Minecraft is DOOMED! How the Nether Portal PROVES Minecraft's End! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft

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One of the most fascinating things in Minecraft is the Nether. It is a place you can only get to with the right materials and then you are transported through a PORTAL to a whole other world! That is such a crazy mechanic for this game to include. So much so, in fact, that Austin decided to figure out just how the Nether and the Minecraft overworld co-exist the way they do. Theorists, things do NOT look good for our favorite mining planet.
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Edoardo Ferretti
Edoardo Ferretti 12 timer siden
Oooooor, assuming minecraft world is spherical and that nether portal somehow teleports the player straight down in the nether, it could just be a place eight times nearer the core of the planet. This way the player moves on a circumference at the same linear velocity as the overworld, but being radius eight times smaller, angular velocity would be eight times bigger. So every meter walked in the nether is equal to 8 meters walked in the overworld. Pretty simple and without relativistic messes
SolarKid123 18 timer siden
The only video where he doesn’t do the “Dear (Name Here). Hi it’s me! Austin!”
Violet ?
Violet ? Dag siden
But in the theory video mat pat did, he concluded that the minecraft world is at the center of the universe. What if you consider this factor into the equation?
Jaideep Shekhar
Jaideep Shekhar Dag siden
Ummm... I think there is a typo. If E^2 = (mc^2)^2 + PC^2, then E will be root( (mc^2)^2 + PC^2 ), not mc^2 + root(P)C Can't believe no one caught that.
# Brickie
# Brickie 2 dager siden
Or just nether is under ground.
T-turtle Gamer
T-turtle Gamer 2 dager siden
When Austin does it my brain explodes more
Luna Kim
Luna Kim 2 dager siden
Crystallus Angelus
Crystallus Angelus 2 dager siden
This should be a mode in Minecraft. Play until all light disappears and the world begins to burn, killing everything. I think it would be pretty great!
I am mind blown
Happily Angry
Happily Angry 4 dager siden
Well, what if it was a portal deeper down in the world? I mean, there's unbreakable bedrock in the floor and in the ceiling of the nether. Also, that combines with the round theory because you'd be traveling in a smaller circle, making less time traveled around the minecraft earth. The nether and the minecraft world not being 2 planets, but 1 planet. It's just the hollow earth theory but in minecraft
Helix 4 dager siden
I wanted to know how to build a nether portal, but now I am albert einstein
CounterA 5 dager siden
Was there an approximation used at 12:44? Because if E^2=(mc^2)^2+PC^2 then E=/=mc^2+sqrt(p)C. E would equal sqrt((mc^2)^2+PC^2) just like in pythagorean theorem c^2=a^2+b^2 c=/=a+b c=sqrt(a^2+b^2)
Redhood -117
Redhood -117 5 dager siden
Hey in Minecraft they have Pigman and fire shooting marshmallows maybe they have different physics
Christianna Horn
Christianna Horn 6 dager siden
Me not understanding anything that was just said: Yes I agree :)
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen 6 dager siden
I don't get it. I mean, when you go through the portal, you are leaving the overworld. But whem you build a portal in the nether at a different location the portal in the overworld is created at a different place too. So how can that be? Are their two Steves who are always doing tje exact same thing at exatly the same time in the Nether and ghe overworld? Also, there is another problem with the portal. From how I understand it there are two kinds of portals. The magic ones and the science ones. The science portals need to have two pieces. One at the start and one at the destination. Wich means, that you can only travel in your own dimension. And seeing that time-space in the Nether is different from the one in fhe overworld it has to be a different dimension. That only leaves the magic portal. But I have tried it myself. I built a Recktangle out of Obsidian with the same hight, lengt and width and tried to light it. Nothing happend. And there is nothing more you do in Minecraft. So unless there is some magic involved that I have overlooked, the portals are not only doomsday weapons, they also don't make sense.
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen 6 dager siden
Who could've guessed, that eight seconds can make such a difference.
Prince Okoi
Prince Okoi 6 dager siden
And minecraft is not a circle its a whole parallel endless dimension that has a bedrock underneath
Prince Okoi
Prince Okoi 6 dager siden
The nether is smaller than the overworld
Gabriel Nathan Soenjoto 1332015
Gabriel Nathan Soenjoto 1332015 6 dager siden
OH, so that's why the trial time is around 4 days long
Raypha ._.
