Game Theory: The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal

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5 år siden

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Rosalina Theory ►
Nintendo's star character Mario has been in over 70 games. 70 GAMES!!! Which leads to the question, does the Super Mario series have a discernible timeline? Or are Mario games, like many have been led to believe, a random assortment of games with no attention paid to continuity. While this may ultimately be true, there ARE details in the Super Mario games that allow them to be pieced into a timeline order...and the implications of that are SHOCKING!
Special thanks to Drake and Kenny from Crossover!
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Stikbot Timmy
Stikbot Timmy Dag siden
nintendo confirmed their the same persoon just to prove this theory wrong
King Fresh27
King Fresh27 2 dager siden
Wait, so Wario Land 1-4 are all canonically the latest games in the series? Because according to Wario Land 1, Wario goes searching for treasure on an island and it gets picked up by Mario last minute, then Wario gets his own castle by Wario Land II. hMmMmM
doggo doggo
doggo doggo 2 dager siden
who is watching this in 2020
Kaan 124
Kaan 124 3 dager siden
i call bs on this
WOWwow 64
WOWwow 64 3 dager siden
Nintendo should hire him for the timeline
Jovani Gonzalez
Jovani Gonzalez 4 dager siden
I noticed there's a big problem what about Mario odyssey? Paulene is there with future Mario?! This broke the timeline.
BREEZEPELT 4 dager siden
The Outsiders
The Outsiders 6 dager siden
Alright, time to make a theory to add to this theory. The current Mario and Luigi actually have a sister, aka current Pauline. You also have to realize that we don't see everything going on in Mario's life (that's just stalking. Seriously, imagine seeing a lakitu holding a camera in your face 24/7/365), so he could have very well saved his sister on an adventure we never see. She could have then decided "you know what? I don't need my brother saving my life all the time, I'm no Peach. I'm gonna go out into the world and become the mayor of a humongous modern city." And that is why we find her in New Donk City. BAM! Odyssey Pauline explained!
cosmos gaming
cosmos gaming 7 dager siden
And then Super Mario Odyssey comes in and when Pauline sing's she says every ''journey starts a new romance'' that's what she said
Dylan Toth
Dylan Toth 7 dager siden
Can you do a redo with Luigi’s mansion 3 and super Mario odyssey
charvik pathivada
charvik pathivada 8 dager siden
i cant do lynda im a kid
Luigi Gaming
Luigi Gaming 8 dager siden
Plumber want cake 🍰
John Grant
John Grant 8 dager siden
In odyssey Pauline looks the same age? Is this another instance of time travel? Or is the character papa Mario, because peach is there too, so is DK
RED CHERRY BOI 10 dager siden
super mario inside story?
AniBros Rosi
AniBros Rosi 10 dager siden
That actually blows my mind! Lol
Jroy Wilkes
Jroy Wilkes 10 dager siden
What about the other Super Mario 2
JustPhil 10 dager siden
12:30 Last time when i played Super smash Brothers Ultimate there is a Tip while the loading screen and there was a Fun Fact about mario that is first appearance in Donkey Kong on the arcades! Matpad youve lied to me!
DeroPlayz 11 dager siden
RIP Iwata
Nobudy gamer / Ethanfan922
Nobudy gamer / Ethanfan922 12 dager siden
TobyPlayz 14 dager siden
I have the same last name as you
Anormal Crossplay
Anormal Crossplay 14 dager siden
10:40 you predict Mario odyssey.
Anormal Crossplay
Anormal Crossplay 14 dager siden
10:42 yo this guy is a genius! He predicted Mario odyssey when peach freanzoned Mario!
Kevin Clayton
Kevin Clayton 15 dager siden
Mario oddesy be like
Jose Sual Cuevas
Jose Sual Cuevas 16 dager siden
Did you hear that they shutdown Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? Most of the story is not allowed to be played by anyone with 2TB of memory.
Wendy G
Wendy G 17 dager siden
Interesting how this theory doesn't hold up, anymore, since Mario Odyssey. Also, Nintendo confirmed that Pauline in Oddysey is the same Pauline from Donkey Kong, which would kind of throw a wrench into the theory, unless she is some sort of non-human creature that never ages.
Ben Groff
Ben Groff 19 dager siden
Funny he uses the shop song from one of the darkest Nintendo games of all time for the examples of how Nintendo is lighthearted.
Alice Wells
Alice Wells 19 dager siden
Enzo Garcia Petraglia
Enzo Garcia Petraglia 19 dager siden
: )
Iheartseahorsez 19 dager siden
This doesn’t make sense because in Mario kart wii in one of the maps, there is a giant statue of Princess Daisy and Luigi holding hands. Maybe Mario kart is set before super Mario galaxy.....I dunno
Sheila 18 dager siden
they clearly said they were gonna leave out the Mario kart series and other spin offs
Simon Ocelot
Simon Ocelot 19 dager siden
06:39 Ha-Ha isnt everything Mickey can say
Retro Ryan
Retro Ryan 19 dager siden
If Mario Odyssey was out when this video was made everything would be confusing. Because in odyssey Mario and Pauline are around the same age. Unless that Mario’s dad doing odyssey.
Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head 20 dager siden
When I heard that Pauline was Mario's mom all I could think was: Alabama
stoica david
stoica david 20 dager siden
The circus/plumber guy thingy you say is mario s father it s actually mario because in mario odyssey the mayor of new donk city mentions that she is the one mario has saved from crancky kong(she s also addressing to you obviously), unless, mario odyssey happens in the past and you play as mario s father! Holy crackhead
Cloveri 20 dager siden
Plumber want cake
Boom Bagel16
Boom Bagel16 22 dager siden
Mat pat would be tearing his HAIR OUT if he knew about Mario and Pauline hanging out together in Mario Odyssey back then! LMAO
Tristan Bryant
Tristan Bryant 22 dager siden
It's a shame that Oddessy's debut of Pauline has torn apart this whole timeline....
Master Assassin
Master Assassin 22 dager siden
IM A ELITE GODLY JOCK 🏈🐉💯💪🏽💪🏽🍻🍻🐉🏈🏈🏈🏈
Łükäś Çòñtréràß
Łükäś Çòñtréràß 23 dager siden
So you mean that Mario is getting it on with his mom in odyssey
Tyler Aguiar
Tyler Aguiar 23 dager siden
0:55 Wow you were right. That is bad
Ruflupucus 23 dager siden
Mario Odyssey has entered the chat
megi bejko
megi bejko 24 dager siden
That was 3!!!!!!!! Theory
John Spallin
John Spallin 25 dager siden
Pauline is the mother of the Mario Brothers! Super Mario Odyssey: I'm gonna stop you right there"
Mainly Mobile games
Mainly Mobile games 26 dager siden
SUPER ALGERIA BALL 27 dager siden
but you forgot the pualine from donkey kong is not same pualine form today the pualine from today is the kid of pualine from donkey kong
TheForce24 28 dager siden
2 issues: Miniland mayhem and odyssey
Piper W
Piper W 28 dager siden
Well that'd be why Mario made a toy of Pauline in the Mario vs DK games. Can you blame him for making a toy based off his mother?
HelloItsMe 28 dager siden
why do you concludr from Pauline being mario's girlfriend that she is suddenly his mother? such a weird way to conclude things
Dax colon
Dax colon 29 dager siden
Mat pad : a 100percent fnaf at least until the final chapter A few years later: fnaf security breach is coming
domino bob
domino bob Måned siden
I learned the guess and the bees in 5th grade
Noobie The animatronic
Noobie The animatronic Måned siden
Plumber want cake
Jeffrey Flores
Jeffrey Flores Måned siden
super Mario oddesy wants to know your location
Riley Zanatta
Riley Zanatta Måned siden
My personal head canon is a little different. First, Mario is a plumber in Mario bros, until he finds a portal to the mushroom kingdom. He saves peach in super Mario bros, but when he goes home he dreams of adventure (smb2 us). He decides to create a stage show, smb3. Mario 3 is a huge success, and Mario gets an offer to make a movie, sm64, and two tv shows, super Mario world and super Mario sunshine. By this point, Mario is quite rich, and he decides to start a toy company in the Mario vs donkey Kong games. By now, Mario hasn’t gone on a real adventure for decades, but that all changes when Mario decides to visit Peach again. Bowser is angry that Mario has made a fool out of him in his shows, and has come to take his revenge. This leads to either galaxy or 3d world/land. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten in the timeline. Mario is an actor/writer who really hasn’t gone on many adventures. When he goes go-karting, or plays golf, or has parties, he’s doing it with his film crew.
Lexi Lams shipper
Lexi Lams shipper Måned siden
How old is Mario? Now I just want to know and I don’t play Mario
Star Arcade
Star Arcade Måned siden
Taking inspirations from the Zelda timeline. There are three timelines that is effected by the events of yoshi's island. Either he is delivered to a different family and becomes a plumber,either he arrives to his biological father and becomes a carpenter or he arrives to the mushroom kingdom and becomes the Mario we all know and love.
DaviL Måned siden
Now that Odyssey is out does this mean that the Mario featured in Odyssey is actually Jumpman? Or is Pauline actually Pauline's daughter?
David Lopez
David Lopez Måned siden
and it show it it super mario super show
Xboy Dubose
Xboy Dubose Måned siden
Where would Mario Odyssey be on the timeline?
Just a Random user
Just a Random user Måned siden
What about wooly world
Fred Grant
Fred Grant Måned siden
Do a theory about mario's first and last name! If it's Mario Bros. Does that mean their last names are Mario? If so, is it Mario Mario and Luigi Mario?
