Game Theory: Can You Solve Portal's IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle? (Portal)

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5 måneder siden

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What if I told you that there is a puzzle in Portal that NO ONE has been able to solve? It's true. I'm talking about the pole puzzle. If you used Portal's endless fall mechanic and put a pole inside - what happens? This had boggled the minds of Reddit users and fans alike. Today, Loyal Theorists, I aim to solve that so-called "impossible" puzzle - not even GLaDOS!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Badge O'Shame
Badge O'Shame 5 måneder siden
At first I was like "Food theory? Sounds weird." But then I realized how interesting that actually is with the new videos you've shown us. Great work!! :)
Dang Playz
Dang Playz 12 dager siden
Austin Drawbaugh
Austin Drawbaugh 22 dager siden
@jumpscare boy 67 no one cares
Jonas Pollock
Jonas Pollock Måned siden
You’ve already been using books for theory don’t make me mention fnaf books
a bad scout main
a bad scout main Måned siden
Darrell Pierce
Darrell Pierce 2 måneder siden
LIFE THEORY!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doge 22 minutter siden
Conspiracy theory
ForbiddenFursona 4 timer siden
make the 4th quadrant "Music Theory" lmao
Th3 St*lker
Th3 St*lker 7 timer siden
Maybe music theory
Catman 321
Catman 321 7 timer siden
6:25 I think the pole will drop into the portal forever
Catman 321
Catman 321 7 timer siden
Make blue book theory
Steven Green
Steven Green 8 timer siden
Buzz Feed is my favorite meme website
MiloPaso 12 timer siden
There is moving portals in portal 2
Henry Clark
Henry Clark 12 timer siden
The second game can handle moving portals, they just diisipate
how was that not a headshot
how was that not a headshot 12 timer siden
10:57 korega requiem da
Professor Meme
Professor Meme 13 timer siden
3:59 made my brain cells evaporate
Luca Boyle
Luca Boyle 13 timer siden
health theory
BobbybearAlpha 14 timer siden
The 4th channel will be Conspiracy Theory.
David O'Reilly
David O'Reilly 16 timer siden
Anatomy (like body theory)
Mike Crazy
Mike Crazy 17 timer siden
Music theory
dindin nibnib
dindin nibnib 21 time siden
Why the hell are automated subtitles in Chinese?
Samine Testa
Samine Testa 23 timer siden
I suggest irl theory
Spams GamesYT
Spams GamesYT 23 timer siden
I guess it will fall because the pole is on something but what it's on is on nothing. So it's basically sitting on a chair that's falling from the sky infinity
ヅJed 23 timer siden
Spams GamesYT
Spams GamesYT 23 timer siden
Science theory
Jackson Hall
Jackson Hall 23 timer siden
Music theory
Dog Diffused
Dog Diffused Dag siden
the blue should be conspiracy theory, fitness theory, or life theory.
cat man
cat man Dag siden
Book tory
The everything Show
The everything Show Dag siden
I think the fourth one should be book Theory
verbaltrout plays
verbaltrout plays Dag siden
you cant move a portal down it will disappear
Riptide The fox
Riptide The fox Dag siden
History theory?
10 Gamer
10 Gamer Dag siden
The fourth should be Book Theory or Everything Else That's Interesting Theory
Rot Z
Rot Z Dag siden
Honestly, Food Theory is more like Food Mythbusters.
dragon man
dragon man Dag siden
the fourth blue quadrent should be book theory
Jaketheplayer17 Dag siden
The last quadrant should be The Dream Theorists. Keep that in mind! ;)
Jiří Krpec
Jiří Krpec Dag siden
I thing that you would make a bomb, if after some point you have so little mass in the top portal it would get consumed and the bottom portal would just become unstable energy that cannot transport anything to the top portal (since it no longer exist) so the energy would probably just made a bomb, and since the portals have their energy from the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device they can have just the energy inside it.
