The Big Lie of Animal Crossing Balloons! | The Science of... Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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7 måneder siden

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Who doesn't like gifts? Getting gifts in Animal Crossing is always a great time, but Austin is here to rain on that parade like presents hurtling from the sky! Today, he wants to figure out if the Animal Crossing package delivery balloons would actually be a feasible way to get your mail! Will it float or will all your presents be lost at sea?
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Nelson jr Flores
Nelson jr Flores 3 dager siden
You ok??
AsianOtakuGuy 4 dager siden
But Austin, you didn't calculate the gravity of the Animal Crossing world. Or the atmospheric pressure. Or whether they are actually helium balloons. For all we know, there could be ≈15 ft layer of sulfer hexafluoride that the inhabitants of the animal crossing world had evolved into breathing.
Kiwi N
Kiwi N 4 dager siden
I know this comment is super late, but i want to support you by saying that the animator and editor did a *fantastic* job of visualizing something that's hard to understand.
Max Stuff3
Max Stuff3 6 dager siden
You should also do a video on if subliminals and affirmations work please.
Shay Shelton
Shay Shelton 12 dager siden
You should never wonder if your videos are irrelevant or in the way of the world's joy, hell I love listening to the science of the in game mechanics and feeling like a God doing them in game. I just wish you'd talk about Alex Mercer or James Heller and their ability to glide in Activisions [Prototype] series. Please ^.^
Luna Games
Luna Games 12 dager siden
I play on my sister's island. she planted flowers EVERYWHERE. And I mean *EVERYWHERE* and did you know that drops can disappear from existence if it falls on flowers? and did you know that sometimes people look at something and mistake where it will fall? Yeah, I've lost way to many balloon presents to those DARN. FLOWERS. (also sometimes the river) also, Austin, great sciency thing, but it's kinda obvi. I mean, Mr.Beast proved that even if you fill and entire gym with balloons it still can't carry an adult human, what makes ANYBODY think one, small helium balloon can carry five irons? Also also, I don't physics applies there since we can carry a gigantic fish in out inventory and big, metal clocks like its nothing.
NATHALI. 14 dager siden
Honestlyyyyy, you can say anything sciencey and I’ll believe what you say
Niko The Doge human furry
Niko The Doge human furry 19 dager siden
Yep, the eddy currents get pushed away if you move your away your arm fast, but however if you move it slowly, it reduces the amount of eddy currents being pushed, AAAAAAAAND Sebastian my dog had diarrhea again
Aahil Merchant
Aahil Merchant Måned siden
"Laser science eyes"? That's more crazy than his rants of games making no sense.
Michael is stupid
Michael is stupid Måned siden
“The answer may surprise you” other words related to this: yesn’t, almost, somehow, yes
Quantum Kitsune
Quantum Kitsune Måned siden
How can you tell what gender an ant is? Put it in water. If it sinks, girl and. If it floats, buoy-ant.
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Måned siden
Same I trued you get my toys to fly with a balloon
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi Måned siden
AND OMG the girl with pink hair is the exact same hairstyle and color OF MINE
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi Måned siden
austin mod activated : *TRIGGERED*
AbbieTheJoker Måned siden
am I the only person that was playing animal wall hitting a ballon ;-;
Parker Rivera
Parker Rivera 2 måneder siden
6:43 Austin: The formula is embarrassingly simple Me: I stupid or-
Jay The blue tongue skink
Jay The blue tongue skink 2 måneder siden
just to anger austin i like blowing up the kerbals and leaving them in space
Benicio Delgado
Benicio Delgado 2 måneder siden
Purlsama 2 måneder siden
I mean... all furniture in Animal Crossing is transformed into a leaf through Tanuki shapeshifting powers...I know that doesn't negate the argument by any means, just saying. A balloon can lift a leaf. I'm sure a balloon can lift a card as well. That's all. Everything in the video was completely valid.
Lynette Pacheco
Lynette Pacheco 2 måneder siden
Animal crossing teaches me more than school
MarcMarioMaster 2 måneder siden
Cartoon physics exist. Realists are like: >XD
•*_Princess plays Roblox_*•
•*_Princess plays Roblox_*• 2 måneder siden
I’m gonna pretend I understand the math and science
Gotcha Zeden
Gotcha Zeden 2 måneder siden
Josiah Webb
Josiah Webb 2 måneder siden
couldn't you try putting hydrogen inside of the balloon, i tried it and it seemed to work. edit, lol i just finished and got disproved
ANonbinaryBee 2 måneder siden
My brain hurts ;-;
Riles Jean
Riles Jean 2 måneder siden
So... not gonna touch on the fact that the furniture and stuff fits into your pockets? No? Okay
Defender of Australia
Defender of Australia 2 måneder siden
The_Mango_ Muppet
The_Mango_ Muppet 2 måneder siden
Bruh, its just a video game
Nadja Krzyżańska
Nadja Krzyżańska 2 måneder siden
An Animal Crossing ad at the beginning lol
Mr. Avocado Of AvocadoLand
Mr. Avocado Of AvocadoLand 2 måneder siden
I have an idea for a video: “is the museum disaster proof.” I mean, it is hard stone on the outside and the underground fossil wing does seem like it is because the iron walls and doors.
