Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant Nothing! (The Last of Us)

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4 måneder siden

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The Last of Us is one of the most gut wrenching games to come out in recent memory and, since The Last of Us Part 2 is out now, what better time to sink my teeth into this franchise! You know that gut punch, emotional rollercoaster ride I was just talking about? What if I told you that your final choice of the game to save Ellie or let her die to save the world was WRONG? What do I mean? Get ready Theorists, I'm about to blow your mind!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

WHITESTRIPE99 4 måneder siden
When Ellie was tuning the guitar, I said sarcastically "Oh, I bet she's gonna play Megalovania." As soon as I heard those four notes, I fell out of my chair laughing.
sgtisaak • 10 years ago
sgtisaak • 10 years ago 11 dager siden
XxStrawberry_PandaxX Måned siden
😅I thought that to XD
bear bear
bear bear Måned siden
it literally matched perfectly
TheCloudyCloud Måned siden
Kyle_ Gaming
Kyle_ Gaming Måned siden
Me too
Dragonain Jessen
Dragonain Jessen 20 timer siden
Najhely Rojas.p
Najhely Rojas.p Dag siden
Jrs gameing
Jrs gameing Dag siden
I knew she was gonna play that song.
Philosophical_Cactus 2 dager siden
What's funny is that the game actually mentioned in little journals, notes, and recording that you can find that the likelihood of success is incredibly low for the surgery to begin with because of the fact that Cordiceps is a fungus, not a virus. So, to make matters worse, they acted out of fear rather than sound judgement.
Augmental 2 dager siden
Thank you for finally putting into words why i thought killing the ONLY known fungi immune human to this virus was a terrible idea.
Turbokid3669 2 dager siden
After tune up: (first note) Everyone: Ah ok. Megalovania you say.
Matthew Laverde
Matthew Laverde 3 dager siden
Did she actually play Megalovania or was that just amazingly edited? Sorry I haven't played the game lol. Yes, surprisingly, this is a legitimate question.
Onefoot 4
Onefoot 4 Dag siden
Mcgoomba 3 dager siden
Corona viris
Ayumu sama
Ayumu sama 3 dager siden
I can understand what matpat just said but its hard to accept the fact that the main plot of the game was entirely false.
Jiří Kočerhán
Jiří Kočerhán 3 dager siden
Well the fungus that grown in ellie was mutated. It protected her from becoming a zombie. If you but the same mutated fungus from ellie to other healthy people maybe then they become immune too.
SquidBoi Studios
SquidBoi Studios 4 dager siden
0:14 TheLastofUsolovania
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Wilson 4 dager siden
Measles probably would be completely gone if it weren’t for anti-vaxxers
The Philosopher
The Philosopher 4 dager siden
2:33 Me: "Ok, hold up, now." 2:46 Also Me: "You had me in the first half, not gonna lie."
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 5 dager siden
Soooo did MatPat just cure Covid ??!? Lol 😂
Rob Bagel
Rob Bagel 6 dager siden
Don’t forget, the rule medicine operates on, above all else, is a simple phrase: “do no harm” killing Ellie for the vaccine is not only ineffective, but also a clear violation of every medical code
amino amino
amino amino 6 dager siden
all the people who disliked this video are anti-vaxers
Stevie Branham
Stevie Branham 6 dager siden
Scott 7 dager siden
TLOU isn't hard sci-fi, it's SyFy. According to Naughty Dog, the Fireflies would have succeeded in synthesizing a cure from Ellie's brain tissue. There isn't a single moment in either game that suggests otherwise. The Fireflies weren't "stupid," the game's science is pure fantasy and serves only to facilitate the plot's dramatic stakes. TLOU isn't about "man save girl from bad guys," it's about a man who doomed the world because he couldn't lose another daughter.
Scott 5 dager siden
@Mr. Note List of characters who say with absolute certainty that the Fireflies would have made the cure: Joel Marlene Jerry Mel Nora List of characters who raise even the slightest of doubts:
Mr. Note
Mr. Note 5 dager siden
@Scott Don't need to. When working with fiction you base it on reality until the story show reason to do otherwise.
Scott 5 dager siden
@Mr. Note Show me a single moment in either game that suggests the Fireflies might have failed to synthesize the cure.
Mr. Note
Mr. Note 5 dager siden
Naughty Dog opinion on it is completely irrelevant if they didn't add it to the ingame lore. As in something you can find in a document, or see in action, or hear in dialogue.
