Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

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What if we rethink the ENTIRE lore of FNAF? I'm talking taking it back to the crying child, Afton and the original suits and a mysterious Orange - yes ORANGE - Man that no one was able to figure out. What if William Afton was not the only bad guy in the story? What if someone drove Afton into becoming Purple Guy? What if Henry had a bigger part to play all along? Today we are rewriting Five Nights at Freddy's with a new twist based on NEW evidence.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Josh Langman, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Higher Places
Higher Places År siden
Nearly a decade now of hearing the closing line. “And that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching!” It still hasn’t lost its charm, warmth and honesty.
Toa Thompson
Toa Thompson Måned siden
qcgymnastworld 2 måneder siden
I wrote a reply so one fewer person could.
Tutuzynho GG
Tutuzynho GG 2 måneder siden
Ric4rd0 D1as
Ric4rd0 D1as 2 måneder siden
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat 3 måneder siden
J H 3 timer siden
landon amick
landon amick 8 timer siden
Brain is now ded
Elijah Beougher
Elijah Beougher 9 timer siden
This was the first ever game theory video I watched, and I watched it 2 weeks after It came out.
g fox
g fox 9 timer siden
*Oh no...* this is bad
Sepp Plays
Sepp Plays 10 timer siden
Who saw the Sound Illusion Disc in 18:22?
Liam Shepard
Liam Shepard 12 timer siden
well i watch for the theory s
Hoopa King
Hoopa King 17 timer siden
Tbh, lore aside, I actually really liked these books. They were well written, scary, and just intriguing. I feel like these books are really underrated.
Hannah Carney
Hannah Carney Dag siden
When you watch all the theories thinking they are right but then you find but they're not and you don't know why
SunHalo Dag siden
so everything that i thought was true 3 years ago was a lie!?!?!? man
ShortyGnome Dag siden
i like what he did, looking at the vantage point of the books and looking at the games as the lore, just like when we look at the vantage point of the games, then use the books as extra lore
Alfonso Tejeda
Alfonso Tejeda Dag siden
Hopefully you are reading this both of the houses are different bc in fnaf 4 has a 1 story house form the loading screen and Henry’s house is 2 stories how is those 2 houses Henry’s?
Alfonso Tejeda
Alfonso Tejeda Dag siden
Oh wait there both the same sorry XD
Santiago Venegas Rivadeneira
Santiago Venegas Rivadeneira Dag siden
anyone noticed the disk at the background at 18:21
f is for got em
f is for got em Dag siden
ok but can we talk about the mangle in the girls room?
Nikki Machon
Nikki Machon Dag siden
Number Guy
Number Guy Dag siden
HA Imagine not owning BOTH versions of The Freddy Files!
Octo-sailor Dag siden
Hey game theory i have a theory what if the house was the afton house before william went crazy and what if henry adopted Micheal and the crying child
Grace Shannon
Grace Shannon Dag siden
Grace Shannon
Grace Shannon Dag siden
I have an important question for you....... Do you think Micheal Afton and Terrance are the same person? Or brothers, and Terrance died first?
toad fan
toad fan Dag siden
Um Mat my brain hurts
Божидар Иванов
Божидар Иванов Dag siden
I have information Orange guy and purple guy are From Day shift at Freddy's. Do you scrow to here XD.
Navneeth Jaydev
Navneeth Jaydev Dag siden
Can we just agree that GlitchTrap is the most freakiest one until now
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat 2 dager siden
DO you know the Mustard man? The Mustard man! The mustard man! DO you know the muffin- I mean Mustard man? Who lives in A horror game!
Savyasacci Desai
Savyasacci Desai 2 dager siden
check mustard man's dialogue color
Savyasacci Desai
Savyasacci Desai 2 dager siden
what if we all got stitch wraith wrong.what if stitch wraith is Charlie ..???