Raypha ._. 7 dager siden
Maybe the Minecraft earth is in a parallel universe, where anything you are complaining about, is makes completely sense 🤔
Ruidy 7 dager siden
Ima pretend Ima know what he's talking about
Astro Orbis
Astro Orbis 7 dager siden
13:09 anarchy players: hehehehehheheheehhe
KEVIN BRUZZI 7 dager siden
If minecraft overworld is the earth the nether is beneath bedrock and based upon the curvature of the earth it makes sense for it to be smaller
Its Starstarmer
Its Starstarmer 9 dager siden
Plus 1 Million percent respect "Liquid Hot Magma" Austin Powers for the win
Zoltan Rusé-Tasnady
Zoltan Rusé-Tasnady 10 dager siden
This is actually the video that I discovered the channel with lol. Gives me nostalgia to rewatch this almost two years later
RiplixGuy 11 dager siden
the ever search for his mc user name
Jsun Hunter Archive
Jsun Hunter Archive 11 dager siden
Hey mat pat, if you see this you should look into the ghast, it might not be what it seems
Clev Magyk
Clev Magyk 11 dager siden
consider this, in a previous or future video, you explained that the overworld is a sphere, right? so what if the nether is *inside* the overworld, and thats why its one eighth as large.
L G 12 dager siden
Wheres matpat
Joseph Voss
Joseph Voss 13 dager siden
what if the neather is inside the overworld look at the achivment
The Dark Wanderer
The Dark Wanderer 13 dager siden
The nether. The final frontier. No wait that's the End. Fu...
Jad Zarzour
Jad Zarzour 13 dager siden
i cant believe im saying this but game theory is worng. the nether doesnt bend space time, on the contrary the nether is said to be near to the core of the planet which not only allows you to travel faster like in the game, but also makes it very hot, since its close to said core
bronze buckle
bronze buckle 15 dager siden
The nether is not a planet lol
Jonathan Stein
Jonathan Stein 15 dager siden
sooo einstein really meant E=minecraft
Jonathan Stein
Jonathan Stein 15 dager siden
2:14 who is that?
Luis Gerardo Bravo
Luis Gerardo Bravo 16 dager siden
The nether portal is the nether And the end portal is the end
TYLER ZALKIN 17 dager siden
What if the nether is Venus
Ashley Hammack
Ashley Hammack 17 dager siden
Wait... the nether isnt just a subterranean set of caverns in the lower mantle of the same planet as the regular world? I assumed it was smaller because each nether portal took you straight up or down directly away from the center of the planet and traveling a short distance on the smaller inner sphere meant you emerged farther away on the larger outer sphere?
J Musgrove
J Musgrove 18 dager siden
Austin: Uses the corners in a nether portal Me: Wait... That’s Illegal
Notable Toast
Notable Toast 18 dager siden
This video should be shown in schools
Mohammad Taufiq Atiq
Mohammad Taufiq Atiq 18 dager siden
Whos watching after 1.16 ?????
SabaKhazhomia 13
SabaKhazhomia 13 18 dager siden
what if the nether was in the minecraft planet it would kind of make sense since deeper you get in the planet hotter it gets it wouldn't make sense you to dig down and just appear in space 3:09 If you were deeper in a round planet and you would teleport above it by using the nether portal would it make sense that 8 blocks of travel would be 1 block of travel in the nether this way?
TheNintendoFanatic 19 dager siden
what's the song at 10:00?
Jaden The Saiyan
Jaden The Saiyan 19 dager siden
what if the nether is the core of the earth
AMoth'sSymphony 19 dager siden
okay Austin but here's the thing what if the Nether is actually orbiting a different star in a different point of the universe?
GrandLynx 4988
GrandLynx 4988 19 dager siden
That actually would be interesting having a survivor story type and have to beat Minecraft or survive within a certain manner of time before everything gets destroyed if that was true or happened in Minecraft that be cool as in the matter of another game mode like Survival Creative World Ending survivalist What do you guys think
Vanja Ciric
Vanja Ciric 20 dager siden
This is big brain time...
Dylan Paré
Dylan Paré 21 dag siden
I have a better theory. What if the nether is behind the bedrock and because we are morue close of thé middle, we need minus time to go to a point a to a point b, also the nether have a bedrock top unlike the over world and the nether is also full of lava and Quartz ( if we exclude the 1.16 update ) .
Meryl Schultz
Meryl Schultz 21 dag siden
What if the nether was just inside the overworld? You already proved that the minecraft world is round, so what if the nether is closer to the core? It would take less time to circumnavigate a circle with a smaller radius, but you are still circumnavigating. Therefore relative to the surface you are travelling faster
Nolan Kevin Hamel
Nolan Kevin Hamel 22 dager siden
Maybe the nether is just the sun it’s self
Nautica Elements
Nautica Elements 22 dager siden
uhhhhhhh... what?
