Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)

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Last time we talked about the good and the bad with the deal between Fortnite streamer Ninja and Microsoft's livestreaming platform Mixer. This time I want to provide my help. You see, this may not have been the GIANT mistake... if Mixer plays its cards right. Can Mixer use this very expensive acquisition of Ninja to pivot it's platform to the next level for creators? Maybe, and here is how!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Marius L
Marius L 2 dager siden
matpat : .... health bill .... My being a european : 😂
Elijah Yar
Elijah Yar 2 dager siden
Wow that was surprisingly accurate
scull case
scull case 4 dager siden
78 million x 3 equals 2.8 million? When it should equal 234 million
Obama 5 dager siden
Obama thinks people are USELESS... WE WIL KICK OUT ALL OF YOU
Thewymist Out
Thewymist Out 7 dager siden
Best intro ever
The Dank One
The Dank One 7 dager siden
Yes I do love listicles with a good accent. This is why I watch Whatculture. Jules Gill is a god.
Siana Hika
Siana Hika 8 dager siden
He is supporting smaller channels. And he is a huge channel he isn't the NOpost middle class he is the top tier channel
mc's Pugvengers
mc's Pugvengers 9 dager siden
Subscribe to mc pugvegers if you love super
Teun van Haastrecht
Teun van Haastrecht 13 dager siden
6:20 that aged poorly
Foxy 15 dager siden
I honestly think at this point MatPat helped Mixer see how dumb they were.
BombDiggity 07
BombDiggity 07 15 dager siden
Ehh I’m a really small NOpostr but I never really wanted subscribers I just wanted to make people happy with the content I create
Michael B.
Michael B. 17 dager siden
Man I love this channel
Louise Voelkin
Louise Voelkin 18 dager siden
Well this aged well
Swedenball517 Studio
Swedenball517 Studio 19 dager siden
Mixer is gone, good job Matt
Keionta The king
Keionta The king 20 dager siden
Matpat you're always right mixer shut down👍
Mina Stickley
Mina Stickley 20 dager siden
Not to ruin the mood but the way he says middle class makes me laugh for some reason.
Random Person
Random Person 21 dag siden
Do you remember when mixer was a thing? I don't. (Edit: 30/9/2020 just in case you were wondering)
Skylar Thomas
Skylar Thomas 24 dager siden
I mean I'm fairly sure a good amount of those mid tier streamers would have happily moved for a 100 grand so with the same price you get 100 diverse streamers as opposed to 1 mega popular streamer
Game Zilla
Game Zilla 24 dager siden
Who’s watching this when mixer doesn’t exist
Zero Pd
Zero Pd Måned siden
Mat Is Orange???
Nyx Windrider
Nyx Windrider Måned siden
D3LUXE REACTZ Måned siden
I miss Obama
he spell it wrong is accuali MI>
Leonardo Quadros
Leonardo Quadros Måned siden
The Captions identify his Intro as "*epic Intro Plays*"
Isa Cotti
Isa Cotti Måned siden
Ok, lets just get this over with... I LIKE PEPSI BETTER THAN COCA COLA. You can bombard me with all of the dislikes because of contraversey with Matpat, but my decisicion is final. So I. DONT. CARE.
Reldaf Semaj
Reldaf Semaj Måned siden
I have seen a video of a crab Cooked in Pepsi, never of a video with a crab cooked in coco cola
Firefan264 Måned siden
coming here after the release of food theory, go to 3:34 and see if you notice anything ;)
Chareesh Lingala
Chareesh Lingala Måned siden
Nobody's caring for fortnite because Minecraft is back
geno onsy
geno onsy Måned siden
Being honest ur right I will NEVER come to mixer bc Idc about fortnite
Penny Graham
Penny Graham Måned siden
Last Episode He Only Had Time For One More Question But Now More
PERETZ ONYIA Måned siden
Czech world/horror history is a good chanel
Sky High
Sky High Måned siden
Food Theory was in the works for a year!?
Ranjith Venkat
Ranjith Venkat Måned siden
nice research...
The true Derp God117
The true Derp God117 Måned siden
I swear he said dead by daylight instead of final fantasy last time I watch this
Will B.
