Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)

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I've been theorizing about Zelda for a LONG time! Since the beginning of Game Theory, I've tried to figure out all the ins and outs; all the ifs and maybes. Today we return to the Zelda timeline because I have finally SOLVED it! I have found the MISSING Link in this whole mess of a timeline that makes everything work! Strap in Theorists, this may be our biggest breakthrough yet!
Thanks to @boisteruse for letting us use your Rehydrated Ganon meme for our video! Find the original here! ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

LukeTheNuke1111 År siden
MatPat: "Ruining your childhood since 2011" Me: "You are my childhood."
KandA Games
KandA Games 19 dager siden
GGLCol 24 dager siden
LukeTheNuke1111 me too
GGR Makes
GGR Makes 26 dager siden
Knarli 28 dager siden
Well, than its completely ruined
Jake the destroyer
Jake the destroyer Måned siden
Where did game theory ruin itself then?
ThatWeirdGamer 3 timer siden
This is definitely an interesting theory but I do have a bit of a different one since Hyrule Warriors isn’t canon at the moment. So if there’s one thing we know about BOTW it’s that it has a gap of over 10,000 YEARS BETWEEN any other game at the timeline. If BOTW is believed to be a game at the end of every timeline and unifies them. Then I have a bit of a different theory. The theory is that the cycle of reincarnation in Hyrule has gone on so long that at this point all those adventures have happened in EVERY timeline. Remember, Though BOTW implies that they encountered the Twilight realm, nothing mentions Midna or Zant or anyone. What if depending on the timeline, they all encountered Twilight in different ways? Same with others! What if Hyrule floods in all timelines? What if Zora’s turn uncivilized or evolve or regress in literally any order or combo in all timelines? Or any other things that mix the timelines? After 10,000 years of Hyrule history, it makes sense that some adventures could still occur within any timeline. In other words, this means that BOTW technically is not a unfication of the timeline but rather 3 separate adventures that completely overlap each other and only differ because of the order of history that shaped their present day world
KeRon Morey Jr
KeRon Morey Jr 2 dager siden
There's another reason why the timeline makes no sense in oot link gets sent back in time to relive his lost childhood creating the timeline split which creates the downfall timeline the child timeline and adult timeline the adult timeline is the original timeline in the adult timeline the spirit of the hero went with oot link to the child timeline so in the adult timeline the heros in that timeline doesn't posses the spirit of the hero but in the downfall timeline the spirit of the hero is in that timeline the heros in the downfall timeline are incarnations of ss Link but if the spirit of the hero went with oot link to the child timeline then how are the heros in the downfall timeline incarnations of ss Link the only incarnations of ss Link would be the heros from the child timeline
Balázs János Dominkó
Balázs János Dominkó 3 dager siden
Hey, the cdi games gave us great memes
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver 3 dager siden
I’m pretty sure this video is where the “canonize Hyrule Warriors” meme came from. In fact, no, I KNOW this is where that meme came from. Though, something tells me a good chunk of the community is partially serious about this demand, in fact, my own headcanon is that Hyrule Warriors is canon judging by the simple fact that the Zora and Rito exist simultaneously of each other and the fact that the prequel to Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, is going to be a Hyrule Warriors game and I’m assuming that game is going to be considered canon. Sue me.
Thegamegod24680 Rodriguez
Thegamegod24680 Rodriguez 3 dager siden
Hey MatPat What if instead of the three timelines they are four One that link dies (fallen hero timeline) One that link is not there because he was sent back in time (adult timeline Cause because there is no hero in the timeline cause by traveling in the past) One that link is sent back in timeline (the child timeline) And the number four this one is actually one that link was not sent back in time and stayed with zelda causing the negative effects that happened in wind waker maybe the great flood happened or it did not please make a theory about this it may help with the timeline sorry if my english a little bad im actually trying because my language by birth is spanish this is my first time comenting on a video MatPat im a little nervous
Sapphirewingthefurrycritic 3 dager siden
If they do have a Linkel then that means that there would be a first male spirit of Hylia making it Prince Zel instead of Zelda. I wonder what he'd look like.
