Game Theory: FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985

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9 måneder siden

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With the release of the new Five Nights At Freddy's book series Fazbear Frights, the first 3 stories of which have been released, we have been introduced a monumental piece of information. The first pizzeria and, with it, the first round of doomed kids - the attack BEFORE the bite of 1987. What does this mean for the timeline and lore? Watch and find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
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what if MatPat WAS Scott cawthon
Yeetus Mcleetus
Yeetus Mcleetus 10 timer siden
Yo 2020 is almost over. *WHERE IS THAT 80’S INSPIRED GAME SCOTT??*
Leah Rubin
Leah Rubin 10 timer siden
Dude the intro is amazing
RawIsJericho TV
RawIsJericho TV 17 timer siden
The withered Animatronics in Fnaf 2 are the Animatronics from 1985 I mean Fredbear and Spring Bonnie got retired. The toy Animatronics didn't exist in fact Phone guy said in the Night 3 call that the old Foxy (so withered Foxy) was too scary for the children so they build another Animatronic and that is Mangle to be child friendly. After the missing children inncident the old Animatronics became broken Animatronics. They replaced them with the toy Animatronics
Edbert Weisly
Edbert Weisly 20 timer siden
Best intro ever
Konata Dag siden
Me:is watching this in a ball pit Matpat:AND Stay our of ballpits Me:Ono
Konata Dag siden
I am Millie rn
gamergo 7
gamergo 7 Dag siden
Michael book the law book you can see the crying child memory except for one thing that the crying child didn't have is butter and money and the crying child name or Chris Afton when he died Michael wrote his memory and he wrote them to make sure he will remember his brother in The bite of 87 so fnaf4the TV doesn't count when The bite of 87 is not the bite of 85 of a 7 so one of the NOpostr said so the TV it doesn't mean the date in 19 85 so that mean 1987 Michael wrote him another all by myself and his brother first he write a a quote for a brother Chris say do you know them that mean that the five dead kid or should I said seven dead kids then he said this to him now and that make sure he like his self then he right Fred Bear and nightmare fredbear for him to know his memory about him his brother Chris Aftonthen he wrote this note for him to be like a little bit rude to him his brother what's your favorite toy that plastic little telephone so that mean you were mean to me about that little toy telephone and that's just a Theory a game theory
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 16 timer siden
Please use punctation and paragraphs for the love of god
gamergo 7
gamergo 7 Dag siden
I'm talking about the book about his brother then he wrote it so that mean the other one is after we take brother Grace so there were like eight grades
Lust SINdrome
Lust SINdrome Dag siden
So what if three is a specific number because there are three new killers under Afton’s wing? UwU Perhaps, but thats just a theory, a game theory XD
Lust SINdrome
Lust SINdrome Dag siden
These new books have three short horror stories and Candy bot tells three short horror stories Perhaps that’s relevant? i mean you did say yourself in another video that Scott doesn’t do coincidences
Lust SINdrome
Lust SINdrome Dag siden
You know what I just realized
Pumpkin Dag siden
You can die from chocolate? I would die from chocolate.
Alpha Jolly
Alpha Jolly Dag siden
Please use this comments like button to make him realize we want a 2020 time line rn
Evan Martinez
Evan Martinez Dag siden
Mat: We finally solved the entire FNAF story. Scott: Ima bout to end this mans whole carrier
Windows Security Non-Expert 2020
Windows Security Non-Expert 2020 Dag siden
"Holy mother of Ennard" .Nothing else to say.
Hailey Fandroidfan11
Hailey Fandroidfan11 Dag siden
Holy mother of ennard is my new punch line
Sean Gray
Sean Gray 2 dager siden
Gold bunny: hey kids wanna see a dead body?
Atomic — Studios
Atomic — Studios 2 dager siden
Charlotte is a soul in golden Freddy
fantazi FNaF
fantazi FNaF 2 dager siden
i'm actually reading into the pit so i have to skip this theory for now. i'll edit this when i'm done with the book, so hello future me
Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez
Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez 2 dager siden
So your telling me that canny means bunny and Vanessa and my name is vanessa WELL PERFECT FOR ME
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson Dag siden
@Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez okay
Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez
Vanessa Rodriguez Lopez Dag siden
@Natalie Johnson you
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson Dag siden
Shut up
Mary Horwath
Mary Horwath 2 dager siden
Thanks matpat for the vids I love them so much!!!
