Game Theory: 2019 Game of the Year? More like Best Games of the DECADE!

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År siden

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The end of 2019 not only marks a time to look back on the top games of this year, but the top games that defined the entire decade of the 2010s. So to celebrate the end of the decade, I am counting down the games that defined not only gaming as a whole, but gaming on NOpost and the communities around it. From Pokemon and Mario to Star Wars and Fortnite, these games really made a mark on our culture and shaped the face of gaming going into 2020. Will your top games make the cut? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Marc Schneider, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists År siden
The top 2 come next week...what do you think they'll be? (Hint: I think one is pretty obvious. The other...not so much, especially here on NOpost)
Lize Nobes
Lize Nobes 27 dager siden
I think they are minecraft and good ol bendy and the ink machine or fnaf of course
Glaceongirl AKA Susie
Glaceongirl AKA Susie Måned siden
Five Nights At Freddy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bomq 2 måneder siden
U forgot gta5
Luis 22
Luis 22 4 måneder siden
I like cuphead
TheGoldenFoxAndRedbearProductions 01
TheGoldenFoxAndRedbearProductions 01 7 måneder siden
Harryjrp !
Harryjrp ! 2 dager siden
Who else is watching this in 2021
WhyDo WeExist
WhyDo WeExist 3 dager siden
I got to say, I am really loving these meta theories
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez 6 dager siden
Angry Birds is now upset that it released in December 2009. One of the only mobile games to stand the test of time.
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo 24 dager siden
Rublocks iz da bist
Soggy soy milk
Soggy soy milk 26 dager siden
Doesn't even mention Terraria Me: Ernie's about to commit a hate crime
Destiny Karst
Destiny Karst Måned siden
Why was Amnesia controversial? I loved that game back in the early days of Markipliers' channel.
GRaf_Anxiety Måned siden
damn he went dark...
desertrose9400 Måned siden
What did u type game theory and I don’t understand da part we’re u typed top 2 come next week.
ArshinV Måned siden
wha about roblox it was a biiiig game in 2019 rewind
Riko Vladimir
Riko Vladimir Måned siden
no skyrim ?
Scotthunder Måned siden
2020 any1?
LuigiBoi42 Måned siden
I honestly loved the Battlefront II Campaign.
Powerful Gamerz
Powerful Gamerz Måned siden
Star Wars battlefront 2 is amazing now and is one of gaming's greatest come backs
qw2q223eedddcdd _
qw2q223eedddcdd _ Måned siden
As MatPat said the word Nintendo I got an ad for tge Nintendo switch
Isai Frenette
Isai Frenette 2 måneder siden
Matpat : a A certain game that’s very important to this channel Me :don’t do it Matpat : jump scare Me :he did it
Mighty Night
Mighty Night 2 måneder siden
what about roblox
Dezmino 2 måneder siden
10:14 wait what game is that
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 måneder siden
EA ruined Titanfall. It squashed its success with poor scheduling and deprived millions of gamers the best FPS ever releases.
Glitch Gaming
Glitch Gaming 2 måneder siden
BUT... THERE IS L..LLLL..L light
/Mattie/ /Ice/
/Mattie/ /Ice/ 2 måneder siden
It’s impressive to see how the Star Wars battlefront 2 devs turned the game around into a solid multiplayer romp.
MW 2 måneder siden
Remember when people were happy for 2020
bomq 2 måneder siden
U forgot gta5
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry 3 måneder siden
2010 is year 0
Russell March
Russell March 3 måneder siden
2:50 well someone missed out on Clone Wars
Saurav gg
Saurav gg 3 måneder siden
I am on the end of the end of the decade
sean vasquez
sean vasquez 2 måneder siden I'm on the second to last month of the start of the decade.
Colton Frazelle
Colton Frazelle 3 måneder siden
2:26 god no
Sndragon88 3 måneder siden
If it’s a game that can change the industry, I would add Genshin Impact to that list. BotW clone as it seems, it will force a multiple-platform, open-world-with-height standard into the industry. I mean, now that I’m used to the thought that I can walk to everywhere I see in the game, anything less than that feels extremely restrictive.
The Dank One
The Dank One 3 måneder siden
Well you were certainly right when you said it wasn't about good games 😂
Not Player's Alt
Not Player's Alt 3 måneder siden
idk minecraft 1.9 is still bad
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 3 måneder siden
"There is no year 0" That is indeed a 'fact'. You know what else it is? Semantic.
sean vasquez
sean vasquez 2 måneder siden
You know what's also a fact. Astronomers exist and they modified the Anno Domini system to bring this on the table.
xandy -guy
xandy -guy 3 måneder siden
No portal 2 :(
EMMA GORMAN 4 måneder siden
I was born in 2008 and I have the Wii and Wii sports
Jessica F
Jessica F 4 måneder siden
Little dose he know that 2020 SUCKS! I mean the he’ll COVID-19!
Dave Clough
Dave Clough 4 måneder siden
fnaf is important!: It made a whole new genre!
