Game Theory: Bendy FOOLED Us! Predicting the Chapter 5 REVEAL! (Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4)

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The Game Theorists

2 år siden

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The story of Bendy has gone through some MAJOR updates! With the addition of many secrets and buffed up character development, our last Theory is not looking too hot. I'm taking a new look at Bendy from the new Chapter for all the way back to Chapter 1 to PREDICT what the BIG REVEAL will be in Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5 - the FINAL CHAPTER!!
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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 2 år siden
A lot of people have been asking me for either a Baldi's Basics theory or Granny theory. Which would you want, if either?
Tollie Gaming
Tollie Gaming 2 måneder siden
What if Wally Frank's is actually the creator of the ink machine
Dezmino 5 måneder siden
im not late at all to say this, i would prefer baldis basics
THE POKE ARMY is boss 6 måneder siden
We want granny
SplendorMan 666
SplendorMan 666 7 måneder siden
The Game Theorists yes
Slime in a can
Slime in a can 8 måneder siden
Apex Extra
Apex Extra 14 timer siden
When game theory teaches you more than school
Mr Mann
Mr Mann 3 dager siden
Man, I would have liked the ending that matpat theorized much better
ben cowden
ben cowden 4 dager siden
Why does the ink machine sound like it's peeing
United Wolves!
United Wolves! 5 dager siden
Joey drew is not bendy and wally franks is not bendy either bendy was teh first creation by joey drew with no soul
Flamer Gabudir
Flamer Gabudir 5 dager siden
BOY WERE YOU WRONG! they're both Boris, wally is chapter 3 Boris, and Thomas is the mecha Boris! simple!
Godzilla Super Star Ultra
Godzilla Super Star Ultra 5 dager siden
Joey Drew purposely replaced Susie to convince her to become Alice Angel
RashieYT 5 dager siden
The creator sittinh at the computer and said BENDY IS SANS NOW XD
RashieYT 5 dager siden
Ok. I have to admit this intro is THE BEST ive EVER seen here here 6 dager siden
Ace Ryan
Ace Ryan 7 dager siden
The jump scare at the start acually got me...
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic 7 dager siden
3:25 Poor boris 🥺
Happy -ist
Happy -ist 8 dager siden
GreenBat_5 8 dager siden
*wally never gets to get his keys* Well bendy is never found in chapter 2, only in the end and nowhere where the keys are
Ballora 10 dager siden
okay, is it just me or is bendy and the ink machine and FNAF similar in a way? I mean humans turning into inhuman things and such. So, yeah.
Coty Vanz Bacasen
Coty Vanz Bacasen 10 dager siden
Wait if you say he will destroy the ink machine why hasn't he done it yet. Like there is no point cuz he can just walk up in front of ink bendy saying: Hey! I'm the perfect one. But he didn't do that
ben cowden
ben cowden 10 dager siden
So wait not take the all of the dead Boris to make them rebirthed
ben cowden
ben cowden 10 dager siden
And is nobody's talking about how wally sound like bendy
ben cowden
ben cowden 10 dager siden
Do dbs
ben cowden
ben cowden 10 dager siden
Radu Zaharia
Radu Zaharia 10 dager siden
I know this is now answered (probably) but if there is a good and evil alice and a good and evil bendy then what about boris?
Shaun Swallow
Shaun Swallow 10 dager siden
Darn you and your jump scare intros!
Radu Zaharia
Radu Zaharia 11 dager siden
the intro is true I am the theory machine
haven slendy
haven slendy 11 dager siden
i was thinking when you die bendy puts you in the machine thats why you see the weird ink thing your in is that right?
goat simulator goat
goat simulator goat 12 dager siden
five nights at doki doki cuptale just picture that
BlockTooth 13 dager siden
yea nah you were wrong
Dakota DiAscro
Dakota DiAscro 13 dager siden
Lizzy Love6073
Lizzy Love6073 13 dager siden
The intro:matpat the horror game
XItaSasux4ever12 13 dager siden
Do we ever get an explanation as to who the bandit gang's identities are?
Ella FNAF fox
Ella FNAF fox 15 dager siden
Bendy being sans makes sense
Moonlit Silver
Moonlit Silver 15 dager siden
Um, I have a theory that Wally Franks is Boris, but so is Thomas Connor. And that Bendy has no soul in him. I don't exactly understand why Wally would be Bendy, it makes zero sense to me, but I haven't been able to play the bendy and the ink machine games myself, I've just been watching other people play it.
