Game Theory: How Mega Man DOOMED Humanity!

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6 måneder siden

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I haven't talked about Mega Man in... wow! A very long time! Today Theorists, we are going to remedy that! When I think of Mega Man, I tend to think of the amazing gameplay rather than any deep, overarching story. That was an oversight on my part as the lore within the Mega Man universe is CRAZY! Did you know that Mega Man will bring about the end of all human life? No? Well put on your helmets, we're digging deep into this franchise!
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Credits:Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan BakerEditors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest LeeAssistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound Editor: Yosi Berman

Epic Game Music
Epic Game Music 6 måneder siden
I've played like every Mega Man game and I never really thought about the plot as a whole until now. Mind blown!
Pikachu & eevee Gaming
Pikachu & eevee Gaming 24 dager siden
@Taranov doesn’t Simpson have simp THEY ARE SIMP
mariakisser Måned siden
Yep, Mega should of cleaned him out in MegaMan 7.
DinisourDoom Gaming
DinisourDoom Gaming Måned siden
how did you beat all of them, like that must have for ever, im still in the first 2
C&TComics Måned siden
Same here
Chris 4KT
Chris 4KT Måned siden
BoogiePop 101
BoogiePop 101 10 timer siden
What's the music at 6:12
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 12 timer siden
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Mason Everett
Mason Everett 13 timer siden
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know nothing about mega man
krittin kovitvanichakanont
krittin kovitvanichakanont 15 timer siden
He’s not lying about algorithm. I watch GT regularly but not in a notification squad. I never see this video until half a year later
Michelle Alina Teague
Michelle Alina Teague 21 time siden
This was actually my head cannon for years. That this was the end of it all and that maybe a Legends 3 would come out and finish off the last of humanity's old technology. At the end of the second Legends game, it is said that "The masters and their machines are walking up." This always made me think of the Robot Masters. Because in truth, they perform the same functions. They attack and destroy the carbons as the old Robot Masters attacked and destroyed humanity. Perhaps the last bit of Wily?
RattlinBones Dag siden
7:34: "None of this was ever officially stated..." List of moments where Zero being a creation of Wily being officially stated: 8:03 8:47 9:10 9:30 9:42 Why would you make a video explaining a "theory" that's just a f*cking lore video
Martin Reimann
Martin Reimann Dag siden
Matpat:no ones gunna watch THIS Video 3,616,678 people: r u sure about that
mega meme
mega meme 2 dager siden
Technically, this theory dosent actually say that mega man doomed humanity. It's more about how willy had the ultimate plan that started a chain reaction to end all humanity.
Yes Please
Yes Please 2 dager siden
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Alex Rider
Alex Rider 2 dager siden
He is actually right, I have a terrible attention span with homework because it makes me bored and tired. These videos recharge my attentio span so that I’m able to get back to work and do it efficiently. So, he is right, these videos do recharge me.
the obsidian raven
the obsidian raven 3 dager siden
Is this the fnaf timeline just purple guy is wily
Water Man
Water Man 3 dager siden
Shosu Celadon
Shosu Celadon 3 dager siden
Man Dr.Wily lost a TON of battles to win this robot war.
ukulele 3 dager siden
this is a bit wrong because in zx advent the player destroys model W which is doctor wile(note i know that after this the world gets flooded and the adventure series starts but wily is defeated)
Davi Kerner
Davi Kerner 3 dager siden
11:07 this happened in Mega Man X 6, but Zero *dies* at this point i guess he come back in Mega Man X 7 but whatever
Thisdogonfire Micky
Thisdogonfire Micky 3 dager siden
They should’ve made a mega man suit with a built inn P20
Chap 3 dager siden
Yu mus recovah all the enorjy eemeediatly, mega man Mega man: what? That’s a good kwestion
KirbyInTheRealLife 3 dager siden
Dr Eggman Should learn from Dr Willy
Yaky Ibia
Yaky Ibia 4 dager siden
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Elian Adames Santana
Elian Adames Santana 4 dager siden
Wily is a genius ridiculously genius
lemonade squid
lemonade squid 4 dager siden
No one gonna see this video 3.6M views
A Majumder
A Majumder 5 dager siden
My favorite of the Robot Masters is the final two
Metka Kozar
Metka Kozar 5 dager siden
How mutch time did you spend on the thumbnail
TF fan102
TF fan102 6 dager siden
For a video called "How Mega Man doomed humanity", you didn't explain how. Don't get me wrong, this video showed some interesting points, but of all the things you explained here for your theory, how Mega Man doomed the human race is not among them. I'm not expecting perfection, (heck, the last theory you did on Mega Man was not very good) but I'm just saying. Unless there's something I missed, and you did explain it. I don't know.
tren2690 tren2690
tren2690 tren2690 6 dager siden
5:44 i mean is he wrong
FABIANO CIGANO 6 dager siden
How doomed the humanity was CHINA, not MEGAMAN !
