Game Theory: Does Isaac DIE?!? Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Endings EXPLAINED.

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5 år siden

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It's time to get INDIE! Today I'm taking on the indie game YOU have been requesting the most -- The Binding of Isaac. WHAT DOES THIS GAME MEAN? With 16 endings and all just as obscure as the last, it seems like this game has some deep things to say...but what are those things, exactly? Does Isaac die in the box? Is mom really a psycho religious killer? We're getting ready to analyze this incredibly deep and moving game.
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Fernae Perez
Fernae Perez 6 sekunder siden
Ayaz Coban
Ayaz Coban Time siden
God not egos
Ayaz Coban
Ayaz Coban Time siden
Welp this is very twisted and wow it involves egos and the devil and Jesus
Geneise Waltmon
Geneise Waltmon 2 timer siden
Arguing about religion comment
purllow 6 timer siden
Why the heck am i watching this i haven't even played this game or watched it
Justus Hammer
Justus Hammer 6 timer siden
so i am confused is Isaac embracing him not being perfect or him being evil and not being good at all?
Big Nutty
Big Nutty 6 timer siden
The narrarator being confirmed as Isaac's father in Legend of Bumbo: *helo*
A Fehér Lovas
A Fehér Lovas 18 timer siden
Have you seen Afterbirth+ Delirium ending? Isaac dead theory conformed!
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap Dag siden
I am going to be fully honest with you when you asked about thinking about death I am not scared like wanda I will except death I'll miss everyone but I have excepted it and no I'm not suicicidle but I've just excepted it
justarandomsapphic Dag siden
Being a victim of religious trauma, I related a little too hard.
Henlo I’m a doge
Henlo I’m a doge Dag siden
Holy sht remember this intro
Blazing Games
Blazing Games Dag siden
Is anyone still here just to re-watch the old video and see the game itself?
minecrafter5068 Dag siden
I shall look at the comments!
minecrafter5068 Dag siden
I shall not listen to you matpat!
Suicidal_ AndMentallyScrewed
Suicidal_ AndMentallyScrewed Dag siden
"have you ever thought of death?" only everyday
Nik0&G 2 dager siden
Waiter:Hi, How May I Help You Me: Oh, I Only Came For The Comments
Lord ZombieBoy
Lord ZombieBoy 2 dager siden
Ah, the classic intro
SHI 3 dager siden
My name is Shi. I’ve been born today! And so was my brother. I got to meet my brother today. Though I miss my mother. I’m so excited to meet everyone. My brother doesn’t feel the same tho. Today I was born. And I’m so excited to meet everyone.
CAT Creeper0 CAT
CAT Creeper0 CAT 3 dager siden
1:05 oh god look at the top right corner
Mr.Wolfy 2 dager siden
top left*
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell 3 dager siden
God remember when there was a opening
wudee 3 dager siden
nope you are lying! geting number one also makes him smile
Benny P. Baril
Benny P. Baril 3 dager siden
Fun fact! This game was on the 3Ds that was ment for kids 6-10
Spidey- 2020
Spidey- 2020 3 dager siden
So all this talk about death got me thinking of what death is In my conclusion we are not meant to understand death nor know when it will happen and that is why we must enjoy our time whilst we can Lots of people probably won't read this but I felt important to say
Aiden Goodwin
Aiden Goodwin 3 dager siden
hyhm;fgn A ZARTY89TYRESDFIOP[]POIUYFDSAfk;kljhgfdxfguiopiuyfdstyuiop[oikjhgvcxdrtyuijb
Robert Swifts
Robert Swifts 3 dager siden
Wait if Isaac’s tears are designed to hurt demons doesn’t that mean that he’s the complete opposite of what his mom believes the “God” is telling her that Issac actually is?
Heidi Slone
Heidi Slone 4 dager siden
I’m a triple a die hard
Israel Rose
Israel Rose 4 dager siden
ROEE TV 4 dager siden
שימשון הגיבור!
SciFiBug 4 dager siden
Pov: you're reading the comments even after the warning⚠⚠⚠
Undertale: Explained
Undertale: Explained 3 dager siden
Mason Payne
Mason Payne 5 dager siden
Jenna Tamayo
Jenna Tamayo 5 dager siden
isaac did not die from suffocation he breath too fast and he inhaled his own poisonuis JUNK
The guiinz keg
The guiinz keg 6 dager siden
Were are the religious comments
Adrian Newell
Adrian Newell 6 dager siden
9:41 no I don’t
Alden Villalobos
Alden Villalobos 6 dager siden
40104陳宥廷 106139
40104陳宥廷 106139 6 dager siden
Me: Is this some kind of Christian joke I’m to no god to understand?
