Game Theory: Sonic is TOO Powerful! (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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2 måneder siden

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Listen, over the years I've given Sonic the Hedgehog a hard time. I'll admit it. It's come to my attention that I may have been a LITTLE unfair. What I've discovered is that Sonic the Hedgehog is actually TOO POWERFUL! So powerful that this blue speedster may have BROKEN his entire reality! All of time and space in the Sonic multiverse shattered to pieces! How? Get ready Loyal Theorists, this is a bumpy ride!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

john yoder
john yoder 2 timer siden
Is it really the sponser
I like to exist
I like to exist 15 timer siden
My first thought when I saw the thumbnail was “OH MY GOD HE FINALLY DOES A SONIC.EXE VIDEO!!!” but no I was very wrong...
Matthew Romo-Taylor
Matthew Romo-Taylor 23 timer siden
my name is matthew
Nugget Dag siden
*WHY* Does sonic even have a car?
Ali S
Ali S 2 dager siden
Safe and sound
trito jean
trito jean 2 dager siden
for the anti matter part it is even simpler and worst because he doesent need to touch the past himself to die as the elementary particle interract th same way with any other one so any of hhis positron will be destroy by any electron in the air and as theire charges are opposite they would attract each other like magnet(the same goes with proton and neutron)
Moli Calbay
Moli Calbay 2 dager siden
Safe and sound
Stormorc Gaming
Stormorc Gaming 3 dager siden
i saw ep 1
Epicspoiler 1337
Epicspoiler 1337 3 dager siden
Sonic is so fast in his normal Form emagine je goes super or hyper
AnimeMemers 3 dager siden
Time.. it’s all about time... ZA WARUDO!
Lloyd P Parvin
Lloyd P Parvin 4 dager siden
Do you really need to do that sponsorship the way you did it it
•Aqua and Violet•
•Aqua and Violet• 4 dager siden
“Welcome to film theory! W-wait no- Welcome to game theory!”
Miguel Henriques
Miguel Henriques 4 dager siden
Well, there a few (lots) of problems with the science facts but yeah, sure, it's a good video...
Jonni - EmeraldBlade98
Jonni - EmeraldBlade98 4 dager siden
Matt just didn’t account for the fact Sonic is just built different so he can just be like that
Israel Olanrewaju
Israel Olanrewaju 4 dager siden
Death battle better take some notes
Flaminghalo 4 dager siden
that moment when a hedgehog breaks the first law of thermodynamics edit: by the way thing about not being able to create matter is false, you can't create energy, by saying that sonic can't interact with himself because of the conservation of energy means that he can't go faster than the speed of light edit 2: if sonic is made of exotic matter doesn't that mean. A: he's the key to wormholes, and B: since the exotic matter has negative mass, and repels all other matter doesn't that mean he can't interact with himself, or anything because it would simply be pushed away?, if anything he has to worry about suffocating
Griz Spurlock
Griz Spurlock 4 dager siden
Your Best Friend Spinel
Your Best Friend Spinel 4 dager siden
**closes book** "Yeah, like that would ever happen"
fnaf fan1234
fnaf fan1234 5 dager siden
your right to hit sonic 06 with a broom not the other sonic games
Yam1991-95 5 dager siden
Hey MatPat, Did you know Archie Sonic is able to move when time is frozen?
XxSolarPlaysxX 6 dager siden
You’re forgetting someone... Scourge The Green Hedgy boi. Sonic is opposite of Scourge, but the have the same abilities and they appear in the same comic series. Two faster then light travelers then.
Sparky 6 dager siden
Well that was fun ^~^
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe 6 dager siden
When you too fast the light is too slow -Sonk
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe 6 dager siden
Sonic Endgame
SoughtAnarchy 6 dager siden
MatPat gets sued for using Sonic in a Geico ad without their permission
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida 6 dager siden
Dude mario and luigi literaly huged its baby form
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida 6 dager siden
Mario & luigi partiners of time
cachisonic 6 dager siden
Yes is a theory to make it realistic but if you played the game and sonic moved you couldn't play that's my explanation of it imagine having the reflex to react to speed of light even if anything can't so that we couldn't do until maybe thousand years yeah that's my explanation
cachisonic 6 dager siden
Wait so the reason you are so against sonic and being a fiction is.. because you are a nintendo boy?
