Game Theory: FNAF Security Breach, I Know the BIG TWIST... I think

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18 dager siden

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You probably read the title and thought something like, "There goes MatPat, trying to figure out a FNAF game that's not even out yet." Well, you may be RIGHT but you are also WRONG! I'm not "trying" to solve the big TWIST of FNAF Security Breach. All of my days of gathering evidence and researching the Five Nights at Freddy's universe means that I KNOW my stuff. In fact, I know it SO WELL that I can predict - without playing the game - what we will learn that will change the shape of the FNAF story moving forward. What is it? How do I KNOW? Theorists, you'll have to watch to find out.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

FuhNaff 17 dager siden
LETS GOOOOOO!!!! SO hyped for this 😱🎉 Let’s see what you got MatPat 😉🤔
Aleatoire Dag siden
Lysha Waltz
Lysha Waltz 3 dager siden
Hello, props to you for scrolling all the way down here. I hope you have a good day! Make sure you eat and take care of yourself. Also try to get something done today. And remember someone out there loves you! 😌✨
Wolfgamer 1
Wolfgamer 1 7 dager siden
Riskyy no
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 17 dager siden
dazed_ yuki
dazed_ yuki 17 dager siden
@Riskyy that’s not even a channel link you stupid frick
Halvblodsprinsen100 3 minutter siden
«Vegan leather» you mean plastic? The thing made from oil, and is the remains of dead animals and plants? The thing that has become one of the biggest scourges of life on the planet? That type of vegan leather?
Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso 2 timer siden
Oh god, what is it this time
Kamilya Repper
Kamilya Repper 4 timer siden
I can't believe you made a charity live stream, run 7-8 channels, uploads I think every week and make A lot of merch,. You seriously amaze me, you are like a superhero.
Turbo_plays 5 timer siden
Who is watching this and is sad because we never got to finish it
Sasege2 and Arena
Sasege2 and Arena 5 timer siden
Look man you had me until the Ness part, then all I could hear was the distant screams of “PK Fire”
Lego Heroesworth
Lego Heroesworth 5 timer siden
I caught up on the series after being off-grid for a few months. And I gotta say, I absolutely am loving how the theories (and the franchise) are going! Sucks I don't got a PS4, but I'l settle with just the Xbox One I got. Keep up the work MatPat! Keep it up!
Caleb wendt
Caleb wendt 5 timer siden
They tripled the goal!!!! Good job guys!
Mr. pancakes
Mr. pancakes 6 timer siden
8:40 ahem 5.0 1.0 purple guy 2.0 spring trap 3.0 scrap trap 4.0 glitch trap
Blake Freddi
Blake Freddi 6 timer siden
The event is on my birthday pog will for sure be showing up, hype is real
Leo Rivas
Leo Rivas 6 timer siden
Not thereing to be mean
Leo Rivas
Leo Rivas 6 timer siden
Trying I mean
Leo Rivas
Leo Rivas 6 timer siden
COVID watching dis um you must not hear for me and I love wat your doing for very very sick kids
blue2pinetree 147
blue2pinetree 147 6 timer siden
If the "silence gregory, she has found us" is really a voice line, then who wants to bet it's the soul of a past fazbear security guard trying to keep more kids from dying?
Ruined Jason
Ruined Jason 7 timer siden
Dang man, I wanted that fnaf hoodie but it says it will SHIP by feb, which would mean it would probably come by March or April and that’s bit too long :(
Michael Hamlin
Michael Hamlin 7 timer siden
Idk but i always come back no matter how far I run it follows me
Edgy Club
Edgy Club 8 timer siden
12:37 “Vanessa” Me turns to look at my friend that name Venassa: 👁👄👁 Her: I aLwAyS cOmE BaCk 0.2
OKI POKI 8 timer siden
So I had this pretty interesting theory. It probably isn’t true because of the difference between the books and the games. So in the book, the man in room 1280, afton is haunted by Andrew wearing a crocodile mask, yet in the new security breach fnaf game, the is a new animatronic that is a crocodile. What if they are the same crocodile. Maybe Andrew haunts the crocodile in the new game. But the only problem with it is that Andrew is from the books. But thats just a theory. A GAME THEORY.
Joselito - Tiffany Quiambao
Joselito - Tiffany Quiambao 8 timer siden
Hey matpat I have a theory, I know the songs indicate nothing in the Fnaf world but.. in You can't hide music video you could hear Funtime freddy say "who's that I see a birthday boy to be?" Meaning that your dream theory or that Micheal is the bite victim Has a higher chance of being true but remember The songs don't have any connections to the actual game because Scott cawthon never made the songs but some Are indicating about the animatronics.
The Unknown.
