Game Theory: The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers

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6 måneder siden

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Welcome back to Minecraft Theory, where we do deep dives into anything and everything Minecraft! Honestly Theorists, there is SO MUCH to explore in this game. In my search for theory fodder on Creepers, Endermen, and all other manner of creatures, one thing stood out. The Illagers. You know, the exiled magic folk who seem to be up to some rather... interesting experiments. What are they doing and how might it change Minecraft FOREVER if they succeed in their plot? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

sans the god of hyper death
sans the god of hyper death Time siden
I don't know what the ilurger,s were doing
Garenzo314 3 timer siden
Most bingeable? Well thats an absurd claim
Minecraft Llama
Minecraft Llama 4 timer siden
My Theory: those stacks of blue and Cyan wool are the Leftover clothes of Steves and Alex After Doing Experiments and turning them to Zombies
Trentisaurus Rex
Trentisaurus Rex 4 timer siden
I have only actually found a mansion once without a locater map.
Sp1cy C0ff33
Sp1cy C0ff33 12 timer siden
If lapis experiments are the reasons why they got kicked out, then isn't it weird how the villagers can trade you ENCHANTED STUFF that REQUIERS LAPIS? Or what if the villagers were jealous of their knowledge?
handsome pigeon
handsome pigeon 19 timer siden
Het mat a iron golem and a snow goles use pumkins for heads would that explain why the pillager towers are full of pumpkins
Cocoa Heart
Cocoa Heart Dag siden
Minecraft turned into a horror game..
Eevee Addict
Eevee Addict Dag siden
Omg your hand had children!! Congrats mathand
UberSpartan Dag siden
God I was waiting for that Full Metal Alchemist reference the whole video.
Skelaton Lor
Skelaton Lor Dag siden
I spawned next to one in creative before
Alujis Dag siden
once you unvover all the lore, will you do a complete lore video?
Camsters_Cool Dag siden
The illagers are trying to harness The power of the potions and portals that the ancient builders made and you can make as well if your not careful you might be there next kidnapee
RandomShtuffs Dag siden
I mean, like what if these Illagers were trying to bring back the Builders?
Jan Manuel Nicholas J. GARCIA
Jan Manuel Nicholas J. GARCIA 2 dager siden
What if the reason the totems of undying exist is that they were the souls of the ppl the illagers killed and they are helping you for freeing them from the illagers?
Yesenia Ayala
Yesenia Ayala 2 dager siden
when u say that the mansions are hard to find, i think not. me and my brother find one before we find that blue cyan ore sad but we don't go in cuz we think we might die
Clayton Newman
Clayton Newman 2 dager siden
what if istead of zombies they created herobrine
Angel Brother71
Angel Brother71 2 dager siden
I made thousands of worlds and one i spawned in a Woodlawn mawnchen
Clayton Newman
Clayton Newman 2 dager siden
matpat its safe to say these are rare structures me oh you mean those if fond like ten
The Minecraft Theorist
The Minecraft Theorist 2 dager siden
I have uploaded a video on why zombies burn in daylight
Ashly Adames
Ashly Adames 2 dager siden
Maewyn Tindall
Maewyn Tindall 2 dager siden
My eight year old brother found a mansion on accident.
ArsenicBurgers 2 dager siden
You won't stop us!
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan 3 dager siden
neel chodankar
neel chodankar 3 dager siden
Mobs left... Shulker Slime Blaze Hoglin Strider The thing looks like magma block and slime hybrid
Raymundo Lambus
Raymundo Lambus 3 dager siden
do a theory on what the creepers are
AGENT X agent x
AGENT X agent x 3 dager siden
They are trying to make herobrine
Elliot Buckman
Elliot Buckman 3 dager siden
maybe they almost got it and realized this one wasn't a zombie, but in making it, tey gave it too much power, and it became herobrine
Dakota Reinhart
Dakota Reinhart 3 dager siden
Oh, my dear matpat, wait till 1.17. your theories will flow out like a faucet.
