Game Theory: Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?

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6 år siden

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Final Fantasy VII's cross dressing scene is one of the most memorable in gaming. But as I was analyzing it, I noticed a disturbing trend in how LGBT lifestyle is portrayed not just in this scene, but across gaming as a whole. So what does FFVII's drag scene teach us about the cross dressing community and about the gaming industry as a whole?
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applebunny knight
applebunny knight 2 timer siden
I'd if im scared or impressed. Also matpat, there one thing I have to mention. I kid u not, if u go into the legit Bible and read the first chapter of Roman's, u can see what God thinks about homosexuals and lesbians. I should warn u to read this at your own risk. Please don't get mad at me when u find out the truth.
Patrick 11 timer siden
3 signs that this video is old, #1 there is no Q #2 there is no yellow or even red on this #3 the date upload
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy 3 dager siden
Also awwww 2014 matpat
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy 3 dager siden
This makes me sad
Alex Crazy
Alex Crazy 3 dager siden
Me in 2020 uhhhh whehhuuu uhmmmmmmmm I don’t know what to say here #ban those games? I don’t know
Waterleaf And Phoenix
Waterleaf And Phoenix 4 dager siden
Sometimes I wonder How many people DID Tweet that hashtag at him
Rhido Curup
Rhido Curup 4 dager siden
I see double standerred
Andrew 7 dager siden
Kakyoin Noriaki
Kakyoin Noriaki 7 dager siden
“Is there anything this bizarre scenario can teach us of the world of cross dressing?” Why did this make me think of tequila Joseph
Mr Aviation
Mr Aviation 10 dager siden
Flippidy Flop
Flippidy Flop 11 dager siden
How have I not seen this before?????
annabel fazukimi
annabel fazukimi 12 dager siden
Matpat: Imagine if they did this now Me: *thinks about FF VII Remake* LOL
Teyla White
Teyla White 13 dager siden
I hereby dub this video: “Straight man accidentally discovers the deep seated homophobia in the video game world. Is shooketh.” (But really it’s always a bit comforting to know someone cared enough to talk about this issue way back in 2014)
Something's Wrong
Something's Wrong 13 dager siden
At least they're not against me, a non-binary aro-ace. Y'know why? Because a tenth of the world don't think we exist.
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
This episode really WAS ahead of its time!
Tux Doggo
Tux Doggo 19 dager siden
I miss this GT
Mothman’s Boyfriend
Mothman’s Boyfriend 21 dag siden
Does anybody know what game he's talking about at 8:29?
Renzellous 24 dager siden
All of a sudden I want to marry MatPat!.
Renzellous 15 dager siden
@Joshua Carroll I don’t care. In my mind I’m marrying him.
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
But he's married mate
Bad time is inevitable
Bad time is inevitable 24 dager siden
Huh... No wonder im homophobic
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
Well, being raised on games that are against people like me'll do that to ya. Still, I myself used to be homophobic. Tell me any stereotypes you may have, allow me to try to dissuade them.
Pippin Forrest
Pippin Forrest 25 dager siden
Correction: games only think it's ok for representation of caucasian femme lesbians in purely sexual fanservicey relationships
Jodigo 28 dager siden
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
Derethevil 29 dager siden
Well Matty. With this you pretty much also say that violent video games make people violent. In other words you are feeding in the same bullshit media is trying to sell to people if it comes to video games. People gonna hate me for this, but it is the same with racism. What did Morgan Freeman say to it? How do we fix this issue? "Stop talking about it. Stop making it an issue." I look at every human, no matter his sexuality, no matter his color, no matter his language exactly what he is. A human. The only difference I MYSELF will deduct from each and every one of them is their behavior. If they act like shiststicks, i handle them like shitsticks. If they are nice to me, i am nice to them. Easy as that. Same goes for sexuality. I don't care what you take and don't take in your mouth, as long as you don't hurt or force someone doing it.
Derethevil 15 dager siden
@Joshua Carroll Didn't he? Didn't he say that video games have a tendency to be "anti-lgbqt"? Sure it is a theory, but that is the problem. If he thinks that, then the violence one has to be true as well.
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
But he isn't saying that?
Ugly_ boii
Ugly_ boii 17 dager siden
But mat pat also disprove about the violence one
Kayty moo
Kayty moo 29 dager siden
Awwwww the old intro ❤️❤️ so wholesome ❤️❤️❤️
マリオのカエル Måned siden
Is math racist? :v
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
Pikapika1717 Måned siden
This video is both incredibly ahead of its time and incredibly 2014
Tommaso Astaldi
Tommaso Astaldi Måned siden
This video is so old and yet so actual! People 6 years ago REALLY needed this...
