Game Theory: Joel's Choice Meant Nothing! (The Last of Us)

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7 måneder siden

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The Last of Us is one of the most gut wrenching games to come out in recent memory and, since The Last of Us Part 2 is out now, what better time to sink my teeth into this franchise! You know that gut punch, emotional rollercoaster ride I was just talking about? What if I told you that your final choice of the game to save Ellie or let her die to save the world was WRONG? What do I mean? Get ready Theorists, I'm about to blow your mind!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

WHITESTRIPE99 7 måneder siden
When Ellie was tuning the guitar, I said sarcastically "Oh, I bet she's gonna play Megalovania." As soon as I heard those four notes, I fell out of my chair laughing.
Meredisu 4 dager siden
Kool_kid plays 2
Kool_kid plays 2 20 dager siden
I was b out to put that in the comment sectaion, mEgAlOvAnIa iNtEsIfYs
Aithan Liome
Aithan Liome 23 dager siden
It really feels like your playing big boned skellies theme on genocide when you mess up the notes on purposely.
Ma. Jennie Duhaylungsod
Ma. Jennie Duhaylungsod Måned siden
Code951 Måned siden
IKR! Took me a couple milliseconds to recognize the tune, and then I was like "who's ready to have a bad time?!"
CHIN KONG TSANG 6 timer siden
yeah exactly what I thought! In what world would your first step in developing a whatever be KILLING the only piece of information you have?! when none of the other options have been exhaust?!
Hamzah Mousa
Hamzah Mousa 6 timer siden
T_M_G 20 timer siden
Bro clickers scare the poopy outa my diapar
Obaid Al Heloo
Obaid Al Heloo Dag siden
Okay yeah sure, but the fireflies wanted to make a "Vaccine" for those who aren't infected yet. If they wanted to completely remove the infection they wouldn't have used the word "vaccine" they would've said " Cure ".
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz 2 dager siden
When matpat was describing the ant being conscious during its body’s takeover, it reminded me of the crab zombies from half-life 2
0imus 3 dager siden
hey! i found something brown on my hotdog
Wacky Penguin
Wacky Penguin 3 dager siden
Plot twist, the fireflies are just anti-vaccers, they think they can just copy past her immunity
No-name 4 dager siden
That’s really reassuring! Thank you so much. But you see, Joel is still wrong morally. He didn’t know that it wouldn’t work, he actually thought it would! But he lied and saved her anyway. It’s like protecting a murderer from justice out of love But not knowing that they’re actually innocent. Joel’s decision is good for for Ellie and everyone that cared about her, but not for the world.
TheEvilRaccoon 4 dager siden
An ER Doctor actually confirmed after reacting to TLoUPII that they wouldn't risk killing an individual for a vaccine because they'd find another way, and it's impractical. Joel's decision saved her life. One of the few problems that came out of Joel's decision was Ellie's desire to make her death matter, and how she felt like he took it from her. During the game it was made clear that the Doctors weren't professionals so Joel DID save her life, because they would've killed her in the process of figuring out how to obtain the cure and her death would've been meaningless in terms of finding a vaccine.
Khaled Zowila
Khaled Zowila 5 dager siden
I feel like the people that wrote that line probably didnt know the difference between the 2
RosesAre Red
RosesAre Red 6 dager siden
“Is turning your cute cuddly video games into nightmare fuel” Kind of like meatcanyon but instead of games, it’s cartoons.
David Morrow
David Morrow 6 dager siden
They gave you the choice because they didn't think they were making a part 2 most likely
Luci Fer
Luci Fer 7 dager siden
Neil druckman is such a terrible writer when he’s got no one telling him no
[NOT] MisterEpicface
[NOT] MisterEpicface 7 dager siden
TLDW: you can’t make vaccines for fungal infections
Cybolic 7 dager siden
Alright you become immune so what you still got spores runners clickers and basically everyone alive is still tryna kill you
Hassan Butt
Hassan Butt 9 dager siden
I got epic nostalgia from this video
Reituco3600 9 dager siden
Joel has lost EVERYTHING when his own daughter was shot by that soldier... He slaughtered the Fireflies to protect who he LOVES!! Losing everything ONCE is TERRIBLE but... when you lose it TWICE it’s already ENOUGH
Sercroc 10 dager siden
umm it's really more simple, game creator misused the world vaccine, or if in my fiction work i decide that a vaccine works like that, it works like that. Also 5:20 they say they need the cordiceps, because it's a mutation and that is why ellie is immune, and that is why they want to open her head.that would make them right about using a non letal form of the infection like you said. Unless they said anywhere that is thanks to her immune sistem
AMIT BADONI 10 dager siden
What part of 'Mutation' do u understand 😂
Ron LT
Ron LT 12 dager siden
GAME:The Last Of Us REAL LIFE:The Last Of Ants
Ron LT
Ron LT 12 dager siden
Me mes🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karen Garza
Karen Garza 12 dager siden
Fun fact: a doctor reacted to this game and he said he would never kill a person to make a vaccine. He said it’s immoral and unnecessary. According to him, there are numerous ways to make a vaccine without killing Ellie... just putting that out there.
