Game Theory: Can You Solve Portal's IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle? (Portal)

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3 måneder siden

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What if I told you that there is a puzzle in Portal that NO ONE has been able to solve? It's true. I'm talking about the pole puzzle. If you used Portal's endless fall mechanic and put a pole inside - what happens? This had boggled the minds of Reddit users and fans alike. Today, Loyal Theorists, I aim to solve that so-called "impossible" puzzle - not even GLaDOS!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Badge O'Shame
Badge O'Shame 3 måneder siden
At first I was like "Food theory? Sounds weird." But then I realized how interesting that actually is with the new videos you've shown us. Great work!! :)
Kane Andedu
Kane Andedu 12 dager siden
@The Game Theorists MATT DO ANIME THEORY
Nitro Gamer
Nitro Gamer 12 dager siden
Do tech theory
DaBlazingFire 1
DaBlazingFire 1 26 dager siden
@The Game Theorists I thought something similar, but I found the videos quite fun and interesting to watch! Personally I think the 4th part should be a book theory, I've recommended this before I belive, but It would be quite interesting
ManGotAGun Måned siden
Matpat should really be a teacher. Imagine just walking into your boring old class and he’s there. I’d be the teacher’s pet in no time.
goeap with friends yt
goeap with friends yt Måned siden
@The Game Theorists blue should be the martial art theory
Pual Liek
Pual Liek 10 timer siden
what about mass diffusion like putting red dye in water?
H Re
H Re 12 timer siden
I'm seeing book, philosophy and sports as highest chance as theory channel blue
TheRedOne 14 timer siden
will you do a thoery for half life alyx
CoopMander Rocket
CoopMander Rocket 16 timer siden
You should do Conspiracy theory
ShadowTroop26 20 timer siden
Make time teory or animal theory
Aayush Acharya
Aayush Acharya 22 timer siden
hello internet welcome to meme theory
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing Dag siden
You didn't solder the pole you welded it
Rasa Veiseh
Rasa Veiseh Dag siden
I think this is the first game theory that I answered the questions with him XD
SuperStarSandwich Dag siden
Can You Make Music Theory Next?
Natalie Noyes
Natalie Noyes Dag siden
I suggest music theory. Book theory could be covered in film theory.
Incredibles Sky
Incredibles Sky Dag siden
Comic Theory
IroncladzJr Yt
IroncladzJr Yt Dag siden
Physics theory
IroncladzJr Yt
IroncladzJr Yt Dag siden
Life Theory
itsyaboicoco Dag siden
Food theory, Game theory, Film theory AND BOOK THEORY
Aaron Snyder
Aaron Snyder Dag siden
2:45 it should be conspiracy theory.
Dániel Kiss
Dániel Kiss Dag siden
I suggest a conspiracy theory
burple vids
burple vids Dag siden
add a book theory
Panhasak Chey
Panhasak Chey Dag siden
The pole infinitely filing
INFINITY Noek Dag siden
Do real life theories!
succulent weirdo
succulent weirdo Dag siden
Actually in portal 2 in one of the laser tests a youtuber called ihascupquake had a portal which connected up with a laser and she put another orange portal on a different wall and the laser still went through the portal... So who's right mat pat or the portal 2 game developers?
James Quale
James Quale 2 dager siden
Do a theory on terraria. PLEASE PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE, please Mat Pat I want my favorite game get boiled down. (I sound crazy)
James Quale
James Quale 2 dager siden
I have a question. What if I make two portals like about a yard away from each other and I jump in, what would happen? (This has bothered me ever since I saw this video)
Mac 2 dager siden
You should do a meme theory where you analyze the current trends in memes and explain the psychology behind its popularity and/or predict future trends.
Dillon studios
Dillon studios 2 dager siden
I suggest a dream theroy
Speed gamer
Speed gamer 2 dager siden
Dev theory?
DominickS8 2 dager siden
Conspiracy Theory Channel, please.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 2 dager siden
Crime Theory, where you theorize what actually happened on real unsolved cases
Damien Hailey
Damien Hailey 2 dager siden
Fall infinitely
Richard Fortman
Richard Fortman 2 dager siden
Conspiracy Tbeory! XD
ROBLOX HACKER 2 dager siden
I think blue should be life theory or book theory You think?
Meme Man
Meme Man 2 dager siden
You could have a meme theory
olliver clothesoff
olliver clothesoff 3 dager siden
How 'bout a channel where you take miscellaneous theories from the community and either debunk them or, if time permits, act further upon them should they be interesting or explain that it was not a theory at all, instead, a question.