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
The cool kid five Nights at freddys
The cool kid five Nights at freddys 2 dager siden
Nocna Furia
Nocna Furia 2 dager siden
The under Dogs
The under Dogs 2 dager siden
Crying kid is a afton!!!
dayana yazbek
dayana yazbek 2 dager siden
What if Henry is father of William I dunno That just pop out of my head just now
Junel 2 dager siden
Tanner Watson
Tanner Watson 2 dager siden
Bruh the reason that Henry’s last name hasn’t been revealed is because they are brothers, Henry Afton
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 2 dager siden
What difference would it make if they were brothers?
Matpat is actually counting toes...
Lyreck Obras
Lyreck Obras 3 dager siden
oooooooooooor what about if the aftons bought the house after henry died i mean he did die and wgat about henry he died in fnaf6 the fire killed him so what happened to him and what about the old fredbear suit
Lyreck Obras
Lyreck Obras 3 dager siden
all fnaf fans:wrong me: i still belive him
I think someone
I think someone 3 dager siden
Like you just said Baby is a robot made by Henry so would that make Elizabeth Henry’s daughter?!
I think someone
I think someone 3 dager siden
Then explain Elizabeth’s lines pls like “didn’t you make HER for me”
Reynaldo Gomez
Reynaldo Gomez 3 dager siden
What about Elizabeth Edit:she can dance she can sing im not gonna say anymore
HappyAlmond5 3 dager siden
Ok no hate. But the Charlotte drawing that he uses creeps me out. Idk it just does. Also You have a new subscriber so.... 😁
Alexandria Flint
Alexandria Flint 3 dager siden
I just noticed that illusion disk that's behind matpat at 18:27 i don't understand why its there but maybe scott didn't want him to figure out the lore... Nahh dont listen to a word i said except the illusion disk in the background.
chickenqueee 3 dager siden
Maybe if psychic fredbear is a lonely freddy the reason the text is a lighter shade of yellow is due to what is controlling the psychic lonely Freddy no longer speaking through the Freddy and instead is talking directly to the crying child.
Dylan the normal
Dylan the normal 3 dager siden
has anyone noticed that the disk he is talking about is in the backround 18:21
XxEnxhanted_OrchidxX Alina
XxEnxhanted_OrchidxX Alina 3 dager siden
I have an answer to the holes. *Willry has entered the chat...*
Solid Metagross
Solid Metagross 3 dager siden
Aaaaaand now we know it was the afton family since foxybro is Mike Afton.
Sleepy Pusheen XOXO
Sleepy Pusheen XOXO 3 dager siden
I think the random girls room is Charlotte's because Charlotte being the puppet, puppet was in fnaf 2 and mangle was in fnaf 2 so that little detail on the floor of mangle plays a big part for another theory so when Crying child meets pigtails girl (or Elizabeth) that's William's daughter Henry and William being best friends and co- workers Crying child would of been able to see her. But back to the random girls room has mangle who was in fnaf 2 but pigtails girl ( Elizabeth ) has toys of the toy animatronics in fnaf 2 so Charlotte and Pigtails girl (Elizabeth) might be connected and you saying Crying child is Henry's son, I've seen a video of Henry that had a son called Sammy and I think thats right, so Crying child is not Chris/Christopher (what fans say) but Sammy Henry's son. I just watched a bit more and you mentioning sister location would be odd usually children who have parents who are close to someone would call them "Uncle" or "Auntie" so Crying child would say "Uncle William". Then I realized Red head in Sister Location was William's daughter we played as Micheal Afton. Does the name ring a bell? YEP! AFTON SO MICHEAL IS WILLIAM'S SON AND well...? Elizabeth is in fact William's daughter so my version of these is that Crying child was never William's son but Henry's son so when we play the actual fnaf 4 game we might be another son of William's because I've seen another theory "Fnaf 4s biggest mistake" Crying child got his frontal lobe bitten off he wouldn't have nightmares because he wouldn't care so we are playing as William's other son, let's call him "Chris" Like what fans say. So in fnaf 4 we are playing as "Chris" William's other son. BOOM THERE'S ANOTHER THEORY FOR YOU But then who is Crying child being tormented by? Rather Micheal Afton going to Henry's house or an older brother of Crying child's and Henry's other son. Another theory I'm so smart UwU
