Game Theory: The KILLER'S Promise | FNAF Sister Location

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4 år siden

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It's NEVER over with FNAF, and it's NEVER over for FNAF's most notorious killer, William Afton, AKA the Purple Guy! With this latest installment of the FNAF franchise, I finally found something I've never been able to find in any of the games leading up to this one: a REASON for the killer to hunt down and kill children. Now for the first time ever we can put together pieces of the FNAF universe that have never made sense and finally understand who will "Put you back together..."
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Kaitlyn Ferrucci
Kaitlyn Ferrucci 4 timer siden
My favorite foxy and mangle
Hope Kendrick
Hope Kendrick 8 timer siden
12:56 I'm preeeeeety sure that's the babybabys
Stab Person
Stab Person 10 timer siden
Itz Ocean Gacha!
Itz Ocean Gacha! 14 timer siden
Just to tell you something you don’t play as William afton you play as Michael afton
Sigmond Laughs
Sigmond Laughs 14 timer siden
Ik Ennard isn't a robot animatronic but he is A robot? Idk but he is mah fav :3
•☾møønrxse •
•☾møønrxse • 17 timer siden
To the end card- Yes we Ballora fans exist. how dare you insult our queen yes i clearly am obsessed
Ander Bishai
Ander Bishai 19 timer siden
Michael: goes into sister location ennard: im about to end this mans whole career.
Sarwat Haider
Sarwat Haider 19 timer siden
How do you do this?
Sarwat Haider
Sarwat Haider 19 timer siden
Man how
Amaré 22 timer siden
WhT if fnaf 4 wasn’t a nightmare?maybe that was will trying to stop his son from going to the restaurant.after all, he knows he saw the murder.And since it’s Afton who made them, the sound illusion discs explain th brain(I think it was nightmares), the blood, just about everything
Camille Durante
Camille Durante 23 timer siden
Jayson B
Jayson B Dag siden
So my NOpost video suggestion box just got demonically attacked with 4 separate error messages from matpat's personal Instagram handle. *MATPAT, DO NOT EVER SUGGEST VIDEOS OF B'S*** NATURE AGAIN*. *DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈
Nevaeh Wilson
Nevaeh Wilson Dag siden
Ellis Gallagher
Ellis Gallagher Dag siden
My top 5 favorite fnaf chacrcters 1.Foxy 2.Toy Freddy 3.Funtime Freddy 4. Baby 5.Withered Freddy
Ellis Gallagher
Ellis Gallagher Dag siden
Btw Who came back watching in 2020 because you’re bored.👍🏻
Ducky TB
Ducky TB Dag siden
That means that baby is good 😌 because she was purple guy doter died so now she help him
Ducky TB
Ducky TB Dag siden
This is right because of the VR game you have to hide from baby in the closet with the pleaches of baby that means that the pizza place but how did baby get there? Because it is connect
Mexican boi
Mexican boi Dag siden
Damn I remember when this theory came out when I was younger. It was amazing to see how far we've come!
Gamer_Baby Dag siden
My fav is Funtime Freddy
Aileen Cooper
Aileen Cooper Dag siden
Do the slender episode
Remedial Elixir
Remedial Elixir Dag siden
What evidence is there that suggestions William Afton didn't intend for his children and wife to be put into animatronics pretty early on? That his whole plan was to accomplish immortality?
Jasmin Contreras
Jasmin Contreras Dag siden
Favorite character: psychic friend fredbear 😌 he's here he's there he's everywhere who you going to call psychic friend Fred bear 🐻
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Dag siden
Please do more fazbear frights book theories!!