Seeker 4 dager siden
это не ответ
Josel Mansueto
Josel Mansueto 4 dager siden
This is no theory it’s a fact
Cookie Snugglez
Cookie Snugglez 4 dager siden
Everyone: what timeline is botw in? Nintendo: yes
PlayrR3D 4 dager siden
Can we get a link (no pun inteded) for your Zelda timeline?
Felicia Grimmy
Felicia Grimmy 8 dager siden
Ok, but why did Kingdom's Edge's music actually fit in there
The Double 12
The Double 12 8 dager siden
and to think that I only have link between worlds...
alex 8 dager siden
there is no way Nintendo did this on accident
Movado Angel
Movado Angel 8 dager siden
Nintendo just need to give up, they are out of ideas and are doing stupid things. Just Go bankrupt and hand the Nintendo to Playstation, they sure know way better what to do with the Company.
Dylan Bretschneider
Dylan Bretschneider 6 dager siden
I mean not really nintendo has done the best this year soo far and they have been out selling all consoles for 27 consecutive months soo
Robin's Hood YT
Robin's Hood YT 8 dager siden
My favorite is Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap for the Game Boy Links awakening looks fun tho (for the switch)
BlazeKing64 9 dager siden
Matpat: Hyrule Warriors is a prequel to BOTW Nintendo: Well yes, but actually no
Piper W
Piper W 9 dager siden
Wait... how did Ruto become a sage in the adult timeline... if Zoras are extinct in that timeline? (Not well versed in Zelda lore)
Nicholas Luea
Nicholas Luea 10 dager siden
did anyone realize that the gold gauntlets in oot are taken in the adult part of oot, and are on hyrule warriors ganondorf and could be there because its the child timeline where link never took the gauntlets
Andrew Sas
Andrew Sas 10 dager siden
uhh i know this vid is older but i question myself of what will mat think about age of calamity will age of calamity happens before or after botw 2? , dang it could even happen before botw 1
SPACEY 4 dager siden
i think it's confirmed to be a prequel to botw
Pond Brothers
Pond Brothers 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who knew it was a mashup of all the Timelines back when he made the “failed hero” theory?
Pond Brothers
Pond Brothers 10 dager siden
Although, I didn’t consider Hyrule Warriors to be a part of that, so half a point to Mapat there.
Benjamin WinTin
Benjamin WinTin 11 dager siden
hyrule warriors aint cannon cus link aint asleep at the start. Zelda is.
KaiTheGuy 11 dager siden
Aint it crazy how Age of Calamity is a prequel of BoTW and its Hyrule Warriors 2?
Student Caleb Adkins
Student Caleb Adkins 11 dager siden
well now in 2020 it is hyrule warriors then hyrule warriors: age of calamity THEN breath of wild .
Alec11 43
Alec11 43 13 dager siden
I would be ok with hyrule warriors being made canon if it didn’t have this whole thing where link and Zelda have to be together in every iteration. I’m more than fine with that ship, but definitively saying that it has to happen every time, especially when their are other good alternatives, is something I’m not ok with.
Filip Karapandza
Filip Karapandza 14 dager siden
Just so you know, idk if you said this but Ruto dies in twighlight princess
Simon 14 dager siden
In the intro there was a yellow part of the ring
Logan M
Logan M 11 dager siden
You are late to party. That is food theory.
brandon brax yt
brandon brax yt 14 dager siden
Yo the new prequel helps this
Patrick Flood
Patrick Flood 14 dager siden
So.... since the first Hyrule Warriors is claimed to be non canonical by Nintendo... and MatPat claims Hyrule Warriors is the missing piece... does this mean that Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity could be the real canonical missing piece? HMM??
muguiwarano boy
muguiwarano boy 10 dager siden
I think it is
Lukey Pooky
Lukey Pooky 15 dager siden
If u r using the convergent theory instead of the arlos jarasic park 2 theory then it converges with monopoly not hurdle warriors
Lukey Pooky
Lukey Pooky 9 dager siden
I forgot to say the downfall timeline makes no sense its actually called the basketball timeline
Jackson Partin
Jackson Partin 15 dager siden
I got something you should chew on. Remember the giant eye weakpoint on every boss in Majora's Mask (except for Majora itself)? In BotW what is Malice? a giant eye.
