Game Theory: Mario Odyssey's Big LIE.. Power Moons have NO POWER!

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In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario and Cappy collect Power Moons to fuel up their airship. Power Moons are new for Mario Odyssey and they're the only real source of power we see in any of the worlds we travel to, so I had to ask... are these Power Moons actually that strong? I've decided to figure out just how powerful they actually are. Is this the biggest lie in all of Mario canon? Well I'm about to tell you!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Adam Bressler
Editors: Marc Schneider and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Glitched Out
Glitched Out 23 timer siden
That little Irish men
That little Irish men Dag siden
1:52 was that a voice crack
Alex Burrola
Alex Burrola 4 dager siden
In Super Mario Sunshine the sun Sprites are what power the city and in Super Mario 64 the stars are what can free princess peach
Torin Svela
Torin Svela 5 dager siden
Video game companies after inventing matpat be like
Stumpii_YT 8 dager siden
Once again, matpat uses science to over-analyse a topic that no one asked for.../ and he does it so well
Kenny Yeates
Kenny Yeates 10 dager siden
Is nobody gonna talk about the terrifying image of a Rosalina/Einstein hybrid?
FoxyIlGamerOtto - FiGO
FoxyIlGamerOtto - FiGO 11 dager siden
I think that the ship's technology is old and it needs power moons for calculating but the ship's motor doesn't need power moons to work
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara 12 dager siden
Marco Ottina
Marco Ottina 15 dager siden
9:27 actually, 1 cal = 4,184 .. so the calculations could be around 956 times less that what You show
James Nevarez
James Nevarez 21 dag siden
That definitely deserves a subscribe
Daugirdas Švitrigaila
Daugirdas Švitrigaila 25 dager siden
Do video about: "How powerfull/smart is Matpat".
Daugirdas Švitrigaila
Daugirdas Švitrigaila 25 dager siden
All that math scares me.😰😱 But I love all your videos.
Julissa Luo
Julissa Luo 26 dager siden
is anyone else just binging Matpat videos during these trying times?
Pookus McGregor
Pookus McGregor 26 dager siden
I love how matpatn recognizes that Tiktok is just an over glorified content garbage can
no 27 dager siden
Where is part 2.
pixelmonkey64 27 dager siden
I think your effort deserves a subscribe, like, and comment
Gabriela Aldana
Gabriela Aldana 27 dager siden
I feel bad for matpat did I speel this right?
Little Cat Plays
Little Cat Plays 29 dager siden
I went around that game and it feels like everyone takes at least 3 power moons out with them? And then mario is running around fighting things like the knucklotec just for 3? Seriously, pauline gives you 3, then another later on, there's peach who gives you one for every kingdom, EVERY SINGLE BATTLE gives you 1 or 3 moons, the Broodals usually give you 3 per battle. Where are they getting them from lol
Not Yellow
Not Yellow Måned siden
Nothings recent :(
Araf Ezaz
Araf Ezaz Måned siden
MatPat: Mentions TicTok ME: So u have chosen death... Unsub and dislikes vid
Hannah Dam
Hannah Dam Måned siden
aint peach mad, about luigi kissing another women after i wathed this series of mario i remembered that louigi was shipped with non other than his own daugther?!
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Måned siden
I just kept thinking those buildings are straight die rise
Jaden The Saiyan
Jaden The Saiyan Måned siden
I AM NEVER GETTING THAT DEAMON APP (tik tok is the deamon app)
Tedster Kelly
Tedster Kelly Måned siden
if this was added to the game intentionally than it means the game developers are not getting nearly enough credit for all the work their doing.
Jason Nitro
Jason Nitro Måned siden
The game deliver us the moon's (can't really remember the name) plot is around helium III used as an energy source
Jade Walker
Jade Walker Måned siden
Who else is I 2020 | √
why is helium 3 on my nutrition facts?
Doom Drawing
Doom Drawing Måned siden
Help your kidnapped girl friend ok he should know that she is not his girlfriend Dasy not peach
king careless
king careless Måned siden
D cdcdcd c d😵😱 that’s a crazy moon🌙😋😛😝😜🤪🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙
Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina Måned siden
you work to hard
Jen Moon
Jen Moon Måned siden
That’s me to thinking to”will A power moon blow my face off.”