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Dag siden
Read the hello neighbor books
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Dag siden
Nice video
Malak Lol
Malak Lol 2 dager siden
where do i get fnaf books- :o
Isla Lovel
Isla Lovel 2 dager siden
The Raptor Squad
The Raptor Squad 2 dager siden
My fav is golden freddy
gacha layla
gacha layla 2 dager siden
So he can see his sister again
gacha layla
gacha layla 2 dager siden
So he can see his sister again
Broderz 43
Broderz 43 2 dager siden
If the enard in this thumbnail did a handstand his chin would be taller than the Eiffel Tower No offense btw
Nate Alatorre
Nate Alatorre 2 dager siden
Elizibith is circus baby
Sheepish Lies
Sheepish Lies 2 dager siden
It is funny how he messed up, it is Micheal Afton getting his stomach torn
Vicki Shroyer
Vicki Shroyer 3 dager siden
you should really watch some afton family vidoes you play as mike williams other son not willy himself and they kill him to use as a skin suit but then take really good care of mike also dont know if you found this out but ballora is willys wife her name never comfermed but know as clara because he knew how to trasferther the souls and dis that to her i like your theroy and this was long ago but its wrong sory for the grammer
The Almost Twins
The Almost Twins 3 dager siden
Matpat: *Says stuff* "And most importantly... the crying childs bed." Me: "YASSS HE DIDNT SAY CHRISSSSS HIS NAME IS NOT CHRISS"
Toasted 3 dager siden
I mean Lil old Willy lost two of his kids so can we blame him? He lost C.C, crying child while the bean was little and his only daughter while she was little. Poor dude to be honest
ãšh Lîły
ãšh Lîły 3 dager siden
My favorite character in fanf is The ballet one in SL
Clifford Lahita
Clifford Lahita 3 dager siden
Ryan Massey Wright
Ryan Massey Wright 3 dager siden
U forgot puppet
Logan Stambolis
Logan Stambolis 3 dager siden
Mine is Springtrap
Saif Alk
Saif Alk 4 dager siden
I think micheal is possessed by ennard
Sem Berkhout
Sem Berkhout 4 dager siden
galaxies the youtuber
galaxies the youtuber 4 dager siden
Ah yes ennard is circus baby
DroppinSolo 4 dager siden
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 4 dager siden
Re-watching these and knowing he is going to be wrong about so many things is both painful and funny
yuli s
yuli s 4 dager siden
I love baby
Woobmations 4 dager siden
Um the thing is in the scooping room you can dodge it and escape 5th night what is the secret ending
[MiTH]hotsauce0007 5 dager siden
Every since 2017 and when fnaf died, I thought this stuff was cringe. Looking back on it, Scott and everyone who got involved with this game was doing awesome. I honestly miss this now
Karma 5 dager siden
4 years ago and we just did this
Midorya-Chan 5 dager siden
No one: Not even god: Me and matpat: *Intense Flashbacks* Also me and matpat : He’s here and there and everywhere! Who ya gonna call Psychic Friend Fredbear!!! Matpat: **stops singing** Me: Hes a flowerrr! For reasons still unkown-
GreatPanda53 5 dager siden
Thats why Afton is killing the kids and stuffing them in the torso of the "monsters" so there are more and more robots coming . At some point Afton will realize that he cant bring his son back
GreatPanda53 5 dager siden
Why is it called sister location
Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι
Aɴɢѕтy Bιyoѕнιι 4 dager siden
I think it's called that cos my theory is that it's Micheal (the one who we play as in FNAF 1,2,3 & SL) literally finding his younger sister, Elizabeth only to realise, before getting scooped by Ennard, that she is no longer alive and is in Circus Baby eternally.
Jenna Seward
Jenna Seward 5 dager siden
my faverit is sping trap
Ligia 6 dager siden
Swiggity swogity foxys comin for win
Remember It
Remember It 6 dager siden
I do not have a favorite animatronic it would only either lead up to shadow Freddy nightmare Fred bear or nightmare
Joker Bane
Joker Bane 6 dager siden
William was not scooped that was Mike bc William got springlocked
ryann stinkyshima
ryann stinkyshima 6 dager siden
This is sad boy hours
Butter Up
Butter Up 6 dager siden
My favorite is springbonnie
lucid_robber 6 dager siden
Hey I know this is a kinda dead game but maybe if there is a place we’re you put colors in order weather it be a mini game or Easter eggtry the colors blue green pink then yelow
Alicia Andrus
Alicia Andrus 6 dager siden
My favorite is bonnie
BRANDON CONNORS 6 dager siden
My favorite animatronic is mr hippo I do remember a man who would bring his son to the bakery every Wednesday, and...then go feed the ducks. He would buy all of the sourdough bread. Of course, y'know, you're not supposed to feed the ducks sourdough bread at all. It swells up in their stomach, and then they all die.
Jaime Contreras-Iverson
Jaime Contreras-Iverson 6 dager siden
I think that it was Michael who got scooped because William has already died because he died from his spring locks therefore Micheal is the only one left in the family from Chris is dead Elizabeth is baby and the mother is ballora Micheal is not dead and is then working for five nights at sister location. then on the last night he gets scooped just to know how they are all dead and Michael doesn't possess an animatronic ennard lives in him from the scoop now he is a decaying corpse so that is my theory my game theory! great job mat pat.
MarsMadness 6 dager siden
can we still get the slender theory
Dibrid Gamerss
Dibrid Gamerss 6 dager siden
Fredd bear
Fitterlink l
Fitterlink l 7 dager siden
objection to this
objection to this 7 dager siden
10:34 -10:36 Haha, Jojo part 4 Hayato and Kosaku Kira reference
Sunny -
Sunny - 6 dager siden
??? Wasn't that from an old movie? Lmao
soud _adoodle
soud _adoodle 7 dager siden
The thumbnail really scares me
Bella Ujfalusi
Bella Ujfalusi 7 dager siden
Little Bit
Little Bit 7 dager siden
pigtail girl is elizabeth afton. a girl who is obsessed with circus baby. she dresses up as circus baby the circus baby kills you. ballora is clara afton: someone we never see. but is real. she find out william is killing and rushed out of the house and soon after drives off a cliff. also my favorite animatronic is... CIRCUS BABY!!!!
