Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!

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5 år siden

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With the FNAF Halloween update finished and Scott moving on to the Five Nights at Freddy's novel and the upcoming FNAF World, it's time we look back and finally put to rest the original FNAF tetrology. We have all the pieces...but what are we missing? Scott Cawthon have us theorists some clues to go off of during our Five Nights at Freddy's livestream, which led to new revelations and me to discover the clue that breaks the entire FNAF series wide open! Prepare to have your mind blown!
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Mitsuki Yuzuki
Mitsuki Yuzuki Time siden
"Today we solve fnaf" Okay? *Clicks next video of the playlist*
fiesty girl
fiesty girl 3 timer siden
what about the blood then? and what about the tapes? and what ab how when the front lobe of the brain is cut off (or bitten in this case) you dont feel fear? and the sience behind the front lobe? i think scott was playing us and i think this was mistaken. i like your theroy and i get why you think this but i dont think its right.
Lesley Laux
Lesley Laux 5 timer siden
The game theorist be like today we solve fnaf me be like OMG WOW!!
Lesley Laux
Lesley Laux 5 timer siden
Like bruh
Alan Perez
Alan Perez 7 timer siden
The Afton family is connected to fnaf William Afton is Spingtrap, Clara Afton is ballora, Elizabeth Afton is Circus baby, Christopher Afton is the child that u play in Fnaf 4 Aka Crying Child . Michael Afton is the nightgard for all of the fnaf game.plzz read the rest of my comments
Alan Perez
Alan Perez 7 timer siden
Michael Afton dies in sister location u will understand at the ending of sister location because of the scooping room and enard no lives inside of him so Michael is now a walking corpse
Alan Perez
Alan Perez 7 timer siden
Christopher Afton aka Crying Child died in the mini game in fnaf 4 he tried to battle from a coma but since he has nightmare he dies and he is now shadow freedy. He also dies because of a prank planed by the brother in the mini game in fnaf 4
Alan Perez
Alan Perez 7 timer siden
Clara Afton dies by driving of a cliff u will understand by hearing the song It's Been So Long
Alan Perez
Alan Perez 7 timer siden
William Afton died because of the springlock of the spring Bonnie suit aka springtrap suit u will understand in a mini game
Alan Perez
Alan Perez 7 timer siden
Elizabeth Afton died from the mini game in sister location from getting ice cream that explains the voice in the begining
Price Tag
Price Tag 8 timer siden
"No more FNaF5 rumors!" Me: **laughs in Bonnet**
a regular person :D
a regular person :D 8 timer siden
everybody: 'mat: today we solve fnaf | me: laughs in _______________' me: funny video
Zachary Kindle Fire
Zachary Kindle Fire 8 timer siden
This is not true, it reveled it in the later games
Will H
Will H 11 timer siden
ah yes a kid would dream about minimum wage
lilDJ Gaming
lilDJ Gaming 12 timer siden
POV: your seeing a bunch of “we solve fnaf comments”
Oval GG
Oval GG 15 timer siden
This theory was actually good but its 2 bad Scott just reverse cards Matpat 2 much
Xx_blue Bunny_xx
Xx_blue Bunny_xx 16 timer siden
Laughs in *2021*
himabindu nalam
himabindu nalam 20 timer siden
12:29 no one mentions the year on the paycheck date! and yet you say "oddly specific detail in the check" if it was c.c's dream then why would the he imagine someone dying! i am not hateing on you just saying... other than that i love to watch game theory where you find theories for games(i do not know how to frame a sentence so my apologies if i said something wrong).
himabindu nalam
himabindu nalam 20 timer siden
i only have one brain cell left! wow!
Rachael C
Rachael C 21 time siden
whyyyyyy i spent all that time playing and getting scared :< and it was "just a dream " but we dont know tbh :
G O Dag siden
My mind.....