Deonte 13 dager siden
Broooo 13 million dam I was here before all that
Gonçalo Bento
Gonçalo Bento 14 dager siden
That cant be, because if she got other type of the fungus from an INFECTED. Why was he infected and Ellie didnt transform?
James Lanier
James Lanier 11 dager siden
Turns out it's really easy to punch holes in this braindead theory.
Zay Linn Thant
Zay Linn Thant 14 dager siden
is there a cure
Zay Linn Thant
Zay Linn Thant 14 dager siden
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ellie be like
mnstrchkn13 15 dager siden
'vaccines save lives!' The anti Vax in the audience- BLOCK CHANNEL!
Kristin Vleeming
Kristin Vleeming 15 dager siden
Spends the first two and a half minutes establishing a sadder tone, one of almost reverence and of a world that is on the verge of destruction. And then just shatters that tone. 😅 I admire your writing MatPat.
Sylphire Z
Sylphire Z 16 dager siden
I think the video is a little too hung up on what vaccine is and what this fungal infection is. For the purpose of this discussion, let's call a medical treatment a vaccine as long as it preemptively infects the patient with an alternate version of transmittable disease, regardless of whether that disease is virus, bacteria, fungal, parasite, etc They said fungus in Ellie's brain has mutated, i.e. Ellie is already infected, it's just that the fungus is dormant and doesn't do anything harmful to the host, while simultaneously preventing the harmful version of the fungus from infecting the host. So firefly really didn't need to "discover" a vaccine, it already exists in Ellie's brain. The only problem is extracting it a sample and figuring out a way to synthesis more so that they can infect all friendlies with it. Now, the normal fungal infection can spread via spore, or by saliva into bloodstream... Does the mutated version do it? I don't know... So I don't know if making ellie bite people or blood transfusions would do the trick...
James Lanier
James Lanier 11 dager siden
The mutated version does not do it. Ellie isn't contagious since she didn't infect her ex girlfriend Kat or Dina via saliva.
Darshan kanesh
Darshan kanesh 16 dager siden
Yup some videos can make dark nightmare 😅😅
Gaming Skittlez
Gaming Skittlez 16 dager siden
I hear that Corona, when infects a male, no longer allows them to have an erection.
Henry Bin Sendin
Henry Bin Sendin 16 dager siden
Wow if the fireflies had just watched this video this whole mess could have been avoided.
Mike Mendoza
Mike Mendoza 17 dager siden
No one: Joel explaining Ellie why he saved her:
Gabe Davis
Gabe Davis 18 dager siden
I mean, it meant something. If he had let Ellie die, he wouldn’t have been beaten to death with a golf club.
Yoyo Ip
Yoyo Ip 19 dager siden
My Mom is a nurse and I asked her about this, she said that making a cure only require Ellie's blood samples, they don't have to kill her at all. The fireflies has no idea what they are doing.
Máninn 66
Máninn 66 19 dager siden
Me: oh another game theory lets go Megalovania starts playing Me: ohhh boy
the wolverine 98
the wolverine 98 21 dag siden
What you mean empty choice? He lost his daughter! maybe he just want to cover the pain that made him suffer over the years... what would you do if it was about your loved one that you had to sacrifice? without this happening how would the last of us go on ? I don't think there would have been any more parts
Rishabh Shukla
Rishabh Shukla 22 dager siden
Did you guys murder all the doctors? I did lol
TheKetchupLord 23 dager siden
Y'all take great stories and make breakdowns that are irrelevant. The game doesn't need to be scientifically accurate to make the impact it tried to make
aqua_bro 23 dager siden
Game Theory Idea: What would a woman need to become a real life Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I mean education, estimated amount of money, physical training, actual places to discover and explore, would be a good archeologist while shooting everything and everyone while running through ancient ruins?
efe ince
efe ince 24 dager siden
most of the time he doesn't talk about theory
andrew 24 dager siden
Elie is lesbian
myswiftracecar 25 dager siden
Covid didnt fcking killed 400.000 people , stop spreading miss Information!!!!!!!
nugget of chicken
nugget of chicken 21 dag siden
The video came out 6 months ago, and we are at nearly 2 million deaths. Get a brain.
