Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY WRONG! What Bendy's Ending REALLY Meant (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

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2 år siden

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Today we are explaining what the ending of Bendy and the Ink Machine is all about...again. Stay with me! We've uncovered new evidence that suggests the ending is so much more than we initially thought. The whole TIMELINE has changed! We need to start at the very beginning to be able to unravel the twisted tale of Joey Drew Studios.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

LoneMyth 16 timer siden
Henry is a hell loop. He is dead.
Kylo ren 2199 gang
Kylo ren 2199 gang 21 time siden
Is it only me or does someone else also think or know that Joey is a ahole
Dag siden
The meaty composition supposedly crack because ethiopia intrestingly record despite a defeated panties. absent, shrill submarine
Arnold Umali
Arnold Umali Dag siden
Joey and the ink machine XD
The Three Big Brains
The Three Big Brains Dag siden
What character is henry now ? Is he benndy or who?
Doily Dag siden
u is for u and me D:
Lego_Svender Dag siden
Poor hendry
Stephen Curry 2.0
Stephen Curry 2.0 3 dager siden
Slothsicle !
Slothsicle ! 3 dager siden
Loved the intro for this video!
Cara Penneck
Cara Penneck 4 dager siden
I’ve never heard of this game but I just love hearing this guy’s theories. They always make my brain hurt! Yay!
Gus Henry
Gus Henry 4 dager siden
I want the title theme of this episode to be the official theme!! Anyone else feel the same?!
Cali Shields
Cali Shields 4 dager siden
The slimy road predictably nest because sardine unfortunatly x-ray amidst a dreary afterthought. bumpy, deadpan language
Zoria Dorito
Zoria Dorito 4 dager siden
Read the book it’s give more info
Michael Cong
Michael Cong 5 dager siden
Im kinda late to post the time consuming videos which I love but before I didnt ha e a yt account but I just love this channel just because I am constantly board
Diamond Pro 2
Diamond Pro 2 5 dager siden
Joey Drew is the antagonist of the game!
LUNA Studios
LUNA Studios 6 dager siden
that is so sad :,(
Caleb Sanders
Caleb Sanders 6 dager siden
0:18 best intro since the Ali-A age
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 7 dager siden
Interesting. Nice vid
Austin Dirks
Austin Dirks 8 dager siden
actually Allison, and tom are the Alice angel and the Boris in chapter five.
Lemon 8 dager siden
Hold on. So you said that you have a theory about people's souls being used to make these creatures. And the ones who don't have souls fade away, but the ones who do just lay on the ground dead. So if you're saying that Joey is actually Bendy, then why did Bendy fade away at the end if the final battle just like all the other creatures that don't have souls in them. One more thing. In Thomas Connor's audio log in Chapter 5, he says this "The first figure ever created was a failed attempt in the likeness of the character called Bendy. " Which is telling us that the Bendy that is after us throughout the game is actually a failed attempt from the ink machine. Later in the chapter, Joey complains to Thomas about the failed attempt wandering around and telling him to get rid of it. He even says that the Bendy we see is soulless. So therefore Joey isn't Bendy.
ニア 9 dager siden
It makes a lot of sense if Henry was an inky amalgamation himself. Hence why every time Henry(the player) dies, we go through an inky tunnel, probably being recreated in a sense.
꧁ঔ Sarah Chan ঔ꧂
꧁ঔ Sarah Chan ঔ꧂ 9 dager siden
*I love how Shawn from this game is Jack*
Carlos De La Torre
Carlos De La Torre 9 dager siden
F is for friends that do stuff together U is for you and me N is for anywhere and anytime at all
USB_girl Carvalho
USB_girl Carvalho 9 dager siden
your character looks like steven universe
Noxuming 10 dager siden
Here is my theory. Henry died of a natural cause. Maybe a stroke, while drawing. Henry helped Joey perform the rituals of the ink machine. When Henry dies, he is sent to hell. Where he is forever tormented by the souls he helped to capture, and the characters he helped to animate.
random comrade
random comrade 10 dager siden
You should check out the book. It might be like the FNAF books where it isn't canon in the game but might help with filling in holes
Miss Sadie
Miss Sadie 10 dager siden
Fun fact: 3 Years Later I come to this and see that I turned 10 on this day. So, MatPat posted a game theory on my birthday
Noobie Playz
Noobie Playz 11 dager siden
Then who is Henry????