The Unknown. 9 timer siden
Anyway, I'm excited about this game!
The Unknown.
The Unknown. 9 timer siden
FNAF 1 is not placed on 2003 and you can easily debunk that by putting attention to Henry's age in FNAF 6. If we think about it, If FNAF 6 is placed on 2033 (hypothetically considering FNAF 1 in 2003) then Henry would be about 80 years old, a fact that of course doesn't make sense. If we take Henry's birth being on approximately 1953 or 1963, then he would be 20 or 30 in 1983 (when he founded Fredbear's) and 70 or 80 in FNAF 6. Now, if we take FNAF 3 happening in 2023, it would be more logical since Henry would be about 60 years old. Also, remember that an Easter egg in FNAF 6 indicates that is occurring on 2023. And if we take in consideration that FNAF 3 occurs 30 years later after FNAF 1 and FNAF 3 is almost in the same year as FNAF 6, then the best conclusion is that FNAF 1 is in 1993.
Emily Wyles
Emily Wyles 9 timer siden
There is something in the top left of the kitchen in the security breach trailer
Shaniac 1007
Shaniac 1007 10 timer siden
If everyone that’s subbed to this channel donates one dollar. They’ll make over 13 mill
Shaniac 1007
Shaniac 1007 10 timer siden
I was watching st.Jude for like 10 mins, but I got kicked out cause I had to do HOOOOMMMMMEEEEWWOOOORRRRRKKKKK. Who needs to do that.
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 11 timer siden
Correction 3 times one with the shadow two with the jump scare and third in the top left corner after the shadow
Vincent Laprise
Vincent Laprise 11 timer siden
Just the normal minigame
Dee Bell
Dee Bell 11 timer siden
The NOpost Gods were against us tonight, but NO ONE WILL KEEP US FROM WITNESSING THE KING! Video will be uploaded Saturday at 7:30 EST. (NOpost had a stinker, as soon as I uploaded the site went down, most people on mobile couldn't play the video) NOpost CAN'T STOP TRACE MCSORLEY! SEE YOU SATURDAY! 😤😤😤😤
Ace Gordon
Ace Gordon 11 timer siden
GD Lecha
GD Lecha 12 timer siden
Nice reference to Kurzesagt- In a Nutshell by using his 12019 calendar
Harley Perkins
Harley Perkins 12 timer siden
Fnaf I love a lot
Roger Mccartney
Roger Mccartney 12 timer siden
With how many fnaf videos matpat has made, he might has well should have just made a different fnaf theory channel.
lola Kenner
lola Kenner 12 timer siden
wow I always come back, ( he goes super politet ) But could you please let me out Sir / Ma'am?
GlowingPixels 12 timer siden
Fredbear's COULD still be the start of the timeline. On the TV in FNAF 4 there is a show called Fredbear and Friends. Maybe they are characters from the show and it got so popular that they had masks made for them?
Kalebs Fun Adventures
Kalebs Fun Adventures 12 timer siden
My storage is full because I have 1,00
NightLight 12 timer siden
I HAVE A FNAF THEORY FOR SECURITY BREACH Security Breach has new animatronics right? which means William Afton is back and alive after being trapped in hell but not as a human as glitchtrap as MatPat says in his theory's that William Afton is glitchtrap in the real world now due to Help Wanted Which means he has someone's body taken under control but I have a idea of what Security Breach LORE is gonna be about it's gonna be about releasing William Afton from hell and stopping Cassidy from keeping him there with these new and improved animatronics because the trailer has some Funtime Techy type animatronics but I have an idea by who you play as because so far it's been about Micheal wanting answers from his dad but this time I think you play as Henry yeah THAT Henry the one who had his daughter killed and Henry knows William is in hell from the end of Pizzaria Simulator because he goes "and the darkest pits of hell open for one of you, so don't keep the devil waiting old friend" so this time he knows he's back due to a NEW restaurant opening because of the new type animatronics and environment and after trying to trap him in the golden bonnie springlock suit he lives as springtrap, and burning him in FNaF 3 and Pizzaria Simulator he goes himself to find what William is up to thanks for listening to my TEDTalk
『Han da Hand』
『Han da Hand』 12 timer siden
Wait so who is shadow Bon
『Han da Hand』
『Han da Hand』 12 timer siden
Dang those gacha kids always know, they figured it out 5 months ago. They’ve known for a year that Mike was the boi Ennard scooped
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 11 timer siden
Literally everyone has known that since 2016
Momo 13 timer siden
5:45 your welcome
Dalila Ruiz did
Dalila Ruiz did 13 timer siden
Back at it again...