HeyBuster 26 dager siden
Me:sees that my local herbs store has a herb called cordyceps. Me:ah fridge here we go again.
wehttaM_1 27 dager siden
Bruh that intro gave me nightmares again
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart Måned siden
She means more to joel than we could ever comprehend if it was your daughter you would have done the same thing and that does mean something
Crater Lock
Crater Lock Måned siden
Is just me or Joel looks like Rico from jc4
MrBheeshm Gaming
MrBheeshm Gaming Måned siden
Vaccine was been made in 2033 in the maybe by then real doctors would find fungul vaccines....just saying
Sayfino jor Jowito
Sayfino jor Jowito Måned siden
there's the Corona now
MoldyMooseG Måned siden
Someone should show the first half of this video to an anti vaxxer
Waidwml 21
Waidwml 21 Måned siden
I find it sad how TLOU2 antagizes Joel because there was a chance no there wasn't even if they had a vaccine and the materials to mass produce it how would one transport it that a flat out logistical nightmare
Waidwml 21
Waidwml 21 11 dager siden
@James Lanier that's what I said
James Lanier
James Lanier 11 dager siden
It'd be hard to distribute it so don't bother with a vaccine? Bruh
Arsenal Playz Gaming
Arsenal Playz Gaming Måned siden
Joel dissicion was the right choice because even if they did get a vaccine the world would still messed up. Just think about Pittsburg, those bandits were corrupt they hunted other people for supplies. Just think about if they did get a vaccine, it wouldn't of mattered because the world would be to lost to come back to normal from the theives and bandits corrupt ways. So a vaccine would mean nothing.
Thanos Beetz
Thanos Beetz Måned siden
When I picture the zombies being cured like people who became zombies getting there mind back I picture the fungus growths not going away. I imagine a clicker or a bloater acting like normal people walking around and speaking normally.
James Lanier
James Lanier 11 dager siden
That's not what the vaccine would do. If you turn, there's no going back. The vaccine prevents more people from getting infected and turning. It'd essentially give people Ellie's immunity.
CafeExorcist !
CafeExorcist ! Måned siden
Anti Vaxx people are going insane as we speak
Rileys Klay Movies
Rileys Klay Movies Måned siden
@00:14 what is name of the song?
chase isaiah
chase isaiah Måned siden
Now theres been 68 million coronavirus cases
Bernard Bunuan
Bernard Bunuan Måned siden
It's 2020 and now we know! Joel was right! The Fireflies were quacks! Plus American industry is gone in those games so mass producing any effective medicine is not possible.
Freyathrith Måned siden
Really great science here with entertaining presentation. And it misses the point, narratively. TLOU is fiction. In its fictional universe there IS a dilemma: in that world doctors ARE convinced that Ellie's brain holds the key. Joel's decision DOES in fact doom the world. In a narrative, the rules of that fictional world apply, not those of actuality. Are we going to see arguments next that Dune is stupid because photosynthesis can't happen on Arrakis? Or that Star Wars is dumb because faster-than-light travel would kill those in ships using it? Joel's choice meant everything, narratively.
Johnathan. Aviles
Johnathan. Aviles Måned siden
I always wondered why they didn't just keep her alive and keep taking her blood, or get her to have as many children as possible? The biggest plot point of the series is a contrivance
Mikaylan Kunnie
Mikaylan Kunnie Måned siden
Let's of us? Cute and cuddly, what game u been playing 😆
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez Måned siden
In 0:41 there's a momo face
Wiggimus Måned siden
Joel is still the main villain, though.
ANG KAI YANG Moe Måned siden
I am impressed on how Matpat manage to explain all the details about vaccine and fungi prescription without making it complicated. His channel really educate me on basic science and physic.
Super Mario
Super Mario Måned siden
The only thing I can think of is the cordyceps fungus is not a fungal infection but rather an experiment virus with fungal effects
Colton Rice
Colton Rice Måned siden
Who learns more from this channel then school
Hannah Highway
Hannah Highway Måned siden
How do I show Ellie this?
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Måned siden
Yes just find the right person and that is doctor mario
Ma. Jennie Duhaylungsod
Ma. Jennie Duhaylungsod Måned siden
Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh Why did use megalovainia
mr maxwell
mr maxwell Måned siden
I like to believe fireflies were delusionaly desperate.