Thepandasqwod 16 dager siden
I like that little jump scare at the start
Joaxin Viktor Delgado Parra
Joaxin Viktor Delgado Parra 17 dager siden
rian pilkington
rian pilkington 18 dager siden
i thought joey was bendy but yeah the gear is wallys from the machine and wally could of been pushed by joey and the wheelchair could be the future wally in bendy form could of attaked joey to peralise him but chapter five but the wheelchair was in the end so my theorys out the window or is it but then its just A THEORY A GAME THEORY
rian pilkington
rian pilkington 18 dager siden
but the clones in chapter 3 didnt go into ink which means the boris in chapter 3 has a soul so wallys soul could be boris
walkagator the wild man
walkagator the wild man 18 dager siden
you should of had jason read the begining skit if you did im gunna get my ears checked
MintyPlayzFnaf:P 18 dager siden
Also "Five chapters at Bendy 2" Sounds a lot like five nights at freddy's 2
MintyPlayzFnaf:P 18 dager siden
MatPat:"Wally Frank's is the Bendy monster." Me: didn't you JUST say that wally was boris?! I confused. :/
Rank JINXED 19 dager siden
The intro before it had the yellow part for food theory brought back some memorys
Fahim Muqri
Fahim Muqri 19 dager siden
Joey Drew+Bendy=THE INK DEMON Proof= The ink demon walks likes Joey's broke leg The ink demon has neck!! The left hand of TID is more smaller then the right hand that has 4 fingers.
king blob IX
king blob IX 20 dager siden
that jumpscare at the start scared me
Good Name
Good Name 20 dager siden
Yeah but what if the Boris from chapter 3 was Wally while the Boris from chapter 4 is thomas
Robbe Deprez
Robbe Deprez 21 dag siden
William Faix
William Faix 23 dager siden
4:06 waiting for the pogchamp jokes
Orange 23 dager siden
Why am I watching this in 2020? Maybe because I’m just an idiot
Ella Bev
Ella Bev 23 dager siden
Bro same
The Indo Rex
The Indo Rex 23 dager siden
Nlg 0:38 REALLY scared me
Ari Simanjuntak
Ari Simanjuntak 23 dager siden
Baldi School Camera Disruption is Baldi Basics Education and Learning to Security Cameras!
Ari Simanjuntak
Ari Simanjuntak 23 dager siden
SCP Containment Breach Ultimate Edition
Jrlenong Lenong
Jrlenong Lenong 24 dager siden
Please don't talk about the ink demon
Jrlenong Lenong
Jrlenong Lenong 24 dager siden
Are you serious
Jrlenong Lenong
Jrlenong Lenong 24 dager siden
Josh 25 dager siden
Bendy and ink machine chapter 6 reveal 0:37
Sebastian Victorio ;-;
Sebastian Victorio ;-; 25 dager siden
Sammy: I AM YOUR PROPHECY Bendy: No Henry is Sammy: I AM YOUR- UAGHH
Justin Witkowski
Justin Witkowski 25 dager siden
“Bendy being sans doesn’t make sense” It makes PERFECT sense
Howard The alien
Howard The alien 29 dager siden
this video: exists the meatly: N-new plan!!
Joselito - Tiffany Quiambao
Joselito - Tiffany Quiambao 29 dager siden
Not gonna lie but doesn't henry and Joey drew kinda represent william afton and Henry Emily? I mean henry As henry Emily because he is a kind hearted soul and also created the animatronics just like what henry Did in the Story, Next is william as Joey drew because just like william he is the businessman or should I say the doesn't give but takes man And he is also a murderer just like Joey drew and also stuffed children's souls on the animatronics Just like what Joey drew did with his employees.
Joselito - Tiffany Quiambao
Joselito - Tiffany Quiambao 29 dager siden
But then.. the tables have turned Joey drew is now henry Emily and william afton is henry. "Why?" You ask. It's because henry Burned Afton down just like what Joey did to Henry.
THE TRIFORC Måned siden
Brandan -
Brandan - Måned siden
Brandan -
Brandan - Måned siden
U-u-uh I-i-i wow 😲
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover Måned siden
ok wally franks is boris but tommos conner is also boris BECAUSE YOU SAID THERE COULD BE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER
Mr Mystery
Mr Mystery Måned siden
Umm did you even play chapter 4 Wally Franks was the big merry go round
Liz Fitzgerald
Liz Fitzgerald Måned siden
Check food thiry
Liz Fitzgerald
Liz Fitzgerald Måned siden
Not at the same time
Liz Fitzgerald
Liz Fitzgerald Måned siden
Little Rhino
Little Rhino Måned siden
its not fnaf no jump scares
BeanBuddy Måned siden
Have you ever noticed he always says game theory but its actually called the game theorists?
The Dark Ages
The Dark Ages Måned siden
I call mecha Boris GUNDAM BORIS
GuitarLizard 06
GuitarLizard 06 Måned siden
As soon as I heard the word "Bori", I seriously couldn't hardly breath from laughter
David Freites
David Freites Måned siden
Largy Lotts
Largy Lotts Måned siden
The pentagrams were changed to hexagrams.
