Game Theory: How to Overthrow a Dictator (Far Cry 6)

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6 måneder siden

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The Far Cry series has a long history of charismatic and not so good leaders in their games. They are games with a deep dive into how bad leaders come into power... and how they stay there. Now, the games generally focus on bringing down these bad leaders - and they do a great job. I've learned a LOT and it follows many of the lessons we've learned throughout our own history on the subject. If we know how a bad leader stays in power, we can figure out how to take that power away. Get ready for a power lesson in Game Theory!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

alex f
alex f 6 måneder siden
Matpat, as a Mexican, fearing my life, and what is to come, I thank you. I don’t know what is to come, or if I’ll ever know how to use this information, but I appreciate you and the hope you have give the planet. I also thank you in the way you talk about important stuff, keep the good work.
Spread the good word of Modest pelican
Spread the good word of Modest pelican 14 dager siden
hey am american and same
big chonkys
big chonkys 27 dager siden
Viva la revolucion
Al4red B
Al4red B Måned siden
@The Servermonitor their president let one of the most powerful mafia leaders out of jail because the mob kept causing chaos he’s not a good president
music entity
music entity Måned siden
1 get a army 2 get radio stations gooding asap 3 let the peaplo fight off there "leader"
Ron Ashly Galang
Ron Ashly Galang 2 måneder siden
I think giving him all the 50 cal weapons rounds shotguns and rpg akimbo also snipers
FrostBlade Time siden
"If everyone showed up at the Capitol building on the same day to make that same statement..." Did not age well
Samudra Saha
Samudra Saha 49 minutter siden
He is a time traveller
Jerome Harrson
Jerome Harrson Time siden
Came here to look for this comment
Darthpuffi 10 timer siden
8:24 hol' up a minute, wth
razor yk
razor yk 48 minutter siden
HAHAHAHAHAHA this video called it
AxMask 10 timer siden
8:25 well look what we have here...
GG R 10 timer siden
so YOU inspired the events of 1/6/2021!!!!
Hartfeddie 45357
Hartfeddie 45357 10 timer siden
8:25 bruh
Master That Guy
Master That Guy 10 timer siden
Oh boy, what a time for NOpost to recommend this.
It's time for Game-Time
It's time for Game-Time 10 timer siden
Disney+ saw this and asked him if he liked star wars, like if u get it
CrazedCronch 12 timer siden
8:26 hm, guess it's true
No-One In Particular
No-One In Particular 13 timer siden
This video aged way too well.
dilly lolly
dilly lolly 13 timer siden
That capitol building analogy hits different now
Danial Khan
Danial Khan 15 timer siden
8:47 mat pat predict capital building infiltration 😂
that one guy with anxiety
that one guy with anxiety 15 timer siden
I love it how he names tropical places like the pacific islands or the Himalayas The far cry 5 said: NO FAM WE LIVE IN THE AMAZING COUNTRY OF MONTANA
Jaeden Johnson
Jaeden Johnson 15 timer siden
I know I take it for granted but I’m glad I live in the US
Daniel 15 timer siden
The whole showing up at the Capitol building analogy he used really did not age well.
Dylan Leonard
Dylan Leonard 15 timer siden
8:27 My man Mat Pat be wilin
name flight
name flight 19 timer siden
mat pat really predictid BLM roits and the capital roits
Chooks103 Dag siden
Samuel Zehnder
Samuel Zehnder Dag siden
Matpat “the revolution would be a lot more powerful if everyone came to the capital on the same day” what have you done
Creative Name
Creative Name Dag siden
8:26 "that one didn't age quite so well..."
Pegasus Dag siden
Step 1: control the army.
rymerre Dag siden
What he was right they went to the Capital with flags wdffff
Intromin 2 dager siden
It only ever takes one percent...
jamie allen
jamie allen 2 dager siden
Ooooooooh boy him talking about "if everyone showed up to the capital building protesting" at 8:30 reeeeaaalllyyy didn't age well at all
Roman Sk8s
Roman Sk8s 2 dager siden
8:24 did mat pat predict the capital riots
Ocean man take me By the hand
Ocean man take me By the hand 17 timer siden
Chase Lacko
Chase Lacko 2 dager siden
How did he know a half a year in advance what would happen at the capital
Mallory 2 dager siden
I just feel sorry for Diego...
