We Built A Computer in Mario Maker! | Game Theory (Super Mario Maker)

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You can find many videos across NOpost of people building amazing "machines" in games like Minecraft. They are working objects inside the game, like a Game Boy or a computer. Now, there is a new game that arguably opens even more possibilities, so much so that it may be the most COMPLEX game of all time - Super Mario Maker. What power does this game hold? Let me show you!
"The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator" is designed by u/Helgefanon the Mario Maker account, Giant.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Requag's Minecraft video: nopost.info/throw/1JulqoXMvaVmps0/video

Sigma San
Sigma San 9 timer siden
But does it run Doom?
Qedeonier iCloudswefdse
Qedeonier iCloudswefdse Dag siden
Wait I’ve gone in one where they found out how to do multiplication
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis Dag siden
you know what I just realized? people only noticed the yellow part when he showcased it in one of the newer videos. and its been shown since this. wow.
Ronzel 2 dager siden
I watch matt's video in front of my mom so i can look smarter
kerbo 2 dager siden
"how do you recreate binary in smm?" *smm2 releases* on-off switches: oh yeah, it's all coming together.
Mephistos Erbe
Mephistos Erbe 2 dager siden
you should make a video about, that MTG is Turing complete. you can build a turing machine, with an mtg deck
Neixoon 4 dager siden
you should do one piece pirate wariors 4
Neixoon 4 dager siden
I'm a big fan of your show
Oeshen Playz1036
Oeshen Playz1036 4 dager siden
remember the calculator has to turn the numbers in to binary and add read the binary translate and and turn it into a human readable output
Em Beboso
Em Beboso 4 dager siden
who else decided to decode the binary at 5:28 to see what it said nevermind its not a code or anything it's just ¥RN maybe it means something
maymay ip
maymay ip 4 dager siden
maymay ip
maymay ip 4 dager siden
## 4 dager siden
Love your vidios and im sorry to say this but 1110 in binary is not 14 most of your binary was wrong in this vidio
matthew Lanning
matthew Lanning 5 dager siden
Ignores building computers in minecraft
Mr.Freerobux 5 dager siden
littlebigplanet: Am I a joke to you?
Word Universe Duggee Huriasal Official
Word Universe Duggee Huriasal Official 6 dager siden
meena jayaraman
meena jayaraman 6 dager siden
there isa new intro
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 7 dager siden
Or 40,074,642,432?
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 7 dager siden
I think I may have solved the math problem at like 3:04... is it 132 to the fifth power?
Penguin 101
Penguin 101 7 dager siden
Mat Pat, if neurons only have a state of on and off, and we think in binary, what really is the difference between humans and an extremely complex AI-run off a computer designed to act more like a human brain (Sci-Fi's "positronic" brain)?
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon 8 dager siden
16:15 Mario computer is in bits. Computers are in gigabytes A byte is 8x more than bits, they aren't interchangeable.
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon 8 dager siden
Doing that in Minecraft
Also wrong torch matpat
Chae Lisa
Chae Lisa 9 dager siden
Nobody: Me watching matpats videos: yeh, this is big Brian time
Tamara Miller
Tamara Miller 9 dager siden
Mario maker in MARIO MAKER!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!??
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter 10 dager siden
1:54 who thought he was going to talk about 2020
Thomas_the_potato_waffle 10 dager siden
Can it run crysis tho
lizz gachatuber
lizz gachatuber 11 dager siden
I literally got an ad for Mario
NeoLinkeon 12 dager siden
Minecraft just minecraft its the most complex game of all time
Eison Armando Rodriguez Reve
Eison Armando Rodriguez Reve 12 dager siden
im watching this in october 2020 and...: Matpat: this is the most complex game Minecraft: Am I a joke to you?
Randy Bradbury
Randy Bradbury 12 dager siden
The moment at 1:54 made me (watching this in 2020 ) think Mapat jinxed us all...
click bait
click bait 12 dager siden
You know what's the world's most complex game? Binary.
Gum_drop 6400
Gum_drop 6400 12 dager siden
6:02 just- ...why can’t you- ...just connect the two friggin dots?!? PLS!!! *shakes computer screen* >:(
Candaru Driemor
Candaru Driemor 14 dager siden
Clickbaity title, but I feel like I learned a lot :D
роман нету
роман нету 14 dager siden
Niw i saw Turing machine in: Minecraft Mario Maker (F**kin) Magic the Gathering... What is next? How else people will construct it?
Ofek Inbar
Ofek Inbar 15 dager siden
But can it run crysis?
Abdurehman Malik
Abdurehman Malik 15 dager siden
MatPat: "Super Mario Maker is the world's largest and most complex game." Minecraft: "Am I a JOKE to you!?!"
Addison Hancock
Addison Hancock 15 dager siden
Some one give this man a nobel gaming peace prize
Leny Santos
Leny Santos 16 dager siden
how is he so smart
James the NerfNerd!
James the NerfNerd! 16 dager siden
Yay something that isn’t about killing off or making characters evil!
Elizabeth Holtcamp
Elizabeth Holtcamp 16 dager siden
the third quadrant in the intro is yellow, was that supposed to be a food theory teaser?
MrJoshuasDad 17 dager siden
GaMinG MaN
GaMinG MaN 17 dager siden
no its minecraft okey
Andrea Lo Bascio
Andrea Lo Bascio 17 dager siden
Computer in a game called scrap mechanic pls
Rens Tamerus
Rens Tamerus 18 dager siden
Now make your Mario Maker computer run DOOM on DOS on Windows 95.
