Portal: The Boots Are A LIE! | The SCIENCE of... Portal's Long Fall Boots

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One of the questions people have been asking for the LONGEST time is finally being answer TODAY. Do Portal's Long Fall Boots actually work? In the game we see Chell jumping from crazy heights, at insane speeds, and landing with no injury to her body in sight. To be honest, looking at those glorified socks it is hard to believe these devices could work. Today Austin is going to finally put an end to this debate - with SCIENCE!
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Tiny Panda
Tiny Panda 23 timer siden
I understand non of this but it’s funny🤣
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 2 dager siden
Morgan Wege
Morgan Wege 7 dager siden
Lee P
Lee P 8 dager siden
Shreptheshrep 8 dager siden
Maybe Chell Just Has A Big Head
Gabellaneous 11 dager siden
My 3rd grade teacher would play classical music during work time
Vr_Watermelon 14 dager siden
"tiny" Dumbass it's not tiny lmao
CEO of No
CEO of No 15 dager siden
Him: *screams about boots* The game: *about nonexistent things that are unrealistic and gun robots*
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 16 dager siden
Pov: she has a metal skeleton
zeb jensen
zeb jensen 18 dager siden
As fun as this video and the math is intresting is this game makes me seasick.
True832 21 dag siden
10:17 Well, this IS Aperture Science.
Anna Fandom
Anna Fandom 24 dager siden
Me towards the end- austin calm down, your therapist and doctor would not want you to hurt yourself...!
Omega LIVE
Omega LIVE 24 dager siden
Sausum SFM and skits
Sausum SFM and skits 25 dager siden
7:08 I=FAt
FoxYin_11 27 dager siden
It was created by Aperture Science. What you expected?
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup Måned siden
Jesus chell is short
zzac74 Måned siden
aw there go's my hopes and dreams of jumping off the moon to the earth with long fall boots. drat (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Blaperture Mesa
Blaperture Mesa Måned siden
Our boots are not broken, your head is broken because you forgot that the Aperture Science Advanced Knee Replacement (ASAKR) later replaced with Aperture Science Long Fall Boots (ASLFB) actually are more than just a strip of metal, they actually reach all the way up to your neck.
Turkey Legs
Turkey Legs Måned siden
I loved the 3.3 unedited seconds. The only time I didn't hear screaming in this video.
Spiral Feather
Spiral Feather Måned siden
Or it's Aperture so they've achieved negative mass?
Siddharth Bhatia
Siddharth Bhatia Måned siden
Ah Yes because the rest of Portal makes complete sense
Leappy Måned siden
Remember the wheatley betrayal, yeah.... thats not like a hotel fall, thats like 1000000000 meters or something '-'
MM Gaming
MM Gaming Måned siden
i never realized this was game theory
Fran Studios Variety Arts
Fran Studios Variety Arts Måned siden
"I'm going to play 3 seconds of unedited silence." 0.10 s *"Do you have treadmill money?"*
Red Diamond
Red Diamond Måned siden
Okay loud mouth about we engineer long fall boost
kj4derEchte Måned siden
Who writes kph for kilometers per hours. The shorthand is km/h.
Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones Måned siden
Teaches me more than my math class.
December Sfy
December Sfy Måned siden
I love that he’s playing Habanera in the background at the beginning! It’s from a French Opera called Carmen. (:
Fine Fin
Fine Fin Måned siden
Noobs jump from 2 stories Men jump from 3 stories But legends jump from 8 stories
NewAlexGamer Måned siden
What if the same thing happens but in minecraft, with the water. You can practically fall from whatever distance you want, you only need 1 bucket of water and a good timing... and you are alive, no scratch, no damage, nothing How could that thing be possible and if somehow is possible how much water, speed, ect... would you really need to make this landing true
The Dank Farmer
The Dank Farmer Måned siden
I really just dont get the anger, its seriously just so odd in these sorts of videos - its unwatchable
Mewtube 24
Mewtube 24 Måned siden
Now that I think about it I don’t think the spring has anything to do with keeping her legs from breaking I think it’s just keeping her heels of the ground
Blits Riderfield
Blits Riderfield Måned siden
bruh, i watched this before i knew about The Spiffing Brit...now i'm rewatching it and my face just lit up
Salt Marie
Salt Marie Måned siden
“Don’t lock your knees” me, a competitive cheerleader, NANI?!
justen howerton
justen howerton Måned siden
The floor and walls have's mechanical arms that absorbed some of the impact. You can see GLaDOS putting test chamber 14 together and you can see the mechanical arms I imagine it would be like WWE's wrestling ring.
