How Princess Peach BEATS Gravity! | The SCIENCE of... Mario

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3 måneder siden

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Remember how when Peach falls she actually uses her dress to float and slow her landings? That always seemed strange to me. How does her dress support her weight? Should we all be throwing out our parachutes and putting on our princess dresses instead? Today Loyal Theorists, Austin is going to get to the bottom of this Princess Peach mystery!
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Xenowarrior92 Time siden
Men : Pants Women: have a seat...and prepare for an adventure!
avadakeduhvra 3 dager siden
Isn't she some powerful goddess alien space queen who came down to the world with the fungi who serve her
Ibrahim Jama
Ibrahim Jama 3 dager siden
u know i fell rare playing the game he was showing
Eric’s Animated Shorts
Eric’s Animated Shorts 5 dager siden
Also, peach would be top heavy and flip
Hey You
Hey You 5 dager siden
Why he always put so much math in his videos?🥴
TheAnnouncer 11 dager siden
Luigi's Meme shack
Luigi's Meme shack 12 dager siden
How come Austin teaches me more than school does?
박지윤 13 dager siden
MatPat vs Austin who is better?
_____Ms Frying_Pan______
_____Ms Frying_Pan______ 13 dager siden
Peach is a cyborg and her legs are air plains with human feat
dstillable 14 dager siden
Bleh, I've been trying to find out what the outro song is and it's killing me. Does anyone know?
Shannon Dobson
Shannon Dobson 14 dager siden
Peach doesn’t need her dress to float because in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 in the 100 meter dash her charged super dash has her float without her dress because she wears an outfit more fit for running
Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more 14 dager siden
Frostbite who wears both skirts and dresses: Hmmm i could probably make myself float >:3
John Frodesen
John Frodesen 15 dager siden
the line means repeating percent, Austin
Livious Gameplay
Livious Gameplay 16 dager siden
So if the breathing Mushroom Kingdom air is like breathing water, are the level timers for how long it would take them to breath before they drown on land? And how strong are their lungs for the underwater levels? Is it even water anymore? I have so many more questions when I had literally 0 before looking at the title.
Und3RsKor3_ 16 dager siden
The actual answer: She is secretly an Airbender.
Zagreen The Water Ninja
Zagreen The Water Ninja 17 dager siden
How does mario survive lava in bowsers castle when he is just s normal plumber
David Pumpkins Jr.
David Pumpkins Jr. 19 dager siden
Peach and/or her dress are magic. So the simple answer is "a wizard did it."
Austin Lee
Austin Lee 21 dag siden
Honestly you should put a warning in the thumbnail about who’s narrating it because then I wouldn’t have clicked on this in the first place
Guindingo 21 dag siden
Why is a large headed man in a kids body pointing at me it annoying
aqua_bro 22 dager siden
Game Theory Idea: What would a woman need to become a real life Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I mean education, estimated amount of money, physical training, actual places to discover and explore, would be a good archeologist while shooting everything and everyone while running through ancient ruins?
James Germany
James Germany 22 dager siden
Queef power. God do I wanna see the math on how much force a vagina would have to produce to keep her flying and how it would.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 22 dager siden
I just got a commercial for AA batteries that was talking about the Xbox controller. The bad part is they where not rechargeable.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 22 dager siden
3:30 speaking of jumping insanely high I wonder what the most realistic video game is could it be toki tori? Also lets assume all games star a human or jump hight
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer 26 dager siden
Time to watch Austin lose his mind again. 4:20 Yeah, that sounds right. Her ankles are completely destroyed. 13:20 Thank you Austin. We appreciate that. The gods of NOpost greatly accept the sacrifice that is your sanity.
Munchie Litten
Munchie Litten 26 dager siden
What did you get yourself into lol poor soul sleep well
M.S. playz
M.S. playz 28 dager siden
You scare me bro
Trivial Måned siden
Me in science class: Wow this is so boring Me listening to this guy talk about the science of a dress: Interesting
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog Måned siden
So the maker of this computations is a communist? He gives his all wisdom and knowledge in exchange for the enlightening of us, cavemen.
Nabbit the bunny
Nabbit the bunny Måned siden
This is how some people might try and hover/glide *Jumps to hover/glide* Child: Mom! I learned how to hover!! Mom: hovering isn’t real sweetie, it’s just fiction.
名無しのキャス子 Måned siden
Maybe peach is canadian
inventive cheetah93
inventive cheetah93 Måned siden
This guy: talking about science NOpost: is this gaming?
A G N O M I N A Måned siden
I hear no mention of a bustle.
