Game Theory: Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the newest game in the Ghost Recon franchise and, oh boy, did it get me thinking. Specifically, thinking about DRONES. You see, drones have become common in today's world - enough at least that we don't really think twice about them. The thing is, drones are SCARY. They see EVERYTHING. Modern day drone technology is so advanced that if we pit them against highly trained human operatives, I'm not so sure who would win. Today Loyal Theorists, that is what I aim to find out!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Phoenix Iron
Phoenix Iron År siden
Who would win A super high tech drone that can spot you with pin point accuracy Or One feathery boi
doody party cool
doody party cool 11 dager siden
A eagle
skeleton boy DA BEST
skeleton boy DA BEST 12 dager siden
That intro
Excelsus 13 dager siden
Feathery boi, duh.
hell na
hell na 17 dager siden
What if a drone is being in group and have mini gun and could detect fetheary boi
TonyBlaze 2006
TonyBlaze 2006 27 dager siden
Freedom wins over everything.... except love.... and water. actually never mind BUT a freedom loving bird is very good
IMnotF1NE 8 timer siden
Just wait till he sees the pathfinders
Helix ACE Gaming
Helix ACE Gaming 12 timer siden
auroa not aurora
jakob vranjek
jakob vranjek Dag siden
Have you heard of mister kim John un he can hook you up with a a nuke quick and effective
alfa 25
alfa 25 Dag siden
actually what soldiers will do is make their own ghillie suits they will take parts of the environment that they are heading in and create their own suit through that
INFINITY Noek 2 dager siden
saw him pretty fast cuz i have seen ome in real life before.
Falcon Hack
Falcon Hack 2 dager siden
I love military tech. Make more vids about this pls!
Bearly A Bear
Bearly A Bear 2 dager siden
[SkyNet Activated]
Bearly A Bear
Bearly A Bear 2 dager siden
[SkyNet Activated]
Soma Das
Soma Das 2 dager siden
lets use *NUKES*
Hanna Lee
Hanna Lee 3 dager siden
logan graham
logan graham 4 dager siden
just send drones after the other drones XD
noodle banana
noodle banana 4 dager siden
Dammit the room drones are here hold on just need to go five country s
Henry Allen
Henry Allen 4 dager siden
Remember the robot rules
Mahindra Daimary
Mahindra Daimary 4 dager siden
Still now the drone warfare is going to start if you see the news
Dan Fan
Dan Fan 5 dager siden
But we can all agree The Simpsons is the best entertainment at predicting the future.
Dan Fan
Dan Fan 5 dager siden
That sounds dum
Benjamin Holcomb
Benjamin Holcomb 6 dager siden
If only the game was as good as this video.
Eric 6 dager siden
Haha drone go brrrrrrrr
ARVA _2008
ARVA _2008 7 dager siden
if im against a bunch of drone imma bring a big rock (not to heavy) and shape it a bit so its EZ to carry, and bring an eagle + that net shotgun ammo
Benjamin Mason
Benjamin Mason 7 dager siden
Is it bad i saw the sniper instantly its probably because i have experience with it
Green Impostor
Green Impostor 8 dager siden
It took me 1 second to find that sniper, which means I'm faster at detecting a sniper than futureistic AI.
Army fish
Army fish 8 dager siden
I HAVE YOU NOW HUMAN rocc well i guess he got us Matpat: BUT WAIT, THERES MORE
Shonono Yeetus
Shonono Yeetus 8 dager siden
yes we are
Deekshith 9 dager siden
maybe Russians were inspired by that game and rebelled.
Donovan Mckenzie
Donovan Mckenzie 9 dager siden
wait, matpat's recording closet has windows?
misterwalletinspector if
misterwalletinspector if 10 dager siden
10:50 the drones face shall be extracted
Billy is here
Billy is here 11 dager siden
Drones be like: *Me and my gang pull up now you better get runnin*
Kadin 11 dager siden
Just blow up their lithium batteries with your handy dandy flamethrower
doody party cool
doody party cool 11 dager siden
Who would win in pridecting this thing or the simpsons
PsychoGamer 12 dager siden
If we aren’t careful we are gonna have an overwatch omnics crisis irl
Oskar Lee
Oskar Lee 12 dager siden
2019 vid me 2020 ?????????
