Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY WRONG! What Bendy's Ending REALLY Meant (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

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Today we are explaining what the ending of Bendy and the Ink Machine is all about...again. Stay with me! We've uncovered new evidence that suggests the ending is so much more than we initially thought. The whole TIMELINE has changed! We need to start at the very beginning to be able to unravel the twisted tale of Joey Drew Studios.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

• Cloudii Mocha •
• Cloudii Mocha • Time siden
wait, if henry walks into the light of a projector, henry's shadow won't appear right?? maybe henry doesn't have a spirit/soul after all??
Grace Day Year 5
Grace Day Year 5 Time siden
This is so sad
SoftyUwU 8 timer siden
I've learned from FNaF that in *ANY* indie horror game, there is no such thing as a coincidence.
Adnox 9 timer siden
It was really sad that Susie aka Alice died. I really had hope for her,some character development, mayhaps rise above her strife for perfection, and work way out of the inky hell with Henry...sadly , only remaining human there, asides from Henry (?), died. I kinda liked, its a real tragedy
Adnox 9 timer siden
But everyone overlooked one last but obvious detail: "tell me another one uncel Joey" Could it be that all of this is actually Joeys made up story for the Henry's daughter, hence putting her father in a "main character/hero" role. Its easily overlooked and sometimes answer is right infront of you and not behind some wall you cant acess. Again it might just be oversimplifying, but who knows.
Isabella Mangi
Isabella Mangi 10 timer siden
MatPat: Okay No more Bendy Theories! BATDR Trailer: *Hold Mah Beer*
Bthomhank 11 timer siden
Chris White
Chris White 14 timer siden
The intro reminded me of undertale last breath a undertale fan game
ALIEU NJIE 15 timer siden
The Distortionist
The Distortionist 15 timer siden
Man I subscribed I had to
Artists Block Loves Me
Artists Block Loves Me 15 timer siden
5:46 I adore you. I absolutely adore you for that MHA reference
Benson 16 timer siden
I have a feeling that Bendy is the figurative double of Henry. I think Bendy represents Henry’s inner demons, the studio is his mind, and the ink machine within it represents his memories. He created and animated Bendy, and now his creation is coming back to haunt him. I could be wrong, but just some brain food to munch on.
TiAuna Dodd
TiAuna Dodd 17 timer siden
Plot Twist: Bendy’s developers are Scott Cawthon’s kids
[•Shy__ .zoey•]
[•Shy__ .zoey•] Dag siden
Bendy is just a demon with a smile stuck on his face, He looks happy but deep down he's begging us for company and help, Joey drews actually remade bendy by the ink machine because the world forgot about him but he turned out really bad, joey thought it was perfect for the world to see, But he made a big mistake.. he realized that he can't show the world this because it was dangerous, so he locked bendy in the basement so the world didn't have to see the *"mistake"* that he made.... Have you ever seen that bendy was reaching out for you to help him and we just ran away and he got angry and started chasing us because...he was abandonned by his creator,the world, and us... he thought he had enough so he tried to chase us all over the old place.. So thats my theory! Hope it helps,
Ashlie Chatagnier
Ashlie Chatagnier Dag siden
Thank you for all the theorys you do
Štěpánka Veselá
Štěpánka Veselá Dag siden
But why?!
A chair with wifi
A chair with wifi Dag siden
I dont even play Bendy and the ink machine, your videos are just so entertaining.
Shadow Bon Bons
Shadow Bon Bons Dag siden
Henry has to be a lost one type of ink creature since others have a new special face but Sammyat first recognises him so he is confirmed a lost one having his face the same form but made of ink like sammy has
Night Glitch
Night Glitch 2 dager siden
hallo i exist
hallo i exist 2 dager siden
u is for you and me n is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea 8:56 subtitles
Zane Lara
Zane Lara 2 dager siden
Bend´s end Henry dead It makes sense.
Mihaela Lare
Mihaela Lare 2 dager siden
Wait so that why you see ink when you die
Alexander Regan
Alexander Regan 2 dager siden
ngl I kinda think he should keep that theme song. (and yes I like jazz 😒)
Ahmad Mariam
Ahmad Mariam 3 dager siden
Ahmad Mariam
Ahmad Mariam 3 dager siden
But henry is dead because he is in a loop and that never happens when ur not dead if u r it happens so henry is dead so he is in a never ending loop but this is theory A GAME THEORY
Kota May
Kota May 3 dager siden
i think i know why bendy runs at Henry its bc bandy wants to see Henry again and wants to hug him maybe just a guess and hi matpat
Teresa Ellis
Teresa Ellis 3 dager siden
I will stick with your previous theory. One, because it is happier. Two, because it is how the game creators finished it. You have pointed out other changes that the game creators made that made a difference in the story and allowed them to stand. Three, because it is happier. 😊 edit: Happy = sad, wasted life, but Joey gets closure in the end. Not happy = murder spree.
