Game Theory: The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers

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9 måneder siden

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Welcome back to Minecraft Theory, where we do deep dives into anything and everything Minecraft! Honestly Theorists, there is SO MUCH to explore in this game. In my search for theory fodder on Creepers, Endermen, and all other manner of creatures, one thing stood out. The Illagers. You know, the exiled magic folk who seem to be up to some rather... interesting experiments. What are they doing and how might it change Minecraft FOREVER if they succeed in their plot? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Dominykas Gužauskas
Dominykas Gužauskas 4 timer siden
not ilagers its pilagers
Ready Player 1 Tech Studios
Ready Player 1 Tech Studios 8 timer siden
I have a theory of how creepers exist in minecraft
Ready Player 1 Tech Studios
Ready Player 1 Tech Studios 8 timer siden
The illagers made the creepers but don’t forget to get pga addon and subscribe fast because less subs will make it be gone
Neokugel 10 timer siden
s u m e r i a
Midgetboy67 YT
Midgetboy67 YT 10 timer siden
Blue and cyan wool??? Herobrine maybe???
Leo P
Leo P 14 timer siden
Maybe we are from the evokers and they forgot about us and we escaped
Твоя мама гей
Твоя мама гей 15 timer siden
Woodland Mansion are rare Me: /locate
Active Ayaan
Active Ayaan 18 timer siden
The monster creation theory is definitely incorrect since Illagers were added much later to the game
TheElevenfirst 19 timer siden
Mattpat when are you going to do a theory on ghasts. There’s an achievement in minecraft where you bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it “and the achievement description says :*rescue a ghast and bring it home, then kill it* and has mechanical parts in the bestiary. Suggesting it originates from the overworld and perhaps is made by the old builders. It also drops a tear when it dies which also suggests this. And theres also an unused ghast sound called: ghast’s affection. Likely supposed to be used when you rescue one
Fat Woolly Lint Farmer Cheese Mouldy Canuck, eh
Fat Woolly Lint Farmer Cheese Mouldy Canuck, eh 21 time siden
Why not ask th developers...
Sami Abbas
Sami Abbas Dag siden
did you forgot that again i am talking about barrier blocks and command block how was it made and ancient makers made it
lil_spidyboi 68
lil_spidyboi 68 Dag siden
I got scared when i saw his beard
Mikhael Mohd Firdaus
Mikhael Mohd Firdaus Dag siden
I remember when I found a Woodland Mansion and thought that was home at the end I die
Munksterrr \o
Munksterrr \o Dag siden
"They're located in the rare dark oak forest biome" I've spawned in dark oak forests in at least 3 of my last single player worlds
Tyler Hawkins
Tyler Hawkins Dag siden
They were trying to recreate steve and instead they created herobrian
Sam Evans
Sam Evans Dag siden
Kenneth Nepo
Kenneth Nepo Dag siden
How did illagers and evokers made?
One for the album
One for the album Dag siden
I just found the woodland mansion in the first few minutes of a game without knowing what it was.
Skello Bones
Skello Bones Dag siden
Why was there no memes at the end of the video.
A. Torres
A. Torres 2 dager siden
You need enchanting books and an anvil to enchant weapons not lapis lazuli
Matthew quinlan Quinlan
Matthew quinlan Quinlan Dag siden
Use an enchantment table, lapis, xp, and a weapon or something
Toxic Knight
Toxic Knight 2 dager siden
If there playing with life and death , maybe there a sort of ancient builders who hid in the mansions from the wither
Polemoni Sourish
Polemoni Sourish 2 dager siden
I am born in 2011 and uhh scary
Deo Lakshmana
Deo Lakshmana 2 dager siden
Theory: The cult made soul sand and they mad wither and even the ender dragon
減っぉぉ 2 dager siden
When I was a kid I was playing Minecraft and I heard T and D explosion but I was the only one in the world and I didn't do them and I was not a creeper because it sounded like a bunch of TNT
Dbossdlm 2 dager siden
mini theory: as many know the "herobrine was removed" text had appeared in all the updates until the most recent ones, thus sparking the hope that he was actually in the game although this hasn't been proven yet. Could the illagers have found a way to re-create steve and make herobrine???
Bonnie The Bunny
Bonnie The Bunny 2 dager siden
Funny thing: I'm actually playing Minecraft:,)
Braxton Martinez
Braxton Martinez 2 dager siden
They must have created herobrine right if not then must have come from hell
Wizard.Casper 2 dager siden
What if the Illagers experimented on themselves and that’s why they turned grey and then they started started kidnapping villagers.
computer._nuggies 2 dager siden
I like that he says lazuli odd
Scarfy The Kitten
Scarfy The Kitten 2 dager siden
"rarest structure in-game", huh. Every time i play minecraft i find at least 2 in 30 minutes Without maps or anything
tkjbi C137
tkjbi C137 2 dager siden
Totem of undying eyes are also green. Maybe it was also made from experiments in the villages?
