Game Theory: The Deadly Physics of the Falcon Punch! (Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon)

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3 måneder siden

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We've talked a LOT about Super Smash Bros over the years but one thing I've always wanted to touch one was Captain Falcon. You know, the guy with the fire punch. It is a killer move and I've always been curious about it. More so, I've wanted to know if you would REALLY punch so hard that you light your fist on fire. How would that WORK? Well Loyal Theorists, today we find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Tripp Clarke
Tripp Clarke 9 timer siden
Heavy for Smash
Raheem B
Raheem B Dag siden
Plot Twist: Captain Falcon is secretly a fire bender
Conek Dag siden
this title reminds me of old GT I hope this video is good
Steve Lucky
Steve Lucky 2 dager siden
From the first game, but is the only one who doesn’t have any more representation.
pokemon master
pokemon master 3 dager siden
Falcon:I have the ultimate punch one punch man comes in I take that as a challenge
TY M 3 dager siden
Matpat: FALCON SYSTEM America: wright that down wright that down
Guy Just a guy
Guy Just a guy 4 dager siden
Capitan falcon is my favorite character of smash
Richard Whatley
Richard Whatley 4 dager siden
What about Luigi misfire
negrita 5 dager siden
Sonic should be dead then right?
Official Certified Idiot
Official Certified Idiot 7 dager siden
GigaGaming 08
GigaGaming 08 5 dager siden
Air is a fluid. A fluid is not exclusive to liquid. A fluid is anything that can change its shape to the shape of its environment. If I put a cup of water in a box it will collect at the bottom. If I put that same water in a bowl it will change to the shape of the bottom of the bowl. The same thing with air and all gases. If I put helium in a balloon it will expand to the shape of the balloon. The same thing with air, carbon dioxide, smoke, steam, etc. So yes gasses are fluid, thus air is a fluid. :) Thank for coming to science with Carson. Hope this clears that up for you!
Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai]
Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai] 5 dager siden
How many more lies I've been told by the Council
W D 128
W D 128 9 dager siden
Nathaniel Chen 1
Nathaniel Chen 1 10 dager siden
Maybe Captain falcon has pyrokenesis or gloves that ha e some sort of ignition system built in.
Natnat 24
Natnat 24 12 dager siden
8:43 its just pitched-down yoda
ToxiCastigator 13 dager siden
I really love to a see a video figuring out the exchange rate of Pikmin 2’s “Pokos” (the currency of Olimar’s home planet)
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 14 dager siden
So, falcon's punch is a ghetto version of guy sensei's attack in Naruto
Name Other Name
Name Other Name 14 dager siden
[sees title] No, it’s Falcon Paaaaawnch
Boomer Remover
Boomer Remover 14 dager siden
The fact that I main him *I THINK THIS ALL THE TIME*
Mr Void
Mr Void 14 dager siden
Antek Kocemba
Antek Kocemba 15 dager siden
Are you bored?
RovRoving 15 dager siden
mat that's not how frames work in this game...
Lucius XV
Lucius XV 15 dager siden
0:52 He just got it right because he played Smash Bros.
Shidoo Tanaka
Shidoo Tanaka 15 dager siden
im sad he didnt use pink guys song
Pineapple Panda
Pineapple Panda 19 dager siden
How big is captain falcons fist I want to use the falcon system
Luca Dynamo
Luca Dynamo 20 dager siden
Matt says 60, yet the graphic says 16. Hmm...
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones 21 dag siden
I would love to take a class if game theory had one lol
Ian The Cool Thief
Ian The Cool Thief 22 dager siden
Just ask Johnny Cage lol.
T0xik_Dubz 22 dager siden
11:22...that's not Cap...that's his clone Blood Falcon.
T0xik_Dubz 22 dager siden
K.O.G.Fanstarks1610 22 dager siden
Could you do a video on The True overarching antagonist of Astonishia Story?