Spider_Gamer 2 dager siden
MatPat: The stitch wraith is ennard Scott: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
Alejandro Salcedo Romero
Alejandro Salcedo Romero 2 dager siden
Am waching this at night
TotallyNotAnEel _
TotallyNotAnEel _ 2 dager siden
I don’t want to play FNAF but I like it’s lore.
Shakee Playz
Shakee Playz 2 dager siden
I do not understand one thing who ever said about and time traveling ball pit that I am not aware of pls explain
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis 3 dager siden
Remember when a game was going out!
Derpy Moo Cow
Derpy Moo Cow 3 dager siden
Emo teen no.2958
Emo teen no.2958 3 dager siden
but what if in this new children murder its vanny and she found the ball pit or Afton directed her to the ballpit, just a thought since the teaser in the “Rock!” teaser you can see Vanny, when this VR prob wasn’t real in 1985 in the FNaF timeline and on the cover of “into the pit” the bunny is crying back tears if I see correctly
Luca Costantino
Luca Costantino 3 dager siden
Matpat always complains about the lore being unclear but if it was easy to solve he wouldn't have as many people watching his videos
Lucas Gieselman
Lucas Gieselman 3 dager siden
wuraola labeodan
wuraola labeodan 3 dager siden
5 bodys? more like *5 NIGHT AT FREDDYS*
Spring Freddy
Spring Freddy 3 dager siden
9months and still no fnaf ar :(
Megan Kibbey
Megan Kibbey 3 dager siden
hi 👋
Isaac Dodson
Isaac Dodson 3 dager siden
“Horror master”
ScarfHero 20
ScarfHero 20 3 dager siden
Yay anime!
BIZ Gamer
BIZ Gamer 3 dager siden
Who is ballon boy
Gia Hunter
Gia Hunter 4 dager siden
C H 4 dager siden
This theory actually makes sense since i’ve had fonished read the “into the pit” chapter. i am on the “to be beautiful” chapter now 😁
LizardDude14 4 dager siden
5 installments Laughs in Scott Cawthon
Zach 4 dager siden
Who else has followed this entire series but hasn’t played a single fnaf game or read any of the books?
Devaansh Jaiswal
Devaansh Jaiswal 4 dager siden
I think 85 might be given by Scott once. He did a post of a image with 58 could it be reverse idk i am just saying.
Have a Laff Animations
Have a Laff Animations 4 dager siden
Sarah looks like a 6 or 7 year old
sans 4 dager siden
if you turn left during the midnight motorist in pizzaria simulator when you discover the easter egg turn left during half your way to the house you can see the pizzaria JP SHORT FOR JEFFS PIZZA
Bonnie bunny plays
Bonnie bunny plays 5 dager siden
Scott be like Make make release release make make release release
Hilda_ 123 go!
Hilda_ 123 go! 5 dager siden
A fandom name for crying child:cris aka cristifor,MIKE IS HIS OLDER BROTHER WHO ACCIDENTLY KILLED HIM!
Astro Geek
Astro Geek 5 dager siden
Wait a minute... the book trilogy is canon or not??? Cuz there’s only one detail that create an inconsistency in all of it : in the games, the spirits of the children « killed » William. But in the books, it’s Charlie and her friends! Please can you answer that in a next fnaf theory? (If of course we consider that the books are entirely canon with the games...)
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson Dag siden
@Scott Cotton no
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Dag siden
@Natalie Johnson They’re either canon or they’re not. They can’t be 10% canon
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson Dag siden
@Scott Cotton their Canon but not 100%
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Dag siden
@Natalie Johnson I’m not sure about that
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson Dag siden
Their atleast 10 percent cannon
GoldenFreddy 5 dager siden
Hate to burst MatPat's bubble but classic Goosebumps are all one story, not 3 lol
REALLANDON :D 5 dager siden
Wait, I thought that the pizzeria before Fnaf 2s, was the pizzeria for the withered animatronics (when they weren’t withered).