Sebsanonlebus Måned siden
Who’s here in 2020
Ravenmations YT
Ravenmations YT Måned siden
Then proceeds to make a video on chic-fil-a proving he doesn't really caee abt lgbt issues.
Baylea Bug2001
Baylea Bug2001 Måned siden
Leave my man Trevor alone
turtlenuggs Måned siden
Jesus this just gets more true with time..
Brenden Dyer
Brenden Dyer Måned siden
What about Gibraltar from apex
Brenden Dyer
Brenden Dyer 26 dager siden
Pie Minx
Pie Minx 26 dager siden
This came out in 2014, apex was not a thing yet and LGBT character still has a negative light shined on them
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Yeontan's Eyebrows Måned siden
Gotta agree with others in the comments, I’d really love an updated second part to this video talking about how things have changed! I remember seeing this when I was younger and this vid really helped me understand these things better
purple shep
purple shep Måned siden
yeah this was in fact how i was introduced to lgbt i might have been much worse if this were not the case
T3nMiDGET5711 Måned siden
I think these issues should be left up to the developers and only the developers
v8 Wavy
v8 Wavy Måned siden
I wish
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
WinterDome 17 dager siden
ComixAnimates Måned siden
Octotwig Måned siden
Miguel Pelia
Miguel Pelia Måned siden
Mat come back we need an update on this
Samuel David Sarmiento Amador
Samuel David Sarmiento Amador Måned siden
Lmao i've been reading all these comments and apparently every character in overwatch is in LGBT
blandscape Måned siden
oh i wish
Emilio XD
Emilio XD Måned siden
This is not Rupaul best friend race ✨😌💞
o1bara Måned siden
im happy to watch this in 2020. Gaming has come so far so be inclusive
coolkid Måned siden
That is a hot take and bull
00 11
00 11 Måned siden
Robert LeBlanc
Robert LeBlanc Måned siden
I don’t understand homophobia. At the very least, why does it matter to you? What will anyone’s relationships do to hurt you
Ralph b
Ralph b Måned siden
Happy that changed
Aidan Drotzur
Aidan Drotzur Måned siden
Who else punched themselves in the schnoz?
Peri Uluırmak
Peri Uluırmak Måned siden
i don't understand why people liked the old times of this channel more . i mean , WHY ON EARTH WOULD SOMEONE DO A VIDEO ABOUT FUN VIDEO GAMES BE LINKED TO LGBQT!? WHAT'S THE FUN IN THAT! ? WHERE IS THE RANDOM SPECULATION AND SMART SCIENCE ?!?!?! (no hate just why srsly?)
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 15 dager siden
Cause it's stuff that needed to be said
ArcaneVoid Måned siden
because its important
The Banana Show
The Banana Show Måned siden
The Banana Show
The Banana Show Måned siden
#ShamkessSelfPromotionalHashtagsThatsThatAreTooLongToGiveYouAnyRoom ForAnActualTweetSoDontEvenBotherTryingToTweetThisToMe
The Banana Show
The Banana Show Måned siden
#ShamkessSelfPromotionalHashtagsThatsThatAreTooLongToGiveYouAnyRoom ForAnActualTweetSoDontEvenBother TryingToTweetThisToMe
Víctor Faria de Castro
Víctor Faria de Castro 2 måneder siden
I know this is an old video, but can I get the name of the songs played in this video?
P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer
P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer 2 måneder siden
Do this now with the remake lol
SneakyNinjaFroggy 2 måneder siden
Uuugh hashtag hashtag sucks
Some GurlxX
Some GurlxX 2 måneder siden
That was 6 years ago?!
Hien Luong
Hien Luong 2 måneder siden
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 2 måneder siden
*death drop*
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 2 måneder siden
May Pat for All Stars
my 2 fave things to watch rupauls drag race and gaming never thought itd have this crossover
Dad 2 måneder siden
This, a relic. A simple time.
purple shep
purple shep Måned siden
are you winning dad
Verquinn 2 måneder siden
"the caucasian female protaginist from *saints row 4*" 11:35 he really reaching in this one huh? Video games shouldn't be a platform to push gender politics onto people last of us :(
The new Anime man
The new Anime man 2 måneder siden
I’d be happy if this was true
Pie Minx
Pie Minx 26 dager siden
I mean it was? Up until very recently, this video was made in 2014
SuperHankinsBros Måned siden
TLOU2 is a reason why
You Drool When You Sleep.