Badboyhalo 2456
Badboyhalo 2456 11 dager siden
Why would you remove Bendy and ink machine I’m super mad
Jack Wywrot
Jack Wywrot 11 dager siden
Man there sure is a lot of bendy references in this Fnaf theory
sb_ gernade
sb_ gernade 11 dager siden
Matt I don't necessarily believe this theory but I still want to say good job on the video
Myrthe van Galen
Myrthe van Galen 13 dager siden
okay so,if henry is a soul and his empty body aka a empty husk is slumpt over his old desk and hes now a character in the studios,what character is henry then?,allison is alice,thomas is boris,joey is the ink demon,is henry then the good bendy? like the bendy we see from the bendy cut-outs?
SteelHawk 13 dager siden
"there's still a drawing at my desk" It was the last Henry worked on perhaps? "you draw beautifully" The person who made himself believe he was Henry, reliving Henry's nightmares "be kind to the people you meet on the way up, because you will meet them again on the way down" A warning from Henry, perhaps Bendy to you, Joey Drew, forced to see trough his own eyes the horrors he wrought.
ninja 13 dager siden
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez 13 dager siden
8:56 CAPTIONS "F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anywhere at all down here in the deep blue sea~"
SlinkingThread 14 dager siden
Bendy was after you because he wanted to destroy the ink machine and he saw you as the perfect bendy (from the internet not mine)
The Void
The Void 14 dager siden
Can we do a dsaf theory?
RobloxBoy BOY
RobloxBoy BOY 16 dager siden
The intro is good but the old intro is super good
xXCandyCatXx 17 dager siden
Joey was a lonely man, that is why he brought his cartoons to life. He needed some company because he was depressed and needed someone to talk to.
Mirror_edits_lel 17 dager siden
1:12 I just love watching these videos with undertitel activated xD
Cyclondo 18 dager siden
wait wait wait, if soulless ink creations can't move through the ink, why is the demon bendy able to? and if vessels with souls can, why is twisted alice afraid of it?
javienRod89 19 dager siden
Turn on captions and pause 5:46
Xxitz_simplyoriginalxX - Gacha vids!
Xxitz_simplyoriginalxX - Gacha vids! 20 dager siden
the creators are scott cawthon's children LOL press read more for a sceret conversation scott cawthon: heya kids what did you learn from schoold today? kids: we learned how to make a impossible game with hidden lore nobody can figure out and how to make matpat the game theriost suffer! scott cawthon: Wow amazing! kids: yea we actually created a game already called bendy and the ink machine. scott cawthon: * laughs* daddy's so proud!
jas has cat ears
jas has cat ears 20 dager siden
we sure mat pat isnt the ink demon
Maria Dimitrova
Maria Dimitrova 21 dag siden
HOLD ONNN ok firstb of all AMAZING THEORY GOOD JOB ok now back to the question... If Henry's soul got taken away for a character,then who is that character?
Travis Bullock
Travis Bullock 21 dag siden
pause at 7:10 and look at joey's face, he looks like he holds a grudge or something and is just feeling inner hatred for henry
Travis Bullock
Travis Bullock 21 dag siden
5:40 i would definitely say it was a surprisingly effective jumpscare, he he he ha heh, heh, ha..... He's ugly as freak tho in that part
Vic cartoons
Vic cartoons 21 dag siden
Press f
Maira Edgar
Maira Edgar 22 dager siden
The uninterested river intrinsically mend because november taxonomically launch on a psychotic nerve. frantic, rare cub
Jacob Lipke Studios
Jacob Lipke Studios 22 dager siden
Ewwww that's what they made the Alice angel look like in 3-D? I thought she was supposed to be hot... She could still have looked kinda scary but also hot if they did it right. That's sort of an interesting thing, what makes such an inhuman thing like a cartoon seem attractive or not? Specifically 2 dimensional cartoon characters. I think sometimes it has to do with context. For example, Marge Simpson looks less like a real person than other women in the show, and without their hair many Simpsons characters look pretty similar. Yet if you were to ask a Simpsons fan whether or not Marge is attractive in the Simpsons, all would say yes due to people's reactions to her, like Homers friends and specifically Moe's reaction to her. And theres the fact that there's series spanning joke of Homer landing "a wife like Marge", but speaking of Moe, he's a character that's specifically drawn to be extra ugly, which is also done in reverse to people who are supposed to be more attractive, yet those changes are not applied to Marge to exaggerate her appearance in a good way, she's drawn to look like a typical female Simpsons character.