nathaniël cooreman
nathaniël cooreman 7 dager siden
So my brain is gone like gone in as not existing anymore after this like
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 8 dager siden
I love watching your videos especially right now. Personally speaking I think you're one of thr better youtubers for sure. Really love the assassins creed videos
Dairy Cream5
Dairy Cream5 8 dager siden
I guess this also somewhat explains how the Flash travels through time by just running real fast. That said, I doubt sonic uses boom tubes
How? did you manage to get Geico to sponsor you?!
wxlf 8 dager siden
Wait I swear I've played Sonic CD before! Pretty cool.
YaBoiAustin 75531
YaBoiAustin 75531 8 dager siden
There should be a sonic food theory about why the sonic ice cream bars eyeballs were always out of place
wolfiyee 8 dager siden
I'd just like to appreciate how easy MatPat makes college level physics seem with the skin of Sonic CD. I used to use GT episodes to revise for physics tests lol
Gamer Zombie Blaster
Gamer Zombie Blaster 8 dager siden
What if sonic trips?
Demsco 8 dager siden
do you life sonic?
Marauder_ Frenzy
Marauder_ Frenzy 8 dager siden
Ok you saved me from going there matpat mhmmhmhhmhmm i might go there anyway for my sanity is was ruind along with my childhood at 2011
Marauder_ Frenzy
Marauder_ Frenzy 8 dager siden
Sonic has a boat
HdawgDragon 8 dager siden
Top ten anime op
Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson 8 dager siden
*casually watching* Matpat: THE ARCHIE COMICS *I am paying attention STRONGLY*
Sado Mars
Sado Mars 9 dager siden
Wasted a lot of time on dilation when it can't account for how Sonic moves through time. And Archie Sonic is its own canon.
Austin Lusk
Austin Lusk 9 dager siden
So yes Matt is a thing now
sir awsome
sir awsome 9 dager siden
Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones
Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones 9 dager siden
In this version of sonic his legs don't survive
K. Abad
K. Abad 9 dager siden
With lore about minecraft's new warden mob, Story lore, illagers?!
K. Abad
K. Abad 9 dager siden
Heya Matpat when is the next minecraft theory that you hatch???
Xeno 10 dager siden
Hey I didn’t understand 2/3 of this video but nice content 😂🥰
3pharaohstowers 10 dager siden
1 problem the infinite universe, means sonic is never - thus 2 sonics can exist but not the same sonic now we get to frequency of matter and dimensional phasing, the thing is speeding to the speed of light does one more thing it increases mass not just to your body but your matter thus you are not the sonic that left you are supersonic denser and the laws of physics dont adhere to you, your self regulating as part of the universal infinity, in all terms you just became superman, now if you want to have 2 near identical sonics you must phase your dimensional frequency to match sonics thus nullifying the foreign extra mass you retained. But your still not the same near the speed of light, what dilates, its not just space and time but the very forces of elements, your atoms are denser and tighter so your atoms interact with more force efficiency and sensitivity and all your bonds and potentials are superior to anyone else, your cells are micro and perfected, your literally untouchable by time you dont age ever again, so you are Q 4d or 5d among 3d people, now you can avoid this with a time suit and time machine and as the suit goes super and its purpose to protect you remains you dont change. Light speed is constant but light frequency and density aint so .0000001 light still travels at light speed how answer the universal expansion light has a pulse
Safa Ellis
Safa Ellis 10 dager siden
Twas a picosecond
Cha Cha Slide
Cha Cha Slide 10 dager siden
me when i saw the title "CaN hE bEaT gOkU tHo"
Samurai 10 dager siden
I never thought this was possible, he just explained the reason why The Flash can talk to Iris in superspeed but she cant hear him...
Test 10 dager siden
Mat says sonic CD is endgame Me: no MatPat endgame is sonic CD
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 10 dager siden
Hear me out. What would happen if sonic traveled to the future and ate future chili dogs then came back to where he left. Technically he carried extra matter back. For that matter the average person breathes in various things, and what about dust on your shoes? Would all of those things become exotic negative mass?