You Drool When You Sleep. 2 måneder siden
I've heard some of his haters call him transphobic like bro
Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins 2 måneder siden
My consistent question throughout this game is "yeah so? You make that sound like a bad thing."
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Yeontan's Eyebrows Måned siden
Because it is?
Xenos Breed
Xenos Breed 2 måneder siden
6 Years later we've made a lot of progress. As someone who's exploring what sexuality and gender means to me I see a lot of hope for the new generation of gamers and game creators.
IceShadow 0510
IceShadow 0510 2 måneder siden
I know I'm really late, but just a reminder: If Vivian is a male that identifies as a woman, please use she/her pronouns instead of he/him. That's all. Awesome vid btw!
Liam Mellon
Liam Mellon 2 måneder siden
Did this video come out before The Last of Us: Left Behind?
Pie Minx
Pie Minx 26 dager siden
It came out 6 years ago
Pumpki N
Pumpki N Måned siden
I think so but I’m not sure.
Whoneedsalife_ 2 måneder siden
I mean in bully the Jimmy is bi because he can kiss one guy from each clique and that was 2006
Jayden 2 måneder siden
depends on what is canon or not
quick silver
quick silver 2 måneder siden
For everyone who says undertale did it right, well let’s say Toby got closer, but not all the way alphys:inhuman, did horrible experiments to other monsters, and is super shy Undyne(i think): inhuman, violent, I didn’t like the moment when I realized that even undertale, one of my favorite games and is really well made, follows this trend
purple shep
purple shep Måned siden
@quick silver thank you for your kind response
quick silver
quick silver Måned siden
Ok I will say you are right, I have no shame in saying that perhaps I didn’t give this topic a good enough look to be making any conclusions or comments
purple shep
purple shep Måned siden
alphys: did what she could to save her people and is exetremely guilt-ridden due to this undyne: someone who only violent acts were her trying to help her people
BonkBoi 2 måneder siden
The title sounds like a facebook post from a karen.
super sonic speed
super sonic speed 2 måneder siden
But birdo in recent years has been a good......
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin 3 måneder siden
"Can you imagine a game doing this nowadays?" Nintendo: yep. Gonna go that next zelda game.
Gay Rat
Gay Rat 3 måneder siden
I have an answer for the males not being able to be bisexual, most of the time people think only women can be bi. ik this was worded strangely but yeah :>
purple shep
purple shep Måned siden
@Pumpki N sadly yes
Pumpki N
Pumpki N Måned siden
Wait Really people think that?
grum 3 måneder siden
What image did he use for female cloud in the maid outfit
Glitter 2.0
Glitter 2.0 3 måneder siden
I think I've watched this 12 times now...
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire 3 måneder siden
You make it out like Video Game companies demonize or purposefully removes them. And yes there are some extreme cases, but mostly it’s because straight males are designing the games for other straight males (just a majority thing at the time). They wouldn’t have understood how those relationships work so they stuck with what they know. It’s a good video but you make it out to be worse then what it was
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire Måned siden
@Pumpki N if a video designer doesn’t want to he shouldn’t have to. It’s hard game. It’s as simple as that. The backlash should be in his sales if it’s such a big deal
Pumpki N
Pumpki N Måned siden
@The CrimsonFire The thing is you sure we shouldn’t have to force him to put representation and they should just put it in like any other relationship
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire Måned siden
@Lord Weebus, God of Weeaboos representation is the worst thing to focus on in a video game. They should instead focus on making a good game. That and they can choose who they do and do not represent. If people do not like that, don’t buy the game
Lord Weebus, God of Weeaboos
Lord Weebus, God of Weeaboos Måned siden
@The CrimsonFire Why shouldn't they be? If there's an absence of representation, don't you think it's on purpose? And what's wrong with filling that gap?
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire 2 måneder siden
KevinTheDinoViking then why is it that everyone thinks they should be shown so vehemently in media?
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire 3 måneder siden
I feel like this is taking a lot of things out of context. Like villains have always been the cool ones hence why they were so ahead if their time.
Robert Negotei
Robert Negotei 3 måneder siden
Man are man , women are women.
[insert name]
[insert name] 2 måneder siden
Wow! I never knew this until i read this comment thanks for the enlightenment!