Ian Sellers
Ian Sellers Måned siden
can u do an updated version of this
bill cipher
bill cipher Måned siden
So, mario and Luigi were originally plumbers and sent through a warp pipe to the mushroom kingdom. Before you say I made that up it's actually seen in the 90s super mario brothers cartoon
The Water Warrior
The Water Warrior Måned siden
5:49 whats the music called?
Anthony Doyle
Anthony Doyle Måned siden
girl:boys can't think sad thoughts! boys: mario can't eat musroom pizza indoor or else he destroy his house.
Plantalope Legend
Plantalope Legend Måned siden
Um actually, birdo makes there first appearance in super Mario 3, but we don’t see them being born. This means that super Mario 3 must come after super Mario rpg. So there is a small flaw in the timeline.
Joshua White
Joshua White Måned siden
you forgot mario 2 that takes place some time during the new age
Cazie01 27 dager siden
Bruh the whole game is a dream
Joshua White
Joshua White Måned siden
But at the ned of mario world it says that they go on vacation which I think is sunshine so I think it comes before 64
Padi_bro Måned siden
Always hasbeen
Envy Måned siden
but what about pauline in odyssey?
UltraJasperWorld Måned siden
do steven
Dinodude 074
Dinodude 074 Måned siden
Then what explains donkey Kong vs Mario where mario like poleen
5aLLD ZZZ Måned siden
Which one exactly?
Gianni Lopez
Gianni Lopez Måned siden
“Pauline is Mario’s mom!” Odyssey: you sure about that?!
Mr Meme Pro
Mr Meme Pro Måned siden
14:33 song name?
Martha Diaz
Martha Diaz Måned siden
is this mario generation
Linkie Måned siden
Since Odyssey came out theory debunked
Linkie Måned siden
@RetroGameDays36 hey more power to ya not gonna tell you what to believe besides ITS A THEORY A GAME THEORY!
RetroGameDays36 Måned siden
@Linkie i know.
Linkie Måned siden
@RetroGameDays36 i mean the Pauline mother thing
RetroGameDays36 Måned siden
Nope, it isn't debunked.
American Mapping!
American Mapping! Måned siden
0:13 Memories.....
Lora Nemetz
Lora Nemetz Måned siden
RetroGameDays36 Måned siden
brendansmommy87 Måned siden
Lloyd P Parvin
Lloyd P Parvin Måned siden
Something to say to you matpat doesn't this timeline directly contradict most of what you say apart from Rosalina
Christian Litourneau
Christian Litourneau Måned siden
RetroGameDays36 Måned siden
Christian Litourneau
Christian Litourneau Måned siden
the ending of the video plays earthbound
Sprinchel Art
Sprinchel Art Måned siden
And odessey ruins all timeline because of the Pauline not being old
David Marrou
David Marrou Måned siden
I don’t get it
JustinTime1213 Måned siden
ok id put mario 2 after rpg
Super Theory Bros
Super Theory Bros Måned siden
Tappy Måned siden
Ah the good old days
John Violette
John Violette Måned siden
Also in SMW (mario world) it says mario peach and the toads are going on vacation (thanks nathanial bandy)
Elton Mateus Neves Neves
Elton Mateus Neves Neves Måned siden
To everyone that is talking bout pauline in odyssey, she may be so old that she's confused if who save her was Mario Mario or Jumpman Mario
PlasmaBrax Måned siden
you had the chance to make the spiderman meme as mario for the thumbnail.
Th'kaal Måned siden
Um...I know it's been five years, but what about when Mario and Luigi were warehouse workers loading up cargo trucks?
Gio Ortiz
Gio Ortiz Måned siden
5 years later and I still need to watch the rest of the Mario videos
WERBGER 2341 Måned siden
This sucks you tell lies and say its true your stupid
RetroGameDays36 Måned siden
Stfu kid.
G . C . P
G . C . P Måned siden
Plumber boi
unknown person of interesting origins
unknown person of interesting origins Måned siden
what about super mario bros 2 the american one?
Cazie01 27 dager siden
Bro that game was just mario's dream
Mason Walker
Mason Walker Måned siden
you should update this
Godzilla Cool
Godzilla Cool Måned siden
Liar you said Mario is jump man
Phoenix Morris
Phoenix Morris Måned siden
anyone else get a ad for a mario game?
The sister Bananasquad
The sister Bananasquad Måned siden
When you see delicious food commercials on yom kipper
TheUwU27 Måned siden
But I was promised Mario with gun btw the we’re going to make Mario with a gun in the original
Leonardo Quercioli
Leonardo Quercioli Måned siden
But in mario world they say that they will take a vacation and only in sunshine they do so I don’t know if mario 64 came before mario sunshine
Leonardo Quercioli
Leonardo Quercioli Måned siden
6666 dislike I can’t believe it
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