Anh Duc
Anh Duc 11 dager siden
Matpat u forgot to mention that they say fate is literally bend to sonic
JapaneseBoi76 11 dager siden
I think im watching game theory, but thats just a youtube theory..
joe ligma
joe ligma 11 dager siden
d4c: 14:55
SemaxOXX 11 dager siden
But here’s the thing When sonic does theoretically time travel, he can’t meet himself, once he has gone to the future he won’t be able to because he is the sonic that he will eventually meet so if you understand where I’m coming from he won’t be able to meet himself coz he is the one I has supposedly met... This is hard to explain but if you understand me well congrats to you I’m 12 btw so if your going harsh on me remember that I’m not very smart I’m just a 12 year old kid using common sense has his main way of thinking Edit: I am still 12 remember this Your theorising is wrong... That’s well I guess why it’s a theory but your wrong I don’t know how to explain this but I know how to think it Time travel is theoretically possible but not in the way you put it Also what if he goes super?...?
SemaxOXX 11 dager siden
You mean avengers endgame is just sonic CD coz sonic CD came like 2-3 decades before endgame did
Siddharth Shenoy
Siddharth Shenoy 11 dager siden
I just realised that Avengers: Endgame ripped off both Sonic CD and Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension. I mean think about it a blue protagonist collecting multi-coloured stones to save the world by use of time travel(Sonic CD) and in the end, an alternate version of the main antagonist comes from a portal originally designed/fixed by our smart protagonist with his army and takes on some of the heroes. The heroes initially fail but after all heroes assemble they win, towards the end, the antagonist almost kills our main protagonist who fixed the portal but the protagonist defeats him using his skills(Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension). *COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!*
Jasroop Banwait
Jasroop Banwait 11 dager siden
Sonic CD’s sonic and sonic 2’s sonic have about the same speeds, and therefore eggman should be able to pass through time aswell due to the fact that he is faster than sonic 2’s sonic at the death-egg and also, the Archie comic fastest speeds of sonic are DIFFERENT to sonic CD’s fastest speeds, therefore your theory can’t be right.
GabrielPlayz _YT
GabrielPlayz _YT 11 dager siden
Hey matpat! I had an idea for a new channel (the forth one) -I guessed the idea could be blue and the logo would be the symbol of the illuminati! -it would be called “conspiracy theory!” There, you can explore theories like the theory of the S.S. Ourang Medan, or the poppy theory you made on film theory a while back. You could also enter some game lores like man of medan into a video about (example) the S.S. Ourang Medan. Just an idea.
Nathan Kosko
Nathan Kosko 11 dager siden
you missed one zero... :P
Alex 11 dager siden
I’m sorry why did a show that has an average viewer age of like 12 get sponsored by geico?
MaX'kEl 11 dager siden
Game Sonic is ftl , if we assume light speed dash is indeed light speed (why wouldn't we it's said) then Sonic can go about 7* faster than light cause referring to the spd system in unleashed, Sonic at max is speed is 7*faster than the speed mesure when performing light speed dash
Robobuilder 1
Robobuilder 1 11 dager siden
A few little nitpicks. At light speed, particles experience no time. Even getting extremely close(aka literally a few meters slower than light speed) would lead to you experiencing a ton of time. Also, the exotic matter would(if I remember correctly) cancel any matter it touched. And instead of exploding, it would be a case of them canceling. Otherwise, empty space would constantly explode as fluctuations generated pairs of particles that then cancel themselves out. Oh, and this negative mass state would only last while traveling faster than light. Upon slowing down, he would seem to split. One of him rewinding to the future(negative mass) and one of him at the front of his world line(aka, 'oldest version'). His oldest self wouldn't have to worry about hitting his original past self, because he isn't made of negative mass. Though, he would immediately cancel himself out upon slowing down because he would collide with his own reverse particles Just wanted to let you know
logan graham
logan graham 11 dager siden
well , to solve your mass issue. we could borrow parts from the branching universes and just say that they are made of the same mass just from a different timeline and where did the mass come from once the timelines collide into 1. well to solve that we could just say the the collision creates a retro-timeline where that mass has always existed.