Gacha Master
Gacha Master 5 dager siden
I got a my little pony add watching this...
CyberShortiePlayz 5 dager siden
Anyone else notice that the skin under the eyes is PURPLE???!?!?!?!? Maybe its trying to point me towards somthing.... no, NO! It cant be the purple guy.... Right...?
Conner Jukes
Conner Jukes 5 dager siden
Adrienne Alexander
Adrienne Alexander 6 dager siden
I broke my led in my pencil at the end of Giraff Baby’s story and I was sooo scared XD
Adam Stolar
Adam Stolar 6 dager siden
Stop using the boks in your thories.
Anthonybeats tv
Anthonybeats tv 6 dager siden
wait.... why is toy freddy in the ball pit
Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez 6 dager siden
What I find strange is this story revolves...... replacement, stuffing, (no not turkey stuffing) and of course! no You can't forget THEY RISE LIKE ZOMBIES! ALSO MATPAT WHAT IF THE STICHWRATH IS THE STICHED BUNNY SUIT BECAUSE ITS A STICHED SUIT IT WOULD MAKE SENSE! EVERYONE PLZ SHARE
Angelica Cabello
Angelica Cabello 6 dager siden
One month later six fanf theories
Sarah Runner
Sarah Runner 6 dager siden
Poor Ozzy, haven't even lived his rest of his years. Put F in the chat for Ozzy.
Exantho 6 dager siden
Jay 7 dager siden
Stan Game Theory For Thier Intros
isabelle Armstrong
isabelle Armstrong 7 dager siden
Broeckchen 7 dager siden
Dang, I love the Ship of Theseus themes...
Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu 7 dager siden
14:53 the killer be like:Hey mom! Look what I did! Aren’t you proud of me!
Martha De Paul
Martha De Paul 7 dager siden
... wait, Bonnie's blue?
Jake Holt
Jake Holt 7 dager siden
I understand how molten freddy got his mask
zefiewings 8 dager siden
I definitely think this is still the "missing children's incident". But this might be the "true" story, or closer to it. You mention, in your other video, that this time traveller boy might be the one to go one to make the games. So the games he makes are off, the children missing and stuffed in the suits, but in the "real" event that he is helping to cover-up, they are out and open. After all, people heard enough that they felt desperate enough to make that elaborate cover-up plan. So perhaps these stories, all of them, with their sort of ultimate timeline versions of these old FNAF 1- 8? (don't know what counts...the games up until VR) are the real versions of those stories. After all, he probably isn't going to make new games for those events but we KNOW that the events as we've seen them are now not part of the cannon of the games VR and going onward; he wanted a fresh reboot. These books, I truly think, are meant to be the real stories that get covered up, since they have that 'similar to the games, similar to the novels, more like a blend of the two with a new twist' feeling to them. I think it would make a lot of sense if these mini books are meant to inspire us to get those last pieces for the old games sure, but more important I think they are meant to pave the way for the new cannon for the games going forward. I find myself really wanting to make a video theory of my own talking about this lol.
Rainbow Angel
Rainbow Angel 7 dager siden
Ok, wow. That really sounds good. It kinda holds up with the rest of the series.
Raeburn Oliver
Raeburn Oliver 8 dager siden
14:47 idk if it's already been pointed out, but wasn't it (at least mostly) decided that it was the puppet who put the bodies in the suits? Rather than the killer/Afton? So what if everyone saw but then the puppet put the bodies in the suits in the Give Gifts, Give Life minigame and then when the police arrived or w/e they couldn't find the children because the bodies had been moved?
Constantine Burgan
Constantine Burgan 4 dager siden
You kinda got a point maybe the police are just bad at their job
Fishy Love
Fishy Love 8 dager siden
He can have a baby as long as I haven’t seen this
garyfog 8 dager siden
If there living animatronics can they go to prison? Answer mee
garyfog 8 dager siden
Umm blue rabbit is a purple bunny
Mr. hippo’s Plays fnaf
Mr. hippo’s Plays fnaf 8 dager siden
Thyra Mattsson
Thyra Mattsson 8 dager siden
You medan cris
Just Me
Just Me 8 dager siden
Matpat in 2015: phone guy is actually purple guy Matpat in 2020: Time traveling ball pit
Mavisyper Écrivaine
Mavisyper Écrivaine 8 dager siden
The start of this video gave me nightmares-
Maggie Schubert
Maggie Schubert 9 dager siden
Ah, so THIS is where the Time Traveling Ball Pit all those comments were talking about finally comes into play.