Freianna Neekah Gamao
Freianna Neekah Gamao Dag siden
Me: *draws fan art* Him: Fnaf is a DREAM! Me again: ;-; i wasted my time doing dish :(
Aurorium Arts
Aurorium Arts Dag siden
“Today we solve fanf” *laughs in 50 years later*
Bailey Chapman
Bailey Chapman Dag siden
I think the drink theories right I don’t know about other people but I like it
EASYACE Dag siden
"Today we end the horror, today we end the hell, today we solve fnaf" looks at 9 out of 46 aight if you say so
Ahmed Gamil
Ahmed Gamil Dag siden
"Just a dweam"
Elijah Morales
Elijah Morales Dag siden
Otoniel Castro
Otoniel Castro Dag siden
Otoniel Castro
Otoniel Castro Dag siden
Rip Foxy Brown
MrClean5667 Dag siden
No more fnaf 5 rumors Scott: laughs in 8 books and 7 games
Logan Rothrock
Logan Rothrock Dag siden
help me
Logan Jones
Logan Jones Dag siden
I've been playing FNaF my whole live minus 2 yrs and I found the answer
Nadia W
Nadia W Dag siden
I can’t be the only one that saw shadow Freddy at the bottom of the grandfather clock right before the clip changed
Marcos thesimp
Marcos thesimp Dag siden
I'm rewatching the videos and if fnaf was a dream he could make a game where the child wakes from a comma.....and hes 21 years old and his dad gets him a job at a freddy's faze bears pizza🤔(I know he has probably written the story so it's not a dream anymore)
Liam Pulles
Liam Pulles Dag siden
MatPat: DREAM THEORY Me: **Laughs in **_NO_****
Owen Gray
Owen Gray Dag siden
the fan gets me every time,not scaring me, but with uncontrollable laughter
Rony Garcia
Rony Garcia Dag siden
I saw a time when nightmare Bonnie jumpscare time is 8am
Omega Boi
Omega Boi Dag siden
Theory: Golden Freddy IS Fredbear. Notice no Nightmare GF in FNAF4. And FNAF1 is super in the future. GF is a neglected, beaten-up and broken Fredbear
hiibiiscuit Dag siden
“Today we solve fnaf.” ...Oh honey-
Omega Boi
Omega Boi Dag siden
Nobody: Me: what Puppet : Boing, Boing, Im coming for you WiLlIaM!!! HAhahAHahAHa
Mortal Fry
Mortal Fry Dag siden
"no more fnaf 5 roumors" "hey bon bon lets give him surprize" oh and glitchtrap and vanny said hi
Path_Nova Dag siden
MatPat: “What if it was just a dream” Me: *laughs in failed theory*
SANIC Dag siden
What if the company was run by a child and that’s why everything is so bizarre
Bloody hell
Bloody hell Dag siden
“AND no more FAN” * disturbing fan music * xD-
IPopCornFNAF Dag siden
Gamerboi Extreme
Gamerboi Extreme Dag siden
Does matpat know what the definition of insanity is?
Głïtčh Träp
Głïtčh Träp Dag siden
This blew my mind
Finn Toth
Finn Toth Dag siden
This theory could still be true cuz even in fnaf help wanted when u die the screen can say a bunch of stuff. But sometimes it will say "it's only a dream"
Ayden Beck
Ayden Beck 2 dager siden
What in the box
_ YEEDLEBEE _ 2 dager siden
Did anyone else notice the slo mo guys old music in the very beginning?.... anybody?
Roblox: The Animated Series
Roblox: The Animated Series 2 dager siden
the master imposter
the master imposter 2 dager siden
Fnaf has a alot of unsolved secrets.....
Nameless 19
Nameless 19 2 dager siden
When mat actually solves fnaf, scott just makes another game.
Aaliyah Carr
Aaliyah Carr 2 dager siden
so we all just here 6 years later lmao
Ashton Heffernan
Ashton Heffernan 2 dager siden
Game theory it's a dream 6 years later it could be all fake me realizing that fazbear fright could the only cannon thing in fnaf
Yaniv Rubin
Yaniv Rubin 2 dager siden
For me, this is still how FNAF should have ended. The clues just line up: this is how it was supposed to end in my mind. Of course, no one would accept "it was just a dream" so the seris continued.
Yunique 2 dager siden
“We solve fnaf” “no more halloweeen updates” **Quietly laughs in 6 years and VR**
Bacon TV
Bacon TV 2 dager siden
MatPat Fnaf 1 and 2: I HAVE A THEORY Scott:Well... *releases 3 and 4 and 5 MatPat Fnaf 3 4 5: I have my last theory... Scott: *releases Fnaf 6
Mykaila Orr
Mykaila Orr 2 dager siden
Matpat: "Ready to have your mind blown?!" Me: "What if I told you...."
Pam Green
Pam Green 2 dager siden
Shapey 2 dager siden
It's the truth but I don't want to believe it.
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 2 dager siden
"today we solve fnaf" *makes 100 more fnaf vids*
Loony Livee
Loony Livee 2 dager siden
The crying child is still alive but he still thinks that he is dead
White Kitty
White Kitty 2 dager siden
*You over here doing this* Me:what if the souls in freddy,chica and Bonnie are the little siblings of micheal’s friends?
Skylar Davidson
Skylar Davidson 2 dager siden
Mangle is just foxy's girlfriend
Strykz 2 dager siden
MatPat : What's in the box ? Scott : Heck if I know.
Misschien Later
Misschien Later 2 dager siden
12:57 "Heck, you'll probably see it in this video's comment section." Well no. I only see people laughing about you saying "today we solve fnaf"
Yeamster 3 dager siden
Me playing sister location as I watch it be like😈
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 3 dager siden
But the what about the sister location therey the crying kid died before is sister or the little girl who gets killed by Circus Baby? And then fnaf 6 what's the explanation therey for that game?