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson Måned siden
RedDingo777 Måned siden
Consider the properties of repulsion and propulsion gels as may be incorporated into shock absorbing footwear. If that doesn’t work also consider the possibility of gels with inverted properties of repulsion and propulsion as fanonical explanations.
Slightly Artsie
Slightly Artsie Måned siden
In the words of some guy named Tod, IT JUST WORKS!
Candaru Driemor
Candaru Driemor Måned siden
"Are you happy now, you monsters?!?" hah.
garcipat Måned siden
But material itself can absorb force internally as well is I can tell
Albino White
Albino White Måned siden
i bet i could get these to ACTUALLY WORK
Brian Lance
Brian Lance Måned siden
Are you actually that stupid? There has to be some sort of gravitational f***ery to allow Chell to only fall at 52 MPH in a free-fall as terminal velocity, or the speed you cap out at while in free-fall, is in excess of 120 MPH when at maximum surface area is slowing you down, let alone when standing straight upright. Edit: Fixed Chell's name to have two "L"s in it.
Tristan Lassche
Tristan Lassche Måned siden
Me in minecraft falling from hundreds of blocks because my shoes glow
林老师 Måned siden
林老师 Måned siden
Aww come on Austin, In a game that you have a PORTAL GUN and two A.I's . They probably added something from Atlas or P-body that makes the long fall boots work! And using the hitting the wall won't work, coz how do you know that the long fall boots and/or the portal gun make a force field?
warlord 2080
warlord 2080 Måned siden
That explains all of the falling from every game that has no fall damage i am looking at you monster hunter series.
WorldTravel1518 Måned siden
I believe that the furthest Chell falls is down to the bottom of the Enrichment Shaft from the central AI chamber at the top of the Enrichment Center.
Tommy Trovato
Tommy Trovato Måned siden
Austin, you are great and keep the original spirt of game theory alive with real math and real science. Thank you!
Adam Azbury
Adam Azbury Måned siden
You could have talked about literally anything else in this universe were there are portals and gel that mercilessly, when you jump sends you flying, and you want to complain about unrealistic boots Edit:you are stupid
Jerzy Sokolowski
Jerzy Sokolowski Måned siden
like let me finish it simple. boots are also portal technology. They transfer the jump energy to another dimmension. and heel is a proxy. thats why you stop instant. All velocity, kinetic energy bam! another dimension
Robin Aldersey-Taylor
Robin Aldersey-Taylor Måned siden
A B Måned siden
The building's underground she's nearer to the core she's traveling faster cuz she's nearer to the core falling you just say he's just a special turn you on and keeps away the heat
XGachaFox22 Måned siden
The Game Theorists:Math! Me:error 303 brain has not found
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Måned siden
How do the long-fall boots work? Very well, thank you!
Mistress' FAVORITE boy
Mistress' FAVORITE boy Måned siden
Aperture Science made a handheld dual Quantum space hole projector and you think this is beyond them?
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming Måned siden
10:03 I was wondering why it was so short. Then my dumb@ss realized i was watching on x2 speed
datdrawinggurl Måned siden
Reasons Austin is better than mat pat: He yells at everything
Alied Stong
Alied Stong Måned siden
I am amariacn I use metric
Alied Stong
Alied Stong Måned siden
Alied Stong
Alied Stong Måned siden
Lol yes
Emrecan Şaar
Emrecan Şaar Måned siden
but chell is a robot
iMac G5
iMac G5 Måned siden
These boots were plot devices, but these are still fun to watch.
Doomkat Måned siden
There might be a futuristic medicine or such, like in the half life games, but it only would heal blunt force trauma
Mr M
Mr M 2 måneder siden
You're over thinking a game.
priya payaal
priya payaal 2 måneder siden
Dear Austin, Pls do not yell... or my ears will hurt and I will unsubscribe u and also not watch ur vids Sincerely ur Fan
Jonas Rinkunas
Jonas Rinkunas 2 måneder siden
ruler: exsist Austin: Hey...