felipe the Third
felipe the Third 22 dager siden
5:46 MHA reference in the captions :/
Mr. Horror
Mr. Horror 22 dager siden
I got a theory we haven't figured out who Lacie Benton was
Karos29 22 dager siden
Cocobutterシ 22 dager siden
i saw the bnha reference in the subtitles its at 5:46 lmao-
hoiii teehee
hoiii teehee 22 dager siden
i love the theme song :D
Travis Bullock
Travis Bullock 23 dager siden
Tonoobvill 23 dager siden
If the Ink Demon doesn't have a soul, how is it that he can get in and out of the lair, assuming that he would have to pass through the ink river, how is it that he doesn't melt into the ink?
BeaconSeries 24 dager siden
Today is this video's 3rd year anniversary le go
Wyatt Hagan
Wyatt Hagan 24 dager siden
Man the beginning song is gud
Anthony. Micale
Anthony. Micale 24 dager siden
Where is his eyes why I can't see them
• Chickən Wìngž •
• Chickən Wìngž • 25 dager siden
Today is Febuary 6 2021 And this was posted on feb 6 aswell. Welp, *what a coincidence-*
Dodo Life
Dodo Life 25 dager siden
Henry is the good bendy because sammy reconize your face in chapter 2 but henry and Sammy never knew eachother and in chapter 2 he is betraid by bendy en want revenge on bendy and in chapter 5 Sammy want revenge on you because he thinks your the same bendy as the ink demon
Spidey Guy
Spidey Guy 25 dager siden
Is it possible that Henry killed his own ink creature
Danielle Bahena
Danielle Bahena 25 dager siden
15:07 Mat: "Boris Alison and Henry" Me: "ALISON?!" "I thought it was Alice?" =~=
Lucid System
Lucid System 25 dager siden
Does this mean that when the little girl at the end says "Tell me another story Uncle Joey" that's Joey telling the story of Henry's murder to Henry's own daughter? Wow that's twisted.
Jude Odom
Jude Odom 25 dager siden
Alison Tom and Wally were sacrificed too Wally was the Boris who died to Susie Alison and Tom WERE the heroes of chapter 5
Jude Odom
Jude Odom 25 dager siden
Henry is still alive
Randy the orange puppet monster
Randy the orange puppet monster 25 dager siden
*clicks video * Pees pants* GODAMNIT
The Giant Enemy Spider
The Giant Enemy Spider 26 dager siden
U is for You and meeee
Creator Z-Ray
Creator Z-Ray 26 dager siden
Captions: U is for uuuuu and meeeee.
Somthing Blablabla
Somthing Blablabla 26 dager siden
I have subtitles on and it says I quote “Game theory intro but it’s the 1930s(not gonna lie this is absolutely amazing and creative” I LOVE NOpost
CheesyMate 26 dager siden
The captions were just as entertaining as the actual video
Among sus Playz
Among sus Playz 26 dager siden
1:23 one more time?This is just a Start of a whole scary game!
Caleb Show
Caleb Show 27 dager siden
F is for Friends who do stuff together U is for U and me N is Nywhere Nyplace and time (down in the deep blue sea)
Brianna Blake
Brianna Blake 27 dager siden
Ok so here's my theory. Henry is dead sacrificed to the machine, and is now in a nightmare, witch is cycled in agreeing to go back to the studio, and witch he regrets doing. Joey, adding another coffin, invites former employees, Alission Cambell, and Thomas Conner. But fails to do so. Henry with the other souls, becomes in ink creature, (i think mabye borris) And writes on the wall, ( the mirror) that Joey lied to them. he writes all the secret messages, leaving the mirror back for when he returns back to the cycle he started from. People find henrys dead body at his desk, witch goes into the head lines, "Local artist pushed to hard! found dead at desk.." end of theory.