Jefferson Handberry
Jefferson Handberry Måned siden
power moons just look like bananas to me, so I agree with mat pat power moons don't have any power because there bananas.
Super_Cory_gamer123 Måned siden
I saw it said toy story
Rowan Hill
Rowan Hill Måned siden
Who got the proto merch?!!
Mr. Domzie
Mr. Domzie Måned siden
I cant believe you haven't realized how Mario odyssey is cursed by how Mario can control the other animals by using cappi how does he get into the animals brains
Santiago Navas Romero
Santiago Navas Romero Måned siden
Mario is technically the ultimate simp
Baby Blue
Baby Blue Måned siden
Maybe the power moons arent powering teh airship, maybe its just like gym badges?
A Sentient Toaster
A Sentient Toaster Måned siden
wait what?
Meep Changeling
Meep Changeling Måned siden
Fuck's sake, Matpat... You said humans don't know anything about fusion in the year when we achieved the longest sustained fusion reaction, funded what may end up being the first commercial fusion power plant, and discovered that the pulsed fusion reactor may be better than the toroidal reactor. You insist your channel is all about science but you consistently demonstrate a huge lack of awareness in things going on in the last 3 years.
FRS_laser Måned siden
unsub and dislike bc of tiktok
FRS_laser Måned siden
fair enough
Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro Måned siden
it's an ad, also this was before all of the retards took over
SJ Games
SJ Games Måned siden
The power of the sun... in the palm of my hand.
The Corrurtion
The Corrurtion Måned siden
The metro kingdom aka new donk is literary absorbing the energy of the moons, like bruh use the fusion proses and you’ll get billions of times of more energy
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! Måned siden
Ooooo man o man
Ahmed star
Ahmed star Måned siden
B Ha
B Ha Måned siden
Mat pat: “our sponser is tik tok-“ Everybody: *”we’ve been betrayed,backstabbed, and most importantly bamboozled”*
Paul erj
Paul erj Måned siden
ZJ TerraBlade
ZJ TerraBlade Måned siden
interesting (-_-)
Gabriel Tilley
Gabriel Tilley Måned siden
so is Rosalina's ship energy efficient? you know traveling between many galixy.
this cat with a blanket
this cat with a blanket Måned siden
yeah boi
yeah boi Måned siden
MattPatt: helium 3 is rare on earth Me a nerd who watches kurgestagt: actually gets it right about it being on the moon Me: could i be the green ninja?
Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro Måned siden
nice joke man, have a good day, a sub, and a like.
Mr. doge
Mr. doge Måned siden
Power MOOM
Kosmic Power
Kosmic Power Måned siden
Nintendo: Accidentally makes the suns colour light blue/teal “yeah we meant to do that😅😅”
iLovely 494
iLovely 494 Måned siden
MatPat: “in a little over ten minutes. Me: *looks at time stamp* I really do this every time and I get mad every time because I already know it ends up being 15 minutes.
carter the partyer Myers
carter the partyer Myers 2 måneder siden
Am i the only one loveshiscideos
orduno22 2 måneder siden
Thank goodness you're not doing the Wrong way I seen it happen is someone
orduno22 2 måneder siden
I'm gonna say not using to talk like the other way
Kelpy83 2 måneder siden
15:44 well I guess I am un subbing
Soumyajit Maity
Soumyajit Maity 2 måneder siden
Matpat teaches maths better than school teachers 😁😁
Historic Antics
Historic Antics 2 måneder siden
that has to be a darn efficient airship in oddysey then
PKSquirtle 2 måneder siden
I think there are more comments about tiktok than mario
thephantom claw
thephantom claw 2 måneder siden
make this coment the most disliked comment on youtube
Mr Frederick
Mr Frederick 2 måneder siden
*haha ding dong city*
AmazingMR Pig
AmazingMR Pig 2 måneder siden
i actually thought this would be about how the moons are being tortured because there sentient and spin around and have eyes...