Deaven Mullen
Deaven Mullen 4 dager siden
This was a mindfuck
REAL8TER 4 dager siden
LISTEN! This Is a stretch okay BUT.. William Is purple Henry Is Yellow (Opposites) William Is a serial killer, but cares about his kids Henry Is a over working father, who while the time having kids neglects them There are more differences with them that you can look up. But I subject this entire thing isn't only just about the missing children, what if this is about more then only (CASSIDY'S) revenge
Emily Whalen
Emily Whalen 4 dager siden
18:21 if you look at that thing in the background of matpat,somewhere you will find a security camera
Alexandria Flint
Alexandria Flint 3 dager siden
Yay i'm not the only person who saw the illusion disk
Alanoud Mubarak Al-Mohannadi
Alanoud Mubarak Al-Mohannadi 4 dager siden
Wait the yellow man maybe glichtrap
XEvxl _ x
XEvxl _ x 5 dager siden
I Imagine that Scott litterally wachtes your Videos and laughs himself to death because you are trying to solve His mystery .
ThatWeirdoOne ; - ;
ThatWeirdoOne ; - ; 5 dager siden
I feel you Its getting me dizzy 😵
sad boi
sad boi 5 dager siden not ok Sis blink twice i'll help you
Gamer752 Goat
Gamer752 Goat 5 dager siden
What if Scott watches these vids
Student Jeremy Lamb
Student Jeremy Lamb 5 dager siden
ennard is the one keeping mike from rotting turnung purple
Student Jeremy Lamb
Student Jeremy Lamb 5 dager siden
is mat insane
Funtimē Ēñdœ
Funtimē Ēñdœ 5 dager siden
If its true Baby can change her shape and Elizabeth is in Charlotte' s robot body why dont we see her change shape or anything like that in vr help wanted or sister location? You think we would see her do that atleast once. Unless the books are lying and she cant change her shape.
Shakee Playz
Shakee Playz 5 dager siden
Maybe just maybe the orange guy is trying to clean up aftons mistakes and murders and in the process henery the yellow guy got an idea of making the Anamatronics and supperessing there soles in them so that they can live on but then regrets making and tries to destroy them and gets scared and goes to his house seeing the foot prints and the broken glass he assumes the aft on killed his son
MasterAzure 6 dager siden
And also, the “crying child” is a boy.
MasterAzure 6 dager siden
@The Game Theorists If the youngest son is dead, then how did he die?
Meteor Pump
Meteor Pump 6 dager siden
18:21 wait-
Purple rock
Purple rock 6 dager siden
No matter how many videos I watch of the game theory I am still confused of everything in fnaf???????? Some please explain to in words the whole thing if you can please that will mean a lot to me🥺
Shane vlogs DJ 08
Shane vlogs DJ 08 6 dager siden
Michel thought it was henry but sprigtrap got to him first and sprigtrap was saying your next
Shane vlogs DJ 08
Shane vlogs DJ 08 6 dager siden
What if purple guy took Charlie
Luca Costantino
Luca Costantino 6 dager siden
4:58 That sound is MatPat's brain right before it collapses in on itself
Waira 6 dager siden
Take this certificate of Insanity MatPat
Nae nae yt Rader
Nae nae yt Rader 6 dager siden
Sanity False
Sanity False 6 dager siden
It might have been William/ Glithtrap that does make alot maybe another point of view fnaf 2 fnaf jr might have been a few years after so maybe vr was created by then, and how Charli died maybe that could make sense maybe what your saying is that we're a different view while maybe we're also going to different parts. I'll explain let's say the lore but instead defided into different sections. There deaths. How they were recreated like how Michael was reborned and Charlotte reborn with becoming a robot of different kinds. and parts and events happening too.
devilsdaughter 666
devilsdaughter 666 6 dager siden
18:21 am thenonly o e who notice the illusion disk
ari katt
ari katt 6 dager siden
Maybe the mustard man is William in his rabbit costume driving off the scene? just an idea.