Christina Donbrosky
Christina Donbrosky 7 dager siden
that is not what hapind
Shadow Benny gaming
Shadow Benny gaming 7 dager siden
IDK how to click on the animatronic heads soooooo, imma just say it in chat. my Favorite charachter in all of FNAF is Springtrap, cuz he is... well, william afton. oh and btw it does not make sense that spring trap is scraptrap beacause, scraptrap has not the same feet as springtrap, i mean, we can all se that springtrap has endo skeleton feet that is exposed, while scraptrap has not, you know what, im gonna make a theory about this one litte small detail, prepeare MatPat, you have a theory incoming, althog i dont know if it is true tho, it just not make sense and i dont know how many words i have used but i dont care how many :)
Sunny -
Sunny - 6 dager siden
I mean it's scrapped, maybe the legs finally broke and he had to look for something else, but it's true that it's weird... The legs aren't the only different thing anyways
*Mat pat:I SOLVED FNAF* *Scott:(LAUGHS IN SB)*
Hashim Afton
Hashim Afton 7 dager siden
@Big Chungus ok?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 7 dager siden
@Hashim Hashim agreed
Hashim Hashim
Hashim Hashim 7 dager siden
So true
Crab Tank
Crab Tank 7 dager siden
you play as Michael Afton the SON of William Afton
GAMER KITTY 7 dager siden
My favorite animatronic is Baby But I do like Balora
Matthew Arney
Matthew Arney 8 dager siden
These sister location ones scare me no cap
kawaii_Loves cookies Anime
kawaii_Loves cookies Anime 8 dager siden
OLLIE TAYLOR 8 dager siden
Brody Miller
Brody Miller 8 dager siden
Just so ya know, Micheal is the one who gets scooped. In One Of The Endings, Micheal Talks To Springtrap A.K.A. William
Lunala Moon
Lunala Moon 8 dager siden
Micheal Afton was walking around the town as Rick Astley. Boom, all lore solved.
William Afton
William Afton 8 dager siden
Kade Wolfie
Kade Wolfie 8 dager siden
Am I the only one who actually got the silvers eyes book out to see if it actually said that cuz he said on page 118 it said those details but I opened the book and on that page Charlie isn’t even at her house she’s at the arcade with John so I’m confused
Kade Wolfie
Kade Wolfie 8 dager siden
Jayden Cummings
Jayden Cummings 8 dager siden
When Williams eyes are purpel that means glichtrap is controlling him do you now glichtrap
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose 8 dager siden
Jayden Cummings
Jayden Cummings 8 dager siden
your not playing as willam in sister location Michael plays in sister location willam dies of springlocks and Michael gets scooped you are dum come one we all now that Michael was working at sister location you need to Google it so you now it ok
TheShiner 8 dager siden
my favorites are baby foxy and chica
Jonathan Hans
Jonathan Hans 8 dager siden
mine is freddy shadow freddy to be exsact
Dilopho 8 dager siden
The Potato Kouncil
The Potato Kouncil 8 dager siden
Mat Pat: And that’s the end of the fnaf games Scott Cawthon: I always come back May Pat: *I always come back*
The Potato Kouncil
The Potato Kouncil 8 dager siden
Bro I feel like different Game Creators and Scott Cawthon are actually at Lore war and are trying to make the most confusing lore for each of their games, an each gave up but then...then one stepped up TheMeatly. Now TheMeatly is trying to outdo Scott by Scott is just like “ *YOU DARE TO DISRESPECT THE MIGHTY SCOTTY?!* ”
Alex Shackton
Alex Shackton 8 dager siden
you forgot on golden freddy on his hat there is a camo key that unlocks a secret door in the crying childs room grab psycic fredbear and he will become a life size HELPFUL animatronic that will eat the discs and use them to overide the twisted animatronic
repataliation 8 dager siden
The beginning reminds me of mr hippos speech in ucn
boldt kids
boldt kids 8 dager siden
FNAF:I always come back
Braydne Braydne
Braydne Braydne 8 dager siden
We made history today bois
Denki kaminaris toe
Denki kaminaris toe 9 dager siden
Matpat: 7mil subscribers! Me:laughing in 13mil
pyro catuber
pyro catuber 9 dager siden
Matpat What's inside of the box is What's inside of into the pit Springbonnie which was Sealed then by opening the Box into the pit springbonnie was realeased
nock off sir kid wut ever gee
nock off sir kid wut ever gee 9 dager siden
xTripleM 9 dager siden
was that the bite of 87?
xTripleM 9 dager siden
EDGAR RAMIREZ 9 dager siden
EDGAR RAMIREZ 9 dager siden
fantum foxy
Gamer boi Streams
Gamer boi Streams 9 dager siden
Afton is the only notorious killer in fnaf
drunk frog
drunk frog 10 dager siden
Heyy what about the puppet
Maria Alvares
Maria Alvares 10 dager siden
Wait did I not pay attention or who is the villain in fnaf
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