Game Theory: The Animals in Animal Crossing Aren't Animals! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

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Animal Crossing is PEOPLE! No, really! Theorists, this may be one of the most unexpected theories I've put out recently, but once you see it, you will never unsee it. I have gathered TONS of evidence that our player character is only SEEING the villagers of Animal Crossing as animals. They are not, in fact, ACTUAL talking, anthropomorphic animals. Have I said the word animals enough yet? Well get ready Loyal Theorists, I am about to blow your mind! Animals!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Schyler Martin
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Meggu Aki
Meggu Aki 40 minutter siden
Then what about the fact that OTHER NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS CAN VISIT YOU
Hollie Brayne
Hollie Brayne 6 timer siden
10:44 I have Alice and Bella lol
devisous 8 timer siden
The way Bob looks make it look like he’s about to throw up a hair ball 😂😂
JDGames 22 timer siden
11:11 no, i could perfectly make out timmy saying "Thank you!" after selling something to him one time. if it's said too quickly, it may be misunderstood. the characters, when the text scrolls in, say the letters that are appearing. so, someone saying "Hi!", in sound, said "H i" quickly.
Architech Dag siden
MaxDraws Dag siden
Mat: pretty safe to assume our character is not going out to any late-night raves club lol: Ummmmmm.....
SirLeetMan Dag siden
8:22 you thought you'd hide an NCIS reference in your video and nobody would notice. You were wrong. Nice Dr. Palmer you've got drawn there.
Pinkllama - Games
Pinkllama - Games Dag siden
The only problem is we see other people from other islands but bey that's just a thought my thought
Logan Trower
Logan Trower 2 dager siden
This literally helped me win my school Halloween Trivia
Wex cres
Wex cres 2 dager siden
Animal crossing creators: Lets make a cute game! Game Theory: depression.
Becky Levine
Becky Levine 2 dager siden
I like to exist
I like to exist 2 dager siden
So.... Lycanthropy something or other is just being an intensive Furry...
Hue Rech
Hue Rech 2 dager siden
“Hint, Hint, NUDGE NUDGE” -MatPat
Zobee Gaming
Zobee Gaming 3 dager siden
RONY MIRANDA 3 dager siden
1:25 So funny
Gatorgrey 3 dager siden
Heres my theory ok hear me out I think that The main character stumbled upon a furry convention and ended up getting lost
markoalfa 4 dager siden
wait why is there clapping hands
•elysign• 4 dager siden
Me playing animal crossing while playing and stopping to stare at my villagers 👁👁
Carboy45 5 dager siden
I actually came up with some things you could make theories with Matt pat in new horizions in the museum theres the strange lab room in the bug exhibit the block off in the fish exhibit and in the fossils exhibit the dinosaurs are linked to the animal crossing characters apparently! That's the most interesting one to me!
KTcreate _
KTcreate _ 5 dager siden
Hear me out: The player is actually in a coma. He is living his life in his brain but it doesn’t get everything right. He can’t touch anything hence why when you shake a tree it shakes but you never actually touch it. Also why all of the villagers basically say the same things. That or you’ve got superpowers
Linda Santos
Linda Santos 5 dager siden
Linda Santos
Linda Santos 5 dager siden
Hey there are two types of animals In animal crossing
Luna 6 dager siden
I think that the villagers in animal crossing used to be normal animals but then a mad Scientist took some of the animals to his/her lab and Mutated the animals in to human animal
Mr. Pyro
Mr. Pyro 6 dager siden
They're furries
Foob Foob
Foob Foob 6 dager siden
Thank you for ruining my animal crossing fun
Iodized Salt
Iodized Salt 6 dager siden
I simply believe that animal crossing is a communist utopia.
Juni Post
Juni Post 6 dager siden
There was an old creepy pasta this reminded me of. I found it so here it is.
JamieHatKid TM
JamieHatKid TM 6 dager siden
Yes matpat. Acid IS fantastic.
TJ DashMan
TJ DashMan 6 dager siden
dosent make sence cause when a person joins a game There Not animal?
Poofy :3
Poofy :3 6 dager siden
Am i the only one who notices that MatPat's tom nook sounded like Applegate from kindergarten?
Roman Smith
Roman Smith 6 dager siden
What if their all the animal are hallucinations win you play two player should the second player be a animal
Owen Stanley
Owen Stanley 6 dager siden
I am cold🥶 🎃🎃🎃 your channel is the best aka👍🏻
Owen Stanley
Owen Stanley 6 dager siden
Scary is badder than the👿
Barakon 7 dager siden
Barakon 7 dager siden
In the first animal crossing game, he also moved out and had gotten in debt but he did see people as animals before that. He could have been traumatized as a teen which lead to this disorder in the first place. Yes, I'm suggesting that they also have PTSD.
