Game Theory: The HORROR That Threatens SCP

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8 måneder siden

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is beloved my many, whether it's through the SCP Foundation and community or the games like SCP Containment Breach and SCP Blackout. They've landed in some trouble recently, with a person taking their Russian trademark. You see, that person has been on a mission to, seemingly, take down all the SCP over there. Why? No one is quite sure. Today, I want to focus on the LEGALITY of what is happening, Should this person be able to get the SCP copyright? What power does he have? What does it mean for the beloved SCP? Let's dive in!
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Edwin Knapp
Edwin Knapp 8 måneder siden
As someone who recently got into the SCP universe, donated to the legal fund, AND is aspiring to get an SCP published on the site one day, this video was very important to me. I thought SCP was just a gimmicky horror game just a few years ago, but now I've seen it is something much bigger and worth protecting. Thank you for bringing more attention to this MatPat, it means a lot to know we can still win legally. (I mean without having to mail the russian a 096 mugshot)
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly 2 dager siden
@minecraft666 ah well... to each his own
minecraft666 2 dager siden
@Timur Ryssuly no i like the heads idea more
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly 2 dager siden
@minecraft666 Nah just mail them pics of SCP 096 shy guy
lulu posts
lulu posts 4 dager siden
Thank you for supporting us scp fans out there
Lee Meh
Lee Meh 10 dager siden
Kyzik White
Kyzik White 29 minutter siden
SCP foundation be holding earth destroyers and helpers but the most dangerous things are...............................................................................LAWYERS
Ramcharan Arya
Ramcharan Arya 8 timer siden
mat pat is a surprisingly good debater
Pure heart
Pure heart 10 timer siden
Matrix29bear 11 timer siden
Biggest problem in SCP UNIVERSE... Body counts. They're feeding in New York city population counts as D-Classes. Way too quick depopulation counts.
Collin Tong
Collin Tong Dag siden
Is it over?
Roberta Cristina
Roberta Cristina Dag siden
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley Dag siden
On Halloween I pretty much read off scp pages to the kids at the party and they enjoy it it’s cool but the next page is uh 096
Elowyn Jefferson
Elowyn Jefferson Dag siden
"The Legend of Stew"
Lloyd Hardie Calgas
Lloyd Hardie Calgas 2 dager siden
This guy is trash... I am talking about the Russia guy.
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly 2 dager siden
I love the simple volume of SCP fans here. what are y'all favorite characters/entities/stories? Mine's SCP 5000
Plasma Bro Gaming
Plasma Bro Gaming 2 dager siden
What could be more dangerous than that?! lawyers!
Roseheart Toxic
Roseheart Toxic 3 dager siden
We are winning this fight with the owner of the logo © and the owner of 173 © coming out and supporting SCP wiki and fighting back and just recently the guy has been hit with an legal trouble where if he doesn't fix his problems he will be facing fraud by the FAS
Thatguy1111 4 dager siden
More SCP
Jacoby Dodge
Jacoby Dodge 4 dager siden
"the horror that threatens SCP" hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder which of the thousands of scp's it is? oh yeah like, most of them. (I'm trying to joke here, I'm not being rude. I love you're channels MatPat)
Rhys Tidbury
Rhys Tidbury 4 dager siden
We shode just macke a new site
Manh Tuyen Duong
Manh Tuyen Duong 4 dager siden
*[This comment has been secure, contain and protected by the government]*
Irán j
Irán j 4 dager siden
Just send the guy a photo of the rake and well done. 🤣🤣
Just Some Soviet on the Internet
Just Some Soviet on the Internet 5 dager siden
*takes out an AK-74* I am going to do something illegal, but it is something that everyone will approve of it... even the god himself.
Big King Ryan
Big King Ryan 5 dager siden
Russia *tm*
Avatar Daz
Avatar Daz 5 dager siden
Russian dude approaches SCP 729 J exists Russian dude backs away
John Kevin Fetalvero
John Kevin Fetalvero 5 dager siden
Are you jem
Blue Wizard
Blue Wizard 5 dager siden
Matpat, you just gave me a game idea...
ComradeMeowski 6 dager siden
i see scp i click
William Afton
William Afton 6 dager siden
I thought it was just a little horror game at first but now I now it actually means something much more than I thought?
iHieu99 Gamerman
iHieu99 Gamerman 6 dager siden
More dangerous then the mom of all Scps!?!?!?! *the scarlet king*
Pond Brothers
Pond Brothers 6 dager siden
This blew up before Quarantine hit.. Did we win?
Pond Brothers
Pond Brothers 5 dager siden
So we won?
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry 5 dager siden
If you look on the gofundme page, they gave an update. It's been ruled that the guy violated article 14.8 and has until the 10th Nov to rectify it for face penalties.