RodolfoPizarroRegresaAChivas AthenaIsMyEverything
RodolfoPizarroRegresaAChivas AthenaIsMyEverything 15 dager siden
What if zelda can see all the other zeldas memories from other memories
Eevee Addict
Eevee Addict 16 dager siden
After the breath of the wilder joke i was thinking “Wow his breath must STANK!!”
Gallaer 16 dager siden
Can we rename the Hero of Trains to the Hero of Spirits?
ethan groves
ethan groves 16 dager siden
Hyrule warriors ganon is calamity ganaon change my mind
john roberto
john roberto 16 dager siden
why is mat pat doing nintendos job its like esma in the emperors new groove
ParkerPictures 16 dager siden
Now with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity coming and it being Canon this theory makes a lot of sense for Hyrule Warriors 1 be canon.
Julius Osborne
Julius Osborne 16 dager siden
Bdg made this video a year before you
William Rohlfing
William Rohlfing 17 dager siden
You know that the head of Calamity Gannon’s headpiece thing is just Shika technology that he just found and just said, “Oh here’s a pretty cool banana.”
Bobby Kincaid
Bobby Kincaid 18 dager siden
Derpy Moo Cow
Derpy Moo Cow 18 dager siden
I found my old 3ds and started playing ocarina of time again
crab gang
crab gang 18 dager siden
To link all this stuff it starts off in the child timeline then he grows up conserved and that stuff got linked entered had come by time rifts through the "gap between dimesions" Or another possible thing it has another time line where everything is peaceful where everything exists until ganon comes along and posseses everything and also majoras mask is banished from the earth
Bdes 1234
Bdes 1234 18 dager siden
I find it funny that the 3 games that broke him are all in the opening all in one area, ddlc fnaf and undertale
Meh Singing Monsters
Meh Singing Monsters 18 dager siden
I think that BoTW is in the downfall timeline. Because really, Hyrule is in ruin
yeet God27
yeet God27 18 dager siden
3:16 yeah the best chance to make a link joke and you missed it
Survivor Nerd
Survivor Nerd 18 dager siden
You forgot Monopoly.
The Legend Of Zade
The Legend Of Zade 19 dager siden
This makes sense
KandA Games
KandA Games 19 dager siden
Matpat: But that’s just a theory. Me: Your wrong, it’s fact.
KandA Games
KandA Games 19 dager siden
I’m convinced that Breath Of The Wild is in the Downfall timeline
kiryuu sento
kiryuu sento 19 dager siden
what if breath of the wild happens in each of the timeline in child and down fall era a great flood happen and then slowly evaporated and some of the zora evolve into the ruto
Orange cotton candy lolbit
Orange cotton candy lolbit 19 dager siden
so you do know little nightmares?