Yeety Dreety
Yeety Dreety 2 dager siden
I wonder
RPenguin 2 dager siden
Mexicans: first time?
SomethingEdgy 2 dager siden
With the Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google censoring and the Parler ban I fear our freedom of expression here in the United States is slowly being taken away from us. People should be able to express their dissenting opinions without being outright banned for it. I do not want to live in a place that will not let me say what I think.
Sander S
Sander S 2 dager siden
Yess estonia i live there
TopHat Cat
TopHat Cat 2 dager siden
8:26 "if everyone came to the capitol building" *foreshadowing*
Jieming Gan
Jieming Gan 2 dager siden
My grandpa lived for nearly three decades under the totalitarian rule of Mao Zedong, often deemed the worst dictator ever seen. Since he was the child of a member of the bourgeoisie, he was mistreated but even then he hated America, and thought that even when his uncle starved to death that China was still the greatest and most prosperous country. He didn’t know until 1985, years after Mao’s death, that it was North Korea who started the Korean War. It’s amazing how much one can be fooled by propaganda even when they hate the regime that spreads it.
Fiore 024
Fiore 024 3 dager siden
Talking about the capitol
habib akbar
habib akbar 3 dager siden
man if any dictator, new or old, saw this video, they might just immediately make the video gone
APlextorBoi 3 dager siden
When he said the Soviets for some reason i started singing the anthem. Why? Well i dont know.
Yetiey 3 dager siden
8:41 This didnt age too well
KrTheMaster 3 dager siden
"the movement actually looks a lot less powerful than it would be if everyone showed up at the Capitol building on the same day" Well that definitely aged well
pokekiller559 3 dager siden
Is that mandalorian guy
Edan Russell
Edan Russell 3 dager siden
matt really predicted the capitol protest/riot
Dylan Mackenzie
Dylan Mackenzie 3 dager siden
8:25 Matt: if everyone shows up at the Capitol building on the same day Me: ah yes, this has aged well
Bon Flores
Bon Flores 3 dager siden
8:25 Bruh
Thomas Byrne
Thomas Byrne 3 dager siden
"The movement actually looks a lot less powerful than it would be if everyone showed up at the Capitol building on the same day to make that same statement". America a week ago.
K FK 3 dager siden
A nice way to promote a game, I rather have this than a fake gameplay video that changes after many delays
SMA_ Azrael
SMA_ Azrael 3 dager siden
Thank you for this valuable information i would use when these a wave 2 of the capital getting stormed again
41017B Short Circuit
41017B Short Circuit 3 dager siden
That whole, "Show up in front of the capitol building" thing did not age well.
King Hon
King Hon 3 dager siden
yeah but starving peasants don't make good rebels, plus the dictator has tanks and the rebels have pitch forks
Stream Sniper
Stream Sniper 3 dager siden
Why does nobody have far cry 6 or just me I’m a video game tester
TheCoopinater 4 dager siden
Who got this recommended to them after the stuff that happened at the U.S. capital
rage element
rage element 4 dager siden
A lot of Americans in January for some reason: hey that’s not a bad idea.
Ben Parr
Ben Parr 4 dager siden
I feel 8:30 RN
Diego 4 dager siden
Little did mat know people would take half the videos message
_Sausageman _
_Sausageman _ 4 dager siden
8:26 that one didn’t age too well
Andrii Vedmid
Andrii Vedmid 4 dager siden
Coarea is going to kill him
don't look at me i'm a boy
don't look at me i'm a boy 5 dager siden
all bulgarian people give a like
Rice Farmer
Rice Farmer 5 dager siden
In 2021 that "Hey we're gonna be at the Capitol building" hits differently
Anxious cactus
Anxious cactus 5 dager siden
Imagine the north korean government was watching this
SpaceCowBoy 1
SpaceCowBoy 1 5 dager siden
Hey uhm why does this look a lot like that capital building raid ?
Clifford G.
Clifford G. 5 dager siden
(8:25) Well
Hummer 6 dager siden
8:20 yeahhhh that didn’t go well
null 6 dager siden
2:54 Jon Favreau: you have something I want
Manuelle Van vuuren
Manuelle Van vuuren 6 dager siden
American elections 2021 in a nutshell
KingRoayal V.
