Game Theory: Can Sonic SURVIVE His Own Speed? (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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2 år siden

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When you think of Sonic, the first thing that comes to mind is SPEED. This hedgehog is CRAZY FAST. that speed dangerous? Could Sonic's speed ACTUALLY be hurting him? We've already talked about how "fast" he, now we are going to see what are the consequences. Today Loyal Theorists, we are going to find out if Sonic's speed is his worst enemy.
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Rafaela Pereira Brincando e Aprendendo
Rafaela Pereira Brincando e Aprendendo 4 timer siden
who??? i love like you!!!!❤❤❤❤❤
hidchjo kids
hidchjo kids 14 timer siden
69meters,he he
Happygamer2000 Dag siden
i love how at he showed a video he will actually do.
Aidon Brintley
Aidon Brintley 3 dager siden
Can this youtuber tell me where did he lose all his money?😠
ItsRaven66 4 dager siden
How is he still not verified
RunItsKiki James
RunItsKiki James 5 dager siden
So I was watching this on the tv and my grandpa was on the computer behind me. When the episode ended, he said "I feel dumber for listening to that" and I laughed and said "he's done calculations like that to figure out if you can actually stand on boxes in Hello Neighbor, this is normal" He said, "He needs a girlfriend." I said, "He's married and has a kid," and he replied "that's terrifying"
Alpha Pro
Alpha Pro 6 dager siden
Hi I
Nahshon Econg
Nahshon Econg 6 dager siden
Matías Rojas
Matías Rojas 7 dager siden
Idea: can knuckles actually glide?
Frank Pool
Frank Pool 7 dager siden
Hedgehogs are fire proof
PHANUEL JAMES 7 dager siden dare you insult MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER!!! >=(I
Christopher Cummins
Christopher Cummins 9 dager siden
hello im from 2020 it sucks there is this thing called the Covid-19
Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight 10 dager siden
The hospital bills
phdb69 phdb69
phdb69 phdb69 10 dager siden
How did you make this intro
felicidad Reyes
felicidad Reyes 11 dager siden
JoBeth Carwile
JoBeth Carwile 13 dager siden
I’m still watching in 2020...........and I made this because I think that joke was pretty freakin good 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Medi0cre 13 dager siden
Somersaulting on your head on various maps I think even steel should hurt
lumine the werewolf
lumine the werewolf 14 dager siden
how to get bullied by a lot of angry sonic fan in one video
Alexander Gutierrez
Alexander Gutierrez 14 dager siden
bunny Fresh
bunny Fresh 14 dager siden
I love how I watch the sonic the hedgehog movie and it shows on the speedometer he goes over forth 400 mph
Mohommed Abdunabi
Mohommed Abdunabi 16 dager siden
i loved the joke
Kellie Greene
Kellie Greene 16 dager siden
Kellie Greene
Kellie Greene 16 dager siden
This show is awesome! I only stop when there’s new failboat vids, or if I’m hungry or thirsty! But why tho?
THE RAIN BOOM 17 dager siden
TMOBOY 17 dager siden
Bruh I love doge
RayRaccoon 18 dager siden
Syovj Jfgk
XVOZI05378 19 dager siden
I’m surprised I haven’t seen a comment about the 69m stopping distance.
FOX KID 20 dager siden
Relly nice video
Devilin McClintock
Devilin McClintock 20 dager siden
what about movie sonic cause dident he move at like light speed cause i like 10 frames he gos from the car to the ocean and back in a second
I can't think of a name lol
I can't think of a name lol 21 dag siden
The problem with being faster than light is that you always live in the dark... =l =(
Félix Matt03
Félix Matt03 21 dag siden
Game theory more like science theory
Saviss Mahmoudi
Saviss Mahmoudi 22 dager siden
He literally just confirmed the next sonic theory
jack man
jack man 23 dager siden
Since he said dom was from the make a wish foundation you think dom is still alive?