Sir FrostyFlakes
Sir FrostyFlakes Måned siden
I think some people need to pay attention better to the story. Ellie wanted to have her immunity mean something. She wanted there to be a vaccine made from her nomatter the cost but I guess its hard to read sometimes
predator H2O
predator H2O Måned siden
How is that related though ?
spacyrobin28 Måned siden
the scientist team 6:03
Kirb Måned siden
That start of the video was so funny I laughed so hard!!
Project Ash
Project Ash 2 måneder siden
Funny how my name is Joel
ETPangilinan1 2 måneder siden
I thought something was off about the science. But I guess game developers can't think of or research everything And yet youtuber are able to look into a lot of the science and explain it in simple enough terms for their viewers to understand.
THE MEGA KNIGHT 2 måneder siden
Should have had engie face
xǝʌııuʞ 2 måneder siden
this makes all the tears from the last of us 2 way more meaningful
yeonniee 2 måneder siden
8:04 karens need to see this, i fckin swear.
Benlex 2 måneder siden
Well, the FEDs aren't wrong calling the Fireflies a group of lunatic terrorists. Just happened to remember that in the game the FEDs are the only faction with actual capability on both industrial, educational, and research sides (while keeping everyone under martial law that is). If anything, the fireflies are the last group of people that could ever come up with anything useful.
IZ2bSA80 Måned siden
They didn't seem all that useful considering what happened in Pittsburgh in the first game. They fought, freed the place, got kicked out and never came back. At the end of the day, looks like what they really want is to be the only top dog in the area and don't actually care for the people because if they did, they'd have come back to clean up the mess that they helped create.
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson 2 måneder siden
I only understood half of what u just said
tepin adona
tepin adona 2 måneder siden
0:10 epic sans moment right there
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds 2 måneder siden
Karen:this video right here officer
Jason Green
Jason Green 2 måneder siden
I hate covid-19 and Clickers
Just_ Adzzz
Just_ Adzzz 2 måneder siden
3:20 Now I feel bad for Nathan Drake
HimAKN 2 måneder siden
Matt: But hey that’s just a theory Me: wait that’s actual science, not theory
Manuel Bautista
Manuel Bautista 2 måneder siden
They might not know the difference of vaccine and medicine the thing they want to make is medicine because they should've use the weakened fungi instead 😂😂😂
flavia silva
flavia silva 2 måneder siden
Joey choice meant the last of us 2
Bahar 00
Bahar 00 2 måneder siden
The school: teaches u that you can only make vaccines from viruses Some dumb people: i WaNnA lEaRn hOw To PaY tAxEs Also those people: You can definitely make a vaccine for fungus infections
Not Joker
Not Joker 2 måneder siden
outworlddragoon 2 måneder siden
Its ironic. Many people including Kamala Harris are refusing the vaccine just because of the president in office. severe stupidity. wonder if she would take a vaccine for the zombification virus? wait, its already too late for her. lol
Piguyalamode 2 måneder siden
The thing the fireflies are trying to do isn't actually making a vaccine. My understanding is that Elie has a safer strain of the fungus that prevents her from getting the bad , which if transplanted in others would act in a similar manner. Though, you probably wouldn't need to actually even open up her brain to get at the fungus, and if you did you would only need a couple of cells, not the hole thing, so the fireflies are still dumb.
Aris5xg 2 måneder siden
So the second part of the game is absolutely pointless? Can you imagine Abby's face if someone told her, that her dad had no idea what he was doing, and by killing Ellie, he would destroy the chance of having a vaccine?
Shikido San
Shikido San 2 måneder siden
Man I mess Joel.... :(
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 2 måneder siden
Sooo joel could’ve had Ellie and the world would also be safe? 😐 too late for that now
Jeff Hough
Jeff Hough 2 måneder siden
I was so mad with number 2 well disappointed is more accurate
Owen Clark
Owen Clark 2 måneder siden
The Karen who won’t let her kids have vaccines
Gustavo Xavier
Gustavo Xavier 2 måneder siden
I don't know how but we need to show this video to Ellie and Abby
A R 2 måneder siden
I can't remember but I thought they were trying to get the weaker fungus to produce the vaccine but it was lodged in her brain, and they couldn't get it out without her dying
A R 2 måneder siden
Joel was just an anti vaxxer
mercury vincent
mercury vincent 2 måneder siden
Don't let anti-vaxxers see this video 🤣
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