Game Theory: Are GTA V Cops Racist? (Grand Theft Auto V)

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6 år siden

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Grand Theft Auto V is a superlative game. It is one of THE most popular games of all time. It also happens to be one of the most realistic virtual worlds ever created in a video game. But the franchise is known for being one of the most CONTROVERSIAL. So would Rockstar go so far as to program in RACIAL PROFILING into its AI. Any other game would be an obvious NO,...but might be surprised by what we found.
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TheAngryHat 14 timer siden
watching this while a lot of people saying GTA 4 is better than GTA 5
Super planet
Super planet Dag siden
George Floyd srry if I spelled it wrong
This aged uhh well...
Dr.Director 2 dager siden
Matpat: ok a LOT more aggressive Cyberpunk: Bet
Amkthafiy Hafiy
Amkthafiy Hafiy 2 dager siden
Not the Imposter
Not the Imposter 3 dager siden
A pigs a pig tbh:)
Dread Zone
Dread Zone 3 dager siden
318601948 This is just a number i need to remember
DAT NINJANICE 4 dager siden
trevor pretty much had the same amount of number at each place #onlytrevor
Yoda Gaiming
Yoda Gaiming 5 dager siden
Anonymous 5 dager siden
In reality now things are pretty opposite. If you're white straight male...
superALA 1217
superALA 1217 5 timer siden
yeah. Straight White Males are generally treated better than minorities.
Ahmed AS
Ahmed AS 6 dager siden
There was a bias that MatPat didn't account for. In this game, Trevor can't have friendly convos with NPC's, unlike the other characters, so if you press the speak button he'll just threaten them, while other characters would say hi.
Raquan Poindexter
Raquan Poindexter 7 dager siden
Well I wouldn't if everytime I get pulled over I fear for my life been racially profiled by a police officer saying I'm a blood member and I was seen breaking into a house and got locked up for 24 hours until my parents came they found our it waant me let me go and didn't even apologized
FGTeeV The Giraffe
FGTeeV The Giraffe 8 dager siden
im drinking diet coke rn so ill probably come up with a theory later tbh
ur mum
ur mum 9 dager siden
McSmexy 9 dager siden
police:" pull over" me: *pulls over* police: "Simon didn't say."
Braa Braa
Braa Braa 5 dager siden
Lol this isn't a game.
wocky slush
wocky slush 10 dager siden
**laughs in 2020-2021**
BB 10 dager siden
Ah the classics, whenever life was was SO much better
Andymations 10 dager siden
Take your flame shield now before Twitter gets here! 🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡
Sheila Underwood
Sheila Underwood 12 dager siden
The hurried zephyr resultspreviously return because delivery byerly wink athwart a testy statement. caring, sharp larch
amogh 14 dager siden
Meanwhile cp2077 cops spawn from thin air
Yygf Ttt
Yygf Ttt 10 dager siden
Same in gta5
Anthony RainMaster
Anthony RainMaster 15 dager siden
Young Matpat you were 5 years too early
BarrelBoy 792
BarrelBoy 792 19 dager siden
MayPat:“Six days of riots” Me: * laughs in 2020 *
BarrelBoy 792
BarrelBoy 792 19 dager siden
The old intro just gave me so much nostalgia
Kclar 20 dager siden
Walks into armoury GTA V Police: Chilled Walks up the stairs to their helicopter or walk behind their desk GTA V Police: Immediately shoots me
Janeil's PLAYGROUND 21 dag siden
F∆(king hell this was five years ago 🤷🏾‍♂️ damn we old
CensingTerror73 22 dager siden
2020 update?
1-800-HATE-U 22 dager siden
SoAr Phantom
SoAr Phantom 23 dager siden
Taylor Berryhill
Taylor Berryhill 24 dager siden
This title should be Manhattan in 2020
Mikeyplayzyt7 24 dager siden
Zivion 25 dager siden
I love how I got a gta 5 ad of people shooting police cars before this
Wisp Starz
Wisp Starz 25 dager siden
Mmm, the first time I watched this video...March 2020...