Lorena Delgado
Lorena Delgado 3 dager siden
OOOOOOOOOooooOoo the 4th one can be "history Theory"
Mohammad Ali al Omari
Mohammad Ali al Omari 3 dager siden
Comic theory
Randy Baldwin
Randy Baldwin 3 dager siden
the blue channel should be book theory
John Mandy Garbida
John Mandy Garbida 3 dager siden
adrian holley
adrian holley 3 dager siden
they should make The Conspiracy Theorists
Beatrice 3 dager siden
Real Life crime theories
Darwin Bastien
Darwin Bastien 3 dager siden
the blue section should just be called people theory where us fans send videos of our theories while you make comments on our theories
Ty Sier
Ty Sier 3 dager siden
Matpat you should do book theory!!!
Tomas Skinnerup
Tomas Skinnerup 3 dager siden
i think you should take your own channel ider
Jos Batenburg
Jos Batenburg 3 dager siden
How about just Comic Book or straight up literature theory?
Mr. Mann.
Mr. Mann. 3 dager siden
I suggest ‘Mat Theory,’ basically QnA’s of Matpat and the Theory channels.
Wanderer 3 dager siden
Nikolett Horváth
Nikolett Horváth 4 dager siden
Toy torri
Nikolett Horváth
Nikolett Horváth 4 dager siden
Toys vél be a ével or good
Hamytheturtle 4 dager siden
So, can't you just, at some point, go the opposite way through the portal to undo the effects on the mass? Like, just swap the positions of the portals, then you can just keep doing that for infinite energy?
Kyru988 4 dager siden
Blue: Internet Theory.
Aubrée Swart
Aubrée Swart 4 dager siden
The fact that you actually think of these questions is why I love you
funny boi 101
funny boi 101 4 dager siden
Book theory
A Comment Boi
A Comment Boi 4 dager siden
Song theory
Bennymations 4 dager siden
Book theory!!!
TheKrensada 4 dager siden
Video starts at 3:05. The Pole will not start falling because Gravity would not effect it. Gravity is coming form above, and below it equally because you failed to think with portals. Remember what GlaDos said. "Speedy thing goes in, Speedy thing comes out. What I can't figure out is how you as the player start accelerating when you fall through the portals the same way. The bottom is the top, and the top is the bottom relative to thier positions in spacetime. Gravity should be nullified in the area directly above and below. You should actually just float there. But alas, it's just a stupid game.
KrispyKringe // KittenPower07
KrispyKringe // KittenPower07 4 dager siden
Conspiracy Theory!!!
Pabmax 4 dager siden
The game detectives!
loki 1608
loki 1608 4 dager siden
6:23 i think the pole will be infinitly long and fall downwards.
loki 1608
loki 1608 4 dager siden
maybe the blue theory channel is going to be music or book theory.
Emmett Jaakkola
Emmett Jaakkola 4 dager siden
Ur saying the mass just adds up from nowhere?
Poke Mon
Poke Mon 5 dager siden
Fitness theory what is the best workout
Chris Berkowitz
Chris Berkowitz 5 dager siden
Now, what happens when you put a portal in a portal?
Chris Berkowitz
Chris Berkowitz 5 dager siden
Maybe you could do book theory for the last quadrant?
Solomon Deas
Solomon Deas 5 dager siden
Definitely conspiracy theory, you should do all things conspiracy, and the optimization of everyday life. Like how to become the strongest human ever or the fastest, or even how to force yourself to be smarter. That would be so cool!
Sp1no eater
Sp1no eater 5 dager siden
ANIMATION THEOR- oh yeah film theory.
Phoenix Bugg
Phoenix Bugg 5 dager siden
Book thoery
Dr Dynamite
Dr Dynamite 5 dager siden
Geer Head
Geer Head 5 dager siden
Came back to rewatch while eating cake
kaptajn waterstradt
kaptajn waterstradt 5 dager siden
I accurely understod this
matekakiraly011 5 dager siden
can you tell us what happens if a blue portal swallows an orange portal and then with a different portal gun shooting in it the same way
Richard Turner
Richard Turner 6 dager siden
the cake is a pie
The demon Salad
The demon Salad 6 dager siden
HA get rekt NOpost
Adam Myers
Adam Myers 7 dager siden
If you could enlarge the circumference of the bottom circle like in his connected rod example, what if you combine it with the more finger portal? You could pass the op portal through the bottom portal. Would that like squish the entire universe or something? I can’t even imagine the result...