Barakon 7 dager siden
I once believed to have been a dragon from ages 6 or 8 till 12...but I had stopped, now I'm just a furry.
Katie J
Katie J 7 dager siden
MyLifeIsAWaste TwT
MyLifeIsAWaste TwT 7 dager siden
There could be another possibility that they are hiding the fact that they are in a costume like Zipper...but it is less noticabld
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT 7 dager siden
Hi mat pat! Thanks for scarring me for life
•the cookie cat•
•the cookie cat• 7 dager siden
Your videos sus
Rubilson Gomes
Rubilson Gomes 7 dager siden
Doesn't this happen in Pokemon?! 13:29
Eric Mora
Eric Mora 8 dager siden
False. In the fossil museum, there are animal silhouettes. nobody would come if it was all humans.
Eric Mora
Eric Mora 8 dager siden
also, you can see humans normally.
Fatass Den sej
Fatass Den sej 8 dager siden
There are not humans there are AC a AC is a animal but its like a human (its not a joke)
saluff1979 8 dager siden
Matpat: murderous Easter bunny in the woods Me: William Afton is in animal crossing now?
Leah Lupis
Leah Lupis 8 dager siden
Leah Lupis
Leah Lupis 8 dager siden
I think they're
Feather Fairly Neutral
Feather Fairly Neutral 8 dager siden
When I play, I just pretend that I’m hosting a rad furry convention as an excuse to bring my friends over
Quinn McBride
Quinn McBride 8 dager siden
My villagers in New Leaf only ever comment on my appearance if I've been stung by a bee, and even then it's just adding insult to injury by teasing me...
Brody Howland
Brody Howland 8 dager siden
Pokémon taken to a whole new level
Isabella Rappaccioli
Isabella Rappaccioli 8 dager siden
Matpat: You guys! You have to check out this new game! You play as the protagonist struggling with clinical lycanthropy which causes him to hallucinate and envision real-life people and animals as a result of the stress of his debt and change! Random Person: uh sure whats it called Matpat: animal crossing
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 9 dager siden
I just realised that Game Theory is a piece of a 4 part channel, Food Theory,represents the yellow glow, Film Theory,is red, And Game theory is green. 1 Last piece is missing. I'm excited to see that final part.
Lyra 9 dager siden
Game: has character customization This guy: MENTAL ILLNESSS (Also I think maybe my villagers have commented on my Halloween skin body paint and eyes)
Lyra 9 dager siden
Have y’all heard the purgatory theory. I think that’s the most popular one but idk
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 9 dager siden
Nook, Timmy and Tommy are all tanukis not racoons
crayon samitch
crayon samitch 9 dager siden
Toss boy!!!!!!!
AKKO 9 dager siden
what if they're just furries
I E Torrens
I E Torrens 9 dager siden
Shanmukha lakshmi
Shanmukha lakshmi 9 dager siden
Mimi The Carrot
Mimi The Carrot 10 dager siden
There's a theory that animal crossing is heaven and the gifts you get are your parents sending gifts to your grave-
HARRY ZHANG 10 dager siden
I guess that now makes it legal for doomguy to marry Isabell.
someone 10 dager siden
Or they are furries
Catnip Kittie5
Catnip Kittie5 10 dager siden
Just sayin, before people take this and start attacking otherkin, disorders need to harm the person or people around them. So just saying hey i got a cat soul or im a cat in a human body isnt enough for a diagnoses so leave otherkin tf alone aight? Cool chill aight love yall
Catnip Kittie5
Catnip Kittie5 10 dager siden
Also diagnoses in general need to be done by a professional. No normal person is equipped to diagnose someone so dont do that please thanks we dont have all the knowledge a professional does (this does not mean dont research to help your own care. It means dont diagnose yourself or others and act as if what you think is law)
Josephine Collins
Josephine Collins 10 dager siden
What about the theory that the character died and this is their after life? Most of the evidence behind this is from the mother's letters, they are written in a strange way that makes it seem as though the character is dead.
Hubble.-. _
Hubble.-. _ 10 dager siden
I love how deep this is lmao! The real animals are probably just another line in the AC evolutionary live or the Animal World is just another dimension that exists with ours, like you can travel there and stuff.
jackie osborne
jackie osborne 10 dager siden
11:55 In the background Zipper is saying "I am your father."
Akila Online
Akila Online 11 dager siden
villagers can comment on your outfit sometimes so yes
Doggo 11 dager siden
The animals actually speak Animalese. Sometimes you can just say words in English but its just sounds fast. You also forgot to mention that Zipper, the Easter bunny, is in a suit and pretends to be excited when you're around him. He also exposes himself as being in a costume and then panicking afterwards. Even though if is a game full of furries, its just a peaceful game where you can design your island how you want it. 🙂
Ferixstar 11 dager siden
It’s like Goofy vs Pluto: both are dogs, one talks and wears clothes (and sometimes rushes people with a shield like Captain America) and the other wears a collar and is Mickey’s pet. Or... maybe Animal Crossing is a “Shutter Island” type situation?