Gavin Tuite
Gavin Tuite 7 dager siden
It's 2021, I identify as a sentient toaster.
Fitri Hapsari
Fitri Hapsari 7 dager siden
Hi game theory i seen mega man on tv
Mr. Mac-n-chees
Mr. Mac-n-chees 8 dager siden
Why does this make me have an existential crisis
Emily R
Emily R 9 dager siden
I literally love mega man but I suck at it 🤗
Emily R
Emily R 9 dager siden
NES version btw
Alex Telson
Alex Telson 9 dager siden
The battle network and starforce are coming for you matt
Luca Costantino
Luca Costantino 9 dager siden
Wait I thought Wily's plan was to rule humanity. But because of him humanity is dead, so technically he lost too
Ivelisse Rivera
Ivelisse Rivera 9 dager siden
This is a lot like corona
Jamie C
Jamie C 10 dager siden
1:12 Where is x and Bass ?
Aryyan Rizqin
Aryyan Rizqin 10 dager siden
Oh the title cut off at DOO- I thought it was how mega man doo doo
Mr. Potu
Mr. Potu 10 dager siden
is megaman an anime
Ender Flame
Ender Flame 11 dager siden
Ok, so I doesn't make sense still because mega man can be still alive in space and you said 60% of human died so that leaves 40% left that's still a lot so probably not everyone is ded
_Gacha Blizzard_
_Gacha Blizzard_ 11 dager siden
As mega man being my main in smash, I despise this video but I watched it anywau
My name is jeff
My name is jeff 12 dager siden
Wily is not the hero
superssj928 12 dager siden
Wait are you going to to talk about zero?
Donna Power
Donna Power 12 dager siden
wilyam afton
Sparkles Gacha And More
Sparkles Gacha And More 12 dager siden
Who ? Who dis
Cooper Sandoval
Cooper Sandoval 12 dager siden
Matpat: Aint nobody seeing this video The vidio: *hits over 4 mil veiws
TheRiggedDoggy 12 dager siden
this was posted on my birthday
Yohaan R
Yohaan R 12 dager siden
Matpat: this video wont get views. The video: 3,000,000 views
Dman009 12 dager siden
I love the idea that Wily persists through the entire series, even if he's reduced to merely just being a concept after he dies. It's the one thing that's a constant. If there's a Mega Man, there will _always_ be a Wily.
shiny hedgehog
shiny hedgehog 13 dager siden
matpat: aint nobody gonna see this video me: looks at views 3,539,470 views
russian pooch
russian pooch 13 dager siden
do a face reveal
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving 13 dager siden
Godzilla Earth: *Weakling*
Mason’s Cool World
Mason’s Cool World 13 dager siden
How was he the good guy
neilmckee5 13 dager siden
Plo O
Plo O 14 dager siden
This means IQ is over 2000000000
EnbyOfMyEnemies 14 dager siden
“Nobody’s going to see this video” 3.5 million people: seems legit
Julio Perea
Julio Perea 14 dager siden
Thanks for takeing your time to make such great videos ! This are the kind of theory's that just leave thinking and that's amazing!
Gorge Doe
Gorge Doe 14 dager siden
Jabari Chalas
Jabari Chalas 14 dager siden
I seee this video
Мартин Котев
Мартин Котев 14 dager siden
my brain:Mega Explosion
Chrysalis 14 dager siden
Yeah, I'm accepting this as fact
Flowey The flower
Flowey The flower 15 dager siden
Wily be like:
Flowey The flower
Flowey The flower 15 dager siden
Wily destroyed humanity
Flowey The flower
Flowey The flower 15 dager siden
AMFOX1986 15 dager siden
this video came out on my birthday
soulbringer 15 dager siden
welp you sir are wrong I saw this
jackson zitrick
jackson zitrick 16 dager siden
Im watching this during my virtual class
Rzeznik Bautista
Rzeznik Bautista 16 dager siden
My dad and his brothers loved to play mega man
thiago veiras
thiago veiras 17 dager siden
Don Chan
Don Chan 17 dager siden
Da da da da da da da da d ad ada d a what did I say ? *repeat* oooooooooooooooooo da da da da da da da da
Cazter 17 dager siden
In other words, a petty rivalry wiped out humanity.
