Game Theory: Sonic is TOO Powerful! (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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5 måneder siden

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Listen, over the years I've given Sonic the Hedgehog a hard time. I'll admit it. It's come to my attention that I may have been a LITTLE unfair. What I've discovered is that Sonic the Hedgehog is actually TOO POWERFUL! So powerful that this blue speedster may have BROKEN his entire reality! All of time and space in the Sonic multiverse shattered to pieces! How? Get ready Loyal Theorists, this is a bumpy ride!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Donavan. Anderson.
Donavan. Anderson. 7 timer siden
If sonic 216 something x the speed How fast is Eggman than since sonic still slower the eggman
Richard Lim
Richard Lim 8 timer siden
MatPat: it would similar to matter meeting anti-matter and would annihilate each other. Me a Pokémon fan: get Giratina to control the anti-matter cuz Giratina can do that
mage gammer487
mage gammer487 11 timer siden
me sitting here going "oh that ep i remember that one "
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 12 timer siden
walter Bedingfield
walter Bedingfield 15 timer siden
The cooing tablecloth beautifully peep because vegetarian macropharmacologically wonder above a little nail. innocent, abaft cyclone
Jonah Washburn
Jonah Washburn 17 timer siden
it doesn't matter how fast you move, traveling backwards in time would require every single microscopic speck of matter to be physically rearranged to match the placement it was at at a certain time before. Running faster just means that time moves slower, and once you reach (and/or surpass) the speed of light, time stops. If time is the fourth dimension, your speed wouldn't affect that, and if time ISN'T the fourth dimension it still wouldn't work
Jonah Washburn
Jonah Washburn 17 timer siden
I don't understand how time dilation is "special" of course traveling the same distance as something else but at a faster speed would take less time, it's just simple physics. but that doesn't constitute time travel, it's just normal progression
Esaias Grajeda
Esaias Grajeda Dag siden
Actually the time travel happens in little planet because it has weird properties to it
Sara Dag siden
So time dilation is the reason why ever 60 seconds is 1 minute in India?
Omni404Playz :3
Omni404Playz :3 Dag siden
*everything is avengers endgame.. if theres fruity pebbles..*
David Whang
David Whang Dag siden
The calm mom methodically zoom because macaroni topically curve circa a tightfisted difference. first, lyrical dahlia
Petter Larsson
Petter Larsson Dag siden
Sonic doesnt need to go faster than the speed of light to make him travel 50 years in the future
Dmitri Nezvigin
Dmitri Nezvigin Dag siden
you should make a channel called Music Theory, its the best theory channel pun ever since game theory
AUSTIN THOMPSON 2 dager siden
The last comment was a week ago, so I will just say this. Wouldn’t sonic SLOWLY lose mass as he touched the objects he is a part of?
Sonic The hedehgog
Sonic The hedehgog 2 dager siden
Sonic CD Endgame never coming in theaters
Alex Luo
Alex Luo 2 dager siden
That's a good point. Why does sonic have a car?
Alex Rider
Alex Rider 2 dager siden
Light has actually been recorded to travel at 38 mph.
Hidden Phoenix
Hidden Phoenix 2 dager siden
Mat pat would about the speed of Sonics legs they become a blurred
Molly Texas
Molly Texas 2 dager siden È difficile dire perché gli studi moderni, replicati da fonti straniere, indipendentemente dal loro livello, dovrebbero essere esposti. I risultati preliminari sono deludenti: un profondo livello di immersione parla delle possibilità di nuove proposte.È difficile dire perché le conclusioni tratte dall'analisi di Internet siano elencate come contendenti per il ruolo di fattori chiave. L'alto livello di coinvolgimento dei rappresentanti del pubblico di riferimento è una prova evidente di un fatto semplice: il percorso verso un progetto nazionale socialmente orientato è una tappa qualitativamente nuova di sperimentazioni che stupiscono per ampiezza e grandezza.🤩 まず第一に、現代の技術の導入は深い推論の可能性について語っています。現代の技術は、その古典的な見方では、組織活動の新しいモデルが、自給自足と外部依存の両方の概念的解決策の導入を可能にするようなレベルに達しています。 私たち一人一人は明らかなことを理解しています。長期計画は、外国の経済政策を再考することの妥当性を保証します。これらの問題の重要性は非常に明白であるため、ポジションを形成するための日常業務を開始するには、深い推論を定義して洗練する必要があります。
Ricky Discord
Ricky Discord 2 dager siden
mat: I don't like sonic so lets keep destroying him everytime we talk about his speed. but I would leave flash alone. cringe and you don't have to be a fan to feel how cringy this is.
Tubular Toaster
Tubular Toaster 2 dager siden
Creeper Soup Creeper Soup Creeper Soup
Tubular Toaster
Tubular Toaster 2 dager siden
Creeper Soup Creeper Soup Creeper Soup
Mike Craft Bro
Mike Craft Bro 3 dager siden
I just thought how he supposed to time travel multiple years if little planet only stays for a short amount of time I guess you could say egg man anchoring little planet down is preventing it from leaving how do you even traverse little planet you’d have to get a mini mushroom just to traverse it and how does little planet have any light if it is caged up in the intro
Is my lego good U—U
Is my lego good U—U 3 dager siden
No avengers endgame is sonic cd because endgame was made after sonic cd (I think cause there’s also the commmmmiccccsss......??)