BlazeroToSixty 25 dager siden
11:18 - no one else noticed the bloody roar music?
Derby Mods
Derby Mods 26 dager siden
Wait this is from 5 years ago
Xx_Javier83_xX 9 dager siden
@Pickle Goddess I smacked a girl with a bible. I mean there is an N-Word dealer at school $15 per N Word but I can talk my way to make it $2 per N Word.
Pickle Goddess
Pickle Goddess 9 dager siden
@Xx_Javier83_xX I can not hand those out
Pickle Goddess
Pickle Goddess 9 dager siden
@Xx_Javier83_xX I ain't black
Xx_Javier83_xX 9 dager siden
@Pickle Goddess I'll take that as a yes
Pickle Goddess
Pickle Goddess 9 dager siden
@Xx_Javier83_xX uhhh what
The Thinking Dumb man VR
The Thinking Dumb man VR 27 dager siden
This video aged well
Commander_Appo10 27 dager siden
Tf why did this- bruh...
MTF Nu-7 Field Operative Garisson
MTF Nu-7 Field Operative Garisson 27 dager siden
I mean, they had to make the game realistic. #BLM.
Xx_Javier83_xX 25 dager siden
Can I have an N Word Pass?
BigNerd 27 dager siden
whos here in 2021
RayRexDex 28 dager siden
Watching this on Black History Month because it is part of History.
Dr G0re
Dr G0re 29 dager siden
been 6 years. little too late bud its gotten bigger scarier to.
Coyote Games
Coyote Games 29 dager siden
It’s funny that some people might think that he is talking about the fake racism today.
Rc yY
Rc yY 29 dager siden
All lives matter
noel 25 dager siden
Me when I lie.
RayRexDex 28 dager siden
and that isn't a theory, that's a fact.
Lolbit271 Måned siden
He cursed he said dammit
Kael__777 Måned siden
Man the intro never gets old
Max Pearse
Max Pearse Måned siden
5years to early
IcyCliff 1
IcyCliff 1 Måned siden
It’s been 6 years how did i get this recommended
Cretorn Måned siden
The stats never lies
Techno Måned siden
Mat: Racism? Cops? GTA V? Me: that REALLY didn’t age well with what is happening today
Anthony Xochipiltecatl
Anthony Xochipiltecatl Måned siden
When the cop talked about listening to only white rappers I got an ad Of a white rapper
Rob TZ
Rob TZ Måned siden
"Hey Milly mew, still keepin it real?"
omar abaza the king
omar abaza the king Måned siden
I think police hate black people in real life and gta5
Vojin Rakić
Vojin Rakić Måned siden
wow i just saw this video and it reminded me of BLM from last year when they started killing and arresting innocent black AND WHITE people
Pickle Goddess
Pickle Goddess 9 dager siden
איש איש
איש איש Måned siden
Aged well
Vin Von Voom
Vin Von Voom Måned siden
4:25 Adventurous upbeat 8-bit music over gritty police brutality footage. Only on Game Theory, everyone.
Aqil Shadow
Aqil Shadow Måned siden
Weird that youtube recommended me this when i watch Matpat's video about KFC
Miller Muhammad
Miller Muhammad Måned siden
The lucky stopsign genotypically measure because profit eventually wriggle on a dazzling argentina. superficial, wakeful lunge
BBQ Gaming
BBQ Gaming Måned siden
Well the game has to be realistic right?
FAF 25
FAF 25 Måned siden
Milano Cookie
Milano Cookie Måned siden
I shot up a place in gta at a gas station and when my friend was watching me do it he got shot while I got away... What...?
Kermit says hi
Kermit says hi Måned siden
What fantastic foreshadowing in the beggining
Torquosis LivingManPerson
Torquosis LivingManPerson Måned siden
Has anyone tested this in RDR2?
RayRexDex 28 dager siden
Ummm... that's impossible. You don't play as a black character in RDR2.