Kaden Williams
Kaden Williams Dag siden
That ending was adorable
buff stuff
buff stuff Dag siden
i am in bed not in chair
buff stuff
buff stuff Dag siden
btw theres the companon cube in terraria. i think terraria and portal are the same mabye theres also portal gun in terraria pleasse make terraria vids please
Содномцэрэн No1
Содномцэрэн No1 2 dager siden
scary theory
William Meiklejohn
William Meiklejohn 2 dager siden
i think the blue part of the logo should be tech theory
Hoopdedo 27
Hoopdedo 27 2 dager siden
What happens if u move the orange portal upward will u have a endless supply of metal if u move the orange portal much higher than were it originally was? 🤔
Jaddo 18
Jaddo 18 2 dager siden
this is why portal shouldnt exist irl since it would break the world
Leo Crane
Leo Crane 2 dager siden
Nature or sceince theroy
kurt keplinger
kurt keplinger 2 dager siden
next fnaf theory
Chase Lacko
Chase Lacko 2 dager siden
Where’s the blue channel
iamniija 2 dager siden
make the 5th channel book theory
İlter Arıkan
İlter Arıkan 2 dager siden
My brain died
ZL7207 2 dager siden
Livi Lynette
Livi Lynette 2 dager siden
Conspiracy theory
lg3503 2 dager siden
Music theroy
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer 2 dager siden
As entertaining as this video is and top-notch for that. I must inform you that a wormhole does not have anything to do with positive or negative Mass on either end there is no Mass transfer a real Wormhole is an extra dimension entry and exit. It is a window and you circumvent normal space going through some other dimension that doesn't care about normal space and is for all intents and purposes 0 on the mass and dimension scale. Anyone attempting to explain a wormhole as actually manipulating real physical 3D space instead of entering into another dimension is misunderstanding what a wormhole actually would need to be in order to exist. there is no folding of the paper. when you enter a wormhole according to portal physics you generally just slipped from one portal to the next with no other space between there is no travel time. Similarly there is no Wormhole tunnel. When you actually make the portal it's almost as if the normal 3D space is considered to be the same point anywhere. Literal omnipresence as you can teleport to the moon and take the same amount of time to travel there as you would across the room. True 4th Dimension travel has nothing to do with add an extra spatial dimension. We're not going deeper we're going technically shallower. And it's only because we make portal apertures that we have the connection between any two points ignoring pretty space altogether. Having two different types of portals example red and dark blue 41 portal orange and Light Blue for another portal is like using different frequencies to talk on the radio. The lines are connect. And they can even overlap each other in our freedom internal space because there is no actual interaction with 3 dimensional space other than the openings themselves. one question you didn't ask is what if you were to insert the opening of one portal through the opening of another portal? And then also what happens if you collapse the portal that the other portal is passed through. Now that would be obviously breaking the initial portal but could you pass a portal surface through another portal and have it stay as a stable wormhole and the answer is yes. there is no part of the other Wormhole that's actually entering into Wormhole one. and then what if you create an infinite portal with a portal surface constantly falling through another portal or it's on aperture? I'm not saying disappointed in the fact that you don't understand how portals work I'm not expecting anyone to grasp Al portals work so therefore I'm not disappointed you meet my expectations perfectly. Do I wish that you would understand how portals would work and then what would happen given any of the scenarios I've suggested, your mind hasn't begun to blow. for all intents and purposes there is no spatial difference between the opening of portal a and the second opening of portal a across the room on the ceiling or on a panel that is moving through itself. It is as if those two points in space are actually continuous and one in the same. but you look at it conventionally as if adding an extra special Dimension actually adds more physical area of space and that's just not how it works. the whole idea of positive mass or negative mass at the edge of the portals is just theoretical nonsense.
Communism Not looking sus
Communism Not looking sus 2 dager siden
I think the blue side should be where u makes Mini ep
Emerald Ninja
Emerald Ninja 2 dager siden
Reality Theory where you go over maths and physics of why things are possible
SHAWNIC CHIN HANZ Moe 2 dager siden
toy theorists
Emil Budweil
Emil Budweil 2 dager siden
i just go infintni dawn end if sambody will tuth the pool it will hurt
Mush Mello
Mush Mello 2 dager siden
Another Question I've got from this video: If I crush the pole with a hydraulic press, I have to apply force to it, let's say 100N. Now if I crush the pole with the Portals, do I still need to apply 100N of force to the portal, or would the portal itself take care of it? Like I have a portal on a piece of paper and when I drop the paper, the pole gets crushed, or only if I press the paper down with 100N?
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 2 dager siden
6:09 how do you think they produce power? the portals don shrink or anything so
Jinga Ninja
Jinga Ninja 3 dager siden
The blue quadrant could be conspiracy theory maybe, but that should be a purple colour not blue
Πάρης Τράνης
Πάρης Τράνης 3 dager siden
But if you throw something in the portal on the floor the mass doesnt get bigger and bigger because the thing u thow doesnt multiply itself
deadkill33 3 dager siden
Yes it should be book theory
Comic_sans gacha 289 90
Comic_sans gacha 289 90 3 dager siden
try fnaf theory
Daniel Bishop
Daniel Bishop 3 dager siden
Valve Corporation, 2007: Developer: "Here's that new puzzle-platform game I wrote." Tester: (Shoots portal gun at ceiling and floor. Jumps. Nukes the planet. Gets "game over screen".) Uh, why does that happen? Developer: "It's the physics engine. Super-realistic!" Tester: "Well, try giving up the laws of thermodynamics."
Leo 3 dager siden can transform worm holes into energy?basiclly creating a worm form mass into energy machine?
Anything Random
Anything Random 3 dager siden
Maybe Music Theory
Angel Lettuce
Angel Lettuce 3 dager siden
"Works exactly like it does in the game" *The floor isn't covered in moon rock you can't spawn a portal on the surface*
Daniel Bishop
Daniel Bishop 3 dager siden
Moon rocks are just a *better* (somehow) portal conductor than Earth-based materials. Regular old concrete works too, and was used in the pre-Apollo sections of the Aperture Science facilities.