Crimson Elite
Crimson Elite Dag siden
You do realise this video was made almost a year before fnaf sister locations release right?
King Resh
King Resh 3 dager siden
These comments are boring. You guys talking about 6 years later instead of literally anything else are kinda boring.
Bianca Lopez
Bianca Lopez 3 dager siden
So that means purple guy never murdered the children
no shits
no shits 3 dager siden
Everyone is talking about the newer games, but no one talks about how good this theory was. It was clear that this is how Scott wanted the series to end, he just needed to milk it some more. ....a lot more.
zefiewings 3 dager siden
This is still very likely to be true. In fact, its more likely than ever. I still think he did intend this, and as Mat said Scott was really worried about peoples reaction. So he retconed, once to make a new story for this series of games. And again to make this new series of games with its fresh continuity. After all, these games are now considered to be games from the imagination of one person covering up some other story. I believe this itself is a leftover remnant of his original dream plan. Perhaps then this must mean the crying child must be the game maker,( under the new continuity. )
Noah Deschenes
Noah Deschenes 3 dager siden
“ today we solve fnaf” let’s be honest he’s going to be 90 and incoherently yelling about five nights at Freddy’s
AniyahGamer Girl
AniyahGamer Girl 3 dager siden
I was about to cry thinking that your FNAF videos was over but then I seen u post more videos BTW I have been watching these scenes I was 6 I am now 12 😂
GL1TCH Games
GL1TCH Games 3 dager siden
matpat: today today well we solve it me in 2021: are you sure about that?
game plays
game plays 3 dager siden
In the newest fnaf security breach trailer balloons music was playing can you make a theory why her music is in that trailer
Emmett Black
Emmett Black 3 dager siden
"no more fnaf." *laughs at sister location, all the books, special delivery, help wanted, movie and security breach* hehe.. heh..... okay matpat, we gotta talk about the fnaf storyline. its been 6 years. and fnaf STILL has not been solved. so i think you should try again.
Real Fabsgames
Real Fabsgames 3 dager siden
FnaF 5
Eray ONUR 3 dager siden
Fun fact : MatPat's intro, and puppets music box end with the same note.
Real Fabsgames
Real Fabsgames 3 dager siden
Come on! FnaF 4 story came first. I mean, after Crying Child (Chris) died, William started killing kids and blalalala
Real Fabsgames
Real Fabsgames 3 dager siden
4:30 Ahhh! Mangle got broken and how can Fazbear Entertainment let this scary bot be with children???!
Da meme Panda
Da meme Panda 3 dager siden
Matpat: We solved fnaf Everyone: Mat, this is the ninth year in a row where you solved fnaf
Rebecca Frey
Rebecca Frey 3 dager siden
I have made a new one! The Nightmare Fredbear almost looks like… he’s biting you. Is HE the one who killed crying child? Is HE fredbear but broken And SCarY?!
Rosalva Rivera
Rosalva Rivera 3 dager siden
It ain’t no dreams
Jme Juniper
Jme Juniper 3 dager siden
Ok someone please get a frame-by-frame analysis in that intro XD
ROXXON SNOWBALL 3 dager siden
Today we solve fnaf Fnaf breach trailer:now solve my trailer
stev prov
stev prov 3 dager siden
matpat: Today, we solve fnaf Scott: no
ROXXON SNOWBALL 3 dager siden
Fnaf beach trailer come and i came here to comment bout it
Cohen Smith
Cohen Smith 3 dager siden
Not how you got everything wrong that buddy
Glam rock Entertainment
Glam rock Entertainment 3 dager siden
I missed the live....
Cara Penneck
Cara Penneck 4 dager siden
Sorry dude but... Still wrong!
dead patrick
dead patrick 4 dager siden
ObamaPogGaming 4 dager siden
laughs in 2021
Md. Mamun
Md. Mamun 4 dager siden
Maddox Mendoza
Maddox Mendoza 4 dager siden
I am really surprised how no one thought about this until now
Football Heaven
Football Heaven 4 dager siden
Tidal 4 dager siden
Football Heaven
Football Heaven 4 dager siden
Regular Gaming
Regular Gaming 4 dager siden
It amazes me how the the first several comments are all close to about this time and not about 5 years ago. I think it is very cool
Barney Calhoun
Barney Calhoun 4 dager siden
Stormmugger 4 dager siden
9:58 nice shadow freddy besides the clock
michael claudio
michael claudio 4 dager siden
Even after 6 years hes not wrong guys....
CoffeeOverdose 4 dager siden
Matpat: We solved fnaf! :D you poor poor naïve child....
Minato Namikazie
Minato Namikazie 4 dager siden
New fnaf game🎉🥳🎈🎁🎊🍾🪅
just another gacha tuber
just another gacha tuber 4 dager siden this is fnaf lore
Mia Reyna
Mia Reyna 4 dager siden
Me : * sees the end of the video * Also me : FEEL MY RATH OF FNAF!!
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