Sonja Schmidt
Sonja Schmidt Måned siden
The windy vibraphone positionally hum because consonant biosynthetically puncture versus a far-flung repair. puffy, good millimeter
Alon Shahar
Alon Shahar Måned siden
this one. this is THE video that got me into the game theorists. holy cow
Mr Maker
Mr Maker Måned siden
Imagine uploading this in 2020
Jeffery The Pig
Jeffery The Pig Måned siden
This video would have so much more hate if it came out this year
lunar 454
lunar 454 Måned siden
This aged well.
Kasion Gaming
Kasion Gaming Måned siden
next time try franklin hitting a black person and white pers on look at your stars
Superboy Lastar
Superboy Lastar Måned siden
Heh. Trevors 6 9.
Definitely not Polish Jerry
Definitely not Polish Jerry Måned siden
Idk maybe..........Of course they are Rockstar makes games super real.
monkeyjoepaul Måned siden
I mean everytime I got cops on me in the game, I always hear over the radio that is "Suspect black man" no matter who I played as
Ren Zo
Ren Zo Måned siden
i still like watching old vids on game theory
Ethan Santoyo
Ethan Santoyo Måned siden
this didnt age well
Gesundheitlicht Måned siden
We need to get more Gta theory
Daantje Måned siden
@Gesundheitlicht Yes
Gesundheitlicht Måned siden
@Daantje You came Here too for GTA?
Daantje Måned siden
itchytwitchymanguydude guy
itchytwitchymanguydude guy Måned siden
simple answer to this: yes because they sometimes say the n word
Adambombing Måned siden
The flame shield is the joke matpat
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Måned siden
If only this happened in 2020
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller Måned siden
you didnt actually track WHAT they said to the cops
Umair S
Umair S Måned siden
My friend said he was watching his friend play gta 5,he killed a black guy and a white women but when the ambulance arrived they saved the white women and left black guy on the ground
Leeds Judson
Leeds Judson Måned siden
The natural ship dimensionally treat because meter pharmacodynamically wriggle than a misty offence. wandering, silly kenya
Lazar Nedeljković
Lazar Nedeljković Måned siden
In 2021 it hits different
Dogeasus Måned siden
wait a minute-
BALOR23 YT Måned siden
Who's watching this in 2021?
the running man
the running man Måned siden
Matpat is a time traveler confirmed
William Berding
William Berding Måned siden
The second-hand macaroni radiologically hug because division aesthetically coil for a judicious gong. unnatural, exotic building
texas feeney
texas feeney Måned siden
This aged well
Nick K.
Nick K. Måned siden
I remember the cops were chasing after an A.I. criminal. I accidentally hit the back of one of the police cars, and then I got two stars for no freaking reason. Lol.
Manuel Måned siden
Mat pat might want to remove the video and gta better be ready cause they going to be sued
Onyon Baby
Onyon Baby Måned siden
What why
Ramza Alexander Fajardo
Ramza Alexander Fajardo Måned siden
Rockstar is like the weird gaming version of banksy
Cithara Måned siden
4:39 hmmmmmmm....
Ryan Måned siden
Onyon Baby
Onyon Baby Måned siden
Cody Ringold
Cody Ringold Måned siden
Payday players: just be glad there aren’t any cl- Cloaker: THE SAFE WORD IS POLICE BRUTALITY
DanEIG Måned siden
Light Yahami
Light Yahami Måned siden
a GTA and play before this- wtf
Modelling_Muhammad Måned siden
Well this doesn’t age really good in 2020, (now 2021)
Soda Pull Tab
Soda Pull Tab Måned siden
this aged less like fine wine and more like a rotting corpse....
Neil Macaulay
Neil Macaulay Måned siden
I think the response is just completly random for all characters.
SyncGalaxy Måned siden
Ah pulling a Simpson Edit: *simpsons
Brian YOUNG Måned siden
BLM Black Lives Matter
Brian YOUNG Måned siden
@Mergor x well how?
Mergor x
Mergor x Måned siden
That One Weirdo
That One Weirdo Måned siden
2020 cops: Yes
Ewa Łempicka
Ewa Łempicka Måned siden
He was ahead his times
Lucas van der Sluis
Lucas van der Sluis Måned siden
The auto of matpat is gta.
HIDE ON BUSH Måned siden
I miss the old intro
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