Game Theory: How WoW Almost Prevented the Coronavirus Crisis! (World of Warcraft)

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6 måneder siden

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Years ago now, World of Warcraft had an event that changed the landscape of the ENTIRE game for the players. Hundreds of thousands of skeletons littered the cities, all player characters who had perished to what was called the "corrupted blood plague". Now, some experts are saying that they could have used this event to better understand how viral pandemics spread in societies and how individuals react. What I want to know is, could this historic WoW moment have helped prevent the spread of our current pandemic? Let's find out!
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FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
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FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

101TheBest 6 måneder siden
9:20 Wow. Hearing that, even in games, there is still people trying to help others is one of the best things I have heard in a while. That’s awesome. Maybe humanity isn’t doomed... yet
AleckoGecko Dag siden
Sha Mol
Sha Mol 4 dager siden
There sometimes are people Will die try to save other
Spike Moj Macak
Spike Moj Macak 10 dager siden
Spike Moj Macak
Spike Moj Macak 10 dager siden
A Rose in a Jar
A Rose in a Jar 15 dager siden
Hamish Cullen
Hamish Cullen 7 minutter siden
“Call me Mouse Pat” dang, really missed RatPat
Anthony Espinosa
Anthony Espinosa 4 timer siden
When I saw the title I was confused I thought if we had said WoW it would’ve stopped this
gaming with burning x caliber
gaming with burning x caliber 4 timer siden
how avout a book theryory
Mark Travers
Mark Travers 5 timer siden
It'd be nice to have had friends before all of this, but I I have no outside of work friends! Actually, since this started, I've been playing less video games. Almost not playing at all.
Flipperfire113 The flaming seal
Flipperfire113 The flaming seal 9 timer siden
Coronavirus the real life final boss
Georgio Azzi
Georgio Azzi Dag siden
the ark survival evolved sickness is worse then this
Banana Bro Postman
Banana Bro Postman Dag siden
2020 Washington sucked camases principal first cases, fun for us that live there.
ElyssaJM 2 dager siden
What did Tom Nook do to hurt Matpat so badly
Monsterboy gaming
Monsterboy gaming 2 dager siden
Honestly mats been rolling in the content on film and food theory but not game theory very often so I kind of forgot the intro and thought "wow matpats got a new intro cool" but no
Julianne Knuth
Julianne Knuth 2 dager siden
Safe and sound
Vlado Atanasow
Vlado Atanasow 2 dager siden
Song at 11.10
Cron Sola
Cron Sola 2 dager siden
Christopher Kelley
Christopher Kelley 2 dager siden
Nice b8
Samurai Aviles
Samurai Aviles 2 dager siden
I really did think that some part of the theme was an opening theme for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Shawn Flanagan
Shawn Flanagan 3 dager siden
This blew my mind.
Jojo Gin
Jojo Gin 3 dager siden
It’s sounds like you’re grasping at straws
Dedicated Random
Dedicated Random 3 dager siden
Rodrigo Leal
Rodrigo Leal 3 dager siden
This is getting ridiculous at this point
Knud's Channel
Knud's Channel 3 dager siden
MY GOD! how can we all be so blind!!!
Julian Hawthorne
Julian Hawthorne 3 dager siden
I love free doom eternal
Godspeed_ 0618
Godspeed_ 0618 3 dager siden
This was an awesome video
Luke Hoffman
Luke Hoffman 3 dager siden
Dude i love rayman
mada ali
mada ali 3 dager siden
What will the final the theory channel be
Fabrizio Oliveira
Fabrizio Oliveira 4 dager siden
Skip to 3:17 for the actual start of the video.
Ra'aya Swidler
Ra'aya Swidler 4 dager siden
Watching the ads for you and your team, matpat! Keep the excellent episodes coming ☺️😁👌
Ray 4 dager siden
11:12 "Ran D." -_-
Dman 4 dager siden
3:08, No thanks, We had the 14 days to flatten the curve and we have seen where that got us. I won't live inside indefinitely out of the fear of a very low mortality virus.
Sha Mol
Sha Mol 4 dager siden
And remember everything you lrean is powerful
Undead Gamer
Undead Gamer 4 dager siden
So... gamers are important?