James Talbot
James Talbot 4 måneder siden
Why does this vid only have like 2 million views
T3rra _
T3rra _ 4 måneder siden
Matpat coming in with that clutch youtuber moment
YOLKTHE2nd 4 måneder siden
im really sad that he didnt mention how battlefront II redeemed
OLD RRD 4 måneder siden
Thanks god that the decade actually starts next year, because this year was awful.
sean vasquez
sean vasquez 2 måneder siden
Well jokes on you because I use this (and the Holocene too but that's not the point) the point is that I use that thing so unfortunately for me 2020 is the new decade. Sorry about that lol.
Shiragiku Shimura
Shiragiku Shimura 4 måneder siden
I think FNAF is big! I also think that Doki Doki is pretty cool too
LongDickJohnson 4 måneder siden
Wow just what I like MORE DEPRESSION well at the beginning
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 4 måneder siden
Could probably do a video on the enthusiasm and excitement level people like you were at in December 2019 before the news of the pandemic went public and then worldwide. A video on how we get so excited and hopeful at the end of the year, looking forward to the next year hoping for the best and then discover the harsh reality in the middle of that year. 20/20 was not what we expected at all. is that news broke just several months earlier, you likely wouldn't have been able to do that St. Jude's event with so many people in the same room. I feel like this thing has really changed people, it's made us so much more wary and cautious of our surroundings and everything we touch. It sucks
Pink Otaku_223
Pink Otaku_223 4 måneder siden
Watching it in August 2020 hehehe... He...
The creator615 6
The creator615 6 4 måneder siden
im sad he didnt mention cs.go or tf2
Skilfularcher 4 måneder siden
oh, remember when we didnt know what 2020 would actually be when it reached its final form?
AshnerBarn 5 måneder siden
Is there a way to go back to 2019?
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 5 måneder siden
Is there any reason why you published this a year before the end of the decade? The decade ends at the end of 2020.
Simpbox 5 måneder siden
Me from 2020 when matpats celebrating the end of 2019 Me: the end is near
Alejandro Trevino
Alejandro Trevino 5 måneder siden
Mat pat: puts fnaf on thumbnail for game of the year Me: 😑😑😑
Why 5 måneder siden
Good choices, but you forgot Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Shadow Bonnie 231
Shadow Bonnie 231 5 måneder siden
Bruh fortnites the worst game ever mat is such a big noob.
Shadow Bonnie 231
Shadow Bonnie 231 5 måneder siden
Here’s the thing doki Doki is the worst game ever mat has a weird hobbie plus the farcry games and call of duty games and any game like those ra ether best tho Minecraft is good but killing itself by the creators who just update it for more money not for game players.
Mr. Sanoic
Mr. Sanoic 5 måneder siden
Matpat: people thought the world was going to end in 2012 Me: how about 2020?
Carter Wyer
Carter Wyer 5 måneder siden
extraBraxtonary 5 måneder siden
Nah as someone who enjoys Fnaf it didn’t really change the landscape of gaming. Sure it “created” a genre, but it’s really secluded and not very big.
D7C 5 måneder siden
Marky’s Pliers
ginger Something
ginger Something 5 måneder siden
What about skylanders it was the first game that brought toys to life
GonkDroid Incarnate
GonkDroid Incarnate 5 måneder siden
This video aged like grocery brand milk P.S wheres part 2
GonkDroid Incarnate
GonkDroid Incarnate 5 måneder siden
@extraBraxtonary I think NOpost unsubbed me so I didn't see it
extraBraxtonary 5 måneder siden
Dude it’s been out for 6 months lol
the anonamoys kirby coder
the anonamoys kirby coder 5 måneder siden
6:36 knew it!
Liz Sansom
Liz Sansom 5 måneder siden
Alex Fontana
Alex Fontana 5 måneder siden
I love how optimistic MatPat is about 2020... I wish I could go back🙏
Justin Shillingford
Justin Shillingford 5 måneder siden
Where's the part 2?
Alex Olson
Alex Olson 5 måneder siden
MatPat: A world so focused on the here, and the now, and the immediate, is a scary world.. 2020: Don’t worry sir, now the only thing people can do is reminisce.
Tommy Vo
Tommy Vo 5 måneder siden
what about tf2?
Ara Animates
Ara Animates 5 måneder siden
Don’t worry game theory I think I will watch every video u post (Unless it’s scary cause I ain’t dat person
Rory Lego fan
Rory Lego fan 5 måneder siden
My fave game of the decade is cuphead but fnaf is my fave game franchise EVER
Jake Farrell
Jake Farrell 5 måneder siden
I know I’m Late but I feel like GTA V should have at least gotten an honnorable mention, I mean it’s the highest grossing piece of entertainment media ever and has a massive player base to this day.
