How Princess Peach BEATS Gravity! | The SCIENCE of... Mario

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Remember how when Peach falls she actually uses her dress to float and slow her landings? That always seemed strange to me. How does her dress support her weight? Should we all be throwing out our parachutes and putting on our princess dresses instead? Today Loyal Theorists, Austin is going to get to the bottom of this Princess Peach mystery!
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gggiiillllllyyy Time siden
I feel like batman is next... which batman has the best cape for gliding and which batman has the most realistic one.
Tamer Elayyan
Tamer Elayyan 8 timer siden
An yes I love it when on stop watching a youtuber and they have a lot of videos to watch
Postinoification 9 timer siden
I'm gonna need you to not put a pink circle on screen and label it "annulus", thanks.
Blob mom
Blob mom 9 timer siden
The guy: lists all the types of skirts...... Me: * wheezing in pure panic*
Robert 11 timer siden
You could also say that the skirt propels itself in a similar fashion to a jellyfish.
Fahad Yasin
Fahad Yasin 13 timer siden
Annulus or donut
Philip Jawdosiuk
Philip Jawdosiuk 14 timer siden
TLDR: Peach is a powerful and incredible woman. Period.
PhotonicsGamer 15 timer siden
Plot twist: Mario looks up. (\_/) ( •_•) / >🍔
Martin Torterolo
Martin Torterolo 15 timer siden
They can't breath, but at least they can slowly float onto the ground.
AlexTheNinja007 21 time siden
Bet his google History is great now. I don't know what it is about Austins presentation but I feel exhausted as soon as the music begins and I have to ...... I like the content im too exhusted to continue this
Stev Dor
Stev Dor 22 timer siden
Austin: "skirts are complicated" Elizabeth Swann: "..hold my rum" Jack Sparrow: "why is all the rum gone?!"
Big Noob 500
Big Noob 500 22 timer siden
I have one question I just thought of: If there was no air resistance, would objects accelerate infinitley? My physics teacher couldn't explain that one lol!
•Cocobella da Fluffz•
•Cocobella da Fluffz• Dag siden
*me, a girl* The start of the video : Algebra times 35 Me:what the duck
Control Order Balance
Control Order Balance Dag siden
love this guy
hiamcolton Dag siden
what is the song at the beginning?
Gaming boy 356
Gaming boy 356 Dag siden
I’m sorry but MATPAT is better
Lessy Main
Lessy Main Dag siden
Austin Did you know that skirts is complikated? Me thinking of the construktion: haha, you got no ide
Gmhude56 Dag siden
4:30 thanks from germany
Dominik Korus
Dominik Korus Dag siden
Its all nice but whats about the masspoint from peach. Wouldnt she just flip around because of the mass being over the skirt/parachute?
Maddie the Imposter
Maddie the Imposter Dag siden
Who here’s curious how much power the zenith from terraria has? I’m guessing it would be enough to rip the entire planet in half.
Jonathan Matheny
Jonathan Matheny Dag siden
Austin: I am in way over my head...what have I done? Gaming companies all over the world: *Sigh of relief*
SuperNova999 Dag siden
I think the reason why peach all of a sudden stops falling, is because the air is so dense, you could actually feel the air in your room, like if strong winds are blowing strait at you
KillbotKane07 Dag siden
Im so sick of Austin he has nothing to do with game theory
Thomas Hernandez
Thomas Hernandez Dag siden
I HATE this side show of gametheorist. Which is why i unsubbed long ago.
Dutchfantom Dag siden
Gravity influences air density aswell btw. Ah you adressed this at 17 minutes lmao
mauriciovic100 2 dager siden
Hi, I am a long time fan (and let me just say that that ep. Where you calculates Darth Vader’s power is one of my favorites along with both of the two where you explain why the flat earth thing is impossible using Minecraft, really, Love your work) and was wondering if either you or MatPatt could make an ep about how apocalyptically terrifying some of the spells used on Harry Potter would be from the perspective of physics. I mean, a simple jinks used in the second year to make the target spill slugs would have to either cause multiple unrealistically complex nuclear fusion reactions inside someone’s stomach without having them lose to much mass or open a wormhole inside a person’s stomach which not only moved with the person’s velocity and vector on one end, but also had the other popping up in the location of random slugs on earth, not even sure if such a thing would even be remotely possible or which would be the most terrifying.
chris Szy
chris Szy 2 dager siden
No one thinks it's, interesting, that we have to do the most math to figure out the female character's power?
JAYDEN.QUEZADA 101343 2 dager siden
then wut about rosalina and palutena they are usually always seen floating
Yankee with no brim?!
Yankee with no brim?! 2 dager siden
Who else immediately knew this was Aron going to be speaking as soon as you heard the clik of the mouse?😂
Doodope 2 dager siden
Austin could honestly be completing a 20 mark essay on physics in under 20 minutes
Soja ckedup
Soja ckedup 2 dager siden
You know this was explained in several games.... She uses magic to float for a short time.
