The FNAF Animatronics Are PSYCHIC! | The Science of... Five Nights At Freddy's

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6 måneder siden

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We've explored so much about the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise on this channel that you'd think there was nothing left to cover. You'd be wrong! What if I told you there is proof that the FNAF animatronics like Foxy, Chika, and old Freddy Fazbear himself... are psychic? Hear me out! Or rather, listen as Austin explains the SCIENCE behind the psychic powers of FNAF animatronics.
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Wolfee YT
Wolfee YT Dag siden
Everyone talking about the quantum physics, I’m thinking about the global (think thing) and scp 5000 and the IT
Twin Tyara
Twin Tyara Dag siden
Bloozbee Blooperson
Bloozbee Blooperson Dag siden
These videos are the anti-matter of critical thinking. Once they merge with normal braincells both are destroyed, leaving both parties involved braindead.
Steve the ant
Steve the ant 2 dager siden
It’s basically the scientific way to describe what manifesting is.
Ninjadawgcoco 3 dager siden
five night as s
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay
Creative Gamer Friends two UwU yay 3 dager siden
Real quick when you said plants 🪴 how did those dead body’s in the robots start grow plants I mean dead body are fertile for plants so how I mean maybe a kid coming in the pizza place could have cared a plant seed Austin plz explain why it this this why
SoftCustomer9 4 dager siden
Mark Walker
Mark Walker 11 dager siden
hokai, so.
Rhyanna Starz
Rhyanna Starz 13 dager siden
I just got a whole physics/ physiological/quantum lesson from this, I actually understand most of this so this was very fun to watch! I honestly wanna see more 'Logic Theories' like this one! Good job 👏🏻😊⭐
Mexican Rhino
Mexican Rhino 13 dager siden
if he says quantum one more time i swear-
Fangs McSpicy
Fangs McSpicy 15 dager siden
Robot Hamon
The Company and country of Tra
The Company and country of Tra 15 dager siden
The Austin videos are always the worst lol. Matpat is so much better.
Alexplaysminc .-.
Alexplaysminc .-. 16 dager siden
Thank you Austin, for nearly flipping my flight or fight switch with that 'animatronics might be real' thing. Getting skewered and dying over the course of hours by bleeding to death/starvation/thirst/boredom is not a death that I would wish even on my enemies.
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 17 dager siden
WHEN I SAW THE ANIMIE: is that elizabeth afton in animie *i double check* Me:THATS NOT AN AFTON .mm. ¬n¬
Sankter 19 dager siden
Wait till he sees OBEY
Jack Groechel
Jack Groechel 21 dag siden
We’re dealing with robot ghosts... machine spirits, if you will. I’ve listened to too much Warhammer lore, I know.
Belda Williams
Belda Williams 21 dag siden
I started the first Fazbear Frights book and I really like it. So thanks Austin.
Hyper shadow The hedgehog
Hyper shadow The hedgehog 24 dager siden
Where’s matpat
Deluxxyfan7 Tristan Wood
Deluxxyfan7 Tristan Wood 25 dager siden
brb gonna get a 250 0s to 750 1s real quick
lilly y
lilly y 25 dager siden
reminds me of randonautica. finding truly random points of energy within a certain ft radius around you to help you instantly manifest your intentions. ps: don't use a negative intention, like death, for example. do something positive, and if you come across circular formations in nature (like mushrooms trees or ferns), don't step in them and don't throw anything in them. they're most likely fairy rings.
Megaman915 29 dager siden
dog hoarding severed fingers? Where have i heard that before. Yubi Yubi!
Gemtem 29 dager siden
5:26 - 5:49 out of context
BULLAH BOI 29 dager siden
This show teaches me 99999 times better then school I just learnt these things easily but I can never in school thanks game theorists!
XxAngel Wolfie StudiosxX
XxAngel Wolfie StudiosxX 29 dager siden
Damn this video has thought me more then school has ever
M & Artroom
M & Artroom Måned siden
ILHAN TheDiamondCrafter
ILHAN TheDiamondCrafter Måned siden
Samedi Thornwillow, The Glitch in Reality
Samedi Thornwillow, The Glitch in Reality Måned siden
Is it bad I understood this?
Alligator Chiwuwu
Alligator Chiwuwu Måned siden
Hey matpat, didnt the phone guy say he liked foxy? Well theres a kid in a foxy suit like you said when the kid gets chomped to death, doesn't that mean PhOnE gUy KiNd Of Murdered a CHILD?? I dare you to make a theory matpat, IM ALWAYS WATCHING ;)))
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger Måned siden
The purpose of this video didn't really connect with me all that much, but I did learn something new about RNG. Outside of that, I hope that one of these experiments shows you something totally supernatural and breaks your brain. 😂 That's not really a malicious desire. It just sounds funny to me.
gaming cat
gaming cat Måned siden
Every one gangster until the robot reads your mind
INDev_Gaming Måned siden
Siri turns to HAL Y e s .