ChawMan_O.G. 9 dager siden
This thing feels like Back to the Future because he goes to 1985 and it deals with time travel
Ivy Kick
Ivy Kick 9 dager siden
Chris Afton got bitten Michael Afton got scooped
Mega Frost
Mega Frost 9 dager siden
More books?! OMG How disturbing with making her beautiful! Also...TIME. TRAVELING. BALL PIT....I'm sorry, WHAT?!
Northern Twat
Northern Twat 9 dager siden
6:00 wasn’t the point of that story supposed to be that baby is supposed to be the one returning the favour
XXNERDY GAMING 10 dager siden
Wait it said six kids so what happened to the sixed person
Golden Pro
Golden Pro 10 dager siden
Scoot Coffin Dance
Parker Still Plays
Parker Still Plays 10 dager siden
Yup Ennard is stitch wraith
Cara A
Cara A 10 dager siden
okay- hold on- who in there right mind would find a robot\clown\baby-thing in a junk yard, and then BRING IT HOME WITH THEM?!?!? pls explain that to me.
David Kim
David Kim 10 dager siden
Five Nights at Fazbear's Frights
Matthew Keown
Matthew Keown 10 dager siden
0:09 Moment before disaster
《egg lord》
《egg lord》 11 dager siden
I hope someone makes a fnaf rip-off version of back to the future with a time traveling ball pit xD
Easport 654
Easport 654 11 dager siden
And this can all happen *_from chuck-e-cheese_*
Richard Vasquez
Richard Vasquez 11 dager siden
I thought we we’re supposed to no longer go on the the word of the games before vr help wanted since those were all “lies” So why is it so hard to believe that Charlotte gets killed with everyone now?
Julia Hernandez
Julia Hernandez 11 dager siden
“Holy mother of ennard” i was just laughing lmaooo
Pineapples 11 dager siden
Anyone else starting to think that this franchise is so detailed because it’s actually just a confession?
Pineapples 8 dager siden
@Scott Cotton 👀
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 8 dager siden
DO NOT SAY THAT TOO LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ContinentalArt 11 dager siden
Little child MatPat is adorable.
X8129 11 dager siden
If crying child is a robot why would he need hospital gear in fnaf 4?
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis 11 dager siden
By the way Chica would have to be a girl like her name says it, chica is Mexican for girl or some language for girl
Keagen Kringstad
Keagen Kringstad 11 dager siden
No 19855
Ori Chan {_} Seimei
Ori Chan {_} Seimei 11 dager siden
Giraffe baby!
Ori Chan {_} Seimei
Ori Chan {_} Seimei 11 dager siden
The second story is about a girl trapped inside *ad pops up* A dueve Me: What the actual heck
Punch Tower
Punch Tower 11 dager siden
H. E. L. L. O
AlexM 11 dager siden
Maybe the dead children are the souls for the toy animatronics toy Freddy, toy Bonnie, toy chica, puppet, BB, and mangle
Tony toons Castro
Tony toons Castro 11 dager siden
I think golden Freddy is a ghost or a phantom, because in fnaf2, golden Freddy was looking different and there was no two fredbear suits, also golden Freddy can teleport and can tell Michael things, yes then they had both souls in the suit of golden Freddy, then they forgot who they are then went with being golden Freddy
Tony toons Castro
Tony toons Castro 11 dager siden
Fredbear family dinner is a different business, why I say this because in fnaf4 when the nightmare or the hat teaser came out when u bright it up it says fredbears family dinner not fazbear entertainment. And in real life u must have the same business name, and I think the Freddy fazbear business merge with fredbear family dinner just like Chuck E. Cheese merge with the rockets explosive ban.
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