Game Theory: The HORROR That Threatens SCP

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10 måneder siden

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is beloved my many, whether it's through the SCP Foundation and community or the games like SCP Containment Breach and SCP Blackout. They've landed in some trouble recently, with a person taking their Russian trademark. You see, that person has been on a mission to, seemingly, take down all the SCP over there. Why? No one is quite sure. Today, I want to focus on the LEGALITY of what is happening, Should this person be able to get the SCP copyright? What power does he have? What does it mean for the beloved SCP? Let's dive in!
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Edwin Knapp
Edwin Knapp 10 måneder siden
As someone who recently got into the SCP universe, donated to the legal fund, AND is aspiring to get an SCP published on the site one day, this video was very important to me. I thought SCP was just a gimmicky horror game just a few years ago, but now I've seen it is something much bigger and worth protecting. Thank you for bringing more attention to this MatPat, it means a lot to know we can still win legally. (I mean without having to mail the russian a 096 mugshot)
MasterCraft Leo
MasterCraft Leo 36 minutter siden
I’ve been thinking about an SCP that is a robot that ask questions until the subject ends up killing itself and trying to destroy as many things as possible before it kills itself
Gary Dwi Primastio
Gary Dwi Primastio Dag siden
Omg i agree, i currently reading the lore of scp and this is happening? That's so sad
Debby Diaz
Debby Diaz 10 dager siden
@Edwin Knapp the volgun is best.
Survival salem
Survival salem 15 dager siden
Ah, another one in need of the cure?
TheRandomDragon 16 dager siden
Thank you.
Le wag
Le wag 24 sekunder siden
The Russian guy is scp 610
Bjarni Moraa
Bjarni Moraa 11 timer siden
Is this the good ending?
aswdafk 1
aswdafk 1 18 timer siden
Games are good™©®©®™©®™©™®©™©®©™©®©™©™™®©™©
Trevor S
Trevor S 18 timer siden
Honestly just waiting for an scp fighting game
Life and Legos
Life and Legos Dag siden
happy for confurmation that its just a game
W Klemmer
W Klemmer Dag siden
I don’t know why y’all are mad at him. He is getting into the lore as a member of the global occult coalition.
gamik5 Dag siden
Some one should make an scp about this were russia suddenly disapears
Boltek Dag siden
pls cover the backrooms next
Rastlo Nadjalin
Rastlo Nadjalin Dag siden
I live in serbia i think we dont have target get what ill do
Kaden Hickman
Kaden Hickman 2 dager siden
If I am right the cap foundation is fake
the games
the games 2 dager siden
thank you for conforming this
Drawing with One Eye
Drawing with One Eye 2 dager siden
I have an idea we can start a new “s.p.c.” but under a new name and with a new acronym like “H.M.E.P.C.S.A.S.” horrors, monsters, and evils, protection, and containment against society I know it’s not as catchy but at least we’d still have something similar to s.c.p.
Salamander Gaming
Salamander Gaming 2 dager siden
5:56 obey or be Putin jail
Elrohir 3 dager siden
So Scott and the SCP foundation have something in common.
Kent Guiller
Kent Guiller 4 dager siden
Just remember to never go to IKEA
?г๏ รє?
?г๏ รє? 4 dager siden
I’ve sort of been in and out of the community over the years, I would use the school computers to go through the stories, surprisingly enough the website was never banned, even when Run was, grant it Run is a flash game
Kacper Pakuła
Kacper Pakuła 4 dager siden
Scp 2137 Polish man will understand
T Gavran
T Gavran 5 dager siden
Guy you are just talking about copyrights and trademarks.
Hennie Bester
Hennie Bester 5 dager siden
My favorite scp is scp 049 aka plague doctor
Real DrUwU
Real DrUwU 5 dager siden
I think the SCP foundation should use the leftover money or even raise more so they can trademark it in other countries so more things like this dont happen.
Rjbadboy55 5 dager siden
Why are you putting a picture of wrench as the Russian trademark troll
ChaChaBenjo 6 dager siden
nobody: Subtitles: *glitchy spoop noises*
Random Stuff History
Random Stuff History 5 dager siden
Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn
Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn 6 dager siden
its not even a theory its a fact
Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9
Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9 6 dager siden
IS That picture of SCP 096 is real or not? I'm sweating.
[AGENT] JCIWallCrawler
[AGENT] JCIWallCrawler 4 dager siden
Nothing that is related to the SCP Foundation is true or real. In the wiki the about page states that the SCPs and other things are all fictional. So you’re gonna be okay. Hope this helped.
Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy 6 dager siden
MatPat: EVEN MORE DANGEROUS THEN THAT! Man: WHAT is more dangerous then that? MatPat, shivering: *Lawyers* Both of them: *high pitched screeching*
madsword19 6 dager siden
'Someone' should kidnap this guy and make him a D
Diamond Dragon
Diamond Dragon 6 dager siden
hmmmmm.....horrifying creatures eh? Just so happens I'm writing a horror book
_d1 7 dager siden
Charlee Havens
Charlee Havens 7 dager siden
Robert andrei Bagasbas
Robert andrei Bagasbas 7 dager siden
The ultimate scp has the strength of scp 096 has the regeneration of the hard to destroy lizard and the intelegence of the posesive mask
Natalie Silver
Natalie Silver 8 dager siden
Starving Shark
Starving Shark 8 dager siden
2:08 SCP-999 SCP-458 Yes very nightmarish creatures definitely all of them are and there are definitely no friendly SCP'S Edit: I forgot an actual scary SCP known as SCP-009-J they are pretty dangerous too
Eserion Belgrim
Eserion Belgrim 8 dager siden
Ahhhhh... Hello! Still expecting for that what the f is scps 049 pestilence is video
OrangeCrusader 8 dager siden
Ironic how the Russian is the least communist here
Spencer MacDougall
Spencer MacDougall 8 dager siden
So, it's been a few's the fight going?
Israel Vasquez
Israel Vasquez 8 dager siden
Taunkua has a facility that said scp (exponged) and it took me to the site
Lilhedgehog 857
Lilhedgehog 857 8 dager siden
I like how you used wrench in this video
Hoeven_Ryder_Jr 9 dager siden
*_Laughs in VPN_*
Unkillbulgaming 9 dager siden
Godzilla Super Star Ultra
Godzilla Super Star Ultra 9 dager siden
The SCP foundation can't be sued. It has permission from ALL countries's governments.
Anthony Fleshman
Anthony Fleshman 9 dager siden
Omfg you referenced Wrench.
W4nted 9 dager siden
reminds me of that one guy who tries to earn money by copyrighting those videos on where he stole cars but ended up guilty in a 160-year prison statement
Michał Marciński
Michał Marciński 9 dager siden
there are actually a lot more powerfull scp's then those on the beggining some scp's are litterally gods
Kerr Wallace
Kerr Wallace 9 dager siden
If the lawsuit were to go badly for SCP what would happen to games which are already published and have been downloaded like Containment Breach and Secret Laboratory
WindowsXP Gamer
WindowsXP Gamer 9 dager siden
0:09 says who, the 05 Council?
blobguy 9 dager siden
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming 10 dager siden
This Seems like this a matter of Value not just Law, Perhaps other country's should not enforce there Values upon one another, in order to negotiate a solution We should Mabey respect each others creations.
Executive Bexley
Executive Bexley 10 dager siden
Pardon my ignore, but can't u just ignore the Russian dude. Who cares if he's using yr name, just say you're nothing to do with him. Just carry on regardless
TacoCAT 75
TacoCAT 75 10 dager siden
I hate scummy music company’s who copyright every single video I put music in and it probably happens to everyone else to
John Daniel Ayes
John Daniel Ayes 10 dager siden
Me:what is your greatest fear Mat pat: LAWYERS
KBS -117
KBS -117 10 dager siden
Maxaveli 7
Maxaveli 7 10 dager siden
The thumbnail be like: e. Me: *P A N I K*. Why hello there u found the edit edit: hello guys
YEETBOI420 10 dager siden
I know I should say this but the foundation in Russia already have him in captivity and his number is D-1423
Bartu Aday
Bartu Aday 10 dager siden
This guy is littraly the CI.
izaiah abrams
izaiah abrams 11 dager siden
btw the actual threat is the scarlet king
Laura Parsons
Laura Parsons 11 dager siden
Why can’t you not share the trademark?
Chaos Insurgency
Chaos Insurgency 11 dager siden
I'm the real THREAT The Foundation will FALL
irva briandi
irva briandi 11 dager siden
Wait whattttttttttt
lazy pizza ship
lazy pizza ship 12 dager siden
How to prove the foundation is real. talk about scp 055... What was I talking about
Peashooter Gaming
Peashooter Gaming 12 dager siden
Hey 2030 start saying bye to SCP
Sean Thomason
Sean Thomason 13 dager siden
It makes perfect sense that the Russian was able to register a false copyright because the country is mostly, if not completely, run by the Mafia.
Garrett Jerden
Garrett Jerden 13 dager siden
SCP is one of my biggest interests and to be honest, I like it so much I'm thinking about drawing up my own. But I do agree with Edwin Kapp.
Garrett Jerden
Garrett Jerden 13 dager siden
Dark real gaming
Dark real gaming 13 dager siden
The hacker is raputitn lover of the Russia queen
Error 404
Error 404 13 dager siden
its still just an game right? RIGHT? RIGHT?? RIGHT???????????????????????????????
