Game Theory: Candy Crush, Designed to ADDICT

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6 år siden

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Mobile gaming is EVERYWHERE. Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Total Conquest, Dungeon Gems, and while other games sit on the shelves collecting dust, we're spending our time swiping at tiles. WHY? Why are we so addicted to these games? The truth involves brain chemistry in a way you would NEVER expect!
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the minecraft eye crafter
the minecraft eye crafter 5 timer siden
You are all 6month old + comments
poperaymond Dag siden
If you matpat thinks the Google Play store’s a Crack Den then the App Store’s Big Pharma.
Pupstar 5 dager siden
Don't judge me I'm addicted to solitaire
George Devon
George Devon 8 dager siden
Had to come back to this video to quote it for my college essay, learning about dopamine pathways way back in 6th grade inspired me to become a biomedical engineer. Here’s to hoping I get into engineering school!
Nintendo Cuber
Nintendo Cuber 9 dager siden
my teacher gave me this video for an assignment. Your videos aren't just for entertainment purposes, your videos are also educational, and I love that.
Ojaswani Joshi
Ojaswani Joshi 9 dager siden
The video is nice but the back music though
Russell Edwards
Russell Edwards 19 dager siden
love this intro
Kaminari Denki
Kaminari Denki 22 dager siden
Me: *Has adhd and gets bored with a game within two seconds* i-
Johngary Cordova
Johngary Cordova 22 dager siden
This man is my child hood
Alex Fierro
Alex Fierro 26 dager siden
How do I pick an options in the end card tournament? Bc ST NG & Veager are the best.
Zach H
Zach H 26 dager siden
Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but definitely Doctor Who
Erin Shipinski
Erin Shipinski 27 dager siden
Anyone else try to find dungeon gems and being very sad they can’t find it
Silas Burns
Silas Burns 27 dager siden
i usually quit a game when it gets repetitive
Nocturne 28 dager siden
Title: Game Theory: Candy Crush, Designed to ADDICT Video: Only Mentions Candy Crush 3 Times Me: You Have Failed Me MatPat
myow 29 dager siden
Wait grape Fanta exists? Orange for life
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Måned siden
Anyone else watching this for tips on how to make your game more addictive
Sean F
Sean F Måned siden
After watching this video, I want to play a mobile game
SM1L3 PL4YZ Måned siden
Title: Candy crush is addictive Me: All I hear is Diet Coke and brain.
Surota Onishi
Surota Onishi Måned siden
The old game theory intro hits different
Raze7728 Gaming
Raze7728 Gaming Måned siden
What i got from this video: if ur addicted to video games then u have higher iq
Not so random Stuff
Not so random Stuff Måned siden
0:03 Look in the mirror
Rylie Dash
Rylie Dash Måned siden
Lol I rember was like 5 when everyone was obsessed with this I remember *everyone* playing
KRANKENdude Måned siden
The fundamentals of behavioural psychology
Super MB Shy guy
Super MB Shy guy Måned siden
Anyone watching 2020
Carson TenBroeck
Carson TenBroeck Måned siden
This is when mobile games were still actual games
Petals Måned siden
I am honestly the most addicted to anything than anyone in my family. What Am I Addicted To Sugar
Walrus Måned siden
Game theory: made to addict
the bots
the bots Måned siden
Me: finishes my chores AND homework Also me: Plays a mobile game. *12 secs later* Mom: PAUSE THAT ONLINE GAMEEEE
Normaltree Måned siden
Gamers are more likely to be adicted to mobile games because our idea of fun is spending hours for a slight stat increase
Myosotis Måned siden
Was that intro planned or no? I’m really curious.
SillyDilly Måned siden
I LOVE these creative intros
ZeNEggs 101
ZeNEggs 101 Måned siden
I watched this in 2016 and I've come back 4 years late because I'm doing psychology work about addiction
Zeo Gaming
Zeo Gaming Måned siden
Seriously example of such rediculos game i play only competitive
Vampire Fruit
Vampire Fruit Måned siden
I must be an anomaly. I play games only for the cut scenes.
ice cream girl 1988
ice cream girl 1988 Måned siden
I think I'm addicted to youtube...
I'm addicted to game Theory
MemphisFox Måned siden
I come back to these old videos for nostalgia. It is working very well.