Anthony Ojeda
Anthony Ojeda 23 dager siden
How much calories did sonic have to eat to sustain his body
Sphere Guanzon
Sphere Guanzon 23 dager siden
Matpat is a mad man
Walter Amsterdam
Walter Amsterdam 24 dager siden
but if he runs so fast that means that maybe he was made to with stand the force of impact but idk he is a hedgehog
Plushes,Games and More!
Plushes,Games and More! 24 dager siden
RIP doge
Xerxes Cyric Postrero Caralos
Xerxes Cyric Postrero Caralos 25 dager siden
Does sonic have bones?
Sohan Naidoo
Sohan Naidoo 26 dager siden
Sonic would almost be the height of an among us character.
DeanyBeany YT
DeanyBeany YT 27 dager siden
sonic dont have knees.
andrew72722 27 dager siden
Sonic made it out alive Sonic:take that mario Mario:mama Mia After watching Sonic:noooooNoooooooNO
Learn it in 1 minute
Learn it in 1 minute 29 dager siden
EEEE I think he shatter bones
Josiah 29 dager siden
What about the shoes hes wearing? Those could be designed to protect him
BlueNinja 390
BlueNinja 390 29 dager siden
He predicted the future 1:26
The no bro
The no bro Måned siden
he might not destroy his body when he goes to the speed of sound, he will if he stops like that, but he can just start to walk slower, making the stopping distance way higher, so he could still go very fast, but he would need some time to stop
Ben McCann
Ben McCann Måned siden
10:49 thought he would say f=ma
Ruejan More
Ruejan More Måned siden
Mason Shaff
Mason Shaff Måned siden
I love the videos you make plz don’t stop
King Lion
King Lion Måned siden
Stop making these videos you loser shut up your own business in your moms basement
Marckos Delgado
Marckos Delgado Måned siden
its just a theory mate why hate
nived gned
nived gned Måned siden
The sonic in the sonic the heghog movie will explode into a billion pieces once he runs
Juan Miguel Angat
Juan Miguel Angat Måned siden
wow great slide show🤣😂
YHWH TE AMA Måned siden
How does hus legs go in loops or in infinite shapes
Sheldon Barraza
Sheldon Barraza Måned siden
The freak are those few picture,hmmm. . . Interesting
JaPhTe 98
JaPhTe 98 Måned siden
U should have included the maximum speed of an TAS speedrun xD
Yeet Master
Yeet Master Måned siden
does anyone know the music title at 6:20
Ethan Dominguez
Ethan Dominguez Måned siden
Matpat: Sonic 1,sonic 2, sonic mania. Sonic 3, sonic and knuckles, knuckles in sonic 2, knuckles in sonic 3: Am I a joke to you
Eusebia A. De Reyes
Eusebia A. De Reyes Måned siden
New sonic theory he can't fly
HoloKola Måned siden
Hey, found this by searching "fart jokes sonic" try it!|
Kenneth Plays
Kenneth Plays Måned siden
Jesse Måned siden
Fortnite has a storyline
Popyax Playz
Popyax Playz Måned siden
Look - they said supersonic speed- supersonic speed is the speed of sound. so you could've made the calculation easier- they didn't mean to calculate their speed in km/ph it is it's game speed
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara Måned siden
His knee is different than a human because his legs spin like a wheel when you see him run
Raptor Zeraora
Raptor Zeraora Måned siden
Or sonic's just used to al of that it doesnt even harm
Gio Sonic
Gio Sonic Måned siden
Fdvxvvgerghjdfhhj Jeff vbnn kg Jeff vbnn es sonicdxjfjdjfhfbcbxvzbdutvgjffgb me vb Jeff bnvbbhv he vb Jeff cvbhgfc va b te v Jeff b Jeff b Buff ghj juez Juan nj ya nnu RFC vhk kg hkjk ha nj ya b hayan no uy tel hk no h hay el k hay k la l la
Hunter Huffman
Hunter Huffman Måned siden
Brian K
Brian K Måned siden
Late to the discussion here, but just making a point. Because he's shown to run around no problem he probably has ultra-dense bones that are capable of withstanding the forces necessary to justify what is otherwise some type of plot armor.