Icekittens 8 dager siden
Umm, Yeah... This Is hilarious.. No Questions asked... 🤣, Tell me I'm not the only one who see's Ellie as a Favorite Character? Also am I the only one who Loves The Last Of us🤔🤔
VTBU Rose 10 dager siden
Abby's dad is so dumb not knowing this
MikeE 11 dager siden
The fact that you actually gave a proper explanation to all this. really shows how bad last of us 2 is.
jules CE
jules CE 12 dager siden
That intro made me smile Lol
I am bad at naming things
I am bad at naming things 12 dager siden
Hi Matt, the future here, assuming you wrote this less than a week before uploading this video, the virus went from 400k deaths worldwide to over 1 million in less then 3 months these are scary times especially considering the virus has killed more then twice the amount of people in half the time between the start of quarantine and this video being posted don't worry, it'll be over soon, love you all and stay safe the vaccin is on its way future out
dfdhfhgj 12 dager siden
Ellie must be immune. It can't be that she got infected with a less harmful mutation of the fungus, because the person that bit her was obviously infected with the "bad" fungus...did it mutate on the way from the the teeth to her skin???
Kreeper Boi
Kreeper Boi 12 dager siden
To think that there a re STILL people out there that believe Joel is a bad person and "killed the world" for saving Ellie. There is TOO much information and facts that prove it. :/
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 12 dager siden
No one: Literally no one: Me when I look at the middle name from 8:24: D O E S I T S T A N D F O R A U G M E N T E D R E A L I T Y?!?!
Bill G
Bill G 12 dager siden
Nice biology lesson but the bottom line is that it's just a game and requires a certain amount of suspended belief to be enjoyed like most Hollywood productions today. Recently I have been re-watching The Outer Limits. It was good in the 60's when I was 14 but at 65+ their science is so ridiculous that it's almost unwatchable. Anyway, a thumbs-up for a really nice presentation on your video
Jetblast01 14 dager siden
But everyone who loves Abby will cry saying she was justified and Joel was evil...
Jetblast01 13 dager siden
@Pete lol that didn't take long
Pete 13 dager siden
Karl Wittenburg
Karl Wittenburg 15 dager siden
Great, that now means the story of LoU 2 is worse now, because now it means Abby doing [redacted] at the start of the game is just petty eye for eye revenge, and nothing to do with the same “one life for humanity” stuff that her group was spouting out
Ivan the dumb***
Ivan the dumb*** 16 dager siden
Even if mat pat was wrong no one cares cause its humanity its better with out us
Samon 16 dager siden
What you are saying isn't really right. Fungal infections that are cutaneous are easy to treat. But if someone gets a systemic fungal infection then that is essentially a death sentence. Fungi are eukaryotes that are very similar to animals in terms of their genetic code. This means that a systemic fungal infection would be very difficult to be targeted without the treatment targeting your own body cells. There arent many fungi species that would cause systemic fungal infections (like the one in the last of us, but obviously in a non-zombifying way), but the rare times that someone inhales the spores of these lethal fungi, almost always they will die within a short span of time. So in response to your comment about viruses being harder to treat, I would say that compared to fungi that cause systemic fungal infections like the one in the game, viruses are way easier to treat.
Antoni Pedro
Antoni Pedro 16 dager siden
WhoCares 17 dager siden
The game actually does a good job of astablishing that the Fireflies are super incompetent, and as the player, you wouldn't believe that they could pull it off, they are just grasping at straws
Deirdre 17 dager siden
How can ellie play megalovania after being born in an apocalyptic world?!?! She can't have heard it...Hey game theorist please make a theory about this
Cauan Soares maisa
Cauan Soares maisa 17 dager siden
0:15 megalovania???
Mqamar 18 dager siden
So we’re basically fu$#*d if the Ants go rogue
BZgA 18 dager siden
Haha u r a poor loser. R u in love with that kid Ellie? Haha pathetic.
S.C.P - 049
S.C.P - 049 19 dager siden
Funfact mushrooms are more related to animals than plants
Laird of Misrule
Laird of Misrule 19 dager siden
I would have made the same choice. If it's between my son and the entire population of the earth, then the entire population of earth better start making peace with their gods.
Bnjmo Med
Bnjmo Med 19 dager siden
Imagine if Ellie had watched this video at some point, her relationship with Joel would have been completely different :(
oolexer booten
oolexer booten 20 dager siden
0:14 are ya winning, daughter
oolexer booten
oolexer booten 20 dager siden
i disliked
jimshaly1 21 dag siden
Even more importantly than all the science in this video, in my opinion at least, is that even assuming that a 'vaccine' could have been manufactured and successfully distributed to the entire world in a fair, unbiased, totally not utilized for power and control over everyone manner... Joel still has absolutely zero moral obligation to allow Ellie to have her life taken for the 'good of the world'. Full stop.