Suminao Shinjo
Suminao Shinjo 20 dager siden
Though there's the few people that's gonna say "But the timelines went back to normal" Let's just ignore that part and say that the timelines mix can't be fixed
Jeremy 20 dager siden
When you can say that someone played his life to 101% then obviously that person are you
Diego Hernández Vilches
Diego Hernández Vilches 21 dag siden
I'm from the future, Hyrule Warriors is kinda canon now
H K 21 dag siden
Oh look Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity will be cannon. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Aflay 22 dager siden
I relly think this is true because of the second
Aflay 22 dager siden
Game sorry forgot it
Hypnotic Chains
Hypnotic Chains 23 dager siden
After i beat dark link it took me so long to beat CIA and Gannon, plus th fact of it being so frickin annoying
neels liddle
neels liddle 23 dager siden
Its funny now that its 2020 October cus they made a new hyrule warriors
Seeker Gaming
Seeker Gaming 23 dager siden
I wanna play it when i have the money Tell the how to play this using the timeline
Devjeet Mishra
Devjeet Mishra 24 dager siden
This is a Austin title
Milk pudding
Milk pudding 24 dager siden
I just realised, all of the champions in BoTW have blue scarfs just like link does in Hyrule warriors
•N E P T U N E•
•N E P T U N E• 25 dager siden
I have thought of multiple memes UvO MatPat's timeline: *Happily existing* Nintendo: *Releases Age of Calamity with evil laughter and shuffle button* MatPat: What Nintendo: What MatPat: So who is our hero of the mutliverse? Me: Sounds kinda like Ink Sans ngl-
Commentary fly Csiki 2.0
Commentary fly Csiki 2.0 25 dager siden
The God of Wood
The God of Wood 27 dager siden
Nah, I actually believe this all takes place in Shrek's swamp, and you can't tell me otherwise because I am using my imagination.
Meme Pizza
Meme Pizza 27 dager siden
18:11 so does this mean...that the ganon found in the breath of the wild 2 trailer is actually....from Hyrule Warriors?
Shivaam 28 dager siden
Sorry but this is not valid anymore because botw 2 trailer came out and threw this theory into the trash. Good theory tho!
Master Deity
Master Deity 14 dager siden
No it didn’t. All we’ve seen is 1 teaser and that’s it. Nothing that tells us anything about the timeline.
Théo Azuma
Théo Azuma 28 dager siden
Hey mat pat u wrong with one thing. Toon link wears blue in the start of the game and that pirate girl. (Zelda) said in the middle of the game that toon link gained her respect. Change my mind Toon = Wind waker
Sam Willard
Sam Willard 28 dager siden
I think BDG had it pretty covered
Ethan Carlisle
Ethan Carlisle Måned siden
@TheGameTheorists it's not hero of trains its hero of spirits from SPIRIT tracks
Caraline Evans
Caraline Evans Måned siden
what.. i am a child
__Jasmine __
__Jasmine __ Måned siden
I think the dialogue with Midna where she talks about a divine beast, she was referencing Link himself becoming wolf link and ultimately saving her people like he does in the game.
Ashton Lochore
Ashton Lochore Måned siden
Why do I fell like Nintendo saw this and made "Hyrule Warriors Age of calamity" just so it fits in more snuggle because the new game so far connects it even more and makes this theory even stronger. Well done MatPat 👏👏
Legendofthezora Legendofthezora
Legendofthezora Legendofthezora Måned siden
..........!? Wow so hyrule warriors link must be botw link's dad!?
Joshua Box
Joshua Box Måned siden
Well... he was right that a hyrule warriors came before botw. Just not the right one
Theophilus Kawah
Theophilus Kawah 29 dager siden
It Is What It Is
UmBanana Måned siden
get rekt nintento lmfao
Wasupman 10
Wasupman 10 Måned siden
Wait a second, I know this was made before e3 2019, but in the botw2 trailer, isnt that ganons humanoid form? I mean, I has to be
Theophilus Kawah
Theophilus Kawah 29 dager siden
Maybe Spirit Seperated From Body Eh
Riordojim Måned siden
When I saw, dear nintendo My first thought was Austin
Lizzy Bennet
Lizzy Bennet Måned siden
5:06 Ah yes, the Basketball timeline
Phantom Zero
Phantom Zero Måned siden
21:20 she is NOT a hero of legend. She just believes she is. She is still amazing tho
Noland Nordberg
Noland Nordberg Måned siden
wii u gang way too underrated
Eoin Shaw
Eoin Shaw Måned siden
new hyrule warriors coming out, will fix?