Juan Ignacio López Tellechea
Juan Ignacio López Tellechea 3 dager siden
Conspiration theory
Pixellord199 3 dager siden
Book theory
Joseph Camp
Joseph Camp 3 dager siden
“Swallowing up more and more of my perfectly sized pole” -MatPat 2020
Sada Awes
Sada Awes 3 dager siden
How about..... world theory Where they theorise everything... literally everything apart from food game and film.... I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot as I’ve been seeing a lot of the things and theorising about them but I’ve been wondering which channel matpat would put it in... so I thought that for a wider range of theories we should have world theory ... (or something)
SuperSteve600 3 dager siden
Me: Oh yeah, lets go see whats new with food theory... Food theory: I ate my whole christmas tree... Me: man, ive missed so much.
Emka Dargis
Emka Dargis 3 dager siden
biggest question if u move the iron pole from | to / :o mind breaker explain this matty pat or u nub
The joker
The joker 3 dager siden
10:50 This the point where I see that part and be like Kore wa requiem da
L J Galaxy
L J Galaxy 3 dager siden
Ive made a logo for book theory btw hand drawn
Pepsi Shibe
Pepsi Shibe 3 dager siden
For someone who's really good at maths, I'm really disappointed in you, matpat. When you're going through portals in a loop, there would be no time when you weren't screaming. You would go into one, then instantly go through the other.
Alex 33 games
Alex 33 games 3 dager siden
about technology
BoneCrushr72 4 dager siden
What happens when you drop the pole in a room with no air.
thedingboat 4 dager siden
Matpat: Who’s that Theorymon? Me: It’s Book Theory! Matpat: It’s Food Theory! Me: FUUU... oh wait, never mind.
Elise Badger
Elise Badger 4 dager siden
Okay, i have actually seen two large mirrors across from each other in a public bathroom. it was so cool, terrifying, trippy, and goosebump inducing.
Magic Dog Studios
Magic Dog Studios 4 dager siden
What happens when you weld a rod to itself and put in an portal MatPat: Doesn’t matter you’re gonna doom humanity!
Jacob Boski
Jacob Boski 4 dager siden
Fitness theory
Jaiden Sparks
Jaiden Sparks 4 dager siden
what about book theory
Jaiden Sparks
Jaiden Sparks 4 dager siden
everyone who wants book theary vote with the like button.
Chris Maze
Chris Maze 4 dager siden
BOOK THEORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felix Bogdanovic
Felix Bogdanovic 4 dager siden
Conspiracy theory
Cohen Flowers
Cohen Flowers 4 dager siden
What if you moved a small portal into a big portal?
Sara Osredkar
Sara Osredkar 4 dager siden
ARG theory it could be good and interesting also it lead to mystery’s
yitraboom 4 dager siden
If u moved the portal, it would probably snap
James the chonky pizza boi
James the chonky pizza boi 4 dager siden
That blue channel should be fitness theory
Frostbite 4 dager siden
If you move the portal it shatters. And the neurotoxin generator was an exception.
legends of laughter
legends of laughter 4 dager siden
I’d like to say that your intro is actually incorrect in terms of physics. If there is a portal above and below you, there is technically infinite space above and below you. Basically there’s equal mass above and below you. You won’t fall. You will be weightless. There won’t be any earth beneath you or above you to pull you up or down. If there are 2 portals parallel to each other and the ground and one is facing the other, anything in between will be completely weightless. This also applies to your pole in this theory, which means the pole will never fall. Finally this also mean your exponential mass problem won’t happen without doing it intentionally.
Franz Fries
Franz Fries 4 dager siden
i suggest theory theory, i dont know how to explain, but i have a theory about it....
Raphael DaGamer
Raphael DaGamer 4 dager siden
In actual levels in Portal 2 if you place a portal on a surface that proceeds to move, the portal will be destroyed.
Daniel Bishop
Daniel Bishop 3 dager siden
Not in the neurotoxin room.
Corbin Cain
Corbin Cain 4 dager siden
tarkiee ps4
tarkiee ps4 4 dager siden
ive been watching this for so damn long since i was 12 and now im 18
SharkFin Gaming
SharkFin Gaming 4 dager siden
book theory?
[]0'_ _'0[]
[]0'_ _'0[] 4 dager siden
book theory
Brianna Chatterton
Brianna Chatterton 4 dager siden
What will finish the circle ⭕️
Koala King
Koala King 5 dager siden
“One portal will gain mass and the other will lose mass” What about if both portals are on the floor, and the object perpetually goes back and forth through each portal equally?
AmazingMR Pig
AmazingMR Pig 5 dager siden
I become gay thats what happens
saten 5 dager siden
Make music theory
dillon blake
dillon blake 5 dager siden
life theory
23william90 5 dager siden
The blue channel should be meme or internet thery
Galaxy #isaac
Galaxy #isaac 5 dager siden
The 4th one should be life theory
Milesman5000 5 dager siden
Me watching these videos: Me: ohh yeah I totally understand and agree My brain: what the f*ck is he talking about
Landon Sur
Landon Sur 5 dager siden
its gonna be conspiracy theory definitely
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