Lee Person
Lee Person 22 dager siden
0:31 Jesus man. lol
C A S T R I E L L E 23 dager siden
When me and my older sister watched my dad play TLOU and we saw the ending, my sister started to question the doctor's credentials SHE WAS RIGHT
Queen Bitch KaNoMiko
Queen Bitch KaNoMiko 23 dager siden
7:37 "It is a huge, HUGE number" A quick Google search brought up a CDC study from 2017 that said the flu kills 646,000 people each year. 400,000 aren't that many for a global pandemic. It's like, what, 0.005% of the population?
Jirhu Perez
Jirhu Perez 24 dager siden
I find it stupid and impossible that ellie is the only human in the world who is immune. Like wtf? Out of all 7 billion people, there is only one immune human? Thats dumb.
Ryan Kelley
Ryan Kelley 24 dager siden
By that point, Joel probably questions if humanity should live on. As literally everyone around him betrays him, is murdered or tries to murder him or the people he cares about. At that point, there’s exactly 1 person he knows is a decent, humane person left-Ellie. So, he chooses her.
Jônatas 25 dager siden
Next Game Theory: Joel's Death Meant Nothing! (The Last of Us 2)
Huab Ntsa Yang
Huab Ntsa Yang 26 dager siden
Did everyone die and turned into zombies Cause i think global warming made the zombies
BostonBraxo 26 dager siden
Doctors would’ve basically killed Ellie for no reason, Even though Joel Killed so many people just to save Ellie, nothing would’ve happened except for Ellie dying and no vaccine would be good
The Pencilist
The Pencilist 29 dager siden
I have a better name for this episode, The anti Karen game.
Dinathebear Måned siden
Oh ma god I’m shook I never noticed you did tlou!
SuperSonicIsaiha Måned siden
0:16 is that sans music IDK Tell me in the chat
Teagan Fjermestad
Teagan Fjermestad Måned siden
No 60% of deaths of the COVID-19
Teagan Fjermestad
Teagan Fjermestad Måned siden
Are not from COVID-19
LSWritings Måned siden
1) This gives me hope that things will get better for us if medical science finds a breakthrough to use against the virus 2) This makes Last of Us 2 plot and ending hurt! I love you Naughty Dogs, but you're also dead to me now Great theory guys!
Edita Marigu
Edita Marigu Måned siden
And so...from the rooftops came antivaxxers screaming blue murder with pitchforks and torches! Ahh....the idiocy!
Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hunter Måned siden
So would it work if there’s a dead COVID-19 would take it down
kasper _076
kasper _076 Måned siden
This Game is life changing thats all i say
Abiy BattleSpell
Abiy BattleSpell Måned siden
so joel was aotc neat
Amy Sizemore
Amy Sizemore Måned siden
Obama Prism
Obama Prism 29 dager siden
Y e s
Chuck E. YEET Meming
Chuck E. YEET Meming Måned siden
What’s Ellie’s Email, I need to Email her this
Megalomaniac 64
Megalomaniac 64 Måned siden
havent watched it yet but im guessing hes gona say that its not viable to distribute the vaccine or mass produce it
Mudkip The hydration lord
Mudkip The hydration lord Måned siden
Thanks for the advice, I’ll remember this for 2022
Daniel Cummings
Daniel Cummings Måned siden
Theory: Ellie is 14, She was born in the virus. She could've been born from an infected person and then they died. That's why her immune system has evolved to fight that virus.
Mc Figgans
Mc Figgans Måned siden
So you would actually need a zombie not Ellie
Jolien Måned siden
I knew it.. Abby's dad was clearly a douchebag but yk you can't blame the girl for being infatuated with her dad.. it's *her dad* yk
MAXY WAXY199 Måned siden
Ellie in the 2nd game gets mad at Joel for lying: Joel shows this video to Ellie. Ellie: o ok
Patrick Galloway
Patrick Galloway Måned siden
The HLVRAI reference was unexpected
Anon Amous
Anon Amous Måned siden
the immune system when it encounters a virus it was vaccinated for: "just like in the simulations"
Hannah Dunn
Hannah Dunn Måned siden
at first i though Joel was just selfish, but then now i realize that it was the best decision he could have made at the time.
Daniel H
Daniel H Måned siden
I mean, if you listen to the tapes it's clear that it wasn't Ellie's immune system that fought off the infection, so she wouldn't have antibodies. The tapes made it clear that it was the _fungus_ that had mutated inside of her. Maybe they meant _cure_ , but the devs aren't knowledgeable and used _vaccine_ when they meant _cure_ .