Pond Brothers
Pond Brothers 6 dager siden
I genuinely don’t know if we did
lambman 7 dager siden
Do phasmophobia!!! That theory of what the ghost are here for why are we there? Why do we need to find a slay them?
•Aqua and Violet•
•Aqua and Violet• 7 dager siden
*“A lawyer”*
SplatKraken 7 dager siden
Game: *exists* Game Theorist: It's showtime
Gage Griffith
Gage Griffith 7 dager siden
I thought this was here last year!
Nobody 7 dager siden
Builder Bear
Pioz_ 7 dager siden
Lawyers=Big Law
AMAR ARA ARA 8 dager siden
TM ;)
BRANDON WONG YEW LI - 8 dager siden
but who won? that is the question
Dd Aaa
Dd Aaa 8 dager siden
Well i think somebody gota die tonight.
Jonas Parks
Jonas Parks 8 dager siden
If the Foundation is (somehow) an actual thing and is for some reason monitoring comments on this specific video... Do me a favor and airdrop 682 into Russia.
MDgamingpro1 .
MDgamingpro1 . 9 dager siden
Lol this guy is the next D-class test subject
William Afton
William Afton 9 dager siden
Im pretty sure that russian guy is emerson
Timur Ryssuly
Timur Ryssuly 9 dager siden
Guys, this is what was posted on the SCP gofundme on October 18: Great news everyone! The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service has ruled that Duksin has violated Article 14.8 of the Russian Federal law on business competition, and he has until November 10th to rectify his violation or face penalties. Due to Russian privacy law, we the plaintiffs do not know exactly what violation he committed and will not know until it is made public on November 10th. It is our hope that he was ordered to dissolve the trademark as that was our main request to the committee, but it is too early to fully celebrate since it is possible they cited him with a different violation at this time. Regardless, this is a huge step forward in the case and we owe everyone who contributed and shared our fundraiser a huge debt of thanks for making this possible. Thank you all so much!
Rainbow Angel
Rainbow Angel 2 dager siden
Wow! Thanks a whole lot for this information!
Cece 9 dager siden
14:35 looks like a creature smiling at the camera. Has a long witch-like nose, too.
EduFL4M3 Gaming
EduFL4M3 Gaming 9 dager siden
I though this was going to be a theory about scp... But its just a weird think about CC TM and R
couchy rick
couchy rick 10 dager siden
the world sucks i dont want to be smart enough to understand how fucked the world is why cant i be stupid oh wait i can its called killling your brain with alcohol i think ill just go do that have fun with this burning shite pile called earth
couchy rick
couchy rick 10 dager siden
we need to break the system all of them wake up
ShadowStormWar3 crab
ShadowStormWar3 crab 10 dager siden
Этот парень совсем ахуел. (On Russian) This guy really an asshole
Olivia Potter
Olivia Potter 10 dager siden
I get that it’s because of creative comers but none of the artists are getting paid for their SCPs ether.
funbro pybro
funbro pybro 10 dager siden
*Dabs in RCP*
Nick 7735
Nick 7735 10 dager siden
FrenchyJr 10 dager siden
People who do this are very VERY Lonely people If they had a gf they wouldn’t have done this
FrenchyJr 10 dager siden
He Secure He Contain And most importantly He protect
Lenny Face
Lenny Face 10 dager siden
The bear was there,but it meant nothing to this video. Poor bear.He just wanted some attention.
Chi 10 dager siden
bruh the ending hit different tho.
Game-bit 10 dager siden
Hungry jacks sounds better then Burger King to me. Sounds more friendly
Nicholas Roch
Nicholas Roch 10 dager siden
Andrey thought he could come at us... 2 days and we raises 50k
O5-13 O5 Command
O5-13 O5 Command 10 dager siden
That Russian guy is about to meet MTF unit Alpha-1. He knows too much. He is about to be transported to Site [REDACTED] and held as a D-Class.
Creeper Freak
Creeper Freak 11 dager siden
He is secretly a SCP
madzoon222 11 dager siden
Matpat would be a good lawyer
Thorben Dreßler
Thorben Dreßler 11 dager siden
Can someone put that russian guy into a sandstorm with 173 in it?
Dominic Maez
Dominic Maez 11 dager siden
This got cleared up today. Was doing a rewatch to give me entertainment and you views. And there was an article that came up about this.
Lexylex The bunny
Lexylex The bunny 11 dager siden
The intro got me like What.....
