Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)

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I've been theorizing about Zelda for a LONG time! Since the beginning of Game Theory, I've tried to figure out all the ins and outs; all the ifs and maybes. Today we return to the Zelda timeline because I have finally SOLVED it! I have found the MISSING Link in this whole mess of a timeline that makes everything work! Strap in Theorists, this may be our biggest breakthrough yet!
Thanks to @boisteruse for letting us use your Rehydrated Ganon meme for our video! Find the original here! ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

LukeTheNuke1111 År siden
MatPat: "Ruining your childhood since 2011" Me: "You are my childhood."
Superstar5 3 dager siden
They can’t ruin your childhood if they are your childhood.
The Ironic Pepper
The Ironic Pepper 4 dager siden
He must now ruin him self! Wait that don’t sound right....
Jacob Thakore
Jacob Thakore 9 dager siden
Yeah he ruining himself
Lazerboi 11 dager siden
We know need to talk about the newest game, hyrule warriors, age of calamity
CuddlyBubbles 69
CuddlyBubbles 69 19 dager siden
Say sike right now
Say sike right now 4 timer siden
Hestu is my sempai. All hail Hestu the Great Maraca Man!
Tevno 19 timer siden
me gives standing ovation, my family trying to sleep "shut up!!"
Music Only
Music Only Dag siden
Are we suuuuure that the epic of stew is better than the cgi games?
Conor Gillingham
Conor Gillingham Dag siden
Actually. Being a defender for BoTW being at the end of the child timeline, I think the Ruto-sage connection is a big piece of evidence supporting that theory. I think she goes on to become a sage and in the time between OOT and TP she sacrifices herself to seal away Ganondorf in the twilight realm. If you look at the arbiter's ground cutscene in TP the sage who gets killed has the same symbol on their clothing as the little slab that Ruto appear out of in OOT.
SL BRO - FITS 2 dager siden
Danny Man
Danny Man 2 dager siden
Wait a damn second...
Brian Chin
Brian Chin 2 dager siden
Age of calamity comes out adding time travel to the timeline. MatPat: why.
Demi Joseph
Demi Joseph 2 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks BOTW takes place during the era without a hero? Vah Ruta's malfunctioning at the end could explain how Hyrule got flooded, the map of Twilight Princess fits perfectly over the BOTW map if you tilt it a little bit, with the exception of the Ordona province being submerged in the Faron Sea, the wolf Link summoned with an amiibo in BOTW of which is LITERALLY stated that it's summoned from a parallel timeline as well as the Era without a Hero takes place around the same time as Twilight Princess, but in another timeline... Just theorizing here.
xswind1973 2 dager siden
but in 2017 you comefirmd that breath of the wild took place at the faild herio timeline
Enilks12 2 dager siden
Wait, you talked about there not being blue tunics seen elsewhere, but what about the blue tunic from Link's Awakening DX? (Of course, that IS just a dream, so maybe it doesn't count. Maybe link is just aspiring to be fancy and royaly cool, so it shows up in... the wind... fish's... dream. Wow, that WAS a weird game.)
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer 3 dager siden
He is right do yall know in hyrule warrios u can unlock breath of the wild outfits and others and this was out befor botw came out
Charizardite Z
Charizardite Z 3 dager siden
Hey matpat the timeline has split again Plus the botw 2 trailer suggests botw follows from twilight princess Should've waited for the next game
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright 3 dager siden
Man I can’t believe that there is a timeline where link. ....... lost. Even with all the items where he can summon fire. And a huge spin attack. Well I guess he is still kinda a kid. But with out the hero of time. All the timelines would be none existent but one and it just wouldn’t make sense.
unkrelling 3 dager siden
Wait what if link didn’t go back in time to the child timeline
Lawrence Turner
Lawrence Turner 3 dager siden
No cap this is now my new head cannon baby
Early Night4056
Early Night4056 4 dager siden
That 100 percent reward in age of Calamity is my primary outfit
Amazing Meat balls
Amazing Meat balls 4 dager siden
I think we can all agree what’s most important. Where does Zelda don’t wanna get one in link the faces of evil fit into this timeline?
Amazing Meat balls
Amazing Meat balls 4 dager siden
It’s not really woke if somebody can’t make an interesting female character so they just gender swap a preestablished male character
El Surge
El Surge 4 dager siden
Ok but what about the Ganondorf/Ganon from four swords adventures
Kurt Heinen
Kurt Heinen 4 dager siden
What if the timeline is just age of cal and botw the rest is made up by ganon to tell link how he would fight link, switches tactics anf clear links mind while he was at it
Sam Kim
Sam Kim 4 dager siden
i wanna see him react to age of calamity with even MORE time travel, exciting, right!
isolation_gamer05 5 dager siden
MatPat: Nintendo tries to merge the timeline into one single one Age of Calamity spawning new timeline: you had one job...
