Game Theory: Does Isaac DIE?!? Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Endings EXPLAINED.

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6 år siden

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It's time to get INDIE! Today I'm taking on the indie game YOU have been requesting the most -- The Binding of Isaac. WHAT DOES THIS GAME MEAN? With 16 endings and all just as obscure as the last, it seems like this game has some deep things to say...but what are those things, exactly? Does Isaac die in the box? Is mom really a psycho religious killer? We're getting ready to analyze this incredibly deep and moving game.
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Dzz Playz
Dzz Playz 59 minutter siden
“Are you sure this is how you want your story to end Issac?”
{*Gammer*} {*Potato*}
{*Gammer*} {*Potato*} 3 timer siden
Good job Game theory
StormFly 7 timer siden
Well the end of this theory didn't age well
Caitlin The Insomniac
Caitlin The Insomniac 8 timer siden
Should redo this theory with all the updates
SoosToons 13 timer siden
MAT! You should do a new theory! The new repentance dlc gave us new endings to work with
FaDe 15 timer siden
repentance is out pog
helpfulboy boy
helpfulboy boy Dag siden
I like how they use GANNON the demon king from OCARINA OF TIME sorry OUTO correct
Charlie Sillo
Charlie Sillo Dag siden
when organized religion traumatizes you, turn to satanism. satanism is the answer.
Simon Martel
Simon Martel Dag siden
Please do pt 2 with all their new dlcs with repentance.
Vinny Dag siden
happy star wars day!
Ace_Rose 2 dager siden
I’m catholic and I think this is the only episode that talked about my religion :D
Niana 2 dager siden
This is one religious game.
someone123idk Dag siden
Hmmm not so much
Rudra Priyank
Rudra Priyank 2 dager siden
And got lot's of a+
Angelo Trezza
Angelo Trezza 2 dager siden
Magdaline Is the name of the mom. Magdaline O.M. was the complete name....M.O.M.
That Animated Soap
That Animated Soap 2 dager siden
1:57 666+34=700 700 club is not pure there is satan and porn
Krish Blom
Krish Blom 2 dager siden
Im a kid im not the worst
Drew Varner
Drew Varner 3 timer siden
THE WAFFLE kingdom
THE WAFFLE kingdom 3 dager siden
Asimoa's Second channel
Asimoa's Second channel 3 dager siden
Game thero quality was ahead of it's time back then.
Pablindatz 3 dager siden
How about repentance now?
G beast
G beast 3 dager siden
I have a 🔪
G beast
G beast 3 dager siden
DONTREZ ANDERSON 3 dager siden
Awesome video
Mitchell McCrorey
Mitchell McCrorey 3 dager siden
when i think about death i get a scary feeling to kill myself
Fluffernater 3 dager siden
Rudra Priyank
Rudra Priyank 4 dager siden
And they want to the fnaf shcool
Miss Editz
Miss Editz 4 dager siden
Is anyone gonna talk about the Coraline tunnel?
Backyard Fox
Backyard Fox 4 dager siden
Man so like Cults are weird
someone123idk Dag siden
Danny Cap
Danny Cap 5 dager siden
I can't believe I've been with the channel for over 6 years. hell I feel old
Terra Greer
Terra Greer 5 dager siden
uuuuh ok
Ace Tuber Jason
Ace Tuber Jason 5 dager siden
What’s the music at 12:30?
Richard kill
Richard kill 2 dager siden
@Ace Tuber Jason idk
Ace Tuber Jason
Ace Tuber Jason 3 dager siden
@Richard kill which boss?
Richard kill
Richard kill 3 dager siden
Boss music
chess pawn
chess pawn 5 dager siden
I don't like this game
someone123idk Dag siden
George Abel
George Abel 3 dager siden
i strongly disagree with you but i will respect your opinion
Francis The frog
Francis The frog 4 dager siden
You actual fish
Pia Hedegaard
Pia Hedegaard 5 dager siden
Andrew Street
Andrew Street 6 dager siden
A Classic NewGrounds Character
Tarantula Infection Creator
Tarantula Infection Creator 6 dager siden
another old video *UWU* (i hate the uwu thing*
KosmoJakub 6 dager siden
Can you do somethink to TBOI repentance?
kuliper 3155
kuliper 3155 6 dager siden
repentance is here but where is theory?
Meercat 7 dager siden
the only think i can think of is BibleThump
Omnium Mysterio
Omnium Mysterio 7 dager siden
why does this sound like DID?
Dyland Sleighs
Dyland Sleighs 7 dager siden
11:26 S E P H I R O T H!!!
DanzTheGB 7 dager siden
Isaac dies lol
DanzTheGB 7 dager siden
hey are ya planning on explaining Repentance soon?
TheDestroyer55e 7 dager siden
do a new theory based on repentance please i would love that
Rock Ant
Rock Ant 7 dager siden
can u believe that aeven if im 12, i understand everything
YOLANDI COETZEE 7 dager siden
Mack 7 dager siden
Aggresively arguing over the merits of organized religion.
Reba 7 dager siden
Can this man hit us with a part 2
Alex 7 dager siden
Isaac dies the game and Isaac tells the story
Stupid_ 7 dager siden
12:35 ending 16, the hardest one to get in the game me who got it before 15:
Stupid_ 7 dager siden
Rudra Priyank
Rudra Priyank 8 dager siden
It is my job to look at the comments
The Paper Empire
The Paper Empire 8 dager siden
**comments on religion**
Ryan ONeill
Ryan ONeill 8 dager siden
Cut to rebirth
Antonis Bar
Antonis Bar 8 dager siden
do an updatee to this
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 9 dager siden
I just started watching some of these old videos again and I forgot how scared I used to be of these. Man I shouldn't have come back right before I go to sleep.
