Game Theory: How Mega Man DOOMED Humanity!

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3 måneder siden

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I haven't talked about Mega Man in... wow! A very long time! Today Theorists, we are going to remedy that! When I think of Mega Man, I tend to think of the amazing gameplay rather than any deep, overarching story. That was an oversight on my part as the lore within the Mega Man universe is CRAZY! Did you know that Mega Man will bring about the end of all human life? No? Well put on your helmets, we're digging deep into this franchise!
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Who is Mega Man's TRUE Villain? ►
Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! ►
Can Sonic SURVIVE His Own Speed? ►
Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! ►
Yoshi's Identity Crisis! What is a Yoshi? ►
Credits:Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan BakerEditors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest LeeAssistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound Editor: Yosi Berman

Epic Game Music
Epic Game Music 3 måneder siden
I've played like every Mega Man game and I never really thought about the plot as a whole until now. Mind blown!
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson 10 dager siden
Hmm neat
Jbarbarra Charles
Jbarbarra Charles 23 dager siden
You have game theory wobbleheads that's so insane
Look at My Nose
Look at My Nose Måned siden
@i got a bucket of chicken A virus didn't end Mega Man.
i got a bucket of chicken
i got a bucket of chicken Måned siden
@Look at My Nose what does no mean
Look at My Nose
Look at My Nose Måned siden
@i got a bucket of chicken no
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso 13 timer siden
There was a sequel of Legends 2, in Legends 3 you were supposed to help Megaman go back to Earth. But Legends 3 was cancelled.
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores 15 timer siden
Mat:aint no one gonna see this video Video:2.3m x to doubt
Lucat Gaming
Lucat Gaming 21 time siden
Matpat, you really need to watch the mega man timeline video
Herbie Langtry
Herbie Langtry Dag siden
"ain't no one seeing this video!" 3 million views
pru white
pru white Dag siden
No one is going to see this video 3 million people
Kids Milliron
Kids Milliron Dag siden
you went BIG on this theory man.
???????????????? Dag siden
He really didn't
Csanád V
Csanád V Dag siden
To much for me. Holy Jesus
Sapphire Phoenix
Sapphire Phoenix Dag siden
I don’t like you dislikeing magaman
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson 2 dager siden
But I did see the video also I love your videos I'm so into them!
You forgot that willy kidnaped mega man from the future and make it evil
sifi reaper rider
sifi reaper rider 2 dager siden
Can make a doom marine theory
ehdo David
ehdo David 2 dager siden
renmine 2 dager siden
Why have I made it a goal for myself to beat the original 6 games
C 2 dager siden
‘That free will comes with a cost.’ But I thought it was free
Namine 123
Namine 123 3 dager siden
i loved the original mega man X and you just try to ruin it!
Lauchlan Aird
Lauchlan Aird 3 dager siden
Ahh yes when I have a rival I end humanity
Jonathan :D
Jonathan :D 3 dager siden
Him: no one will see this The 3202343 poeple that watch this: :/
richard baker
richard baker 3 dager siden
Megaman 3 opening theme >>> megaman 2 opening theme
Christopher Haines
Christopher Haines 3 dager siden
AINT NOBODY SEEIN THIS VIDEO *gets 3 million views* Mat pat: oh
CJ The Gamer
CJ The Gamer 3 dager siden
Wily: I’m gonna end this planet whole career!
Anick Ouellet
Anick Ouellet 4 dager siden
1:25 So funny
The Boys
The Boys 4 dager siden
6:50 Those are basically master hands
XLRO8 F8 4 dager siden
It took 3 months for this video to get to me!
Juni Post
Juni Post 4 dager siden
Matt needs to watch reploid revo's latest video on the history of robotics in the mega man universe. It's a three-part series so far and it kind of puts this theory to bed
Basically64 4 dager siden
aaannnddd then sonic happened
PixelatedZ _Gmng
PixelatedZ _Gmng 5 dager siden
6:47 ahh. I see matt recycles images. Hes using sakurais hands from past years theories. Nice
Gio Ablan
Gio Ablan 5 dager siden
You learn from your mistakes
Blake Gayton
Blake Gayton 6 dager siden
The virus sounds like 2020
Kannan Kranz
Kannan Kranz 6 dager siden
roboronza virus v.s COVID 19
Benjamin Alexander
Benjamin Alexander 6 dager siden
What gender are u like airplane reply llama
Jackson Wingard
Jackson Wingard 6 dager siden
Doctor wowy !