One world One loser
One world One loser Måned siden
1:50 we just not saying anything about Greg or should I say Gregory maybe maybe not
FerbALot Måned siden
The uber nerd greg is one of the actors used in my german textbook...
TheSatanshunter Måned siden
(hears music at the beginning) well... someone's been enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2... If i'm wrong? You sir, have good taste!
CrazyHairDude Måned siden
The real reason fetch can connect to a smartphone is because the kid in the ball pit probably created it in the past.
Plying Duchess63
Plying Duchess63 Måned siden
I forgot this was a fnaf theory for a hot minute. But like ion know I think we're looking too much into this-
Andrew Tath
Andrew Tath Måned siden
Bruh Came to watch some fnaf content Got a collage degree
Raissha Seeley
Raissha Seeley Måned siden
Dear [insert random game maker here] Sincerely, Austin
Jackson Animates
Jackson Animates Måned siden
What’s happening now
Alita Måned siden
''DEAR SCOTT'' \*clicks away from the video*
Meadow090 Måned siden
There is apparently a fnaf movie made by Disney. Can you check this out?
Hondo Ohnaka
Hondo Ohnaka Måned siden
There isn’t one being made by Disney, the current FNAF film is being made by Blumhouse.
Void Måned siden
This all started when scott desided to add mini games that has an interesting story. And boom 25 videos of Matt Patt going Sicko mode.
grand priest
grand priest Måned siden
*sees freddy* Me:*jumps out the window*
Jayden Destroyer0
Jayden Destroyer0 Måned siden
Welcome to down unda
Turttle Draughn
Turttle Draughn Måned siden
Ok but apply this to witches doing magic.
Reuben Bailey
Reuben Bailey Måned siden
What is the anime he was referring to?
Abodjr 27
Abodjr 27 Måned siden
How can i learn so much and nothing at the same time 🥴
Kittycat Kimmy
Kittycat Kimmy Måned siden
I have a theory glitch trape could be one of the vitual things like in the books (you know how some lady put on cardboard glasses then saw a “virtual animatronic dancing “) I don’t know how this theory is I am bad a making theories but you make me want to do theory’s (An mabe be a scientist)
HuneeBruh Gaming
HuneeBruh Gaming 2 måneder siden
You could say it’s a... Fnafirby
HuneeBruh Gaming
HuneeBruh Gaming 2 måneder siden
Remember when the games were simple, and just robots trying to killed you? Yeah, me neither.
Dinoko Müller
Dinoko Müller 2 måneder siden
I was about to scream at the screen at the end
FlowingOmega 2 måneder siden
How to spot a Science Theory: 1. Make sure that it starts with Google Drive. 2. The text on the thumbnail is Blue, not Green like the usual.
Shikido San
Shikido San 2 måneder siden
How many videos does Game Theory have on FANF?????
Shikido San
Shikido San 2 måneder siden
@HuneeBruh Gaming Ah I sees.
HuneeBruh Gaming
HuneeBruh Gaming 2 måneder siden
They have nothing about fanf, but they have a lot of fnaf theories
Master Grein
Master Grein 2 måneder siden
This is way to much science in a fnaf theory video No like really
Alessandro Palomino Salcedo
Alessandro Palomino Salcedo 2 måneder siden
I clicked on this video to watch Matt freak out about fnaf, but instead I got a science lesson...
G.S.I Labs
G.S.I Labs 2 måneder siden
Matpat:nobody can make that more confusing then I have Austin:Hold my beer.
Jeff Royer
Jeff Royer 2 måneder siden
I almost watched every episode of film Ferry green cupcake
Leof_Nature 2 måneder siden
Once again these channels are just a front for esoteric science aka magical theory And I love that 🤣🤣🤣
Sam 2x
Sam 2x 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry but when he tells the story it’s not interesting
Fluoride Nova
Fluoride Nova 2 måneder siden
The thought of physicological animatronics possibly existing terrifis me
Gamester Goku Z
Gamester Goku Z 2 måneder siden
From this video I understand one thing ... cant listen to other theorists except matpat
Kameron Brooks
Kameron Brooks 2 måneder siden
I like matpat better
Weeb Boi
Weeb Boi 2 måneder siden
If you think he’s to slow go to 1.5 speed it’s fast and you can still understand
Vokun Vulon
Vokun Vulon 2 måneder siden
Now, would it not be awesome if we ran a genuine test with massive numbers of people pinging that quantum random number generator using your code, all thinking of the number 1, and see just how many 1's appear when a larger selection of people are doing it, perhaps run it as a livestream?!?! Would be quite the wacky outcome if we ended up with a notable deviation in favor of the number 1!