CAT White
CAT White 12 dager siden
Matpat why dont the ghosts use emp rockets vs drones now thats a wonderful idea lol get it?
CAT White
CAT White 12 dager siden
2:57 hey matpat now drones be like: i dont wanna get covid19. LOL
Solicity 13 dager siden
Rock or Extremely high tech camo that most drones can’t detect MatPat: *ROCC*
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas 13 dager siden
15:46 - 15:47 WE. We humans. Can us stand a chance? No, WE can.
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas 13 dager siden
13:53 - 13:54 WE. We humans. Can us use them? No, WE use them.
FatherAndujar 13 dager siden
Where can I find a drone eagle with laser cannons because that is awesome!
Dr WGA Labriskagni
Dr WGA Labriskagni 13 dager siden
Bayak also used an Eagle. Just so you know...
Amita Rathod
Amita Rathod 14 dager siden
surveillance drones would be pretty pog, anyone throws garbage u have evidence so u can arrest them! clean world ftw
Shark Attack 21
Shark Attack 21 15 dager siden
nobody: matpat being put on every single watchlist that exists
random account
random account 15 dager siden
I think mat should make a theory about the ghast and the achievement (uneasy alliance) its kinda wierd
Malpal 15 dager siden
I got a Diet Coke ad at the start
JE .M 16 dager siden
Meanwhile Us goverment killed a Iranian high profile general with drone Oh boi
ejjr 2.0
ejjr 2.0 16 dager siden
One thing you can do is make a underground system they cant go underground if deep enough but make sure you hide your entrance
Blake HENSKENS 16 dager siden
aCtuLly MaTpaT StaR wArs DrOIdS can sTrategIsE.........i think
Jacob Prest
Jacob Prest 16 dager siden
It's 2020 and it has not happened yet
William Carey
William Carey 16 dager siden
Jeez just use a emp
MacElroy Family
MacElroy Family 17 dager siden
A RPG attached to a drone. *THAT WOULD BE CRAZY*
Arthur Garbage
Arthur Garbage 17 dager siden
The editing In this vid is so good
aedan Mays
aedan Mays 17 dager siden
make a video for among us
Dark The Mazekeen
Dark The Mazekeen 17 dager siden
*DRONE BIRD,* ***A N N I H I L A T E .***
The Storm 13
The Storm 13 17 dager siden
"Hard time hitting it, USE AN FING EAGLE" this is a quote that I will now live by
CAT Creeper0 CAT
CAT Creeper0 CAT 17 dager siden
I played one of the Ghost Recon games and there's an EMP drone which explodes fight the drones with drones and why not shotguns 2
VGames 1
VGames 1 17 dager siden
Awesome that some of those drone are named after biblical beings. Cherubim are 4 winged angels that guard the garden of Eden, and Azrael is also an Angel if I am not mistaken.
Warren Erasmus
Warren Erasmus 19 dager siden
Aliens dont stand a chance against us!
Timmy Wallace
Timmy Wallace 19 dager siden
How to fight Unmanned Drones? Just do what Thatcher does. EMP.
Stumpyis360 19 dager siden
“Special thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this episode” nope.
Soviet Sniper #846
Soviet Sniper #846 20 dager siden
honestly im one of the people who prefer the military based videos
Daisy Page
Daisy Page 20 dager siden
Attack eagles is the most American thing I have heard
XD Gamer
XD Gamer 21 dag siden
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 22 dager siden
Re-watching this video because of covid, and might I say that it's episodes like these that scare me, the ones that are so close to real that it's possible, it's horrifying, still great video 10/10.
Angel Of Death
Angel Of Death 23 dager siden
2020 anyone?
ICeyD 23 dager siden
I hope to match the drones speed in picking up things and efficiency
yeah boi
yeah boi 23 dager siden
ghost recon: predicts the future The Simpsons: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.
A Lemon
A Lemon 23 dager siden
2020 All I Have To Say
Human #1
Human #1 24 dager siden
This sorta gives off clone wars vibes with man vs machine.