Dylan Spriggs
Dylan Spriggs 3 dager siden
Mojang: nah we do everthing for the funseys
Nicolas V
Nicolas V 3 dager siden
this is kind of reminiscent of the Wither video, where they tried bringing back their dead, but only succeeded in creating a creature that would slaughter them. Maybe the illagers were also ancient builders, who, at the same time as their nether-faring compatriots, also tried to dabble in life and death, whether it be to bring back their dead, or repopulate themselves due to the amount of people they lost to the Nether and the Wither. Instead, they only succeeded in creating more monsters, and were exiled.
Nicolas V
Nicolas V 3 dager siden
it also connects to the Ancient Builders theory because the Ancient Builders supposedly escaped to the End from the Wither, and the mansions have replicas of the End portal. What if the Illagers were Ancient Builders who also split off from the main group, similar to the villagers who decided to live sedentary, peaceful lives thanks to the creation of the Iron Golems. What if the Illagers decided that, rather than running away from the Wither and the death and destruction it caused, they would try to fix it, and wanted to create more people, not only for added hands, but to repopulate their world. They parted ways at the mansions, where the other group actually planned for their travel to the end, which is why they have the replica portal. And so, they created the totems to save themselves from the Wither, Ravagers to help fight it off, and finally attempted to *successfully* create life of their own, unlike their Nether-faring friends. However, their experiments at creating life were unsuccessful, instead resulting in a zombie plague, and the Villagers exiled them from their towns, while the other Ancient Builders had already left for the End, leaving only ruined portals behind. Just a theory; a game theory!
Blu 16
Blu 16 3 dager siden
This theory coincided well with Minecraft Dungeons & the fact that in MC:D the Illagers are putting Villagers in cages.
Fitri Islamiyah
Fitri Islamiyah 4 dager siden
0:46 so thats how RAVAGER was created SCARY ONE
Amaya Gillespie-McKoy
Amaya Gillespie-McKoy 4 dager siden
chiji man
chiji man 4 dager siden
lapize lazue
Jack-of Blades
Jack-of Blades 4 dager siden
im sitting here thinking, "dang i wish there was a playlist of all the minecraft theories" matpat 10 seconds later "here's a link to all the lore we setup" im just so impressed by how you did that
Nukekillertv 4 dager siden
Pillagers are the nazis of Minecraft
Blu 16
Blu 16 3 dager siden
Lmao that’s what I thought when the Village & Pillage update dropped
GSR Games
GSR Games 4 dager siden
What if the illagers were trying to make another zombie but it messed up and they created herobrine
Guineapigs R.Amazing
Guineapigs R.Amazing 4 dager siden
MatPat: Elric brothers Me: *intense fangirling*
Aju Susan
Aju Susan 5 dager siden
OMG what if they actually created a very powerful being,dteve accidentally? But not knowing what to do we attacked them so they made another version of Steve, the zombies and then they tried another and another and another and another creating all of the creepy pastas I'm the game like herobrine, faceless Steve ,null, entity 303, green Steve etc etc but they only attacked them ... So that might be the story of Steve/Alex and other creepy pastas
Haylee Wiebe
Haylee Wiebe 5 dager siden
i thought they were gon' make Herobrine lol
The man behind the slaughter
The man behind the slaughter 5 dager siden
I thought he was gonna say: " PILES AND PILES OF BODIES" XD
Alex Dine
Alex Dine 5 dager siden
Theory: Steve is a god. The Illagers are trying to recreate steve, and in one of their statue rooms they have a lapis lazuli block inside of a head right where to brain should be because they know it carries god-like powers and they're rebuilding a steve. Would explain how Steve can carry an inventory of gold blocks and sprint, or break stone and other materials with his bare hands
Guineapigs R.Amazing
Guineapigs R.Amazing 5 dager siden
MatPat: the most beinge-able show on the internet! Me:pffft- noooooo! Me 7 hours ago: I'll just watch a few episodes...
Gabriel Groff
Gabriel Groff 5 dager siden
I thought zombies came from the wither :/
Bestie -
Bestie - 5 dager siden
How about a theory on the new things on Mojang? Its kind of weird.