Will B. Måned siden
Haha mixer has shut down
Sidaksu YT
Sidaksu YT Måned siden
Somebody gonna get fired
Miloš Živković VIII4
Miloš Živković VIII4 Måned siden
Matpat please dont use leftist politics its not enjoyable to hear
dreadlion 2000
dreadlion 2000 Måned siden
So mixer put all its eggs in one basket Then decided to walk over hot coals
Hank TLS
Hank TLS Måned siden
You are a warlord of the end of Viking age , you can’t risk hire 1 best warrior, but you can hire a army of 100 normal men, that’s how knight were born
minny Måned siden
Lol mixer got rect nub
Luke Gibson
Luke Gibson 2 måneder siden
In mixer’s defence (And no I earnestly do not care for their success for failure) it is improbable that they did not benefit from this due to confidential reasons. I mean Matt do you honestly believe you know more than their professional marketing team?! This is more like the supportive criticism, and I still love your videos.
German Trejo vega
German Trejo vega 2 måneder siden
Yay fortnite is diying. Mincraft coming in
Miss Mills
Miss Mills 2 måneder siden
Can u give Dr Demonic a shout out some time? He grinds but barely get noticed!
Reality Creations
Reality Creations 2 måneder siden
I was here since 100,000k subs
Crackfells 2 måneder siden
I sugesst Merg!
Asiwaty Leman
Asiwaty Leman 2 måneder siden
wait is this a re-upload!? i cause in 2019 there was no food theory! but.. in the intro theres a YELLOW color on the logo! WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!?!!!!!1
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing 2 måneder siden
You’re predictions could not have been more correct
Kenton Kephart
Kenton Kephart 2 måneder siden
Trahpek media
Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 2 måneder siden
You'r correct mixer is shutting down THEY PROBABLY BANKRUPT
J&J Jolly Fun Time
J&J Jolly Fun Time 2 måneder siden
Good reference to Mario maker video
portalite oxide
portalite oxide 2 måneder siden
i can imagine ninja awkwardly coming back to twitch after his mixer mansion burnt down.
Parker George
Parker George 2 måneder siden
Who’s here after mixer is gone
BLAST 2 måneder siden
Who's here after mixer shut down 🤣
Yazan İbrahim
Yazan İbrahim 2 måneder siden
Please shout out HELLO FUTURE ME he is a great youtuber who puts tons of effort to his videos i love him and i think he can be able to attract a wide audience
Austin Acevedo
Austin Acevedo 2 måneder siden
PBG call him out. Or call out one of his best friends Like Space Hamster or Brutal Moose.
Laureano Girandola
Laureano Girandola 2 måneder siden
when mat gets to comunism3
Frank Charles
Frank Charles 2 måneder siden
And then mixer goes and just muck's it all up by siding with Facebook, witch made ninja go to NOpost
cody bristow
cody bristow 2 måneder siden
Please check out nux taku he’s actually a secret fan of yours
Silent Riot
Silent Riot 2 måneder siden
I would just like to give a shout out to Game Theory and Film Theory for teaching me more about metaphysic, theoretical physics, and basically all forms of science than any of my teachers ever have.
Silent Riot
Silent Riot 2 måneder siden
Kenneth Brown you makes very good point
Keith Villanueva
Keith Villanueva 3 måneder siden
Watching this in 2020.. A little late, but rabbidluigi's sub's came from 335k to 353k
Ronny Jr Carbonel
Ronny Jr Carbonel 3 måneder siden
Who’s here to talk about the fact that the yellow part of the logo has been here for over 10 months
Hyperion 3 måneder siden
Well... He called it.
Leganda 3 måneder siden
Suomi mainittu
Eudsters Gamer Squad
Eudsters Gamer Squad 3 måneder siden
Rewatching this video and I’m just stocked that Mah-Dry-Bread is here. 11:11
Dobby Free house elf
Dobby Free house elf 3 måneder siden
7:17 thx Matpat Finland viewer
Axi or somethin
Axi or somethin 3 måneder siden
Kathy Lnrd
Kathy Lnrd 3 måneder siden
They didn't last 10 months
foxy he gaming
foxy he gaming 3 måneder siden
Hey do origins of Olympus
Michel Potter
Michel Potter 3 måneder siden
Go Minecraft
Michel Potter
Michel Potter 3 måneder siden
That would be amazing if fortnite went under and was never brought up again. fortnite is the wooorst
Aaron Frank
Aaron Frank Måned siden
No it better not die
Amazinglynn 3 måneder siden
Well I guess it’s not “just a theory. A GAME THEORY!” anymore
Parikshit Rao
Parikshit Rao 3 måneder siden
Annnnnd Mixer is dead, just here to say Mat was on the money in this one. Unlike his star wars theories.