Sharyn Mathis
Sharyn Mathis Måned siden
I can FEEL poor Austin's pain and suffering through the screen. Like who many times does he like just breathe after explaining a really complicated thing in the most simplest way possible. RIP Austin
Tazamane Måned siden
Austin: Annulus Me, an intellectual: Donut
Fragmonkei Måned siden
Austin... I beg you... Please start a website. Don't make that a passing joke just do it I'll be there.
Donkey 345
Donkey 345 Måned siden
Rocket boots obviously
don rob777
don rob777 Måned siden
Unlike FNaF this game was a dream so her floating makes sense
Smash Bran'Discootch
Smash Bran'Discootch Måned siden
Solved: The power of Queefs.
X SLY509 X
X SLY509 X Måned siden
"I am in danger" is a reference to Ralph wigum
MagicOfDark Måned siden
I always thought Peach body being fungus since her name is Toadstool. Many fungus use that type of "floating" to spread their spores across air currents. Though Peach is no spore and I don't know of a spore that big. Just found it interesting.
Liana Corns
Liana Corns Måned siden
He so sres
Judetini Måned siden
I watch this show two or three years ago it was pretty fun to watch.And now I’m here in the middle of my freshman year learning about physics and it became a whole hell of a lot more fun to watch
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson Måned siden
Me: *Sees typing* Me: "Okay, so it's an Austin video! I wonder what crazy stuff he'll say abou-" Austin: "I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT SKIRTS!!!"
Caleb Jiang
Caleb Jiang Måned siden
He doesn't even pause for breath. lol
Jimmy Knoll
Jimmy Knoll Måned siden
me nytime i see a graystillplays video: ah yes my daily life lessons, me any time i see a matpat verion game theorist: ah yes my daily science lesson, and me andtime i see any other game theoristr vids HAHAHHA MATH YELLING FUN VIDEO GAMES GRAVITY REACTIONS, HOW FUN
- Michael -
- Michael - Måned siden
it’s just a game with superpowers 😭😭
Bioshock Menolly
Bioshock Menolly Måned siden
You didnt take into account her petticoats
kwikpikachu Måned siden
... a thin full circle skirt would completely flip inside out and collapse..
Phantom Gato
Phantom Gato Måned siden
Well Austin, the intro with the skirt naming, if you put it out of context, it makes you look bad...
Simon screams
Simon screams Måned siden
What about a cage skirt?
lightkingz Måned siden
I’m just going to toss in here.......... Batman
Jade Mary Scarlett Leão
Jade Mary Scarlett Leão Måned siden
Wait... isn't Peach wearing a dress though? Like a one piece corset dress...?
Jade Mary Scarlett Leão
Jade Mary Scarlett Leão Måned siden
Nevermind u got that moving on
Max Blaze
Max Blaze Måned siden
Does the force of gravity affect the air density? If stronger gravity could make the air more dense, then that could change how much drag the same surface could get due to having more air to push out of the way. Edit: I posted this in the middle of the video shortly before he started talking about how much fabric Peach would need to float like that. I'm actually pretty stoked that I sort of guessed a correct answer.
GuyInBacon ?
GuyInBacon ? Måned siden
Pffff everybody can obviously see that princess peach wears nuclear powered jet engines on her! Click bait!
A typical glance
A typical glance Måned siden
Hoop and hystorical skirts
Wesley Ponchak
Wesley Ponchak Måned siden
The music distracted me can tou repeat what you said?
S-Fang55 Måned siden
Super Mario
Super Mario Måned siden
All north American teenage boys must not exist
Kenny Saputra
Kenny Saputra Måned siden
Bar notation doesn't get enough love.
renato contreras ferrada
renato contreras ferrada Måned siden
17:52 so that's why Mario and Friends can breathe under water
Olls84 Måned siden
I still don't get why people watch this but also make a huge deal out of 69
Talphin 2349
Talphin 2349 Måned siden
Bruh I’m so confused 🤷🏼‍♀️ and also that peach dead theory is really interesting
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Måned siden
PZ is watching
Nani Andrea
Nani Andrea Måned siden
Me who struggles with basic math: InTerEsTiNg
Zac Turpel
Zac Turpel Måned siden
mario 2 was a dream austin don't think about this it was just a dream no logic in this dream
Mateus Torres
Mateus Torres Måned siden
Well, I don't like to say it was a job in vain, but "Super Mario 2" is set in dreamland. Well then if you just used the calculations of "Super Mario 2" you are calculating fantasy physics. Making the theory invalid? Perhaps only in this "land of dreams". You should have considered the calculations in "Super Smash Bros" or "Super Mario 3D World" to make it valid. :/
epiksin Måned siden
Austin: ¨floating skirts is impossible.¨ me: oh ok i guess goombas and a fire breathing turtle isn´t impossible.