Edgy_ Pack
Edgy_ Pack 23 dager siden
but matt patt death battle said that he can make fire punch's because of his car things reactor might
Jeff Hirsh
Jeff Hirsh 23 dager siden
Cynthia, N, Red, Zinnia, Lance, Colress, Ghetsis, Lysandre, and Blue all have better themes than Captain Falcon.
randomgy 23 dager siden
FALCON PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN- damn it my computer broke and my house is gone.
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu 26 dager siden
“Um ackullay, I have seen death battle and I know about the belt”.
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu 26 dager siden
Now that’s just favoritism steph.
zombie pro
zombie pro 26 dager siden
"what did you expect when you clicked on our video" LUIGI GETTING BULLIED jk I like luigi
Fat Feline
Fat Feline 27 dager siden
I have an idea. If he used friction to ignite gunpowder that may or may not be in his gloves, would it work?
Triforse Måned siden
I knew when they spelled falcon paaawnch like punch it was wrong because some people speak in deferent ways so yeah
Octopi Måned siden
We could just accept that he has fire powers and not try to make a game fit into our understanding of real world physics... But where's the fun (and money) in that?! 😅
Rohan Kishibe
Rohan Kishibe Måned siden
"6 hours of battery life" *Laughs in Bose QC35 II*
tyrone mendoza
tyrone mendoza Måned siden
link Måned siden
You can only like this comment if you have hit 5 falcon punches in a game
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Måned siden
Raycons suck lmao
Dima Menetro
Dima Menetro Måned siden
Isn’t there a death battle video that explains his powers
ADtheTribalChild x TRIBALCHILDGamer
ADtheTribalChild x TRIBALCHILDGamer Måned siden
There's one against Johnny Cage (which was a weird match up, IMO)
Cypher Måned siden
Jessica Burns
Jessica Burns Måned siden
It is pronounced S-i-zah
Hadou 'Pixel' Taimushedo and Metal X
Hadou 'Pixel' Taimushedo and Metal X Måned siden
The fire could also be from the SHARD OF THE BIG BANG he uses to power the Falcon Flyer which has been shown to give power to whoever wields one
XENOMAN Måned siden
You are the scientist we don't deserve
Ryan Langston
Ryan Langston Måned siden
Man I love my ray on e25s but now ones quieter than the other so now there kinda useless, and Raycons customer support doesn’t exist
Cat king miow
Cat king miow Måned siden
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor Måned siden
Theme song: *motto* ruining your childhood since 2011 Me: HA I WAS STILL A BABY SINCE 2011 and I don’t really play/watch most of the games he talks about
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor Måned siden
Yea the way he says it is FALCON PAAAWNCH!
Epicmonk117 Måned siden
The “fire” could also be air being compressed until it becomes plasma
Fabíola Marques da silva
Fabíola Marques da silva Måned siden
What is the theme in 2:05
Flyin43 Måned siden
Nintendo clearly made Smash Ultimate with MatPat in mind. They decided he was too good at digging out secrets and gave up trying to hide them anymore.
Lefty - Roblox
Lefty - Roblox Måned siden
Someone had to have thought of yandere simulator
zonimation Måned siden
Who else had an ad play right before the end of his intro. It was so annoying.
Māku Måned siden
10:24 charges his right hand 10:28 punches with left hand no fighters has ever escaped it
Supremecrazy Måned siden
maybe by wearing the combined belt after he took it off he kept some residual power?
The Vault The Official Channel
The Vault The Official Channel Måned siden
I found out that Limb Obliterator has a pressure that’s more than a fifth of that of Jupiter’s core. And it makes the Falcon Punch look weak.
Foxel Playz
Foxel Playz Måned siden
Wait minecraft Steve is also 2m tall since each block is 1 cubic meter
Chardawg Måned siden
Sorry Saitama, but Captain Falcon is the new One Punch Man
Kyng Amore
Kyng Amore Måned siden
So captain falcon is basically going fo a nut shot
GutsofEclipse Måned siden
Samus and Captain Falcon: Assist authorities in keeping the citizenry safe from pirates and other thugs, and have the gall to seek compensation for their labor Commie: """Heroes"""
Don W.