C Swaar
C Swaar 3 måneder siden
2:08 I've played a good bit of KSP myself. They may be monsters, but they're *good little monsters.*
Andre The Great
Andre The Great 3 måneder siden
can we take a moment to realize how awesome his editing skills are?
Andy Rojo
Andy Rojo 3 måneder siden
Evangelion fans when the music of the scene when shinji playing the chello start playing 🧐
Susan Tutwiler
Susan Tutwiler 3 måneder siden
JuneDrawz 3 måneder siden
I'm a game? I'm nothing? I- I- floating balloons are normal- I don't- understand
Yeet That Meme
Yeet That Meme 3 måneder siden
This video has really destroyed my point of veiw for UP
Hideki Shinichi
Hideki Shinichi 3 måneder siden
10:00 >freedom units u guys still put queen on your money and sing god save the queen?
Help I'm in a sock
Help I'm in a sock 3 måneder siden
ok i just wanted to say thank you Tanya :)
AlphaCharlieGamer04 3 måneder siden
Hello SpongeBob my name's MatPat
Travis Broers
Travis Broers 3 måneder siden
1:38-2:10 When we are ruled by democrats
Revenant The skull dog
Revenant The skull dog 3 måneder siden
I have a chalange for you to find worth explaing in the elder scrolls online skyrim greymore I chalange you :)
Saina Hika
Saina Hika 3 måneder siden
Take a moment to imagine. Since the atmosphere is a fluid... . Imagine we are the 6,371km wide meatball no one could finish cuz we were to big.
Leo13o9 3 måneder siden
But MAYBE the present-balloons are just really big? The balloons are so big that they can lift real furniture (plus, the presents are roughly the same size as the balloons, so they would fit the furniture). it just wouldn't explain why the present has "normal" size, when it lands in the island. 3 måneder siden
I wanna know why timmy and tommy follow you in nooks crannys
OctoDork 3 måneder siden
i forgot what the song in he background is called can anyone help me plz
Shikido San
Shikido San 3 måneder siden
0:12 Me noticing that haven't done my homework and that it's due tomorrow.....
TheKillerGamer667 2 måneder siden
I hate it when I forget to do my aswell
Josh Marley
Josh Marley 3 måneder siden
The toy that 'kid Austin' was trying to lift with helium balloons (at least in the animation) was set 10265, a 1471 piece Lego Creator Mustang. No wonder he couldn't make it fly. (I know this 'cause I own the set)
Cutlass206 3 måneder siden
That helium is really crappy. My family has ised it for puppet props
I stole ya Kneecaps
I stole ya Kneecaps 3 måneder siden
In animal crossing new leaf it use to only have balloon furniture inside of the gift box or balloon wallpaper or flooring it was pretty hard to get the full set of balloon furniture just like any full set of furniture but the hardest to actually obtain was the festival day furniture
D00MMAST3R 3 måneder siden
0:22 Yes, actually.
Mew Magic
Mew Magic 3 måneder siden
"What month is it? September?" Me, finally watching this ON September: Why yes, yes it is.
milk 3 måneder siden
Kyle & Melissa Schulz
Kyle & Melissa Schulz 3 måneder siden
Austin, love what you're doing! Taking my childhood hobby everyone said was a waste of time and making it relevant using SCIENCE! One thing though, and if someone pointed this out already, then whoops, but one thing you bring up a lot in your videos is the force of gravity in games is rarely the same as Earth's. Two questions, did you decide to run with Earth's 9.8 m/s in this video or did it check the math and it worked out (okay, three questions) AND if it is a different gravity, would that different gravity effect the buoyancy or "stable" flight of the balloons? KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!
06yarbrougha 3 måneder siden
Prince Quiñones
Prince Quiñones 3 måneder siden
Austin your actualy right its september when i watched this
Bandit 4 måneder siden
what was that music at the start
CCP 4 måneder siden
CCP 4 måneder siden
CCP 4 måneder siden
CCP 4 måneder siden
CCP 4 måneder siden
Ksp ksp ksp
CCP 4 måneder siden
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 4 måneder siden
Neutral Buoyancy is what you were aiming for.