Andorgast 5 måneder siden
jou dnt wana live in 2020 with that stupid virus
Junette Risma
Junette Risma 5 måneder siden
i hate jali break police
Harlan Powell
Harlan Powell 5 måneder siden
I'm still salty that Breath of the Wild wasn't on here cuz like yea
Lewis Davidson
Lewis Davidson 5 måneder siden
Horror: Resident Evil 2 Remake (would’ve been PT but it’s not a game) Adventure: Journey (fact.) Choice: The Walking Dead Season 1 OR Until Dawn Shooter: Titanfall 2 (MWR is very close though) Multiplayer: Fortnite (fight me there’s a reason it dominated for so long) RPG: Skyrim..........PSYCHE! Horizon: Zero Dawn (yes I’m not a Witcher 3 fan) Superhero: Spider-Man would’ve won, but Batman: Arkham City stands tall Science Fiction: Mass Effect 2 (beat out Halo Reach even though they’re similar) Hardcore: Bloodborne (over Dark Souls) Fighting: Injustice 2 Cinematic: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Sorry Last of Us) Mobile: Pokémon Go! Stealth: Hitman 2 (Not an MGSV fan) Indie: Undertale Platformer: Mario Odyssey Overall: Minecraft I’ve played a lot of games this decade. Well over 200, maybe even 300. But when you look at a game and can’t wait to jump back in, months or years after you first played it, then it’s got a special place in your heart.
Chinmay Agarwal
Chinmay Agarwal 6 måneder siden
Oh Mat ur not ready for what is about to come in 2020
Sarah Cauldwell Bratt
Sarah Cauldwell Bratt 6 måneder siden
Oh boy they had no idea what’s the next year has in store.
Literally Lilly
Literally Lilly 6 måneder siden
Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that the editor showed a bit of a vid with BTS in it orrrrrrr
Lord xD
Lord xD 6 måneder siden
Fnaf should be on this list
extraBraxtonary 5 måneder siden
Alpha Cookie
Alpha Cookie 6 måneder siden
Best Game of The Year Gacha Life Roblox MinCraft And Many More
Poképro 6 måneder siden
He basically spoiled that his picks were Breath of the Wild and Minecraft
extraBraxtonary 5 måneder siden
Poképro except it ended up as LoL.
Poképro 5 måneder siden
@extraBraxtonary His intro was a bunch of botw stuff lol
extraBraxtonary 5 måneder siden
How did you get it wrong? Literally part 2 is out for 6 months!
FlapJack Gamer
FlapJack Gamer 6 måneder siden
Undertake was bigger than amnesia
Borealis 6 måneder siden
He didn't know what was about to happen yet
GiantMiner5 6 måneder siden
I want to go back to last decade
Kirsty Wilkinson
Kirsty Wilkinson 6 måneder siden
Title: is title Me (even bfore I watched the video): Minecraft
Andrew allen
Andrew allen 6 måneder siden
Titanfall 2 i have spoken
Bloodofprime 6 måneder siden
Now you can pay $30 to unlock mostly everything in Star Wars battlefront 2
coffee_ cover
coffee_ cover 6 måneder siden
as soon as i saw the title i knew fnaf would be mentioned
henryez 6 måneder siden
And to think 2020 would be good....
Josie G
Josie G 6 måneder siden
Where is part 2 I cant find it 😭
wailedEel0432 yeet
wailedEel0432 yeet 6 måneder siden
Fortnite showed that your game does not have to be pay to win to make money
Salvador De La Fuente Gama Forbes De Mendonça
Salvador De La Fuente Gama Forbes De Mendonça 6 måneder siden
void 6 måneder siden
R.i.p fnaf
KBawsome YT
KBawsome YT 6 måneder siden
Help Wanted.
Mobb Central
Mobb Central 6 måneder siden
Stand by for TITANFALL
Monozhrome 7 måneder siden
I want cheese pizza now.
spider knight
spider knight 7 måneder siden
want bbq meat feast
Monozhrome 7 måneder siden
Ya sure about dat intro? cuz I always lag behind trends, so by the time you have a video, i'd still be unawarer of the trend
Jack Ysen
Jack Ysen 7 måneder siden
Hi I'm from the future in 2020 there is a plague
Dave The Credible
Dave The Credible 7 måneder siden
A lot of people got run over in my town because they were playing Pokemon GO.
Serbian Empire
Serbian Empire 7 måneder siden
PvZ? GTA 5?
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo 24 dager siden
Citizen 5
Citizen 5 7 måneder siden
Idk it seems like you forgot what made some on those games influential. Fortnite was popular because of pubg which was popular because of other games.
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo 24 dager siden
Chase Storc
Chase Storc 7 måneder siden
did you do any research for the battlefront 2 part because they changed the game, did you even play the game?! because you tell us that you put lots of research into these videos in this video you do no research except some small google searches and uninformed opinions.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 7 måneder siden
Comment :)
The true Derp God117
The true Derp God117 7 måneder siden
I don’t like fortnight it is bad
Adam Bond
Adam Bond 7 måneder siden
Disney Star Wars not only tried to destroy film, but games too.
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