Para dee hee music
Para dee hee music Måned siden
Brian K True
marcony oximas
marcony oximas Måned siden
Sonic is so fast but hypersonic is more fast😏😏
damattboii Måned siden
Did matpat ever get that treadmill??
HAYDEN CARR Måned siden
What is the link to the background music??
Siana Hika
Siana Hika Måned siden
While he was calculate Sonic's speed I search on google and found his average speed to be 765m/hour his speed vary but that's Mostly the average
Elizabeth Verrill
Elizabeth Verrill Måned siden
Science and fun
Elizabeth Verrill
Elizabeth Verrill Måned siden
I love this NOpost channel
Edna Daniela Razmerita
Edna Daniela Razmerita Måned siden
Pause at 8:29 and read the background XD
MASEN WELCH Måned siden
MySpeed go up to. 15 Mils
ExplosionSound ExDee
ExplosionSound ExDee Måned siden
game gagame game
Nedely Lugo
Nedely Lugo Måned siden
wait can he just spin dash
The Stickman Boy
The Stickman Boy Måned siden
In Sonic X sonic went the speed of sound and didn't break bones How?
gamerkid 08
gamerkid 08 Måned siden
The intro is sk good lol
TheRealBrendan Måned siden
or we can all agree that his legs are unstoppable
Chris Lines
Chris Lines Måned siden
DR DR DRW!!!!!!! (So BAD!!)
Chris Lines
Chris Lines Måned siden
NICE NICE That is so good to see someone new even in this virus that shall not be named
Dominik Cahill
Dominik Cahill Måned siden
Jason Maiteri
Jason Maiteri Måned siden
you would have just said speed of light you know
Caljor Måned siden
that's a part of he's powers
Lord Raiden
Lord Raiden Måned siden
16:00 nice
deus carisma
deus carisma Måned siden
What wood happen if sonic fell when he stops.will je break his head?
Jackson Wingard
Jackson Wingard Måned siden
I actually have sonic forces and the pun was hilarious. I almost died laughing
Justine Sedesky
Justine Sedesky Måned siden
Omer Farooq
Omer Farooq Måned siden
he only calulated sonic in his classic era not in his modern era so his theory is incorrect
Marckos Delgado
Marckos Delgado Måned siden
well its a theory what do you expect
Shandee Theresa Castro
Shandee Theresa Castro Måned siden
matpat rude to sonic booooooooooooo
Arkaprabha Majumdar
Arkaprabha Majumdar Måned siden
So do game devs actually think about all this stuff? Seems like a lot of imagination
Dioi gaming
Dioi gaming 2 måneder siden
mat , heres a theroy for ya how does the cars in rocket leage work
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue 2 måneder siden
What's the science of how durable Sonic has to be, to make a crater in the ground, when he fell from very high, in Sonic Unleashed? Yes he was in "Werehog" form, but imagine what that says about his normal body. When he fell from space, I thought he was going to die, something temporarily caught him midway, but he still fell from high enough, to meteor the ground, and got up like it was nothing. From that point on, I just accepted, either he’s a looneytoon like character, or has a body like Superman.
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue 2 måneder siden
I just watched some gameplay, from random modern Sonic games...How my times, has he fallen from terminal velocity, OR FASTER FROM RUNNING DOWN A WALL, and just casually landed on the ground, like he just fell 3 meters? His body & abilities are ridiculous.
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue 2 måneder siden
He reminds me of normal people living with cartoon characters, like in Who framed Roger Rabbit?
autumn Leaf
autumn Leaf 2 måneder siden
I was listening to this kind of loudly and my cat started panicking
Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier 2 måneder siden
The 2010s were weird...
Easton Townsend
Easton Townsend 2 måneder siden
Me 2 måneder siden
Seth Jupp
Seth Jupp 2 måneder siden
Sonics faster
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