Pineappl3 _ Purple
Pineappl3 _ Purple 4 måneder siden
Me who had been watching game theory for a long time: *a what* *what is a what wh ueeee*
James Witmer
James Witmer 4 måneder siden
It is now September.
Quintage !
Quintage ! 4 måneder siden
my brain hurts
ItzMeClo 4 måneder siden
Actually, it is September
Willa Gritten
Willa Gritten 4 måneder siden
God I’ve missed Austin’s screaming 😇
Jack Cool
Jack Cool 4 måneder siden
0:11 I just like too think that any time someone says hair it makes him/ her scared Read more
Salt Marie
Salt Marie 3 måneder siden
You troll
Cyban _
Cyban _ 4 måneder siden
I mean your right but in the end of the day the game isn't supposed to be 100% like real life.
GeminiGold27 4 måneder siden
Watched this for the first time today. It is in fact September you were right!
Sharleen Goodman
Sharleen Goodman 4 måneder siden ස්ලීපර් සර්විස් විසින් සබැඳිය සොයා ගන්නා ලදි කවදාදැයි අපි නොදනිමු ඒ තෙක් බලා සිටියෙමු
Salt Marie
Salt Marie 3 måneder siden
Rebecca Mosley
Rebecca Mosley 4 måneder siden ඒවා නමුත් එවැනි අමුතු මෝස්තර ඔවුන් මත දැක ඇති බව ඔහුට මතක නැත ඔහු
『BudderCobi』❄ 4 måneder siden
I’m A person
I’m A person 4 måneder siden
Try to ruin little alchemy
-Satrivana- 4 måneder siden
Up isn't real and it can't happen
The 3rd Coast Ghost
The 3rd Coast Ghost 4 måneder siden
make some merch bro
McGoldenblade 4 måneder siden
You can carry like 40 whale sharks in your inventory, but you instead focus on balloons carrying presents.
Ches Beta
Ches Beta 4 måneder siden
3:48 I hear the background music, thinking it was my alarm...and, just now, my alarm sounded! 😂😂😂
CheesyButler95 4 måneder siden
cashman cool
cashman cool 4 måneder siden
I'm surprised he didn't go over the internal workings of why your citizens dont pay taxes
•Haru Moonx•
•Haru Moonx• 5 måneder siden
Austin is smarter than my science teacher ngl
UmiHatake 5 måneder siden
Reminds me of Lawn chair Larry lol
malani figueroa
malani figueroa 5 måneder siden
Hey what’s Austin’s channel I heard he has his own
Cloudy 5 måneder siden
Tbh I got a refrigerator out of it some a toy car can definitely float
Jaylee_TV 5 måneder siden
I'm not smart enough to understand this video.
StephMichelle 5 måneder siden
In the first game a chalkboard says that aliens bring the balloons down to the player as a gift to them lol
TECH TREE 5 måneder siden
What about gravity? It could be less on planet cutesy than it is on the ball of insanity we call earth.
Rb ._.Yagami
Rb ._.Yagami 5 måneder siden
Austin: *talking about since* Me: i don't understand what your saying but this is still very interesting 👁👄👁
epic max
epic max 5 måneder siden
alternative title: my wife doesnt want me messing up her island so i ranted about a game's science and that includes ANIMAL VILLAGERS change my mind
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel 5 måneder siden
Is anyone else afraid of what's going to happen when Austin is reintroduced into society?
JumpVelocity 5 måneder siden
You aren’t funny, Austin, stops making cringy jokes
Pastry Puff
Pastry Puff 5 måneder siden
6:09 you mean to rise,up rise,up Hamilton 😂
Sinper 5 måneder siden
That moment when the music changes
frenchfry 5 måneder siden
it’s a game. a VIRTUAL GAME. and since it’s a game, it doesn’t have the same physics as real life. In fact, games DON’T EVEN HAVE PHYSICS. And if you’re gonna question physics in Animal Crossing, at least explain why animals can WALK AND TALK. so basically, your channel is worthless.
randomguy379 5 måneder siden
Make a KSP gameplay
Eric Steven Terry
Eric Steven Terry 5 måneder siden
F for Tonya (Tanya)
•Fälł animatës _ŸT•
•Fälł animatës _ŸT• 5 måneder siden
I slept during this lol
Matt Television
Matt Television 5 måneder siden
There are two types of game theory videos.
Nick Poenisch
Nick Poenisch 5 måneder siden
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