Shaikh ahesan mohhammad
Shaikh ahesan mohhammad 12 dager siden
You should name you secound(smart channel) channel science theory lol I know it's dum
Tara Bryant
Tara Bryant 12 dager siden
Why does he hate sonic hes my whole childhood
NXswaggerNX 12 dager siden
This a cool theory but hears the problem the sonic comics aint canon so canonically this theory dont work
NoName 13 dager siden
this channel is the only place where I understand math TvT
Kyjedi 94
Kyjedi 94 13 dager siden
Hey could you please make a theory on which is faster the flash or sonic (me and my brother are arguing about it)
Popyax Playz
Popyax Playz 13 dager siden
1-800-Orphan Ducky
1-800-Orphan Ducky 13 dager siden
.... Rolling around at the speed of sounddddd
Jdubz 14 dager siden
mein got, he's getting sponsored by geico, what kind of power does he have??
Sensei 1.0
Sensei 1.0 14 dager siden
7:24 Do I see a new channel
Officer Spider
Officer Spider 14 dager siden
Matpat: *Says he’s made only 4 Sonic Videos* Also Matpat: *Mentions 3 other sonic videos*
XfriGaming245 14 dager siden
What if sonic ran into the past but he didn't touch himself, and then he went back to the present, but after left.would there be two Sonics or no?
Supreme BOI
Supreme BOI 15 dager siden
Who’s faster flash or sonic
jordan rosario
jordan rosario 17 dager siden
i wouldn't surprised if the sonic games are actually slowed down because a game were the protagonist moves at the speed of sound would be too fast for the camera and would probably crash the game.
shawn sullivan
shawn sullivan 17 dager siden
My question is if sonic is going that fast how does he not run into something there are so many obstacles in the world trees building walls parks ect
Jacky Wai Ip Lo
Jacky Wai Ip Lo 17 dager siden
I don't really think time traveling will create such an issue. I believe this hypothesis is trying to simply amount the mass in the universe as a constant. If we suddenly have more mass, then the mass has to deduct somewhere. The thing is, if Time traveling sonic really has negative mass, sonic + TTSonic would have to equal zero mass. When we are not creating mass here, we are destroying mass. I just think time traveling is a singularity. We simply wouldn't know what can happen if time travel actually happen. After all, it may just be the same as we are moving a chair around. Plus, we still don't know how negative mass, works. And if sonic becomes anti-matter, then he goes bloom countering any matter, not just the matter he is made.
PurpleDrakon 17 dager siden
geico? GEICO? fricking GEICO?
CAPTIAN AWESOME 17 dager siden
Wouldn't it be cook if mat did a sonic v the flash episode
CAPTIAN AWESOME 17 dager siden
Sorry cool#
Mirananas 18 dager siden
I feel like the last theory channel should be music theory
sicareable1 18 dager siden
Can you do a game theorist on gacha life glitches? If you serch gacaha life glitches I bet you will find something and you might need to play the game to undersand it better.
Alan Macdonald
Alan Macdonald 18 dager siden
How fast does shampoo fall in the show? Me: 9:36
LORD ELMO 18 dager siden
You also talked about this in the rosalina episode
Epicsheep99 18 dager siden
when i saw the thumbnail i was like “bruh a sonic.exe theory?”
Siobhan Price
Siobhan Price 18 dager siden
Can sonic burn your skin if he passes you because of how fast he’s going
GHOSTEE 18 dager siden
If he really did move thousands of times slower than everyone else, I’m surprised there aren’t statues with him inside of them, or something, because he is basically not moving compared to other people
cool man
cool man 19 dager siden
NathanTheSleepyNightOwl 19 dager siden
When mom says that gamers are stupid:
AhmedTheCoffee 19 dager siden
00rphb 19 dager siden
Sonic "the racial slur" is called that because he can travel with the speed of sound. He is not even close to light.
Toady's Bizarre adventure
Toady's Bizarre adventure 20 dager siden
Sonic exists Matpatt : OMG HE SLOW A few months later: OMG HE TOO FAST XD
Carol Piearson
Carol Piearson 20 dager siden
I’m surprised Matthew even MENTIONED the Archie comics. More power to ya!👏🏻
:p 20 dager siden
The part about sonic going boom when he goes back before he is born and encounters a molecule,would he not only have one molecule go boom?
Lori Higgins
Lori Higgins 20 dager siden
do an explanation for the timeline of Solo a star wars story.
christian ford
christian ford 20 dager siden
Slowly waiting for banjo kazooie theory
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