Adam Long
Adam Long 13 timer siden
So what you’re saying is that all those hours that were spent making sure he was damned to hell for all eternity were in vain? Can Afton stay dead next time? Please? This is getting old.
BRIDGETTE GAMING 13 timer siden
Hi mat pat keep up the good work and also I hope u ,your girlfriend or wife and kid is ok also what did u name the baby
Akira Raine
Akira Raine 13 timer siden
I feel like the person who plays baby now plays vanny
AndrewS Is Wright
AndrewS Is Wright 13 timer siden
Vanny is crazy!
Roy Liber
Roy Liber 15 timer siden
"I always come back" refers to Scott always coming back with new FNaF game at this point... lets be honest here lol
Lys Franc
Lys Franc 15 timer siden
Vanny is very cute! I would love to have a cute puppet of use!
southernmtnbikr 16 timer siden
Defne SERMEN Beylerbeyi
Defne SERMEN Beylerbeyi 16 timer siden
you really don't now how to stop don't you
wet_memes . Inc
wet_memes . Inc 16 timer siden
Luis a simp
Potato Dud
Potato Dud 16 timer siden
Who knew that animatronics ran on raspberry pi
Sam Green
Sam Green 17 timer siden
Hey, fellow theorists! I know we’re talking about Vanny, but I have an idea for an explanation of the murder incident of 1985 that that kid named Oswald visited. We know that JR’s (FNAF2 location) was open as early as 1983 and as late as 1987. We know this because of how the Crying Child loved to go to that restaurant. I know that the FNAF 2 animatronics were meant to be a security measure, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not possessed. So is it possible that these 6 kids who died in 1985 possessed Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, BB, and JJ (yup, JJ), and that this is not a new location? Because JR’s is just another name for the NEW AND IMPROVED FREDDY FAZBEAR’S PIZZA. Matt, please read this
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 8 timer siden
@Sam Green I never said I was Scott
Sam Green
Sam Green 11 timer siden
Shut up fake Scotr
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 13 timer siden
Jr’s is not the fnaf 2 location. And the newspaper at the end of fnaf 2 says it was only open for a few short weeks
Buddybz !
Buddybz ! 17 timer siden
Will the livestream be on his channel too?
Stavros Kousoulakis
Stavros Kousoulakis 17 timer siden
well guess what? you are WRONG! shadow bonnie and glitchtrap are both very seperate characters
um i don't post
um i don't post 17 timer siden
I always come back. William Afton since forever
Gaming G
Gaming G 17 timer siden
can i say that it’s about time they partnered?
Cinderace YT
Cinderace YT 17 timer siden
I’m actually fascinated about this bc it all makes sense. I also believed when h w was released that glitch trap was William Afton
Yutong Chen
Yutong Chen 17 timer siden
Kid: The animatronics is all robots People: *calm* Kid: but they are all furries People: *panik*
Nicholas Strand
Nicholas Strand 17 timer siden
Where did you get the red jacket that you are wearing?
the redfedora
the redfedora 18 timer siden
I was hoping 8 bit ryan to be in it too *-* But again it's amazin I would ofcourse be there to see it
Steven The Gamer
Steven The Gamer 18 timer siden
theory: U know when tape girl says to collect some tapes and don't collect the different tapes right? What if we collect the tapes that she recommends? Maybe that would work.
LexTGM De golden mincart
LexTGM De golden mincart 18 timer siden
Just a theory about Vanessa and her mental state more of something of when Vanessa awake is she dose her job as a security guard at the plex but at night (aka when she is unconscious) there’s nothing stopping Afton from possessing her and corrupting her ever night. IDK just a theory
Iñaki Salcedo
Iñaki Salcedo 18 timer siden
Iñaki Salcedo
Iñaki Salcedo 11 timer siden
@Samit np
Samit 17 timer siden
Neris Zelaya
Neris Zelaya 18 timer siden
2020 feels like William trapped in h e double hockey stick
MoonVshock 18 timer siden
Where is the stream going to be
Umber Gill
Umber Gill 16 timer siden
On youtube
Yasemin Guleryuz
Yasemin Guleryuz 18 timer siden
I’ve been seeing nightmares and dreams about glitchtrap lately the first appearance was his name on a monster who was chasing me had a phone with two names on it vanny and glitchtrap then I woke up when got to sleep I saw glitchtrap again but he was suitless like in the princess quest he said the same same things “I always come back, let me out” the next night I saw something weird I was micheal afton but there was glitchtrap once again stareing to me from the back ground then I backed off and ran as fast as a can and I woke up and then I slept my theory is that micheal was aware of glitchtrap thank you for comeing to my Ted talk
Dark Angel YT
Dark Angel YT 19 timer siden
Bro afton been stacking up those 1-ups
fivenightsatfreddys god01
fivenightsatfreddys god01 19 timer siden
true det matpat and know wonder everbody said spring traps in security breach but fuhnaff said it not me
Hope Wittenmyer
Hope Wittenmyer 19 timer siden
pointblox 19 timer siden
todays the da guys
Juan Pablo Salazar
Juan Pablo Salazar 20 timer siden
I think that the voice telling the kid that Vanny is near is Glam-rock Fredy. Maybe we'll get an animatronic that actually wants to help us.