Brothers Legue
Brothers Legue 9 dager siden
Did he say legend of Zelda
Brothers Legue
Brothers Legue 9 dager siden
Did he saydo you say watching the Zelda
Box_In_The_Hat 9 dager siden
invisiblechris gamer
invisiblechris gamer 9 dager siden
I hate to be THAT GUY but the reason he is missing in the end is because he dies in the chest.
John stealth
John stealth 9 dager siden
Watching 2021
Alegater YT
Alegater YT 9 dager siden
The last part is wrong, he just dies lol
Vitek hybs
Vitek hybs 9 dager siden
you were close !
Frisk From ut
Frisk From ut 9 dager siden
Tl;dw issac suffocates in a chest due to trying to deal with mental stress
milkallergy 9 dager siden
7:53 youngpat: KIDS ARE THE WORST *5 years later*
Mohammad Faraz Akhtar
Mohammad Faraz Akhtar 9 dager siden
3:45 u missed what God said "will you sacrifice your most beloved thing to me"
Isaac Gaming
Isaac Gaming 10 dager siden
My name is isaac
Evelyn Matta Fontanet
Evelyn Matta Fontanet 10 dager siden
Spongebob anime cringe
Wayne 10 dager siden
Puma World
Puma World 10 dager siden
Me:why? Matpat:oh no.
meep t
meep t 11 dager siden
Tiny Cacodemon
Tiny Cacodemon 11 dager siden
I’m in the middle of indie games and normal console games
the emerald cat
the emerald cat 11 dager siden
not gonna watch it but i will say the canon ending is that Isaac died in a chest due to suffocation.
Drip Toady
Drip Toady 11 dager siden
I’m in the comments... should I be scared
Samantha Laurier
Samantha Laurier 11 dager siden
Man I've only played the original
Trang 11 dager siden
Can you do more? Updates has go UP a lot since this one?
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 12 dager siden
Repentance’s true ending: I’m about to confirm this man’s whole career
KnightsOfTarot 12 dager siden
Interestingly, the ending of this theory is still somewhat canon in the Repentance DLC, who'd have thought!
Liam Bernheimer
Liam Bernheimer 12 dager siden
Meh, not really. Isaac dies, that's it. No rebirth and no nothing. Except the story part of the whole thing.
Buttertens 12 dager siden
I am commenting anger at MatPat
Tacoman 12 dager siden
This theory is mostly correct the only thing that was in repentance that changed anything was all the info about the dad Isaac still died in the chest the mom was still abusive and the only new stuff is with the dad
Divided By Two
Divided By Two 12 dager siden
Yannow, Christians should really thank Isaac. After all, he did kill Mega-Satan.
Nauseated 12 dager siden
yeah like he kills mega satan and satan what more do you want... wait... he did kill jesus too
ViscerΔ 12 dager siden
Hm Revisiting this theory many years later, it’s actually really shallow and pointless... Still, I’m glad it brought some exposure to the game. And also... It was the start of my adventure with it... So yeah, overall, still a net positive
Sgt_Pasty 12 dager siden
someone is in a good mood huh.
【My Soul Hurts】
【My Soul Hurts】 13 dager siden
MatPat I know you prob won't see this but your theory about this all being a story that Isaac made up was right.
HatBear 11 dager siden
Not necessarily but yes this was all in isaacs imagination but he is dead he doesn’t rebirth he was dead throughout the whole game pretty much
Good_Boil521 13 dager siden
watched this 6 years after it was uploaded his voice is still the same
ELOtaku 13 dager siden
I think matpat need to do another video about isaac because with repentance all the secrest come out
Francesca Chua
Francesca Chua 13 dager siden
Who is lsaac
Chrysaor 13 dager siden
I remember reading something on the topic of death. I think it’s really accurate. It goes “I don’t think death is scary, but I think dying is“ How the actual knowledge of death doesn’t seem scary since we’re pretty much desenitized to it. But when seeing some dying or we ourselves are dying. Then it becomes scary. Or just the thought of ACTUALLY dying. I feel like the word dying has a much heavier emotion behind it than the word death.
James Blonde
James Blonde 14 dager siden
Repetance is out. You probably know No pressure Just letting you know matpat wed love some theory on that
Fulfilled Turtle
Fulfilled Turtle 14 dager siden
do one on binding of isaac repentance
Gracie Brookie
Gracie Brookie 14 dager siden
AYO new Isaac theory???
Epsilon Twilight
Epsilon Twilight 14 dager siden
Oh boy, this aged like milk
Leonor Morais
Leonor Morais 14 dager siden
Three new expansions are out since this video. New Isaac theory, plz!! 😊
Leonor Morais
Leonor Morais 14 dager siden
New Isaac theory, plz!!
Leonor Morais
Leonor Morais 14 dager siden
Afterbirth, Afterbirth+ and Repentance theory? 😊
total-drink 6
total-drink 6 14 dager siden
I think this is everyone’s the most traumatizing childhood game
Zander Barker
Zander Barker 14 dager siden
Who played this as a child?
Meep the Creep
Meep the Creep 14 dager siden
Guys I'm about to get aggressive. God is stinky
purple shep
purple shep 14 dager siden
now that afterbirth and repentance is out it pretty much confirms this theory
Waffle Fan
Waffle Fan 15 dager siden
umm redo the story again
Waffle Fan
Waffle Fan 15 dager siden
hoi never seen the show #oldvidwatchedlongafter
imagination 15 dager siden
oh god not the old pfp lol
Skid 15 dager siden
Its really been 6 years..
CatFor Games
CatFor Games 15 dager siden
I have no part in any religion it is rely dum to me. But i still enjoy there things and I like listening but not believing
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