The FNAF Animatronics Are PSYCHIC! | The Science of... Five Nights At Freddy's

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3 måneder siden

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We've explored so much about the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise on this channel that you'd think there was nothing left to cover. You'd be wrong! What if I told you there is proof that the FNAF animatronics like Foxy, Chika, and old Freddy Fazbear himself... are psychic? Hear me out! Or rather, listen as Austin explains the SCIENCE behind the psychic powers of FNAF animatronics.
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Theodore Yuen
Theodore Yuen 4 timer siden
When you do it the second time, you can just try ask for 0 and that will prove that it’s just coincidence
Water Gaming
Water Gaming 3 dager siden
11:32 kinda reminding me of Starship Troopers... Would you like to know more?
Shiela, that one inactive youtuber
Shiela, that one inactive youtuber 3 dager siden
My brain, unable to understand the video: *proceeds to press the like button*
Harrowed Sprouts
Harrowed Sprouts 5 dager siden
This is where we all remember that Scott Cawthon is a game developer
Enigma 5 dager siden
So 100% There are all Psychic Steel(Ghost?) Type
iDATA_EXPLUNGED XeXileIIIX 5 dager siden
Bro, I first didn't even notice the Food Theory hint.
Neo Nator
Neo Nator 6 dager siden
If the brain it’s self from nothing, then why does this make no sense???
A Door
A Door 6 dager siden
....who the frick is Austin!?
JARRETT SCHRIER 8 dager siden
dear mat pat some thing to tell you in the website scott game s .com in the vanny teaser there is a hidden message within the code of the web site. sincerly your best friend the fan
John Joubran
John Joubran 8 dager siden
LOL sounds like God or someone was REALLY messing with you
The Great BOI
The Great BOI 8 dager siden
I forgot I was watching a fanfic video
Nick 7735
Nick 7735 9 dager siden
Nick 7735
Nick 7735 9 dager siden
Jacob Gilbert
Jacob Gilbert 9 dager siden
Makes me think of Randonautica. I’d really recommend looking into it. After watching this. My theory is that Randonautica manipulates things in the way you talked about in the video.
guillermoelias24 10 dager siden
AceTaxia 11 dager siden
Roll20 uses laser fluctuations to make their rng closer to random
The1AnimatedCat 11 dager siden
What Scott actually says “I just wanted to make a horror game 😰”
LuigiBoi42 12 dager siden
Maybe instead of naming her Alexa we should have named her GLaDOS.
Matthew Laverde
Matthew Laverde 13 dager siden
People: You can control stuff with your mind Me: *Teach me*
Joseph Noel
Joseph Noel 14 dager siden
Although they aren't statistically significant, there is still a difference and maybe the experiment did not have enough power to reach statistical significance. Maybe do a power study to see how many subjects and tests you will need. Also maybe add more than just 2 possible results. Maybe this pseudoscience has some validity.
Matthew Mora
Matthew Mora 14 dager siden
Love fanf lore
3 Spoons O' Sugar
3 Spoons O' Sugar 15 dager siden
Austin is so underrated
†Chikubi† Jiggy
†Chikubi† Jiggy 15 dager siden
Saiki K Fazbear
Aurora The Fox UwU
Aurora The Fox UwU 16 dager siden
Aurora The Fox UwU
Aurora The Fox UwU 10 dager siden
It's just what I think it's just a theory XD
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 10 dager siden
No william was never controlled by anything He was already evil to begin with
Black Talia
Black Talia 16 dager siden
Since animatronics can change into stuffed animals, I see no contraindications to how Enardd could fit into Michael.😎
MSN V 16 dager siden
freddys lookin like an among us thumnail in the thumnail
Daosof 16 dager siden
Normally when I see the title to these videos I think “No it can’t be” but for this one I was like “Yeah no that makes sense”
gabriel vitor
gabriel vitor 17 dager siden
this video says that fnaf animatronics has psychic powers, hmmm, in fnaf 1, bonnie occasionally disables the cameras, how does he do that?
John Whitney
John Whitney 18 dager siden
The bigger issue in his experiment was that the first number set was unsettlingly close to a 50 50 split. So anything after would seen relavent by comparison.
X Master Y TLT
X Master Y TLT 19 dager siden
kary 20 dager siden
aff ta em ingles
Sukhvir Guide 2
Sukhvir Guide 2 20 dager siden
Welp using this i feel like i should make physic robots now.