Dev_Pa 2 måneder siden
Do i even have a brain anymore
zak yandell
zak yandell 2 måneder siden
Wow! Very interesting experiments.
Elif Kilinc Cinpolat
Elif Kilinc Cinpolat 2 måneder siden
Elif Kilinc Cinpolat
Elif Kilinc Cinpolat 2 måneder siden
And im yeetman yeet undercover
andrew grasham
andrew grasham 2 måneder siden
Where's part three of the richest video game characters?
Doggy the Youtuber
Doggy the Youtuber 2 måneder siden
ehmerrrrrrrrrrremrs this is a joke right?
Aydab 2 måneder siden
Bro this reminds me of SCP-5000
Some Random Person
Some Random Person 2 måneder siden
So the world just spawned one day. Out of nothing.
matthew red
matthew red 2 måneder siden
I still don't get it how do these virtual particles appear
Mega Frost
Mega Frost 2 måneder siden
Oh, so quantum mechanics is simple? Thanks, Austin!
SeRoHjyena 2 måneder siden
okay nerd
Justin249p 2 måneder siden
13:21 why monika is there?
Savannah Ceniceros
Savannah Ceniceros 2 måneder siden
Instead of this being a fnaf video its fnaf geography
celxsty 2 måneder siden
austin is becoming my favourite theorist
LycanicPanic 2 måneder siden
Me sitting here with dyscalculia: .... "It be magic"
Rosewynd Phoenix
Rosewynd Phoenix 2 måneder siden
dawko just released count the ways
Roa Linderson
Roa Linderson 2 måneder siden
I like this episode because I have no idea what he is talking about
Kiyana Luma
Kiyana Luma 2 måneder siden
Kiyana Luma
Kiyana Luma 2 måneder siden
Theodore Yuen
Theodore Yuen 2 måneder siden
When you do it the second time, you can just try ask for 0 and that will prove that it’s just coincidence
Water Gaming
Water Gaming 3 måneder siden
11:32 kinda reminding me of Starship Troopers... Would you like to know more?
Shiela, that one inactive youtuber
Shiela, that one inactive youtuber 3 måneder siden
My brain, unable to understand the video: *proceeds to press the like button*
Harrowed Spouts
Harrowed Spouts 3 måneder siden
This is where we all remember that Scott Cawthon is a game developer
Enigma 3 måneder siden
So 100% There are all Psychic Steel(Ghost?) Type
XeXileIIIX Recordings
XeXileIIIX Recordings 3 måneder siden
Bro, I first didn't even notice the Food Theory hint.
Neo Nator
Neo Nator 3 måneder siden
If the brain it’s self from nothing, then why does this make no sense???
A Door
A Door 3 måneder siden
....who the frick is Austin!?
JARRETT SCHRIER 3 måneder siden
dear mat pat some thing to tell you in the website scott game s .com in the vanny teaser there is a hidden message within the code of the web site. sincerly your best friend the fan
John Joubran
John Joubran 3 måneder siden
LOL sounds like God or someone was REALLY messing with you
The Great BOI
The Great BOI 3 måneder siden
I forgot I was watching a fanfic video
Nick 7735
Nick 7735 3 måneder siden
Nick 7735
Nick 7735 3 måneder siden
Jacob Gilbert
Jacob Gilbert 3 måneder siden
Makes me think of Randonautica. I’d really recommend looking into it. After watching this. My theory is that Randonautica manipulates things in the way you talked about in the video.
guillermoelias24 3 måneder siden
AceTaxia 3 måneder siden
Roll20 uses laser fluctuations to make their rng closer to random
The1AnimatedCat 3 måneder siden
What Scott actually says “I just wanted to make a horror game 😰”
LuigiBoi42 3 måneder siden
Maybe instead of naming her Alexa we should have named her GLaDOS.
Matthew Laverde
Matthew Laverde 3 måneder siden
People: You can control stuff with your mind Me: *Teach me*
Joseph Noel
Joseph Noel 3 måneder siden
Although they aren't statistically significant, there is still a difference and maybe the experiment did not have enough power to reach statistical significance. Maybe do a power study to see how many subjects and tests you will need. Also maybe add more than just 2 possible results. Maybe this pseudoscience has some validity.
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