Last Flamed
Last Flamed Måned siden
Peach uses magic to fall
I_Am_Eevee Måned siden
Austin has taken over game theory
Bluered lover
Bluered lover Måned siden
He's saying units squared and they're departing as units cubed. There's a big difference there.
Wtf man is just a game
Trash Monkey
Trash Monkey Måned siden
It took a year of college Physics to understand the equations he presented. I’m proud of myself.
Trash Monkey
Trash Monkey Måned siden
Thank you
Trash Monkey
Trash Monkey Måned siden
You deserve a high five
kewpie mayo
kewpie mayo Måned siden
No one else tell him that Super Mario 2 isn't set in the Mushroom Kingdom. It takes place in Subcon, the dream world. In this game, she floats because it's a dream, in other games, it's assisted by magic.
Pyroapollo145 Måned siden
Why do I feel like matpat be dishing out the dirtiest research on to Austin
Lucia M.Calder
Lucia M.Calder Måned siden
Austin: skirts are complacated Me serounded by the costumes I've got to get done like yesterday: ya don't say?
Benjamin Totallynotalt
Benjamin Totallynotalt Måned siden
“Kilo’s of force” Eeehhhggggghhhh
StalionRosie Måned siden
I feel like I learn more from Austin than I do with my school.
Pomonoli 2 måneder siden
I played this game so much, peach was OP though, I don't think I ever played with another character
Mogul Bek
Mogul Bek 2 måneder siden
Well, this guy really likes her skirt. Isn't he?
the 3 fates
the 3 fates 2 måneder siden
0:24-0:59the teacher at the beginning of the year going over what the girls can’t wear. Lol sorry I know I’m late 😅
Violent Heart
Violent Heart 2 måneder siden
This video sound pointless when you consider that the entire game was just a dream that Mario had and is not actually canon in the actual Mario universe.
giaiaspirit 2 måneder siden
Sonya the MVP!
Telogor 2 måneder siden
Point of order: Super Mario 2 is in Subcon, not the Mushroom Kingdom.
Lily Hartle
Lily Hartle 2 måneder siden
She doesn't hover in Super Princess Peach but she does use an umbrella to float down in her descent
GOD 1 2 måneder siden
Mario’s hair looks very weird where he has it
ULTIMATE YOUTUBER 2 måneder siden
It is a video game how is spongebob alive
andrew grasham
andrew grasham 2 måneder siden
Where's part three of the richest video game characters?
Abbie K
Abbie K 2 måneder siden
I was rewatching this at 12:00 pm fell asleep near the end and apparently watched 8 other game theory videos
Just Your Every Day Poop
Just Your Every Day Poop 2 måneder siden
Matpat:hello internet welcome to game theory Austin:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Simon Ocelot
Simon Ocelot 2 måneder siden
the entire series of "Thes science of..." are just repeating one another
Stephen Temple
Stephen Temple 2 måneder siden
I think she just uses magic
Bruce Morris
Bruce Morris 2 måneder siden
65 kilos = 143 pounds 1.7m height = roughly 5 feet 7 inches A 0.39m waist = 15.35 inches Waist to height ratio of just under 25%. This is the fuzziest math I’ve ever seen outside of a political debate about economics.
R Johnson
R Johnson 2 måneder siden
"Integrals." Using integrals (taught in 10th grade) you could have solved 12:15 in a whiff.
Mitch7412 videos
Mitch7412 videos 2 måneder siden
13:10 nice
Labrn Mystic
Labrn Mystic 2 måneder siden
"Who cares if you drown to death a little bit while trying to breathe.." XD. That got a hearty chuckle out of me
Dimitri Litovsk
Dimitri Litovsk 2 måneder siden
How about.... The Science of scorchbeasts?
Jagaloo 2 måneder siden
Austin: *Doesn't Mention The Possibility That Peach Has A Dress On* Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️
Rylan Hollingsworth
Rylan Hollingsworth 2 måneder siden
5:08 when mom catches u playing games past bed time
Tukaro 2 måneder siden
"Point Six Nine Nice" reminded me to like the video
****** 2 måneder siden
teeny tiny problem that makes all that wonderful math, while fascinating, utterly irrelevant. Super Mario 2 doesn't take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, it takes place in Mario's dream (specifically in the world of subcon). So basically Peach can float, because Mario got the wrong kind of super mushroom before heading off to beddy-bye.
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