ED Barnes
ED Barnes 22 dager siden
Scott, psychic Fred bear is the sister.
Sarah Plowman
Sarah Plowman 23 dager siden
Neo Theatre
Neo Theatre 24 dager siden
Did you bother switching from trying to get more 1s with your mind to instead get more 0s with your mind just for the sake of a more thorough/sound experiment?
mr Gopnik
mr Gopnik 24 dager siden
Boy these guys go in so deep, I start believing Scott didn’t even intend for his games to have a story, but since these guys were trying so hard he didn’t want to disappoint them he just rolled with whatever they were predicting and put in a few differences to their theories as to not make it too obvious that the theorists are in fact the lore masters
Toastr Bred
Toastr Bred 25 dager siden
Someone needs to keep count of the amount of times Greg takes a shower in fetch
Zombie News
Zombie News 25 dager siden
I hope you know with the power of the human mind you can do literally anything nothing is impossible
Zombie News
Zombie News 25 dager siden
Just because nobody can replicate it doesn't mean it's fake
Zombie News
Zombie News 25 dager siden
Fetch is not the dog's name that's just what he does it's name is Sparky which has been confirmed
Zombie News
Zombie News 25 dager siden
No the dog is bigger than a Furby and the dog's name is not fetch it's Sparky
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 22 dager siden
No Fetch is the name of the Dog animatronic Sparky is entirely fan made
Zombie News
Zombie News 25 dager siden
It's funny how you say FNAF universe but Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was confirmed to be real
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 22 dager siden
Nope Freddy fazbear pizzeria is a fictional place
leyahReacts3 26 dager siden
Me- I dont want to go to school im tired of learning Also me- a fnaf theory with a lot of science I WANNA WATCH
Yuna Jäger
Yuna Jäger 26 dager siden
How is it posible that somthing is more scary than a Furby🤣
ConcalOw l
ConcalOw l 26 dager siden
at 17:19 my dumbass thought that WAS my desktop
Envy's Art
Envy's Art 27 dager siden
One way to get an RNG is to use data gathered from actual real life objects with extremely hard to predict numbers. There’s one in Trinity College Dublin which takes the current air pressure in the upper atmosphere and uses it as a seed - which is great because that type of random is almost impossible to predict and therefore break. Some security companies use lava lamps the same way, since they’re similarly hard to predict.
Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 27 dager siden
i...i dont know what to great video makes sense bye :=D
Jarod Mackey
Jarod Mackey 27 dager siden
Seeing Austin figure out purely fictional science for once is cool. Wouldn't mind seeing something like this again.
Lexi Cabrales
Lexi Cabrales 28 dager siden
*big brain*
Masayoshi Kame
Masayoshi Kame 29 dager siden
Austin: In quantim mechanics Me: Ah, yes! Finally, the simplest thing in science. (Why can I understand all of this and I'm not even in a college course)
Gāchā_ Kīÿøkø
Gāchā_ Kīÿøkø 29 dager siden
Scott Cawthon watching this be like: 👁👄👁
J N Måned siden
Wait a minute this kids name is Greg, the new trailer for security breach shows a kid named Gregory 🤔🤔😨😨🤯🤯
Charity Murray
Charity Murray Måned siden
your boring matpat is better yeah you are the most boring thing ever well person and matpat is really the best
alastor lapid
alastor lapid Måned siden
You know if the global consciousness project was legitimate, in theory you could live forever by replacing the matter in your body with new matter,and making sure everything worked properly.
Tai Jarman
Tai Jarman Måned siden
"This is the Gravity Gun. You can call it the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator if you really want to."
JGV Måned siden
My guy is teaching us more than my teachers teach me
Are you Serious?
Are you Serious? Måned siden
I’m scared I said 5 and he then said 5.
the emotional meadow friend.
the emotional meadow friend. Måned siden
15:12 Fetch’s a hacker, obviously
Fauzan Satriawan
Fauzan Satriawan Måned siden
Thanks for the quantum lesson man
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 Måned siden
HE’S HERE, HE’S THERE, HE’S EVERYWHERE WHO YA GONNA CALL? psychic friend fredbear...
kaden dalton
kaden dalton Måned siden
Who are you what do you do with Matt
Laurenn Dionisio
Laurenn Dionisio Måned siden
Hes one of the theorist
agent prismarine
agent prismarine Måned siden
Aren't those particles exotic matter ?
