Game Theory: Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)

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År siden

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the newest game in the Ghost Recon franchise and, oh boy, did it get me thinking. Specifically, thinking about DRONES. You see, drones have become common in today's world - enough at least that we don't really think twice about them. The thing is, drones are SCARY. They see EVERYTHING. Modern day drone technology is so advanced that if we pit them against highly trained human operatives, I'm not so sure who would win. Today Loyal Theorists, that is what I aim to find out!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Phoenix Iron
Phoenix Iron År siden
Who would win A super high tech drone that can spot you with pin point accuracy Or One feathery boi
Danica Fichtner
Danica Fichtner 4 dager siden
Feathery drone boi
Sparta 5 dager siden
Featheary boi is superiour in all ways, im not joking
Ren Zo
Ren Zo 7 dager siden
Drone vs rock lol
Tristin Briscoe
Tristin Briscoe 8 dager siden
@mahziel ok that is just when enemy becomes overly inhumane. killing my beautiful feathery boi
Tristin Briscoe
Tristin Briscoe 8 dager siden
one beautiful feathery freedom Merican boi.
Maira Edgar
Maira Edgar 2 timer siden
The lopsided meal historically queue because chair generally trot including a greedy clock. tremendous, redundant monday
insertlaughhere _
insertlaughhere _ 22 timer siden
drone eagles with laser guns
Adriel Sanclemente
Adriel Sanclemente Dag siden
Matpat: Drones now can see way better now and camouflage doesn't work as much. Ms Frizzle: bet.
AussieGamer2589 — Gaming, Memes and More
AussieGamer2589 — Gaming, Memes and More 4 dager siden
Before I got into the ghost recon franchise at the end of last year, I was confused while watching this, after becoming a self proclaimed ‘ghost recon veteran’ however, I completely understand and agree with the points that Matt points out in this video.
Sparta 5 dager siden
At this point even the extranjeros are screwed
Mico Laurence Dela Cruz
Mico Laurence Dela Cruz 5 dager siden
You can be invisible to robots if you have antenna to cover ur body... Or.. Wait... Does.. Wait..
Mico Laurence Dela Cruz
Mico Laurence Dela Cruz 5 dager siden
They have aimbot so we lost
Gameknight 6 dager siden
“Drone eagles with laser cannons” *Come pick me up mom I’m scared*
Ren Zo
Ren Zo 7 dager siden
Cant u fool them with emp’s ? Or others
Tios _
Tios _ 7 dager siden
It sounds like Mat is singing Foxys Pirate Song in the Beginning
Ghost Unknown
Ghost Unknown 8 dager siden
We can outrun the infrared heat sync with UF-PRO camoshield ghillie suit my best recommendation one time investment but I'm not regretting it now
Black Dragon
Black Dragon 9 dager siden
i thing ther i one normal gun thet can shoot a dron down (i only know the game name) the grim shotgun beter the broter grim shotgun it a full auto shotgun an as long as you just point at the drown its gone
MiotaLee 10 dager siden
Birdroni, attack!
Susanne Branham
Susanne Branham 10 dager siden
He was correct to an extent
The Space Baryonyx
The Space Baryonyx 11 dager siden
So ghosts can make diy yt emp guns and boom my man owning the drones is GONE
juli-chan 12 dager siden
I personally enjoy the military episodes more ngl
your mom
your mom 13 dager siden
Nukes have emp properties, so why send soldiers when nuking the island will destroy everything
Bradley Pearce
Bradley Pearce 13 dager siden
Lol that's completely without mention of the robots and tanks. Humanity 0 Robots 1000
JR T 15 dager siden
Humans have gone obsolete. Return to Monke
Duháツ 16 dager siden
This game sucks
Roktrum 16 dager siden
The funny thing is, in the game now, when an azreal is overhead you go prone and cover yourself in the terrain you're laying on. way easier.
Roktrum 16 dager siden
The reason the Danish Frogmen wear head nets is to break up their silhouettes, look them up, they're really intimidating
Matthew douglas
Matthew douglas 17 dager siden
level 1 Haha stupid tank drone tank drone what?! level 1 oh oh i have be level 200 tank drone >:)
Izzy Wyche
Izzy Wyche 20 dager siden
Ok thats it im getting an anti drone eagle
Banana 20 dager siden
Drones: *exist* Eagles and Big Rocks: I’m about to ruin this man’s whole career
Cookiemyh 21 dag siden
Rocket launcher
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 21 dag siden
The painful database intermittently hug because algebra numerically shop as a tacky lotion. faded, slim garage
ChrisTheVr 21 dag siden
11:07 my boi capitao
Roktrum 16 dager siden
oh it is lol I didn't notice that
CommanderLVJ1 21 dag siden
How about man-or rather person with machine: and remember that technology is a part of us yes...