White Widow
White Widow 3 måneder siden
Undertale? Undine and Alphis?
Mr. Snuffleupagus
Mr. Snuffleupagus 3 måneder siden
Upload/release dates? May 5, 2014 and September 15, 2015?
choccy malk
choccy malk 3 måneder siden
MatPat: "Can you imagine if a game company did something like this today?" Animal crossing: *laughs in cross dressing and no need to think about gender*
FoB952 3 måneder siden
Possibility the dumbest theory I've heard.
FoB952 Måned siden
@Yeontan's Eyebrows you cant look at games, music, cartoons, movie or any kind of media or behavior of the past and judge it by todays standards. For instance theres nothing inherently wrong with Clouds cross-dressing and bathhouse gag in the original. Either everything is okay or nothing is. If there was a game that mocks and degrades any group of people id be glad to agree and say that its anti-what-that-group-may-be.
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Yeontan's Eyebrows Måned siden
@FoB952 to an extent I get that, although you can’t really deny that especially older games really depicted LGBT people in a pretty negative light. But yeah at least it has been getting better, and I definitely wouldn’t say that games nowadays are really anti LGBT or anything
FoB952 Måned siden
@Yeontan's Eyebrows yeah i just think its an idiotic thing to say. Video games are not anti-LGBT now, nor were they at the time.
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Yeontan's Eyebrows Måned siden
It’s not really a theory, to be honest he was just analyzing the current situation at the time
Ace Havoc
Ace Havoc 3 måneder siden
bloody heck, remake's out and cloud got three dresses. THREE
Potato Cent
Potato Cent 3 måneder siden
He forgot bully
Meadow Maniacal
Meadow Maniacal 3 måneder siden
It's unfair to judge modern american gamers based on the decisions of game devs usually made 20 years ago with half of the time in another country. And localization teams have no idea what people want, half of the time they just take the money and run or try to force their own opinions and beliefs in.
Moss B
Moss B 3 måneder siden
Haha. This isn't good quality. Ha.
little_red 3 måneder siden
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, this is a subject that need more coverage and I applaud you for talking about it when no one else will.
SimonFallheart 3 måneder siden
games are fantasy, marely being inhuman is not a bad trait.
Sam Persell
Sam Persell 3 måneder siden
Anime Freak
Anime Freak 3 måneder siden
Please make another one of these!! Edit: I guess Endigo is a "fish"? He's basically gender neutral but clearly he's a guy. He has many feminine features . . . mkay I'll stop talking now
Sriracha Enchilada
Sriracha Enchilada 3 måneder siden
Long story short: No
Tienes Queso
Tienes Queso 3 måneder siden
We should get MattPat to update this video. I say we storm the comment section of his newest video. Who's with me?
money back
money back 3 måneder siden
Oh no how dare they be
Hector Espinosa
Hector Espinosa 3 måneder siden
Reaper 3 måneder siden
NOpost: 2020 looks like a good time to recommend this
Throw Away Joke
Throw Away Joke 3 måneder siden
smh relatable
Sydney Locke
Sydney Locke 3 måneder siden
Mat: the og ally.
WeirdoWithAHoodie 3 måneder siden
If I'm being honest, I've actually seen this video quite a few times on my fyp but I actively avoided it because I'm part of the LGBT+ community and I also love video games ;-;
Marco Garrisi
Marco Garrisi 3 måneder siden
What about Borderlands games, where many characters are LGBT, and openly at minimum.
Berry 3 måneder siden
Mat Dad just used a TON of LGBTQ+ slangs in a sentence
Grimm 3 måneder siden
I just want to point out that he called an actual transwoman a drag queen.
Superbeltman 17 timer siden
@Yeontan's Eyebrows hopefully knows the difference now
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Yeontan's Eyebrows Måned siden
Yeah, I mean tbf it was probably mainly ignorance but it is still good to point out
Roxie Reaper
Roxie Reaper 3 måneder siden
@Matpat, give the people what they want! Part 2 please😁!!!
Pluto Sutton
Pluto Sutton 3 måneder siden
If anyone misgenders Vivian again i will e n d them
Jose Sual Cuevas
Jose Sual Cuevas 3 måneder siden
Are still asking for money this time for makeup?
XxEmii 3 måneder siden
Cloud going undercover as a girl reminds me of when Princess Zelda disguised herself as Sheik in Ocarina of Time :> ( *I know it’s not exactly the same; Zelda literally spent 7 years portraying herself as a boy until she revealed herself to Link, but still-* )
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