Tark the Fark
Tark the Fark 11 dager siden
This seems like mattpatts grasping a bit here. I mean once he starts to try and explain why the game has a character re-customisation mechanic and it’s in world perception, his point starts to seem really silly. I always figured the reason why there are actual animals in that world as well as bipedal people like animals was because of y’know, science. What I mean is that even humans have this comparison in regards to apes which as we all know is because of evolution and the fact we share a common ancestor. So I just assume owlsworth and that actual owl just shared a common ancestor. Seems a lot more plausible than Nintendo being this convoluted.
Child Dren
Child Dren 11 dager siden
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Game theory: I'm going to fish for 20 hours..
eli doy
eli doy 11 dager siden
NO NOT animal crossing to :-(
Family Hooper
Family Hooper 11 dager siden
Nintedo:here he can't ruin a cute game. Matpat:Wanda bet. Nintendo:what now Mat pat:M E N T A L I L N E S S
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 11 dager siden
ah yes furry syndrome
gacha hooman
gacha hooman 11 dager siden
Please make a new animal crossing video
Astxrism 11 dager siden
So your telling me that a human is giving me a 526k debt
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis 12 dager siden
And nowadays they would jsut be transpecies.
Moon spot
Moon spot 12 dager siden
I just commentet on the last video I saw of you that I'll never play animal crossing, but here I am, wanting to play it just cause I'm a psychologie freak XD
PureMadness 12 dager siden
I have one thing to say wot
D Lo
D Lo 12 dager siden
Best person ever
Jacob Arts
Jacob Arts 12 dager siden
Scary fact: they are actually *F U R R I E S*
liams fear of spoons
liams fear of spoons 12 dager siden
everyone: ah yes a cute game with cute animals and- matpat: *ITS MENTAL ILLNESS INNIT*
James The youtuber
James The youtuber 12 dager siden
5:50 Ugandan knuckles is showing surprised pikachu da wae
debb28 12 dager siden
Wait wait wait, when you binld the first brige or something i dont remember. Tom nook says "but thats to much work for one RACKOON to do." And Sable says "doyou have winter clouse? I worry about you not having fur"
Burd 13 dager siden
See, the only problem with this theory, is that if they are humans And Zipper (who was theorised as your characters father) Dressed as a bunny. Why would he do that if they were humans, yes, your father COULD also have this mental problem. Is that likely?
STELLA STAR - GAMING is kinda my thing
STELLA STAR - GAMING is kinda my thing 13 dager siden
Hmmm.... How do you explain about the fact that you can see other people as people? (Friends)
Susanna Hoo
Susanna Hoo 13 dager siden
Somethimes I think these are like.. Real??? I know these are JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORYYYYY
Fydiu YT
Fydiu YT 13 dager siden
Matt is a owl
B3AN M4ST3R 13 dager siden
the condition sounds like the plot of BNA
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 13 dager siden
So I just loaded the video and I got an ad right at the start. Guess what the add was for? Animal crossing!
Gam 13 dager siden
TheFourPeas 13 dager siden
Low-key thought the theory was gonna be about, A: they are just people who skinned animals and wear their skin all day everyday Or B: they are just furries
avantaemorrison 67
avantaemorrison 67 13 dager siden
You always find new ways to make terrified before going to sleep
Weirdly ghostly
Weirdly ghostly 13 dager siden
in the game i saw a ghost that said OH I NEVER SEEN A HUMAN BEFORE implying everyone else is an animal this kinda disaproves this theory just a lil bit and im not sure but im pretty sure they introduce how to change our aperance
gamerboi lemanman
gamerboi lemanman 13 dager siden
What about the people who visit your island they are human
Amelia Horswill
Amelia Horswill 13 dager siden
That or... ya know... Yokai....Like Japanese Mythology where Tanuki like Nook, Timmy, and Tommy, have the ability to transform various objects like rocks, leaves, etc, into ANYTHING. I think our characters were just... spirited away, and the "Mom" figure is... well, as far as I theorize...dead.
Dani 14 dager siden
These people aren’t mental, they’re grimms...
Why not both unus annus
Why not both unus annus 14 dager siden
They notice when you change your hair and eye color.
Froggo Plays!
Froggo Plays! 14 dager siden
the no one talk bout the chlothing change is wrong because the shop workers talk bout the new look
CoffeeCrashed 14 dager siden
so THATS why i think im a night fury..... *IM HAPPY WITH THAT!*
Taco Tori 33
Taco Tori 33 14 dager siden
me:*sees video*HOW
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