ClamAnimations 7 dager siden
music theory do it now
роман нету
роман нету 7 dager siden
Update: i wrote this comment before watching full video (around 5th minute) so i did not know MatPat will answer those questions, because for me they look very simple All questions at 4:00 and after are very easy to answer: 1) if you put a pole between portals it will stay on it's place because now it stays on a surface, even though the surface is itself. BUT. If portals erase even smallest part of the floor and/or the ceiling, now pole will fall because it not stays on a surface anymore 2) if you decide to soother both ends togeter, now it will rest for sure, because it is not only stays on itself, but also hanging on itself and pulls itself both up and down up. 3) no, you did not create infinte pole this way, it's length stays the same, if you use interpretation of portals as a space bended to loop to points near each other you actually looped this pole, you just do not see it 4) droping the pole is answer #1 5) about tge ceiling going down... I thought about this once. You actually will make a press with infinite power, because pole will press itself, and when portals put on moving surfaces they move with no problem, so you can suppose they feel no impact on itself... Which means you can make up to infinite pressure this way, depending on speed portals go to each other 6) what will happen if you put something half inside the portal and then decide to change place for one of the portals? Probably this will slice object in half. In our case with pole it will be sliced in the part near ceiling, then drop in lower portal and fly out of orange as we deducted previously it is not infinte Sorry if i made some mistakes, hard to type on mobile without any translator UPD2: wow, i actually answered 2 out of 3 questions right! Yeah, sometimes i forget about gravity exists
Neighborhood Knight
Neighborhood Knight 7 dager siden
Art theory? No that can be associated with film theory, and who cares about that anyways? What about history theory? D’uh Past Theory. Talking about rumors legends and other historical stuff. I don’t know what is the blue section Matt?
Raph Craft
Raph Craft 7 dager siden
Imagine that humanity would create a real portal gun.... I think there would be a lot of wierd tests and maby we destroy physics and our Universe 😅
Gio W
Gio W 8 dager siden
Make the blue one music theory
Enzo Gaming
Enzo Gaming 8 dager siden
this is confusing *your rinkling my brain*
CoolEren 8 dager siden
Imagine in the future your grandsons doing this in their exams
Goose Guy
Goose Guy 8 dager siden
how bout fitness theory?
Jack Dougherty
Jack Dougherty 8 dager siden
Song theory
Christian Klinker
Christian Klinker 8 dager siden
I think you should cover outlandish or not so outlandish conspiracy theories
Izzywastaken 8 dager siden
4th theory channel: THEORY THEORY
Jennifer Hanson
Jennifer Hanson 8 dager siden
History theory
Gino Folgore
Gino Folgore 9 dager siden
This video confused me more than school
The Weird One
The Weird One 9 dager siden
This explains why during the nugget videos, that's where the yellow one flashes (I think, I don't remember)
Nathan Kosko
Nathan Kosko 9 dager siden
and the pole will fall forever
Nathan Kosko
Nathan Kosko 9 dager siden
book theory, theory about books
Lukas Hofer
Lukas Hofer 9 dager siden
I was one of the first 60k subscribers to food theory
Alex Pugh
Alex Pugh 9 dager siden
2:32 really how long is the self promo
Alex Fryer
Alex Fryer 9 dager siden
I think that the pole may not fall as expected if we consider the portals as connecting spaces in the 3rd dimension through the fourth dimension. Its hard to articulate over text but when the pole passes through the portals it may be forming a kind of donut through the 4th dimension so if it was "falling" from our point of view, it may actually be revolving from the perspective of the fourth dimension. This asks the question, does gravity behave in the 4th dimension in a way that lets it cause a hoop to revolve?
salmon shashimi
salmon shashimi 10 dager siden
It would go infinitly fast
Jace Kane
Jace Kane 10 dager siden
Eventually there’s gonna be circles inside the original circle and there’s gonna be like 18 channels
Lori Higgins
Lori Higgins 10 dager siden
Book theory pleeeeeeaaaaasse!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garmjackyl Kingslayer
Garmjackyl Kingslayer 10 dager siden
blue quadrant should be myth theory
Chief Lucky
Chief Lucky 10 dager siden
I suggest fnaf theory
NineTailsGaming 10 dager siden
I think that the pole would drop since it’s still experiencing gravity and it’s just connected to eachother, not to anything else, so it would just drop infinitely.
NineTailsGaming 10 dager siden
I think that the pole would drop since it’s still experiencing gravity and it’s just connected to eachother, not to anything else, so it would just drop infinitely.
NineTailsGaming 10 dager siden
It should be Theory Theory! Like a behind the scenes channel where you can just put editors notes and advice and random stuff you make
Thiago Penna
Thiago Penna 10 dager siden
Conspiracy theory should be the fourth channel
Luke Stuff
Luke Stuff 10 dager siden
Fitness theory
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