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek 5 dager siden
So you spend 9 minutes arguing about something that was officially confirmed. Great.
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans 5 dager siden
A timeline where Linkle and Lana are canon? Yes, that IS a fixed timeline.
Emily Spence
Emily Spence 5 dager siden
You're like the kid who wasn't invited to the party but came anyway and pooped in the pool just to get a reaction
SonOfFunkyBabylon 6 dager siden
Better call saul
PowerBoy Plays
PowerBoy Plays 6 dager siden
7:11 She meant wolf link bruh
Joe Meng
Joe Meng 6 dager siden
Imagine making two games that consolidated the messed up timeline and making it linear, you decide to throw the timeline split a second time with a game from another studio.
TheMaskedJCB 6 dager siden
Matpat: *going through the comments section of this video* Everyone: I'm about to ruin this man whole career
Ronk_TheCat 6 dager siden
My boy copied unraveled😔
ironzzZebra 6 dager siden
"The ONLY one with blue is the one in hyrule warriors." Hero mode wind waker. In this mode Instead of getting the green tunic you get a tunic wich looks oddly similar to the blue tunic in botw. I love this theory but hate this one sentence.
Nintendo 7 dager siden
Nintendo 7 dager siden
"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2: The Breath just got Wilder" is doing amazing in development!
Evan Guzman
Evan Guzman 4 dager siden
So you announced another hyrule warriors but not Zelda 2
New Ferchox
New Ferchox 7 dager siden
Need to update white the new game
ZeldaGamer4532 7 dager siden
The link in hyrule warriors is actually called the Hero of Legend
leave gamer
leave gamer 8 dager siden
Breth of the wild 2 is hyrull waryers age of calamity
Jimmy Mullinsll
Jimmy Mullinsll 9 dager siden
Akiro 9 dager siden
I have a feeling theres a game that will kick out Hyrule warriors we wont see tell after BoTW 2 where it will explain Ganon will end up goin back or spliting the time lines an would be the actual first adventure of the real link
Akiro 9 dager siden
Theory Prequal to Breath of the Wild would make a game that combine all 3 time lines an put link asleep for 100 years to open BoTW
Akiro 9 dager siden
Nintendo next year: Windwaker link is adult link *litterally destroys the timeline* (introduces Windwaker 2)
Consta Star
Consta Star 10 dager siden
I think that hyrule warriors mixed the 3 timelines but created 2 I call them the late sword timeline ( hyrule warriors age of calamity) ( this timeline does have some of the 2 timeline characters come ) and the second one called early sword ( Zelda botw and Zelda botw 2 ) So they literally changed it again into timelines again
kaotic300 10 dager siden
Shouldn't the timeline also split in Majora's Mask and Zelda 2, since both those games have "Failed Endings"? This could give an additional 2 "Downfall Timelines"! ...But that's just a theory!
Dylan Henderson
Dylan Henderson 10 dager siden
While there are problems with this theory, this is still one of the best attempts at figuring out the timeline.
Amy Leianne
Amy Leianne 11 dager siden
Is it just me that can hear the high pitch flute noise??
Tristan Clarke
Tristan Clarke 11 dager siden
Nintendo: “Hyrule warriors is it cannon”. Also nintendo: “ Hey everyone, we made a Hyrule warriors prequel to breath of the wild
KkFaller 11 dager siden
The intro leaked food theory
Joshua Atherton
Joshua Atherton 11 dager siden
So, I'm guessing that Hyrule Warriors, Age of Calamity is after Hyrule Warriors, then creating another time split?
Ernest E
Ernest E 12 dager siden
9:46 the timeline only consists of the main games, not a few spinnoffs here and there
Shadow 12 dager siden
Nintendo: merges timelines together with Hyrule warriors Also Nintendo: splits timeline again with Hyrule warriors age of calamity.