Myka Soliminiano
Myka Soliminiano Måned siden
Omg u serg me
Till Eye
Till Eye Måned siden
The accidental search paradoxically remember because believe muhly compete to a damp turnip. grateful gratis, cooing giraffe
Lel Måned siden
One thing I wanna say now that I have watched this series a million times the ink could have been Shawn Flynn because why would Henry have any part of the ritual if he was out of there
Crappy Gacha Shows
Crappy Gacha Shows Måned siden
Now that I rewatch this video with BATDR on the horizon, a lot of theories are going around that I personally think make sense, say that Wally Franks will be the new “(almost) perfect Bendy” we see in the plushies that have come out as merch. This makes sense as yes Wally was a prominent character in the first game, yet was never revealed as a monster. He can’t be the Ink Demon because the audio log of (I think) Thomas Connor that you find in chapter 5 states that Bendy was made without a soul (or former employee). This rules out Wally Franks as being the Ink Demon. While yes it is highly possible that Wally Franks could have been Boris, the book Dreams Come to Life puts a spin on that and suggests (along with Audrey’s glowing writing) that the Boris we come to know and love is actually Buddy. And when you think about it, the gear could still represent Wally as the new Bendy character is seen holding a pipe so maybe he does contain some knowledge about machinery. I personally theorise that the Gent employees where turned into Boris clones as there were so many, and that Tom was turned into one. However I wasn’t sure whether Wally worked with Gent (I’m pretty sure he did) so that puts a spinner in that theory. Wow thanks for reading I guess hope you enjoyed? :/ Edit: it was also theorised that Bendy was trying to protect Henry as perhaps he recognised him. Think about it. He chased Henry, but he stops chasing Henry whenever he enters a Miracle Station. But we know based on our encounter with Norman Polk (the projectionist) in chapter 4, that the monsters can still see you when you are in the stations. Perhaps Bendy knew Henry would be (mostly) safe in the stations and therefore left him alone? And when the projectionist saw him, Bendy came to the rescue. Perhaps in chapter 5, he knew what Henry was going to do, and to stop him from doing that he transformed into Beast Bendy. Maybe he was just angry that he had protected Henry all this time and Henry was just gonna up and destroy him so :p Idk. It’s just one of my weird theories I come up with in the middle of the night
Brad Crews
Brad Crews Måned siden
King of chaos
King of chaos Måned siden
Remember that new Bendy in the merchandise I think that is actually Wally Franks because I think his personality matches perfectly with Bendy but I feel like he would be more suited for a perfect incarnation so of course he would end up becoming perfect Bendy but since he’s a human a few things or tweet about his actual design just how Allison doesn’t look fully like Alice or tom doesn’t look fully like Boris Wally wouldn’t look fully like Bendy the ink dripping from his side and the tuxedo just something that happens thanks to the character having a soul well Bendy just take oh and the ink and the bony structure and make him shorter and he looks exactly like Bendy but the reason why he is different is because imperfect copy and that is why evil Alice looks even worse than Bendy because imperfection and tweaks of the ink machine
Worst Nightmare YT
Worst Nightmare YT Måned siden
that jump scare though
Vincent Angiolo
Vincent Angiolo Måned siden
I know this channel loves it's jump scares but it has to stop
Nintendope Måned siden
Okay... so matpat isnt Scott hes actually mr.hippo, wait what's this hes actual a cross breed of mr.hippo and vanny
James Wilson
James Wilson Måned siden
MatPat: "Until 5 Chapters at Bendy's 2" Me: VIETNAM FLASHBACK
Catherine Bernatine
Catherine Bernatine Måned siden
To Ma
To Ma Måned siden
Man all this talk of 'perfect bendy' and 'imperfect bendy' - you'd think its dragon ball z
Iazyweirdo Måned siden
"Wally Franks is going to be revealed as the Bendy Monster" Haha, no The Ink Demon doesn't even have a soul-
Dalton Wright
Dalton Wright Måned siden
MatPat is bendy
Lily Fowler
Lily Fowler Måned siden
This is AWESOME!!!!✌🌺
anate Måned siden
actually ı kinda know this bc we fighting over this and we trying to clean up the mess soo who is good hearth ? ofc its shpuld be the player
Marc Ian Medrano
Marc Ian Medrano Måned siden
Bruh that jumpscare scared me
Mask boys Official
Mask boys Official Måned siden
Pog champ 4:05
Pikachu Luke
Pikachu Luke Måned siden
Me when I get put in the ink machine: damm why am I my favorite book character
Hyper Moon
Hyper Moon Måned siden
I love your videos MATHEW PATTRICK
Eva Mathew
Eva Mathew Måned siden
That intro i funny
YnnatheguardianChannel Måned siden
remember when sammy became a part time hot topic twitter person that was funny
Bubbly Bubbly
Bubbly Bubbly Måned siden
Bendy is the new fnaf brecause there’s souls possessing things.
Sans Da shark
Sans Da shark Måned siden
There’s new bendy game mat pat. You needed to know this before the challenge thing for saint jude.
Conner Hadley
Conner Hadley Måned siden
Oh mag goodness what epic ness this didn’t happen since the fnaf stuff
Conner Hadley
Conner Hadley Måned siden
My name is Conner :(
Herkus Gutauskas
Herkus Gutauskas Måned siden
Wally is bendy... HAHAHHA sorry my friends laughed out loud
Anita Kelly
Anita Kelly 2 måneder siden
tom/Thomas train!!!!!!!!!
Benny Boy
Benny Boy 2 måneder siden
Who else is coming from after BATIM is finished and liked MatPat’s version of the story better than the real story 😅😂
FledKetchup7782 2 måneder siden
Yeah, thanks for the jumpscare
Orie Hairston
Orie Hairston 2 måneder siden
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