Thee lilchat
Thee lilchat 5 dager siden
Then what about the spawners
Snapped out
Snapped out 6 dager siden
but when u said Illusioners dont spawn Naturally then how did i find one ?
DogeBeLike 6 dager siden
Idk i think that the illagers accidentally made herobrine so they never tried again
owl116 6 dager siden
Witches drop the totem of undying too
That Macaroon Was Eaten
That Macaroon Was Eaten 7 dager siden
All builder theories are confirmed by Minecraft: Story Mode.
the gotcha Katie
the gotcha Katie 7 dager siden
Do a theory on minecraft dungeons
Steve BNL Plays
Steve BNL Plays 7 dager siden
I think that the evokers tried to create Steve. But then accidentally created Herobrine.
Paige Bailey
Paige Bailey 7 dager siden
Rarest structures? I seem to find one on every game I start. Yet I struggle to find ocean monuments.
_ iiemxly
_ iiemxly 7 dager siden
Matpat:unspeakable actives' My borther:WHAT ARE CHU WATCHINGGG
Valkyrie Online
Valkyrie Online 7 dager siden
13:24 - They committed the Alchemist’s taboo: Human Transmutation
BubbleTea 7 dager siden
Everyone be like: “they’re trying to make a Steve?!?!?” Me like: I just noticed they all have a unibrow 👁👄👁
cognitive_player 8 dager siden
4:30 you should also have an explanation for the witch. They do participate in raids with illagers after all
Adityachandra Pradeep Nair
Adityachandra Pradeep Nair 8 dager siden
Lahpiz Lahzulee
Jack Walker
Jack Walker 9 dager siden
When will the people in the minecraft world stop trying to craft people?
Junelle Salmon
Junelle Salmon 9 dager siden
Go back to the book of revelation and illiagers probably have the mark of the beast. Sounds biblical.
LaZie Defender
LaZie Defender 9 dager siden
Minecraft needs more explanations and lore
Enzai Chen
Enzai Chen 9 dager siden
"They were introduced in 2017" Goshdangit i feel older than my grandpa
María Juliana Duque Sandoval
María Juliana Duque Sandoval 9 dager siden
mattpat: the probabilty of spawning one of these is extremely low me, who has spawned next to one and has been killed a lot by the illagers: well...
paula jones
paula jones 9 dager siden
Thats how herobrine was made
Ghastly Candle
Ghastly Candle 9 dager siden
I play minecraft every once in a while but every time I generate a world I always find a woodland mansion. One world had 2-3 mansions. I play it on xbox so I'm not sure if that influences the rarity of the mansions. I didn't know they were considered rare because I almost always have one in my world
Spiner_ Sorus
Spiner_ Sorus 10 dager siden
illagers are voultimorts with a dream nose which as A saying idk which one "bigger is better"
Pierce Markusic
Pierce Markusic 10 dager siden
*You made a good point with the eyebrows...*
XxpleggyxX64EXE Clonebuster
XxpleggyxX64EXE Clonebuster 10 dager siden
1:12 I fell bad for my tv bois
Uranium KS
Uranium KS 10 dager siden
I think the Illagers are Villagers that were trying to use magic to bring the ancient builders back, and they are trying to recreate Steve because he is the only builder left.
Max Waspace
Max Waspace 10 dager siden
Skeletons: corpses that lost their soul to the Soul Sand Valleys Zombies: The product of unspeakable activities that spreads via murder
John Hooser
John Hooser 10 dager siden
Why don't we think that the illagers are injecting people with lapis? Their eyes have turned blue after all.
DrafOrgg 10 dager siden
Wait so are skeletons and zombies the result of Wither's decay and destruction or İllager experiments? ...or both?
Dope Gaming
Dope Gaming 10 dager siden
"Unspeakable" activities 9:17 Get it because he's a Minecraft NOpostr
Jpgamer and friends
Jpgamer and friends 10 dager siden
Drounds are zombies
paige wood
paige wood 10 dager siden
Villager: WHAT DID YOU DO!?!? Illager: I shaved my eyebrows! Villager: Why did you do that??? Illager: I don't know!
bubadkins 11 dager siden
On the statue of the illager, it has a unibrow? Is that something?
