Everything Wrong with Minecraft Lava! | The Science of... Minecraft

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The world of Minecraft is vast and right now we have plenty of time to explore it. Today, Austin is diving head first into the hot - or maybe not so hot - pools of Minecraft lava! Lava is one of the craziest things in the Minecraft world because when you look at it closely it makes NO SENSE! Get ready to have your brain melted!
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Aranya Paul
Aranya Paul 3 timer siden
Thanks now I hate Minecraft(Not really).
British neko
British neko 6 timer siden
I just like that he just ignores the lava and water issues
Erick Sandoval
Erick Sandoval 15 timer siden
where’s mattttttf 🙄😔
Yurgen Grimwood
Yurgen Grimwood 19 timer siden
Now, we need a mod to make lava realistic.
Sentient Jukebox
Sentient Jukebox 19 timer siden
music is way too loud
he's complaining about the realism in lava but this is a game where trees float and zombies exist
Thinkafurr Dag siden
Last I heard, a skull explodes due to liquids turning to gas due to the radient heat from even just pyroclastic clouds produced from volcano's. So ahh...technically that means even being close to lava would mean a gruesome death. Austin you missed a huge opportunity to talk about exploding skulls here dammit.
Briana Heyward
Briana Heyward Dag siden
Ryan John Hernandez
Ryan John Hernandez Dag siden
System Code Beanie
System Code Beanie 2 dager siden
This is more of the lava is ok but everything else is wack
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson 3 dager siden
How do you get netherite scraps from smelting ancient debris and the heat of the nether or lava does not effect it at all?
AlephNull 3 dager siden
11:00 Nah, you're forgetting just how many cubic meters of material the player has in their pockets. They would sink for sure.
Virus Art Studio
Virus Art Studio 3 dager siden
I’m gonna tell him about the cacti. I’m gonna tell him
Virus Art Studio
Virus Art Studio 3 dager siden
POV: you get an email OH NO it’s from Austin NO! NO GOD PLEASE NOOO!! NOOO!! NOOO!!!!!
Amaire Lachica
Amaire Lachica 3 dager siden
dude thats minecraft not life simulator bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
FluffyXai 4 dager siden
gosh the music choices /)
Daaku Cornwall UK
Daaku Cornwall UK 4 dager siden
Nandha 5 dager siden
But Austin Steve is not human because his muscle mass has to be tremendous because he can carry an full inventory of gold hence increasing his density This is complete speculation but that’s just a theory a dumb theory
SHINGO IKUTA Moe 6 dager siden
Habanera huh
Zapper 6 dager siden
Most of the video was him talking about good things about lava
Kirby Quartz
Kirby Quartz 6 dager siden
Can someone tell this man he is talking about a game where eating an apple made of gold gives godly powers?
Aspect Hunter
Aspect Hunter 6 dager siden
Where’s matt?
Zane68zx 6 dager siden
wait wheres matpat?
Gory Jozka
Gory Jozka 6 dager siden
no it orange juice
Red red
Red red 6 dager siden
What if it's a mass of microorganisms
Techno Creeper
Techno Creeper 7 dager siden
Who the hell is this guy?
TheElevenFirst 7 dager siden
Mattpat when are you going to do a theory on ghasts. There’s an achievement in minecraft where you bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it “and the achievement description says :*rescue a ghast and bring it home, then kill it* and has mechanical parts in the bestiary. Suggesting it originates from the overworld and perhaps is made by the old builders. It also drops a tear when it dies which also suggests this. And theres also an unused ghast sound called: ghast’s affection. Likely supposed to be used when you rescue one
ANDY Arauz Castillo
ANDY Arauz Castillo 8 dager siden
I’m just gonna wait for someone to tell Austin that the world of Minecraft is not reality
creative name
creative name 8 dager siden
8:42 be happy granite burns its so ugly and useless i just throw it in lava
Genox 9 dager siden
My cats have all burnt in lava
Terminuke 10 dager siden
i wanted to build a bridge on water with lava but i fell into it and died bcz i was low on health so i lost my full diamond stuff.