Olga Womer
Olga Womer 27 dager siden
Anam Rafat
Anam Rafat 28 dager siden
Henry just said "Joey?" right? Does that means Joey Drew IS bendy?! And if yes then who's the man we saw at the end of the story
Pony’s Sanity is at its lowest
Pony’s Sanity is at its lowest 28 dager siden
Theory: Henry is dying over again *Sounds like William Afton’s hell..*
Charas knife
Charas knife 11 dager siden
Everything is connected to fnaf😳
Bryan Boss
Bryan Boss 16 dager siden
Anam Rafat
Anam Rafat 24 dager siden
Youtoons 28 dager siden
Imagine if it landed on kingdom hearts tho
YXP_6 28 dager siden
I bet joey is making a story about his regrets. it didn't happen there was no demon bendy he didn't sacrifise anyone.
TheEeveeGamer 29 dager siden
5:56 turn on captions i need to know the editor
ashley hoeye
ashley hoeye 29 dager siden
F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all (chorus) down here in the deep blue sea! #spongebobreferance *put cc on and pause at 8:56 to see what i mean :)
kitt atkinson
kitt atkinson 29 dager siden
maybe joey was trying to kill henry?
Tami Hannaway
Tami Hannaway 29 dager siden
i have a theory when he said that he thought you would be there at least an hour later maybe he died and he expected him to live longer
Adrienne Melodia
Adrienne Melodia Måned siden
Not a theory but the day that you're at Joey's house happens to be my birthday! I think that's pretty cool tbh!
Amber Richmond
Amber Richmond Måned siden
Here’s my theory Bendy and Alice actually trying to be over and to ink pit use Siri to what is this song actually has secret messages and it tells the story what happens after it
Amber Richmond
Amber Richmond Måned siden
Are you close to being filmed series
IAMGROOT2021 Måned siden
cool video
Truthseeker the Nightwing
Truthseeker the Nightwing Måned siden
What did Joey gain from sacrificing them?
Rory Taylor
Rory Taylor Måned siden
30years it took e to rise
hara kiri
hara kiri Måned siden
Trina Duquette
Trina Duquette Måned siden
I always knew bendy was joey-
Trina Duquette
Trina Duquette Måned siden
Dis beautiful
Allen Lin
Allen Lin Måned siden
Bendy ink machine Joey hmmm.... you deafly know what I’m going to say because I am already done explaining look at the other one I was pretty smart with the title and I just noticed this by Joey he is actually evil
Allen Lin
Allen Lin Måned siden
inK MAChinE
Allen Lin
Allen Lin Måned siden
Let me tell you how whoever that guy name was in the beginning you said Bendy was actually the good guy but whoever that was with the name wanted ink on him he turned to this monster then started to attack Bendy then his head come merging with the guys head and that’s all....
Allen Lin
Allen Lin Måned siden
You’re right I saw this video and you’re right goodbye.... also subscribe to game theory
Crazypegasie Måned siden
Hmkay, that makes sense, but what about the books? (SPOILER FOR THE BOOK 'DREAMS COME TO LIFE'.) In the book it is confirmed that Daniel, a new animator of Joey Drew studios, is actually Boris. You can even make that connection the first time he introduces himself, as he gets called 'Buddy'. Does that sound familiar? Buddy Boris? I don't think that's a coincidence... Buddy (almost) dies at the end of the book and Joey 'saves' him by slumping his soul into the Ink Machine, turning him into Boris. Why would Boris melt into Ink if he didn't have a soul, though? Sure, you can argue that maybe it wasn't this exact Boris, but c'mon. Buddy and Buddy Boris? His personality also lines up with Daniel-Buddy, as he likes to help as much as he can and even said once "I'll try to make you proud, Henry.". There's just too many things pointing that way for it to coincidence for me.
Trent Swarthout
Trent Swarthout Måned siden
That should of bin fnaf
Anthony. Micale
Anthony. Micale Måned siden
Is made of ink okay
Mark Terry
Mark Terry Måned siden
I did not know they where allowed to do that with the captions
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