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat
Toby ze cat Cream ze cat 4 dager siden
50 YEARS LATER Teacher: Okay class theirs this guy called uhm, MatPat & his going to talk about the coronavirus....
Aleena Ahmad
Aleena Ahmad 5 dager siden
"Over two million people in the world have been diagnosed" *laughs in 42 mil worldwide*
Callum Lodge
Callum Lodge 5 dager siden
Knews: Lockdown has began Gamers: we prepared our entire lives for this
Captain arg & Savage saint
Captain arg & Savage saint 5 dager siden
Looks at video: 1 hour ago Blinks* Looks at video: 6 months ago
Marilyn Magtalas
Marilyn Magtalas 5 dager siden
teachers be like: hiprocasy gamers be like: haha games go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Cj Bry
Cj Bry 5 dager siden
Anyone else just realize every channels color is in game theorists intro
Admiral Salamander
Admiral Salamander 5 dager siden
Dread Ducky
Dread Ducky 5 dager siden
There's 1 more slot for another theory thing
logan 5 dager siden
thats a bit of a stretch
No U
No U 2 dager siden
Well I mean he’s right about people handling this poorly
fungus amongus
fungus amongus 6 dager siden
Ratpat haha
The Real Quotation Mark
The Real Quotation Mark 6 dager siden
12:08 more like Rat Pat
The Real Quotation Mark
The Real Quotation Mark 6 dager siden
I thought WoW meant World of Wings as of the place little kids can go to observe butterflies lol
Midnight Wildspirit
Midnight Wildspirit 6 dager siden
do a Game Theory about Maid of Sker, I don't anyone else has. 😃
HiMyNameIsJack 6 dager siden
This video is sooooo interesting. I think they should do simulations on free multiplayer games also, like animal jam, and announce it so more people could join the simulation ! This is such a cool way of doing science
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno 6 dager siden
ok mousepat
Robob 6 dager siden
he changed the intro. cool
Wodin's Word
Wodin's Word 6 dager siden
Wrong, corona has always been with humans, it's a minor seasonal flu.
Julian Danzer
Julian Danzer 4 dager siden
wrong again, if you want to be pedantic, there is no one corona, it's a whole froup of viruses, some different than others, some mroe and some less dangerous and some new, some old obviously when someone says "coronavirus" in mid to alte 2020 he means the one everyone is talking about I mean, in a way you are pednatically correct but practically wrong
Kaleb Downing
Kaleb Downing 6 dager siden
Hey Matt I'm sorry if this is wrong but to be honest Diarrhea kills more I'm pretty sure
Miette Brown
Miette Brown 6 dager siden
Man this was very accurate
BennetProductions 6 dager siden
Watching this now “ that really escalated quickly, I mean that really got out of hand fast”
Sam Garcia
Sam Garcia 6 dager siden
So basically, COVID is Blizzard's fault, cause they're from China
Not you
Not you 6 dager siden
*Looks at what the CDC just said bout masks* Me: Hmmm... Prehaps those freak's were right?
Purplefoxx8 7 dager siden
PLEASE someone make a comic about this
Puffball72 7 dager siden
Blizzard should make a quest about something like this. Like the booty bay one so everyone can do it
Puffball72 7 dager siden
Blizzard predicted the future...
Man Lil
Man Lil 7 dager siden
OH.He has a beard now.
TheRyuFirestorm 7 dager siden
"Published in April." Yeah sounds about right, thinking this virus is super lethal with a 1% fatality rate.
Marlow 7 dager siden
Fun fact, some people are so entitled yet stupid, that they think corona virus is a way of life! Basically get infected, and go to as big of places as possible to spread the virus. Its dumb but what can you expect from beings that have superior weaponry, but the brains of a dying atom?
lol lol
lol lol 7 dager siden
if WoW put that back they whould be rich 14:52
Raymond Parfan
Raymond Parfan 7 dager siden
0:16 Lol, probably also goes for the lazy people *_Like me_* :>
Mr_Cardboard123 7 dager siden
Me: wow humans are nice and f- Karen’s: your funny but uhhh I’m gonna cough on your food Me: ...
Katelynn Herring
Katelynn Herring 7 dager siden
I think you mean RatPat lol
MrRagequit 8 dager siden
Let’s be honest how much has this virus affected your life really?