Keith悪の 6 dager siden
Willys plan didnt end yet. Coronavirus is the next that will extinguish the human race.
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe 6 dager siden
Here lies humanity R.I.P A long time ago-5020
kurui. m
kurui. m 6 dager siden
Stripe the Hedgetiger
Stripe the Hedgetiger 6 dager siden
They said that no-one would watch it *Me watching it 3 months after it came out for the 3rd time* 3,182,867 views and 137k likes. Ok, stop selling yourself short, game theory
Sanguine 6 dager siden
i don’t think people realize that zero was never supposed to have the virus
Boris Kaptsanov (PUPIL)
Boris Kaptsanov (PUPIL) 7 dager siden
Maybe theory on Max (Brawl stars) being similar to mega man?
Brad_sonicPlayzRoblox 8 dager siden
Zero passed one for all (My Hero Academia thing) to sigma.
Good Crusader
Good Crusader 8 dager siden
doctor why-we
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez 8 dager siden
how dear you get power beamed
FazbearFriendz 8 dager siden
This sounds like Glitchtrap himself
Red Static
Red Static 8 dager siden
Pat: "ainT nObOdY seeing this viDeo" Me: *gets this video in my recommendations*
Grant Crouse
Grant Crouse 8 dager siden
Game theroy dude i think wiley jilled more with one stone i think he killed 100000+ things with one stone
TapPatrules 8 dager siden
I was watching this when I almost died...
Scott Landers
Scott Landers 9 dager siden
Being rejected by your older parents just to get adopted by new ones that hate you just to throw the world into chaos because of it..... Sounds a little familiar
wacky Productions 1.0
wacky Productions 1.0 9 dager siden
Gael Kempis gaming and other random stuff
Gael Kempis gaming and other random stuff 10 dager siden
0:35 I've heard this from memes
Natam 10 dager siden
Odly enough, I'm pretty sure that a computer virus is what will destroy humanity
ITS NINJAPLAYZ 10 dager siden
How dare you destroy megamam
A V E R A G E 10 dager siden
Im here to learn about the lore since I FINNALY played a MegaMan game, X
Orange Ender Dragon
Orange Ender Dragon 10 dager siden
Raymond Whtibty
Raymond Whtibty 10 dager siden
Every time he turns a video game into something darker
Kadin Hausman
Kadin Hausman 10 dager siden
Man, I've gotta be honest, I wish this wasn't accurate. But, let's be honest, if there's a lesson to be learned in the first Mega Man timeline, it's that humanity's arrogance and overall ambition will inevitably be what ends us all, no matter how hard we work for it. ... but, wait... wasn't there supposed to be a 3rd part to the legends series? What if that was the story of how Humanity comes back? I mean, it's possible and it would finally make a good ending for this timeline. But then it was canceled, and now they're screwed. What if this is what the Mega Man series planned for? Just a terrible ending for a great series. I know that not many people actually like the Mega Man series that much (even Capcom themselves) but I actually see great potential in the series. If you ask me, Mega Man was the best choice for the mascot of Capcom. Not only that, but he was just as good of a mascot as Mario, Sonic, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot were, maybe even better. There are very few people who actually see potential in him, but I do. I even see potential in Volnutt, even if he was the weakest version of Mega Man (in fact, having the weakest version be the one that saves us all actually is fantastic for a story. Have the underdog be the one that'll save everyone). But the real reason that Wily actually had been the true winner, the reason Mega Man's on the shelf right now, the overall reason for humanity's end in the legends series... was because CAPCOM HAVE UP ON MEGA MAN ENTIRELY. I wish there was at least one more story where Vollnut finishes what had been started. Because just having it end with everyone dying is no way to end a story.
Segen Valle
Segen Valle 10 dager siden
"I've won but at what cost?"
Andres Arias
Andres Arias 11 dager siden
Theme Siri talks about famous people it’s like this person did this it’s the fact that please I really want to see this
kingofthegamers 11 dager siden
Yahir Castro
Yahir Castro 11 dager siden
You know this would have all been done if mega man would have killed Willy in the first game
Joseph Ceda
Joseph Ceda 11 dager siden
Someone’s been listening to the Protomen!