Elijah Fernando Ocampo
Elijah Fernando Ocampo 6 dager siden
I saw the disk
Maria -KhaylaVxxx
Maria -KhaylaVxxx 7 dager siden
*talk about chris isn't aftons* me : hold on-hold on......i-i-i can't think. give me a space ┗|`O′|┛( ˘︹˘ )
Tiny Tinker Gacha
Tiny Tinker Gacha 7 dager siden
Imagine Scott commented on this video.
GoldenFreddy 7 dager siden
When Ultimate Custom Night cutscenes aren't really about Henry vs William, but MatPat vs Scott, & how the bear is constantly defeated/humiliated. Yet, he will always pursue the fox, because it is his nature. Methinks the fox has finally lost this one
Eva 7 dager siden
I’m rewatching these and I just realized, he says midnight motorist is the night that Afton takes his first victim, but then why is Henry turned away from Jr.’s? According to what he said previously, there were no victims yet, so he had no reason to be turned away right?
Gamerling 7 dager siden
18:26 Did anyone else see the sound-illusion disk on MatPat’s left?
Fancy Person
Fancy Person 7 dager siden
That's a real nice tan line MatPat
Judah D. Buxton
Judah D. Buxton 7 dager siden
I think that the pink guy, the purple guy, the yellow guy, and the mustard guy are all different. This is just a theory, but it is plausible. Each of them have a child or somebody that is close to them, like the yellow guy, could be charlies spirit roaming around after she died, and the pink and purple guy could be either of the aftons, don't know which.
Shadow 7 dager siden
14:04 he looks so mad
Rick Sloan
Rick Sloan 8 dager siden
Yeah, that was my house. Sorry about all that murder robot stuff.
Súnix _ Stóries
Súnix _ Stóries 8 dager siden
wait.. if charlie is the puppet, does that mean puppet is the kid charlie, and since puppet is lefty, does that mean lefty is the tween charlie..?
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 8 dager siden
How you know that the Crying Child is a Boy ?
Helge Å. Jørgen Kim
Helge Å. Jørgen Kim 8 dager siden
To be honest, the story Scott tries to tell is “I want to make money, please”.
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez 8 dager siden
Go to custom night go nightmare Shadow Freddy
Lady French Fry
Lady French Fry 8 dager siden
The one thing I believe that humankind has the most issues with games like this is the empty feeling it gives you. That empty feeling leaving you to think "What if there's more to this than what we think?" That feeling that makes you go "There is more to thins I know it." Though I do have a theory myself (though I have never read the books nor have I played the original Five Nights game. I've only played sister location and custom night). What if William Afton and Henry Emily created the disks to scare their own children not to go near them (it's most likely). Another thing about Henry Emily. What if he went insane when his daughter died? And that is why he created his own daughter as a robot. Because he feels that the pain will go away. It's the same with William Afton during the bite of 1987 (or 1983). What if he brought back his kid as a robot? Though, if we look at the dream theory in your other videos. What if it is a dream except it all connects to the bite. For example. The bite was the start of it all. It's what made everyone go "What is this really?" What if we are playing as the boy who was bitten? What if we are dreaming inside a hospital...? But here is the catch. If we are dreaming in a hospital and we hear the alarm go off what if we are still conscious, and nobody knows?