Adalie The Fox
Adalie The Fox 3 måneder siden
Wow your so nice 😊
Kathy Lnrd
Kathy Lnrd 3 måneder siden
14:28 ....ತ_ತ
Ahmad Hossam
Ahmad Hossam 3 måneder siden
Ahmad Hossam
Ahmad Hossam 3 måneder siden
RIP mixer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toaster Van
Toaster Van 3 måneder siden
“Lifetime of stability” Not anymore
Absqrb 3 måneder siden
When mixer shut down recently and you only know that from the comments.
Bubby Frazier
Bubby Frazier 3 måneder siden
LOL I have sans talking noise as my notification sound and it went off and I was so confused.
little awkward girl
little awkward girl 3 måneder siden
Who's here in 2020 after announcements of mixer shutting down?
djnostep jj
djnostep jj 3 måneder siden
Aye great job tho🙌🏻🙌🏻 u called it!!!
ArgumentativeAtheist 3 måneder siden
D4RK_54M 4 måneder siden
Mixer died today..
Cobalt King
Cobalt King 4 måneder siden
This aged well.
Anu Vaishnav
Anu Vaishnav 4 måneder siden
Well welcome back to MatPat slams companies, today MatPat managed to predict the shutting down of mixer.
Nopaso 4 måneder siden
Me laughing at this now
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell 4 måneder siden
Well I guess he was right now ninja has 30,000,000 and is a free agent as mixer shut down
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson 4 måneder siden
The mixer shutdown just amplifies why this deal was bad
TheBloxerTRG Måned siden
@sdgod d pretty sure he means for mixer...
sdgod d
sdgod d 4 måneder siden
Danny Anderson bro he secured 30 million . Now he’s just sitting back and waiting for that twitch contract
こんぺいとー 4 måneder siden
Yep. Ninja got the biggest W. He got free 30M and now going back to twitch lol
denz310 4 måneder siden
Who's here after hearing the news? It's cool when one of his theory comes true. We can say, " matpat predicted this," lol.
TheUltraMeme 20 dager siden
Row craft
Row craft Måned siden
Leofriend 0
Leofriend 0 2 måneder siden
predictided what
Big Dave
Big Dave 3 måneder siden
Bro I’m still streaming on Xbox when is it shutting down?
Wilson Balboa
Wilson Balboa 3 måneder siden
😍😍 finally he is right
Projecteer 4 måneder siden
Mat, I always don't take your theories seriously at first (honestly I find this the best way to enjoy your videos) but dang after recent events this theory was basically a prophecy.
Alex Official gamer 2.o
Alex Official gamer 2.o 4 måneder siden
you call it your theory with right
Alex Official gamer 2.o
Alex Official gamer 2.o 4 måneder siden
The property with true
Arch Tran
Arch Tran 4 måneder siden
Come here to see this after mixer shut down, really seeing how that Ninja deal didn't do them any favor huh? I can't believe you kinda predict their downfall Mat!
Arch Tran
Arch Tran 4 måneder siden
Good for ninja tho! Taking that deal now give him free money since Mixer shut down and he can go right back to Twitch for streaming!
Ground Zero
Ground Zero 4 måneder siden
Oh this wasn’t a mistake my friend
Ben Maguire
Ben Maguire 4 måneder siden
Well, considering that mixer won't exist within a month from now... yeah, mixer failed.
Bird 4 måneder siden
Well mixer was announced dead today. All streamers with contracts get all the money in their contracts and can go back to twitch. RIP mixer. Facebook streams are way worse.
Reldaf Semaj
Reldaf Semaj Måned siden
Facebook has streams is this new or am I just left in the dark?
Jimmy Lam
Jimmy Lam 4 måneder siden
Blitz 4 måneder siden
Matt you were so right lmao
icecube gaming
icecube gaming 4 måneder siden
Mixer shut down
Claudio Salas
Claudio Salas 4 måneder siden
you called it!!! hereafter Mixer news of shutting down
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