Maid of Heart
Maid of Heart 22 dager siden
From my experience, somehow take out the drone’s gps. I have used drones with filming and have had issues when no cell service the drone just flying off where it wanted or even right into a tree. So taking out what sends the gps can make drone dumb, like cell tower. Idk if higher tech ones can get it from satellites or what
Cole Klatt
Cole Klatt 23 dager siden
I think that they forgot the ammunition type called bird shot
Grace Dalton
Grace Dalton 23 dager siden
The neat creature lily precede because wallet pharmacokinetically fear against a divergent straw. wiry, quarrelsome arm
Raymond Champion
Raymond Champion 24 dager siden
Yes there is one way the C Rams done
Ryan F
Ryan F 24 dager siden
I want to play this game now
Roktrum 16 dager siden
it's pretty good
V.RUZ 25 dager siden
At the start he referenced to the drone attacking eagles, anyone else notice that?
Jackson Chavez
Jackson Chavez 25 dager siden
This ones not really a theory it’s plain out facts
Zachary Brinson-Simmons
Zachary Brinson-Simmons 26 dager siden
Sir the drones are almost impossible to hit, what do we do? Brib
Brando Valentine
Brando Valentine 28 dager siden
And that's why we have athletes like Hussein bolt he's pretty quick and also just carry a very very heavy a machine gun will do just fire everything
Thade Go
Thade Go 29 dager siden
yousif zanganah
yousif zanganah 29 dager siden
this is what i’m saying only humans can kill humans and we’re asking for it
Haru Yohō
Haru Yohō Måned siden
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming Måned siden
My Idea: use Mud to Mask your bodie heat and use it for Camo, but if that Dose Not work then use Fire to keep them unable to see you as A Last resort to Escape, in the Case Scenario that it is a Colder Climate Ice Armor let me Explain, you see if you can use Rocks and or Animal Skin.
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming Måned siden
Offensive Odea: Magnitse, over Heating them Or Freezing if that dose not Work then use small Sharp Strings,also Chemical Warfare ;PS Give Me Ideas
Usman Anwar
Usman Anwar Måned siden
Who knew eagle was gonna be a weapon of technalogical war
gamespotweek Måned siden
nah you got it all wrong you dont want to use the laser that sucks too much energy use the German Rheinmetall SPAA, that thing will kill drones
Justin Collins
Justin Collins Måned siden
i had ghost recon for the wii and i hate it
Justin Collins
Justin Collins Måned siden
i had ghost recon for the wii and i hate it
Damian Måned siden
Matpat: activate the equip spell, Gilly suit Drone: you triggered trap card comrade. Thermal vision.
Tortle Måned siden
I feel bad for matpat, he has a broken lg ultragear with an old tv stuck on it.
APlextorBoi Måned siden
Just wait for the Combine to see this, they will be proud.
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong Måned siden
literally escalation in a nutshell
A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor
A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor Måned siden
I thought he was gonna say dragons breath
Koalt9Playz Måned siden
Drone: OwO me: UwU Im sorry... Please dont yell at me PLEASE
Tudo Måned siden
Imagine tank eagles with lazer and bomb cannons
I Came Here To Laugh At You
I Came Here To Laugh At You Måned siden
a wise man once said: "OH MY GOD, A GIANT ROCK!!!"
CreeperCrafter10 gamez
CreeperCrafter10 gamez Måned siden
MatPat: Ghost recon drones are scary Me: *Wut*
Tyler TRM
Tyler TRM Måned siden
0.0 0u0 0w0 all used by the drone
yeet master 123
yeet master 123 Måned siden
2020 terminators get added to ghost recon
Rick T.
Rick T. Måned siden
The thought of people deciding to use it for "population control" gives me shivers.
Alexander Bertke
Alexander Bertke Måned siden
Anti-drone drones.
tippity toppity
tippity toppity Måned siden
Mat: if probably took you a second or two to realize where he was Me: I still dont see him, even after you pointed him out-
Holly Hartwick
Holly Hartwick Måned siden
The truly scariest part of drone warfare is who’s piloting them. There has been talk of recruitment programs involving having young gamers pilot the drones. They’re turning our children into murderers by presenting war as a flight simulator game. It’s disgusting.