Don W. Måned siden
Flacon Punch vs One Punch Man
The Eraser
The Eraser Måned siden
Doesn’t that mean that Captain Falcon would need to eat like, a lot of food. Like, a LOT!
luigifandroid Måned siden
There also one thing wouldn’t his clothes or body or anything disintegrate
Gary Redfield1
Gary Redfield1 Måned siden
Thanks you helped with my homework
Carlson Joe
Carlson Joe Måned siden
Falcon Paaaaawnch
Chronicler9 Måned siden
1:57 - okay yes but also Sephiroth.
WestoChango Måned siden
Wait if his attack uses leather, fire and air, how does he use it on the space maps........
jonperez12344 Måned siden
I wonder if that applies for Gannondorf’s warlock punch
ShadowMamba95 Måned siden
6:57 Is it 6 m s^-2?
johnson che
johnson che Måned siden
Reaundra Hope
Reaundra Hope Måned siden
Its sizz uh ✨
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Måned siden
06:59 should be 60m/s showing on screen instead of 16m/s, was kinda confusing, just pointing that out.
Sunny Chai
Sunny Chai Måned siden
Falcon paaaaawnch
Rajah Brown
Rajah Brown Måned siden
That theme song tho
Vincent *_*
Vincent *_* Måned siden
Falcon paaawunch = luffy red hawk
THE CREATIVE pEnCiL Måned siden
5:01 america expllaiinn
Od3stroyer 2 måneder siden
7:00 Your editor misheard you
Ladybird2727 VODs
Ladybird2727 VODs 2 måneder siden
Dude why even mention his god belt if it has nothing to do with the theory. If your worried about falcon fans coming after you just throw in a line of "and we checked he isn't wearing his god belt in smash." This is what matpat does in almost every video and its so annoying, its only purpose is to pad time and its so annoying. I can understand the set up and why he wrote everything else, but why even do a full two-three minute rant about the god belt when its not even important
Kenny Saputra
Kenny Saputra 2 måneder siden
I wish you took a page out of Austin's book and calculate the air density or any other variable that could make a Falcon Punch feasible.
Silvia :3
Silvia :3 2 måneder siden
How is that correct FALCON PAAAAAWNCH
Alex Plays
Alex Plays 2 måneder siden
Oh boy, i do love me some overanalyzing physics in a videogame
Respect DaBirb
Respect DaBirb 2 måneder siden
Make the final channel fantasy theory
Talia Terrell
Talia Terrell 2 måneder siden
MatPat trying to pronounce SZA is killing me lol
GOATED greninja
GOATED greninja 2 måneder siden
Crossing all the I and doting ALL THE T
wasptwister 2 måneder siden
your math is off
Jefferson Asa
Jefferson Asa 2 måneder siden
Do a theory on Fortune Street! What's that? A board game style Nintendo game with their best characters. MARIO IS THE WEALTHIEST BUISNESS OWNER IN THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CEO OFF MEME 2 måneder siden
I will Falcon punched a furry
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata 2 måneder siden
0:53 Love this moment
Minidroid Memes
Minidroid Memes 2 måneder siden
Finally he used the intro.
That J3rk Rabbit
That J3rk Rabbit 2 måneder siden
captain falcon would make sans into ghost rider xd
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen 2 måneder siden
Who says that captain Falcon moves in a straight line in those three frames? Maybe he moves back and forth within those frames?
Ariel 2 måneder siden
When BTS shows up on the list of music that scrolled by on his sponsorship spot 😏
asmgnasa11 2 måneder siden
matt dad dadbod
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins 2 måneder siden
it hits different. Yes trash taste would be happy to hear that.
Vim Alcel Naraga
Vim Alcel Naraga 2 måneder siden
Only one man is capable of that punch.
Ariel Gladwell
Ariel Gladwell 2 måneder siden
Had anyone seen "My Date With Captain Falcon"??
Neon Animator!
Neon Animator! 2 måneder siden
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