Cazter 17 dager siden
What's gonna happen if we get an X9?
Collin Vree
Collin Vree 18 dager siden
The good Times, before game theory was all about FNAF
•Joshua Ruiz•
•Joshua Ruiz• 18 dager siden
megaman never will fail us
Jaje Da Maniac McSluggin
Jaje Da Maniac McSluggin 18 dager siden
Gavin Christianson
Gavin Christianson 18 dager siden
mat : aint nobody seeing this 3 mil people: are you sure about that
Eric Mikesell
Eric Mikesell 19 dager siden
In X5 I imagine he met a copy or something similar to Wilys conciousness somewhere in the last area probaly in a supercomputer
mind of a child
mind of a child 19 dager siden
uuuuuuuuugbh. BB. H yyyyyb *falls to the ground and dies of evil overflow*
Jacob Flame caster
Jacob Flame caster 20 dager siden
What is metal man a robot or human
olawunmi popoola
olawunmi popoola 20 dager siden
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Zenun Mezini
Zenun Mezini 21 dag siden
Matpat:ain't nobody watching this video Video 5 months later:3.4m views
bob da esquina
bob da esquina 21 dag siden
that was a clickbati,Willy doomed humanity,not Mega Man
Pierce Gaming
Pierce Gaming 21 dag siden
Glenhaven721 21 dag siden
Could roboenza be connected to the maverick virus? DUH HECK YEAH! it was first discovered in zero when sigma did the whole battle against zero. wily created zero, so wily created the maverick virus. it was wily's fault the X series started!
Gamey Firebro
Gamey Firebro 21 dag siden
Wily may have died even earlier than you think. Wily not only gets the roboenza virus in 10, but also uses the double gear system, despite not being a robot... I think?
len Kagamine
len Kagamine 22 dager siden
Mario Animates
Mario Animates 22 dager siden
So you're saying two robot makers that started an argument is the reason everyone died.
Blitzflames 22 dager siden
I only know about mega man is form the cartoon mega man XD it's the newest cartoon btw
valtreyk productions
valtreyk productions 22 dager siden
I have mega man zx
Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez 23 dager siden
0:30 ENERGY IS MAX 0:35 say it right
Amanda Bach
Amanda Bach 23 dager siden
i dot play is game
Molly Mallow
Molly Mallow 24 dager siden
Chara be like : DAMN WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!! Lol
CandyCane Plays
CandyCane Plays 24 dager siden
William Afton vibes 😆
Reinaldo Caldero
Reinaldo Caldero 24 dager siden
We insted of cloning mega man,webinsted of creatina Zero,we wont he infect mega man.
Alex Cartee
Alex Cartee 24 dager siden
This is poorly researched I think your baby is starving go feed her gay theory
Mega Man
Mega Man 25 dager siden
nah bro, I didn't doom humanity.
Riley Sais
Riley Sais 26 dager siden
mega man has been ruined for me...
Burny 27 dager siden
Mat: *only mentions ZX for like 5 seconds* Excuuuuse me, but that game perfectly portrays how the fight between Light and Wily is still going on, just indirectly. Biometal W is created in Weil's image and personality, who is essentially Wily 2.0. And Biometals Z and X are made in Zero's and X's images too. While they aren't *directly* the originals, they are still products of the originals.
Natalia Soto
Natalia Soto 27 dager siden
To be honest this isn’t even a theory, it’s just a fact, we KNOW people died and WE KNOW that all real humans go extinct, this isn’t a game theory, it’s a game FACT! But hey, that’s just a comment, A GAME COMMENT
1t5 m3 XXXbunnyBruh
1t5 m3 XXXbunnyBruh 27 dager siden
Matt:AINT NOBODY SEEIN THIS VIDEO Video:*gets 3mill veiws* MegaMan: am I a joke to you? Matt: yes
charmanda games
charmanda games 27 dager siden
hey matpat you should make a discord chanel for us theriosts so it easyr to theryize
PIGEON FUZION 27 dager siden
PIGEON man X coming in at 2056
PIGEON FUZION 27 dager siden
Dr wahwe
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