Lance the gamer 101
Lance the gamer 101 6 dager siden
9:43 sus
SAGE LINDSEY 6 dager siden
Hush and Delirium: "hello there"
soupinfested guy
soupinfested guy 6 dager siden
Pirate fangirl
Pirate fangirl 6 dager siden
ULtrA GrEEd!
SAGE LINDSEY 6 dager siden
I want another theory about TBoI
Sod Almighty
Sod Almighty 7 dager siden
Back when the youtube comment section was actually below a fold.
Isaiah Gaming fun
Isaiah Gaming fun 7 dager siden
ch eno
Kingsley Lim zun zie
Kingsley Lim zun zie 7 dager siden
Do you know that the eArth is not circle
Paul Starkey R
Paul Starkey R 8 dager siden
Madnes Wow
Paul Starkey R
Paul Starkey R 8 dager siden
Hola Hi
Ashton Keck
Ashton Keck 8 dager siden
Ewan Armstrong
Ewan Armstrong 8 dager siden
Matpat is the only one who will get me to learn math
pes to
pes to 9 dager siden
in the original game when you get the wooden spoon or belt it makes you run faster, so he was prolly beat as a kid
Denton Jackson
Denton Jackson 9 dager siden
He is bones
The cleetus from Animal crossing
The cleetus from Animal crossing 9 dager siden
Aggressively arguing over the merits of organization religion.
Zakariya Mohamed
Zakariya Mohamed 9 dager siden
Jacquez Thomas
Jacquez Thomas 9 dager siden
Ghastline 9 dager siden
Blue baby isn’t the only dead Isaac as of Afterbirth+. There are 3 other characters that are a dead version of Isaac, The Lost, his ghost, or his soul, The Keeper, Isaac’s rotten corpse from him being stuck in a cave, and The Forgotten, Isaac’s skeletal remains. What’s interesting is that keeper has a rope on his neck, implying that Isaac killed himself, And the forgotten is seen in ending 17 (unlocked by killing the Hush boss) in the chest. Isaac most likely fears himself dying in different ways. Poor kid.
Plague dctr
Plague dctr 10 dager siden
Edit: my theory is that isaac has a personality disorder. And an abusive mom. I have evidence but it connects to my life and I dont want to talk about it. Original: Unrelated but anyone else like that jesus loves me song? Like really creepy stuff is so good.
Sickmmaner Plays
Sickmmaner Plays 10 dager siden
Welp, that's it for Rebirth. But what about Afterbirth? AB+? Repentance? A lot of information was added. I hope they make a new video once Repentance has been out for a few months.
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 10 dager siden
wen the mom takes away his clovis and you can see um you know
Shujaa Amali
Shujaa Amali 10 dager siden
GD players:deadlocked? is it ganna have a cube player?!!
meh 10 dager siden
The real question is if his mum came in to tell him it was dinner time what did he have for dinner?
Jason that firset car was not real
Jason that firset car was not real 10 dager siden
Kinda wrong man . A lot of thing is kinda is wrong in that legend you told. Trust me I am Muslim . And we know the actual TRUTH .
EBR 11 dager siden
may someone send me links to the background music?
fallen dream
fallen dream 11 dager siden
Cain and Abel is an scp
fallen dream
fallen dream 10 dager siden
@Foxy the pirate you know your scps
fallen dream
fallen dream 10 dager siden
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate 11 dager siden
And is the first children in the bible
Cs:go Gaming
Cs:go Gaming 11 dager siden
I forgot the name of the game so I searched “game theory crying kid game” and found this
Clint Flippo
Clint Flippo 11 dager siden
So why is The Lost in the Attic talking to Isaac's mom. Is that Issac's ghost going back in time to start the game.
Clint Flippo
Clint Flippo 11 dager siden
For a while in 2020 getting a haircut was a sin...just saying.
Coulbeck Family
Coulbeck Family 11 dager siden
console bruh
Coulbeck Family
Coulbeck Family 12 dager siden
Pauk Yebi
Pauk Yebi 12 dager siden
Wow I’m watching this in 2020 and just had a huuuge nostalgia trip over the intro
Todd Waring
Todd Waring 12 dager siden
Cheese strings this is a dark video game The poor kid
Caden Bryce
Caden Bryce 12 dager siden
* insert hate comment here * Matt pat warred you
Isaac the good Gamer
Isaac the good Gamer 12 dager siden
I’m called isaac
Sickmmaner Plays
Sickmmaner Plays 10 dager siden
okay. and?
Dr. MarioYT
Dr. MarioYT 13 dager siden
Man the old intro.
D9ED 14 dager siden
God is dead and we killed him
Kash Reid
Kash Reid 14 dager siden
i kinda wanna play this now...should I?
Sickmmaner Plays
Sickmmaner Plays 10 dager siden
lazaer light
lazaer light 14 dager siden
This was was 5 years ago people still watch this one in 2020!