Meme Man
Meme Man 11 dager siden
If the illiterate live in the mansion then who built the mansoin
Legendary 11 dager siden
Have them create herobrine
Kloakk 11 dager siden
one of the 'ravager hurts' sound byte on the ravager wiki literally has villager hurts sound effects in
Archer Stacy
Archer Stacy 11 dager siden
there no illagers there pillagers
Jaiden _
Jaiden _ 12 dager siden
my theory is the Cleric's Made A Bad Omen Potion Then Made The Villagers Evil Then They Went away Form The Villlage because there Were Battles And They Lost So They Want To Raid And Comeback Later! then You Spawned In When You Got Your Revenge!
Brighton Sheehan
Brighton Sheehan 12 dager siden
4:28 this is witch erasure
IG_Trader 12 dager siden
Wait, what about the Iron Golems? When compared to the ravengers arn’t they technically the same? An armored giant built specifically to assist the people it lives with? Therefore that means villagers posses the same powers that the illagers have right? Or did the illagers build the iron golems in early experiments before getting kicked out of the village?
isaak ring
isaak ring 12 dager siden
The abandoned villages with spiderweb and everything might be the consequence of the illigers kidnapping whole villages *shrug* maybe
David jr Sanchez
David jr Sanchez 12 dager siden
How hot is the nether
Zombiehunter2 .0
Zombiehunter2 .0 12 dager siden
You used footage from BigBSt4tz2 without crediting him, and that footage was the footage of the Totem of Undying in use!
Otter 12 dager siden
so does this mean all zombies dont even have any internal organs and are just sentient wool monsters
Miles Valeska
Miles Valeska 12 dager siden
Illagers committed the taboo of alchemy
MIcaela Corona
MIcaela Corona 12 dager siden
MatPat: makes eligable minecraft theorys Mojang: well heck, hes figured it out
Myles Mauldin
Myles Mauldin 12 dager siden
Hold on, I’m pretty darn sure almost every wool statue in the woodland mansion has lapis, including one that looks like a ravager
papa_ shrim
papa_ shrim 12 dager siden
14:43 matpat: you're probably not at work or school covid-19: i can fix that
Ethan Whitt
Ethan Whitt 12 dager siden
Hey mat you said you believe wither skeletons are past builders who's souls were taken from the netherack after passing away. And they only spawn in forts. But soul sand is everywhere so withere skeletons should be to. I think the piglin who die the netherack takes their souls and makes them zombie pigmen. Think about that.
LEGEND_OF_POTATO 13 dager siden
Theory:totems are real people who give you there life when you die
Justice Rogers
Justice Rogers 13 dager siden
So, many months later I add if it hasn't been already, villagers and illagers could possibly have extra problems because the villagers deep down remember the Wither and what happened last time they played with life and death. Just a little extra fire for the hostility between them
Elmer Kenney
Elmer Kenney 13 dager siden
5:20 show the villagers tormenting baby baby villager that looks like a Pillager in Minecraft dungeons
Anthony G
Anthony G 13 dager siden
the blue wool could just be a reference to how nazis killed jews and threw their clothes in piles, just its illagers killing Steves, not nazis
Berserk Gaming001
Berserk Gaming001 13 dager siden
Make a theory about the ruined neither portals in the overworld
T3nMiDGET5711 13 dager siden
I have a cool profile picture
Rapa Pu
Rapa Pu 13 dager siden
The Illagers were trying to bring back the ancient civilization of builders. And it looks like they succeeded somehow, which explains how Steve is spawned in the first place. They are trying to recreate the ancient civilization of builders in order to learn their secrets. Illagers are always trying to become more powerful, and there are still things that they don't understand, like how to create an end portal. Also, what if that ancient sea fairing civilization didn't completely die out and turn into Drowneds. What if the Pirates migrated inland and evolved into the Pillagers. It would explain why they are still raiding villages.
T3nMiDGET5711 13 dager siden
I like to binge your Minecraft videos
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