Melanie Freeberg
Melanie Freeberg 3 dager siden
love how you put doctor who in here
Xavier Rich
Xavier Rich 3 dager siden
My kind of speed is the one that gets you high.
Rozeena Jamil
Rozeena Jamil 3 dager siden
Umm I think its because on little planet physics and things are completely different compared to mobuis
lunadotexe 3 dager siden
I thought Mario was faster than Sonic...
Brave Bee
Brave Bee 3 dager siden
ok time dialtion is like it feels faster when u see an airplane but on the airplane u feel slower
The Tickler 85
The Tickler 85 3 dager siden
Me: *clicks a video that has sonic.Exe thumbnail* Wonder what this is *video is not a sonic.Exe video* Me: man he REALLY needs to do a Sonic.Exe video at some point 🤣
DJAnimates 3 dager siden
Uno 3 dager siden
you know the speed of sonic is the speed of sound right
OMEGA 4 dager siden
Archie comics aren't cannon
BoywfBlueEyes o6
BoywfBlueEyes o6 4 dager siden
Ok what's wrong with CD I really like that game
OxtailNEXTGEN 4 dager siden
Plank Time is the fastest known speed in history. It was used to calculate time during the Big Bang. Plank Time is also faster then light.
Raven Atiogbe
Raven Atiogbe 4 dager siden
I have a feeling could W.D Gaster from undertale being shattered across time and space in the CORE be from him going to fast or something similar to this matter
Sona Tarmanian
Sona Tarmanian 4 dager siden
He's an alien sonic the hedgehog is the Ella did you even say we or are you really dumb because You said you would being sonics yes ma'am And then you just broke that promise very easily so good or by the way he's an alien
Izzy Annon
Izzy Annon 4 dager siden
I'm as fast as Sonic
Landon Fontenot
Landon Fontenot 4 dager siden
I dont have enough brain cells for this
Tintin Alpha
Tintin Alpha 4 dager siden
O no sonic exe
Deepesh Tripathi
Deepesh Tripathi 4 dager siden
Ight so since the human body replaces 98% of its atoms in a year or something after a certain amount of would two sonics be able to coexist. Or would that be impossible cause one is made of "exotic negative matter"
Nixramor Apolica
Nixramor Apolica 3 dager siden
I doubt his body works quite the same way as ours.
game falor
game falor 4 dager siden
Jaime Vidrio
Jaime Vidrio 4 dager siden
Bro literally ever new year since 2016 he says something like " I'm going to be more positive" and then do a dark video a month later.
gunner graves
gunner graves 4 dager siden
if light is the fastest thing, how did the dark get there first?
Ricky Discord
Ricky Discord 2 dager siden
the dark cheated. lol
Sienna And Oceana
Sienna And Oceana 5 dager siden
1:57 way is sonic in aye Bottle?
Jaycruz1 5 dager siden
7:23 Yo It’s the last piece of the theory quadrants
JY Sung
JY Sung 5 dager siden
yeah your right and do you know in DC superman he went around the world fast enough to bring his girl friend back [i dont remember her name though... but ewwwwwwwwwwww]
Frozation 5 dager siden
Bruh did this dude just figure out time travel
Olls84 5 dager siden
There would be no paradoxes because Sonic is travelling through Little Planet's future and past not Mobius's future and past.
lol 5 dager siden
Can he beat goku tho
OOF OOF 3 dager siden
The answer is Y E S
ZOMMBOTT1 6 dager siden
man, your taking a game to serious. but yeah. this should be in one of the NEW comics.
Quinton Maxfield
Quinton Maxfield 6 dager siden
Question what happens to your sight when you go faster than they speed of light? Can you just not see? Could it cause temporary or permanent damage or blindness? Or does your sight look like my pc with Vsync on where you run so fast it only picks up bits and pieces? I'm rather intrigued.
Sleeping Chicken
Sleeping Chicken 6 dager siden
jambha juice i thought he meant diet coke
Ben Tube HD
Ben Tube HD 6 dager siden
plush films
plush films 6 dager siden
Can't you just admit that its a game and that it can break the laws of physics
Captain Absol
Captain Absol 6 dager siden
Its not negative mass, its mass that is now missing from the future
Magmastone 808
Magmastone 808 6 dager siden
What is that chiptune song in the beginning of this video
the gamer and slayer el cool
the gamer and slayer el cool 6 dager siden
So sonic be like flash faster then time
luiz felipe
luiz felipe 6 dager siden
14:49 basically D4C and Funny Valentine is correct
Digital Commercials!