Axikia 11 dager siden
Ive gotten to the point that when you say "its a stretch" i already believe it
Somebody Someone
Somebody Someone 11 dager siden
MatPat, thank you so much for starting Game Theory, I love this show, whenever I feel sad I know I can turn here for some bad puns and rational conversation. Game Theory, it’s how eye roll!
Elisa Fernandez
Elisa Fernandez 11 dager siden
ydm theres a virus
tomatoetornadoe braelon
tomatoetornadoe braelon 11 dager siden
so his intentions were to extinguish humanity, and he succeeded.....but the questions remain.......
Angelina Gonzalez
Angelina Gonzalez 12 dager siden
Everybody watched this vid dude.🤣😑
Michelle Yagerman
Michelle Yagerman 12 dager siden
MatPat should do a Wily Vs Eggman to see which genius is better an perhaps more.
idc_ ok55
idc_ ok55 14 dager siden
O the face on that new zero kinda look like a protogen face-
Tarun Harish
Tarun Harish 14 dager siden
Wily evolves in the rate of Goku. Everytime, he becomes stronger, Mega Man stops him and he becomes even more stronger.
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Young 14 dager siden
I loved it
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Young 14 dager siden
Did they come out with a season 2 yet
MrMuschiato 15 dager siden
Didn't knew the Megaman series was so dark.
SMILE Schooldavao
SMILE Schooldavao 15 dager siden
Sound familiar......
Jaxon the turtle
Jaxon the turtle 15 dager siden
Jaxon the turtle
Jaxon the turtle 15 dager siden
He’s basically right if u think about it
Fence 03
Fence 03 16 dager siden
3 million views? What did you say about no one seeing this video?
chaotixninja5 16 dager siden
Uh Matpat, we already know humanity goes extinct in Megaman's future. Have you not played Legends?
Rowdy Rob Gaming
Rowdy Rob Gaming 17 dager siden
Cover Legends Also zx doesnt really offer anything of worth.
Axel Walsh
Axel Walsh 17 dager siden
he be like : AinT NoBOdY GoNNa WaTCH ThIs, me watching this for my 6th time: Bruh
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerardo Ramirez 20 dager siden
Mega man x9 is never going to happen
Penguin ULT
Penguin ULT 20 dager siden
I don’t care about mega man but this story is amazing
Ripip 20 dager siden
unfortunately I've never even played a Mega Man game before but honestly I have to say this is one of the best videos I've ever seen
Hayden Yocum
Hayden Yocum 21 dag siden
ladies gentlemen and household appliances?you change my view on life.Hold up i think my toaster is crying.
Shiriaru Kita
Shiriaru Kita 21 dag siden
Lega man! My favorite!
Peter Queiroz
Peter Queiroz 22 dager siden
Megaman should have killed Wily when he had the chance. Sure, his AI would be erased, but he would still be a hero. It is better for one to die than billions of people and reploids.
Zachary Rhodes
Zachary Rhodes 23 dager siden
I think that program was fixing zeroes problems When Sigma broke it All data was lost that's why he turned to good
Brentyah 23 dager siden
The Pokémon taco OvO
The Pokémon taco OvO 23 dager siden
We have glitch trap And now Wily trap
Ruth Elliott
Ruth Elliott 23 dager siden
Doctor wily
Elvis Luk
Elvis Luk 23 dager siden
you ice soil baby diaper
Spleeple Deeps
Spleeple Deeps 24 dager siden
Dr wiwy is how he says it
wrhamme 25 dager siden
So sad. Waaaaaaa
wrhamme 25 dager siden
So sad
Gavin I Myers
Gavin I Myers 26 dager siden
this is worst than Covid-19
Donna Power
Donna Power 26 dager siden
Wily is acting like wily. he puts a virus in some technology to carry on his will
austin Buck
austin Buck 26 dager siden
Who is mega man ?
Ashish George Chandy
Ashish George Chandy 27 dager siden
two doctors rivalry hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......................i look at the dentist near me and then look at the lungs doctor near me. Me: dont do it man
Kimi Tabara
Kimi Tabara 27 dager siden
MatPat always say Evil is the good guy? children be like: wut
hell na
hell na 27 dager siden
Just like in game Where a series get more darker and darker
The Simple Game Developer
The Simple Game Developer 27 dager siden
It only took Willy 3000 years to achieve his goal. I guess I still have time to make a game that makes me some money lol.
RedFoxLightning 28 dager siden
and it all ties back to not wiley... but light.
Joshua Kovacs
Joshua Kovacs 29 dager siden
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