Logan cook
Logan cook 18 dager siden
the hole game of Minecraft has a hole lot more
Sharon Jackson
Sharon Jackson 19 dager siden
Matpat: Mario Maker 2 is the most complex game. Steve: Hold my Strength potion.
FlickeRRing Lightswitch
FlickeRRing Lightswitch 19 dager siden
First appearance of the modern game theory intro.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 20 dager siden
imagine using Mario maker to watch 1 episode of Fuller House
XenialDan 20 dager siden
Shame on the editor for using wrong torches. Play minecraft!
You see me Everywhere
You see me Everywhere 21 dag siden
Imagine playing Minecraft in mario maker then building a computer minecraft
Cameron White
Cameron White 21 dag siden
well hey i guess immortals wont have to wait for that long
SwitchKid 22 dager siden
If Ceave was, here this video would be hours long.
yeetifier 22 dager siden
0:38, I know they've already released it, but green red YELLOW green, They've released the channel now but I find this quite cool
Kujo _20_
Kujo _20_ 23 dager siden
Playstation is better than Xbox
Skoot 23 dager siden
3:05 the answer is 672109330432
Lord Doggo
Lord Doggo 23 dager siden
jokes on mat, it's almost the end of 2020, and we only have a calculator that can add, subtract, and experimental multiplication
ProperGaming 23 dager siden
Now he’s made a 0-9 calculator now!
Elliot Shiffman
Elliot Shiffman 26 dager siden
I Made the calculator have to say error with lots of brackets and stuff like square roots I didn’t do anything like dividing by zero though since that’s impossible
ShiaBl0X 26 dager siden
Mario maker 2 came out on my birthday
Declan Perry
Declan Perry 27 dager siden
I play Doom on a Mario Maker 2 computer.
Allen Samson
Allen Samson 27 dager siden
Minecraft ah yes.Could anyone make a game with a computer that you could make?Could you make a computer in minecraft to play minecraft then make a computer in the minecraft in the computer rinse and repeat?
Mythy404 24 dager siden
no you cant. Unless you are Fundy then you can make Minecraft in Minecraft in Minecraft.
Faqih Aldian Noor
Faqih Aldian Noor 27 dager siden
Glad we have "transistor" in minecraft
Gavin Talley
Gavin Talley 28 dager siden
(What is @Justin Y. even saying?) Frisk Voice with preantices
KIRBYDEE Games 28 dager siden
0:57 Why does the red shell have spikes?
Da_Noob Da_pro
Da_Noob Da_pro 28 dager siden
Still waiting for book theroy
Feyd Maddox
Feyd Maddox 29 dager siden
Liberty Jensen
Liberty Jensen 29 dager siden
Micaela Eisenkölbl
Micaela Eisenkölbl Måned siden
that yelloow lighttt
Barley I guess?
Barley I guess? Måned siden
But the question is... Can it run doom?
Flutey Måned siden
PoV: You're typing a PoV.
Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan Måned siden
Little Big Planet still is more complicated though. It has actual Micro Chips
Doggo /friend
Doggo /friend Måned siden
That crumbled paper background punched me in the guts with nostalgia
Squidneas Rocks
Squidneas Rocks Måned siden
Who does math homework?! PFFT naaaaaw just watch a NOpost star rant about computer science. After all Math and Science ARE intertwined
Gabriel Baird
Gabriel Baird Måned siden
Rayman designer is the most complex game dummy
Spark Alison
Spark Alison Måned siden
how many people saw that the marioplex has it own wiki
Trinay Sharma
Trinay Sharma Måned siden
This is my favourite video on NOpost.
Lelan Vance
Lelan Vance Måned siden
A computer, inside a computer program, inside a computer. I swear I just gained 4 chromosomes
Wilberator Måned siden
Its a shame that early real computers did’t look like the insane mechanical machines in Mario Maker.
Kennie Frog
Kennie Frog Måned siden
Gabe The Borking Dog
Gabe The Borking Dog Måned siden
Some has made a working quad core cpu in Minecraft
Estrella Garay
Estrella Garay Måned siden
Pabs 1234
Pabs 1234 Måned siden
It's this and minecraft
:D Oh
:D Oh Måned siden
Geometry dash creators : interesting
Lazeye64 Måned siden
Mario maker 2: I was the best game in 2019 Animal crossing new horizons: step aside kid
Frits Wijnen
Frits Wijnen Måned siden
Why would i need morer then 30fps.....
robo 8000
robo 8000 Måned siden
Ruining your childhood since 2011
Noah Laredo
Noah Laredo Måned siden
2:38 OMG this a real Wikipedia
mighty dragoniod
mighty dragoniod Måned siden
0:41 is that food theory
Zoel TAS
Zoel TAS Måned siden
The world’s most complex game is life
Dice Måned siden
so the lesson we learned is not to make a computer in mario maker because it wont work
Pia Hedegaard
Pia Hedegaard Måned siden
Trøje også med til det
richard klegin
richard klegin Måned siden
thats if they dont make like a thousand side dlc
Woven Draco Gamer
Woven Draco Gamer Måned siden
Ummmmm torches don’t go out
Danton Watson
Danton Watson Måned siden
matpat: mario maker is the most complex game Minecraft: hold my potion
W.D gaster
W.D gaster Måned siden
the google number: HA! i am the biggest number in the world! marioplex: *you fool*
M4DD G04T Måned siden
Can it run Doom tho?
just an overly complicated way of running a VM
FleetFoxes Måned siden
That's crazy.
SemGz Måned siden
In Super Mario Maker 2, someone made a calculator that can use 1-9, can add, AND can subtract.
Aaryan Kumar
Aaryan Kumar Måned siden
Someone surprisingly simple should have made this instead. ( Ceave Gaming )
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