KingRoayal V. 7 dager siden
8:25 This aged really badly.
MAO PRODUCTIONS ._. 7 dager siden
8:42 That did not age well.
Hydraguy333 7 dager siden
"If everyone showed up at the capital building on the same day to protest," This did not Age well.
Gallo 12 timer siden
I mean it happen 4 years ago but didn't get press time on any left media
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner 5 dager siden
Ahaha *laughs in American*
Talia Nicole
Talia Nicole 7 dager siden
Suddenly a lil too real. Amiright america?
Wheezier Storm
Wheezier Storm 7 dager siden
MatPat predicted the Captiol building “protestors”
The1nOnly Peteyman
The1nOnly Peteyman 7 dager siden
Watching this after Jan 6th is honestly kinda interesting ..
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Federal Bureau of Investigation 7 dager siden
This is scarily relevant.
Joshua Parker
Joshua Parker 7 dager siden
Ship Happens
Ship Happens 7 dager siden
damn this aged like spoiled milk
Marcus Hughes
Marcus Hughes 7 dager siden
Matpat now: I should not have done this
Ethan Becker
Ethan Becker 3 dager siden
A bit of for shadowing
Scotland 7 dager siden
Who would have thought the protesters what showed up at the US Capitol building
sreeragh nair
sreeragh nair 8 dager siden
I mean the entire information is kinda useless since it seems like the protests are well coordinated as the trailer show alot of people are there just toppling statues
Moses Pinedo
Moses Pinedo 8 dager siden
5:30 Way to give people the idea mat
An Ibis
An Ibis 8 dager siden
Thank you. I need this information. Corrupt congressmen have been violating our rights for way to long. They dont serve the people, they serve lobbyists. They dont care about citizens, they care about corporations. They dont fear the people, but they will learn to
Vo1d MaNgOz88
Vo1d MaNgOz88 8 dager siden
This aged well
Kapn Krunch
Kapn Krunch 8 dager siden
Damn, 8:25 and 8:42 did not age well at all. Is Game Theory the new Simpsons?
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner 5 dager siden
Komrade Kalashnikov
Komrade Kalashnikov 8 dager siden
Thank god I thought I was ducked for my Cia liberation test
Crazy Qualin
Crazy Qualin 8 dager siden
This guy encouraged the protesters at the capital
Luka 8 dager siden
8:24 you the simpsons now?
K.K. Slider
K.K. Slider 8 dager siden
8:28 oh boy that didn’t age well
Jennifer Buchholz
Jennifer Buchholz 8 dager siden
Ryan Cho
Ryan Cho 8 dager siden
Welp. A group just tried to overthrow congress.
Officially Mortem
Officially Mortem 8 dager siden
In the beginning: YO WHAT THE HELL-
Noah McMullen
Noah McMullen 8 dager siden
BrodyTEM 9 dager siden
Find out for waiting 15 minutes after opening cut scene
BrodyTEM 9 dager siden
Plot twist in farcry 4 The good guy is actually the bad guy!
Those Rando Clips
Those Rando Clips 9 dager siden
To be honest, it seems he was specifically targeting the 6th...
Cat McCatington
Cat McCatington 9 dager siden
8:30 that didn’t age well
LowResGamr 9 dager siden
Start of the video: "okay, this seems like an okay topic to discuss" 9 minutes into the video: "Oh, oh no. That aged poorly within a year"
Jason Tsivikas
Jason Tsivikas 9 dager siden
that didn't age well
Royce VanCleve
Royce VanCleve 9 dager siden
Matpat: Show up and storm the Capitol building! Well that aged well
geoffishy 9 dager siden
Mattpatt responsible for recent events (storming the capital building)
Tunaz 9 dager siden
Me watching this during the rioting of the capital ( January 1-9, 2021) so far
Jacob Friday
Jacob Friday 9 dager siden
8:28 ..... Uhhh, Matpat, I think you predicted the wrong thing
RLFD43 9 dager siden
8:25 that one didn't age well
TUDY Tudy 9 dager siden
Cineva din romania pe aici?
Jake Rozewicz
Jake Rozewicz 9 dager siden
Wasn't Anton Volkov in the new Call of Duty
Sylvia Grove
Sylvia Grove 9 dager siden
8:44 I’m not sure if that aged particularly well
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