Timorboi Studios
Timorboi Studios 14 dager siden
Delirium: hold my beer
Silas First World
Silas First World 15 dager siden
6:23 I was doing that already I don't need your permission (he says in a jokey not mean tone cause he loves this channel)
Alexis Lloyd Alinan
Alexis Lloyd Alinan 15 dager siden
cod4mw all ghillied up mission intensifies 1:14
GrumpyToadGaming 15 dager siden
Well yea but doesn't isaac die instead of run away tho (explaining the missing posters)
Eidan Mason Bradley Hibionada
Eidan Mason Bradley Hibionada 15 dager siden
Isaac why
Felorange 16 dager siden
This theory was good, but now we know that, when Isaac dies, he goes to the purgatory due to him not being baptized
Alexzander Boulay
Alexzander Boulay 16 dager siden
A vidogame should not need to show your religion it should show your interest and don't try to tell me that your interest is also your religion that might be kinda be true but I am religious and still play this so all comments shut up
brenda marcial
brenda marcial 10 dager siden
Hey. At least your not trying to make a argument. Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Isaac Sanchez
Isaac Sanchez 16 dager siden
I died
Beatriz Alves
Beatriz Alves 16 dager siden
Was I the only one that laughed at 2:31 when MatPat said poop?
Marcus Natnat
Marcus Natnat 14 dager siden
PØLSEVANN 16 dager siden
Tyson Klachko
Tyson Klachko 16 dager siden
ohh yeah im kinda forgot how this channel used to be when he did many diff games i like it better :(
goose gaming
goose gaming 16 dager siden
Pause at 5:37 do you see it
Kill Me
Kill Me 16 dager siden
What is it?
goose gaming
goose gaming 16 dager siden
The one on the left
Kill Me
Kill Me 16 dager siden
See what?
yikes ss
yikes ss 17 dager siden
My weewee go's bong bong
Isaac khoo
Isaac khoo 17 dager siden
milk before cereal? how about no milk?
milk before cereal? how about no milk? 18 dager siden
9:41 jokes on you I'm an existential athiest and I could die any day I want to :D
i do games gamer
i do games gamer 18 dager siden
This is 5 years ago how did the show up on my recent feed
shabbir abbas
shabbir abbas 18 dager siden
i follow the aila cult
bjor197silje 18 dager siden
Im going to the comments
isaac keller
isaac keller 19 dager siden
Heyy my name is Isaac it's true
JustFrost 19 dager siden
brenda marcial
brenda marcial 10 dager siden
EVERYONE STOP THE ARGUMENT RIGHT NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JustFrost 17 dager siden
@milk before cereal? how about no milk? ε-(´・`)フ thats a lot, I'm tired of typing now
JustFrost 17 dager siden
@milk before cereal? how about no milk? Kafir is an religion for Islam people's and we need to sholat 5 times single day but there are 24 malaikats (angels) the religion for the malaikats is muhamad
milk before cereal? how about no milk?
milk before cereal? how about no milk? 17 dager siden
@JustFrost ok hello, I'm atheist what you guys call 'kufar'
JustFrost 17 dager siden
@milk before cereal? how about no milk? Bruh I know the thing is I like the loure
Kind of a commenter I guess
Kind of a commenter I guess 19 dager siden
I remember watching this same video when I was younger....
Spencer Derryberry
Spencer Derryberry 19 dager siden
Where’s part 2 matpat
brenda marcial
brenda marcial 10 dager siden
Not gonna happen cuz there might be another fight between different religions
Kill Me
Kill Me 16 dager siden
I mean, there’s no point in a part 2, sooooooo
Solomon Ayan
Solomon Ayan 19 dager siden
so what happens if azazel/isaac was the alternate dead bodies of theplushes becasue when you enter shop you see toys or dead bodies?
Emanuel Perez Cruz
Emanuel Perez Cruz 19 dager siden
i remember playing this in my old childhood it was hard to beat the game
Fakey Faker
Fakey Faker 19 dager siden
Mary's sins were forgiven
brenda marcial
brenda marcial 10 dager siden
I wish. NOT TRYNA MAKE A FIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master 19 dager siden
Azazel. 2015: Angel banished for betraying God. 2020: Nerdy Angel Waifu.
Sickmmaner Plays
Sickmmaner Plays 10 dager siden
Thank you NotYourSag
Cara Anderson
Cara Anderson 20 dager siden
Game theory: gives warning on youtuber arguments in comment section. Me in 2020: I sent a search team into the comments, no youtuber comments found. CUZ THIS WAS MADE 5 YEARS AGO AND NOpostRS ARE BUSY STAYING IN THIER HOUSES TRYING NOT TO GET CORONAVIRUS! NOT COMMENTING ON VIDEOS!
blakpanter777 20 dager siden
What's the song used at 12:30?
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