Digital Commercials! 6 dager siden
I believe that sonic was trying or WAS moving fast as light. Nothing can beat light but from his games he can. They say he’s the fastest thing ALIVE. ( Keep that in mind ) But like mat in the video, it’s not impossible. It does matter how fast ur going,but I think sonic thinks he’s going fast when in reality he’s going the average speed! It makes sense, he runs fast but not FAST ENOUGH. He’s not exactly as fast as we think. But that’s just my theory 😉🤚✨
Gory Jozka
Gory Jozka 6 dager siden
We get clickbait by matpat
Xzy adventures
Xzy adventures 6 dager siden
I knew sonic was faster than light but not 3000 times the speed of light
cyborg hunter
cyborg hunter 6 dager siden
i understood literally nothing
Surprised Pikachu
Surprised Pikachu 7 dager siden
DemeGW 7 dager siden
the real question is y does sonic own a car
Fresh Froot
Fresh Froot 7 dager siden
But theoretically, how you described it you wouldn't be able to the speed of light given that if you were going the speed of light you would be going at infinite speeds and possibly creating a black whole?
Neal-Thomas Wright
Neal-Thomas Wright 7 dager siden
Did you know I played sonic CD.
Animation Soup
Animation Soup 7 dager siden
Can we just all say that MatPat is one of the smartest NOpostrs?
Arcadian Fire
Arcadian Fire 7 dager siden
Love the Yesman reference.
jj playz
jj playz 7 dager siden
Does anybody remember sonic under ground
Lexlann Jovel
Lexlann Jovel 7 dager siden
I want a movie called sonic CD endgame or sonic endgame lol 😆
Toa Sully
Toa Sully 7 dager siden
MatPat: *Explains that Sonic is too powerful* Infinite: That's cute
Toa Sully
Toa Sully 4 dager siden
@Leivoso Well yes, but actually no
Leivoso 4 dager siden
Infinite is just a mathemathical concept
Sir Fish
Sir Fish 8 dager siden
if positive sonic touches negative sonic and they both get absolutely annihilated wouldn't matter be destroyed or am I missing something?
Trenton Animations
Trenton Animations 8 dager siden
so that means sonic cd is 100% possible as long as he is REALLY lucky
FUllokiy 8 dager siden
I went back and good lord its bad
Jack Willow
Jack Willow 8 dager siden
So sonic is faster then flash
Belle's vlogs
Belle's vlogs 9 dager siden
Quiz 9 dager siden
The final quadrant is Science theory
CuckyTheChicken 9 dager siden
BLU3TIGER 10 dager siden
14:51 i learned that from jojo eyes of heaven
Silas the gamer 3000
Silas the gamer 3000 10 dager siden
Silas the gamer 3000
Silas the gamer 3000 10 dager siden
Meggu Bravo
Meggu Bravo 10 dager siden
8:25: Sonic CD doesn't take place on Mobius.. It takes place on Little Planet.. It's kinda a major plot point MatPat
Niko Hashart
Niko Hashart 10 dager siden
So if something on earth moves 1.000 M/ph then that object is immortal? as long as you run opposite to the earths rotaion?
The gaming ninja
The gaming ninja 10 dager siden
Sonic:exists Matpat:thats cool but did you know that GEICO COULD SAVE YOU 15% OR MORE ON CAR INSURANCE
John Rosales
John Rosales 10 dager siden
John Rosales
John Rosales 10 dager siden
Dexter's Videos
Dexter's Videos 10 dager siden
I’m nothing
Dexter's Videos
Dexter's Videos 10 dager siden
Joy JohnsonI3lu
Joy JohnsonI3lu 10 dager siden
sonic can travel through time, but when he does, he risks getting D4C'd
David Curry
David Curry 10 dager siden
Me after this theory trying to wrap my head around this: duh bu ba boo ba
Ilija Bukvić
Ilija Bukvić 11 dager siden
i just wathed an add and it had a 69 number hahah 69 goo brrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sasha Best
Sasha Best 11 dager siden
Sometimes it feels like characters like Sonic and Flash exist purely to bend and break physics in the most overpowered ways.
HeadsetHeaven 11 dager siden
14:50 *is that a Jojo reference?*
king.T 11 dager siden
mat: don't go back to episode 1 for your own sanity almost everyone that hasn't seen it: I'm so going back there
ThePanglossian 11 dager siden
I have that sonic blast comic and remember that scene with the water ball.
Jan Wołkowicz
Jan Wołkowicz 11 dager siden
no avengers end game is sonic cd
Jan Wołkowicz
Jan Wołkowicz 11 dager siden
did cringe hit only me when he made this game theory intro in segas style???
Donna Power
Donna Power 12 dager siden
everyones giving sonic credit for going faster than light when im over here sad for mothra leo who went to the past
Feeli̸ng TI̸red
Feeli̸ng TI̸red 12 dager siden
Oh I will go to episode one and embarrass you
Sonicelcra 12 dager siden
How it started: Can Sonic time travel? How it ended: Sonic can kill himself by going to the past then touching himself
Fun maths
Fun maths 12 dager siden
WOW this helped understand special relativity, thanks!
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