Julian Danzer
Julian Danzer 4 dager siden
well, the dollar/euro rate has crashed
Dequon Davis
Dequon Davis 8 dager siden
So your sayin if everyone wears a mask we would be done with this people where your mask people are dying even babies
JainaDreamer 8 dager siden
100% would join WOW as a trial if I got to be plagued as part of an experiment.
Michael Alberto
Michael Alberto 8 dager siden
12:08 BOY, he missed the opportunity for PatRat
Rebecca mutter
Rebecca mutter 8 dager siden
I only click on this video because of the plague doctor on it
Lee Carmichael
Lee Carmichael 8 dager siden
2 million *wheeze*
BLUE HOOD 8 dager siden
I thought woW is world of war not World of warcraft
metruk 8 dager siden
Lamo i live in israel 11:14
Antonisdumb 8 dager siden
When you realized that the raid in WOW classic was added not too long ago
Noora’s fun corner
Noora’s fun corner 8 dager siden
i had a same issu some shopkeeper got corona and what did he do go and make every item 10 less like what and im only 10 and i dont understand this
Seth B. Gargus
Seth B. Gargus 8 dager siden
MatPat predicted Doom Eternal coming to Xbox Gamepass
Antonisdumb 8 dager siden
Dude I I just went and checked and I am really excited now
I.O.N. Prod
I.O.N. Prod 8 dager siden there's already a video about how this affects real life pandemics (made a few years ago) by Extra Credits
Bailey Jackson
Bailey Jackson 9 dager siden
You assume I have friends
Clarence Benedictus Abraham
Clarence Benedictus Abraham 9 dager siden
but covid is a virus and viruses cant be killed right?
Long live team Brnz
Long live team Brnz 9 dager siden
I wonder why people disliked this it’s actually a lesson
TheNameKyle 9 dager siden
here in Australia there was a group of Asian girls who had corona. they went to grocery stores coughing and spitting on all the food and people. pretty sure they aren't Australian citizens just visitors from china. they got put in prison but the chinese government stepped in. this was back when it all first started.
Ebernite DoC
Ebernite DoC 9 dager siden
Gaming can be science
Jonathan Contreras
Jonathan Contreras 9 dager siden
Then it happens sign me up
SCP 173
SCP 173 9 dager siden
1:37 weak look at todays numbers its at least over 30 million
A.R ._.
A.R ._. 9 dager siden
The game developers: I COULD HAVE PREVENTED WHAT?
Moon spot
Moon spot 9 dager siden
You: Play something else than animal crossing Me: I'LL NEVER PLAY THAT GAME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, I THINK THESE CUTSIE LITTLE THINGS ARE WAY TOOOO CREEPY! (And I think it would be boring so yeah)
E_Wolfian AlphaWolves
E_Wolfian AlphaWolves 10 dager siden
I love WoW... such an amazing game
YZF RR 10 dager siden
Good old times!
SHYU A.R.A.G 10 dager siden
Medical theory
_JMNLThat_ 10 dager siden
Ive never played wow but sounds pretty good migth give it a try
One piece and sonic fan
One piece and sonic fan 10 dager siden
"You save 41 people by staying home" Me looking at my right hand 😳.
HvR 10 dager siden
wipe this out now mhm
Isabella Morse
Isabella Morse 10 dager siden
Divinity_GL 10 dager siden
Standing penguin
Standing penguin 10 dager siden
for some reason im imagining genshin impact having same bug soon
Colby Gilmore
Colby Gilmore 10 dager siden
Shave the FU**ING beard please
PichuChanneling7 10 dager siden
Keyword ALMOST. If people stayed at home for a few more months then everything would be like 2019.
thehuntressinthedark 10 dager siden
i love the new intro
Knight 10 dager siden
Im sad he didnt say “im down, just call me ratpat”
Max D
Max D 10 dager siden
The Novel Corona Virus is not 100x as deadly as the Flu
dutch van Der linde
dutch van Der linde 9 dager siden
Still kills people
Shane Browder
Shane Browder 10 dager siden
I watched this vid bec I be a plague doctor this year for Halloween and I wanted to know about the plague but I just got COVID-19
bobby the beanboy
bobby the beanboy 10 dager siden
12:08 no no, ratpat
Creeper Freak
Creeper Freak 10 dager siden
Stay at home that did not age well
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