Enderdragooon 24 dager siden
“Pees on the drone” HA I WIN
MR. Demon
MR. Demon 25 dager siden
Thank you so much for doing something over Ghost Recon breakpoint
Triston Amador
Triston Amador 25 dager siden
Does he know that there is a flamethrower drone
John Henderson
John Henderson 25 dager siden
you know, I wanted to sleep tonight, MatPat.
Nerdynedd 25 dager siden
the future is friking Terrifying
Mr David Cromey
Mr David Cromey 26 dager siden
Spend more time trying to gun the drones down then trying to hide from them.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 26 dager siden
Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock and rock crushes drone.
Original 26 dager siden
I've been obsolete since birth
TonyBlaze 2006
TonyBlaze 2006 27 dager siden
bruh i would've really believed that MatPat has a eagle that attacks drones on COMMAND heck yea...
ZeroFusion28 27 dager siden
Everyone's gangster until Skynet goes online
Sneakyslycooper's Adventures
Sneakyslycooper's Adventures 25 dager siden
@ZeroFusion28 Lol
Relevant Fates
Relevant Fates 28 dager siden
I know I’m late to say this but I LOVE military theory’s from this channel
enterprise116 a
enterprise116 a 29 dager siden
Just use jammers!
Michael Ritzen
Michael Ritzen 29 dager siden
Matpat: "the all American Solution: THE EAGLES!" *shows Dutch police Eagle*
CKGrizzly 29 dager siden
I watched a video on tech zone and there was a gun neither no bulits made to make a drone land or make it go back to it's owner
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here Måned siden
Is it weird that I wanna see a few more episodes comparing Ghost Recon Breakpoint drones to real life drones in terms of things like attack methods, and, I don’t know, cooperation???
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming Måned siden
mangnet traps and or EMPs
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming Måned siden
animals use animals too disguise againts chemical sensors and inared snsors, and or natural fires
Susy Venus
Susy Venus Måned siden
Humens: HAHA we got you. Drones: NUHU I GOT THIS THING!!!!!!!! Humens: HAHA WE GOT THIS THING drone: NUH HUH
_ ebr
_ ebr Måned siden
idea: download aimbot to destroy the drones
Crimson Coder
Crimson Coder Måned siden
You know, in theory, with drone tech evolving as it is, there will come a time when you can program a camera drone to follow you from behind and be able to show a live feed of the camera on a pair of vr glasses, essentially allowing you to live your life in third person perspective.
Jun Gam
Jun Gam Måned siden
Hunter killer drone on standby lol
SaltyLeafeon Måned siden
WebKarma Måned siden
this scoring system is worse than power scaling in dragon ball z
Tucker Moriarty
Tucker Moriarty Måned siden
Boeing giveth the drone and boeing taketh away
Creative 8D
Creative 8D Måned siden
I can predict the future In the next second your breathing Why did you stop breathing?
Monty The Protogen
Monty The Protogen Måned siden
The drone went OwO
Dogeogaming6 Måned siden
I love Ubisoft
Rainbow Six siege Noob
Rainbow Six siege Noob Måned siden
Wait, ok before we talk about automatic drones, don’t put a UAV, yes it’s a drone that has no pilot, but the MQ-9 Reaper is just a massive RC plane with a combination of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, GBU-12 Paveway II and GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munitions, the pilot is just on the ground.
ProductBasement Måned siden
This isn't a video about tech vs training. This is about tech vs tech
Cillian Butler
Cillian Butler Måned siden
And this was a year ago :o
crumy playz
crumy playz Måned siden
randomly playing around when a drone pops of no where
Originalname.mp4 Måned siden
Re watching this I have an idea As you said the drones are very light in order to stay in the air so the caliber of the gun they would use would have to be small so good enough armor would stop it Also with infrared drones could you not cover yourself with mud and hide under some thick bushes as that would do a real good job at hiding you Just some thoughts I had
Mac MacLean
Mac MacLean Måned siden
Strange kid whos hobby was falconing in school just got alot more import.
Mac MacLean
Mac MacLean Måned siden
So what your saying is a modern rebellion In a modern country would just... Be doomed
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