CinnamonShaun 2 måneder siden
Holy crap mat is cheating on console games
Grym Reaper
Grym Reaper 2 måneder siden
star wars for sure star treck is a rip off
Bryce W
Bryce W 2 måneder siden
Bru I didn't know I was addicted until you showed up
Logan H
Logan H 2 måneder siden
i have candy crush on my phone but i don't even play it
Logan H
Logan H 2 måneder siden
hey mat pat why the heck are you up so late
The Hunter
The Hunter 2 måneder siden
I don’t need school. I got game theory
Ender Dragon prince
Ender Dragon prince 2 måneder siden
god this was 6 years ago god i feel old
Abhay Singh Chandel
Abhay Singh Chandel 2 måneder siden
Man I HATE CANDY CRUSH. I T I S A N N O Y I N G I like anomic
Abhay Singh Chandel
Abhay Singh Chandel 2 måneder siden
that weird one UwU
that weird one UwU 2 måneder siden
I love at 6:16 he just gets up
that weird one UwU
that weird one UwU 2 måneder siden
He doesn't even cut that out or...
that weird one UwU
that weird one UwU 2 måneder siden
No matter how many times you say that I will get bored of something I will never get bored of the one thing that I love F N A F
Seth White
Seth White 2 måneder siden
wouldent it make sense? like, they want people to play of course they want people to play it a lot. devs want people to play their games, play more of course they wanna make people get "addicted" they WANT people to keep playing
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 2 måneder siden
Ah that sweet NES Master Blaster soundtrack… What a fun game with great 8-bit music! As for mobile game addiction, it was actually Fallout Shelter for me personally!
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 2 måneder siden
Theory: Game theorists is one big ad for Diet Coke
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 2 måneder siden
Lol my addiction is anime
before_my_body_is_dry Måned siden
FGO, Azur Lane: Why not both?
CapnMonkeyFace 2 måneder siden
"Are you playing mobile games?!" *me playing mobile games* *~*
Sora Petit
Sora Petit 2 måneder siden
UnknownCreature-006 2 måneder siden
6:18 "ZA."
Ember Freespirit
Ember Freespirit 2 måneder siden
Did the music make anyone else feel nervous?
Moli Chan
Moli Chan 2 måneder siden
So if you play alot of games in mobil means you are a gamer :D
Malik TheCool
Malik TheCool 2 måneder siden
Was this an ad
Darth Ethan
Darth Ethan 2 måneder siden
9 hours a week? those are rookie numbers.
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 2 måneder siden
It's the thrill of violence and achievement and success and victory and winning that people are addicted to and the problem with the mobile game is that it's a heck of a lot easier to access one because many are free and out of the ones that are free, many are ongoing for you have to keep playing them on and on and on and on forever or at least an extremely long time. There is no end. Your brain thinks that it's being rewarded, but all you're doing is staring at pixels. You're not actually achieving anything. You're wasting time, you're not eating, you're not sleeping, you're not interacting with real, actual people. What's more, if you play a console game like for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, You're staring at a television screen, so the screen is big enough that you won't have to get right up to it. With a mobile screen because it's smaller, you're going to be a lot closer to it which is much worse for your eyes which will dry out your eyes and strain them. For the record, I'm not speaking out about video games, although video game addiction can be terrible too. I'm talking about mobile game addiction, which is much worse.
Warmachine096 2 måneder siden
Thank you.
I regret this acc
I regret this acc 2 måneder siden
Anybody from 2020?
Eleni aslaundaglu
Eleni aslaundaglu 2 måneder siden
What does this have anything to do with candy crush?
Gage Gann
Gage Gann 2 måneder siden
Slush Burke
Slush Burke 2 måneder siden
Doctor who
Royce Cendriek Y. WONG
Royce Cendriek Y. WONG 2 måneder siden
masuda ahmed
masuda ahmed 2 måneder siden
Was he sponsored?
千惠子Scetchynii 2 måneder siden
Any legends watching this at 2020 anyone? 🤣👌
alastor lapid
alastor lapid 2 måneder siden
we are effectively like learning A.I.
Simas Karbauskas
Simas Karbauskas 2 måneder siden
The intro reminds me of me
Starry Galaxy
Starry Galaxy 2 måneder siden
6 yrs ago my dad kept playing candy crush none stop and my mom and siblings thought he was possesed or something. Lol
Bucket Of Head
Bucket Of Head 2 måneder siden
9 hours a week? Thats rookie numbers, might want to bump that up to 90.