juliusdeez 41
juliusdeez 41 3 dager siden
*Caugh* WE
Flying Puppies
Flying Puppies 3 dager siden
Matpat in bendy Henry died at his desk so did Henry in fnaf
Bad Cube14
Bad Cube14 3 dager siden
16:44 :D Yee hi
link talor
link talor 3 dager siden
So what character was henry
Bendy Blast
Bendy Blast 3 dager siden
Allison and Thomas were also victims Because they appear in Chapter 5
Imcool2you Yt
Imcool2you Yt 3 dager siden
Henry is bewteen life and death and is trying to fix what he did rong
Muffin Lopez
Muffin Lopez 4 dager siden
Thanks to Cuphead and Bendy I got addicted to 1900s songs especially JAZZ. It AMAZING
Xing Zhang
Xing Zhang 4 dager siden
Extra theory:since Mat Pats theory actually might be right because in the game, you can't see Henry's hands and body?
Sgt.Squigles 4 dager siden
Okay bear with me. Has anyone else noticed that the game theory logo resembles a Simon except the only color that's lit up for game theory is green and in the top left. Film theory is the same except it's on the top right and red. Same with food theory. bottom right and yellow. So that means there ONE more spot; bottom left, blue. My THEORY is this: Mat Pat still has ONE more theory channel yet to come out. What do you think it will be. This conclude Ep.1 S.1 of Mat Pat theory.
Doreen Cunningham
Doreen Cunningham 4 dager siden
hi if you have captions on lol
Rafaela Pereira Brincando e Aprendendo
Rafaela Pereira Brincando e Aprendendo 4 dager siden
#bendy wow nao aaaaaaaa
Charizardwarrior123 Ghhf
Charizardwarrior123 Ghhf 5 dager siden
The intro was fire 👁👄👁
Braeden Cunningham
Braeden Cunningham 5 dager siden
The messages were actually left by Henry... he’s been stuck in the endless cycle of ink! (The one we see when we die) and left the messages. We know this because of all the lines and strikes resembling numbers with the truth glass in chapter 1 against the two walls we see in the beginning
BR S 5 dager siden
The Intro Was a bop I'm making that my ring tone!
Kenzo Hauck
Kenzo Hauck 5 dager siden
OMG Now It all Make sense NOW
mooglemania 5 dager siden
My theory was that the protagonist is dead and the whole adventure is his way of coping with and coming to realize that he was murdered
A Random Guy
A Random Guy 5 dager siden
me wondering why he said I wonder when cuphead is going to come out when it came out September 2017 then realizing this was made march 2017
Afgon lesbiel
Afgon lesbiel 6 dager siden
srsly tho who made the subtitles
Devin's Channel
Devin's Channel 6 dager siden
r00box9 The one and only firetiger
r00box9 The one and only firetiger 6 dager siden
r00box9 The one and only firetiger
r00box9 The one and only firetiger 6 dager siden
I hit type on accident so ya
Ninja Luke
Ninja Luke 7 dager siden
More of that intro please
Sharkboi:3 7 dager siden
Vertigo 7 dager siden
Turn on captions. Thank me later
Christina Mannara
Christina Mannara 7 dager siden
Do undertale aus
Danica Fichtner
Danica Fichtner 8 dager siden
Wait then whats Henry,...
Just a normal person
Just a normal person 8 dager siden
U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all, Down here in the deep blue sea! Yes I turned on captions
Declanz Jamz
Declanz Jamz 8 dager siden
Which creature is Henry 🤨🧐🤔
Gamio Production
Gamio Production 9 dager siden
Spoiled bendy and the dark revival
JT JG 9 dager siden
Nice theory but sadly, the books denied the most of it
JT JG 9 dager siden
I think that maybe Henry was only suprised to HEAR joey when he talks about how Henry can defeat Beast Bendy
Beta Firewolf
Beta Firewolf 9 dager siden
that joey drew jump scare actually got me good job matpat
Aiden Goodwin
Aiden Goodwin 10 dager siden
hi hi
Albert Gamer x
Albert Gamer x 9 dager siden
Beatrice Njoki
Beatrice Njoki 10 dager siden
This will give me nightmares
ZachTGB 10 dager siden
I personally think Henry is a different version of bendy because Sammy thinks your bendy how would he confuse that. And Joey may have wanted a soul filled bendy because bendy was not getting any better by watching cartoons for his whole life.
Nicole Terrero
Nicole Terrero 10 dager siden
I think bendy is a prototype of Micky mouse
Din0Gutz 10 dager siden
1:11 turn on closed captions
JoeSlayz 10 dager siden
when it takes 9 mins to start the actual theory lol
Mike Dubo
Mike Dubo 10 dager siden
"Lots" of theory fodder, huh? Didn't realize "lots" would equal *one* other video.