King meep
King meep 20 timer siden
Wait what was he spelling out in the beginning
sir-ducky99 20 timer siden
Emails are where I draw the line matpat
Arya T Demirhan
Arya T Demirhan 20 timer siden
mark rober fans: I raised that boy 👉
amor galang
amor galang 20 timer siden
Theory: The REAL identity of golden freddy is sammy from the silver eyes novel, I direct you now to the Sister Location Decoded video in 9:42 of that video in which Mat says "Afton is the one who kidnaps and kills children in fredbear themed suits, his first victim is henry's son SAMMY followed by four other kids, who posses the infamous suits" Also Mat I recomend rewatching older FNAF theories before making new ones.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 18 timer siden
Sammy doesnt exist in the games and he is pretty much still alive in the novels
Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres 23 timer siden
Mat u sud sell plushies I would by like 3 lol
Light_ Savior87
Light_ Savior87 23 timer siden
Ralph Foad
Ralph Foad 23 timer siden
I absolutely love this
Kino 23 timer siden
Yo it’s been a while for me so who’s Vanny and glitchtrap?
matthew agoncillo
matthew agoncillo 23 timer siden
Do bugsnax
Jorge Sidas
Jorge Sidas Dag siden
chris corte
chris corte Dag siden
Why watch ads, when you can skip them? Go to 6:00 for video...
zaffi zahri
zaffi zahri Dag siden
Mia Alcaide
Mia Alcaide Dag siden
I love you Mat you are such a good person 😊❤😍
Lexipepsi Adeda
Lexipepsi Adeda Dag siden
I always will forget fnaf it’s so boring 😟
Occoris Natividad
Occoris Natividad Dag siden
Hey sorry I am a bit confused. Is Tape Girl Vanessa?
Occoris Natividad
Occoris Natividad Dag siden
@Automatic Bomb 2 Oh alright, thank you for the help.
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
No They have different voice actors
Simon Vincent Victorino
Simon Vincent Victorino Dag siden
Vanny looks like purple guys sister or wife
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
She isnt likely confirmed to be related to him
Maricela Zuniga Rodriguez
Maricela Zuniga Rodriguez Dag siden
Do a film theory how light sabers work
Rory Taylor
Rory Taylor Dag siden
That's tomqrow
Dangelo Rivera
Dangelo Rivera Dag siden
I am pretty sure this guy is a Sony pony
The gaming Nugget
The gaming Nugget Dag siden
Ness should have been using nord vpn
Izzac Holmes
Izzac Holmes Dag siden
Henry K
Henry K Dag siden
I hope it comes to Xbox
Donocasper Rodriguez
Donocasper Rodriguez Dag siden
I know this isn't the right video but it's the most recent on fnaf so if yall could push this comment to be seen by mat pat It would be greatly appreciated:) but my question is how is "foxy bro" Micheal afton if you stated a couple videos before that crying child from fnaf 4 was Micheal afton?
Sebastian Scaling
Sebastian Scaling Dag siden
purple guy in the beginning: lets see lock electrical door vent in and kill the crying child vent away
TheHauntedGamer28 Dag siden
anyone thinking that the female glitchtrap possibly can be the mom of the afton family
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Only you
Jared Ingram
Jared Ingram Dag siden
MatPat is an incredible human genuinely.
chady cake
chady cake Dag siden
Woah is that final fantasy 8?! I love the game nit if it was a remake though NOPE NEVER
Dawson Jaskoviak
Dawson Jaskoviak Dag siden
I love this channel
Ella Plays
Ella Plays Dag siden
SO i know 100% that sister location came before FNaf 3 because in your 3rd video about fnaf 3 its says on a tape there was an issue with spring lock failures at sister location so they will be retired and put into storage. this happens at 7:36 you may have already known this but i was just confirming and telling people that didn't know already
So And so
So And so Dag siden
Heyoo did you notice the flashes of purple in the television screen in the beginning? I’m curious
Andrew Scruggs
Andrew Scruggs Dag siden
What do if Vanessa is tape girl
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Dag siden
Different voice actors
kash wolf
kash wolf Dag siden
hey matpat i want to see the theories happen with yuo want superhorrorbro the youtuber it might actually spot something that both coldent see togueter
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