Sans Dreemur
Sans Dreemur 8 dager siden
Also I’m stuck on night 2 of every Fnaf Mobile game
Sans Dreemur
Sans Dreemur 8 dager siden
Horror Fan 2.0
Horror Fan 2.0 8 dager siden
You'd think part of the sadness from the crying child comes from the loss of his sister since that was the same year she died
Lime Crewmate
Lime Crewmate 8 dager siden
18:21 look to the far left and there is a sound disc on the wall that falls off. Detail
Shy and Nameless
Shy and Nameless 8 dager siden
Ok, hear me out for a second... In the Silver Eyes it is said that Michael is possessing Golden Freddy. That would make Charlie’s brother Sammy to be the Crying Child from FNaF 4. Let’s just say that Sammy died from the bite and then gets put back together by Henry. Fredbear took a good ol‘ munch on his brain, what DOES he remember now? Maybe he thinks his name is Michael now. It would explain the frequent asking in the Survival Logbook about what he remembers and if he remembers his NAME. What if he doesn’t? What if he doesn’t remember his own name and just chooses Michael as his name. Charlie, the other and him were friends with Mike before he got stuffed. Henry committed suicide with one of his animatronics, so he couldn’t tell Sammy that his name indeed wasn’t Michael. Maybe Sammy thinks that William is his father because of his name. Maybe Willi A choose to roll with it. Who knows... Think about it. Thanks for hearing me out. :)
Shy and Nameless
Shy and Nameless 8 dager siden
And in case you‘re asking yourself; „why would William just roll with Sammy thinking he‘s Michael and Williams son?“ Remember, William lost his daughter. His little girl Elisabeth. He is mourning over her death. He is using Sammy, who thinks he’s his son, as a coping mechanism for his sadness. Pushing the thoughts of his dead daughter away with Sammy/Mike. (His wife probably wouldn’t like that tho...)
Shy and Nameless
Shy and Nameless 8 dager siden
This also explains Babys Dialoge in Sister Location. „I don’t recognize you, you are new.“ Elisabeth. Elisabeth says that. And it’s true. She has never met Sammy. She doesn’t recognize him, because she doesn’t know him. Now if Sammy/Mike and Elisabeth were Siblings don’t you think she would recognize her brother. But she doesn’t... that’s because they AREN‘T siblings.
Alexander Dean Garcia
Alexander Dean Garcia 9 dager siden
All of the one saying the books arw alternate universe are dumb dumbs cause the books were made so that the partial story twlling in the games are solved with in the books
Mavisyper Écrivaine
Mavisyper Écrivaine 9 dager siden
Matpat and Scott in a bloody war. It looks like Scott won so far? Matpat gets a new weapon, What is it? That is your question. His theories getting darker and darker, It looks like it’s going farther. Fnaf’s Lore is big, Now is the time to dig. A grave I see by he hill, Theories made with free will. This war is as bloody as it looks, Go read those books. Haha, thanks for reading my poem!
kelyn 9 dager siden
this is the biggest plot twist in history.
Samari Animations
Samari Animations 9 dager siden
okay so i have a theory for you So you said that scott does not do coincidences so in fnaf 4 theres the girl from the playground but you have never talked about her at all besides for the dream theory and scott doesnt do coincidences so maybe they could also posses an animatronic like mangle because as you can see the balloon boy in fnaf 4 outside could possibly be balloon boy from fnaf 2 sooo you should check more on those characters
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones 9 dager siden
Yup ready to tear it aport
Beserk Potato
Beserk Potato 9 dager siden
Its crazy how one word explains so much in the lore
Elena Plater
Elena Plater 9 dager siden
at this point, I just need a video that's a walkthrough of the story so far
Mega Frost
Mega Frost 9 dager siden
Interesting... *frantically tries to fix time line with him* tell me more!
DELTA SANS 9 dager siden
Does anyone else see a an illusion disc in the background?? XD 18:26 lol
Maria Carey
Maria Carey 9 dager siden
But mike s last name is Emily so u know -.-
Laura 10 dager siden
I may be really late on this thread of theory, but I feel like throwing my 2 cents anyway: since now there's 2 Aftons around, and Mike clearly turns purple in FNAF 4, perhaps the yellow colour of Mustard Man is linked to the yellow suit William Afton wears when luring children. Also, the purple car to me is a hint of him being William.
Abbey P. Averion
Abbey P. Averion 10 dager siden
"As the series has gotten darker so has the color palette." Im wheezing
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