Anxious And Tired
Anxious And Tired 2 måneder siden
*ohhhhhhh thats why the air got knocked out of me when i jumped into the shallow end of the pool and landed flat on my feet*
PigeonTheWilliam 2 måneder siden
No, no, the question is if there could be technology that could reduce the damage from a 3 story drop, not the ones from Portal, some realistic long fall boots
Mase YEET 2 måneder siden
7:26 the new apple product iFAT
GamingMarshmello 2 måneder siden
You are lucky enough to see this comment try finding my other comment if you already did, congratulations
GamingMarshmello 2 måneder siden
In 6:55 you are 100% right I tested it and my feet feel like glass after that you are 100% right and my feet are 75% shattered
bartman156 2 måneder siden
Aren't there some people who have denser bones than the average human? I heard they can be up to 6x as dense.
MaxieLog 2 måneder siden
Dear Valve, please release Half Life 3 The End
Astro Orbis
Astro Orbis 2 måneder siden
4:56 hol up thats perfectly in sync
FALSEPRXMISES 2 måneder siden
We need portal 3 but with rattmann
Snow 2 måneder siden
wait a sec so I am taller than chell... Well that is i n t r e s t i n g.
Susan Hambrick
Susan Hambrick 2 måneder siden
Okay, but like, it's cannon in the game that the gels are made from elements from space that science had yet to discover. What if the spring thingie is made from an element that can absorb energy or something?
Kyra Brooke
Kyra Brooke 2 måneder siden
Austin : now don't be scared me with arithmophobia:**whimpers**
The Neko Katze
The Neko Katze 2 måneder siden
"Hey is me... Austin!!" that always gets me
Jesse Gatlin
Jesse Gatlin 2 måneder siden
He’s forgetting that these are the same scientists who made a gun that can cram loads of negative mass into a human sized wormhole in less than a second
Thomas Fieschi-Rose
Thomas Fieschi-Rose 2 måneder siden
Not to mention, we see her land ON HER KNEE in literally the first trailer he showed.
Marco Salin
Marco Salin 2 måneder siden
Huh... never thought I'd see a picture from Club Penguin in a Game Theory video, but here we are. 7:23 (It's the Jetpack for anyone that can't figure it out on their own)
Nilox 2 måneder siden
The "Spring" is not the thing slowing her down it's more like a night tech high heel.
EnderGamerXP 2 måneder siden
For the boot mayby he worm wole teleport g movement from uknow plas
Handsome Harold
Handsome Harold 2 måneder siden
it's a game where you can make portals, they can make anything, like lemon grenades
Not Again Co
Not Again Co 2 måneder siden
I get it,you need to pay Bill's and entertain but man chill lol what makes video games so fun is that they make no sense often
Master Chief
Master Chief 2 måneder siden
I like austin more than (insert other dudes name) hope he doesn’t see this
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini 2 måneder siden
That force would rip off chell's itty bitty titty's.
ELEYP fr 2 måneder siden
So... Im 13 year's old and Im taller than Chell... K
FUNKY BRO 3 måneder siden
If cave can make "safe" wormholes that can take you through time and space he can probably make nano tek boots that exorb all gravity around it
just a weeb simping
just a weeb simping 3 måneder siden
First the cake now the boots Are a lie!
Luke Hails
Luke Hails 3 måneder siden
why did that 3.3seconds of silence feel so nice?
Running on Tostones and Lemonade
Running on Tostones and Lemonade 3 måneder siden
I just realized, I once hopped off a window sill at my school and this video just explained why my legs felt so off when I landed. I went heels first and the energy lowkey went up my legs and it felt so weird
pucek pucek
pucek pucek 3 måneder siden
MAYBE just MAYBE that they act like spice girl from JJBA9softening the ground)
Cheese 3 måneder siden
Pls Austin no offence pls stop shouting I like matpats vids more
Chaostoasty 3 måneder siden
Why does it say I=FAT
Sara Jansky
Sara Jansky 3 måneder siden
The portals Bend space and time I'm not saying it works that way
edu4561 3 måneder siden
What if the boots were made of vibranium?
Xerobrine_High_Elder 3 måneder siden
Mane she has a titanium skeleton
Ray Harnish III
Ray Harnish III 3 måneder siden
Interesting. Interesting. Question, how can Sora from Kingdom Hearts survive long falls like that? What is the science behind that?
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