Insert Name
Insert Name Måned siden
Traditional camo doesn't work? Upgrade camo. Upgraded camo doesn't work? Use eagles to hit the drone. Hotel? Trivago
putis spencerhere
putis spencerhere Måned siden
The game had a update adding the temanator and you can earn a title called ex-temanator Hmm
Aw Tribula
Aw Tribula Måned siden
Drone attack eagles “American problems require American solutions”
Jake's Junkyard
Jake's Junkyard Måned siden
Cat King10
Cat King10 Måned siden
Uhhhh you can't kill Jack hes dead already hes able to take off his head in the movie. (this is a joke)
clayton shelton
clayton shelton Måned siden
matpats vids aret good there beder if its posible
Kochie Måned siden
I love this game
SadistFurret420 Måned siden
i would literally build an artificial system that would pull my blood into synthetic clones with artificial organs that mimic bodily functions including pulse, respiration, and any involuntary functions. matching my movements perfectly
Em Beboso
Em Beboso Måned siden
imagine giving kirby albert einstein's brain
Definitely not a suspicious individual
Definitely not a suspicious individual Måned siden
Drones: *We are high tech deadly machines with vision that allows us to see you from nearly anywhere* Soldier: lol look at this big rock Drones: *Understandable, have a nice day*
Joseph B
Joseph B Måned siden
Anybody watching at 2021?
lemon and things
lemon and things Måned siden
is it better at predicting then the Simpsons
Kingnixas vids
Kingnixas vids Måned siden
I know im late but as soon as he opened the sniper photo i spoted him in lass than a second not even joking
The Edgelord
The Edgelord Måned siden
Thumbnail for this video: They're coming! Song about creepypast I was just listening to, right when I look at the thumbnail: We're coming, yes we're coming, we're breaking through the walls Fuckno.wav (If anyone wants to know what the creepypasta was, it's The Cursed Art of Jacob Emory. With context, these things aren't related at all but I still liked the coincidence. Also it's 3 am so yeah everything gets a +3 bonus on spoopyness)
Brady Miller
Brady Miller Måned siden
Yooo Cole Walker reminds me of the Punisher from Netflix
TheCynicalHufflepuff Måned siden
The flying hunk of metal evolved? shoot at it Sir it's too fast. Throw a bird at it!
GamerDoggo92 Måned siden
The many methods of drone destruction: The Caveman: UGH UGH Unga Bunga use big rock to break robot! Unga Bunga put Unga Bunga behind big rock, pick up not big rock and throw tiny rock! UNGA BUNGA WIIIIIINS!!! The Scientist: You can use the Skynet anti-drone shotgun ammunition, but I would recommend the laser cannons. The American: CAW CAW MUDDERF-
Kyle Maybury
Kyle Maybury Måned siden
I don’t wanna be that guy... yeah who am I kidding I definitely wanna be that guy, all of your eagle sounds are actually the sounds of a hawk (red tailed I think but I could be wrong)
Rhiley Volk
Rhiley Volk Måned siden
just bring in the hackers
Riff Silver
Riff Silver Måned siden
At least miniguns, 50. Cal machine guns, shotguns, nets and eagles are effective against flying drones
Solrac Måned siden
The most creepiest thing ‘bout this vid is that Breakpoint made it fictional now😰
CandyCane Plays
CandyCane Plays Måned siden
Flamingo did something like this I think
ttv thewetnoodle
ttv thewetnoodle Måned siden
We have freakin laser cannons. (Insert Dr. Evil with pinky on lip emoji here)
Kai Keeney
Kai Keeney Måned siden
The "laser cannon" looks like the same thing in cars 2
The Berkanian
The Berkanian Måned siden
Those Eagles aren't American
ZoneDevil Gaming
ZoneDevil Gaming Måned siden
Bo2 campaign: HEY
Kanna Måned siden
Haha! toilet paper go brr!
Savage Salyer
Savage Salyer Måned siden
The rock op
A Scoutly
A Scoutly Måned siden
Ah yes, my favorite band: The Eagles
Batuhan Yılmaz
Batuhan Yılmaz 2 måneder siden
You should make more military episdoes, these are helping me irl so much.
FluffyGod 2 måneder siden
i love the petscop reference at 5:57 even though its not even a game but some spooky youtube videos about a game that somebody found and is sharing it with us the viewers and a friend of his anyway cool
Jp And El Ross
Jp And El Ross 2 måneder siden
Glitchtrap: oh thanks for the idea!
ExodusCore 2 måneder siden
The Dronebird part about this video was the best!
seecretgamer777 2 måneder siden
"Oh my gosh! Where did that jeep go?!" 6:44 That had me dying.
Tj Zwan
Tj Zwan 2 måneder siden
if tech is going to be Better than us, then just become tech
PercyKqvOwO 2 måneder siden
BTW i could see that sniper easily when you were explaining the drones
Tarnished_ Walker
Tarnished_ Walker 2 måneder siden
Ir the ghosts can atleast slap mud to their faces
Dokapi 2 måneder siden
GPS satellites unmanned drones FOOKING LAZER SIGHTS
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