Khalid Stephen
Khalid Stephen 13 dager siden
*glitchy poop noise*
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer 14 dager siden
im not worried its literally one guy vs a world wide community what is his plan
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more!
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more! 5 dager siden
Oh you innocent child
Sebastian Hayward
Sebastian Hayward 14 dager siden
When's SCP-682 going to get a Game Theory made about him?
Nicola Nicholas
Nicola Nicholas 14 dager siden
Is it even real?
TARTB0X 7 dager siden
The scp is only fictional, and SCP anomalies made by peoples creativity and skill
Joseph Beeby
Joseph Beeby 14 dager siden
nice for you swapped round the r6 old loading screen and edited it not cool they changed it but still :( jk
Devhan Bohman
Devhan Bohman 14 dager siden
I'm pretty sure Wrench (the guy with the cool mask) would mess with the Russians, not work with them. he gon make da robots go WHEEEEEEEE
Your Mom
Your Mom 14 dager siden
Jonathan Velasquez
Jonathan Velasquez 14 dager siden
What a fool... He may be a layer but he fell into his own trap.
Random Guy
Random Guy 14 dager siden
The plague doctor is my personal favourite (SCP - 049)
Anonymous hex
Anonymous hex 14 dager siden
Fun fact: there is a tiktoker/youtuber that has a patreon that has been helping the fund to fight the russian dude, also I joined the scp foundation this year and I'm still new to this but I try and help in anyway possible.
Ayden Russo
Ayden Russo 15 dager siden
that wasn't a theory though he lied
Ella Eccant
Ella Eccant 15 dager siden
the foundation uses the ankle biters to brainwash officials into leaving them alone. while it states that the SCP foundation is supported, remember that all of these facts are being written by an scp
Rabie Tariq
Rabie Tariq 15 dager siden
for a long time this is NOT just a game theory.
Ardie 15 dager siden
That thumbnail..looks strikingly familiar to a particular scene in another fandom that this channel covers..
Aoz 15 dager siden
I like the fact that you skip the scp 096 but I laugh so hard when I see the lawyer
Green koolaid
Green koolaid 15 dager siden
Is it bad that I know every scp in this video
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more!
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more! 5 dager siden
Nah, they’re all the generic ones
SCP foundation
SCP foundation 15 dager siden
hello You call and no we are not fake, do we?
Greyson George
Greyson George 15 dager siden
The whoppe®
TGS m 15 dager siden
14:18 why is my heart melting also I want mat”and”pat as my lawyer
TGS m 15 dager siden
1:32 finally copyright has given me a smile aside from the NOpost ones
TwoSpeedDoubleSpike 16 dager siden
Oh yeah Russia *NUKE* Joke this comment is a joke
Mikel desjardins
Mikel desjardins 16 dager siden
scp 3008 played on roblox
Three Spirits Trio
Three Spirits Trio 16 dager siden
Thank 343 that it's a fictional universe otherwise He would Not survive trying to take and/or run the foundation, 682 being a prime example as to why
Cazi X
Cazi X 16 dager siden
Darn the lawyer jumpscare
Neuroo 16 dager siden
Scp 2521 Haha get [Redacted]
Martin Dičak
Martin Dičak 16 dager siden
scp 096
S4RCASM ._. 16 dager siden
TheRandomDragon 16 dager siden
I will physically fight and restrain anybody that takes away that foundation. I mean I don’t live in the Russia but dang it I’ll become its president to defend the greatest thing to ever exist. Seriously though when was the last time you saw a genuinely nice internet group? *hugs CC icon*
I feel like and are in fact Literal garbage
I feel like and are in fact Literal garbage 16 dager siden
0:57 oh hello project moon a Korean game studio that created lobotomy corporation ( a management game which is commonly compared to scp) and its sequel Libary of Ruina how you doing?
Runch Kung
Runch Kung 16 dager siden
SCP =Secure Contain Protect SPC= Shark Punching Center (it is real in wiki tho LOL)
John Cris Sidayon
John Cris Sidayon 16 dager siden
I put on captions and on the exact time that the lawyers pops out the captions said "Glitchy spoop noises"
Mackenzie H
Mackenzie H 16 dager siden
I was once in an SCP fan film about a toaster. Just wanted to put that out
Catman 16 dager siden
So is SCP real? Like is it a real place? Idk if it’s a game or real life stuff
Daniel Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman 13 dager siden
it's all fiction, says so on the website, he says it himself on this video
Froggypeeps 16 dager siden
I WANT EVERYONE TO SHARE THIS VID WITH UR FRIENDS (if that ok matpat i mean im only a 10 yr old kid)
Devhan Bohman
Devhan Bohman 14 dager siden
haha ur ten get older kid (just kidding bro ur good. also my friends probably won't care but that's ok)
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