Archie Jackson
Archie Jackson 3 dager siden
Remember back in the early days of minecraft there was a giant zombie?
Luigi Segale
Luigi Segale 3 dager siden
Huh and I always thought lapis was useless in Minecraft
Liam Hegwood
Liam Hegwood 3 dager siden
the raveger is the result of a vindicator mixed with a horse
Caylus 3 dager siden
I think that Steve was originally created by the Illagers, maybe using remains of the ancient civilization, but escaped and lost his memories of his time there. The Illagers, after seeing how Steve had a talent in building things and using weapons, try to recreate the experiment, but are, for some reason, unable to, leading to them trying to kill Steve, or at least capture him to put him back under their control so they can analyze what made him different from their other creations.
elliott lava
elliott lava 3 dager siden
Destroyed Wool redstone golems should spawn in some rooms
Char char Gacha
Char char Gacha 4 dager siden
Him: “The mansions chance of spawning is very low” Me and my brother: “Yet two spawned in our world like, walking distance from our spawn, legit” (Ps, this actually happened, befriend Bynumkiddos on the Wii U
DifferentGamer132 4 dager siden
What if they actually created herobrin
Ragm0 4 dager siden
The evokes here trying to use the souls in the lapis to make massive illager alive.
Corinne Sparling
Corinne Sparling 4 dager siden
I think Minecraft is trying to tell me something, EVERY SINGLE TIME I load a world, I always spawn next to or near a woodland Mansion ( it rarely happens happens that I don't spawn near one. )
Memeulite 4 dager siden
You should make a book
pbj5 poe
pbj5 poe 4 dager siden
Woodland mansions are common for me i atleast find 5 of them in every 20/30 worlds
Xander Woods
Xander Woods 4 dager siden
who is the leader and what is he truing to do it might be herobrine or the wither or just a guy who got kicked and more came with him we dont know
Xander Woods
Xander Woods 4 dager siden
wait then why do they attack us because we are builders like them so why do they attack us
David 5 dager siden
As an old mc Dev since 2018 all this is true but THERE IS MORE LORE OF MORE MOBS COMING LIKE THE WARDEN AND THE IRON GOLEM but thanks
Sabersage 5 dager siden
So, what if the Steve you play as is a successful experiment. It explains his knowledge about crafting just about everything including how magic (enchanting and making the tables to enchant) works as well as how to get to the end (eyes of ender, getting to the nether, finding an end portal etc) It would also explain why they are hellbent on assaulting villages whenever you have the bad omen debuff. They only raid when YOU, the player enter a village. It's them trying to capture their runaway experiment. Hell, maybe their killing two chickens with one shovel in getting you to build what they want, (an entrance into the end?) and getting more test subjects to make more Steves.
Sabersage 5 dager siden
And once again I have forgotten the difference betwenn they, they're and their... yay...
ultra gamer1235
ultra gamer1235 5 dager siden
the woodland mansion is quite rare mine was at least 10000 blocks away from spawn on average (i used journeymaps for the number)
Annaleise Munson
Annaleise Munson 5 dager siden
Lol I think that meant the secret rooms you can find, or the secret chests.
Lamia Alaoui
Lamia Alaoui 6 dager siden
Ur theory is good but I think it is iron golems are the ravegers as u can see them being captured in the game
Porter broyles
Porter broyles 6 dager siden
Ravengers be afraid of rabbits is not a piece of lore, it is a reference of the saying elephants are afraid of mice, big creatures being afraid of very small animals
Graham Denison
Graham Denison 6 dager siden
have we had a video on spawner rooms yet? they seem like something that would be made by the ancient race.
Cy8er Cat
Cy8er Cat 6 dager siden
Not to mention evokers can summon creatures to attack you
Minecraft Gacha Holly
Minecraft Gacha Holly 7 dager siden
it has to be night time!
Minecraft Gacha Holly
Minecraft Gacha Holly 7 dager siden
but the player can't do that, they can't just summon a zombie!
