Game Theory: The Secret Mastermind of Marvel Strike Force

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8 måneder siden

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Marvel Strike Force is an EPIC game with all of our favorite heroes! When playing through the game, I was amazed at the huge roster of supers. It got me wondering though, if we are going around saving heroes such as Captain America, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four from Ultimis, then who are we, the player, playing as? Get ready for the deepest dive into the Marvel backlog this side of the multiverse as we uncover the secret identify of... ourselves!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Bermam
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DJBuchan 5 dager siden
Twist:he just made this for no reason just so he could get the money
Gbolahan Bams
Gbolahan Bams 7 dager siden
Yay a nine year old is viewing your videos
PharetMC 9 dager siden
Thanos Over heaven
PHOTON PLAYZ 11 dager siden
Does this sound familiar to the fortnite season four plot in which Galactus who makes thanos look like a playground bully is Trying to take over the fortnite world and we the player are supposed to stop him and his drones
Bretex Wayde
Bretex Wayde 11 dager siden
The major issue with The One Above All us that he could fix it himself because he just thinks and it happens
Master Death
Master Death 12 dager siden
Maybe the commander is Stan Lee. Think about it...
TheWhispering 13 dager siden
B.C=Before Covid to me.
JAMES TAVERA 14 dager siden
what happened to the watcher?
The Dank One
The Dank One 14 dager siden
Ah. The Marvel version of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.
Jdjdjdjrhfhdeh Djdjxididdfgg
Jdjdjdjrhfhdeh Djdjxididdfgg 17 dager siden
I thought it was KoolAid Man
Deadpool 17 dager siden
Actually, uh... His name *is* actually Stan Lee, because Stan Lee *is* The One Above All. Jack Kirby is also someone, I forget who.
FreekyPower 17 dager siden
Merlin is jsut Rick from Rick and Morty
Ashish George Chandy
Ashish George Chandy 18 dager siden
where was merlin then when thanos walked in here???
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 19 dager siden
15:00 “gotcha” elements as in paying $100,000 usd then something better coming out next month. I used to play this and swgoh don’t play it
Evan McNeely
Evan McNeely 19 dager siden
I figured we played as the watcher of our universe
William Brandwood
William Brandwood 20 dager siden
What about dr Manhattan he also works
DJ PONY 25 dager siden
I thought it wss gonna be phil coulson cuz hes basically a god
Justin’s Spider man
Justin’s Spider man 27 dager siden
I think it is Stan Lee
TOXIC-RAIDER 0o0 28 dager siden
Now you listen to me you little nerd make a game theory about who is sossy jopy in brawl stars!
Zakk Jackson
Zakk Jackson 28 dager siden
Ok we get it he’s OP
Nathaniel Hickner
Nathaniel Hickner 29 dager siden
another reason that it can't be the one above all is because they are literally god. I doubt that the one above all cares about anything that is happening there
Tomas Hernandez
Tomas Hernandez Måned siden
lmao that intro tho
Paul Viskup
Paul Viskup Måned siden
it could also be a spiderman with a spider watch read spiderverse
Eliza Karnopp
Eliza Karnopp Måned siden
Lmao I got a marvel strike force ad right in the middle of this
LOLBIT 777 Måned siden
Plot Twist: *We are Stan Lee in the game*
JonStryke 26
JonStryke 26 Måned siden
When I was seeing this video a add for stryke force appeared
Milesgaming 999
Milesgaming 999 Måned siden
the charecter could also be kool aid man
lord destryor IS MY EPIC YES I KNOW ITS MISSPELLED Måned siden
So you can have the main villain
EMMA GORMAN Måned siden
if only there were kool-aid man
Claudia Måned siden
I love matpooooooop
justin colburn
justin colburn Måned siden
LET ME JUST STOP that at 2:10 and say no. noooo nonononoooo. Its a good game but even if they were paying me, i wouldn't flat out lie like that. First off, this game is at least 4-5 years old so 124 not impressive (in the market) and half those characters aren't super heroes they're like "agent 15233"" I actually love this game, can't play anymore because I lost my account and Google doesn't gaf about its consumers to help recover it. But its not even close to showcasing what can be done with app games. Marvel FUTURE FIGHT is absolutely insane! With hundreds, nearing a thousand, UNIQUE characters meaning no ability copy paste, though some costume (different versions of the same character) have reskins. They even had their own official marvel characters last time i was on too (ehh about a year ago.) Idr her name. Not as cool as civil warrior (or whatever. Cap/ironman taking the others place after civil war) from champions but still. And the gameplay is far better than any console/pc marvel game to date. Including the new avengers game. Its wild and insane and doesn't have the HARRRRSSHHHH skill curve strike force does. Don't want to say its to get you to buy stuff but still. Advertise your game. Dont lie about it. Cool?