Lucas Bailey
Lucas Bailey Måned siden
I prefer matpat
TheDuckGamer760 Måned siden
Are we gonna ignore that the description says "chika"?
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Måned siden
Me: OMG this is going to be great I love my mat pats videos Austin: exists in the video Also me:😐😑😐
Murdermhsterybutfun Måned siden
‘Manipulating the world around them’ glitchtrap maybe? That’s all I could think of when he said that
Funtime Cat
Funtime Cat Måned siden
Jodie Mae Osborne
Jodie Mae Osborne Måned siden
In Fetch, there's a character called Greg. In the Security Breach trailer, there is a named person who is called Gregory. COINCIDENCE!? Honestly, who knows at this point? 😄
Naoki Wolfgaze
Naoki Wolfgaze Måned siden
Magic could be real, don't doubt the universe.
Ꭱite Måned siden
Aidan Shaughnessy
Aidan Shaughnessy Måned siden
It turns out the man behind the robot bears is smarter than is all.
Qvae Qvaire
Qvae Qvaire Måned siden
you know what, austin really outdid himself on this one
Claw master
Claw master Måned siden
Wait what about glitchtrap he fits this perfectly
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Måned siden
0:00 0:35 7:40 8:30
Quinn Florence
Quinn Florence Måned siden
Austin: we meet our main character for this story Greg. Me: just watched FNAF security breach trailer, wait a minute..... Scott you sneaky man your hiding information in plain sight again.... well on wayward with the video!!!
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Måned siden
Ferb, i know what we're gonna do today
Maranda Spence
Maranda Spence Måned siden
FETCH IS A TECHNOPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means he can control tech with his mind
Eros Smith
Eros Smith Måned siden
༄Glitched༄cookie Måned siden
What if our phones made us buy them and they are manipulating us-
Glazily Måned siden
“But they’re actually really, really simple... (ish)... In quantum mechanics, theres something known as a Quantum Vacuum Slate”
Kaitlyn Doucet
Kaitlyn Doucet Måned siden
I don’t do chemistry. I don’t do physics. Heck looking at 5/7 gives me a headache. But this was crazy interesting to me. 👍🏼
Charlie Curabba
Charlie Curabba Måned siden
“Zero energy in the field” Me: ... Sounds relatable.
Elie’sArt&Vlogs Måned siden
Well, that’s school for today!
XoviiJxon Måned siden
We Should just call L at this point 😹
{Gacha Sympathy}
{Gacha Sympathy} Måned siden
I imagine Scott watching this and just like- "Oh shi- He's onto me! Let's throw in another bit of lore to mess with his last theory!"
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Måned siden
so,,,,, fetch is ✨ manifesting
Y Payang
Y Payang Måned siden
Valetravelgames Productions
Valetravelgames Productions Måned siden
Vouru Måned siden
I have nothing to say, this is just for the youtube algorithm
Sequence Fulfilled
Sequence Fulfilled Måned siden
" But Greg isn't able too, and that's called *Foreshadowing* ".
caroline Måned siden
as someone struggling with her 8th grade science, this confused me greatly
Rodan The fire chicken
Rodan The fire chicken Måned siden
Nice now I can’t fail another coding class
1S PixeL YT
1S PixeL YT Måned siden
I’m in fifth grade so...
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Måned siden
This does not add up bc chuk E cheese and 5 nights at freddy had 5 kids missing and chuk E chese had 5 kids missing are the both working together bc it would be called chuckie nights at cheese.... it could be something....
NECRONYX Måned siden
I read the title and heard Austin's intro. I don't know how , man, but I knew this cideo was going to be my boy.
kid with random name
kid with random name Måned siden
I hate this guy
Meow Måned siden
welp. I got nothin... you?
Telogor Måned siden
7:20 sauce?
pole600 Måned siden
this is why fnaf not for kiddies
caroline Måned siden
the math is just too hard 🥺
Chaaos Apocalypse
Chaaos Apocalypse Måned siden
*me tries to understand what all this means*
Nuclear Doc
Nuclear Doc Måned siden
so i opened the video heard the voice and knew this was gonna be a nice episode
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