Scp:Azrael 3 dager siden
Can we just appreciate that this is the 100th the SCIENCE episode here on game theory.
Clarence Benedictus Abraham
Clarence Benedictus Abraham 3 dager siden
thats becasue u assume
Vildhund 3 dager siden
13:04 squared? Or cubed? Actually, idc. Skip the story of your grade 9 math at work, and skip to what works. Not your stupid thought process.
Animo Dev
Animo Dev 3 dager siden
Wow who knew there was that many Skirts
4 Mirjam
4 Mirjam 3 dager siden
Remember is just a world...a fantasy world,thanks for reading this comment.
4 Mirjam
4 Mirjam 3 dager siden
Shut it its a fantasy world so shut up
BlankGuy 3 dager siden
She farts. That’s it
Most Un-meta
Most Un-meta 3 dager siden
does anyone wish that austin re-uploaded back on shoddy cast :(
James Cannon
James Cannon 3 dager siden
All that math. Or we could just go with the video that proclaims Peach as a Goddess and say she floats because she feels like it and who are you to tell her otherwise, mortal?
Oreagle 3 dager siden
Skirts are dumb Yes I am just jealous I can't wear one what about it?
Kenyatta Barton
Kenyatta Barton 4 dager siden
Disliked because of Austin. You should just make your own channel or something the vibe is waaaaay off compared to sweet old mattypatty
Wonho 4 dager siden
she queefs.
guillermoelias24 4 dager siden
Grant Kelley
Grant Kelley 4 dager siden
Im not sure if you hear this enough ( or at all) but i love the videos you do Austin,their my favorite ones on the channel. There should be more of them
LynxPlays 4 dager siden
It’s just a gameory a game gameory
кошка Человек
кошка Человек 4 dager siden
i think THE SCIENCE is better then the lore
EvilTomba42 4 dager siden
Hey it might explain the “flying” bloober squids.
Manwtopalskull 4 dager siden
You also forgot about the bustle, since dresses don't naturally maintain that kind of shape without one. Royalty (like peach) always wore them in olden days to make you look fuller, as well as corsets to have a slim waist. I know its not super common nowadays but i feel like the time area of the game would require that kind of clothing. I mean she is a captured princess in most of the games. Another reason why the bustle is important is that during a fall through the without it, It would have it just cover her upper half and expose peach's... well i'll leave that to your own imagination. So please tell me what you think Austin. P.S. Love your content, science ( especially physics ) is a favorite topic of mine.
TYSON MIRCI 4 dager siden
this guys hair is disgusting
Jamie Montes
Jamie Montes 4 dager siden
Jamie Montes
Jamie Montes 4 dager siden
what about the weight of her crown and her hair and how much hair spray would way if she uses any and the gem on her dress and her shoes and any other jewelry that she might be wearing
Jamie Montes
Jamie Montes 4 dager siden
i love how when i watch this channel i get to learn about important stuff like math and still find out how peach floats
Usopator Bobby
Usopator Bobby 4 dager siden
Dosen't constant acceleration lead to proportional drag? Easy integral, or can't you do it that way?
Germ Hehehe
Germ Hehehe 4 dager siden
Wow, I cant believe I've reached a point in my life that I can finally understand a game theory video fully. Still just a mechanical engineering student btw. So what if Peach was actually way lighter. She is a mushroom princess. Maybe mushroom flesh is less dense than meat flesh.
Burt Duskiel
Burt Duskiel 4 dager siden
Enjoyed this episode around 7.26% more than usual despite the fact princess peach episodes get a flat -10% enjoyment on average. Nicely done Austin. Kudos.
ShivooShimo 5 dager siden
One thing’s for sure that I learned in this video is... tHaT tHeRe iS sO mAnY sKirTs
CloudTeaSUGA 5 dager siden
"Dear Nintendo" Nintendo's greatest fear.
Cmdr_Johnpooky84 5 dager siden
If the air density is upped to the final level you proposed, how is it that Mario and Luigi can survive? Peach, Toad, and all the other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom LIVE there, and as such are biologically adapted to that type of atmosphere; however (and I may be wrong on this), aren't Mario and Luigi from Earth? It'd be like stepping onto Venus without a spacesuit that could handle the pressure.
Monster Hunters
Monster Hunters 5 dager siden
He does know it was all a dream right
Lord Flufflebuns
Lord Flufflebuns 5 dager siden
Let's not forget that she needs a hole at the top and center of the skirt for excess air to vent, otherwise her skirt will flip like an umbrella got in a windstorm...a hole located right where SHE is.
Soren Kazaren
Soren Kazaren 6 dager siden
I’m only a minute into this video and I can already tell Austin needs help. Someone, anyone, please save this man from himself.
JoyousTheSong 6 dager siden
Well, that settles it, she's got a propulsion system down there.