PercyKqv Måned siden
Dude is Percy from King Arthur the same Percy from Percy Jackson
Electric Turtle
Electric Turtle Måned siden
At the start I got an ad of marvel strike force and guess who made it U
Xelar8 Måned siden
I like strike force so much I play it 24 7
Abhinav Krishna C R
Abhinav Krishna C R Måned siden
Merlin's pants!
BabyGodzilla2014 Måned siden
made it's Stan lee that you play as.
Yedidya Foster
Yedidya Foster Måned siden
i thought he was talking about tommy merlyn from cw's arrow
James Callanan
James Callanan Måned siden
You thought he was saying a DC character was in a Marvel game?
Uniuqq Måned siden
I got a Marvel Strike Force ad on this video before it started
Nexus war the new fortnite season might be happening on the nexus planet
DaRevKev Måned siden
Have we considered Franklin Richards?
Kokoskygamer Måned siden
I was gonna say beyoner but then I remembered... curse words ahead The beyonder is a big ol bag of dicks
R.E.Venge Måned siden
So I'm new to Marvel Strike Force, and thanks to this theory I named my character Merlyn lol
Mr Y am I not Surprised
Mr Y am I not Surprised Måned siden
Objection!!!U missed one huge thing.He doesnt have any reliability that villians will listen to him.How will the villians listen to him
Kian REZAEI Måned siden
I just whatched an add then mat pat said it was. A sponsor
Alfie marks
Alfie marks Måned siden
I got a game theory add for strike force for this video
C.W. thedemon
C.W. thedemon Måned siden
Why does this remind me of the Undertale AUs. Undertale falls the other AUs fall good job Ink
Jaxsyn Johnson
Jaxsyn Johnson Måned siden
I love marvel strike force
tiffany guss
tiffany guss Måned siden
A add for the game played before this
Selden Rock
Selden Rock Måned siden
Strike force is a great game!
Geoffrey Anderson
Geoffrey Anderson Måned siden
Villins beleive him so I like your theroy
Geoffrey Anderson
Geoffrey Anderson Måned siden
It’s ultimis
dan73nyc Alvarado
dan73nyc Alvarado Måned siden
6:55 Marvel:616 Earth=nexus Fortnite:We just got a Battle Pass
Fire Boy BR
Fire Boy BR 2 måneder siden
Ah yes, time to go defeat ash blueberry
Emir kaan Keskin
Emir kaan Keskin 2 måneder siden
I think he is too powerful for that. He can just beat the bad guy by himself
Thelifesmystry YT
Thelifesmystry YT 2 måneder siden
I'm not a bot I genuinely think this is the best channel ever
Callum roles
Callum roles 2 måneder siden
Mandar Majumder
Mandar Majumder 2 måneder siden
I am 7 min in the episode and thought it was stan lee
captainHpig Pig
captainHpig Pig 2 måneder siden
Would it be funny if marvle saw this theory and added merlyn in
Ares Phommasing
Ares Phommasing 2 måneder siden
Omg I got a strike force ad
Callum roles
Callum roles 2 måneder siden
K don't like your own comment's.
Suhil 50years and 2 days ago Faraj
Suhil 50years and 2 days ago Faraj 2 måneder siden
its da kool aid man
Jay theNinjaMaster
Jay theNinjaMaster 2 måneder siden
MARVEL before this theory: Yeah the characters just respect you as the player, or something Idk. MARVEL after this theory: YEEEAAAAH you were all Merlyn the entire time. That's what we planned...
samantha bartles
samantha bartles 2 måneder siden
Ultimus: I always thought that he talked too much. Scott Cawthon: are we related?
VexCrafts 2 måneder siden
Ok, no 1 talk about Percy. the legendary Greek demigod. the best of them all. *sobs*
MrXGeee MRC 2 måneder siden
I mean,us as the commander doesn't need to have the powers of time travel or future sight or any of those things.we can just ask the heroes for you said doctor strange could be a candidate,but since he's there as a playable character it can't be.but,that doesn't mean it's could be someone else who doesn't have the futuresight and time travel powers but can still go back in time,look back in time cause of doctor strange.the commander doesn't need to have all the powers,since he can just ask fro. The playable character Dr strange.
Drago Plays
Drago Plays 2 måneder siden
Vote Third Party
Vote Third Party 2 måneder siden
Umm.. i think you are overthinking this xD The game is awesome tho! Much better than boring raid shadow legends
Fun Draw
Fun Draw 2 måneder siden
Wow, food has really become the villains now, huh? First an insane, top hated, yellow Dorito, then a purple raisin with a god complex, and now an evil blueberry who apparently took inspiration from the raisin to take over.
Eric Wu
Eric Wu 2 måneder siden
You know, after watching this, I decided to name my avatar in this game Merlin. Thanks for the help Matthew.
