ' l c h e r r y
l i ' l c h e r r y 4 dager siden
uhhhhhh my whole recommendations are just Matpat ;-; its the cult of The Game Theorists
Kokichi Cow
Kokichi Cow 4 dager siden
I was not ready for that glitch jumpscare thingy with glitch trap and vanny
sherod jones
sherod jones 4 dager siden
Saskia Walmsley
Saskia Walmsley 4 dager siden
Oh jeez
Kidd Chaos
Kidd Chaos 4 dager siden
random thought but would overlaying the outline of the maps by any chance show anything in relation to book shapes, words finds or even number pads by chance?
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka 4 dager siden
"skip to ___ for the theory" Me: Why? No, we wanna support you, Matpat! Especially if it's for kids with cancer 🥺
IXI_Lunar _
IXI_Lunar _ 4 dager siden
The new fnaf game is exclusive to the ps5 as of now and the trailer is worth a theory. Yes it is set in the mall but one of an animatronic is a good guy. There is a new animatronic... a lot of theories to get
Patrick Like Krabby Patties
Patrick Like Krabby Patties 4 dager siden
I lost my uncle to cancer I was young so I barely remember his face ;-;
JaziahAnimations !
JaziahAnimations ! 4 dager siden
I Can’t Believe there’s A Glitch Trap Cult (Yes I know I just don’t know what to Comment)
Ichigo 4 dager siden
As a survivor of childhood cancer watching people do this really puts a smile on my face.
Christal Melin G.
Christal Melin G. 4 dager siden
Its vanny
Benji Reaves
Benji Reaves 4 dager siden
Bro seriously for the last time I told you on multiple videos check the trailer for five nights at Freddy’s security breach on PlayStation two months OK or I’m gonna unsubscribe 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Lily Rider
Lily Rider 4 dager siden
Ahhhhhhhhh! Re-watching just after Game theorists x St Judes Part 2 was announced!
DJBuchan 5 dager siden
When it says no one suspects anything means that no one suspects that glitchtrap is still here by an Easter egg on the dreadbear fnaf 1 mini game where it searches for glitches
Katherine Dawkins
Katherine Dawkins 5 dager siden
Thx MatPat.. u take this seriously and I am happy u r. And u took the Fnaf so seriously. And thx to Saint judes
Boxeyboi Animates
Boxeyboi Animates 5 dager siden
Theory confirmed
Katherine DE Jesus
Katherine DE Jesus 5 dager siden
Glitchtrap: I'm flossing Me: loser
Blueanimus _Lisa
Blueanimus _Lisa 5 dager siden
19:18 he finally talks about DISGUSTING ships noice 😎💅
Bellas_world 5 dager siden
dec 3????? THATS THE DAY BEFORE MY B DAY its offical i am going to wach it HELP THE CANCER KIDS!!!!
Melissa B
Melissa B 5 dager siden
Some Guy
Some Guy 6 dager siden
oh yeah ive seen somebody somehow predict the looks of the glamrocks when we first had sister location. Person from the future much?
Kyle Bear
Kyle Bear 6 dager siden
OH so America CAN have a free healthcare system?? Why aren’t the rest of our hospitals like that?? I’m serious.
TheManBehindTheSlaughter XD
TheManBehindTheSlaughter XD 6 dager siden
Hey guys
Uther Ruzek
Uther Ruzek 6 dager siden
Mais Fawaz
Mais Fawaz 6 dager siden
Her name is vanny
Yt Hot_Tamale_20
Yt Hot_Tamale_20 6 dager siden
Jeremy was the name of one of the security guards
Adan Elizalde
Adan Elizalde 6 dager siden
Komorebi 6 dager siden
I have not lost a friend to cancer but a friend to brain tumor
Alexandr Provyk
Alexandr Provyk 6 dager siden
First time I watched in literal centuries and saw mats face for the first time, beautiful boi
Chip Flake 2.0
Chip Flake 2.0 6 dager siden
Matpat the donation including the Brazil
Master Farr
Master Farr 6 dager siden
9:00 Karma am I right?