Daniel H
Daniel H Måned siden
Abby's dad stopped being a good person the moment he decided to murder an innocent girl. So what if he struggled with it? He decided to go through with it, which makes me feel absolutely no empathy or remorse, no matter how hard the second game tried.
Koden 10KO
Koden 10KO Måned siden
Cordyceps sounds a lot like the flood from Halo
Vinbo Zinbo
Vinbo Zinbo Måned siden
Interesting analogy. But even if that analogy is true that he made the right call in saving Ellie, he still made the WRONG call in killing what TLOU2 revealed in the recorder Ellie found, by killing Abby's father who was the only dr that could find & create a vaccine, mankind was doomed to eventual extermination. Playing with the notion that Abby's dad would have figured all this stuff out you explained in this video, he could have done all those tests with a living Ellie & helped save mankind. But Joel still condemned humanity, not for saving Ellie, but for killing Abbys' dad. Any thoughts??
Skyfall Gaming
Skyfall Gaming Måned siden
Mom : are u studying Me : yes Mom : who’s ur teacher Me : the game theory
The Comedian
The Comedian Måned siden
How long has he been waiting
bemersonbakebarmen Måned siden
Never liked the ending of Last of Us, I disliked Joel. Glad Karma hited him. I would have sacrificed Ellie, ingame science says that would save everyone. Of course ingame science is fake, but is because devs are ignorants.
The Bounty Hunters
The Bounty Hunters Måned siden
Even IF a cure was made from ellie's sacrifice, you think the hunters, cannibals and infected are just gonna disappear with the snap of a finger?
Jadoa Esra
Jadoa Esra Måned siden
Dude. Nature of vaccines is irrelevant, but u frikkin nailed it. Joel smart.
Robomafiacat Måned siden
Mat pat:says corona virus on accident NOpost ads:well now I’m not gonna do it
local trashbin
local trashbin Måned siden
*subtle but not so subtle undertale music*
PBAndJenius OWO
PBAndJenius OWO Måned siden
4:03 Me: This is TECHNICALLY The Infection in Piggy, In a nutshell.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown Måned siden
OMG Finally someone has hit on the thing that has annoyed me most about that game. Keeping Ellie alive should be the fireflies priority. They should be trying to figure out what unique pathophysiology is at play with Ellie. She could have a similar but benign strain of the fungus that chokes out other versions, or unique antibodies, either way you need her alive to find out. If I were Joel, I would object to this procedure on multiple levels, first being a parent its in my programming to protect children especially one who has not given informed consent, nor is old enough to do so. Then we get into moral issues, after all that, we get to why your science sucks.
Treta Ghunberg
Treta Ghunberg Måned siden
Don't go on my nerves with this gates brainwash
Ani Ulqinaku
Ani Ulqinaku Måned siden
sans is back
Cybernetic Tissue and soul
Cybernetic Tissue and soul Måned siden
Adding this to the "tlou should've been one and done" evidence file
Turtle Chubby
Turtle Chubby Måned siden
Even if they did make a vaccine it’s useless over 90% of the world is infected and everything is bombed and abdoned so yeah there’s nothing you can do
MrFersken Måned siden
Oh hey Link 4:27
Kaxed Måned siden
Real answer: Ellie is built different
Feuer fackel
Feuer fackel Måned siden
If abby doesn't die in the 3rd game I am done with being a gamer
Zo'ar snowpaw
Zo'ar snowpaw Måned siden
the same thing happens in Halo, where Sargent Johnson is immune to the flood and the master chief is given the option to tell the UNSC and ONI but chooses not to because after talking to cortana about it come up with how likely a cure or vaccine would be made and comes to the conclusion that he would be more useful as a soldier then being killed, and also the idea of being conscious during a "zombie" infection also happens in halo in the book the Fall of Reach
Jonathan Watts
Jonathan Watts Måned siden
They never said if the abbies dad was even that type of doctor who could come up with a vaccine
More Than Fun
More Than Fun Måned siden
*0:22* Is that megalovania song
Dynamite Lad
Dynamite Lad Måned siden
5:58 Is-is that a hlvrai reference I see there ◔̯◔
CongressGamingINC Måned siden
Well... I was expecting Gerudo’s Valley in the beginning... instead I got got by SansPat
Teagan シ
Teagan シ Måned siden
Abby: *grabs golf club* *Joel starts to think he's about to have a bad time*
E J Måned siden
Thats also implied in i am legend, the vamps still are aware after turned
MattsLegoChannel Måned siden
I’m cry happy and scared help me
MK Gaca
MK Gaca Måned siden
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