Duncan Lin
Duncan Lin 2 måneder siden
the editors actually got the drumroll right this time
The_Doomic 2 måneder siden
Actually your overthinking it, it only takes one nentendo switch to power new donk city
That One guy
That One guy 2 måneder siden
Anyone else here a wisper at 1:45
Lazeye64 2 måneder siden
every time I watch one of your videos I gain even more appreciation for all the work you do for our enjoyment :)
Dimaggiokid123 2 måneder siden
Can we just take a sec to thank about how long and how much effort go into these videos? Like these people spend hours just to make these things yet so many people just hate on the to be jerks. We should honestly be praising the effort that they put into these because they spend their own time, money, and willpower to make these videos for US! US! THE PEOPLE WHO WATCH AND FOR SOME OF US WHO HATE! What I’m trying to say is praise the way these people put their time and effort into these videos for our entertainment and not dislike everything they do...
Jason Parker
Jason Parker 2 måneder siden
Mat pat I though it was pat mat?
Gabriel Pinta
Gabriel Pinta 2 måneder siden
you are mentaly insane
Lil Diko
Lil Diko 2 måneder siden
“ in a little over 10 minutes “ *17 minutes long *
Haxalicious 2 måneder siden
I mean, using helium to lift a balloon does make sense if you think about it.
Lazy Lizz 2020
Lazy Lizz 2020 2 måneder siden
Now the weight of Mario makes sense. He can jump and *break* presumably 1-2 inch thick glass just for shiny moons
Sans 2 måneder siden
yes i can
Jamie Hellesen
Jamie Hellesen 2 måneder siden
Jamie Hellesen
Jamie Hellesen 2 måneder siden
stefan david
stefan david 2 måneder siden
Andres Patino
Andres Patino 2 måneder siden
The top picture of the park is the part next to my apartment!!!!! WHAT?
HONZÍTKO 2 måneder siden
How they can use power moons if they need them to power that machine?
Happyk1nGG 2 måneder siden
Nightmare King
Nightmare King 2 måneder siden
Matpat : you can’t go through this episode without collecting a coin Me : haha noo- *sees coin* wait no
Veda Wegner
Veda Wegner 2 måneder siden
1: amazing video MatPat, you've done it again. 2: the ad before this vid was Zendaya riding a unicorn with perfume
Cliche _
Cliche _ 2 måneder siden
"Dumb off the wall stuff the internet was built for." Actually the internet was made for the government but released to the people when they said they wanted it
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida
emanuel almeida gameplays Almeida 2 måneder siden
seriasly why we are losing so many youtubers to tiktok
Frozen Paradisé
Frozen Paradisé 2 måneder siden
Teacher: how are you so goofy science Me: watching a NOpost creator apply real life science to video games....
GamerUnit75 2 måneder siden
toy story toy story
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 2 måneder siden
the sun is shining! its going to explode
Doop namnam
Doop namnam 2 måneder siden
I thought the population was ridonkulsus because if you read the map
Alex Fleming of Square X
Alex Fleming of Square X 2 måneder siden
Runescape theory plz
Austin Cottingham
Austin Cottingham 2 måneder siden
Lights in video games are using real electricity
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 2 måneder siden
MatPat: *is sponsored by TikTok Me taking a sniper: We are at war.
Canis_loups 2 måneder siden
I miss 2019
Txu Ahmad
Txu Ahmad 2 måneder siden
FUUUU SION HA!!! 14:52
richard klegin
richard klegin 2 måneder siden
tick tok wont be around very much longer . if donald has his way
Lincoln Playz
Lincoln Playz 2 måneder siden
I wonder if I could have a power moon as a pet? I would name it shine or something.
JT Pizzola
JT Pizzola 2 måneder siden
like my comment pleas
Tanish Thakur
Tanish Thakur 2 måneder siden
the sun is a star
nived gned
nived gned 2 måneder siden
98039 watts == going to the moon
Deathpallie 2 måneder siden
MRkiritobright 2 måneder siden
Boo tiktok
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