Nooby Noobster
Nooby Noobster 7 dager siden
So the illagers attempted to replicate the ancient builders (Steve) but failed creating the zombie which my be part of the reason why many of the ancient builders aren’t there with you
Raziel Dolomite
Raziel Dolomite 7 dager siden
I'm pretty sure there's a simpler explanation here. As it turns out, around the same time minecraft was working on illager raids, they also did a whole bunch of AI and combat updates to another mysterious mob. The giants. In snapshot 18W50a The giants had gotten an mechanic updates, behaviour updates, and ran on the Zombie AI whereas before this point they had no AI at all. You could summon them in, but they'd just stand there like a living statue. While woodland mansions were added in 1.11, and these updated were done for the snapshots leading to 1.14, I think the colors of blue/cyan wool are better connected to giant zombies than steve. While it's true steve wears these colors, zombies also wear these colors, so while interesting... it doesn't prove an origin story. Meanwhile, not only to zombies, and therefore giant zombies, wear these same clothes, the Illager mansions are filled with other giant mobs in wool form, like chickens or even giant illagers themselves. Then there's the lapis. If you think about it... I don't think it makes sense to be a source of magic as a whole. It's only ever used for enchanting meanwhile blaze powder is used for brewing and netherwart is used as a potion base. So it's not the only magical substance in the game. Furthermore, why would the illagers want to let their secrets out like that? They seem like a pretty secretive bunch living in dark, isolated woods. building an entire state of wool just to demonstrate to anyone who might wander along how to gain god-like powers seems a little stupid. A golem core, on the other hand, not so much. Between Mojang making several updates to giants at the same time they were adding in the Raid mechanic, as well as all of the evidence discussed here regarding zombie/steve clothes colors, not to mention the evidence of Illagers building giant statues of themselves and other mobs out of wool... It seems pretty likely all of this was meant to tie back to how the illagers were manufacturing giant zombies, and maybe other giant mobs, for use in their raids. Scrapping it because the giant zombies were too damn powerful (You couldn't even outrun them with speed potions and they hit with the power of saitama), and then going with the villager kidnapping and raid beasts angle instead.
Soup Can
Soup Can 7 dager siden
So they’re Unit 73- HEY! You haven’t unlocked the rest of the sentence, the joke made was NOT kid friendly.
Coated Pikachunatevmeme
Coated Pikachunatevmeme 4 dager siden
Give us the joke
Omar Al-masry
Omar Al-masry 7 dager siden
there is a mob in minecraft dungeons called the inchanter and that mob might be the first illegar and higher than the evoker
The yeeting doge
The yeeting doge 7 dager siden
What happens if the pillagers take villagers when raids
Jiro 7 dager siden
I believe the reason they put lapis in their statues is because (you said it yourself) lapis was thought of to contain the souls of gods. So they put a soul in a statue. Bam 💥
Chessking Studios
Chessking Studios 7 dager siden
I'm a bit new with the lore of minecraft so i stumbled upon an illager mansion and I was like oh what the heck is this? And then left. Later I'm pretty sure I deleted that world for various reasons XD
salah mostafa salah
salah mostafa salah 7 dager siden
i think the totem of undying hold villager's souls cuz if u saw the green eyes of it and the shape of a villager. so let's get u as an example, u are using a totem of undying then u die the totem revives u. so why it revives u? i think its because when u die the totem gives u the souls held in it so u could be back from death. that's why the totem disappear after using it cuz it gives u all the souls that is now inside ur body
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 7 dager siden
Maybe they watched the ancient builders create scaffolding/frames using wool, later replacing it with other blocks. Maybe redstone contraptions being build on wool (cough cough mumbo jumbo)
Fiona Meador
Fiona Meador 8 dager siden
Ohhh i thought you were gonna say that they built US, and successfully resurrected one of the original builders... or something idk
Grogu 8 dager siden
I’m I’m late but theory: Evokers created us, and here’s why They have used totems of undying to make their creation, which is Steve’s respawn power Ever realize that we just come out of nowhere? We didn’t, we came from the evokers.
Alpha Hellhound
Alpha Hellhound 8 dager siden
The fake end portal rooms are not in bedrock
BellaDonna Ritchie
BellaDonna Ritchie 8 dager siden
I dont care how much of it is lore and nothing else, you put so much into these I accept them as cannon.
Galexy 8 dager siden
The redstone might actually be blood 🧐
Matthew Fritsche
Matthew Fritsche 8 dager siden
Dude the way he says Lapaze lazuli
Skyver Keller
Skyver Keller 8 dager siden
I love your videos
Simonas Rovas
Simonas Rovas 8 dager siden
Ok but maybe Steve was created by illigers and ran away. That would explain the hostility and Steve's power to mine and craft
SmokeSpark Dragonfly
SmokeSpark Dragonfly 9 dager siden
Fullmetal alchemist, anyone?