Marjorie Lynch
Marjorie Lynch 22 dager siden
did anyone else take tnt and dig down to bedrock and make tnt towers all the way up to the block limit and ignite the top block fly down and just watch it go when they were little also you forgot that in a multiplayer game if one person is in the nether and one is trying to sleep in the overworld the person in the nether does NOT have to come back for them to sleep, they just sleep whilst the person in the nether can just keep doin what they want
Gabe Bishop
Gabe Bishop 22 dager siden
Special geometry solves this problem if the nether is the core of the planet. Edit: mostly solves
artemis cabiao
artemis cabiao 22 dager siden
i like arthur teaching us all the stuff games make no sense especially his screaming
Stupid Muffin
Stupid Muffin 23 dager siden
im 2 dum 2 understand thenk u rub nub fishron
Kody Crawford
Kody Crawford 23 dager siden
Wow science
Regal Studios
Regal Studios 23 dager siden
Plot Twist: The main star the world is orbiting is the full sequence star from Interstellar
Silverplatin 23 dager siden
Minecraft: the Nether is a other dimension This guy: ...... The Nether is a Planet
Ernests Malējs
Ernests Malējs 23 dager siden
The explanation is that nether is hot and nearer core of world.
alex wolf
alex wolf 23 dager siden
The nether is under the minecraft overworld... It is inside it... Its the "Under" world...
alex wolf
alex wolf 24 dager siden
One explanation... Magic
Sean Peacock
Sean Peacock 24 dager siden
interestingly when I first started playing you could download a demo that let you play for 5 in game days before ending.
Raul 24 dager siden
While this is a cool theory, you could debunk it by just saying that the nether is an alternate dimension with different physics.
Dīno 24 dager siden
Me: Oh hey :D! Another game theory Minecraft video Also me: THIS ISN’T THE GAME THEORIST!
Thomas Steele
Thomas Steele 24 dager siden
Or it could just be another dimension.
Mr Doctor Professor Pepsi
Mr Doctor Professor Pepsi 25 dager siden
I think I know how they do it, just turn FOV to 500
Guper 12
Guper 12 25 dager siden
I always thought it was due to the curvature of the earth’s crust to the earth’s inside.
HL Morzinski
HL Morzinski 26 dager siden
The nether is a different dimension
DonnitionMC 26 dager siden
Nether is a planet. it's 'block' not 'time'. Basically, nether is smaller than Minecraft earth. Nether isn't underground, Mojang disprove that. Or nether is literally a netherworld, since Minecraft literally a fantasy game
Hurricane 27 dager siden
I always believed that the nether was the core of the Minecraft world
Flipyodip 28 dager siden
The reason 1 block in the nether is 8 blocks in the overworld is because the nether is close to the center of the world than the overworld is. Therefore, making it smaller.
DarknessRising (DarknessWarrior2)
DarknessRising (DarknessWarrior2) 28 dager siden
Anybody think that the Nether is the center of the overworld (bottom of the over is bedrock while the ceiling of the nether is the same) and conversely the end is in the sky so far away from the world that light doesn’t reach it?
Timmys Workshop
Timmys Workshop 28 dager siden
I don’t like gamethiry now he has made swearing in his videos and that makes me upset
God’s cool Cousin
God’s cool Cousin 29 dager siden
I never understand what he is saying but enjoy it anyway
Hunter Privette
Hunter Privette 29 dager siden
I thought the nether was the core of a round overworld, because If you dug out the outside of the core of the earth, The surface area would be smaller than the surface of a sphere.
gunraptor 29 dager siden
You make more logical leaps in this video than you usually have to. I think it's clear that the Nether does not exist within our universe or within conventional physics. Also, you skip the whole thing regarding simple cooled molten rock arranged a certain way with a fire starting in it producing a portal to another literally-anywhere...that part is freakier to me than another place existing.
Isimangaliso Gacha
Isimangaliso Gacha 29 dager siden
Or you just become huge and so does everything else
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 29 dager siden
alternative theory: the nether is the core of the minecraft world, compasses don't work there and also it has a bedrock ceiling, the overworked has a bedrock bottom under the stone thing.
曾庆乐 29 dager siden
not just a wave, but also has some particle qualities.