44 maroc
44 maroc 10 dager siden
How long did it take you to make ?
shadow demon
shadow demon 11 dager siden
It always got to be the russin
Rebecca Green
Rebecca Green 11 dager siden
in the intro i thought he was gonna say people who never subsribed
chill coffee
chill coffee 11 dager siden
haunted medic
haunted medic 11 dager siden
That guy going to [RADECATED]
crippling depression
crippling depression 12 dager siden
Wait you telling me SCP is real
Risen UNK0WN
Risen UNK0WN 12 dager siden
I really dont understand why he dosent do any scp theories
diamondguy Carlos Ortega
diamondguy Carlos Ortega 12 dager siden
Okay so it’s been 7 months since matpat has uploaded the vid and I was extremely suprised he hasn’t come back to make an actual theory themed around the SCP foundation
The Atomizer
The Atomizer 13 dager siden
"more dangerous than a multi-dimensional war of two gods that decides the fate of the multiverse?" ,"Ok you got me on that one."
Animal crossing gamer Alice
Animal crossing gamer Alice 13 dager siden
But this is just a theory, a game the-
LiamAnimates 13 dager siden
red sus
The Mysterious Mind
The Mysterious Mind 14 dager siden
Anyone else click on this because of the creepy teddy bear thumb nail only to unexpected legal lesson?
Lonely Little Wolfie
Lonely Little Wolfie 15 dager siden
The only reason I know why SCP's exsist is because of Albert.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 15 dager siden
Russian guy is just like Florida Man, but a bureaucrat
Kalepox 15 dager siden
Scp should add this guy to their universe
Mexican Emu
Mexican Emu 12 dager siden
Nah, he is pretty explainable, he ain't an anomaly
tda. rm
tda. rm 15 dager siden
Does someone know where i can buy a gun a a plane ticket to russia?
Jus10 15 dager siden
Was that a real picture of shy guy?! YOU DOOMED US ALL!!! LITERALLY!!!
Mexican Emu
Mexican Emu 12 dager siden
Me, who is blind: haha, amateurs
Neigwar 16 dager siden
I just got an ad for Diet Coke while watching this. Epic.
Note 16 dager siden
The Most Dangerous SCP is O, Death!! It can destroy entire UNIVERSE AND DIMENSION
t-bone 76
t-bone 76 16 dager siden
I love how he used wrench as the Russian guy
anthule1 16 dager siden
Because of my adhd induced tinkering I have made a machete and a shield out of broken pencils,rulers,and tape and I will fight with them to the ends of the earth to protect the scps
AmazingAnton 17 dager siden
SCP: Creative Commons license breach
tee hong yee
tee hong yee 17 dager siden
Bruh, horror? Heard of scp 999?
snowdog 92
snowdog 92 17 dager siden
My fav scp is scp 999
Joe Person
Joe Person 17 dager siden
This is definitely an XK class end of the world scenario
duckvidoes duck
duckvidoes duck 17 dager siden
Here the thing he just one preson how maen just youtubers do scp vidoes I can think of ten so the poeple who wach this can help boom lope hole to us agesit a lope hole
T-REX 17 dager siden
Josiah fredrich
Josiah fredrich 17 dager siden
R R 17 dager siden
I wonder why Saudi Arabia doesn't have an SCP foundation but I think it's because the government doesn't allow it or maybe because they don't want anyone to die
Janica Meyer
Janica Meyer 18 dager siden
Ah yes. Don’t you just LOVE not so creepy ads right before a creepy video? Lol
Rudy Gould
Rudy Gould 18 dager siden
"nightmarish monsters" Me: *Looks down at my eyes with wheels and my orange slime dog* False.
Peanut Snap
Peanut Snap 18 dager siden
Anyone wanna clean my containment cell?I'm not like uhhh..snap your neck or anything..
asxp_ 18 dager siden
*crying heavily* "gotta catch em all"
MW SN 19 dager siden
I think you should do an SCP theory on the actual SCPs. Like, finding out what 001 is or finding who the Children of the Scarlet King are. If it’s possible.
MW SN 18 dager siden
Yoshi The Bear true
Yoshi The Bear
Yoshi The Bear 18 dager siden
Comment this on the latest video
CoolBoi39 19 dager siden
TheMistGaming 19 dager siden
We're all fighting in a fight we cant win that Russian took down tons of our work I hope we win :(
роман нету
роман нету 18 dager siden
October 16th should be last court session according to lawyer, we will find it out really soon 😁 From what i read they cornered Duksin on court session October 01st, but his representative asked for delay to bring part of evidence, and since then they met again in court on October 6th... Unfortunately it is closed hearing due to corona =(
Jackzamora 19 dager siden
Lawyers a ketter class object
Anime Alex
Anime Alex 19 dager siden
TLDR; the law is made by bunch of pot heads
gen- XR
gen- XR 19 dager siden
If you hear a haha(running) you must run run fast and never stop
Cobblestone100mc 20 dager siden
huh... i got into scp stuff only a bit ago and now a video on it!? what if occasionally the world get tailored to you?
Epsilon 11 Designated Nine Tailed Fox
Epsilon 11 Designated Nine Tailed Fox 20 dager siden
We’re releasing SCP-999 to the public because, humanity really needs it right now
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