Jon Mc
Jon Mc 6 dager siden
Who else ships vanny x glichtrap/ mallhare
The D Dog
The D Dog 5 dager siden
Lauren Kay
Lauren Kay 7 dager siden
i already knew the carters name was vany she is not new she is old she was helping the kids follow willyum win the kids got stuffed in a shout
WØLFY_SPEEDPÃINTS12 7 dager siden
Wait glitchtrap ain’t real right-
WØLFY_SPEEDPÃINTS12 5 dager siden
I’m scared
I am BREAD 6 dager siden
yaara zuta
yaara zuta 7 dager siden
"Because masks sucks" but usefull~
Samantha Robeldo
Samantha Robeldo 7 dager siden
And the mask girl is named Vanessa
Samantha Robeldo
Samantha Robeldo 7 dager siden
Btw glitchtrap is not William glitchtrap is Vincent and Vincent is williams brother UnU
Carla Oliveira
Carla Oliveira 6 dager siden
william and glitchtrap are the same person is confirmed, this is gacha theory that has no meaning, and there was never a Vincent in the game, william is glitchtrap
Gabriel Hero
Gabriel Hero 6 dager siden
william and glitchtrap are the same person
ThatRandomCat 7 dager siden
Music Vibes
Music Vibes 7 dager siden
This guy sounds like James from theodd1s out
Those Weirdos
Those Weirdos 7 dager siden
december 3rd is my birthday
ShadowGamezXYZ 8 dager siden
Is glam rock fanf
Blazer 5949
Blazer 5949 8 dager siden
BTW on his website right now is that killer bunny. Lol
Alex 8 dager siden
i love how matpat put a basket of exotic butters as a prize
Moses Olvera
Moses Olvera 8 dager siden
I have a question wouldn’t the phantom animatronics be apart of the cult. (Comment if you agree)
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 8 dager siden
There is no cult
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 8 dager siden
No the phantom animatronics arent even real things just hallucinations
Dhalgat 8 dager siden
What if william turns out to be a girl?
Émeraude& compagnie
Émeraude& compagnie 8 dager siden
The game of the girl whit the bunny mask is Vanny ( Her real name is Vanessa)
Charis Balman
Charis Balman 8 dager siden
Hsnshsha idk what to say
Charis Balman
Charis Balman 8 dager siden
I wont be able to give to the fundraiser but I can at least watch it
DARK_ASSASSIN 8 dager siden
When I was 8 I had bone cancer And December 4 is my birthday
Random Music
Random Music 8 dager siden
(Might be a little rude so if you will get offended sorry) Me in 2020 hearing MatPat say Cancer is the worst thing to be diagnosed with (it really is) Ummm you no heard of CORANA VIRUS (again im so sorry if this offended)
Henry Nash
Henry Nash 8 dager siden
If you can’t be bothered to skin click this 4:54
Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez
Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez 9 dager siden
When your name is Vanessa 👁👄👁 I actually name Vanessa
JUSTAGAMER 225 Streams
JUSTAGAMER 225 Streams 9 dager siden
19:20 mat after spending 5 years on the fnaf franchise
booboo 9 dager siden
wait hes 33 who talks about video games on the internet and he has a girlfreind is this aloud
[·Just_Wolfer·] 9 dager siden
"Going so far to kidnapping kids and turning them to remnant soup or something. That's too much to ask anyone." Me: uhhhhhhh... Yea... Yea... Too much....
LoganTheTrainee 9 dager siden
Felix The Cat Lover
Felix The Cat Lover 9 dager siden
jaiden man
jaiden man 9 dager siden
place the crown opon my head! And call me the KING! OF FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDYS!
Opalkit 9 dager siden
i appreciate the cancer donations bc my friends lost one of their good freinds at a vey young age so that opened up my eyes when they told me, so love the cause.
GalaxyPlayz YT
GalaxyPlayz YT 9 dager siden
idc what you say, it's not a fnaf dream team without coryxkenshin
Shadow Fire
Shadow Fire 9 dager siden
plot twist: vanny is tape girl
Rosetta Mcfarland
Rosetta Mcfarland 9 dager siden
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