David Jolliffe
David Jolliffe 12 dager siden
Hang on we might know what timeline breath of the wild timeline due to the breath of the wild 2 Gannon. This is because apparently he is the twilight princess one so I think that will be solid evidence that it takes place in the child timeline
Daxos Nessus
Daxos Nessus 12 dager siden
Do think hyrule warriors could have been the first calamity wink wink nudge nudge
Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi 12 dager siden
0:46 is the jacket on the chair is Travis Touchdown's (from No More Heroes) jacket? Or its not
Eg 12 dager siden
Do a sequel when hyrule warriors age of calimity comes out pls
Andrew Shiinoki
Andrew Shiinoki 13 dager siden
I thought this was the other guy
Kyle Chon
Kyle Chon 13 dager siden
19:40 Calamity Ganon No one: The subtitles: : Ganon
yokai59 Loi
yokai59 Loi 13 dager siden
For once, HE ISN'T RUINING CHILDHOOD! He is is blending all results and is doing strong connections. Four swords adventures should be downfall timeline. Who agrees.
Rocket-GW149 YY
Rocket-GW149 YY 13 dager siden
Maybe this is what they meant of when they would update the timeline when more pieces of the puzzle was discovered I don’t think they mean by the people at Nintendo making the game I think they mean by the community so I think that’s why they’re denying Hifull Warriors as non-canon because they were waiting for someone to figure this out
Desert Toad
Desert Toad 13 dager siden
age of calamity is cannon to the timeline. when you 100% beat the game you get hyrule warriors link tunic. if it is cannon and that tunic is in there then that confirms that it is cannon too
Mario 13 dager siden
I hate to break it to you. Sooo hyrule warriors Age Of Calamity kinda made the time line is worse
Jack Cowan
Jack Cowan 13 dager siden
Ummmm now this just got more complicated with aoc. Time travel happened AGAIN.
Ir0n Leviathan
Ir0n Leviathan 14 dager siden
I've loved the LoZ games ever since I was a kid, and as far as I'm concerned, this version of the timeline is the real one... mostly because it would be awesome!
EternalHappElements 14 dager siden
Needs revisit now with the new game hyrule warriors
Caroline Parsons
Caroline Parsons 14 dager siden
The reason the timeline changed again is because Link’s Awakening never even happened at all... Also the timeline has a new split in Age of Calamity now, so, yeah.
Rielbgaming 15 dager siden
Lava Legend
Lava Legend 16 dager siden
Personally botw was in the fallen timeline but after an event similar to the one in Hyrule warriors the timelines merged with the great sea flooding in being drained through the back of the akkala region hence the strange part in the corner of it covered in un natural spike like “formation”
Amelia Anonymous
Amelia Anonymous 16 dager siden
now he needs to add age of calamity
Jack Holm
Jack Holm 16 dager siden
Age of calamity: I’m about to end this whole man’s career Seriously though, it completely throws off this whole theory. From impa to Zelda to the art style Hoo boy
Ahmad Mirza Tappi
Ahmad Mirza Tappi 16 dager siden
And then hyrule warriors age of calamity split the time line again between botw, great job Nintendo! :) (:/)
Dani da dude
Dani da dude 16 dager siden
Nintendo: This game isn't canon Matpat: No
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin 17 dager siden
What about the new timeline split. Also, I belive it takes place as majora's mask is happening.
Nathan Lai
Nathan Lai 18 dager siden
i want to play the epic of stew
MrWilliam417 18 dager siden
The opening theme always smacks
Soup Galaxy
Soup Galaxy 18 dager siden
Hahahaha! MatPat! There's new Terriko! Remember! The tiny guardian! He split the botw timeline! Jeez!