Josiah Medina
Josiah Medina Måned siden
It sucks how my boi hero of time is the one game to where he loses, the other games dont have that timeline to where they lose, the hero of time has to lose and has to win for the other games to be in the timeline, I thought the hero of time was the strongest link (he is my favorite link)😭😭 Like the games before the hero of time became to be had no choice to lose, there isnt a timeline where they lose but there is a time line where the hero of time can lose and win
Carlos Neri
Carlos Neri Måned siden
Hey matpat I think they listened to you
BiFross Måned siden
Micheal :THE EVIL HERO Måned siden
Nintendo after seeing this: *OH SHI- WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE IT DOWN!*
Dragon Gamer X9
Dragon Gamer X9 Måned siden
Kust imagine that in twilight princess link DOES NOT turn into a wolf but instead turns into a motorcycle that midna rides on and kills ganon
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher Måned siden
"We've been working on group projects ever since" That could bare some very unfortunate context for them........i hope i dont need to spell out what i mean
Nick Espinoza
Nick Espinoza Måned siden
#woke make this a game
KingAni Måned siden
so MatPat talks about how there is no mention of there being a blue in any of the hero's tunics across all 3 times lines, but then what does that make the blue (and red) tunic in ALLTP? Could that not be another connection to the dark timeline further cementing his theory? maybe ive just played alot of ALLTP, but that feels like a pretty major oversight?
Chortles Inc.
Chortles Inc. Måned siden
Next Time on the nintendo wiki: Wind Waker is now part of the downfall timeline, your welcome.
Brayden Huber
Brayden Huber Måned siden
pause at 0:52 seconds do you see food theory
Stefan Spelt
Stefan Spelt Måned siden
I believe there's gonna be a sequel of Hyrule Warriors too Here's a smal description: it's Champions ballad from Breath of the Wild, but you can EXPERIENCE the ballad itself!
BandelSquad Måned siden
so breath of the wild is kinda the "Turn A Gundam" of the legend of zelda franchise. neat
Epic Gamer420
Epic Gamer420 Måned siden
Why is link so angry with that sign is a Dutch social call about to happen
Breakfast Face
Breakfast Face Måned siden
One day I found something by that one mountain with the corrupted dragon that was the smbol of water in ocarina of time
dat boi
dat boi Måned siden
then what's hyrule warriors age of calamity!?
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur Måned siden
I think the war continued even when Link was well..... not fighting. Hyrule Warriors WII U version happens -> Link cannot battle -> the war continues -> TLoZ ; BotW
EmoLink the Gamer
EmoLink the Gamer Måned siden
Can literally debunk your theory of how the Twilight Mirror is in Breath of the Wild and how Breath of the Wild cant connect the adult timeline What did Midna do to the mirror at the end of Twilight Princess? She utterly destroyed it What happen to the Master Sword from Wind Waker? It stayed stuck in Ganondorf's skull atop his castle deep deep deep below the sea and you never touch the Master Sword again in Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks. Therefor Hyrule Warriors stays non-canon and Breath of the Wild cant connect to the Adult Timeline. Oh and there is no definitive proof that the Zoras were truly extinct in Wind Waker. Remember Lord Jabu? The giant fish holding the 3rd pearl? Remember that he moved from his island cause he knew of Ganondorf's attack coming? Who lived on the island? You dont know but Zoras might as well lived there until Ganondorf attacked the island right before Link got there
Super Console 76
Super Console 76 Måned siden
Rad Gaming
Rad Gaming Måned siden
r you saying the wii u IS BAD its not that bad
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur Måned siden
it failed in marketing, meaning that many people didn't play hyrule warriors just because they didn't have a WII U, but many people have Nintendo Switch, so more people can play on switch and not wii u, just because they have a switch and not a wii u
joseph kennedy
joseph kennedy Måned siden
imagine taking a Brian David Gilbert video and reusing it for yourself smh
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