Em Bowles
Em Bowles Måned siden
Your annoyed about the earth is flat but have you heard that the and and nether are a dream
Neeta Amburkar
Neeta Amburkar Måned siden
I think the nether is in the sun after all the nether is a very hot place
SandGbros Chvany
SandGbros Chvany Måned siden
Remember, Steve can carry universes, so he could be keeping the world alive, and faking dying and stuff. Also the nether could just be the core of the minecraft world.
David Juhancsik
David Juhancsik Måned siden
Austin not sure if you will get mad but shouldn’t the nether be closer to the sun since it’s like oh I don’t know 🤔 mercury
• Jasa •
• Jasa • Måned siden
Actually... Nether is in the earth cuz as you can see there is bedrock on a seiling and bedrock on the ground. So that just means that nether is that deep in the planet that it becomes 8 times smaller Ez
Brian St. John
Brian St. John Måned siden
Alternative theory: Minecraft is on a spherical planet. The nether is 1/8 of the radius of the planet away from the center of the planet. And nether portals send you a set distance towards or away from the center of the planet. This has the issue that the nether and overworld have the same physics, including gravitational acceleration, but this is possible if the majority of the mass of the planet is beneath the nether.
Legion Master Phoenix
Legion Master Phoenix Måned siden
Or the nether is just deeper in the planet? I mean technically the nether is supposed to be under bedrock, 8 meters in a smaller arch would be like 64 meters in a larger arch.
Exequiel Punzalan
Exequiel Punzalan Måned siden
Lol, you can stretch 8 meters in the over world to one meter if you are inside the bigger circle. Imagine there is a outer circle which is the over world, and innercircle They have one center point then you can now try ti divide it to N parts Then there is a point where the outer circles circumference is 8 times the circumference of the inner circle. Not satisfied? The uppermost part of the nether is bedrock While the lowwkost part of the overworld is bedrock You said that the world in MC is round, so this theoey of mine fits more. Nether is just the inner part of the world in minecraft.
Relto Måned siden
0:31 Am I the only one who gets this reference? Comment where you think it's from!
Benjamin Lambert
Benjamin Lambert Måned siden
This theory couldn't be right anyway because time doesn't pass 8x faster in the nether, it passes at the same speed as in the overworld.
Nobody cares but its Cyana Nima
Nobody cares but its Cyana Nima Måned siden
... is it wierd that i can follow and understand everything austin is sayin? (Also, i understand what you mean with it being a big mess of numbers, i went over it extra) Because... i'm 11
Nobody cares but its Cyana Nima
Nobody cares but its Cyana Nima Måned siden
@Relto well, thank you for telling me. Oh and, there was and is no bubble. I just legit wanted to know if it is wierd or not.
Relto Måned siden
Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're not special. The target demographic for this video is children from 10-15 years of age. Now, you think you're smart. Sure, good on you for understanding the video, but most people understand the numbers stated in this video. I hope that you are smart enough to understand where I'm coming from. Thanks, and have a great day!
UwU XD Måned siden
I always thought the Nether was inside the Minecraft overworld, and that would explain why 1 block in the Nether gets you 8 blocks of distance in the overworld
WSD 781
WSD 781 Måned siden
Theory: the Nether is the Minecraft outer core of the planet
Peter Jahncke
Peter Jahncke Måned siden
The center of a circle is smaller than the outside of the same circle, so hypothetically if you went deep underground then went a few feet, you should be able to go back to the surface going slightly further plus the time is the exact same in both dimensions
castiel_the_smol_nugget boop
castiel_the_smol_nugget boop Måned siden
Uhhhhh like so you wouldn't live longer if you were on the sun even though time moves slower right? Or is this theory even more insane than I thought
Ambrose Killpack
Ambrose Killpack Måned siden
Minecraft is not breaking, infact minecraft 1.16 is actually the quite possibly most stable version of minecraft yet.
Jordan Hudson
Jordan Hudson Måned siden
I have a question if the nether is behind earth then why does the clocks go so fast shouldn't it be orbitting faster than the overworld and is probably compressed due to how close it is to the sun which would also explain why it is so hot in there?
Talia Khaberi
Talia Khaberi Måned siden
I understood nothing because I'm only 11 and the so-called "hardest" lesson I learned from math is long division with all negative and positive integers. (Am I the only one who finds math really easy or is my school teaching me easy math?)
Kitty Måned siden
There was a lot of math there but I still enjoyed it
Mr. K
Mr. K Måned siden
umm isn't that the nether below us like in the heck some kind of, so the the radius will be smaller, and here it is smaller by 8 times sooo.... you got the answer also the nether is not a planet
KRONOS21 games
KRONOS21 games Måned siden
What is the song in the beginning?
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