NE7BY 10 dager siden
1:43 that picture is so cursed
Blayze Griswold
Blayze Griswold 10 dager siden
suisse is the real name of cika!!!!!!!!!!!!! investgret that
Aka Gio
Aka Gio 10 dager siden
Me: so we're all dead? Game theory: ... WELCOMEEEEE TOOO GAME THEORY!!!!!
Fernando Luna
Fernando Luna 10 dager siden
Turn on the subtitles you can thank me by liking my comment.
Keagen Kringstad
Keagen Kringstad 10 dager siden
ITS 2020
Yeti Yetiovsky
Yeti Yetiovsky 10 dager siden
Beast bendy is a little bit xenomorphish
Interplanetary Gorilla
Interplanetary Gorilla 11 dager siden
When I first saw this game I thought this way a Disney game for kids boy was i wrong
Trey Wells
Trey Wells 11 dager siden
Actually he dose have a coffin in chapter 5
Zack The zizzy's big brother
Zack The zizzy's big brother 11 dager siden
It's just a theory Pls don't say is real because He can be a mikey mouse worker
Five nights at Freddy's SISTER LOCATION
Five nights at Freddy's SISTER LOCATION 11 dager siden
Is Henry apart of the fnaf universe because he's dead maybe henry is Henry the helper of william afton it's been a theory of mine for years plz solve this
Aidan Moore
Aidan Moore 11 dager siden
Poor Henry....
Sanders 11 dager siden
If Henry is dead, which ink monster is he? We only have Bendy, Alice and Boris, Alice is a girl, Boris cannot talk so I think it might be Bendy? A nice Bendy but with a soul? Hence the river. I think that we play as Allison and Thomas types of monsters, helpful monsters... but what sets us apart is we had a soul, Henry wasn't a bad person and wasn't lied to. Joey said he wanted to show something. Maybe he wanted to show the rest of his creations? Or maybe Henry is someone new. Like Projectionist? I think that's his name. Or that boss who's name starts with a 'B'. I don't know but if anyone does know, please inform me...
Aju Susan
Aju Susan 12 dager siden
I am not sure but I thinking bendy is not Joey drew neither Wally franks bendy might have no soul And could also be one of the or the first creation of the ink machine
lilly Gordon32
lilly Gordon32 12 dager siden
I feel like this is Henry’s afterlife we’re he has unfinished business and he kept missing the hints and he has to keep going back but you know my theory
lenox agyemang
lenox agyemang 12 dager siden
u is for u an me
rares talent
rares talent 12 dager siden
,,Gotta love it man,, pythonmc and r
Shantel Diez
Shantel Diez 12 dager siden
That Ryder guy has the same as me lol!
Mikaela Dalin
Mikaela Dalin 12 dager siden
coincidence? i think yes
Haakon Garvin
Haakon Garvin 12 dager siden
U is for you and meeeeee
maxihdz 13 dager siden
5:46 AAAAHH.......another jumpscare ·-·
yağız koç
yağız koç 13 dager siden
intro is perfect
Andrew F. Souza
Andrew F. Souza 14 dager siden
Joey isn’t bendy, in an audio clip they said that bendy failed because HE DIDNT HAVE A SOUL he was the only one without a human in him
Huma Hmar
Huma Hmar 15 dager siden
Theory: joey is a monster
GoldenNova 15 dager siden
I'm a little late to comment on this but I think something that really backs up the "Henry is Pure Bendy" theory is Sammy Laurence in his fight going on about how you the player betrayed him and saying "I gave you everything, but you left me to rot" even though Bendy was the one that killed him at first in chapter two, he would only be mad at Henry if he thought it was bendy.
Sniwy UwU x Cherry spots OwO
Sniwy UwU x Cherry spots OwO 15 dager siden
Two other thing's Aliison and tom are Allison pendle and Thomas Conor but thewy lost their memories remeber so they think they are just ink Also they can see henry's soul when they are wandering around
Sniwy UwU x Cherry spots OwO
Sniwy UwU x Cherry spots OwO 15 dager siden
Dead boris hiden note: *SHES HEARTLESS* Alice: yup
Alfred Matthews
Alfred Matthews 15 dager siden
The build my machine is so realted to this
Meow meow Snacky artz
Meow meow Snacky artz 15 dager siden
No one: English captions: (NANI! OWO)
Carito 16 dager siden
I am sorry I ment superHorrorBro
Carito 16 dager siden
I combined two theories together yours and this one what did bendy want by super horror
Storm Night
Storm Night 16 dager siden
There’s literally a file named props Matt or Matt Pat they knew he was gonna find it
kittycat9009 i
kittycat9009 i 16 dager siden
I like batim and Matt pat
Meagan Yarmey
Meagan Yarmey 17 dager siden
My Theory is that Henry is in a coma and this is he’s coma and when the games ends he dies
Eli Milleman
Eli Milleman 17 dager siden
That is a big wall outlet, isn't it?
{Amelia_sides} 17 dager siden
Me:let me turn on captions? When mat says “there are all just for fun” (it’s 8:57 btw)idk the song tho T~T
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