Baxter Swetman
Baxter Swetman 9 dager siden
the totem of undying looks like a villager head maybe the ilagers turned the villagers into totems of undying then turned there souls into vex : theory
Baxter Swetman
Baxter Swetman 9 dager siden
is that a good theory
Mark Makharashvili
Mark Makharashvili 10 dager siden
Yesterday I found one and I took all the loot and burned the woodland mansion and then blew it up
Dinosaur 1978
Dinosaur 1978 10 dager siden
What if... there were more people like us? People who just were alone in a world like us.
Noah Rubianogroot
Noah Rubianogroot 10 dager siden
Not sure if this has been said, but if the illagers were trying to create a better steve, couldn't that imply herobrine as part of the lore?
Zak Goldstone
Zak Goldstone 10 dager siden
watch this video
Bleta Ymeri
Bleta Ymeri 10 dager siden
So wait, the mobiestary says that half of the illagers are *women?* Also mojang be like:bravo fools! you've discoverd our *SECRET PLAN!* Also also: *YOU LITERALLY DEBUNKED YOUR OWN THEORY BY SAYING THAT ZOMBIES WERE MADE BY ILLAGERS!!EVEN THOUGH U SAID IN THE ENDERMAN VID THAT HALF OF THE ANCIENT RACE BECAME HUSKS, DROWNED AND EVEN ZOMBIES!!!!!*
Bleta Ymeri
Bleta Ymeri 10 dager siden
You remember when matpat made a theory about emeralds and he added a (fake) part where he sold his baby to get his wife a necklace, *yea,what did I derserve to feel personally attacked by that?*
aqu just aqu
aqu just aqu 10 dager siden
And the rave here have the same sounds as villagers but slower
JV Drum
JV Drum 10 dager siden
What if the illagers made Steve?
Ellie&Atlas 10 dager siden
are you going to explain why they don't have unibrows anymore?
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper 10 dager siden
Ok they created zombies, but what if they’re trying to create herobrine?
Ryan Hess
Ryan Hess 11 dager siden
Me and my sisters found a woodland mansion about half a year ago, and we thought it was a “pillager academy” and we spent about 1.5 hours burning it to the ground lol. I had no idea how lucky we were to find it. We found it on accident
Ammara lolz
Ammara lolz 11 dager siden
Minecraft: should we pay this guy? hes making our lore-
AvaTheWolfie 11 dager siden
Idea and idk if anyone has had it yet- what if herobrine gets added to the game? As a Frankenstein's monster sort of creation from the illigers? A failed experiment that backfired and the Steve-esque failed experiment that goes after the players
Mushroom 11 dager siden
thank God they are rare
Like the Name
Like the Name 11 dager siden
What is they lost there color from putting lapis’s in their brain
Dhruv Rathod
Dhruv Rathod 11 dager siden
My Name
My Name 12 dager siden
I thought I could add that when you kill a head illager, you get the “bad omen curse” which starts riots in every village you enter, this might be some way of the illagers to gather new people to help experiment, even after they are dead?
Sinn TheOddDragon
Sinn TheOddDragon 12 dager siden
“Woodland mansions are extremely rare” - me opening a new Minecraft world with a friend, spawns on top of a woodland mansion, us: what blessing / curse has come to us beings? Proceeds to try to somehow get of the structure
Jacker1025 12 dager siden
in the wii u version of minecraft, woodland mansions were EXTREMLY common. yep, you heard me. i would always spawn like 2 blocks away from one
Battle Islands
Battle Islands 12 dager siden
That would explain why you need lapis to enchant (besides of course actually making the pointless ore usable)
jeff johsnson
jeff johsnson 12 dager siden
eliplays 12 dager siden
me after watching all of his mystery's in Minecraft videos: 😮😮😮😮😮
Thinking Bread
Thinking Bread 12 dager siden
The pumpkin on wool is actually a smart idea, like if U agree
Ooofy Jimam
Ooofy Jimam 12 dager siden
I'm actually scared that this makes sense
Cyber Wolf
Cyber Wolf 13 dager siden
"Please don't panic-buy sugar cane!" That should be in the actual game
Greyson George
Greyson George 13 dager siden
"Lore was intended" That's called canon
Hunter Ingerson
Hunter Ingerson 13 dager siden
If all these theories are abt power over life and death which is like god work, could there be any connection to these theories in the end credits God’s conversations??? Maybe it’s a conversation between two ppl who succeeded in their journey to controlling life and death, it would be silly for the pillagers to be the only ones who succeeded finally in reaching god hood
Ivan Zhou
Ivan Zhou 13 dager siden
Villagers and ravagers: green eyes Me: Is that because of *Emeralds?*
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