Teresa Armendariz
Teresa Armendariz 19 dager siden
So if you think of it there is a watcher in hyrule
Teresa Armendariz
Teresa Armendariz 19 dager siden
2020 there is hyrule warriors age of calamity
Brandi Wolfe
Brandi Wolfe 19 dager siden
1 yr later..... Most likely, the 1st Hyrule Warriors will NEVER be cannon...... I think that's becuz Nintendo is now working backwards from BOTW to eventually bring us their own game for explaining the timelines (the new 2020 Hyrule Warriors takes place 100yrs before BOTW.....then BOTW2 has the potential to go in either direction). If not..... here's my long-standing theory, that continues to hold...... -- TLDR: Only the child timeline w/ TP is real. The others were "possibilities". Research Japanese "Shinto" beliefs to make the hidden connections/meanings for LoZ series. In OOT, Zelda was given knowledge that pushed her decision to 1st speed-up time through the Master Sword (as we know it works as a time-travel key ONLY when it's at "full strength" -- Fi's power) then send Link back in time afterwards. But It's through ZELDA we see the potential Links' journey's in the "downfall" & "adult"'s where it gets fun....... Only the "successful child" timeline happened (the 1 w/ TP, in case any1 is confused). The other 2 were "possible" outcomes based on what decisions Zelda made in OOT (w/ her being Hylia & having a connection to the Sacred Realm, she was granted knowledge in order to make a decision). Ritos still evolved, obviously, but now more in alignment w/ natural selection NOT necessity. This evolution was going to happen regardless. Maybe Groose from SS had already started the new race.... Rock salt exists without flooding. As we know, every LoZ map ONLY shows so much....who's to say that the land masses haven't ALWAYS been surrounded by water, like in BOTW??? LoZ is HEAVILY influenced by Japanese "Shinto" beliefs; which significantly impacts your overall perspective of the series....... -- For example, in Shinto, the belief is that things occur in 3's. The main symbol looks like the TriForce. And it's said that Shinto EXISTS in 3 WORLDS.....The Heavens (WW timeline), The Earth (TP timeline), & The Underworld (downfall timeline). Shinto also has 3 Gods that created & perfected the lands. I could keep going w/ how much the Shinto beliefs match & help explain the hidden direction the LoZ series has & is going.......Shinto even calls Sacred places "shrines" & each has a priest to guide you. It's just incredible how many references you'll uncover within a few minutes of Shinto research lol Seriously research's a site to start you out that I've used before, when I initially made the connection......
MonoWheelMaster !
MonoWheelMaster ! 19 dager siden
I think that Nintendo is leaving things open to interpretation on purpose. They want the player to think of the timeline.
Matsunoki T-T
Matsunoki T-T 19 dager siden
Datto Griffiths
Datto Griffiths 19 dager siden
Its not a theory its true facts
DefinitelyNot ASheep
DefinitelyNot ASheep 19 dager siden
That may be why Nintendo made a Hyrule warrior age Of calamity, to maybe hint at the two games being connected, both and hyrule warrior I mean.
Gadija Appleby
Gadija Appleby 19 dager siden
what about the Gameboy and Nintendo switch Zelda awakens
Davide Rossi
Davide Rossi 19 dager siden
I am amazed that gamers keep doinf this knowing Nintendo developed for 25 years Zelda games literally resetting the story using the same characters without any idea of timeline.
Aurora Bassani
Aurora Bassani 19 dager siden
This is perfect
Payton Hillson
Payton Hillson 19 dager siden
dam time to redo the timeline cause time travel is a thing now besides oot
Goldfish Bro
Goldfish Bro 20 dager siden
That BotW cosplay lookin’ super class.
Brya Rothfus
Brya Rothfus 20 dager siden
It is true that they just released a timeline because people asked for it. That's why it isn't a good one.
Brady Doodles
Brady Doodles 20 dager siden
I hope Mat is happy that there is a Hyrule warriors game that is canon
Lucky mark
Lucky mark 20 dager siden
Can you make a theory againg cause they realeasd a new game that has amazing story yet confunsing
Lexisking 1
Lexisking 1 20 dager siden
Nintendo in the back splitting the timeline again with a time-travelling egg-shaped miniature guardian: YOU FOOL YOU FELL FOR ONE OF THE CLASSIC BLUNDERS!
The Friendly Phantom
The Friendly Phantom 20 dager siden
I own a wii u. And all of your nagging against it completely offends me. The wii u is WAY worse than you make it out to be!
hello_world8467 20 dager siden
17:12 But in WW, there is also a blue tunic for Link before he puts on the Hero of Time's outfit. I think you can also wear it during your adventure.
Daniel Burniston
Daniel Burniston 20 dager siden
Hey just so you know, they broke the timeline again. -----------> Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity
Orbit C-OPS
Orbit C-OPS 20 dager siden
My homie tested all of these websites believing they were real, but the only legit one seems to be Gamecrook. I hope I saved your time.
mehegama 21 dag siden
There is no timeline. There is a very basic story in general and they try to fit retrospectively every game, which have their own mythology, to a timeline. Thus creating this monstrosity of a timeline
Imabored 21 dag siden
Nintendo just made uniting the timeline even easier
cody the lego master
cody the lego master 21 dag siden
Matpat: let's talk the zelda timeline Me: I want to talk to the person who dressed up as girl link
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 22 dager siden
Man, Mat’s gonna have a field day with Age of Calamity.
Crumble 73
Crumble 73 22 dager siden
idk why there are no Zora in the triumphant adult timeline, the earth floods for windwaker
Movie Review
Movie Review 22 dager siden
That’s great and all but I hate to tell you... *Age of Calamity breaks the timeline again* lol
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