Trijio Meda
Trijio Meda 6 dager siden
You do realize that it's a magical ability
chev_the_weeb 6 dager siden
austin is overclocking his brain
SlyHikari03 6 dager siden
Peach wears a hoop skirt and a petticoat. When she floats wouldn’t the stuff move around.
Slaniakii 6 dager siden
But if it's a full circle skirt, it wouldn't form a dome?
Violet Vulpix
Violet Vulpix 6 dager siden
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Peach is wearing an A-line. It seems much too big and round in this sprite.
vipero07 6 dager siden
Austin, you've gone about this wrong... its very clear that peach doesn't float... she just pushes the ground away from her while she is in air.
Red Devil
Red Devil 6 dager siden
this guy has taught me more than school
TEA CUP 6 dager siden
"Before 2019 ends!"
VIPUL VAIBHAV 7 dager siden
But Austin considering how high the gravity in Mario World is shouldn't the air be denser than usual too Edit: never mind
Newtjam 7 dager siden
I think I've learned more math watching game theory, than going to school...
LiamAnimates 7 dager siden
Where is mat pat?
Karl Wünsche
Karl Wünsche 7 dager siden
She uses F.A.R.T: Fart Activated Rotational Transporter
Aaryan Kumar
Aaryan Kumar 7 dager siden
1:23 *Moon Men starts playing...*
Kega Power
Kega Power 7 dager siden
She has no bones and doesnt have a skelleton has no organes and made of paper
Benji Todd
Benji Todd 8 dager siden
I love your joint videos with punmatt.
owo 8 dager siden
There should be a video about how Bowser's inhale/firre powers work
Jason Gallegos
Jason Gallegos 8 dager siden
Did you confuse skirts [and] dresses? [Cause she is clearly wearing a dress, not a skirt]
Jason Gallegos
Jason Gallegos 8 dager siden
Also considering the type of dress she would be shown to be wearing, she would also have a slip undernearth.
Jason Gallegos
Jason Gallegos 8 dager siden
Also in all depictions of her she is wearing a "princess" ballroom style bell curved dress.
Mario Lanteigne
Mario Lanteigne 8 dager siden
What about she fart?
Holly Armstrong
Holly Armstrong 8 dager siden
Well........... it is a dream in Mario 2 sooooooooooooooooo.......
motxmod 8 dager siden
You seem to be forgetting that SMB2 was a dream and Peach has magic.
Filip Obrovac
Filip Obrovac 8 dager siden
Minecraft Is FLAT
Aldrick Fon Dracul
Aldrick Fon Dracul 8 dager siden
Angry Dandruff Math Guy: * Having a meltdown over the volume of possible skirt designs * Me, an artist who primarily draws females: "Oh, you sweet summer child."
Pajka Eagle
Pajka Eagle 8 dager siden
Kid logic: * exist * Austin: "I am gonna and this whole man's carreer "
Diego Tlaczani
Diego Tlaczani 8 dager siden
1:07 Its over 9,000!!!!!!
Koru 8 dager siden
Only one thing, peach doesn’t stand at 1,73 meters, but at 1,86 (yeah, she is that tall)
Tacobelllover Bell
Tacobelllover Bell 8 dager siden
Me becoming more smart than my parents
sukessh velusamy
sukessh velusamy 8 dager siden
Instead of calculating how drag and velocity affect each other every frame, why didn't he model it using a differential equation and then use a computer to approximate the function which solves the equation?
RBerto_26 9 dager siden
(Haven’t finished the video so he may address it) but parachutes work because all of the mass keeps it in a concave conic shape. Her dress doesn’t have that mass keeping the conic shape and the dress would just blow up into the most aerodynamic shape and not create any drag
꧁༺Wolflez eve ༻꧂
꧁༺Wolflez eve ༻꧂ 9 dager siden
Nah she just the impostor that me blue purple and green kicked out of the space ship
Gemma Low
Gemma Low 9 dager siden
07:13 Got to here and nope. I'm out
Jill Matheny
Jill Matheny 9 dager siden
So he's just going to ignore the fact that she can hover in the air (unmoving) for a couple seconds like some possessed ghost? Alright
feh meh
feh meh 9 dager siden
Both the peach float and the luigi swim jump are explained away by just assuming a much higher air density, yes. It could even explain the pow block, floating heart movement patterns and flying shy guys.
k ioannidids
k ioannidids 9 dager siden
where’s the real gsme theory !
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 9 dager siden
Did anyone tell Austin that Mario 2 is all a *spoiler* Dream?
Cringe Bitch
Cringe Bitch 9 dager siden
I haven't even watched the video and I already know she queefs to keep herself in the air
Jay Campbell
Jay Campbell 9 dager siden
More than half of those "skirts" are dresses in my eyes 😂😂😂
simlawstu 9 dager siden
When Austin says "Work that I did for you, the people", he sounds like he's attempting to justify genocide.
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