Charlie Mcgarry
Charlie Mcgarry 2 måneder siden
10:35 Me:cool theory. Markaplier:PURPLE GUY
The GREAT Papyrus
The GREAT Papyrus 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: Matpat is now in a marvel strikeForce ad Go on, look it up
Flix Vibes
Flix Vibes 2 måneder siden
MatPat: Some of these characters haven’t even appeared in the MCU yet like the Fantastic 4 and the X Men Sad Deadpool noises
Izuku Midoria
Izuku Midoria 2 måneder siden
I got his ad in the video
Gamer’s Gamestorm
Gamer’s Gamestorm 2 måneder siden
And MCU STRIKE are brainwashed Nazis. Me a SHIELD fan:Well yes, but actually no!
Banana_exe 2 måneder siden
lmao its probably the koolaid man For legal reasons that, was a joke.
Un Madrileño de Madridz
Un Madrileño de Madridz 2 måneder siden
He is the Doctor... Just accepted.
Radu Zaharia
Radu Zaharia 2 måneder siden
Marvel strike force its my favourite mobile game and you did a theory about it...OMG
The Dark Ages
The Dark Ages 2 måneder siden
Kyoshi Morales avatar kyoshi connection commfirmed
TheBendalorianBricks 2 måneder siden
9:05 it’s actually B.C.E. Not B.C.
Yeetimus Prime studios
Yeetimus Prime studios 2 måneder siden
Lol I got a strike force ad
Yeetimus Prime studios
Yeetimus Prime studios 2 måneder siden
The blue berry is basicly Kai from kung fu panda
Mario Zaney 64
Mario Zaney 64 2 måneder siden
Video about: Marvel strikeforce First add : RAID Shadow legends
NotThe Imposter
NotThe Imposter 3 måneder siden
we obviously play as the doom slayer. I mean who else could push around other people such as nick fury and the punisher without them questioning us?
Elad Levi
Elad Levi 3 måneder siden
Do you even play the game??? There is 7 A.I.M characters! But I do accept your theory
Bark Bark
Bark Bark 3 måneder siden
Hey matpat can merlin be any gender like the player cuz u missed that
Sappy 3 måneder siden
I thought he was going to say thanos
Note 3 måneder siden
Wait so the grand caster merlin is the hero of the avengers? Wow the d*ck wizard is amazing!!
Nyla Jereb
Nyla Jereb 3 måneder siden
Why cant stan lee be the commander? Hes the creater of basicly everything marvel, so hes the one that everyone trust without question!
Shqdow 3 måneder siden
No cool aid man
monahan gamer
monahan gamer 3 måneder siden
Nexus earth would be earth 1 the one not 616 other wayss iy would follow the movies and stark would not join
monahan gamer
monahan gamer 3 måneder siden
Or that this is beyond the multiverse it be outside of time and space and this could be whenever idk
Keyara Nelson
Keyara Nelson 3 måneder siden
am i the only one who actually got an ad for the game and got confused when hearing matpat say “thanks for marvel strike force for sponsoring today’s video”
Physcho Orion
Physcho Orion 3 måneder siden
What if they put merlin or merlyn in the game... I'll just leave this here
TH_HoodRich Rocket
TH_HoodRich Rocket 3 måneder siden
When your watching this video and read the title then you get a marvel strike force add
FLaMeZz WRecker
FLaMeZz WRecker 3 måneder siden
Wrong it is docter strange i will explane: he can travel thru time and DIMENSIONS and TIME.
MGG 3 måneder siden
There's another problem with the One Above All; I'm pretty sure they could just choose to wipe Ultimus from existence if they so chose.
xHyperEgend_ 3 måneder siden
Just by how he's talking, you can easily tell that he was HEAVILY paid to make a theory and publicity of the game and doesn't really seem to like it much. Like, he even covered a theory of the game that doesn't cover a bad part of the game. Especially cause this game is just too generic. Literally nothing special.
Kai Wardlow
Kai Wardlow 3 måneder siden
The intros are always so good
The Storm 13
The Storm 13 3 måneder siden
Probably most people could watch this video: *matpats theory* this is brilliant *Stan Lee* but I like this
Blast Bro1
Blast Bro1 3 måneder siden
Everyone would also bow down to the unbeatable squirrel girl
Ed Paradis
Ed Paradis 3 måneder siden
Taht makes scence it has to be Merlyn. I'm positive he is also going to be in the movie as well
Batzo 08
Batzo 08 3 måneder siden
Bruh at the start of the vid I had a marvel strike force mat pat ad lol
Felix Tatang
Felix Tatang 3 måneder siden
Wait, I thought Scientist Supreme and the Aim Minions with Graviton is in this game? They're even one of the meta teams!
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