Shadow Light
Shadow Light 10 dager siden
I think Mojang should add a feature where if you drop iron into lava, it takes 3 minute to disappear UwU
Groot Mcgreet
Groot Mcgreet 10 dager siden
This just made me want to get my grill hot enough to sear a staak with diamond fire! Obviously ur not cooking it that way but you could get a mean sear
Redha ZEDEK 10 dager siden
The average human meat sack of water and some other bits holding them together.LOL!!!
Mr_Mopey 10 dager siden
11:20 “Why does it get a pass!?” Plot convenience
El Benezer Mirabuena
El Benezer Mirabuena 11 dager siden
This is both stupid and educational
Judah Sky
Judah Sky 13 dager siden
My cousin almost rage quitted because he spent hours getting enchanted diamond armor and fell in lava in the nether then he he got more enchanted diamond armor and did the same thing and rage quitted
MattC1313 13 dager siden
MatPat: Tries to piece a lore together Austin: Tries to rip apart every mechanic
Clinton Bamber
Clinton Bamber 13 dager siden
Also btw why just why are u so mad about Minecraft lava
Clinton Bamber
Clinton Bamber 13 dager siden
When he started the vid I think he gone crazy who agrees
Max Ortiz
Max Ortiz 14 dager siden
Fddfhudx Sdgjfzxhh
Fddfhudx Sdgjfzxhh 15 dager siden
Dude what happened to this guy, "TOUGH NUGGETS"? WFF
Fiona Meador
Fiona Meador 15 dager siden
Guy talking: *Is not Mat Pat* Me: *Checks channel*
Lauren Goff
Lauren Goff 15 dager siden
what was up with your mic
Andix Piwi
Andix Piwi 15 dager siden
lava can't melt netherite, but steve can transform it (somehow) so it becomes gear. next to that, cactus destroys netherite easily.
PurpleBoy4476 16 dager siden
imagine if Mojang sees this and is like "yeah, let's make it in the non-existent realistic update in 1.20..."
Alvin Karanja
Alvin Karanja 16 dager siden
This is not mat pat
most definitely not a durian
most definitely not a durian 17 dager siden
knowing this makes the striders a lot of sense in terms of it's design and behavior when interacting with lava
ellixas 27
ellixas 27 17 dager siden
never watched a video of austin bevore but gotta say, i'ts great
Follow The Fun
Follow The Fun 17 dager siden
that... that was one thing.
Qkai76 18 dager siden
this uploaded on my birthday. noice
Mr Carrot
Mr Carrot 19 dager siden
Who’s this stupid guy booo this theory SUCKS
Jose Valderrama Distantes
Jose Valderrama Distantes 19 dager siden
alpha the raptor
alpha the raptor 19 dager siden
Just think about obsidian, extremely weak in real life yet extremely strong in the game
Mr. Mirage 2
Mr. Mirage 2 19 dager siden
GAME TIPS WITH MR. MIRAGE 2: #1 If You fall in lava in MineCraft, leave the game. Later on, rejoin the game, travel to land until You start taking damage, and again. Lava doesn't deal damage for few seconds.
Ft-17 Renault
Ft-17 Renault 20 dager siden
Shall we discuss cacti?
gummyrats 20 dager siden
In stardew valley there’s a species of eel that can survive in lava.. it’s even worse in that game, the lava doesn’t even look like lava, it looks more like red water
Zen Alexander-Gaming
Zen Alexander-Gaming 20 dager siden
You're so loud
D Votion
D Votion 20 dager siden
Has anyone thought it could be pyroclastic acid?
MR HAT 1234
MR HAT 1234 20 dager siden
Austin you forget that wood Burns but dirt dosent... That is the real Thing that dosent Make seane about lava!!!!!!!!
[Insert Image]
[Insert Image] 21 dag siden
Plot Twist: Its not lava
HaltingHall0 21 dag siden
"-in an oxygen rich place like ours on earth" _shows the nether in the background_
Tony Han
Tony Han 21 dag siden
Yah but it’s hard to creat another different way to simulate lava. Lava is just slow water.