Alied Stong
Alied Stong 2 måneder siden
Lol we all saw
Caelen Barrett
Caelen Barrett 2 måneder siden
just got this game 2 days ago and the tendrils of addicyion are already starting to grasp mt brain, help me
Caelen Barrett
Caelen Barrett 2 måneder siden
nvm just deleted it
Random Gaming
Random Gaming 2 måneder siden
I’m addicted to geometry dash And that game doesn’t even use those strategies
john bailey
john bailey 2 måneder siden
Geometry dash does this in a different way. By making the levels excruciatingly difficult so you barely ever get any dopamine...
RastroX 3 måneder siden
5:51 this could work for saiyans as when they train once... THEY WONT STOP cuz their dopamine receptors are ALWAYS on anytime they finish a training session not necessarily addicted, just RRLY and clearly love it (full-blooded saiyans) lets face it if they WERE addicted they would OVER-TRAIN to the point of torturing themselves
erik N
erik N 3 måneder siden
I cant fined dungeon gems
• avømangø •
• avømangø • 3 måneder siden
"Social Isolation" Candy Crush after COVID-19 got large: *you fool, i was trying to save you-*
Zachary Lozano
Zachary Lozano 3 måneder siden
Me just looking a comment from 6 years ago.
CrypticCascade 3 måneder siden
We are all watching this while learning about what Game Theory does to get us addicted to his videos. Obsessions, Relatablity, Choice of Topic, Learning Benifits, and making us wait for the next video.
Raccoon Byz
Raccoon Byz 3 måneder siden
5:55 That’s what happening to me with Diet Coke, I am starting to like Pepsi more!
christopher brooks
christopher brooks 3 måneder siden
I like normal coke
NoobyBrian 3 måneder siden
My parents play candy crush idk how to play it’s hard
Foo Gaga
Foo Gaga 3 måneder siden
so when i played every mobile game. im still board even if i just played >1min );
Ze SushiRoll
Ze SushiRoll 3 måneder siden
Dang I love game theory always interesting never gets old. Wait (lol)
BLUE DRAGON BANDIT 3 måneder siden
The intro was great I got a good glimpse at matpat's life
BLUE DRAGON BANDIT 3 måneder siden
Wait you play CoC ? GIMME YOUR TAG I WANT IT
BLUE DRAGON BANDIT 3 måneder siden
@Drago Plays tell me his flipping tag
Drago Plays
Drago Plays 3 måneder siden
BLUE DRAGON BANDIT I’m in his clan
Arkane S
Arkane S 3 måneder siden
star wars!
collin beckham
collin beckham 3 måneder siden
Dear MatPat, I am a meganerd who would love nothing more that seeing Daleks and Klingons in Jabba's Palace. In that spirit, I refuse to vote
William Medina
William Medina 3 måneder siden
Catoar is from terraria joost mod!
Danish Akmal Rafif
Danish Akmal Rafif 3 måneder siden
im not addicted to that stupid game when i play it once i throw it away because it *B O R I N G* for me
WOWSERS!!! Official.
WOWSERS!!! Official. 3 måneder siden
I can relate matpat cola is SOOO GOOD!
Rako Games
Rako Games 3 måneder siden
since 6 years, You are the still The Same..... AMAZING!!!
Noah’s Nerdy Knowhow
Noah’s Nerdy Knowhow 3 måneder siden
Do you know what's super addictive for me? Blender 3D. No, I'm not lying. I don't know what it is that Blender 3D has that's so addictive - all I know is that it is not uncommon for me to promise to myself to go to sleep at 9, then a while later, realize that I am sitting at the computer, *animating*, of all things, at 12:45 AM.
Velcro 3 måneder siden
I can't freakin help it if I get a cataclysmic OOOSH of dopamine by just looking out the bloody window! It's insane how my brain works so I have had to make some big decision that serve me well. I completely quit drinking because my reaction to a couple of beers was polar opposite to others. I would get the most insane dopamine rushes resulting in drinking more, getting wasted and staying up all night partying. Thankfully that has been happily done away with but it definitely is true to say that some people just have larger dopamine rushes. It can be a blessing or curse if the wrong choices are made.
```《Sugar•Natsuki》``` 3 måneder siden
5:35 Y e s.
Stressmelo 3 måneder siden
I keep coming back to this channel. help
Dreemurr 84
Dreemurr 84 3 måneder siden
Who’s watching this in 2020
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 3 måneder siden
you just declard war on mobel lol
Cillian Crocodile
Cillian Crocodile 3 måneder siden
A time before Film Therory, a time before 2DS XL, a time, before FORTNITE...
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