The Tutorialist
The Tutorialist 21 dag siden
this is the same game where you can hold many universes of gold in your backpack
CHUNKY Boi 21 dag siden
Wait who are you I was waiting for matpat
Onxs MonsiM
Onxs MonsiM 21 dag siden
11:30 Lyrics of Eminem - Rap God
Willem De Gussemé
Willem De Gussemé 22 dager siden
what this channel sees: lava what i see: tomato juice
arashink 22 dager siden
"I looked up the flash point of dirt...." Words I never thought to put together, ever.
Case L. Sage
Case L. Sage 22 dager siden
mojang should listen to this guy
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 23 dager siden
But all items are destroyed by cactus and that makes no sense less sense than lava
Hipertube 23 dager siden
Me: He is a gamer with a big brain. My mother: I think he is a scientist. Me again: 🤦🤦🤦
Pono The god of chaos
Pono The god of chaos 23 dager siden
“I used the lava to destroy the lava”
DomDom_ Official
DomDom_ Official 23 dager siden
Lava is just really hot baked beans
Nacho Man2323
Nacho Man2323 23 dager siden
Austin: mad Me: understandable, have a (nice) day
AsianOtakuGuy 23 dager siden
11:31 Rap God
sixto gozalez
sixto gozalez 24 dager siden
Austin Mwangi
Austin Mwangi 24 dager siden
Game theore: jeeee eeeeeeeeeez calm down men you mean Me: YOU CALM DOWN!
Shadowsniper 37
Shadowsniper 37 25 dager siden
I always said the lava was tomato soup which makes Sense because it’s just as deadly
赵颖 25 dager siden
Minecraft did there studying
赵颖 25 dager siden
And Austin... you got an A+ at speech and english
赵颖 25 dager siden
And failed 50%
Cade Miller
Cade Miller 25 dager siden
It’s only game. Y u hev to be mad
sixto gozalez
sixto gozalez 25 dager siden
bratCyryl 25 dager siden
No matpat, no fun
IMPACT 666 25 dager siden
Austin: lava is not realistic in Minecraft Me: yeah, that's true (nodding and standing in a world where there are portals to go to hell and a world where a mythical dragon brought to lif by magical crystals)
Ze Gucci Pineapple
Ze Gucci Pineapple 25 dager siden
If only past Austin knew that COVID 19 still wasn’t cured by 2021
Claire Rhodes
Claire Rhodes 25 dager siden
Do you always have a meltdown when you talk about science?
ヤンYan 26 dager siden
Literally if everything makes 100% sense according to reality, no one will ever play Minecraft ever again since it's so raging and what's the differences??
Tomas Plunksnis
Tomas Plunksnis 24 dager siden
You’d have to break the whole mountain when mining...
Jules Edelweiss
Jules Edelweiss 27 dager siden
Written by austin hooligan
GNU-Ish 27 dager siden
Its just hot water colored with red
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 28 dager siden
The awesome scraper genotypically squash because brain arespectively print at a abrupt refund. temporary, shrill pumpkin
DARKSIDE 28 dager siden
you explain better thana any chemistry teacher
Dawn Grass
Dawn Grass 29 dager siden
sir this is a mcdonalds
Ricardo Elizondo
Ricardo Elizondo 29 dager siden
You wanna think scientifically in a game in which you can travel to literally the hell (where by the way if you try to sleep are going to blow up)
game squad
game squad 29 dager siden
Dark Mist
Dark Mist 29 dager siden
I like this new background music
Johnny Neptune
Johnny Neptune 29 dager siden
Eminem be like: 11:32
Gabriel Campos
Gabriel Campos Måned siden
"lava doesn't make sense" dude blocks float in this game wtf
Eroe Måned siden
LET AUSTIN SWEAR we all used to chant. Austin has got to be my favourite creator on this channel
Kent Guiller
Kent Guiller Måned siden
I taught you said STIMULATE.
Yukanna Senshi
Yukanna Senshi Måned siden
His Rage Voice Is How I Feel When Trying To Explain Anything To Someone "What's Wrong?, LITERALLY EVERTHING!!"
Swiftcloud Cloud of swift
Swiftcloud Cloud of swift Måned siden
The lava is a different kind of lava than the more normal stuff
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